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Reference Number   Date of Release             Information requested                               Outcome

   332/10/10           12/10/2010    Details of Accounts Payable processes           Full Disclosure

   333/10/10           12/10/2010    Information regarding stray dogs                Full Disclosure
                                     Details of celebrities hired by the council
   334/10/10           26/10/2010    between 2005 and 2010                           Partial Disclosure - Section 40(2)

   335/10/10           05/10/2010    Information relating to public burials          Full Disclosure
                                     Details of renewable energy generation
   336/10/10           12/10/2010    facilities                                      No information held
   337/10/10           12/10/2010    Details regarding the use of RIPA               Full Disclosure
   338/10/10                         Copy of building regulations                    Withdrawn

                                     Budget for outdoor floral displays, specifically
                                     hanging baskets and planted beds in public
   339/10/10           28/10/2010    parks and gardens                                Full Disclosure
                                     Cost of street cleansing and fixed penalty
   340/10/10           26/10/2010    notices for dropping litter                      Full Disclosure

                                     Details of what use local authorities have
                                     made of the powers under the Housing
   341/10/10           14/10/2010    Health and Safety Ratings System           Refused - Section 12
                                     Records of planning applications for
                                     telecommunications equipment/masts made
   342/10/10           12/10/2010    since 1985                                 Refused - Section 21
                         Detailed noise conditions which apply to the
343/10/10   12/10/2010   windfarms located within your authority          Refused - Section 21
                         Details of complaints against Tower Court,       Partial Disclosure - Section 40(1),
344/10/10   01/11/2010   Burgh Road, Skegness                             40(2) and 30(1)(a)(i)

346/10/10   12/10/2010   Details of third sector cuts in local councils   Full Disclosure
                         Details regarding the sale of the Electoral
347/10/10   26/10/2010   Register to third parties                        Full Disclosure

348/10/10   25/10/2010   Copys of contracts for regeneration services     Refused - Section 21
                         Details of estates passed to the Bona
349/10/10   22/10/2010   Vacantia division of the treasury                No information held
350/10/10   27/10/2010   Cotracts for asbestos related services           Full Disclosure

352/10/10   28/10/2010   Information relating to IT security              Refused - Section 31(1)(a)

353/10/10   27/10/2010   Details of dog breeding establishments           Full Disclosure
                         Information regarding planning conditions
355/10/10   18/10/2010   imposed on windfarms                             Refused - Section 21

                         Details of plans to reduce the councils carbon
356/10/10   01/11/2010   footprint                                      Full Disclosure
                         The number of bins that residents use and
357/10/10   01/11/2010   the amount collected from fines for bin        Full Disclosure
                         Official minutes of the licensing committee
358/10/10   01/11/2010   meeting that took place on April 4th 2007        Full Disclosure
                         Total cost to the Council Tax Payer of the
361/10/10   12/11/2010   Meridian Leisure Centre per month for the        Full Disclosure

362/10/10   25/10/2010   Details of the Councils recycling scheme         Full Disclosure
                                                                     Refused - Section 36(2)(b)(ii) and
364/10/10   22/11/2010   Copy of a complaint sent to Standards Board 36(2)c
                         Details of complaints against Tuxworth
365/10/10   12/11/2010   Caravan Site                                Full Disclosure

366/10/10   11/11/2010   Statistics for Disabled Facilities Grants       Full Disclosure

367/10/10   11/11/2010   Information regarding recycling bins            Full Disclosure
                         Information regarding the confiscation of
368/10/10   11/11/2010   unlicensed animals                              No information held
                         Information relating to planning issues in      Partial Disclosure - Regulation 13
369/10/10   25/11/2010   Goulceby and Kirkby-on-Bain                     and 12(5)(f)
                         Details of the Review Panel of the Standards    Refused - Section 36(2)(b)(ii) and
370/10/10   01/11/2010   Committee                                       36(2)c
                         Information relating to grass cutting in
324/09/10   25/10/2010   Chapel St Leonards                              Full Disclosure

325/09/10   13/10/2010   Procurement of wood products                    Full Disclosure
                         Details of which council owned car parks
                         have no traffic regulation or other
                         order/regulation in force allowing penalty
326/09/10   25/10/2010   charges to be issued                            Full Disclosure
                         Audit trail and risk assessments relating to
                         legal action against traders on Grand Parade,
327/09/10   27/09/2010   Skegness                                        Full Disclosure
                         Credit balances accrued owing to all
                         incorporated companies within the Council's
328/09/10   12/10/2010   area                                            Full Disclosure

329/09/10   30/09/2010   Use of CCTV                                     Full Disclosure
                                  Information relating to the administration of
      330/09/10   15/10/2010      the Council's IT function                     Full Disclosure

      331/09/10   12/10/2010      Statistics relating to Stray Dogs             Full Disclosure
                                  Details on the withdrawal of permitted
      279/08/10   31/08/2010      development rights from Jacklin Cresent       Witheld - Section 21

      280/08/10   10/09/2010      Information relating to Dog Control Orders    Full Disclosure

      281/08/10   31/08/2010      Details of Planning Enforcement Complaint     Partial Disclosure - Section 40(2)
                                  Permission for signage outside Irby and
      282/08/10   01/09/2010      Bratoft Village Hall                          Service Request
                                  Cost of failed injunction served regarding
                                  planning transgressions on Grand Parade,
      283/08/10   31/08/2010      Skegness                                      Information not held

                                  Information regarding raising awareness of
      284/08/10   31/08/2010      diabetes in the District                      Full Disclosure

      285/08/10   31/08/2010      Details of Recycling Strategy and Rates       Full Disclosure

      286/08/10   30/09/2010      Costs of Planning Appeals                     Full Disclosure

                                 Information relating to Conisholme Fen Re-
151/05/10             04/06/2010 Submission and The Hollies Wind Farm       Partial disclosure - Section 40
                                 Number of households currently on the
                                 Housing Register and how many households
                                 have been accepted as homeless in the past
153/05/10             28/05/2010 2 years                                    Full disclosure
                             Primates licensed under the Dangerous Wild
154/05/10         28/05/2010 Animals Act 1976                           Full disclosure

                             All reports on ELDC, its committees, policies
                             and activities produced by the IDeA or the
155/05/10         24/06/2010 LGA from 01/01/2008 to todays date            Full disclosure

                             Exact locations and facilities of the play
156/05/10         24/06/2010 parks within your authority                      Full disclosure

157/05/10         28/05/2010 Copy of CSA Job Evaluation Form                  Partial disclosure - Section 40

                             Cost of dealing with a fly-tipping inceident in Partial disclosure - not all
158/05/10         28/05/2010 Grainsby                                        information held

                             Amount of funding given to Trade Unions and
                             the amount of staff time given to trade union
159/05/10         11/06/2010 activities in 2008/09 and 2009/10             Full disclosure

                             Dangerous, Exotic and Wild Animal Licenses
160/05/10         24/06/2010 granted and denied in the last 5 years           Full disclosure
                             Information relating to unauthorised signs
                             and structures and adoption of privately
161/05/10         24/06/2010 owned land                                       Refused - Section 21

                               Procurement frameworks, expenditure and
162/05/10   N/A                contracts                                      Passed to LCC for response

163/05/10         24/06/2010 Staffing costs                                   No information held
                             Usage figures and financial information for
164/05/10         21/06/2010 Eastgate Car Park, Louth                         Full disclosure
                                         Names and organisations represented by any
                                         official inspectors present at the planning
165/05/10                     24/06/2010 meeting of ELDC held on 28th February 2008 Full disclosure


  Reference Number   Date of Release                 Information requested                           Outcome
                                         Cost of staffing in the Council Tax
101/04/10                     14/05/2010 Department                                     Full disclosure

                                         Copy of Data Protection Policy and
102/04/10                     20/04/2010 Procedures                                     Partial disclosure - Section 21
                                         Details of the 2010/11 Buget, Member
                                         Allowances and Medium Term Financial
103/04/10                     14/05/2010 Strategy                                       Full disclosure

                                         Statistics relating to planning applications
105/04/10                     14/05/2010 over the last 5 years                          Full disclosure

                                         Breakdown of the expenditure from the
106/04/10                     14/05/2010 Supporting People Budget for 2009/10           Full disclosure

                                         Details of British Sign Language interpreting
107/04/10                     20/04/2010 services provided by the Council              No information held
                                         Enforcement notices and appeals,
                                         contaminated land register and compulsory
108/04/10                     14/05/2010 purchase orders                               Full disclosure
                       Details of a current enforcement
109/04/10   20/04/2010 investigation                                   Refused - Section 30

                       Details of any tenders that have been
                       awarded by East Lindsey District Council
                       over the last 24 months relating to the
110/04/10   14/05/2010 provision of Customer Services                  No information held
                       Details of health impact assessments on
111/04/10   20/04/2010 planning applications                          No information held
                       Information relating to the investigation of a
                       fly-tipping incident in Grainsby circa March
112/04/10   14/05/2010 2010                                           Partial disclosure - Section 40

                       Details of parking enforcement and freedom
113/04/10   20/04/2010 of information                             Full disclosure

114/04/10   20/04/2010 Details relating to IT services                 Full disclosure
                       Noise abatement notices issued on
115/04/10   14/05/2010 commercial premises                             Full disclosure
                       East Lindsey District Council's use of the
                       Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
116/04/10   20/04/2010 (RIPA)                                          Full disclosure

                       List or schedule of all National Non-Domestic
                       Rate accounts in your billing authority area
                       that still have a credit balance shown on
117/04/10   14/05/2010 them at any time from 1st April 1990          Partial dislcosure - Section 40

118/04/10   14/05/2010 Payscale of the Chief Executive                 Full disclosure
                              Details of procurement and construction
119/04/10   N/A               services                                       Passed to LCC for response

                             New mottos, mission statements or
120/04/10         14/05/2010 equivalents issued within the last 5 years      Full disclosure

121/04/10         11/05/2010 Freedom of Information Statistics                Full disclosure
                             Correspondence relating to discussions
                             between the Conservation Officer and
                             officers of the Council involved in drafting the
                             enforcement notice issued to Louth
122/04/10         14/05/2010 Conservative Club                                Refused - Section 30

                              Number of visits made to the World of
123/04/10   N/A               Furnishings, Main Road, Stickney               Withdrawn

124/04/10         28/05/2010 Details of planning enforcement complaints      Partial disclosure - section 40

125/04/10         14/05/2010 Details of staff absence                        Full disclosure

126/04/10         14/05/2010 Details of Business Rate Accounts in credit     Partial disclosure - Section 40

                             Details of parking fines given to Council
127/04/10         14/05/2010 owned vehicles                                  No information held

                             List of empty commercial properties and
128/04/10         14/05/2010 their rateable values                      Partial disclosure - Section 40
                             Current implementation or planned
                             investment in Urban Traffic Management and
129/04/10         14/05/2010 Control (UTMC)                             No information held
                                         Any correspondence relating to noise and
                                         odour complaints from fans and
                                         extractions/air conditioning units at
131/04/10                     28/05/2010 Morrisons Supermarket, Louth                  Partial disclosure Section 30 & 40

                                         Information relating Bathng Beauties/Beach
132/04/10                     28/05/2010 Chalets                                       Full disclosure
                                         Statistics relating to noise nuisance
133/04/10                     28/05/2010 complaints                                    Full disclosure

                                         Breakdown of credit balances accrued for the
135/04/10                     28/05/2010 amounts owing to all incorporated companies Partial disclosure - Section 40

                                         Figures for the amount of money spent on
136/04/10                     04/06/2010 bottled water for the tax year 2009/10        Full disclosure


  Reference Number   Date of Release               Information requested                            Outcome
                                         Cost to the tax payer of the appeal held in
                                         Spilsby re World of Furnshings ref:
071/03/10                     01/04/2010 APP/D2510/A/09/2097383/nwf                    Full disclosure

072/03/10                     18/03/2010 Information relating to Local Land Charges    Full disclosure

                                         The amount paid out in hardship relief under
                                         Section 49 of the Local Government Finance
073/03/10                     18/03/2010 Act 1988 in the past two financial years     Full disclosure
                       Liability Orders and court costs for the last
074/03/10   18/03/2010 three financial years                           Full disclosure

                       Income accrued from issueing fines for the
075/03/10   20/04/2010 last three recorded years                       Full disclosure

076/03/10   20/04/2010 Details of bonuses paid to staff                Full disclosure

                       Details of credit balances accrued, in relation
                       to overpaid business rates, since your
                       earliest records, for the amounts owing to all
                       incorporated companies with the authority's
077/03/10   23/03/2010 billing area                                    Partial disclosure - Section 40
                       Details and dates of any breaches of
                       regulations regarding Manor Farm Caravan
078/03/10   23/03/2010 Site, Sea Road, Anderby                         Partial disclosure - Section 40
                       Copy of the risk assessment referred to in
                       Minute 66 of the Council minutes of 29th
079/03/10   23/03/2010 November 2006                                   No recorded information held

                       The number of successful prosecutions your
                       Council has taken for illegal plying for hire/no
080/03/10   23/03/2010 insurance for each of the last 5 years           No recorded information held

081/03/10   23/03/2010 Details of support available for BME groups  Full disclosure
                       The number of recorded allegations that a
                       person who works with young people may
                       have harmed a child or be unsuitable to work
082/03/10   20/04/2010 with them                                    No recorded information held

                       Details relating to Green Space
083/03/10   23/03/2010 Maintenance/Management contracts                Full disclosure
084/03/10         23/03/2010 Details of planning enforcement complaints    Partial disclosure - Section 40 & 30

                             Details of foreign trips and foreign based
085/03/10         14/05/2010 employees                                     Full disclosure

086/03/10         23/03/2010 Unpaid stationary traffic penalties           No recorded information held

                             All correspondence between Planning,
                             Regulatory Services, CX and Directorate
                             relating to the planning permission refusal at
087/03/10         23/03/2010 27 Victoria Road, Mablethorpe                  Refused - Section 21

                              Information on persons working for schools
088/03/10   N/A               which come under the local LEA               Passed to LCC for response
                             The number of concesssionary travel passes
089/03/10         20/04/2010 issued to disabled persons                 Full disclosure
                             Details of schemes operated by the Local
                             Authority for the licensing of Houses in
090/03/10         20/04/2010 Multiple Occupation (HMOs)                 Full disclosure

091/03/10         23/03/2010 Use of civic vehicles                         No recorded information held

092/03/10         23/03/2010 Maps of car parking in Louth Market Place     Refused - Section 21
                             Total amount spent of speed humps, speed
                             cushions, speed tables and speed ramps in
093/03/10   N/A              2008-0                                        Passed to LCC for response

095/03/10         20/04/2010 Details regarding payment of Council Tax      Full disclosure
                                         Details regarding planning application
096/03/10                     20/04/2010 N/139/00685/02                                  Refused - Section 21

                                         Details of dscounted business rates given to
097/03/10                     20/04/2010 working mens clubs                              Full disclosure

