Horseheads High School Class Of 2011 Magazine Sale by wuyunyi


									                               Horseheads High School
                            Class Of 2011 Magazine Sale
                                  Sale Start: Wednesday, September 15th
                                      Sale Ends: Friday, October 1st
Individual             Collection Days: Wednesday Sept 22nd, Monday, Sept 27th,                       Individual
  Quota                                          Friday,                                                Quota
  $511                                         October 1st                                              $511

                                       The Prize Pyramid

                                                   Sweatshirt                              TO
                                                                                       W         S
                                                    $650                                   as E L
                                                                                              h i LE
                                             Tie dye HHS Blanket                                 ng R
                                                                                            Tri ton WI
                                                                                               p* , D N
                                          $600—Basketball Shorts                                  *   .C S

                                        Cap & Gown & Yearbook
                              Plus One Prom Ticket & $50 Off DC Trip**

                                           $350— Name Dropper

                                             $290 Water Bottle

                                      $130—Class Of 2011 Lanyard

                                       CLIMB THE PRIZE PYRAMID!

                                • All Prizes in the pyramid are cumulative!!!!
         •   Beyond the top of the pyramid, you can enter the $850, $1,000, $1,500 or the $2,011 Club
                            • Many “Special Condition Prizes” will be awarded
                 • All internet sales ( made during sale dates will be credited
                         • Sales made through post-card books may not be credited

                       ** No Cash Value For $50 Off/Free DC Trip If You Do Not Go On The Trip!

                         BE SURE TO WATCH THE ANNOUNCEMENTS
                               $850 Club
$50 off Washington D.C. Trip            $25 Cash
Progressive Scan DVD Player             2 Month Membership at a Gym
$50 Gas Gift Card                       $50 Tanino Gift Coins
I-Tunes $50 Music Gift Card

                                 Choice of One

                               $1,000 Club
 $100 off Washington D.C. trip         Printer Scanner Copier
 $100 Arnot Mall Gift Card             Microsoft Office Student Edition
 Wireless G Broadband Router           $50 Cash
 Dorm Fridge                           1G Digital Cam Corder

                                 Choice of One

                               $1,500 Club
 $250 off Washington D.C. trip         DVD Recorder
 JBL IPOD Sound System                 $150 Target Gift Card
 IPOD Nano                             Digital Camera
 Texas Instr TI-89 Graphing Calculator $100 Cash

                                 Choice of One

                               $2,011 Club
 $300 off Washington D.C. Trip         8GB IPOD Touch
 Insignia 19” TV/DVD/VCR Combo         $200 Gas Card
 $200 Cash
                                                    Choice of One
                               Magazine Sale 2011
                             Special Condition Prizes

  Drawing for one each off DC

                                            Turn in a post card booklet to room 204,
    One entry for every                     complete with 10 addresses of out of town
                                            relatives and friends by Monday, September
  student that sells quota.                 20th. Draw for a chance to win money from
                                            $1 to $20.

                                                     4 SPACES AVAILABLE

                                           Space #1 - TOP SELLER MALE
Prize #1 - Top 15 turn-in amounts on
          first turn-in (9/21)             Space #2 - TOP SELLER FEMALE

Prize #2 - Turn-in quota on second         Spaces #3 & 4 - 1 Entry for Quota
           turn-in (9/24)                             2 Entries for $850 Club
                                                      3 Entries for $1000 Club
Prize #3 - Top 10 turn-in amounts on                  4 Entries for $1500 Club
           final turn-in (9/30)                       5 Entries for $2011 Club

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