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        The official newsletter of the Chiltern Karate
                         June 2009

Fore Word…….                       Coming soon......
Well the summer is here and
what a busy time? With external    Club Competition
courses and guest instructors it
does seem that the CKA is very
                                   The     25th    October   has
much alive and kicking and that
has given us a bumper summer       provisionally been set as the
issue of the Lion.                 date    for   a   CKA    Club
                                   Competition. Running Venue
Many thanks to all those that
contributed to this issue, it is   is   to   be   confirmed  but
great to see some fresh input.     probably Chesham Dojo 09.00
Watch out for info on the          – 15.00. The format is not
Summer       Barbeque,       the
Competition   and     also   the
                                   fixed yet but is likely to be
Christmas Dinner and dance,        mainly Kata with Kumite for
good luck if you are grading       adults only, purple belt and
today and enjoy the read!
                                   above (separate male and
                                   female categories).
Robin Thwaites
4th Dan
                                   This would work out as:


                                   Juniors up to green belt

                                   Juniors Purple belt and above

Kata                               New book about to go to
Adults up to green belt

Adults Purple belt and above             The Shaolin Temple

Kumite                               A History and Evolution of
                                        Chinese Martial Arts,
Purple belts and above male
                                   Zen Buddhism and the Shaolin
Purple    belts   and     above             Warrior Monks
                                  Following five years of research and
                                  numerous trips to China and the
                                  Shaolin Temple, Sensei Croft is now
                                  close to publishing a history of the
                                  Shaolin Temple and its world-
                                  renowned soldier monks. This has
  CKA Xmas Dinner                 included     speaking      with   the
   and Dance 2009                 surviving Shaolin Monks, secretly
                                  getting access to the most sacred
                                  parts of the temple and getting
    We will be returning to       translations of inscriptions on stone
Latimer House, Devere Hotel       tablets at the temple itself that are
again this year for our annual    hundreds of years old. Sensei has
  dinner and dance. It will be    also researched and had translated
     held on Saturday 19th        many Chinese documents not yet
 December 2009 at a cost of
                                  available to the wider world. This is
                                  a great read with many tales of
 £33.50 p/p so put the date in
                                  heroic feats of the monks who have
  your diary now and look in      undoubtedly helped to shape the
The Lion or on the website for    martial arts we practice today.
  payment details nearer the
             time!                The Shaolin Temple has a
                                  fascinating and intriguing past. It
                                  started with a small covered
                                  platform built at the base of the
                                  Songshan Mountains on the order
                    Part of The Shaolin Temple

of Emperor Xiaowen for an Indian       stone was laid. Batuo‟s early
monk named Batuo, as a place for       disciples are said to have been
him to translate scriptures, and to    exponents of martial arts and were
spread the word of Buddhism. The       the founding fathers of a regiment
year was 495.                          of warrior monks that are known in
It is known that the forest and        Chinese as Seng Bing, meaning
region surrounding the temple was      literally monk soldiers. The word
often plagued with bandits. Wild       seng means monk and bing soldier.
beasts such as tigers and bears are    Over time the warrior monks
also known to have roamed freely.      became an inseparable part of the
This is recorded on early stone        temples culture and a national
tablets preserved at the temple. As    tradition that has continued
a consequence some of the monks        throughout the temples 1500 year
trained in martial arts to act as a    history.
protection force for the temple and    Over time the monk soldiers were a
its property. Records suggest this     combination of home grown martial
occurred almost as soon as the first   artists who learnt and developed
their fighting skills within the          the Shaolin monks are described in
Shaolin Temple, and people who            detail within book. The book also
entered the temple already skilled        provides a photographic journey
in some form of fighting art. It is not   through the temple and its main
hard to imagine that some of the          buildings.
monk soldiers were probably hired         There is more to the Shaolin
for their fighting skills and were in     Temple than its martial arts. What
effect mercenaries similar to what        is not so well known is it was the
occurred with the Knight Templar‟s        birth place of Chinese Chan
in medieval Europe in the 1300‟s.         Buddhism which is more commonly
At times the martial art skills of the    known across the world as Zen. The
monk soldiers were used outside of        creator of Chan Buddhism and
the original protective remit. There      therefore the first ancestor of the
are records of Shaolin monks‟             now widely practiced Zen sect was
engagement in battles across China        the Indian monk Bodhidharma (Da
in support of the ruling dynasty and      Mo in Chinese). Bodhidharma
on occasion as part of an                 arrived at the Shaolin Temple in
orchestrated rebellion to remove          527 and legend states that on
the incumbent emperor and with            arrival he found that the monks in
the     emperor       the     dynasty     general were in a poor state of
concerned.                                health and unable to cope with the
                                          long periods of meditation required
                                          when practicing his style of
The first of such recorded feats was      Buddhism. He reportedly climbed
as early as 621 when 13 Shaolin           the Shaoshi peak and lived a
monks assisted Prince Li Shi Min          hermitic life for nine years during
(who became Emperor Taizong of            which time he meditated and
the Tang Dynasty) in a decisive           contemplated the dilemma. When
battle against the forces of a rival      he emerged he started to teach a
warlord Wang Shi Cong.             A      series of exercises to the monks to
contemporary record of this event is      help with the vigour‟s of long
carved into a stone stele at the          periods of meditation. These
Shaolin Temple which names the            exercises are thought to be the
13 monks involved. To reward the          forerunner of Shaolin Qigong and
assistance provided Li Shi Min            are known as Shi Ba Louhan Shou
gifted the Shaolin Temple with a          (18-hands of arhat).
watermill and land, and the monks
themselves were offered official
titles. This and many other martial       The Shaolin Temple has over the
feats that have been attributed to        years occupied substantial tracts of
land with satellite buildings being       be fascinated to learn of its history
located as far as 3.5 km away from        and how the Shaolin Temple played
the main temple compound in the           a significant role its development
foothills of the Shaoshi peak. At one     and spread across China, Japan,
time the temple is reported to have       and Asia, and now the rest of the
had 1000 buildings and a curtilage        world.
covering 9.3 sq km of cultivated
land. At its height the temple
housed 1000 monks of which there          To pre order your copy of the book
were 500 monk soldiers. Its past          just                          email
has however been turbulent and its and
fate often at the whim of the             state how many copies you would
incumbent emperor and the                 like and which Dojo you are from.
popularity of Buddhism at any given       The book is priced at £19.95.
point in time. As a consequence
the temple has frequently been
attacked       and    on     occasion
destroyed by fire. The last attack           End of an era!
was in 1928 when warlord Shi              After eleven years of training at the
Yousan led a contingent of his            Buckinghamshire             Chilterns
forces against the temple and             University College (BCUC) the dojo
almost totally destroyed it.              lights will finally go out…The entire
Despite these past attacks the            site is finally being closed down
temple has always been rebuilt and        (before it falls down) and will be
survived the test of time. The            completely redeveloped for new
current temple has again been             housing*.
restored to close to its former glory
and restoration work is still
                                          The club opened its doors back in
ongoing. There are many historical
                                          1998 when everyone still referred
artefacts and relics still in situ that
                                          to the campus as “Newlands”.
provide an invaluable insight into
                                          Newlands had been a teacher
this amazing place. Anyone who
                                          training college some many moons
has a serious interest in martial
                                          before but the name stuck.
arts and the history and origin of
the styles having roots in the            The dojo was just the right size, had
Shaolin Temple will find it difficult     a     wooden    suspended        floor
not to be taken in by the temple‟s        (suspended over the ground as in
story. Likewise anyone interested or      on stilts) and there were lots of
following Chan / Zen Buddhism will        willing students most of whom