                                         Planning restrictions on the Red Lion Public
098/03/10                     20/04/2010 House, Church Road, Stickford                   Refused - Section 21

                                         Details of data from the payment machine
099/03/10                     14/05/2010 located at Eastgate Car Park, Louth             Full disclosure

100/03/10                     20/04/2010 Details of the benefits data matching service Partial disclosure - Section 40


  Reference Number   Date of Release                 Information requested                            Outcome

                                         Copy of the Formal Officers Register of
032/02/10                     11/02/2010 Interests for planning issues                   No information held
                                         Details of disciplinary actions taken since the
033/02/10                     03/02/2010 financial year 2006/2007                        Full disclosure
                                         A list of elected members who were
                                         members of the Council's planning
                                         committee at the time that Giles Crust was
034/02/10                     22/02/2010 an elected member of the authority              Full disclosure

035/02/10                     05/03/2010 Councillor Mrs Ayling's expenses                Full disclosure
036/02/10   22/02/2010 Council run mortgage schemes                  No information held
                       The types of equipments used to control
                       parking spaces and how these products are
037/02/10   09/02/2010 maintained                                    Full disclosure

                       Details of planning applications determined
                       by the Planning Committee whilst giles Crust
                       was a member of said planning committee
                       and where the lead officer for such
                       application was Steve Williamson, Geoff
038/02/10   02/03/2010 Sardeson or Chris Panton                     Refused - Section 21

                       Planninf enforcement action relating to the
040/02/10   02/03/2010 removal of signs                              Full disclosure

041/02/10   16/02/2010 Names of Council Officials                    Full disclosure

042/02/10   18/03/2010 Names of key council contacts                 Full disclosure
                       Details of further development of Holton Le
044/02/10   18/03/2010 Clay and the surrounding area                 Full disclosure

                       Questions about East Lindsey District
045/02/10   05/03/2010 Council's Monitoring Officer                  Refused - Section 21

                       Details of a meeting of the Local Assessment
046/02/10   16/02/2010 Panel that took place on 3rd August 2009     Full disclosure

                       Information relating to Langham Wind Farm
047/02/10   22/03/2010 application                                   Partial disclosure - Section 40
                       Details of different pest infestations dealt
048/02/10   05/03/2010 with over the past 5 years                     Full disclosure

                       The number of employees currently on the
049/02/10   16/02/2010 payroll                                        Full disclosure

                       Animals licensed under the Dangerous Wild
050/02/10   16/02/2010 Animals Act                                    Full disclosure
                       Details of the members of the public
051/02/10   16/02/2010 attending planning meetings                    Refused - Section 40

                       Details of the relationship between two
052/02/10   04/03/2010 members of staff                               Refused - Section 40

                       Statistics about memberships and admissions
053/02/10   18/03/2010 to the Meridian Leisure Centre              Full disclosure

                       Cost of advertising the opening of the
054/02/10   18/03/2010 Meridian Leisure Centre                        Full disclosure
                       Name of the author of decision notice Ref
055/02/10   18/03/2010 ELDC/022                                     Full disclosure
                       Cost of contract workers and agency staff in
                       Finance and Revenues and Benefits for the
056/02/10   05/03/2010 last 2 financial years                       Full disclosure

057/02/10   05/03/2010 Copy of the IT Asset Reqister                  Full disclosure

058/02/10   18/02/2010 Complaints about noise from wind turnbines Full disclosure
                       Costs to date and commissioning date of the
                       automatic barrier system at the entrance to
059/02/10   05/03/2010 Sea View Car Park                           Full disclosure
060/02/10   05/03/2010 Details of any salaries paid over £100,000pa Full disclosure

                       Cost of sending 4 ELDC representatives to
061/02/10   18/03/2010 Sweden                                           Full disclosure

062/02/10   18/03/2010 Details of council tax discounts                 Refused - Section 21

                       Copy of the contract/agreement that East
063/02/10   18/03/2010 Lindsey District Council has with First Assist   Partial disclosure - Section 31(1)(a)

                       List of all Freedom of Information requests
064/02/10   20/04/2010 received by the authority since January 2009 Full disclosure
                       The highest weekly/monthly claim for
065/02/10   05/03/2010 housing benefit                                  Partial disclosure - Section 40

066/02/10   18/03/2010 Details of Council tax arrears                   Full disclosure
                       Owner of the Red Lion Public House at the
067/02/10   05/03/2010 Bull Ring, Horncastle                            Refused - Section 21

068/02/10   18/03/2010 Details of a complaint                        Full disclosure
                       Planning applications submitted to build
                       housing on the old railway line behind Albany
070/02/10   18/03/2010 Road, Woddhall Spa                            Full disclosure

  Reference Number   Date of Release                Information requested                             Outcome

001/01/10                     14/01/2010 Information relating to allotments              Information not held

002/01/10                     18/01/2010 Distribution and cost of council publications   Full disclosure
                                          Latest enforcement action at 42 Station
003/01/10            N/A                  Road, Sutton on Sea                            Withdrawn

                                          Case law being used to support notions
                                          about wheel clamping, vans and containers
004/01/10            N/A                  at 42 Station Road, Sutton on Sea              Withdrawn

                                         Enforcement action at 42 Station Road,
005/01/10            N/A                 Sutton on Sea                                   Withdrawn
                                         Planning permissions for Ronam Cottage,
                                         Pinfold Lane and Manor Farm Caravan Park,
006/02/10                     19/01/2010 Sea Road, Anderby                               Full disclosure

                                         Information relating to the Council's IT
007/01/10                     19/01/2010 service                                       Full disclosure
                                         All advice offered by the Treasury between
                                         August 1 and October 31 2008 about the
                                         Council investing in the Icelandic Banks
                                         Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander, Glitnir and
008/01/10                     19/01/2010 Landsbanki                                    No information held

                                         Compliation and management of the               Refused - Register not subject to
009/01/10                     29/01/2010 electoral roll                                  FOI
                                         Emails and memos containing specific
010/01/10                     09/02/2010 reference to a third party                      Refused - Section 40
                       Any and all information relating to the
                       enforcement issues against Wolds College,
011/01/10   16/02/2010 Louth                                           Refused - Section 30(1)(b)
                       Copy of all planning plotting sheets with their
                       relevant planning applications index cards on
012/01/10   29/01/2010 CD/DVD                                          Refused - Section 21
                       Financial advice offered by the treasury or
                       any other government-backed body about
                       investing in the Icelandic Banks Kaupthing
                       Singer and Friedlander, Glitnir and
013/01/10   29/01/2010 Landsbanki in 2008                              No information held

                       How many replacement dwellingsin open
                       country side have been granted planning
                       permission within East Lindsey, and of those,
                       how many have been granted without
                       Permitted Development Rights during the
014/01/10   09/02/2010 last 5 years                                  Refused - Section 21

                       How many extensions to houses in open
                       country side have been granted planning
                       permission within East Lindsey and of those,
                       how many have been granted where
                       permitted development rights have been
015/01/10   09/02/2010 witheld during the last 5 years              Refused - Section 21

016/01/10   22/02/2010 Total spend on ICT within the Local Authority Full disclosure

                       Statistics on how many commercial dog
                       breeders are licensed by East Lindsey District
                       Council and the details of the officer
017/01/10   29/01/2010 principally responsible for dog related isses  Full disclosure
018/01/10         09/02/2010 Stray dog figures and animal welfare charter Full disclosure

019/01/10   N/A                Implementation of approved traffic schemes Passed to LCC to respond

021/01/10         09/02/2010 Details regarding microchipping wheelie bins Full disclosure
                             Details of staffing, IT projects and capital
022/01/10         22/02/2010 expenditure                                    Full disclosure

023/01/10   N/A                Details of foster care victims               Passed to LCC to respond

                             Details of Smartcard and Card Management
024/01/10         22/02/2010 Systems                                      Full disclosure
                             List of names of all new
                             streets/avenues/roads etc created within the
025/01/10   N/A              District in the last 10 years                Not released - Section 12

026/01/10         09/02/2010 Enforcement of the smoking ban                 Full disclosure

027/01/10         22/02/2010 Payroll and HR Services                        Full disclosure

028/01/10         22/02/2010 Suppliers of catering services in 2008/2009    No information held
                             the number of businesses that have been
                             taken to court for non-payment of business
029/01/10         25/02/2010 rates in the last 6 months                     Refused - Section 43(2)

                             The total amount your organisation spends
030/01/10         02/03/2010 on environmental related services              Full disclosure

  Reference Number   Date of Release                 Information requested                           Outcome

339/12/09                     18/12/2009 Cost of legal services over the past 3 years   Full disclosure
                                          Cost of vetting checks made by schools on
340/12/09            N/A                  staff                                         Passed to LCC for response

341/12/09                     18/12/2009 Residential properties owned by the Council    Full disclosure

                                         The amount of money spent on translators
344/12/09                     04/01/2010 and interpretors in the year 2008-09           Full disclosure

345/12/09                     14/01/2010 Details of Local Housing Allowance             Full disclosure

                                         Properties currently receiving small business
346/12/09                     04/01/2010 rate relief                                   Partial disclosure - Section 40

347/12/09                     04/01/2010 Use of the Council's electoral register        Full disclosure

348/12/09                     14/01/2010 Statistics relating to Pest Control            Full disclosure

349/12/09            N/A                  Information relating to Social Services       Passed to LCC for response
350/12/09         04/01/2010 Details of car park income                    Full disclosure

351/12/09         04/01/2010 Missing and stolen wheelie bins               Full disclosure

352/12/09   N/A               Information relating to road gritting        Passed to LCC for response

353/12/09   N/A               Information relating to road gritting        Passed to LCC for response

                             Information regarding dog breeding
354/12/09         18/01/2010 establishments in Coningsby and New York      Partial disclosure - Section 40

355/12/09         14/01/2010 Details of polling stations                   Full disclosure
                                                                           Refused - Register not sbject to
356/12/09         14/01/2010 Information on the electoral register         FOI

                             Number of properties receiving discounted
357/12/09         14/01/2010 council tax                                   Full disclosure

                                                                           Refused - Register not sbject to
358/12/09         14/01/2010 Information on the electoral register         FOI
                             Number of noise complaints received relating
359/12/09         14/01/2010 to wind turbines                             Full disclosure

                             Total expenditure by East Lindsey District
                             Council on Common Purpose Courses from
                             1997 to date and copies of all invoices for
                             each common purpose course paid for by
360/12/09         18/01/2010 East Lindsey District Council                 Full disclosure
361/12/09                      14/01/2010 Contact details for procurement officer        Full disclosure


  Reference Number   Date of Release                  Information requested                           Outcome
                                          Plans for alterations to Ronan Cottage,
310/11/09                      27/11/2009 previously called Peartree Cottage             Refused - Section 21

                                                                                         Not released - costs over
311/11/09            N/A                   Cost of merged services                       appropriate limit
                                           Details of Legal Services provided to the
312/11/09            N/A                   Council                                       Passed to LCC for response

                                          Number of CCTV cameras and a copy of
313/11/09                      09/12/2009 internal guidance                              Full disclosure

314/11/09                      22/12/2009 Sickness figures                               Refused - Section 21

                                          Details of WAN/Broadband Networks and
315/11/09            2711/09              related supplies                               Full disclosure
                                          Engine capacity of cars driven by the top 10
                                          highest earners at ELDC, if those cars are
316/11/09                      04/01/2010 provided by ELDC                               Full disclosure

317/11/09                      09/12/2009 Statistics relating to stolen wheelie bins     Full disclosure
                             Number of contracted hours for top earners
                             over £50,000 plus pension entitlements,
                             expenses, lease car schemes and holiday
318/11/09         09/12/2009 entitlement                                    Full disclosure

319/11/09         09/12/2009 Details of staff bonuses                       No information held

320/11/09         18/12/2009 Details of the Chief Executives car            Refused - Section 40

                             Details of waste enforcement investigation in
                             Crabtree Holiday Cottages between April 09
321/11/09         18/12/2009 and November 09                               Partial disclosure - Section 40
                             Rules and regulations regarding what Council
                             Members can claim for in allowances and
322/11/09   N/A              expenses                                      Withdrawn

                             Details of the Addlethorpe Golf Club planning
323/11/09         19/01/2010 complaint                                     Partial disclosure - Section 41(1)

324/11/09   N/A               Further information on FOI 296/10/09          Withdrawn
                             Information relating to contractors for Wood
325/11/09         18/12/2009 Lane Sports centre                           Full disclosure
                             Building Inspectors notes regarding the
                             building of a kitchen extension in 1993 ref:
326/11/09         14/01/2010 BR/42/1260/BN                                Full disclosure

327/11/09         18/01/2010 Cost of gas and electricity to the council     Full disclosure

328/11/09         14/01/2010 Details of consultations on health             Full disclosure
                                          Information relating to a planning
329/11/09            N/A                  enforcement complaint                         Withdrawn

                                          Progress made in the legality issues relating
330/11/09            N/A                  to Poplar Farm                                Withdrawn

                                         Planning and Planning Enforcement files for
331/11/09                     18/12/2009 Homestead Farm, Mill Lane, Keal Coates         Partial disclosure - Section 40 & 30

333/11/09            N/A                  Member Expenses                               Withdrawn

334/11/09                     18/12/2009 Number of visitors to the council website      Full disclosure

335/11/09                     18/12/2009 Cost of Christmas parties                      No information held
                                         Details of Members involvement in the
                                         removal of signage following a planning
336/11/09            N/A                 enforcement investigation                      Withdrawn

337/11/09                     18/12/2009 Use of animal snares on Council property       Full disclosure

                                         Spend analysis/invoice report for the last 12
338/11/09                     04/01/2010 months                                        Partial disclosure - Section 40


  Reference Number   Date of Release                Information requested                            Outcome
268/10/09   N/A              Information relating to Social Services         Passed to LCC for response
                             All costings for the investigations into Merged
                             Services, to include any external funding and
269/10/09         15/10/2009 it's source                                     Full disclosure

270/10/09         19/10/2009 Use of Powers of Entry                         Full disclosure

                             Details of complaints made against the
                             Saracens Head, Hogsthorpe and 4 Southend,
271/10/09         19/10/2009 Hogsthorpe between 1997 and 2005          Partial disclosure - Section 40

                             A list of noise abatement orders issued in the
                             last 3 calenday years which relate to noise
272/10/09         29/10/2009 from Public Address (PA) or Tannoy systems Full disclosure
                             Plans for a smoking ban in the streets in the
273/10/09         16/10/2009 next 5 years                                  No information held

                              Summary of complaints made about odour
                              nuisances and/or flys in Roughton
                              Moor/Woodhall Spa vicinity which were
                              attributed, either by the complainant or      Not released - costs exceed
274/10/09   N/A               ELDC, to the Anglia Bait Company              appropriate limit

