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Jais should not act like Gestapo


									Since when did the constitution allow an organisation to barge into a
religious buiding (church, temple) and boss around in the name of
protecting Islam?

It is the tradition that a religious building is open to everyone who
wishes to pray, to seek advice or just to seek solace and respite. There
is no compulsion for a person to enter or to leave

So why was Jais so steamed up as to gatecrash a social gathering at the
Damansara Utama Christian church, just because a few Muslims were present
and having a conversation with other friends?

Jais inspectors could have joined the gathering and participated in the
discussions to find out what was is going on.

They could have left quietly if satisfied it was a social gathering, and
not a meeting to preach to Muslims to convert them to a different faith.

So what was all the drama, action and fuss about? Why is there a phobia
of Malay Muslims opting out of Islam?

The cause of the phobia is the aim of ketuanan Melayu which preaches that
with Malay unity, Islam, the Malays will remain strong and powerful.

This ketuanan policy has led to the misconception that Muslims and non-
Muslims cannot meet together especially on non-Muslim premises.

It is this narrow concept that has blocked the integration of the races
in the country.

In contrast, the Buddhiara could mix easily wih Christians, Hindus with
Christians or Christians with Sikhs. Similarly, in Sarawak, the Dayaks,
Melanaus, Kadazans, Chinese, and other races mix with each other freely.

There is no phobia of proselytisation of Muslims by other religions.

Umno should learn from the example of Indonesia, which is the second
largest Muslim country in the world, but it has a per capital income of
US$3,033 which is much lower than the US$8,030 of Malaysia.

So where is the rationale for Umno to insist on a ketuanan Melayu policy
which will only keep most Malays poor like their counterparts in

PR has a Ketuanan Rakyat policy, which states that all Malaysians are
equal. We stress on religious freedom, democracy , justice and
transparency to unite the people of Malaysia, and become a country that
is progressive, prosperous and successful.

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