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					                     Are you on our list? Make sure we have your current title, content areas, and grade
                     band interests.

                     PBS Kids Mobile Downloads
                     Download PBS KIDS games, podcasts, wallpapers and ringtones you and your kids
                     can enjoy together on your mobile device.
                     PBS Kids Interactive Whiteboard Games
                     A collection of interactive whiteboard games for educators on PBS KIDS. Students
                     will enjoy participating in these collaborative, fun and engaging experiences, while
                     exploring curriculum from trusted programs such as Curious George, Super Why and
                     Arthur. Like the programs, all the games are age-appropriate and vetted by educators.

Specific PBS programs highlighted to connect to Arizona Academic & Early Learning Standards, specific
grades and subjects, and other resources you have access to as an Arizona educator.

                            Jane Austen                                        The Black History Month
                            Volume 1 - Issue 1                                 Volume 1 - Issue 2
                            Grades 9-12                                        Grades 6-12

                            Fetch!                                             CYBERCHASE
                            Volume 1 - Issue 3                                 Volume 1 - Issue 4
                            Grades 1-5                                         Grades 3-5

                            Vote 2008                                          Arizona Stories
                            Volume 1 - Issue 5                                 Volume 2 - Issue 1
                            Grades 7-12                                        Grades 4-8

                            We Shall Remain                                    PBS Nature
                            Volume 2 - Issue 2                                 Volume 2 - Issue 3
                            Grades 6-12                                        Grades 3-12

                            Raising Readers                                    Renaissance Festival
                            Volume 2 - Issue 4                                 Volume 2 - Issue 5
                            Grades PreK-3                                      Grades 5-12
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Life. Get started here! ISTE will help you discover education-related experiences in Second Life through a
wide variety of programming and resources, including:
• Live "Docent" assistance during regularly scheduled hours
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• Showcased destinations and educational uses of SL
• Socials to learn from other educators about how they are using SL
• Tools to enable your educational uses of SL
• Additional tutorials to land you on your feet
Join today, and look forward to new resources being added continually to this evolving experience!

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