                             All correspondence re planning application ref
275/10/09         23/10/2009 EC/086/00499/07                                Full disclosure
                             Procurement details waste fleet
                             reasons/objections, salaries of senior
                             managers/directors, percentage of council
                             tax capita spent on publications to public
276/10/09   N/A              including lcc and salaries                     Withdrawn
                       All inspection reports for Building Regulation
                       Application 240/12459/06/BN relating to 29
277/10/09   19/10/2009 Elizabeth Road, Humberston                     Full disclosure

278/10/09   19/10/2009 Detailed structure of the Finance Department Full disclosure
                       Number of planning applications for field
                       shelters and buildings built solely for
279/10/09   19/10/2009 agricultural use                             Full disclosure

281/10/09   29/10/2009 Information regarding Zoo Licenses             Partial disclosure - Section 40
                       Statistics relating to complaints received
282/10/09   29/10/2009 from the Ombudsman                             Full disclosure
                       Copy of application for outline planning
                       permission made by Litchfield Planning on
                       behalf of Parkers of Wainfleet Ltd for
                       development of land situated at Merrifield
283/10/09   19/10/2009 Road, Wainfleet                                Refused - Section 21
                       Copy of the East Lindsey Market review for
284/10/09   29/10/2009 Louth                                          Partial disclosure - Section 22(1)(a)

                       Details of metal theft from Local Authority
285/10/09   19/10/2009 owned buildings                                No information held

                       Details of Air Pollution consents and
286/10/09   12/11/2009 enforcements                                   Full disclosure

287/10/09   29/10/2009 Details of off-licenses open for 24 hours      Full disclosure
                       The number of planning applications that
288/10/09   04/11/2009 have led to a planning enquiry                 Full disclosure
                             Details of Union Staff employed by the
289/10/09         05/11/2009 Council                                           No information held

290/10/09         12/11/2009 Qualifications of Housing Benefit Staff           Partial disclosure - Section 40
                             Minutes of a meeting between ELDC
                             Strategic Director and Focus Consultants on
291/10/09         05/11/2009 2nd June 2009                                     No information held

                             Aims and Ambitions of the council as an
292/10/09         16/10/2009 organisation                                      Refused - Section 21
                             Details of the use of bailiffs to collect council
293/10/09         05/11/2009 tax debts                                         Full disclosure

295/10/09         05/11/2009 Details of assaults on refuse collectors          Full disclosure

                             Details of redevelopment of former battery
296/10/09         12/11/2009 car and mini-golf site in Sutton on Sea           Partial disclosure - Section 43(2) an
                               Details of income from car parks in
297/10/09   N/A                Mablethorpe                                     Withdrawn

                             Details of the top paid employees over
298/10/09         10/11/2009 £50,000pa and expenses and benefits               Partial disclosure - Section 21

299/10/09         10/11/2009 Time taken to consider questions to council       Partial disclosure - Section 40 and 2
                             The number of illegal immigrants found to be
300/10/09         05/11/2009 working for the Council                      No information held
                             Date the former Head of Planning left
                             employment with East Lindsey District
301/10/09         05/11/2009 Council                                      Full disclosure
                                         Staffing Structure for Environmental Health
303/10/09                     27/11/2009 from 2000-2004                                Information not recorded
                                         The number of public houses that have
                                         closed in Lincoln this year due to the
304/10/09            N/A                 recession                                     Passed to Lincoln City for response

                                         Cost in pence per hour of 1 street light on
305/10/09                     05/11/2010 Mablethorpe promenade                         Full disclosure

306/10/09                     27/11/2009 Details of alcohol free zones                 Full disclosure

307/10/09                     28/10/2009 See 273/10/09                                 No information held
                                         List of current companies who are on the
                                         Councils approved list of suppliers or have
                                         requested to be placed on an approved list
308/10/09                     27/11/2009 for Council work                              Information not recorded

309/10/09                     02/11/2009 List of current vacancies                     Refused - Section 21


  Reference Number   Date of Release                Information requested                           Outcome

                                         Copies of photographs taken during a
247/09/09                     10/09/2009 planning enforcement investigation          Full disclosure
                                         Break down of expenditure, by ward, for the
                                         years 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-
248/09/09                     08/09/2009 09                                          Information not recorded
                              Details of complaints made against the
249/09/09   N/A               Anglia Bait Company during the past 6 years Withdrawn

                             Details of the number of times in the last 5
                             years the council has paid celebrities to
250/09/09         05/11/2009 make a guest appearance in the district        Partial disclosure - Section 40(2)

                             All the information on the bridge between
                             council officials and what brought about this
                             closure and any orders on the bridge from
251/09/09         06/10/2009 1st January 2006                              Partial disclosure - Section 40

                             Copy of the Council Tax policy, including
                             options to pay as agreed by councillors and
                             the cost to the council of using the post
252/09/09         08/10/2009 office facility per annum                      Partial disclosure - Section 21

                             List of empty commercial and domestic
253/09/09         02/10/2009 properties within the District                Full disclosure
                             Details of any estates that have been
                             referred to the Bona Vacantia division of the
                             Treasury Solicitors Department since 1st May
254/09/09         06/10/2009 2009                                          No information held

                             Correspondence with Focus Consultants and
255/09/09         09/10/2009 draft reports regarding Horncastle Town Hall Full disclosure
                             Income received into the Council from
256/09/09         10/09/2009 parking fines                                 Full disclosure
                             Information relating to the planning decision
                             taken in respect of Poplar Farm, Sutton on
258/09/09         20/10/2009 Sea                                           Partial disclosure - Section 21 and 4
                               Memos in relation to officers dealing with the
259/09/09   N/A                vacation of Horncastle Town Hall               Withdrawn

                             East Lindsey's Capital Programme 06/07,
                             07/08, 08/09, 09/10 and construction and
                             running costs of leisure facilities. Details of
260/09/09         15/10/2009 community grants awarded in those years           Full disclosure

261/09/09         15/10/2009 Copy of witness statement                     Partial disclosure - Section 40
                             Details of any planning consents granted for
                             Wind Turbines in your authority over the last
262/09/09         15/09/2009 25 years                                      Full disclosure
                             Contact details for the inforamtion assurance
263/09/09         12/10/2009 officer or equivalent                         Full disclosure

                             All live non-domestic rate accounts with a
                             rateable value between £500 and £10,000
                             (inclusive) that do not have Small Business
                             Rate relief applied to the account for the
264/09/09         27/10/2009 current rating year 2009/10                  Parital disclosure - Section 40
                             Information relating to the land sale of
                             Skegness and subsequent dealings regarding
                             the variation of the user covenent affecting
                             such - completed by deed in or about         Not released - costs exceed
265/09/09   N/A              Deceber 2005                                 appropriate limit

266/09/09         15/10/2009 Details relating to council owned housing         No information held
                             The authority's provision for staff pay rises in
267/09/09         19/10/2009 2009-10                                          Full disclosure

  Reference Number   Date of Release                Information requested                             Outcome
                                         Cost of fireworks display, building costs for
                                         Wood Lane and projection of expected
224/08/09                     19/08/2009 income for Wood Lane project                    Full disclosure

                                         Copy of submission to DCLG to its recent
                                         review into the extent and impact of housing
225/08/09                     10/08/2009 development on garden land                   No information held

226/08/09                     28/08/2009 Details of complaints                           Partial disclosure - Section 40

                                         Information relating to hygeine standards at Not released - awaiting payment of
227/08/09            N/A                 swimming pools                               disbursement costs
                                         Complete list of subcontractors, suppliers
                                         and consultants that have worked on or are
                                         working on the Council's Decent Homes
                                         Improvement Programme from 2007, 2008
229/08/09                     19/08/2009 and 2009                                     Full disclosure

                                         All data that has been sent to East Lindsey
                                         District Council or any related bodies from all
                                         parties requesting information on The Parrot
230/08/09                     10/09/2009 Zoo/The National Parot Sanctuary                Partial disclosure - Section 40
                                         The total amount spent by the Council on
                                         Automatic Number Plate Recognition
231/08/09                     27/08/2009 technology since it came into force             No information held
                             The total renumeration of your chief
                             executive, broken down into salary, bonuses
                             and any other payments for the financial
232/08/09         19/08/2009 years 2008/09 and 2009/10                   Full disclosure

233/08/09         10/09/2009 Details of international partnerships            Full disclosure

                             The numberof reported cases of people
                             treated by local life guards for weaverfish
                             stings in the Mablethorpe/Sutton on Sea area
234/08/09         19/08/2009 over the last 3 years                        Full disclosure

235/08/09         13/08/2009 Details of CCTV Smart Cars                     No information held
                             Full contact list of all the companies working
                             at the Wood Lane site on the Leisure and
238/08/09         02/09/2009 Community Centre                               Full disclosure

                             The number of staff it takes to respond to
239/08/09         02/06/2009 FOI requests                                     Full disclosure

                             copy of accident report submitted by Cadwell
240/09/10         02/06/2009 Park regarding an incident on 26th July 2009     Partial disclosure - Section 40
                             Details of incidents/accidents which have
                             occurred to tourists within tourist
                             accommodation premises between 2003 and          Not released - cost exceeded
241/09/09   N/A              the present time                                 appropriate limit
                             Information relating to the building, planning
                             and construction of 10 Staples Garth,
243/08/09         10/09/2009 Grainthorpe, Louth, Lincs                        Full disclosure
                                         Terms of reference under which East Lindsey
                                         are seeking valuation on Horncastle Town
244/08/09                     02/09/2009 Hall                                        Full disclosure

                                          Details of investigations into the sale of
245/08/09            N/A                  counterfeit tobacco                           Passed to LCC for response
                                          How many times the Council has authorised
                                          people under the age of 18 to use the
                                          Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act over
246/08/09            N/A                  the last two years                            Passed to LCC for response

247/08/09                     10/09/2009 Details of the time taken to pay invoices      Full disclosure


  Reference Number   Date of Release                Information requested                            Outcome

                                         Information from April 1 2009 re use of RIPA
180/07/09                     06/07/2009 legislation                                  Full disclosure

                                          Details of Council's provisions for
181/07/09            N/A                  treating/caring forthose with Dimensia        Passed to LCC for response

182/07/09                     15/07/2009 Details of Grounds Maintenance Contracts       Full disclosure

183/07/09            N/A                  Information regarding trading standards       Passed to LCC for response
                             Whethet the council has a policy in place for
                             sourcing and procuring UK produced food for
184/07/09         08/07/2009 its catering operations                       Full disclosure

185/07/09         09/07/2009 Details of complaints                          Partial disclosure - Section 40

                             The number of fibre optic cables that you use
                             for CCTV cameras and the annual
186/07/09         10/07/2009 expenditure associated with those cables      Full disclosure

187/07/09         08/07/2009 Details of planning enforcement complaint      Partial disclosure - Section 40
                             Revewal date, value and a copy of the
                             winning tender for any contract you may
                             hold for Computer/Server hardware
188/07/09         14/07/2009 maintenance                                    Partial disclosure - Section 43
                             Information regarding parking facilities in
189/07/09         10/09/2009 East Lindsey                                   Full disclosure

190/07/09   N/A               Information regarding trading standards       Passed to LCC for response

191/07/09         28/07/2009 Details of enforcement of the smoking ban      Full disclosure
                             Details of the number of children that have
192/07/09         22/09/2009 been registered homeless                       Full disclosure

                             Cost of consultancy to the rate payer for the
193/07/09         29/07/2009 year 2008-2009                                Full disclosure
                             Information relating to the closure of
                             Horncastle Town Hall and ownership of The
194/07/09         10/09/2009 Wong                                          Partial disclosure - Section 42(1)
                       Details of bye-laws for Skegness and
195/07/09   17/07/2009 Ingoldmells beach and foreshore              Full disclosure
                       Details of expense claims of the Chief
                       Executive and Deputy Chief Executive for the
196/07/09   12/08/2009 last 4 years                                 Full disclosure
                       Details of payments of fines and costs
                       imposed by the High Court on the Council
                       regarding the nuisance caused by refuse
                       vehicles and the total cost of submitting
197/07/09   11/08/2009 failed appeals                               Full disclosure
                       Statistics relating to Disabled Facilities
198/07/09   29/07/2009 Grants                                        Full disclosure

199/07/09   20/07/2009 Provisions of childcare vouchers for staff    Full disclosure
                       Information regarding the procurement of
200/07/09   12/08/2009 economic services                             Full disclosure

                       Copy of the entire legal advice received by
                       ELDC about their responsibilities under the
                       1551 charter and Gary Sargeant's advice to
                       the executive on the commercial options for
201/07/09   13/08/2009 the cattle market                             Partial disclosure - EIR 2004 Reg 12

202/07/09   20/07/2009 Details of contaminated land registry         No information held

                       Costs of employing external consultants and
203/07/09   03/08/2009 agency staff and total staffing costs       Full disclosure

204/07/09   24/07/2009 Staffing Structure charts                     Full disclosure
                             Details of investigations and licensing of the
205/07/09         18/08/2009 National Parot Sanctuary, Friskney               Full disclosure

                             Salary rates for the Chief Officer and
206/07/09         03/08/2009 Assistant Chief Officer                          Full disclosure

207/07/09         05/08/2009 QRW4 Returns                                     Full disclosure

208/07/09         03/08/2009 Details of councillor allowances                 Full disclosure

209/07/09         31/07/2009 Staffing and Post Numbers                        Full disclosure

                             General Revenue Account and Annual
210/07/09         27/07/2009 Statement of Accounts                            Full disclosure

211/07/09   N/A               Pay and Grading Information                     Withdrawn

                             Details of complaints and information about
212/07/09         10/09/2009 dog breeders in Coningsby                   Full disclosure
                             Details of complaints regarding noise
                             disturbance from non-residential/commercial
213/07/09         05/08/2009 properties in the last 12 months            Full disclosure

214/07/09         07/08/2009 Details of Zoo Licenses                       Full disclosure
                             Cost for 2008-09 for contractors for
                             professional services whose function is to be
                             instrumentaol in the delivery of council
215/07/09         18/08/2009 services                                      Full disclosure

216/07/09         18/08/2009 Details of funding given to the Tetney area      Full disclosure
                                         Copy of briefing note to the Executive Board
                                         provided by Jane Froggatt re Horncastle
217/07/09                     17/08/2009 Town Hall                                    Full disclosure
                                         Copy of briefing note to the Executive Board
                                         provided by Jane Froggatt re Horncastle
218/07/09                     17/08/2009 Town Hall                                    Full disclosure

                                         Details of Procurement/Purchasing
219/07/09                     05/08/2009 Frameworks                                     Full disclosure
                                         Details from the latest Housing Needs
220/07/09                     03/08/2009 Survey                                         Full disclosure

221/07/09            N/A                  Information re Horncastle Town Hall           Withdrawn

                                         Details of planning applications featuring a
222/07/09                     10/08/2009 change of use from A1                          Full disclosure

223/07/09                     19/08/2009 Details of Bailiff Enforcement                 Full disclosure


  Reference Number   Date of Release                Information requested                            Outcome