where Nurses on two or three year          instruction between the style and
courses. These nurses (and others          technical accuracy of Sensei Jon
both from the campus and outside)          Lockwood and well „me‟ meant
wanted to learn Karate, get fit or         there was often something for
learn a bit of self defence before         anyone and that added to the
being unleashed on the general             overall appeal.
public. The dojo was fitted with neat
hand rails to aid the practice of
Kekomi or leg stretches; even at           Things began to change at the once
two heights to accommodate                 vibrant university when the courses
shorter people. Additionally, there        shifted to short terms only. Most of
were swing ropes, kick bags and            the students were from abroad and
training apparatus to allow us to set      in the long summer breaks the
up swinging kick bags of various           campus opened up to foreign
shapes and sizes..                         exchange or kids summer clubs
                                           which meant less full time students
                                           training from the campus. Also the
In those days no one seemed to             dojo‟s location was not exactly „on
mind that in winter there was no           the high street‟ and the actual hall
heating and the dojo was often             was      condemned       as     being
colder on the inside than it was out.      structurally unsafe. But in true CKA
After a couple of years the heating        spirit this didn‟t prevent the
was finally fixed and on occasions         hardcore students from continuing
after its repair we would even turn        to train on.
on the blast heaters when it wasn‟t
cold to push the temperature up
still further…BCUC was also the            There has been many a tough
home of the now legendary                  session, many a Kata performed, a
„Stamina Nights‟ where with all            fair amount of punches and kicks
sorts of devious activities and            thrown and lots of combination,
equipment were laid out a up to 10         confusion and partner work over
„training stations‟ and where the          the years. I‟d like to thank anyone
class would be divided into equal          who took the time to come along
groups with five minutes working on        and I for one will miss the old place.
each station before it was time to         But as with karate things must
roll round to the next activity, nice..!   evolve and improve. We‟ll be
Also, who remembers „Migi nights‟          looking for a new location in the
where everything we did had to be          autumn so watch out in the LION
done on the migi side only, those          for announcements and hopefully
were the days… The mix of                  the new dojo will have all of the
spirit (but some better changing      promising   web      site      called
facilities) of the old place but be   “Barnstable   Shotokan        Karate
more accessible, newer and            Club”…….as easy as that !
hopefully no ivy growing on the
inside walls holding the windows
in…                                   With some trepidation, I rang the
                                      number and asked whether it would
                                      be ok to attend a training session,
Craig Jones                           yes, no problem at all, Sensei Mark
Former BCUC Instructor                Blanche was very welcoming and
                                      said the club never turned anyone
                                      away, at this point I thought it was
                                      advisable to point out that I was
                                      getting on a bit, and that knees,
                                      back, shoulder and neck weren‟t all
*actual dates still to be confirmed   performing at optimum levels but
but will probably be end of June or   again, not a problem, he was very
July 2009.                            encouraging about coming down to

