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									   Kuali Days VI

KFS Functional Track 1
Tuesday 2:15 – 3:15 PM

• Cathy Salino, Cornell University

• Marilyn Kisters, Indiana University

• Charlie Sinex, Indiana University

•   Overview
•   Collaboration
•   General Functionality
•   Release 2 Functionality (Kuali Test Drive)
•   Release 3 Functionality
•   Future Enhancements
•   Questions & Answers (please hold until the end)

• Based on IU’s EPIC Procurement System
• KFS Partnership defined initial scope of work
• Agreed on essential enhancements

•   Scope of Work
•   Design Specifications
•   Testing
•   Documentation
                    General Functionality

• Related Documents
• Notes & Attachments
• Internal Controls
  No Purchase Order (PO) without an approved
  No Payment Requests (to pay invoices) without an
   approved and open PO
Vendor Documents
DV & PO Type Vendors
Vendor Documents Routing
Vendor Corporate/Division
Reducing Duplicate Entries
Many Types of Addresses
Default Addresses for Campus
Business Diversity
Requisition Documents
Requistion Routing
Tracking Progress of a Requisiton
Content Route Level
No Accounting – Before Content
Automatic Purchase Order-APO
Purchasing Sets $ Limits-APO
Additional $ Limit Control
Line Item Accounting
Notes to Vendor
Custom Search
Purchase Order Documents
Completed Requisitions go into a
Requisition Populates PO
Document Overview - Populated
Vendor - Populated
Items - Populated
Payment Info - Populated
Delivery/Additional - Populated
PO Stipulations
Stipulations Library
Purchase Order Routing
PO Transmission
Purchase Order - PDF
Encumbering Funds
Balance Inquiries
Open Encumbrances
PO Amendment
PO – History
Purchase Order Statuses
PO Custom Search
Payment Request Documents

    Invoice Processing

• Payment document is called the “Payment
  Request” aka “PREQ”
• System designed for processing invoices
  against Purchase Orders
• EDI processing, auxiliary payment files are
  not part of the module design
• Line items populate the payment request
  from the Purchase Order
                      PREQ Features

• Sophisticated validation rules
• Pay date calculation
• Accounting populates from PO accounting
• PREQ routes for Fiscal Officer approval
• FO routing allows editing of accounts
            PREQ Statuses and Routing

• AP User statuses
     In Process
     Void
     Cancelled – In Process
     Awaiting AP Review
            Statuses and Routing - continued

• Fiscal Officer (FO) Routing
   Awaiting Sub-Account Manager Approval
   Awaiting Fiscal Officer Approval
   Awaiting Chart Review
           Statuses and Routing - continued

•   Tax department routing
     Awaiting Tax Approval
            Final statuses - approved

• PREQ approved statuses
   Department-Approved
   Auto-Approved
           Final statuses - cancelled

• PREQ cancelled status
   Cancelled
             General Ledger Entries

• @ AP Submit

• @ Fiscal Officer edit

• @ Payment disbursement
Credit Memo Documents
               Credit Memo Characteristics

• Credit memos can be processed against
    Payment request (PREQ); or
    Purchase order (PO); or
• Credit memo routes as an FYI document to
  Fiscal Officer or FO delegate
                Characteristics - continued

• Credit memo GL entries @ AP submit
• Credit memos bundling for disbursement
                Payment Request Video Demo

• Click here to start movie
              Release 3 (12/2008) Functionality

•   Import line items and commodity codes
•   B2B integration point (cXML)
•   e-Invoicing (cXML)
•   Receiving module
                   Release 3 Functionality (cont)

•   Quotes: generate from a list of vendors on a PO
•   Commodity codes at Vendor and line item level
•   Sales tax calculation
•   Automatically fax PO’s integration point
•   Generate multiple PO’s from a single requisition
•   CAMS integration and asset data collection
                   Future Functionality

• Keep track of enhancements requests
• Vote & prioritize
• Present results to the Kuali Foundation
Questions & Answers

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