                                         A copy of the authorities cooling tower
149/06/09                     08/06/2009 registry                                       Full disclosure
                       The amount spent on consultancy services
                       for the financial years 2006-2007, 2007-
                       2008 and 2008-2009, also the names of an
                       projects/works undertaken by consultancy
                       service providers for the financial years 2006-
150/06/09   06/07/2009 2007, 2007-2008 and 2008-2009                   Full disclosure

                       Total cost to the council of all translation
                       services used by the council in 1998-99,
151/06/09   22/06/2009 2003-04, 04-05, 05-06, 06-07, 07-08.            Full disclosure

                       A copy of the HR and Procurement
152/06/09   05/06/2009 departmental structures                         Full disclosure
                       Information about the tranfer of housing
                       stock from East Lindsey District Council to
153/06/09   19/06/2009 New Linx Housing Trust                          Full disclosure

                       Information about mortuaries and funerals in
154/06/09   21/07/2009 the East Lindsey area                        Partial disclosure - not all informatio

155/06/09   05/06/2009 Organisational Structure for ELDC               Full disclosure - Section 21

156/06/06   10/06/2009 Details of Planning Enforcement Complaint       Partial disclosure - Section 40 Exem
                       Figures for the numberof CCTV cameras
                       operated by the Council between 2004 and
157/06/09   08/07/2009 2008                                            Full disclosure
                       Information regarding parking facilities in
158/06/09   17/06/2009 Spilsby                                         Full disclosure

                       Information on the change in legislation for
159/06/09   10/08/2009 Licensing of caravan parks                      Full disclosure
                       Details of the number of FOI requests made
                       for information relating to contracts between
160/06/09   15/06/2009 January 2006 and December 2008                Full disclosure
                       Information regarding interest of members
161/06/09   30/06/2009 on the planning committee                      Refused - Section 21
                       The appeal statement issued by Litchfield
                       Planning in respect of planning application
162/06/09   30/06/2009 S/216/02347/08                                 Full disclosure

                       All agendas, notes taken at, all e-mails,
                       notes, action notes, memos, briefing papers
                       or any other documentation regarding           Partial disclosure - Exceptions
                       Portfolio holder meetings for the built        under EIR at Regs 12(4)(d),
163/06/09   22/07/2009 environment for the past 2 years               12(5)(b), 13, 12(5)(e

164/06/09   17/06/2009 Details of complaints                          Refused - Section 41(1)(a) & (b)

165/06/09   03/07/2009 Details of expenditure on the website        Full disclosure
                       Questions about IT procurement policies, IT
                       infrastructure, electricity output of IT
                       servers, carbon emmissions from IT
166/06/09   19/06/2009 infrastructure                               Full disclosure
                       ICT strategy for 09/10 including any
                       supporting documents, contact details for
                       author of the strategy, ICT Service/Business
                       plan, ICT structure, list of existing ICT
                       suppliers that have contracts with the
167/06/09   24/06/2009 Council                                      Full disclosure
                       Town Planning, Environmental Building
                       Regulations or other Licensing by the
                       Authority which relates to land at or known
                       as Northgates, off Rectory Road, Anderby
168/06/10   29/06/2009 including details of any Enforcement Action    Partial disclosure - Section 40, 31(a

169/06/09   30/06/2009 Information in relation to Section 106 monies No information held

170/06/09   22/06/2009 Information relating to various ICT services   Not supplied - awaiting clarification
                       Licensing information for the Kings Head Pub
171/06/09   24/06/2009 in Addlethorpe                               Partial Disclosure - Section 21

172/06/09   01/07/2009 Copy of building control inspection report     Full disclosure

                       Copy of Vet Report on National Parot
173/06/09   16/07/2009 Sanctuary                                      Full disclosure

174/06/09   17/07/2009 Information regarding volunteers               Full disclosure

                       Information on corporate contact details,
                       corporate management structure, business
                       plan 09/10, medium term financial plan
                       09/10, capital programme 09/10 and
175/06/09   23/06/2010 treasury management strategy 09/10             Partial disclosure - Section 21

                       Details regarding allocation of housing to
176/06/09   06/07/2009 people with a know salary of over £30,000pa No information held

                       Information in relation to contracts and staff
177/06/09   23/07/2009 that have moved to external contractors etc Full disclosure
178/06/09                        29/06/2010 Detail of car park usage surveys                Full disclosure


  Reference Number   Date of Release                   Information requested                             Outcome

125/05/09            1-May-09                Questionnaire regarding information audits     Full Disclosure

                                             Questions in relation to financial rewards for
126/05/09            15-May-09               alleged crimes                                 Passed to Lincs Police

                                             Please can we have figures for the amount of
                                             money raised through (1) parking charges
                                             and (2) parking fines in (i) 1998 and (ii)
                                             2008 - with figures broken down by year.
128/05/06            6-May-09                                                               Full Disclosure
                                             Could I have the results of anglia waters
                                             discharge from its sewage works into the
                                             louth canal please                             Refused and suggested they go to
129/05/09                                                                                   Anglian Water
                                             Information regarding deceased information
                                             that have been passed to the Treasury
130/05/09            12-May-09               Solicitor                                      Full Disclosure

131/05/09                                    Further information from request 074/02/09 Full Disclosure
132/05/09   8-May-09    Construction plans for her property          Refused

133/05/09               Questions relating to Housing Benefit

                        a) addresses and rateable values of empty
                        Commercial properties that are within East
                        Lindsey District Council area; and
                        (b) the names of the owners of those
134/05/09   15-May-09   properties referred to in (a)                Full Disclosure
                        Under the FOI Act please forward the
                        evidence ELDC state that they have to
                        sugest that Proven wind turbines provide a
                        persistant clicking sound. This is stated
                        within the document enclosed at line 13,
                        which was for our planning application No:
135/05/09               S/186/0280

                        information regarding carbon emissions in
136/05/09   5-Jun-09    our IT department                            Full Disclosure

137/05/09   8-Jun-09    JE Forms                                     Full Disclosure

138/05/09   14-May-09   information regarding members expenses

139/05/09   15-May-09   Passed to LCC

140/05/09               Cllr Davie's expenses
                        What has been the total cost to the authority
                        of equal pay litigation and legal advice on
141/05/09   5-Jun-09    equal pay since single status was introduced Full Disclosure

                        How much did the authority spend on bottle
142/05/09   11-Jun-09   water in the period 2008/09                    Full Disclosure

143/05/09   20-May-09   stats regarding complaints                     Full Disclosure
                        information regarding a tender that his
                        company put in - specifically the catering
144/05/09   9-Jun-09    laybys                                         partial disclosure s40/s43

145/05/09   9-Jun-09    information regarding tenders for stairlifts   Full Disclosure

146/05/09               information regarding expenses

                        The number of fraud cases against ELDC
                        which have been investigated in the last year
                        Of these cases what percentage involved
                        investigating ELDC staff themselves
                        The nature of these cases, ie how has the
                        council been defrauded
147/05/09   8-Jun-09    The costs to the                              Full Disclosure

148/05/09   9-Jun-09    questions in relation to dwa licenses          Full Disclosure

  Reference Number   Date of Release                 Information requested                            Outcome

                                          1. Please provide photocopies of any licences
                                          issued to pet shops along with their attached
                                          conditions. 2. Please give details of the pet
                                          shop licence fee. Is it a standard fee or does
                                          it vary from one type of establishment to
107/04/09                       14-Apr-09 another - if so, please expl                   Full Disclosure

                                           The number of children/young people aged
                                           under 16 years referred to the council by
                                           police as runaways in each of the last five
                                           years for which figures are available;

                                          The number of emergency/refuge beds
                                          available to such people in each of these
108/04/09                       15-Apr-09 years, th                                      Full Disclosure
                                          Information on the accounts of The Fulbeck
109/04/09                       14-Apr-09 in Mablethorpe                                 Full Disclosure

                                         A list of all Non-Domestic rate accounts that
                                         are currently overpaid or in credit and a list
                                         of rate accounts where a `write on’ has been
                                         used since 1 April 2000 to cancel an
                                         overpayment in circumstances where you
110/04/09                       7-May-09 have been unable to contact the ratepaye       Full Disclosure

111/04/09                       17-Apr-09 Current zoo licence for the Parrot Sanctuary   Full Disclosure
                                          Assumption made about the % increase in
                                          NJC employees pay that would apply from
112/04/09                       14-Apr-09 1st April 2009 and assumptions for             Full Disclosure
                      1) A copy of James Gilberts Delegated
                      authority to sanction action 1 below.
113/04/09    8-May-09 2) A copy of the three year contract with       Partial Disclosure

                      Information about the future of the council
114/04/09    5-May-09 and its financial viability                     Full Disclosure

116/04/09              Passed to LCC

117/04/09             Passed to LCC
                      Is it true that a disabled parish Cllr has to
                      declare an interest when raising questions on
118/04/09   30-Apr-09 behalf of disabled people?                    Full Disclosure

                      Has the council sold off any public parks (or
                      sections of public parks) in the last five
                      years? If so, please provide a) the name of
                      the park, b) the size of the land sold in acres
                      and its exact location, c) the price paid and
120/04/09   28-Apr-09 the date of the transaction,                    Full Disclosure
                      Names of contacts within the sports
121/04/09   27-Apr-09 department                                      Full Disclosure
                       Questions in relation to Road Salt passed to
122/04/09              LCC

                      I would like to request information showing
                      the lists of all contact details that you hold
                      for organisations which either: provide
                      outreach to pensioners, recreational facilities
123/04/09   22-May-09 for pensioners or support to pensioners.        Full Disclosure
124/04/09                              Procurement questions passed to LCC


  Reference Number   Date of Release             Information requested                          Outcome
                                       Please release all correspondence between
                                       the council and Sir Christopher Rose, Chief
                                       Surveillance Commissioner, since 2006.
                                       Please also release all correspondence
                                       between the council and Sir Andrew Leggatt,
                                       the former Chief Surveillance Commissioner,
079/03/09            23-Mar-09         bet                                         Full Disclosure

                                       Organisational chart for Purchasing, Estates
080/03/09            9-Mar-09          and Facilitites department                     Full Disclosure

081/03/09            on hold           Information in relation to refuse lorries      on hold

                                       Does ELDC operate sunbeds in any of its
083/03/09            6-Mar-09          leisure centres?                               Full Disclosure
                                       Names of suppliers and contractors working
085/03/09            17-Mar-09         on the Wood Lane project                       Full Disclosure

086/03/09            6-Mar-09          Questions regarding council cemetries          Gave advice

087/03/09            3-Apr-09          Departmental structures                        Full Disclosure
                        The number of non major developments
                        applied for between June 2006 and
                        December 2008, these are to be split into a)
                        developments for the erection of residential
                        dwellings b) developmetns for the extension
                        of residential dwellings. Of B) please supply
088/03/09   17-Mar-09   the                                           Full Disclosure
                        Retirement of senior officers how how they
                        were when they retired and how much they
090/03/09   3-Apr-09    received                                      Full Disclosure
                        How frequently is the number of people
                        sleeping rough in your area counted?
                        What are the criteria used in your area to
                        determine if individuals should be counted as
                        sleeping rough?
                        What is the method used to count or
091/03/09   24-Mar-09   estimate the number of rough sleeper          Full Disclosure

                        In the 2008 calendar year did your authority
                        allow or participate in any surveys of
                        domestic household waste where rubbish put
                        out for collection was analysed for research
                        purposes and the householders were NOT
092/03/09   13-Mar-09   told about this course of conduct. If this i  Full Disclosure
                        I require all correspondence between
                        officers, councillors or third parties, to
                        include letters, e-mails, all internal
                        correspondence, records or transcripts of
                        telephone conversations, or meetings
                        between officers or officers and councillors.
093/03/09   16-Apr-09   N/058/01702                                   Partial Disclosure

094/03/09               Passed to north lincs council
                                  Under the provisions of the Freedom of
                                  Information Act please provide me with a list
                                  of occupiers and dates of occupation of
                                  properties in the National Non Domestic
                                  Rating list with a rateable value of under
                                  15,000 that are NOT in receipt of small
095/03/09   7-Apr-09              busines                                       Partial Disclosure

                                 In relation to completion notices served since
                                 April 2003 under Schedule 4A of the Local
                                 Government Finance Act We require for each
                                 notice, the company name, address notice
                                 was sent too, address of the property that
096/03/09              30-Mar-09 was being deemed completed,date specif         Partial Disclosure

097/03/09              08-Apr-09 Questionnaire in relation to the RSPB            Full Disclosure
                                 Questions relating to Members and their
098/03/09              14-Apr-09 expenses                                         Full Disclosure

                                 Could you please supply the delegated
                                 authority for Cllr Mrs Stephenson and the
                                 Chief Executive to authorise the figure
                                 refered to in FOI 052/02/09. Also please
                                 supply all documents refering to notes of the
099/03/09              22-Apr-09 meeting, this refers to instrructions to payroll Full Disclosure

100/03/09              14-Apr-09 departmental structures                          Full Disclosure

101/03/09              26-Mar-09 departmental structures                          Full Disclosure
                                          Do we use a computerised system? Do we
                                          allow personal searches to access the
                                          system? Would you register in Part 4:
                                          miscellaneous charges, a charge under the
                                          Housing act where the house consists of one
102/03/09                       17-Apr-09 storey only                                 Full Disclosure
                                          1) Who had the delegated authority to
                                          authorise and order the 'Good' banners?
                                          2)How many quotes were asked for?
                                          3)what were the amounts of the different
                                          4)Who were these quotes from?
                                          5)What will be done with the banners when
                                          they are taken down?
104/03/09                       31-Mar-09 6                                           Full Disclosure

                                          Information regarding Louth Town Hall and
105/03/09                       14-Apr-09 Alford Corn Exchange                          Full Disclosure


  Reference Number     Date of Release              Information requested                            Outcome

                                          Does your authority provide concessionary
                                          travel passes to those individuals registered
                                          with their local Social Services department
                                          as disabled on the grounds of being a mental
                                          health user or survivor?
                                          If your authority does have such
040/02/09            3-Feb-09             arrangements why was                          Full disclosure
                       How many, if any, 'temporary' households,
                       eg. caravans, shalets etc, are currently billed
                       for council tax within your district. Can you
                       also tell me what the historical arrangements
041/02/09   3-Feb-09   are for billing households of this kind.        Refused S21

                       How much the council was charged by its
                       waste contractors for the collection of
                       recycled material during 2008. How much
                       the council was charged by waste contractors
                       to collect recycled material during 2007.Has
043/02/09   2-Feb-09   the waste contractor used by the council has Full disclosure
                       As of January 2009, please could you tell
044/02/09   2-Feb-09   me:                                          Full disclosure
                       How much landfill tax has been paid by the
                       local authority in (a) 2006-07; (b) 2007-08;
045/02/09   2-Feb-09   and (c) 2008-09 to date?                     Passed to LCC

