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									                     Balance Technology With Android Development
There are very few mobile platforms that can compete with the Android; some of the close competitors
are iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, etc. Android Development is an operating system that was created and
owned by Google. It has been well recognized by the world as one of the best operating systems that
combines the mobile phone and the computer.

Latest Buzz On Android Development:

The platform as such has a lot of things to offer. Over the years, the Android Application Development
platform has really created a lead by busting the barriers. Now the Android market is easier to explore
and is easier to install too.

    1. Right from introducing a touchwiz in Samsung that is going to make it easy for you to add apps
       to your screen to making the response time in the touch screen faster, Android Development is
       introducing features to help you make the Android experience an interesting and easy one. With
       the touchwiz you can actually add items to your home screen with ease, be it a widget or an
       icon of some sorts.

    2. Another item that has caught the attention of several people is the Android Mystic Halo
       wallpaper. It comes in a variety of colors, such as cool blue, tron blue, antique pink, magenta,
       red, crisp green, and magblue. You can select the color you want and the effects are really
       amazing. The best part is that you can rotate the rings, change the configurations, etc. This is
       really a cool wallpaper to have if you want a uniquely fun Android wallpaper.

About The Android Market:

There are plenty of applications in the android market, there are many android developers as well, and
this is the reason why this industry is booming. With the help of the Android market, you can actually
have a selection of some of the best mobile applications in the industry. Just as Google rocks on the
web, Android also has a pretty strong base on the world of mobile phones and Smartphones. Android
Development has increased by leaps and bounds today, as there are so many people who are vouching
for Android and Google. With so much of popularity in the market, you can be sure that android is going
to be in the news often.

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