  Bassai Dai in                       I must admit that his positive
                                      attitude certainly made me feel
   Barnstable                         more at ease, I find it quite nerve
                                      racking to go to different clubs,
Steve Warren has an “Away Day”        training outside of our CKA comfort
training experience.                  zone – not that the CKA training is
                                      always comfortable (!) but we know
                                      the instructors and other students
I spent the week before Easter        so there‟s no feeling of entering the
down in North Devon and while         unknown - a less “friendly”
preparing for the day ahead by        telephone conversation could easily
watching the Jeremy Kyle show, I      have put me off going so a big
realized that there must be more to   Thank you to Sensei for sending out
life than what I was forcing myself   the calming vibes.
to watch so decided that remedial
action was required…….I needed to     Tuesday, Not sure of the traffic so
set myself a challenge, but what to   gave myself plenty of time, Sensei
do…….I did an internet search on      said to get there for 7.30 for a 7.45
“Shotokan Karate Barnstable” and      start – got there at 7pm. Sitting in
would you believe it, up came a       the car, watching the clock…… I
could still get to the pub for the     The lesson started with basics,
Man U v Porto game……                   running through the grading – all
                                       the techniques were familiar, but
                                       what made it more challenging was
Anyway, decided the only thing to      that the techniques were often in
do was get to the dojo and get         different drill patterns to what I was
committed. Popped my head in and       familiar to, this meant, along with
there were a few students doing        trying memorise what for me were
pre-lesson practice, a few minutes     new drills, I also had to concentrate
later, Sensei arrived and so I         on not inadvertently adding bits
introduced myself, got changed (as     from CKA techniques – I frequently
luckily, I happened to have my gi      ended up with right foot forward
with me !) and went back into the      while everyone else had left, step
dojo.                                  forward      gedan      barai   whilst
                                       everyone else stepped back !
My first thoughts…..”Mr Jones
would like this room” – the entire     Having completed the basics, each
floor was cushioned – one inch         group took it in turns to run through
deep…..take down heaven !              their basics, by this it seemed that
                                       each grade had a specific drill to
                                       perform,         this       becoming
Had a chat with Sensei who said        progressively more complicated as
the lesson would cover the grading     you go up the belts, up to 1st kyu
syllabus for the forthcoming           having to do something like –
gradings, and after with some of his
students before the class started,
initial thoughts on Barnstable SKC     Mia geri / double punch / gedan
– great location and a very friendly   barai (backwards) / double punch /
club.                                  step through uraken / oi zuki
                                       Dan grades basic routine looked
“LINE UP”                              more like doing a kata, Sensei
                                       demonstrating 3rd Dan basics
The class ranged from beginner to      which   must   have    comprise
black belt, and started with Sensei    somewhere in the region of 20
taking the warm-up. Within 5           moves !
minutes I had my customary red
faced glow and was feeling a bit
sweaty so was starting to feel more    As with CKA, hip movement, or
at home !                              rather lack of, was consistently
picked up on by Sensei, height of        set 3 defences up to mawashi geri
the knee determines height of kick,      and then expecting a jodan attack
position of knee allows for change       so was mentally preparing set 4
of kick, good spirit was encouraged      jodan     defence,     my     partner
and we were expected to kiai on          announced        (thank     goodness
each turn. Sensei commented that         !)….ushiro geri so I had to make one
good spirit and full effort in a         up on the spot which meant getting
grading can count more than              out of the way and countering and
reasonable technique but no spirit       including a loud kiai – seemed to
and effort !                             work ok !

At this point, a purple belt came out    We finished the class with freestyle
with a big yawn….unfortunately for       sparring, Sensi saying to the class
him, Sensei was standing next to         not to worry about wearing gloves
him at the time…..50 press-ups and       and gum shields….made me
a severe talking to about attitude,      wonder what was coming my
commitment and spirit did the trick      way……but it all went off without
!                                        any injuries.

After the basics, we moved on to         The 2 hours flew by, it really was
kata, junior belts doing Heian           enjoyable and the club were very
Shodan / Needan, brown belts             friendly, Sensei inviting me back
doing Bassi Dai and then Heian           whenever I made it down there
Needan, dan grades doing their           again, an invitation that I will
grading kata, either Meikyo or           certainly accept. I would encourage
Gojushiho Sho.                           all students to experience training
                                         at other clubs, for me, it‟s not just
                                         the training that may be different
With 15 minutes to go, we moved          but also the feeling of intrepidation
on to jiyu ippon kumite (free style),    of walking into the unknown, similar
unlike CKA attacks which are from        to that feeling of attending your first
a stationery position, here, the         CLA class as a beginner and not
attacker can move about, changing        knowing what to expect…..gets the
line of attack etc before stepping in,   adrenaline flowing for sure.
takes a bit of getting used to !
                                         Happy training !
I ran through set 3 and 4 defences
                                         Steve Warren
but quickly realized I had a small
problem in that having completed
                                      Kanazawa or any other Japanese
    SKIIF Kancho                      instructors before. I knew what he
 Hirokasu Kanazawa                    looked like from hours of watching
                                      his kata on You Tube or reading his
       Course                         kata books but I did not know what
                                      to really expect.
On Sunday 10th May 2009 Kancho
(Japanese for Master) Hirokasu
Kanazawa was hosted by SKIIF at
the Watford Leisure Centre.
Kanazawa is a 10th dan and
trained under the founder of
Shotokan,      Gichin    Funakoshi.
Kanazawa is one of the first
generation of graduates from the
JKA's instructor program and is one
of the people that spread karate
around the world since the 1960's.
The     CKA     were    quite  well
represented with around ten of us
there. I whole-heartedly recommend

                                      His son was also there and was
                                      demonstrating the techniques. I
                                      was impressed with the balance,
                                      precise transitions and kime. His
                                      front leg mawashi is just clinical. I
                                      was in awe. Why can't I get my knee
                                      up that high?
                                      We started with some basics
                                      focusing on twisting of the pulling
all CKA students attend as many       hand in all punches whilst leaving
courses as possible. It is always     the punching hand palm up until
good to experience training with      later in the move.
other instructors.
                                      Then the correct timing of the hips
I had never trained with Sensei       in all blocks; Where you leave
pulling your hips back until the last   and another run through showing
second synchronized with the hand       the karate moves the kata is based
movement.                               on.
                                        Finally there was Kanazawa No Bo
                                        Sho which is the minor form of the
                                        kata. It is a rare thing to see a kata
                                        performed by the son of the person
                                        that created it.
                                        After the break we did some
                                        sanbon sets (set 2 and 3 are not
                                        part of the CKA syllabus) and then
                                        some semi free sets. Again some
                                        of the sets were new to me. But
                                        they were notes from kata or other
                                        sets so I could keep up just about!