046/02/09   3-Feb-09   JE moderation notes for a job                 Full disclosure
                       1. The cost of boarding up Horncastle Town
                       2 ELDC's revenue budget for Louth Town
                       3. ELDC's revenue budget for Skegness
                       Town Hall
                       4. ELDC's revenue budget for the Embassy
                       5. ELDC's revenue budget for Alford Corn
047/02/09   4-Feb-09   Exchange                                      Full disclosure
                        1. What is the Council budget for 09/10,
                        estimated forecast?
                        2. How much of the Council's budget is spent
                        on procuring goods and services from the
048/02/09   4-Feb-09    private sector?                              On hold
                        Details of vacant commercial and domestic
049/02/09   4-Feb-09    properties in your Authority.                Partial disclosure

050/02/09   5-Feb-09    Could I be sent a copy of the council's sustain Full disclosure
                         The total cost per average employee per
                        day worked. This to include all on costs and
                        to be divided by the total number of
                        employee days worked for the authority, ie
                        this is not to include days holiday or sick
052/02/09   6-Feb-09    leave                                           Full disclosure
                        Your policy regarding dealing with tenants
                        who request rehousing following receipt of
                        notice under section21 of the Housing Act
053/02/09   11-Feb-09   1988.                                           Full disclosure
                        All letters, emails and correspondence, both
                        internal within ELDC and from all external
                        sources relating to planning application
                        N/039/00711/02 from 10/2/08 untill
054/02/09   11-Feb-09   13/2/09                                         Refused S21
                        1. In what capacity does Coun John Byford
                        take Corporate Photographs for East Lindsey
                        District Council?
                        2. Whose decision was it to approach Coun
                        Byford for this job/contract?
                        3. Whose decision was it to employ Coun
                        Byford for the job/contract?
055/02/09   13-Feb-09   4. Was thi                                      Full disclosure
                        Is it possible to have a copy of Professor
                        Steve Fothergill's report to the council of
058/02/09   16-Feb-09   around two years ago on coastal deprivation? Full disclosure

059/02/09   16-Feb-09   JE forms and questions on JE                  Full disclosure

060/02/09   17-Feb-09   Questions regarding cooling towers            Full disclosure
                        Any complaints regarding a chicken farm on
061/02/09   17-Feb-09   Horcastle Road Woodhall Spa
                        Are East Lindsey District Council holding any
062/02/09   19-Feb-09   parades for armed forces day?                 Full disclosure

                        All internal interdepartmental and external
                        correspondence, memos, reports, opinions
                        and emails in relation to or consequent of my
                        letters and accompanying enclosures and
063/02/09   19-Feb-09   emails chasing a response.                    Partial disclosure
                        Requestor wants to know If he is on a
064/02/09   20-Feb-09   blacklist and why?                            Full disclosure

065/02/09   20-Feb-09   JE moderation notes for a job                 Full disclosure

                        Various questions in relation to The Dunes
066/02/09   20-Feb-09   Family Entertainment Centre                   Full disclosure

067/02/09   20-Feb-09   Information regarding business centres        Full disclosure

068/02/09   23-Feb-09   Cooling Tower Registry                        Full disclosure
                        Non Domestic Rates/Business rates
069/02/09   23-Feb-09   information                                      Partial disclosure

                        Please forward me the insurance excesses
                        paid in respect of litigation insurance in the
                        financial year 2008/2009. I would also like
                        the cost of litigation insurance for the same
                        time and the cost of officer time charged to
070/02/09   24-Feb-09   litigation cases, in particular                  Full disclosure
                        The decision making process for giving ELDC
071/02/09   24-Feb-09   staff an extra days leave next year          Full disclosure
                         How much did East Lindsey District Council
                        spend on interpreting and translation
                        services (including VAT where applicable) in
                        2005-6, 2006-7 and 2007-8 and for which
072/02/09   24-Feb-09   languages                                    Full disclosure

                        What was the total income from local land
                        charges in 2006/07 and 2007/08?
                        Are you expecting the total income from
                        local land charges to be lower in 2008/09?
                        When setting the 2008/09 council budget,
                        what was the total income from local land
073/02/09   25-Feb-09   charges that                                     Full disclosure
                        1. The number of homelessness applicants
                        your authority found to be intentionally
                        homeless between 1 January 2008 and 31
                        December 2008, and
                        2. How many of those were found to be
                        intentionally homeless as a result of
                        mortgage arrears.
074/02/09   25-Feb-09                                                Full disclosure

075/02/09   26-Feb-09   Information on a property in Grimsby         Passed to North East Lincs Council

                        How much performance related pay has been
                        given to staff in 07/08?            What
                        was the councils total budget in 0708?
                        Since Jan 08 how many members of staff
076/02/09   27-Feb-09   have been made redundant?                 Full disclosure

                        1) How many banners saying thankyou for
                        making us a good council, have been made ?
                        2) Is this the total production, or are more
                        planned ?
                        3) Who authorised them ?
                        4) Who produced them ?
                        5) What was the cost of production and
                        erection ?
077/02/09   27-Feb-09   6) Is there any oth                          Full disclosure

  Reference Number     Date of Release             Information requested                              Outcome

                                          1. The number of dogs held in the council's
                                         dog pounds during 2008;
                                          2. The number of dogs successfully moved
                                         out of these pounds during 2008;
                                          3. The number of dogs put to sleep during
001/01/09            19-Jan-09           2008 while the responsibility of the council.   Full disclosure

                                         At which ELDC meeting was the Freedom of
                                         Information policy adopted? What was the
003/01/09            16-Jan-09           date? Where are the minutes available?          Information not held

                                         The number of times a parking meter has
                                         been burgled in each of the last two years.
                                         For each case, please give the date of the
                                         crime, the location of the parking meter and
                                         how much money was stolen. If you have a
005/01/09            08-Jan-09           record of it, please also say whether anyo   Full disclosure

                                         What was the total planning fee income in
                                         2006/07 and 2007/08?
                                         Are you expecting the total planning fee
                                         income to be lower in 2008/09?
                                         When setting the 2008/09 council budget,
                                         what was the total income from planning
008/01/09            08-Jan-09           fees that you were expecting to recei           Full disclosure
                        Over the last 12 months, as a percentage of
                        total complaints against the council how
                        many ended up being dealt with by,
                        1)the Local Government Ombudsman?
                        2)the Police?
009/01/09   08-Jan-09   3)Solicitors and/or the courts?             Full disclosure

                        During the last five years how many times
                        has the Local Government Ombudsman (as a
                        result of investigating a complaint against
                        East Lindsey District Council) brought to the
                        attention of the council the fact that a
010/01/09   09-Jan-09   member of East Lindsey District Council s     Full disclosure

                        Could you inform me as to the attendances
                        to Louth riverhead Swimming pool for 2006,
                        2007, and 2008.
                        Could you also list attendances in categories
                        for general public, Dolphins swimming club,
011/01/09   15-Jan-09   and Schools attendances within these years. Full disclosure

013/01/09   27-Jan-09   Information regarding pensions             Full disclosure
                        Louth Swimming Pool Would you please send
                        me the total annual attendance figures for
014/01/09   13-Jan-09   2005, 2006 and 2007                        Full disclosure
                        1. I would like to know how many people are
                        employed by the council as obesity officers,
                        child obesity officers or obesity consultants
                        to help tackle the problem of obesity 2. I
                        would also like details of their responsibilities
015/01/09   14-Jan-09   and job role - this may inc                         Full disclosure
                        Would you please provide me with the
                        following information : Details of Non
                        Domestic premises with a Rating Valuation
                        under £10,000, and who do NOT claim small
                        business rates. If possible, would you please       Parital disclosure / some
                        provide the name of the occupier, full postal       Information not held in the format
016/01/09   22-Jan-09   add                                                 requested

                        Total of those on the Council housing waiting
017/01/09   19-Jan-09   list                                          Full disclosure

                        The total amount of money spent on external
                        training courses for staff in each of the last
                        three years. For each course, please include
                        the date of the course, how much was spent
                        on it, how many staff attended, which
018/01/09               external agency ran the training and w         Full disclosure

020/01/09   26-Jan-09   Copy of an Environmental Health case file           Partial disclosure / s40 exemption

                        Questions regarding temporary and agency
021/01/09               staff                                               Full disclosure
                        The number of contracts for Grounds
                        maintenance and landscaping services,
                        Whether they are DSO or private contractor,
                        The length of the contract, Who undertakes
022/01/09   27-Jan-09   each of the contracts                       Full disclosure
                        Income and expenditure accounts for
                        Skegness Sports Centre for the last 3
023/01/09   20-Jan-09   financial years                             Full disclosure

                        Information regarding the advice our
                        Environmental Health Officers give out about
025/01/09   21-Jan-09   cryptosporidium/cryptosporidiosis            Full disclosure

                        Regarding the Regulation of Investigatory
                        Powers Act during the 2008 calendar year (1-
                        1-08 to 31-12-08). 1. How many
                        authorisations did your authority make in
                        relation to Directed Surveillance? Please
                        provide a breakdown of these authorisations
026/01/09   22-Jan-09   showing ho                                   Full disclosure

                        Copies of correspondence between Cllr Mrs
                        Pears and ELDC for the perion Dec 2008 to
                        Jan 2009 with regard to an application for a
                        councillors community initiative grant for
                        Toynton All Saints and Toynton St Peter
027/01/09   21-Jan-09   Parish Councils for financial assistance to    Full disclosure
                        Please could you supply me with details of all
                        investments made by the council in the last
                        two years. Details to include amount of
                        deposit, returns, length of contract or any
                        other details relevant to the loan. Please
028/01/09   23-Jan-09   supply any details of any contract wh          Full disclosure

                        A list of the hackney carriages and private
                        hire vehicles your council currently licenses.
                         The specific information I am interested in
                        - Plate number as issued by the council
                        - Registration plate
                        - Type of vehicle
                        - Allowed number of passengers
029/01/09   23-Jan-09   - Own                                            Full disclosure
                        Q1: What systems are in place in your
                        authority to approve, monitor and regulate
                        the use of RIPA powers?
                        Q2: How many members of staff in your
                        authority have the power to grant
030/01/09   23-Jan-09   authorisation for use of RIPA powers?            Full disclosure

                        Building Control Inspection notes for a
031/01/09   20-Jan-09   property in Coningsby                         Do not hold the information request
                        ) Cost of Finance / Accountancy service for
                        2007/08. I would be grateful if you could let
                        me know the cost of this service, subdivided,
                        if possible or applicable, into the following
                        Purchase ledger / Creditors / Accounts
032/01/09   26-Jan-09   Payable                                       Information not held
                        How many assaults have been reported
                        against Local Authority Housing staff in each
                        of the last 5 calender years?
033/01/09   26-Jan-09                                                   Full disclosure

                        A copy of the analysis used in order to put
034/01/09   26-Jan-09   up the rates for chalet owners

                        A copy of information in relation to Posh
035/01/09   27-Jan-09   Puppys                                          Full disclosure /S40 exemption
                        Information requested in relation to 'Shared
                        Surfaces' and whether any Members on our
                        Planning Committee are blind or partially
036/01/09   27-Jan-09   sighted                                         Partial disclosure/ passed to LCC
                        I would like to know details of the amount
                        spent by East Lindsey for each of the past
                        five years on:
                        ·Upgrading and repairing bus shelters
                        ·Installing bus gates and bus lanes
                        ·Subsidies directly given to local public
                        transport companies.
038/01/09   27-Jan-09   ·The cost of pro                                Full Disclosure
                        1) The number of children in your area who
                        are under a child protection plan
                        2) The number of children in your area who
                        are under a child protection plan due to risk
                        of sexual abuse (or where such risk is one of
                        the reasons)
039/01/09   27-Jan-09   3) The number of children in y                  Passed to LCC

  Reference Number     Date of Release             Information requested                              Outcome

                                         Please could you supply me with the diary of
                                         the chief executive of ELDC, Mr N Howells,
                                         from the date of his appointment to the
                                         authority until the 29th July 2007 and from
307/12/08            5-Jan-09            the 4th August 2008 until todays date.       Partial disclosure/ Exemptions apply

                                         Please could you tell me the number of
                                         occasions you have used surveillance under
                                         the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
                                         and please list the suspected offences.
308/12/08            3-Dec-08            Please provide separat                          Full disclosure

                                         All documents pertaining to Equality and
309/12/08                                Diversity legislation that the council holds    Exemption Section 22
                                         Details regarding all premises that have zoo
310/12/08            15-Dec-08           licenses                                        Full disclosure
                                         Please could you supply me with the official
                                         list of christmas cards sent by the Chief
                                         Executives office for the years 2005,2006
311/12/08                                and 2007                                        Exemption Section 40

                                         In relation to the list of Christmas cards sent
                                         by the Chief Executives office for the years
                                         2005,2006,2007 please supply the cost
                                         each year, the number of cards sent, how
                                         many were sent to firms or contacts of the
312/12/08            7-Jan-09            council and how many were to personal a         Full disclosure
313/12/08   17-Dec-08   Finance department structure                  Full disclosure

                        List of all long term existing empty
315/12/08   19-Dec-08   properties                                    Exemption Section 31

                        Information from the Council's audited
                        'Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit
316/12/08   12-Dec-08   Subsidy for 2007/08' claim form payments.     Full disclosure

                        Whether the Council has outsourced parking
                        management for on-street enforcement and
                        off-street car parks? If yes, who is the
317/12/08   12-Dec-08   operator and when does each contract end? Full disclosure

319/12/08   17-Dec-08   Full details of an Enforcement complaint      Partial disclosure/ Exemption S40

                        Information relating to the investigation of
                        the breech of condition 8 on planning
                        permission s/086/01666/02, concerning the
                        footpath link to Albert Street - Ref
320/12/08   19-Dec-08   :EC/086/00499/07                               Partial disclosure/Exemotion S31
                        A list of all the Grade I, Grade II* and Grade
                        II Listed Buildings in Skegness.
322/12/08   16-Dec-08                                                  Exemption S21
                        Information requested regarding specific
323/12/08   23-Dec-08   premises and business rates                   Full disclosure
                        1. For each year 2006-07 and 2007-08, the
                        number of council staff receiving total
                        remuneration of £100,000 or more each.
                        2. For each year 2006-07 and 2007-08, and
324/12/08   6-Jan-09    for each individ                               Full disclosure
                        Details regarding a Planning Enforcement
326/12/08   7-Jan-09    complaint against my property                  Partial disclosure/ Exemption S40

                        Does East Lindsey District Council (ELDC)
                        help to fund Skegness and Louth Town Halls?
                        Did ELDC fund refurbishment of the Embassy
                        Centre? Is the Embassy Centre leased out or
327/12/08   13-Jan-09   ELDC funded to date?                        Full disclosure

                        How many licences does you authority
                        currently have in place under the Dangerous
                        Wild Animals Act 1976 at private residential
                        homes, i.e, not circuses, zoos, wildlife parks
                        and pet shops. Please list what species and
328/12/08   7-Jan-09    how many of each there are at each add         Full disclosure
                        Information in relation to the Dunes Family
329/12/08   23-Jan-09   Entertainment Centre                           Partial disclosure/Exemption S40

