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					                   Coastal Adventures
                                  Registration Packet
                                            Jon Lowings
                                           (650) 303-4055

Coastal Adventures Summer Camp’s goal is to let children explore the wonderful sights of the coast and
peninsula. Each day we pick up a small group of children and take them on an awesome adventure that they
will remember. The summer is broken up into theme weeks. Each day we take children to amazing
locations. Once there we will explore the area, play active games, do stunts, and just hang out. The three
theme weeks are: Beach Week, Bike Week & Exploration Week.

               What is the Right week for your child?
Beach Week:
During this adventure week the children will be exploring different beaches, playing games and doing
activities that will accommodate a wide variety of ages and abilities. We will have suitable activities for
ages 6 to 12. Beach week is perfect for children that want to get their “feet wet” in summer adventure.
         Highlights Include: Huge Bamboo Forts, Rock Jumps, Tide Pools, Gravel
         Slides, Sea Caves, Camp Fire, Roller Coaster Rides, Giant Sand Dune
         Driftwood Forts. Monkey Tree, Blowhole, and so much more.

Exploration Week:
You won’t believe the trails that are in our backyard! This adventure week will take the children places
they won’t forget. We will be doing a couple of long hikes to amazing locations. (about 4-5 miles) There
will be many places for games, stunts and activities along the way to keep the children going. This week is
perfect for children not afraid of a little adventure.
         Highlights include: Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Indian Rock, Lands End
         Coastal Trail, Huge Maze, Sutro Baths, Underground Bunkers, Labyrinth,
         Castle Rock, Point Bonita, Swimming hole on the San Lorenzo River.

Bike Week:
Bike week is going to be an active adventure week. Jon has a couple of lengthy bike rides
planned (8-10 miles), packed with adventure. We will see so many cool things and do so
many activities. All of our rides are on a bike path or dirt single track. Children will get to
experience some of the best single – track trails the peninsula has to offer. Bike week is
perfect for children that are comfortable on a bike and can handle a couple of long rides.
         Highlights Include: Redondo Beach, Ross Cove, buffalo, Presidio, Fort Point,
         Riding Across Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Baker, Ferry to Angel Island, Games
         in Barracks, Stow Lake, Fort Funston, Children’s Park,

   Included is additional information about our summer camp. If you need anything else or
                       have questions please call Jon at (650) 303-4055
                            Coastal Adventures
                      Summer Program Contract
                                          (650) 303-4055
                                            Child’s Name

                            The cost of the summer camp is
                      $325 for Beach Week & Exploration Week or
                                  $375 for Bike Week.

                            There are two pick up/ drop off locations.
             We will pick up the children at Highway 92 & 35 Vista Point at 8:30,
                        then at El Granada Elementary School at 9am.
          We will drop off the children at the Vista Point at 3:30 and El Granada at 4pm.

Adventures Week                    Dates                     Pick-up Location
#1 Beach Week                      June 13th – June 17th     _____________________
#2 Exploration Week                June 20th - June 24th     _____________________
#3 “Best of” Week*                 June 27th - July 1st      _____________________
#4 Bike Week                       Ju1y 4th - July 8th       _____________________
#5 Beach Week                      July 11th - July 15th     _____________________
#6 Exploration Week                July 18th - July 22nd     _____________________
#7 “Best of” Week*                 July 25th - July 29st     _____________________
#8 Beach Week                      Aug. 1st - Aug. 5th       _____________________
#9 Exploration Week                Aug. 8th - Aug. 12th      _____________________
#10 “Best of” Week*                Aug. 15th – Aug. 19st     _____________________
        (*Jon’s favorite days)

A deposit of $100 will reserve a space.
Deposit will be refunded if we can fill your reserved space.
I have enclosed the following $_________ to reserve my space ($100 per week)
Please call me at (____)___________ to confirm my reservation.
Please make checks payable to: Coastal Adventures

Send Registration packet to:       Jon Lowings
                                   Po Box 1615
                                   El Granada, Ca. 94018

            ______________________                                    ____________________
              Parent Signature                                               Date

                                          Family Discount
Discount for parents sending more than one child from the same family is 10% off. Discounts for children
attending more than one week is 10% off. Maximum 10% discount given per family.