Gyaku-zuki was next, first on the
spot then walking, again with an
emphasis on hips and timing of the
punch with kime.
We then split with black belts
covering Bassai Dai, Bassai Sho
and Sochin. Sensei Kanazawa
laughed at our pronunciation of So
ChiNN saying that meant something
different in Japanese. I think it's     I quite liked some of the moves and
more like SOHchin.                      will keep them in mind for set 5
Before we rested for an hour, there     (you need to work on your own
was a demonstration of the Bo           defences for those going for brown
(long stick) kata Kanazawa No Bo        belt and above).
Dai by Sensei Kanazawa's son.           By the end I was more tired than I
There was then a demonstration of       thought I would of been from the
the applications in a two man drill     pace of the day but I was happy
with my experience.                        expert    at    pressure    point
I had found a new drive to sharpen         techniques. He has spent decades
up all my techniques and get rid of
unnecessary movement.
I also gained an even greater
respect for Kancho Kanazawa and
will train with him or his son again
when I get the chance.

George Entecott

                                           mastering this art and, like any
                                           expert, makes it look easy. He
                                           taught each Pressure point by
                                           demonstrating on someone plucked
                                           from the crowd whilst we were
       Sensei Rick                         gathered around grateful if it wasn‟t
                                           us. He carefully showed us each
       ClarkCourse                         technique several times whilst
                                           explaining the mechanics and
                                           effortlessly causing excruciating
Catherine Whittall reports        on   a   pain. He started with finger and arm
“different” family evening out.
                                           locks then a pressure point in the
                                           neck. We learnt about unzipping
The Sensei Rick Clark pressure             chests, breaking wrists, fingers,
point course took place in Chesham         thumbs and necks.        With just a
on Tuesday the 19th May from 7pm           hold of the wrist or grab of the hand
to 10pm.                                   he had belts of all colours on their
                                           knees or doubled over. He seemed
 In the car we were in high spirits        particularly   enthusiastic      when
laughing about how most families           practicing on the black belts; they
go out for a pizza or to the cinema,       were jumping and crawling in pain,
but not us. A night out for us is          all with humour and smiles. After
going to karate for three hours of         each demonstration we practiced
pressure point pain! Rick Clark is a       on each other. Sensei Clark and his
jolly, friendly, easy going chap. He       wonderful sidekicks John and Bill
looks harmless and kind but his            toured the room correcting and re
exterior camouflages a world class         demonstrating until they were sure
we had cracked it.       I could see   Hiean Yondan as a head and arm
when someone felt the pain             lock if you and your opponent are
because a black flash of animal        on the floor.
anger would glint in their eyes,       We learnt many pressure points
quickly followed by a forced smile     each for a different situation, many
and a nod of the head to               I can‟t remember or would not have
acknowledge success, well done         the confidence to use but the ones I
you really hurt me that time.          got the hang could be very effective
 Sensei Clark taught life lessons      for restraining or persuading an
too. He spoke of the importance of     aggressor in a quiet and controlled
manners, discipline and moral          way.
                                                             We       really
                                                            enjoyed      the
                                                            evening and on
                                                            the way home
                                                            agreed        we
                                                            would definitely
                                                            go again and
                                                            felt privileged
                                                            to spend an
                                                            evening     with
                                                            someone       so
                                                           It was great to
                                                           see such a
                                                           good    turnout
                                                           from our club
                                                           across        all
values     whilst   keeping     the    grades particularly at short notice.
atmosphere relaxed and informal.       Thank you to Sensei Croft and the
He explained that Kumite is about      club for organising such a
practicing the feel of moves with      memorable and fun „family‟ evening
restraint whilst Kata is a way to      out.
practice karate at full power and
                                       Catherine Whittall
advised using visualisation of the
moves at full force on an attacker.
He asked us to think outside the
box about the applications of kata
and demonstrated a move from
                                        So after rehearsing all the good and
 Iain Abernethy                         valid reasons why I should be
                                        allowed to go I was somewhat
and Mike Liptrot                        taken aback when my equally sleep
                                        deprived wife agreed without any
  Seminar May                           hesitation…

                                        All I had to do now was to order my
                                        ticket on-line, sort some time off
Having     trained    with    Sensei    work to travel, book a nearby hotel,
Abernethy on a number of                pack some Gi‟s, fill the Landie with
occasions over the years and            diesel and spend 4 hours pointing
having a healthy interest in Judo,      north..
Ne-Waza      (ground techniques),
Katame-Waza                (grappling
techniques) and the practical
applications of Kata, when I spotted
an email for a combined Karate /
Judo Seminar, I decided I had to go!

