Purchase Requisition Process 2005 by yaoyufang


									The BI-TECH Purchase Requisition
• A sample of a purchase requisition for a
  prepayment check for teacher/student meals to
  travel to a leadership conference
Enter user name and password
Click Login
Expand PO-Purchasing folder
Expand UP-Update Data folder
Click on PR-Purchase Requests
             A New Requisition
•   Click Add
•   Generate PR number
•   Lookup Vendor and Vendor Number
•   Check Requested By name
•   Check Ship To location
•   Input items to purchase
•   Input Account number
•   Verify that record is accepted
•   From Workflow, Refresh, Refresh, Refresh
•   From Workflow, approve requisition
•   Verify advancement of requisition
•   Print for your records
Begin a New Requisition
Click on Add
Generate Purchase
Requisition Number
Click on button, Auto PR (Seed)
Purchase Requisition number (not
purchase order number) is
Automatically issued
Find a Vendor/Number
Click on BLUE button, with the three
Click on Lookup
This is used to search for a vendor number
Click in box and type in name of vendor
Note: Type in Last Name First
Scroll down if needed,
Highlight vendor,
Click on Apply button
Click OK button
Who is Requesting Purchase?

      Only needs to be changed if the
  person who is requesting the purchase
   is different than the person to whom
    the Username account is assigned
Click in box By: under Reqst’d tab, type in
name of person requesting purchase if
different from person who logged in
Note: Default is person who logged on
    Where is check or
merchandise to be received?
      •Defaults to BISD Warehouse
   •Change for prepayment checks to
     S876 – Career and Technology
Click in Ship To tab
Click in drop down button, and Lookup
Click in last filter box, type BISD
Click Apply
Scroll down to and click on BISD CAREER & TECHNOLOGY
Click OK
Verify that Ship To is correct (you can type S876 in the
box for CTE), this is a prepayment for meals. Items to
be purchased will usually default to the BISD
One item at a time…….
   Hit ENTER!!!!!!
Quantity, Units, Description, Dollar
Amount per unit, Account number…
           Hit ENTER!!!
Click in Quantity box and type in number
Click on drop down button under Units and
select units of item number
Click in Description box and type description of item
Click in Amount box and type in cost of one item.
Click in Account Number box and type in account number to be used.
Hit ENTER on keyboard to advance to next line while accepting record you just
Note green check mark and Record Accepted notification at top of window
Approve Your Requisition

 If you don’t, it doesn’t advance
Click on double arrows in upper left corner
Click Workflow button
Click on Refresh button repeatedly until user name is listed next to green check mark,
red “x”, and blue arrow
Click on green arrow after it appears to approve your purchase requisition
       Add Comments

•Attachments submitted to CTE Office
    •Check requested by… (Date)
   •Deliver to Ms./Mr. in Room ……
Click in Comments box and type in any comments needed
for this requisition
Click Submit button.
Check to see if PR advanced
Click Refresh repeatedly until requisition is shown as pending for next person in
               Print out

    •Make a print out for your records
•Make a print out/copy for submittal to CTE
     office with other documentation
Click in right hand pane. Right click. Click print.
Click Yes button when error message appears (This one took 14 YES clicks)
Log Out
Close window
Click down arrow next to Options box, click
on Log Out
• Office Depot, US Tech purchases still require list, type in
  all items on PR. Print out and submit to CTE
• All documents submitted to CTE should have PR
  number written in upper left hand corner of document
• You should print out PR for your records
• SHI-Government Solutions, Dell, U.S. Tech, and
  Analytical Computer Services require contract # and part
  # on requisitions
• Contract #’s made be placed in the “Description” column
  (appears as the last item on requisition), or the “NOTES”
  section under the “Print Before” or “Print After” options
• Any backup information forms (Professional Leave,
  Vendor Quotes, etc.) should be faxed to the CTE
  The forms should have the PR number written in the
  upper left hand corner.
Check on Progress (if any)
Enter user name and password
Click Login
Expand PO-Purchasing folder
Expand UP-Update Data folder
Click on PR-Purchase Requests
Click on FIND
Click on Find/Search or use CTRL+F
Click and type in PR # or PO#, hit ENTER on keyboard
Click on double arrows at upper left
Click on Workflow…
Example below shows it made its
way back to originator. It has a PO
Example below shows it is pending
someone’s approval
Purchasing Rejected this PR
After Receiving Items…
Enter user name and password
Click Login
Expand PO-Purchasing folder
Expand UP-Update Data folder
Click on RC Receiving Information
Click in PO Number Box, Type in PO Number, Hit
ENTER on Keyboard
Click on Save button
It’s That Easy!

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