                        Copy of the JE form for Personal Assistant
330/12/08   23-Dec-08   (CX Directorate),                              Partial disclosure/ Exemption S40

                        Contract between East Lindsey District
331/12/08   23-Dec-08   Council and the Icelandic banks                Information not held

332/12/08   5-Jan-09    Outline of procedures involving QUBE report Full disclosure
                                       List of credits held by East Lindsey District
                                       Council in repect of Council Tax and Business
332/12/08            5-Jan-09          Rates as far back as we hold                  Partial disclosure/ Exemptions S21 &


  Reference Number   Date of Release                Information requested                           Outcome
                                       All internal documents and correspondance
                                       about Pridgeons farm, Maiden Lane,
                                       Hogsthorpe, Skegness, Lincs relating grain
287/11/08            02-Dec-08         drying activities.                               Exceptions apply
                                       All files in relation to the planning permission
                                       of Wolds College application number
288/11/08            21-Nov-08         N/105/00983/08/3                                 Exemption s21

                                       The number of out of county placements by
                                       our Housing and Social services departments
                                       of vulnerable adults, children at risk, and    Full disclosure/ passed to
289/11/08            05-Dec-08         other placements                               Lincolnshire County Council
                                       Copy of the Corporate Strategy, ICT service
                                       plan 08/09, organisational structure, ICT
290/11/08            23-Jan-09         structure                                      Full disclosure
                                       Full breakdown of the total amounts invested
                                       at any institution by amount and including
                                       the organization at which the investments
291/11/08            10-Nov-08         are located.                                   Full disclosure
                        Breakdown of NNDR Credit Balances accrued
                        since your earliest records, for the amounts
                        owing to all incorporated companies within
                        your billing area including:- The Company
                        name; The value owing; The year(s) the
292/11/08   19-Nov-08   credit relates to; The hereditament address Full disclosure
                                                                      Partial disclosure/ Exemptions and
293/11/08   21-Nov-08   Copy of a planning enforcement file           exceptions apply
                        Contactpoint, a new database that will hold
                        personal information on every under-18 in
                        the country, is due to come online in the
                        next few months.
                        Every child has to be entered on to the
                        database except those who - either through
294/11/08   12-Nov-08   themselves or their parents                   Passed to Lincolnshire County Counc
                        Name and contact details of the Officer
                        responsible for arranging funerals when a
                        person has died and without any family or
295/11/08   14-Nov-08   legal representation                          Full disclosure

                        Copy of Planning Application
296/11/08   12-Dec-08   N/042/01782/00                                Exemption S21

297/11/08   14-Nov-08   Copy of East Lindsey District Council's organisFull disclosure
                        Please will you send me a list of refusals for
                        planning applications from 1st September
                        2008 through to 31st October 2008? I
                        require the following information; case
                        number, applicant name, applicant address,
                        address of site, development details and
298/11/08   20-Nov-08   reason                                         Exemption S21
299/11/08   12-Dec-08   Copy of the risk register                      Full disclosure

                        Record of all unspent Section 106 planning
300/11/08   08-Dec-08   obligation monies                             Full disclosure
                        Your recent re-cycling publicity states waste
                        to landfill has reduced by 20,000 tonnes.
                        What was the amount to landfill before this
                        reduction? Or what is this reduction as a
302/11/08   24-Oct-08                                                 Full disclosure
                        Breakdown of empty property rate liability
303/11/08   23-Dec-08   from 1st April 2008                            Information is not held

                        1. I would like to know how much your local
                        authority spent on recruitment agencies and
                        consultancy firms for each of the last three
                        financial years a)2007-2008, b)2006-2007,
                        and c)2005-2006. 2. If possible, I would also
304/11/08   08-Dec-08   like to know how much was spent on             Full disclosure
                        · Does your authority still measure council
                        performance on paying invoices within 30
                        days of receipt?
                        · Does your authority have a specific policy
                        on how quickly it aims to pay invoices? If so,
                        what is it?
                        · The proportion of undisputed invoices
306/11/08   02-Dec-08   received                                       Full disclosure

   Reference Number      Date of Release              Information requested                               Outcome

                                           Nature of a complaint for a property in
253/10/08             01-Oct-08            Withern                                         Full disclosure/ S40 exemption
                                           I would like a list of those people assigned to
                                           the following:

                                           Job Evaluation scoring panels
                                           Moderation panels.
                                           Any other panels set up in relation to the Job
                                           evaluation process

                                           the above to include any person who left a
254/10/08             01-Oct-08            panel before the process was com                 Partial disclosure

                                           Planning appeal
                                           Addlethorpe Golf Club, Chapel Lane,
                                           Addlethorpe, Skegness, PE24 4TG
                                           1 All e-mails,briefing notes, memos or
                                           reports dealing with this appeal between
                                           officers of ELDC.
255/10/08             09-Oct-08            2 Any e-mails, letters, transcripts of meet  Full disclosure/ S40 exemption
                                           How many households are you providing
                                           finance to under the Local Housing Allowance
                                           (LHA) system where the property has six
256/10/08             09-Oct-08            bedrooms or more?                            Full disclosure
                        Details of credits held on our records for
                        ratepayers in respect of the payments of
257/10/08   13-Oct-08   business rates                                  Full disclosure

                        Any communications recieved by or
                        requested by the council regarding the
                        viability of investment mediums open to the
258/10/08   13-Oct-08   council for the investment of reserves          Full disclosure

                        The total financial exposure and risk of
                        investments and capital held by the
                        authority. I would like to know the total
                        amount of money that the authority holds on
                        deposits in Icelandic banks and a breakdown
259/10/08   14-Oct-08   of which banks these investments are in.        Full disclosure
                        1. How much money is invested by the
260/10/08   14-Oct-08   council each day?                               Full disclosure
                        Details of notes,emails,faxes that have been
                        sent from ELDC to the complainant of a
261/10/08   11-Oct-08   property in Utterby                             Full disclosure/S40 exemption
                        The details of the decision making process
                        used in order for ELDC to decide to charge
                        disbursement costs for FOI
                        requests.Including reference to
                        democratically elected councillors, either by
                        involvement or reports to committees and
262/10/08   14-Oct-08   wether the desicion is                          Full disclosure
                        All discussion documents, agendas, briefing
                        notes, minutes, emails, letters or any item
                        relating to contact between ELDC and DCLG,
                        EMRA, EMDA, GOEM, LCC,housing
                        associations or any third party regarding;
                        RSS, Ecotowns, Types of housing             Full disclosure/ S40 exemption/
263/10/08   17-Oct-08   requirements and ho                         S21 exemption

                        Please could you supply me costings of
                        salary and overheads per head of staff and
                        staffing numbers split into departments
                        within ELDC. This to include any redundancy,
                        early retirement packages and to incorporate
264/10/08   17-Oct-08   the last twelve months.                       Full disclosure
                        All information on The Coastal Study, to
                        include all details of officer working group,
                        members involvement and any consultation
                        between other councils or third party
265/10/08   17-Oct-08   consultees.                                   Full disclosure/ S21 Exemption
                        Details of the accounts, ie costs and income,
266/10/08   17-Oct-08   for Charles Street Tennis Courts              Full disclosure

                        Anything to do with planning objections and
                        any sort of complaints by members of the
                        public and Councillors regarding Herons Mead
                        Fishing Lakes and Touring Park,Marsh Lane,
267/10/08   20-Oct-08   Orby,Skegness, PE24 5JA.                     Full dislcosure/ S40 exemption
                        Who made a complaint about the requestor
                        not having planning permission on their rear
268/10/08   20-Oct-08   extension?                                   Refused
                        Any communications between the dog
                        warden and a greyhound owner and between
                        the dog warden and fenbank greyhound
269/10/08   21-Oct-08   rescue for a particular incident          Do not hold any information
                        How many planning applications to erect
                        polytunnels in the area covered by East
                        Lindsey DC were approved in 2005, 2006,
                        2007 and 2008 and how many acres of
                        polytunnels did each planning application
270/10/08   22-Oct-08   comprise?                                 Full disclosure

                        Questions in relation to Anti Social behaviour
271/10/08   22-Oct-08   in the Wainfleet area                          Full disclosre
                        Approximately how many agricultural
                        workers in the area covered by East Lindsey
                        District Council lived in camps comprising
                        static caravans or pods in 2007 and 2008?
                        What the estimated size was in 2008 of the
                        largest camp for agricultural workers in
272/10/08   22-Oct-08   terms                                          Do not hold any information

                        Contents of any contracts between the
                        council and OFT, and content of disclaimers
                        used by the council on any of its car park or
273/10/08   18-Oct-08   on street parking tickets                       Full dislcosure

                        Information requested in relation to Housing
274/10/08   21-Oct-08   Licenses                                     Full disclosure
                        How much money has East Lindsey
                        District Council received in section 106
                        contributions in each of the last ten years?
                        Of that money, how much has yet to be
                        spent? Please can we have a breakdown of
                        the unspent cash to show which
275/10/08   22-Oct-08   developments it has come fr                     Full disclosure

                        Confirmation as to whether unit12 The
276/10/08   21-Oct-08   Hildreds is subject to a pending application    Passed to LCC
                        confirmation of what date a meeting was
                        held where a statement was made by Cllr
277/10/08   22-Oct-08   Davie regarding Hubbards Hills                  Full disclosure
278/10/08   27-Oct-08   In relation to London Road Louth                Full disclosure
                        Questions in relation to the Icelandic Banks,
                        namely how much was invested and in which
279/10/08   28-Oct-08   banks                                           Fulldisclosure

                        Who is the contractor who deals with the
                        recycling and where are they based?
                        What measures do the council take to ensure
                        that recycling is dealt with correctly?
                        What happens to the cardboard, plastic and
280/10/08   28-Oct-08   glass that is put in council recycling bins? Passed to LCC
                        Details of the terms and conditions covering
                        the early withdrawal of investments in the
281/10/08   29-Oct-08   Icelandic banks                              Full disclosure
                        All information (everything) held in relation
                        to the following planning application
                        To include all electronic and hard copy
                        documents; all correspondence between
                        officers, between officers and applicant,
282/10/08   31-Oct-08   between officers and applicants agen            Section 21 exemption

                        All information (everything) held in relation
                        to the following planning application
                        To include all electronic and hard copy
                        documents; all correspondence between
                        officers, between officers and applicant,
283/10/08   31-Oct-08   between officers and applicants age             Section 21 exemption

                        a) How many complaints of noise were
                        received by East Lindsey District Council in
                        the period from 1 Jan 2008 until current.
                        b) How many of these complaints resulted in
                        formal (legal) action being taken by the
284/10/08   31-Oct-08   c) How mnay complaints of noise were         Full disclosure

                        A) The amount of housing benefit
                        overpayments made by the authority in the
                        most recent financial year (2007/08)
                        B) The value of housing benefit
                        overpayments that have been written off
                        during that period.
                        C) The amount of housing benefit
285/10/08   31-Oct-08   overpayments                                    Full disclosure
286/10/08   31-Oct-08   Questions in relation to Icelandic banks        Full disclosure

   Reference Number      Date of Release              Information requested                             Outcome

                                           How many conservation officers have ELDC
                                           had in the last 10 years?How much of the
                                           councils budget was allocated to the
                                           conservation of buildings in the past 5 years?
                                           The number of vacancies for conservation
                                           posts which have not been filled in the last 5
214/09/08             01-Sep-08            y                                              Full disclosure
                                           Information regarding costs incurred of
                                           employing agency staff and the councils
215/09/08             03-Sep-08            expenditure                                    Full disclosure

                                           Number of Penalty Charge Notices that your
                                           council has written off since 2005, because it
                                           has been unable to trace the owner of a
                                           foreign-registered vehicle. Ideally, I would
216/09/08             03-Sep-08            like this information in annual figures.       Passed to Lincolnshire Police
                                           Copies of all correspondence, in what ever
                                           form, covering any FOI Data requests
                                           received by ELDC relating to Anglia Bait ,
                                           between the dates of the 1st April 2005 and
                                           the 1st July 2008.
                                           The request is specifically related to the
217/09/08             03-Sep-08            documents making the reque                     Full disclosure/S40 exemption
218/09/08   04-Sep-08   Organisational Chart for ELDC                  Full disclosure

                        The number of 400m multi lane athletics
                        tracks in the area avaliable for no charge for
                        any member of the public. Also the number
                        of 400m tracks that are located on state
                        school premises. The number of cycling
219/09/08   04-Sep-08   tracks in the area.                            Full disclosure
                        Information in relation to Horncastle Town
221/09/08   05-Sep-08   Hall and The Wong                              Full disclosure

                        Information in relation to the refurbishment
                        of Cordeaux High School.All the above
                        information to refer to the dates between
222/09/08   08-Sep-08   01/01/2006 and 08/08/2008                      Full disclosure

                        Does your council provide a permanent car
                        for the Chair/Mayor of the Council and if so,
                        what VED band is the vehicle?
                        If not, what method of transport is provided
                        for the Chair/Mayor to attend Council
223/09/08   09-Sep-08   What was the annual cost of providing i) thi Full disclosure
                        The name of your child care voucher
                        supplier, the commission fee that you are
                        currently paying and the number of
                        employees that are currently using the
                        scheme? If you are also tied in to a contract,
                        please disclose the date, (contract end date),
224/09/08   09-Sep-08   that you                                       Full disclosure
                        How were the moderators chosen for the JE
226/09/08   10-Sep-08   panels                                        Over the cost limit of £450

                        1.Have you have replied to the Department
                        for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in
                        response to the £142 million free swimming
                        fund programme and asked for / expressed
                        interest in a grant to provide free swimming
229/09/08   12-Sep-08   for over 60s in your locality? Please answer Full disclosure
                        Could I have the forms and scoring sheets
230/09/08   12-Sep-08   for the following JE ref jobs                 Full disclosure/S40 exemption
                        What is the retention period for JE and are
231/09/08   15-Sep-08   the documents avaliable?                      Full disclosure
                        The number of funerals that we have dealt
                        with since 1.7.08 to today and details of
232/09/08   16-Sep-08   these funerals                                Full disclosure
                        All minutes, notes, action sheets, agendas
                        and follow up notes, e-mails etc for the
                        following meetings.