However a couple of minor issues
presented themselves; firstly the
course was over two days and in
Cumbria, the second (and more
pressing) was the arrival of Baby
Marcus Ieuan only seven weeks           I arrived on the Friday evening have
earlier. This meant to obtain a         failed to entice anyone else from
whole „weekend pass‟ to indulge in      our club to make the weekend,
my interests would need some            granted it was all a bit last minute
careful and cunning negotiations.       and some two hundred and sixty
This challenge was to be all the        miles up the M40 and there was a
more daunting because the arrival       grading training course on the
of child #4 had brought with it the     Sunday back in Chesham, but I was
„joy of sleepless nights‟ an            not to be deterred. The countryside
endurance talent of which our new       was breathtaking, the rain was now
son was already a master at…            only drizzle and the hotel only a
                                        mile away from the superb facilities
                                        of the Kendal Judo Club that I had
driven to to make sure I knew          and covered some Grapping
where to go next morning.              techniques     and     Sumi-Gaeshi
                                       (Corner Throw) off a two handed
                                       wrist grip and Tai-Otoshi (Body
Saturday morning 0900 I returned       Drop) which to Karate people looks
full of anticipation and a probably    just like the Oi-Zuki punch (to get
larger than wise cooked breakfast.     the Uke‟s lapel) and a twisting
Having signed the „crash-damage-       Gedan Barai from Heian Shodan /
waiver‟ form and getting changed       Pinan Nidan. The session continued
into my Gi I spotted Sensei            with ground work (Ne-waza),
Abernethy and had a quick catch up     pinning your opponent sorry partner
as others arrived.                     and         some       Shime-Waza
                                       (Strangles/Chokes)      for   good
The Dojo at the Kendal Judo Club is
probably the nicest place I have
ever trained in, truly „world class‟   After a short break we swapped
with large raised strung floor and     mats and Iain took us through the
ample high quality Judo mats. We       first of a four part breakdown of
were going to need them as after a     Tekki Shodan so named by
quick line up the thirty four          Funakoshi from it‟s original name of
assembled students from various        Naihanchi. In the style of Wado-Ryu
clubs, styles and nationalities were   the Kata starts with the hands
divided into those that had done       rising above the head, coming
„some Judo‟ before or attended the     together, rolling over and returning
course last year and those that        downwards to where we (in the
hadn‟t and hadn‟t. Well I have but     Shotokan style) call our Tekki
didn‟t so spent a few seconds          Shodan Yoi or starting position.
standing in the middle of the Dojo     There is also an interesting twist of
not knowing which group to go          the head to the left and to the right
with..                                 which we don‟t have. The first set of
                                       drills had a flinch reaction (in Iain‟s
                                       words a „fail safe‟ mechanism or
Indecision and lack of sleep meant I   default reaction) defence against a
just went right and joined the „Had‟   right or left hook. The joined raised
group. Iain quickly reassured          arms and hands making contact
everyone that it made little           with the attackers face. After
difference as each group would be      countering with a thumb in the eye
covering broadly the same subjects.    raking technique there were the
We started with Sensei Mike Liptrot    first of several options the Kata
shows us. One such option is to           fists elbows or a nice hammer blow
place both hands firmly behind the        or two the back of the head…
attackers head; this was explained        definitely not one for the
as has having the advantage of us         playground.
knowing where their head is, even if
you can‟t see them, this controls
the head and neck and prevents            If the head push down was used we
the attacker from raining in more         looked at the next combinations as
serious hand attacks to our head          we moved on through the Kata and
and face. And the look left and right     we added the Empi‟s (elbows) and
at the very start of the Kata...well at   back fist strikes or clearing
a superficial level it could be           techniques depending on distance.
described like a quick check to see       At this range and working with our
where the first attach is coming          partner‟s natural self preservation
from but in the real world of applied     reactions they worked really well.
Kata Bunkai it is seen as being           Once the attacker was brought to
used to grind your attackers head         the floor the step over (first step in
to either the left of the right to gain   the Kata) was employed as moving
access to their unprotect ear… from       in to stamp upon the downed and
the clinch it was obvious how             at this point rather vulnerable one-
effective and nasty this would be on      time attacker. Techniques could be
the now disadvantaged attacker. If        employed, joined, skipped or the
the fight ends there then great you       order re-arranged with what would
survived and they are minus a bit of      be deadly effect if speed, intent and
ear. But the Kata shows more if the       power needed to be added.
attacker continues. With the              Lunch laid on by Mike came all too
hold/clinch maintained and your           soon but gave me a chance to write
arms commanding the inner                 down what we had covered in the
position (attacker has their arms         morning.
outside of you holding your
neck/head)       you       have     the
advantage and the leverage off your       After 30 minutes for lunch we re-
elbowed the floor. Mechanically           convened for a 30 minute lecture
they don‟t have this advantage as         given by Iain entitled the „Seven
their arms occupy the weaker outer        Aspects of Combat‟. I found this
position. With the now slightly           really interesting as Iain covered
depleted attacker crumpled on the         distance,     weapons      (including
floor or at best in a full bent crouch    effective use of your voice),
the „defender‟ is in a perfect            applying the right responses not
position to „finish off‟ with knees,      only to the type of attach but in the
correct environment; no point doing     enacting a straight arm arm-bar.
ground work if you‟re a doorman,        Once the attacker had been
the floor is covered in beer and        „dropped‟ by the first kick to the
broken glass and your „Customer‟        knees the second kick was there
(attacker) has two mates who fancy      just in case the first hadn‟t been
lending an unwelcomed hand (or          successful.     The      augmented
foot) to the proceedings.               hammer fist strike to the back of
                                        the head or the neck (depending on
                                        where they collapsed) finished
Iain also raised a really interesting   things off nicely. We also worked
question, one that I have been          the neck crank takedown which
pondering ever since. He said           was virtually impossible to resist
“consider what you are training for”    and if done with any speed would
don‟t assume that training in dojo      certainly cause major damage to
perfecting Kata patterns or Kihon       the neck and if it didn‟t the follow
will prepare you for a pub brawl,       up stamping kick would certainly be
Iain eloquently referred to this as     the end of any attach.
the Bi-Product myth. We should all
train for an objective in order to
achieve that objective. If you want     After a short break some people
to be good at punching then learn       „dressed down‟ out of their Gi‟s for
boxing. Grappling, do some MMA.         the final element. Mike took us
Takedowns; throws, holds get some       through     the   principles    and
mat time in and learn Judo. Self        techniques      employed       when
defence, learn awareness. Sport         conducting weight training. Rather
Karate drill the points scoring         than picking up heavy loads and
moves etc… May be we should all         doing some „reps‟ we focused on
ask ourselves “what am I trying to      posture and power. Part of the
achieve” I know I am..                  emphasis was on exploding from
                                        the legs and Mike had us all
                                        jumping and spring from the
After the lecture we reassembled        crouching position like baboons off
on the mat and returned to more         a hot plate (maybe not the intention
turnovers and holds on the ground       just how it looked to me) to
