Harold Import Co._ Helen Chen partner on new cookware line

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					                                              VOLUME 72, NUMBER 3                     A United Publication                  $7.00                                   MARCH 2007

     INSIDE                                   Harold Import Co., Helen Chen
Specialty Retailers 10
                                              partner on new cookware line
                                                       BY KATE GHILONI                just came natu-                                                                    feature Asian cookware, cutlery,
                                                                                      rally,” said Rob-                                                                  kitchenware and accessories.
■ Toronto, Dubai on Chocolate                    LAKEWOOD, N.J.—Kitchen-              ert Laub, presi-                                                                      The line has an ac-
Bar’s hit list.                               ware supplier Harold Import Co.         dent of Harold                                                                     c o m p a n y i n g We b s i t e ,
■ West Point Market beefs up                  and kitchenware designer Helen          Import Co.                                                               ,
prepared food offerings.                      Chen debut their new cookware              Chen agreed,                                                                    that will offer both consumer
                                              line, Helen’s Asian Kitchen, at         noting she had                                                                     and retailer education—some-
Grocery &                                     the International Home and
                                              Housewares show in Chicago
                                                                                      to wait until
                                                                                      her non-com-
                                                                                                                                                                         thing important to both Laub
                                                                                                                                                                         and Chen. “As an independent
Department Stores 13                          this month.                             pete from Joyce                                                                    gourmet retailer, supporting
                                                 Chen is the creator and former       Chen expired                                                                       and educating the custom-
                                              owner of Joyce Chen Products, a         before embark-                                                                     er is so important, especially
                                              line of Asian-inspired cookware.        ing on any new                                                                     with ethnic cuisine,” said Chen.
                                              Chen sold the line four years ago,      projects. She                                                                      “Beyond the products, the sup-
                                                                                                        Helen’s Asian Kitchen’s Web site will feature in-depth product
                                              and has been working with Harold        thought of re- information, recipes and a special portal for retail buyers.        port material on the Web site will
■ Fairway Market to expand
with new influx of capital.                    Import Co. over the past nine           tiring, but said                                                                   help customers to un-
■ Dream Dinners joins Piggly                  months to develop this new line.        she still had much to offer the show, she will be on-hand at the                   d e r s t a n d A s i a n co o k i n g ,
Wiggly on new concept.                        “When Helen became available to         industry. When Helen’s Asian Harold Import Co. booth to help                       while also offering recipes,
                                              work on this opportunity the ideas      Kitchen officially launches at the introduce the line, which will                                       Continued on page 18

Specialty Distributors
& Brokers           16                        PEPPERMILL                              Paula Deen line hits the shelves
                                              SPICES UP                                          BY ANNA WOLFE                 50 flavor profiles                                      said about Deen. “We
                                              N.Y. KOSHER                                SMITHFIELD, Va.—Smith-
                                                                                                                               from Deen’s six
                                                                                                                               cookbooks and
                                                                                                                                                                                     act as her research and
                                                                                                                                                                                     development team.”
■ FedEx, UPS and Tesco go
green with alternative fuels.
                                              COMMUNITY                               field Specialty Foods Group
                                                                                      launched an 18-SKU line of
                                                                                                                               used them for
                                                                                                                               the first round of
                                                                                                                                                                                       The new products
                                                                                                                                                                                     include spices, sauces,
■ G. Willi buys distributor,                                                          Paula Deen-branded products              products that were                                    salad dressings and
breaks into U.S. kosher market.                      BY KATIE GALLAGHER
                                                                                      last month that is being marketed        narrowed down                                         steak sauces such as:
                                                                                      exclusively through The Peanut           to the initial 18,                                    Paula’s BBQ Sauce,
                                                 BROOKLYN, N.Y.—As one of
Supplier Business 23                          New York’s only kosher, gourmet
                                                                                      Shop of Williamsburg.
                                                                                         The launch is part of Smithfield
                                                                                                                               said Pete Booker,
                                                                                                                               general manager
                                                                                                                                                                                     Peach Pecan Dress-
                                                                                                                                                                                     ing, Sun-Dried Tomato
                                              kitchenware stores, The Pepper-         Specialty Food Group’s partner-          of the Smithfield                                      Marinade, Vidalia On-
                                              mill is catering to the surrounding     ship with Deen, the Food Network         Specialty Foods                                       ion Peppercorn Dress-
                                              Jewish communities, and in 2006         celebrity cook and cookbook au-          Group.                                                ing, Blackberry Wal-
                                              created a Web site to begin selling                                                                     The Peanut Shop will display
                                                                                      thor. Using her six cookbooks as a         “She has veto        the Paula Deen line at the     nut Dressing, Merlot
                                              its products through Amazon and         guide, chefs from the Smithfield          power on any-                                         Wine Sauce, Savannah
■ Focus gets Back to Basics.                                                                                                                          International Home and
                                              advertising on Google.                  Innovation Group gleaned about           thing,” Booker
■ Earth & Vine buys citrus                                                                                                                            Housewares Show.                       Continued on page 25
grove, develops new products.                    Sister-in-laws and self-taught

                                                                                      Kidfresh concept opens in New York
                                              bakers Karen and Debbie Braver
                                              opened the Peppermill in 1997
News..................................... 3   and have since created a culinary
                                              haven for kosher cooking enthusi-
Editorials .............................. 9   asts, selling high-end kitchenware,
                                                                                                BY KATE GHILONI                organic, that is part prepared ganic, so families can eat in-store
                                                                                                                               foods, part grocery store and all together.
Cutting Board                                 gourmet foods and baking ingre-            NEW YORK—While preparing              kid. Bright colors greet shoppers      The all-natural prepared meals,
Buyer’s Guide .................... 19         dients. Last spring, Karen Braver       his son’s lunch, Mathias Cohen           and mini shopping carts allow called Grab + Go, are pack-
MarketWatch: Baking........ 21                said she began selling some of          first conceived the idea that is          little ones to stock                               aged according to
                                              her products online at Amazon.          now Kidfresh, a prepared foods           up on organic ce-                                  age group. Cohen
Ad Index ............................. 28     com and, Google’s           and grocery store for children           reals and pasta, as                                worked with a chef,
New Products............... 26, 27            shopping site, and earlier in the       that opened here Jan. 4.                 well as a variety of                               dietician and pedi-
                                              year launched the store’s Web
Smorgasbord...................... 30          site,
                                                                                         “I was making lunch for my 3-         prepared breakfast,                                atric nutritionist to
                                                                                      year-old son and I had to do the         lunch and dinner                                   develop the meals,
                                                               Continued on page 12
                                                                                      entire thing from scratch,” said         meals. A child-sized                               all in varying por-
                                    PERIODICAL                                        Cohen. “Parents have a large va-         bar lets children Kidfresh sells prepackaged meals tion sizes: Baby
                                                                                      riety of prepared meals to choose        pick the shape of in portions according to age.    (0-1 year), Minis
                                                                                      from—whether in grocery stores           their sandwich or                                  (1-2 years), Juniors
                                                                                      or from restaurants, but there’s         choose from a se-                                  (3-5 years) and
                                                                                      nothing designed for kids. You           lection of organic ice creams Kids (6-10 years). A la carte op-
                                                                                      either have to make it from scratch      for dessert. According to Cohen, tions, called Mix + Match, are also
                                                                                      or junk food.”                           there’s a small selection of adult available for the more particular
                                                                                         Enter Kidfresh, all-natural and       meals, also all-natural and or-                       Continued on page 14
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