                                               Please Note
Before the first day of camp you must complete the Emergency Information Form and Liability Form. It is
extremely important that you are at the meeting location on time. We have other parents waiting for their
              children. If for some reason you are running late please call Jon (650) 303-4055.
                           Coastal Adventures
                          For Your Information
                                        (650) 303-4055

Times and Dates: This is a week long program. The children will be picked-up at 8:30 or 9am
and dropped off at 3:30 or 4pm depending on location. If you are running late please let Jon

Pick-up and Drop-off: There will be two pick-up/drop off locations.
         -Pick up: Highway 92 & Highway 35 Vista Point at 8:30, and at
                   El Granada Elementary School at 9 am.
         -Drop off: Vista Point at 3:30 and El Granada at 4pm
*It is extremely important that you are on time: we are on a time schedule that we must keep.
*If for some reason, you cannot pick your child up on time we will schedule a different pick up

Clothing & Equipment: Remember, your child is here to have fun and should be
appropriately dressed for recreational activities. During Beach week your child will get wet.
Please send your child with a bathing suit, towel, and warm clothes. Make sure your child has sun
block on their face and body before you drop them off. During Bike Week you child must have
and wear a helmet. We are able to lock the bicycles in the van during the entire week. Please
mark all clothing items and equipment with your child’s name.

Lunch: Every child must bring his/her own lunch including beverage. Please send plenty of
water and fluids for your child. No glass please.

Payments: All payments are due before or on the first day of the adventure week. Please make
checks payable to Coastal Adventures.

Parents Peace of Mind:
          Jon was a Kindergarten Teacher at Kings Mountain Elementary School
                     and has been working for 20 years in education.
                       *Letters of recommendations upon request.

        Beach Week: Jon has been surfing this coastline for over 20 years, he know how to read
        the ocean at every beach we go to. He has had several First Aid and C.P.R. classes, life-
        guarding course, and taught swimming.

        Bike Week: Jon has taken children on bike rides for the past four summers and knows
        what he is doing. Jon has made sure all of these rides are safe for the children. During
        Bike Week, Jon is only taking 6 children (2 adults) to assure a safe and fun week.

        Exploration Week: These hikes are suitable for a wide range of abilities. We will be
        hiking on trails that are safe, yet exciting. Jon has been leading hikes with children for
        almost ten years.
                         Coastal Adventures
                                      Jon Lowings
                                      Po. Box 1615
                                 El Granada, Ca. 94018
                                     (650) 303-4055

                      INDEMNITY AGREEMENT
       1. I understand there are risks with the daily activities at Coastal Adventures. Each day
          the children will be participating in activities that may result in serious injury or
       2. I understand the children will be riding in a van, which may be in an accident that
          could cause serious injury or death.
       3. I assume the risks and danger of injury, property damage, or death inherent in the
          daily activities, which include driving, during my child attending Coastal Adventures.
       4. I release, discharge and promise not to sue Coastal Adventures and any of its owners,
          officers, employees and agents for any loss, liability, and damage or cast whatsoever
          arising out of related to any loss, damage or injury to my person or property.
       5. Indemnity and save and hold harmless Coastal Adventures and its owner, employees
          and agents from and against any losses, liability, damage or cost they may incur
          arising out of, or in any way connected with daily activities, and or driving in the van.
       6. I agree to abide by and follow any instructions given or rules established by Coastal
          Adventure and its employees.
       7. I agree that the forgoing release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and
          indemnity agreement is governed by the laws of the Sate of California, and is
          intended to be as board and inclusive as is permitted by such law, and that in the
          event any portion of the agreement is determined to be invalid, illegal, or
          unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the balance of the
          agreement shall not be affected or impaired in anyway and shall continue in full legal
          force and effect.
       8. I have read this agreement and understand that by signing this agreement I am giving
          up certain legal rights including the right to recover damages in case of injury,
          property or death. I have read this agreement and understand it is a promise not to sue
          and a release of indemnity for al claims.

This Agreement executes on ________________(Date)

Name: ________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________

                         Coastal Adventures
                              Emergency Numbers
                                      (650) 303-4055

Child’s Name ________________________           Birth Date _______________________
Mother’s Name ______________________            Father’s Name ____________________
Mailing Address _________________________________________________________
Home Phone________________________              Cell Phone ______________________
Work Phone ________________________             Cell Phone ______________________
Email Address ___________________________________________________________

                               Face Book and Website
Jon will be taking pictures of the children during camp and posting them on his Face Book page:
Coastal Adventures. This is a great way to see what your child is doing during the day. Some of
the pictures might be added to the website to help advertise the camp. Please
let me know if you do / don’t wish your child’s image to be on Face Book. Mark with X. Thanks
_____ Do not post my child’s image on Face Book.
_____ Please post my child’s image on Face Book

                   Physician to be called in emergency.

Name __________________________                         Phone Number ____________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________
Insurance Provider_____________________         Group Number___________________________
Allergies or Other Medical Limitations_______________________________________________
In case of emergency, I authorize Jon Lowings of Coastal Adventures to take my child to the
above named physician or to the nearest emergency hospital for such emergency treatment and
measures deemed necessary for the protection of the child at my expense.

_______________________________                                 _________________________
        Signature of Parent                                                  Date

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