with Mike or the second instalment      simulate the power required. We
of Tekki Bunkai with Iain. In the       finished off leaping and throwing
final Tekki session we added in the     medicine balls either into the mat
returning wave kicks (Nami ashi)        with as much force as possible or at
and Fumi-komi (stamping kick) after     each other while doing sit-ups ..
blocking the attackers punch and        nice!
We then bowed off and some              relatively uninjured Cat. The final
people who were not there for the       lay down and breathing with
two days said their goodbyes and        nothing but the sound of the air-
left. Those of us who remained          vents on the roof flapping in the
chatted about the days activities       wind and the occasion dong of a
and awaited the arrival of the Yoga     gong was very pleasant and I must
instructor. Now some people may         admit was a great way to end a day
have some preconceptions on Yoga        of training.
and I was a little sceptical. The       That evening we hit the bright lights
session started by aligning a correct   of Kendal and a few local
standing posture with arms              beverages, complete with a fair few
stretched above our heads. A            Germans (who had travelled to
stance we were told could be held       Cumbria for the course) a pizza for
for 45 mins by monks reciting           twenty and a walk home in the
prayers without having a lactic acid    refreshing rain brought the first day
burn out. After several minutes and     to an end.
courtesy of a day of throws, arm
bars and not enough salt I was glad     Sunday morning, less breakfast,
I had never embarked down the           check out from the hotel and back
road of becoming a monk. That said      to the Dojo.
once I had relaxed and forgotten        We recapped over the previous
about the fact my arms had no           day‟s activities in both of the
blood left in them it did get easier.   morning sessions. In Mike‟s group
This was followed by some lying         we practiced Ashi-waza with Okuri
down breathing and tensing              and De Ashi-Barai (Double & single
different core muscles in the nether    leg sweep) and Tai-Otoshi which is
regions and attempting to stretch       in fact a hand throw. We worked
the spine and make it flat on the       these into some holds and pins and
floor. We next worked on the „Cat       a couple of very effective turnovers
posture‟ that was surprisingly          showing that with the correct
relaxing if somewhat an unnatural       technique your Uke was never
feeling. Our teacher then proceeded     „safe‟ on the floor.
to put all her weight on her wrists
and slowly (but surely) stretched up    After in Iain‟s group we moved on
and with her feet still flat on the     through other aspects of Tekki
floor made a perfect upside down U      working the applications into two
shape . My spine refused to             man drills. In my case our group
perform such a task without my          was odd (numbers not literally) so I
hamstrings threatening to snap so I     was drilling with Craig and Vince
remained a slightly hunched but         from Fudoshin Karate in Falkirk,
Scotland in a three. As the smell of     including kneeling on your partners
bacon rolls filtered through the dojo    head to control them and a nasty
we worked on securing an effective       turnover that left your partner face
defensive/offensive set of grips to      down with their legs bent up behind
gain the advantage while your            them.
opponent tried likewise. The             The final Tekki session had us
difference being your partner could      recapping over the other three
slap, knee, and generally batter you     components and adding in the
senseless (although with control)        standing half nelson arm lock. This
while trying to gain dominance           could also be delivered on the floor
while you too tried to defend and        and to add advantage the partner
counter. A great drill and one to get    being sat upon could have the
the heart pumping, there is no time      arm/shoulder lock applied by the
for strategy or fancy techniques and     one on tops legs. This meant their
if the impacts were harder then it‟s     arms where free to continue to
as near to the real thing as you can     „convince‟ the once attacker to lay
safely go without getting badly hurt.    still. This was extremely painful and
 Lunchtime Bacon Rolls – every           the slightest movement of the one
seminar should have them!                on tops weight forward would all too
After lunch Mike presented a             easily dislocate the shoulder. Nice…
lecture entitled the „Grappling Map‟
and explained a lot about his own        The afternoon drew to a close with
Judo career and how by drilling          a recap and a brief question and
only five core throws he managed         answer session. I said my goodbyes
to defeat bigger and stronger            to those I had trained with thanked
opponents. Mike allowed me to            my hosts and with the Seminar t-
video the presentation and was           shirt in my bag as a souvenir loaded
even kind enough to use me for           up and headed back South. The
part of the demonstration as his         journey was over in a flash as I had
temporary Uke. Mike wanted to            so many things whizzing round my
show the principles and directions       head from the last two days.
of the five throws. You really know a    Hopefully, Mike and Iain will be
throw is effective when you get that     doing a similar event in 2010 and I
feeling that resistance is futile your   for one will be making sure I‟ll be
balance is broken and the mat            there….
rushes up to meet you before you
                                         C. Jones
realise you have left the safety of
your own two feet. After the lecture
we resumed with some fun pins
   Karate Ni Sente                      way possible. He would train every
                                        day to perfect his technique and
       Nashi                            would use his skills to kill. He lived
                                        in a very different world to the one I
(There is no first strike in karate)    live in. Our first reaction clearly
                                        cannot be to immediately kill
This is inspired by comments made       anyone who dares to cross us!
by Professor Rick Clarke at his most
recent CKA seminar and also other       Do not fight
instructors I have trained with over
the few years I have trained so far.    As martial artists we learn many
I have only trained for about six       ways in which to inflect pain or
years but the instructors I have        damage other people. However we
learned from collectively have          do not expect any karate-ka to
hundreds of years experience            recklessly use this knowledge
between them.                           outside the dojo. In our licence we
                                        all sign a promise not to use our
Gichin Funkakoshi set out 20            techniques against another person
guiding principles of karate to guide   outside the dojo. In short, we are
karate-ka in the practice and           peaceful friendly people that don't
application of karate. The second       get into fights.
of these is Karate ni sente nashi,
There is no first strike in karate. I   From a legal perspective, if you
would like to put forward my            wear a gi and karate belt then in
thoughts on the meaning of this to      the eyes of the law you are a
inspire debate as I feel it is          trained fighter and the court may
something we should all consider        take a dimmer view if you are sent
should we ever feel the desire to       before them for a violent crime.
use the techniques we all learn in      Everyone has the right to use
the dojo.                               reasonable force to prevent a crime
                                        but what counts as 'reasonable'
Possible interpretations:               could be decided by the legal
                                        system after the event.
Go straight for the kill
                                        A karate-ka must never throw the
The Book of the Five Rings is by a      first punch
great Japanese swordsman. To him
the fight is one move - him killing     As peaceful people we should never
the opponent immediately in the         start the fight, but does that mean
most straight forward and quick         that we must wait until we have
been physically assaulted before          may be to ask you for the time but
striking back?                            is it reasonable to immediately
                                          roundhouse anyone that asks you
A problem with waiting until you          for the time! on the off chance they
have been hit before responding is        may just want to rob you? I suggest
that quite often the person who           the answer is No.
lands the first good punch usually