                        1 Asset management meetings from
                        01/01/07 to 01/08/08
                        2 Management team meetings from               Partial disclosure/ S40
233/09/08   16-Sep-08   01/01/07 to 01/08/08                          exemption/S43 exemption

                        Please could you email me the names and
                        email addresses of a number of contacts
235/09/08   16-Sep-08   within the Housing Department                 Full disclosure
                        Information regarding vehicals towed and
236/09/08   16-Sep-08   impounded                                     Passed to LCC
                        JE Forms for the following jobs
                        112 Compliance and Records Management
                        088 Team Leader - Information Management
                        089 Lead Business Analyst
                        427 Compliance Officer
                        111 Research and Information Officer
238/09/08   17-Sep-08   087 Information Management                   Full disclosure/ S40 exemption
                        Can you please supply a list of all Jobs, by
                        title and JE reference No. under JE that
                        -gone up from the previous scale
239/09/08   17-Sep-08   -gone down from the previous scale           Full disclosure

240/09/08   18-Sep-08   Copy of corporate ICT strategy/plan 2008/9      Full disclosure
                        Report for a breakdown of the staffing costs
                        for the Skegness Sports Centre on every
                        Sunday between April 1st and 31st October
241/09/08   18-Sep-08   2007.                                           Full disclosure

                        I would like to request a copy of all council
                        memo's, telephone conversations and any
                        other related correspondence from Council
                        members regarding the meeting of
                        September 19th, at 10am between Conduit
242/09/08   19-Sep-08   Skegness and the East Lindsey Council.          Full disclosure
                        1,Copies of all of the current lease
                        arrangements and copies of the contracts
                        held by the East Lindsey District council for
                        properties on the foreshore at Mablethorpe.
                        2, a list showing venue, date, agenda and
                        attendance of all meetings held since            Partial disclosure/S40
243/09/08   19-Sep-08   Septemb                                          exemption/S43 exemption
                        JE forms for the following jobs
                        JE Ref: Post Ref:
                        065       N034
                        173       F017
                        133       E206
                        130       E007
244/09/08   19-Sep-08   170       F012                                   Full disclosure/S40 exemption

                        Could you please supply me with a list of
                        contracts agreed in the last 18 months, or, if
                        fewer, the last 10 contracts, for outsourced
                        services by your council detailing whether
                        the Best Value Code of Practice on Workforce
245/09/08   22-Sep-08   Matters was applied, or not. Thi               Full disclosure

                        Please could you supply me with copies of
                        the details, minutes, agendas, notes, action
                        sheets, emails, officer or councillor breifing
                        notes or any other material relevant to any
                        meetings between the head of finance, the
246/09/08   23-Sep-08   chief executive and the portfolio h              Partial disclosure
                        Information relating to planning decision
247/09/08   24-Sep-08   N/102/00743/07                                   Full disclosure
                                     Please could you supply me with the reciepts
                                     for all car parks in Spilsby for the periods
                                     01/04/07 to 01/09/07 and 01/04/08 to
                                     01/09/08. These to be itemised into parking
                                     tickets, excess charges and season tickets
248/09/08          25-Sep-08         per car park.                                Full disclosure

                                     Can you please advise whether your
                                     authority allows public speaking at its
                                     Development Control meetings; and if so, do
                                     you have any records of County Highways
                                     making representations and speaking as
249/09/08          25-Sep-08         objectors within the meeting itself.        Full discloure

                                     Details of all premises licences reviewed by
250/09/08          26-Sep-08         ELDC between January 2007 and April 2008       Full dislosure
                                                                                   Full response/ Passed a couple of
251/09/08          30-Sep-08         Information regarding taxi and limos licenses questions to LCC


Reference Number   Date of Release              Information requested                                Outcome
                        Between 1-6-06 to 30-7-08 How many
                        planning application were refused against
                        officers recommendations, with the officers
                        recommendations. Of the 2 categories, how
                        many appealed in each case, how many
                        appeals were successful and how many
165/08/08   01-Aug-08   complaints regard                           Full disclosure

                        1. The people/job titles within your
                        organisation are responsible for running IT
                        related projects and budgets. 2. The people
                        within and structure of any IT function you
                        may have, including your head of IT. 3.
166/08/08   01-Aug-08   Details of any current IT related vacancies wi Full disclosure

                        Was council tax payers money used on
                        printing and distributing of a leaflet titled
                        'Working together for our community',which
168/08/08   04-Aug-08   was produced by 3 District Councillors?         Full disclosure

                        In the last financial year (07/08) how many
                        incidents did your authority record where
                        refuse collectors were assaulted by members
                        of the public while carrying out council
                        duties? How many working days were lost by
169/08/08   05-Aug-08   refuse collectors during the last financi   Full disclosure

                        Full details of noise nuisance complaint
170/08/08   05-Aug-08   particularly caused by wind turbines            Would come over cost limit of £450

172/08/08   05-Aug-08   A copy of the requestors JE form                Full disclosure/S40 exemption
                        How much did it cost to remove, clean and
                        replace the lost in louth art plaques and who
173/08/08   06-Aug-08   has paid for it?                              Do not hold the information request

                        List of the various parks and gardens which
                        ELDC maintains, together with the most
175/08/08   07-Aug-08   recent annual cost of maintaining each.          Full disclosure
                        Copy of the checklist which a building
                        inspector follows on new builds. A copy of all
                        reports carried out by inspectors in relation
                        to swinholme. Also a copy of the drainage
                        plans approve with PP along with any
176/08/08   07-Aug-08   amendments.                                      Full disclosure
                        1. Has ELDC had contact with the
                        department for culture media and sport on
                        the 2012 legacy proposals to offer free
                        swimming to the over 60s?
177/08/08   08-Aug-08   2. Whether ELDCoperates any fr                   Full disclosure
                        Could you provide me with the diaries for the
                        Chief Executive, all directors, senior
                        managers and team leaders at ELDC.The
                        relevant dates are between 01/08/07 and
178/08/08   11-Aug-08   01/08/08.                                        Would come over cost limit of £450
                        How much money has been refunded to
                        council tax payers who have been placed in
                        lower council tax bands following
                        representations to the Valuation Office
                        Please provide the total figure refunded to
                        individuals from 2005/06 to the end of
179/08/08   12-Aug-08   financial                                        Partial disclosure

                        Information regarding Highway adoption
180/08/08   13-Aug-08   agreements                                       Passed to LCC
                        SSSI documentation in relation to Antons
181/08/08   13-Aug-08   Gowt                                            Full disclosure

                        I would like to know if under the Freedom of
                        Information Act you can release a copy of
                        the following JE forms:

                        Neighbourhood Manager, Housing &
                        Community Development
                        Neighbourhood Project Officer, Housing &
                        Community Development
182/08/08   14-Aug-08   Environmental Officer, St
                        Information about meetings that the councils
                        corporate senior management teams from
183/08/08   13-Aug-08   1.1.08 have attended.
                        Following the Markinson decision what steps
                        has the planning dept taken to implement
184/08/08   15-Aug-08   the ruling

186/08/08   18-Aug-08   complete a survery on bankruptcy
                        Requestor would like their JE form and their
187/08/08   18-Aug-08                                                   Full disclosure/ S40 exemption
                        Can you please let have copies of the final
                        version of the Job Questionnaire, notes from
                        the Job Evaluation interview, notes from the
                        initial scoring panel and notes from the
                        moderation panel in relation to the following

                        Post Ref
188/08/08   19-Aug-08   N099 Clerical As                                Full disclosure/ S40 exemption
189/08/08   19-Aug-08   Contact details for certain departments        Full disclosure

                        Copy of all of the notes/scores relating to
190/08/08   20-Aug-08   F315 OR 051                                    Full disclosure/ S40 exemption

                        If possible can you give me information RE
                        the JE regarding the Service Support
                        Assistants in Development Control, and
                        Admin Officer (Team Leader) for
191/08/08   20-Aug-08   Development Control, Planning Department. Full disclosure/ S40 exemption

                        Have Milhouse applied to the director for
                        permission to alter bungalows in Spilsby? If
                        so then what was the answer and what was
                        the justification? I would also like all of the
                        communications between them and highways
192/08/08   20-Aug-08   and planning.                                   Partial disclosure/ Passed to LCC

193/08/08   20-Aug-08   Information regarding asbestos in schools      Passed to LCC

194/08/08   20-Aug-08   information relating to child protection      Passed to LCC
                        Can you please let have copies of the final
                        version of the Job Questionnaire, notes from
                        the Job Evaluation interview, notes from the
                        initial scoring panel and notes from the
                        moderation panel in relation to the following
                        Post Ref
195/08/08   22-Aug-08   F316 Team Leader                              Full disclosure/S40 exemption
                        Could I request the scoring notes for all
                        Finance Assistant posts & Accountancy
196/08/08   22-Aug-08   Assistant posts.                             Full disclosure/S40 exemption
                        Please could you accept this email as a
                        request for the information surrounding the
                        Environmental Health Environmental
                        Protection job.
                         Forms, scoring notes and anything else that
197/08/08   22-Aug-08   was part of it.                              Full disclosure/S40 exemption

                        All information relating to the Job Evaluation
                        process for the following posts:

                        Records Management Officer
                        Organisational Improvement Officer
                        Scrutiny Officer
                        Technical Support Officer (GIS)
                        Research & Information Officer
198/08/08   22-Aug-08   Information Management Officer (                 Full disclosure/S40 exemption

                        Could I have all scoring panel, moderation
                        panel & steering committee notes regarding
                        my own post. Also could I have the same
                        info as above for the scores for Knowledge of
                        JE Ref 218 & 237 and the scores for Mental
199/08/08   22-Aug-08   Demands for JE Ref 328, 451 & 493.            Full disclosure/S40 exemption
                        Could I have all scoring panel, moderation
                        panel & steering committee notes regarding
                        my post.

                        Also could I have the same info for JE Ref
                        237,244, 266, 164,165,166 and 297.

200/08/08   22-Aug-08                                                   Full disclosure/S40 exemption

                        A list of all jobs removed from the JE
                        process, due to those jobs no longer existing,
                        or any other reason, with at what stage of
                        the process they were removed.
                        A copy of the retention schedule and policy
                        used to action the removal of any job
201/08/08   22-Aug-08   documentation                                  Full disclosure/S40 exemption

202/08/08   22-Aug-08   Copy of the requestors JE form                  Full disclosure/S40 exemption

203/08/08   22-Aug-08   Copy of the requestors JE form                  Full disclosure/S40 exemption
                        Could you please provide me with the
                        following information: Can you please send
                        me all contracts in regards to the following:
                        Windows Doors Under Floor Heating
                        Plumbing Heating Within each contact could
                        you please state the following information:
204/08/08   22-Aug-08   Supplier                                        Full disclosure

205/08/08   22-Aug-08   information regarding requestors JE form        Full disclosure/S40 exemption
                        a) How many findings of maladministration
                        the local government ombudsman has made
                        against your council over the last 10 years.
                         b) How many findings of maladministration
                        your council, either in full or in part, has
                        refused to accept.
206/08/08   26-Aug-08   c) How many findings                         Full disclosure

207/08/08   26-Aug-08   Questions in relation to elected Members       Full disclosure

                        1. How many licences did you issue under
                        the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 in
                        2007. 2. How may people did you have on
                        record who were disqualified from keeping a
                        dangerous animal in your council in 2007? 3.
                        How many applications for a license were
208/08/08   26-Aug-08   refus                                        Full disclosure
                        List of offenders in our area that have been
209/08/08   26-Aug-08   given an ASBO                                  Partial disclosure/ S40 exemption
                        All information held regarding a property in
210/08/08   21-Aug-08   Louth                                          Full disclosure

                        Does the council have a timber procurement
                        policy in place for public construction works
                        (schools, housing, LA buildings etc)? Can I
                        have a copy of the policy/policies please?
                        How you monitor the success of the policies,
211/08/08   27-Aug-08   who is responsible for implementat            Full disclosure
                                           Request regarding site of former car park
                                           grand parade skegness 1. 1.The Council's
                                           Resolution (presumably in 2001) to effect a
                                           disposal of the former Pubic Car Park site at

                                           2. A copy of the initial information pack
                                           forwarded 19 Dec 2002

212/08/08             28-Aug-08            3. D                                              Full disclosure

                                           Information regarding mablethorpe sand
213/08/08             29-Aug-08            racing incident in 2005                           Do not hold the information request


   Reference Number      Date of Release               Information requested                               Outcome

                                           Broad array of questions that went to every
134/07/08             30-Jun-08            department                                        Partial disclosure/Passed to LCC

                                           All information regarding the Old Coastguard
135/07/08             30-Jun-08            station                                      Full disclosure/S40 exemption
                                           How much was spent on translation and
136/07/08             01-Jul-08            interpreter services in the last 5 years?         Full disclosure

                                           Copy of officers comprehensive vist reports
                                           following their visits, investigations, actions
                                           and conclusions regarding the odour
138/07/08             02-Jul-08            occurance at Anglia Bait                          Full disclosure
                        The number of DPA and FOI requests we
139/07/08   01-Jul-08   have received                                 Full disclosure

                        A copy of an assessment on S096/2914/06
140/07/08   24-Jun-08   to confirm if it is bownfield land or not     Full disclosure
                        1. Number of premises licenses for sale and
                        consumption of alcohol.
                        2. Number of premises licences for the sale
141/07/08   04-Jul-08   but not consumption of alcohol                Full disclosure

                        Number of funerals that ELDC have dealt
                        with since 1.3.08 where no known kin have
                        been identified. Full name dob and place of
142/07/08   07-Jul-08   birth and last known address of the deceased Full disclosure
                        Details of all gas and electricity supply
                        contracts currently in place for supplies to
                        eldc. Details of OJEU Notice Procedures
                        undertaken in the procurement of these
143/07/08   07-Jul-08   energy contracts                             Full disclosure

144/07/08   17-Jul-08   Details about concessionary travel scheme     Full disclosure

                        A copy of all the details of the Ombudsman
146/07/08   09-Jul-08   rulings for Anglia Bait                       Full disclosure

                        How many fixed penalty notices did your
                        authority hand out under S46 of the
                        Environmental protection Act.What was the
147/07/08   10-Jul-08   totla income in 07/08 from any FPN's?         Full disclosure
                        In 07/08 how many occasions did ELDC
                        authorised staff access the DVLA's web
                        enabled enquiry system to assist in the
148/07/08   10-Jul-08   investigation of environmental offences        Full disclosure
                        The vote on Eco Town at the council meeting
                        of the 25th June.I require how each cllr
                        voted on the question of withdrawing the
149/07/08   11-Jul-08   bid.                                           Refused S21
                        The number of non major developments
                        applied for in the previous 24 months, split
                        into developments for the erection of
                        residential dwellings, developments for the
                        extension of residential dwellings and other
150/07/08   11-Jul-08   developments.                                  Full disclosure
                        ELDC's latest report by the office of the
                        surveillance commissioner and number of
151/07/08   11-Jul-08   caes of using RIPA powers                      Full disclosure
                        What total income did you obtain from sales
                        of information from the electoral register
152/07/08   11-Jul-08   during 2007/08                                 Full disclosure
                        The letter sent to DCLG withdrawing the eco
                        town bid by ELDC and the letter which
                        registered th expression of
153/07/08   15-Jul-08   interest/submitted the bid.                    Full disclosure

154/07/08   17-Jul-08   A list of all FOI requests received by ELDC    Full disclosure