wins the fight. They immediately          Stay calm and do not immediately
have an advantage over the                react violently to a situation
opponent that is experiencing being
hit and the adrenalin dump that will      At a time when you are considering
follow immediately after.       The       yourself to be in real danger, you
attacker is more likely to get the        need to be calm and aware of
next good shot in and therefore win.      yourself, others around you and
                                          your environment. The person that
The feeling of the sudden adrenalin       is causing you concern should have
dump can be overwhelming. It is a         your complete attention and it you
natural reaction of your body and it      cannot politely just leave then you
is there to help but it is all too easy   need to resolve the immediate
to let it have negative effects on        problem. Talk to them.
your body and concentration.
Remember: Adrenalin is your friend!       But you can't resolve problems with
                                          fighting verbally or physically.
Use a pre-emptive strike                  Raising your voice, making insults
                                          or pointed comments, using
You can respond the feeling that          intimidating body language are
you are in danger with a pre-             among the many was to escalate
emptive strike at the moment              the situation. The karate-ka should
before you will be physically             respond with extreme care as you
attacked. But remember you can            may be moving closer to the fight.
only use what is considered to be a
reasonable amount of force.               You must remain clam and
                                          dispassionate and offer to resolve
There is no first strike because you      the matter. You can take time to
deliver the counter before the first      understand what the problem is,
strike against you has landed.            apologize or offer to make
                                          recompense or simply just politely
How do you know when the right            leave.
time to act is?     One possible
opening for a mugger to attack you        You should be assertive in the true
sense of the word; in that you are        because it is then that you are open
fair to the needs of yourself and the     to attack.
other party equally. Being assertive
does not mean 'you do what I want'.       The book also includes an Expected
You have a right to do as you please      Response chart (I was genuinely so
and so does everyone else. Your           amazed at finding this - a book that
feelings should not be hurt but           covers 'when' to fight rather than
neither should theirs.                    'how', or moves from a kata). This
                                          flow diagram covers how you could
If a solution can be found that deals     react to a given situation such as
directly with the problem at hand         someone starting a fight, trying to
that is far to all parties then that is   mug or otherwise attack you.
the correct outcome. It is truly a
great martial artist that can turn a      The first response is to talk to your
problem (a potential fight) into a        opponent in a non-confrontational
fair solution without the need for        way. This alone can dissuade an
violence in any of its forms              attacker as you show yourself not to
(including swearing). You do not          be a easy target.
need to solve the world‟s problems,
you need only to get out of the           If this does not work then you are
current situation.                        likely to be attacked, you should
                                          react appropriately (you hit them
Talk to them, maybe fight them,           but aim to cause pain rather than
then you need to talk about it, only      damage) but once the fight is
then should you consider letting          underway continue to talk non-
them have it                              confrontationally and try to calm
                                          the situation down.
I personally am a big fan of Geoff
Thompson, he is a karate-ka that is       If the attacker remains after the
an ex-bouncer and is now a writer         tussle, you should pretend to give in
and continues to be an instructor in      to what they want (ok look have my
Shotokan.                                 wallet) and use that opportunity to
                                          attack without holding back.
In Goeoff's book Dead or Alive he         Remember you can only use a
sets out his view on personal self        reasonable amount of force.
defence. The book underlines the
importance     of   zanshin    or         Do enough to make good your
awareness of your environment.            escape and no more.
You should never be walking
around in your own little world
Don't be there!
Iain Abernathy says the best form of
                                           Pain is good, but
self defence is Don't be there!.             injury is not !
Most acts of violence happen with      This was one of the points raised by
people that know each other. They      Prof Rick Clark (Sensei Clark is one
are fights between partners or         of the foremost Instructors in the
following adultery. Or mates getting   world and holds 8th Dan in Ryukyu
into stupid arguments because they     Kempo, 8th Dan in Ju-Jitsu, 7th Dan
are drunk. You can avoid these         in Tae-Kwon Do, 5th Dan in Chinese
situations by looking at the impact    Kempo, 4th Dan in Judo, 3rd Dan in
of your own behavior on those that     Modern Arnis and 1st Dan in
you care for and treating them with    Hapkido, a really nice chap but you
respect even if you feel you are not   don‟t want to point your fingers at
receiving sufficient.                  him, those who attended will know
Self defence training should be        why !) in his recent seminar at
used in the much rarer situations      Chesham dojo.
like random acts of violence or
crimes such as robbery or              In fact, we enjoyed the pain so
attempted rape.                        much, myself (1st Kyu) and Paul
                                       Lacey (10th Kyu) decided to attend
If you have a choice between           his final seminar on his UK tour at
walking home or taking a taxi -        Lacy Green, Bank Holiday Monday
always call a cab. If you can take a   and it‟s this seminar that we are
short cut down a dark alley or walk    attempting to document.
down a brightly lit street - always
take the brightly lit street. Don't    Sensei went on to qualify this
hang around with violent people or     statement by saying it‟s imperative
anyone who makes you feel uneasy.      to understand pain and pain
Don't hang out with the bullies at     thresholds, by increasing the
school.                                intensity of training over the years,
                                       karate-ka should get to know what
In short never take silly risks and    it‟s like to be hit, to be able to
always      be    aware     of  your   continue to react even if winded or
environment. Always treat yourself     experiencing that unpleasant dizzy
and everyone else with respect. And    feeling (aka missing a jodan block)
let‟s be nice to each other.           or even more unpleasant “eyes-
                                       watering” having been caught on
George Entecott                        the nose – not nice but if you don‟t
                                       know the feeling then how can you
expect to react in an appropriate       difference between the two is
manner ?                                minimal,     like    breaking      a
                                        stick…..apply pressure (in a certain
The course started at 7pm, very         direction, knowing where the
informal, trainers and trackies         fulcrum is) and you get to feel
being the dress code and about 15       where the breaking point is.
                                        Going back to his comment on pain
From talking to Sensei before the       is good, he asked the student
class, I said that I had big problems   “helping” with this to tap out when
in the Chesham class with his first     it got painful. The student tapped,
exercise, the opening move of           Sensei ignored it, held it on, the
Kanku Dai, Sensei kindly agreed to      student tapped again, Sensei held
start the evening with going over       it for a further second on two before
this again, and again, kindly           releasing (with no damage done !),
“invited” me to be his partner, a few   the point being, when you feel pain,
seconds later, I fully understood the   you need to fight through it and so
effects of the technique but it took    discover that where you thought
a few more attempts before I could      was enough, you can still go on
then get my partner to also enjoy       further (although in this case, with a
the experience !                        little help from Sensei !).

Similarly with Chesham, Sensei          I also asked about the speed of
insisted that we regularly changed      technique, in reality, these need to
partner, it‟s essential to train with   be performed fast so as to surprise
different people – different heights,   your opponent but in the dojo,
weight, strength and susceptibility     Sensei reiterated that we are
to pressure points all need to be       training….Pain is good…..but injury
examined.                               is not acceptable, there‟s a big
                                        difference between a few bruises
Sensi made the point that there are     and a serious injury.
locks in the dojo but these should
be considered as breaks in the real     We finished with a few of Sensi‟s
world, I asked how do we know           favourites, double knuckle strikes
where the line is, ie do you need to    to wrist grabs and of course, “the
apply twice as much “power” to          zipper”, for those who don‟t know
turn a lock into a break, feeling       this one, feel free to ask !
quite pleased with myself as he
then demonstrated this with             We both enjoyed the evening, there
someone else, he said that the          were some things that Paul got to
grips with better than me and vice
versa, so when Sensei comes back               CKA Kumite
to the UK, he said maybe later this
year, then irrespective of belt, I urge        and Partner
you all to go and share the                     Work DVD
experience, you‟ll enjoy it !

One last message to Sensei Croft –           All our CKA kumite sets on
Peter from Leighton Buzzard said to
say hello !

Steve Warren                                 An essential learning aid!
Paul Lacey                                            £15.00
                                             See your club instructor

    Special Evening
Thursday 18th June
8.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Grades: Yellow belt and above             This promises to be an excellent
                                          event and all grades, especially
    Sensei Croft will be holding a         seniors should make a point of
special evening course on the 18th                   attending.
June. The first half will be dedicated
 to basics in detail and the second
     half will cover some of the
 techniques of Shaolin Qinna (Chi
   Na). This is a fascinating art of
  grappling combined with strikes
  and pressure point techniques.

 If you have any material that
you would like to be considered
   for publication in The Lion
 please contact Robin Thwaites

   Material published may not
necessarily represent the views
  of either the editor, the club
 instructors or CKA committee.

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