                        Ground rent payable for 06/07 07/08 season
                        per caravan at kingfisher and the
                        mermaid.No of pitches empty and full per
                        park 06/07 07/08. Who makes the above
                        decisions and what dates. All correspondance
155/07/08   17-Jul-08   in relation to the above.                    Full disclosure
                        Copies of relevant title deeds, leases and
                        conveyencing documents relating to The
                        Wong, Town Hall, The Ancaster Court and
156/07/08   18-Jul-08   Sellwood Gardens Community Block              Full disclosure
                        Total number of staff employed at ELDC,and
                        total number of staff that took strike action
157/07/08   18-Jul-08   on 16 and 17 July                             Full disclosure

                        Copies of minutes from all meetings relevant
                        to the potential closure of Jubilee Park and
158/07/08   22-Jul-08   all associated paperwork                     Full disclosure

                        Copies of all other ELDC visit reports and
                        copies of all complaints put into ELDC by any
                        complainant regarding Anglia Bait since 1st
159/07/08   23-Jul-08   pril 2008 up until this date.                 Full disclosure/ S40 exemption

                        All correspondance on ELDC files within any
                        ELDC department relating to any matter
160/07/08   23-Jul-08   whatsoever regarding Anglia Bait              Partial disclosure
                        Confirmatioon of any contaminated land
161/07/08   25-Jul-08   entries on our public register                Full disclosure

                        All communications relating to planning
162/07/08   28-Jul-08   application N/067/01063/08                    Refused S21

                        How many ultrasonic teenage deterrent
163/07/08   28-Jul-08   devices have been supplied to ELDC?           Full disclosure
                        The number of requests that have been
                        made to use RIPA for domestic waste
164/07/08   30-Jul-08   offences and fly tipping offences             Full disclosure

   Reference Number      Date of Release             Information requested                             Outcome

                                           Various questions ranging from recycling to
115/06/08             29-May-08            income                                        Full disclosure

116/06/08             03-Jun-08            Question relating to recycling                Full disclosure
                                           How many people have been fined in the
                                           area about dog dirt, and how many
117/06/08             04-Jun-08            complaints have there been?                   Full disclosure
                                           All information held about Fantasy Island
119/06/08             06-Jun-08            from 1st Jan 04.                              Full disclosure after payment
                                           Any breaches of planning control and
                                           enforcement action between 1.1.07 and
                                           1.6.08 in the ingoldmells parish? If so
120/06/08             06-Jun-08            please provide details                        Full disclosure/S40 exemption

                                           A number of questions regarding conduit
121/06/08             09-Jun-08            investments and its relation to the council   Full disclosure
                        1.The number of single childless women and
                        women with one or more children who
                        appeared on waiting lists for housing and
                        year by year figures over the last 5 years.
                        2.The number of single women and women
                        with one more children being put in
122/06/08   09-Jun-08   temporary acco                              Full disclosure

                        Can you claim a derelict property and if so
123/06/08   10-Jun-08   how do you do it?                             Full disclosure
                        Does ELDC pay anything to blue flag for their
124/06/08   10-Jun-08   inspections                                   Full disclosure

                        Would like a copy of ICT Strategey 08 09,
126/06/08   17-Jun-08   ICT delivery plan 08 09, ICT structure        Full disclosure

                        In which newspapers or at which venue in
                        and around louth was the ELDC meeting
                        about the Eco Town proposal 19th june in
                        louth town hall advertised, and what was the
128/06/08   23-Jun-08   size of the meeting notice?                  Full disclosure
                        ELDC's contract for multi function devices,
129/06/08   23-Jun-08   photocopiers and printers                     Full disclosure
                        The deeds for The Wong and Horncastle
130/06/08   23-Jun-08   Town Hall                                     Full disclosure

                        How much did ELDC spend on advertising in
                        the last financial year? And how much did
                        ELDC spend on specifically statutory
131/06/08   24-Jun-08   advertising in the last financial year?   Full disclosure
132/06/08             25-Jun-08            Questions relating to recycling and fly tipping Full disclosure

                                           Car park accounts for Skegness Sports
133/06/08             25-Jun-08            Centre for the year April 2007 to March 2008 Full disclosure


   Reference Number      Date of Release             Information requested                               Outcome

                                           1) How many beaches, if any, does your
                                           authority own or manage and, of these, how
                                           many are actively promoted to the public
                                           (through the provision of car parking or other
                                           2) Have you carried our a safety
093/05/08             01-May-08            assessment, for example the RNLI carrie        Full disclosure

                                           Any environmental notices served on
094/05/08             01-May-08            Fairways Drummond Rd Skegness                   Full disclosure
                                           Number of residents in East Lindsey and a
                                           list of the buildings owned and managed
097/05/08             06-May-08            directly by the council.                        Full disclosure

098/05/08             12-May-08            Details of DWA licences                         Full disclosure
                        Information on dog control orders the council
                        has issued since 2005. Why the person was
                        penalised? Were there any breaches? How
                        much money the council raises using dog
099/05/08   11-May-08   control orders?                               Full disclosure

                        Copy of the planning plotting sheet records
                        held in electronic format along with the
100/05/08   12-May-08   relevant index pages and OS index maps        Full disclosure

101/05/08   12-May-08   All details in relation to the Eco Town Bid   Full disclosure

                        Address and telephone number of duke
102/05/08   13-May-08   builders market rasen.                        Partial disclosure
                        Do we turn or dim streetlights at night? How
                        do crime figures differ from having lights on
103/05/08   14-May-08   to off?                                       Full disclosure
                        What mobile phone network does ELDC use?
104/05/08   14-May-08   Do you use blackberrys? Etc              Full disclosure

                        Total amount spent on Taxis by Council staff
105/05/08   14-May-08   and Members                                  Full disclosure

                        List of contractors that you have on your
                        records that deal with Suffolk Coastal
107/05/08   16-May-08   Adaptions for the elderly and disabled        Full disclosure

108/05/08   20-May-08   structure of our legal department             Full disclosure

109/05/08   20-May-08   information on pet shop licenses              Full disclosure
                                           Minutes from Council Management Team
110/05/08             21-May-08            about the eco town                          Full disclosure
                                           information on the amount the council spent
                                           on tourism in 06-08, what it was spent on
112/05/08             22-May-08            etc                                         Full disclosure
                                           Information regarding the independent
                                           remuneration panel and members allowance
114/05/08             28-May-08            scheme.                                     Full disclosure


   Reference Number      Date of Release              Information requested                           Outcome
072/04/08             04-Apr-08            In relation to car parking:                  Full disclosure
                                           Name of ratepayer adress of property and
                                           amount of overpayment where a 'write on'
                                           has been used since 1.4.00 to cancel and
073/04/08             01-Apr-08            overpayment                                  Full disclosure
                                           Amount spent on alcohol in 06/07, amout
                                           spent on fireworks in 06/07 and amount
074/04/08             05-Apr-08            spent on paper in 06/07.                     Full disclosure
                                           Exact number of people being fined within
                                           the last year on queens park car park in
075/04/08             07-Apr-08            mablethorpe                                  Full disclosure

076/04/08             07-Apr-08            Information on all jobs at ELDC              Full disclosure
                        Total credit balances for all your NNDR
                        ratepayers as at the 31st March 2007 as will
077/04/08   08-Apr-08   be posted in your 2007/08 annual return.     Full disclosure

078/04/08   09-Apr-08   Information on job evaluation                 Full disclosure

079/04/08   09-Apr-08   Information on grants                         Full disclosure

080/04/08   10-Apr-08   Information on child care vouchers            Full disclosure

                        Information on security breaches that have
                        occurred with relation to databases held by
                        your authority and information that is
081/04/08   15-Apr-08   protected under the Data Protection Act.      Full disclosure

                        A schedule of requirements for affordable
                        housing within east midlands, west midlands,
                        north yorkshire and humberside regions. Also
                        the demand for housing types within these
083/04/08   16-Apr-08   areas                                        Full disclosure

                        Committee report for northern area planning
                        committee when application N/105/2111/00
                        was refused (early 2002) and copy of the EA
085/04/08   18-Apr-08   consultation response to that applications  Full disclosure

086/04/08   21-Apr-08   Copy of the latest asset management plan      Full disclosure
                        Copy of Housing strategy 0809, Housing
                        revenue account 0809, Housing capital
087/04/08   21-Apr-08   programme 0809                                Full disclosure
                                           List of managers contact details for various
088/04/08             24-Apr-08            departments                                     Full disclosure

                                           Documentation relevant to Cypress Pines
089/04/08             04-Apr-08            poultry unit kirkby on bain.                    Full disclosure
                                           All details of complaints, enforcement
                                           actions, site visits by officers, memos
                                           briefing notes, emails, letter, pre application
                                           planning advice, consultation with third
                                           parties, transcripts of alls and other
                                           materials in relation to Mill House Farm
091/04/08             30-Apr-08            Sloothb                                         Full disclosure

092/04/08             30-Apr-08            Complete a survery on bankruptcy                Full disclosure


   Reference Number      Date of Release             Information requested                               Outcome

                                           How many arts officers full or part time are
      023/02/08            04-Feb-08       working at ELDC currently?                      Full disclosure

      024/02/08            30-Jan-08       Information on land charges                     Await clarification

      025/02/08            30-Jan-08       Information on land charges                     Full disclosure
                        How many complaints were received by
                        ELDC in relations to breaches of DPA
                        principles in 2007? Details of other confirmed
                        data protection breaches by eldc that were
026/02/08   06-Feb-08   investigated in the year 2007.                 Full disclosure

                        A full breakdown of the cost to ELDC of
                        running the council tax system? Including
                        such items as cost of premises, staff,
027/02/08   05-Feb-08   printing, postage, legal, and any others       Full disclosure

028/02/08   11-Feb-08   Questions about homeless people                Withdrawn by requestor

029/02/08   12-Feb-08   Questions about the OSC and OICC reports       Full disclosure

                        1.Advise whether a common housing register
                        operates within your local authority area;
                        2.Advise whether a choice based letting
                        scheme operates within your local authority
030/02/08   14-Feb-08   area;                                       Full disclosure
                        Energy consumption of the council offices ,
                        for the last year 2007 broken down into
031/02/08   14-Feb-08   gas/electricity by uits/therms              Full disclosure

032/02/08   15-Feb-08   Land report for Louth Athletics Club           Refused EIR Reg 4D 4E

                        Information regarding CCTV cameras at
033/02/08   15-Feb-08   Holten Le Clay                                 Full disclosure
                                     For the period 1.1.05 to 31.1.08; the
                                     planning application reference number of all
                                     planning applications determined by the
                                     council involving the change of use of
                                     agricultural land to garden use or domestic
   035/02/08         15-Feb-08       curtilage                                       Full disclosure

                                     Would like schedule of building regulations
                                     approvals, for Albatross Cottage, private
   036/02/08         13-Feb-08       road, off furlongs road, Sutton on Sea          Full disclosure
                                     Details of applicants of firework storage for
   039/02/08         21-Feb-08       2007                                            Do not hold the information

                                     Number of complaints, dates complaints
                                     receive and nature of the complaints of Two
   040/02/08         20-Jan-08       acres, short lane, Fotherby                     Full disclosure
                                     List of authorisations issued under the
   041/02/08         28-Feb-08       Environmetnal Protection Act.                   Full disclosure

                                     Who is ELDC's CX. Who is the emergency
   043/02/08         29-Feb-08       planning officer and main contact details?      Full disclosure


Reference Number   Date of Release             Information requested                               Outcome
                        Request a copy of any file in relation to the
                        following - 1.planning without planning
                        permission 2. Building control unauthorised
                        work relating to internal alterations 3.
                        Building regulation application for internal
001/01/08   08-Jan-08   alterations                                     Refused S32
                        1.How many food safety and health and
                        safety inspections were undertaken by
                        external contractors in the last 3 financial
                        years? 2. Can you name the contractor
                        undertaking the inspections in each of the
                        financial years. 3. Can you state how your
003/01/08   09-Jan-08   current co                                      Full disclosure
                        In relation to the Concessionary Travel
004/01/08   09-Jan-08   Scheme                                          Full disclosure

                        A copy of Old Bolingbroke grant aid
                        application and any other corresponance
005/01/08   10-Jan-08   between ELDC and Recreation Committee           Full disclosure

                        All documents held by, received by, or sent
                        by ELDC relating to the old granary/granary
006/01/08   15-Jan-08   house, station lane horncastle                  Full disclosure
                        Photocopies of all documents we hold in
                        connection with a planning application for
007/01/08   16-Jan-08   Sustrans Scheme                                 Refused S21

                        1. % of Household waste collected for
                        recycling? 2. Details of our recycling scheme
                        3. If plastic waste was collected what types
                        of plastic were collected. 4. For each
                        recycling material, were it commingled or
008/01/08   17-Jan-08   kept separate. 5. For each recycling material Full disclosure
                        Please list the Local authorities external
                        auditors for the following accounting years
009/01/08   18-Jan-08   1999-2007                                       Full disclosure

                        Questions on councillors allowances, costs for
010/01/08   22-Jan-08   consulatants and staff salary scales           Full disclosure

012/01/08   22-Jan-08   Complete a survey on ERDMS                      Full disclosure
                        Areas and amount of any non standard
                        contruction houses ie airey contruction,
                        cornish construction, wates construction,
                        reema construction, unity construction, orlit
                        construction, wingets construction, within
013/01/08   22-Jan-08   your housing stock                              Full disclosure
                        Notices/orders that your council has served
                        on private/commercial properties in 2007
014/01/08   23-Jan-08   under different legislation                     Full disclosure
                        How much overpaid HB and CT and BR owed
                        to it has ELDC written off in the perioud
015/01/08   20-Jan-08   1.1.00 and 31.12.07                             Full disclosure
                        N/036/1046/03 List of Cllrs that were
                        present when this application was refused
                        and the way they voted. N/036/01474/05
                        List of Cllrs that were present when this
                        application was passed and the way they
016/01/08   24-Jan-08   voted                                           Partial disclosure

                        Meeting commitments for the following staff
                        and cllrs for dates 21.01.08 to 24.01.08
                        inclusive, Cllr Mrs Stephenson, Mr N Howells,
017/01/08   25-Jan-08   Mr S Machen, Mr I Trowsdfal and Ms Parker Partial disclosure
                        Whos decision was it to hand back the
                        responsibility of Hubbards Hills to Louth town
                        council after 34 years of care of ELDC. At
                        what committee was this decision made and
018/01/08   28-Jan-08   why was there no consultation?                 Full disclosure

019/01/08   28-Jan-08   Questions on stray dogs                        Full disclosure

                        Questions with regards to interview
                        questions, interview process fpr the councils
                        solicitor, and length of time that the council
020/01/08   28-Jan-08   solicitor has been in post.                    Full disclosure

021/01/08   30-Jan-08   A list of different strategies and documents   Full disclosure
d 40

on held by ELDC

) and 21

from requester
& S40