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Japanese Vocabulary Laminate Reference Chart (Amazon Review) Ive referred to this handy chart while writing emails in romaji and while doing homework so it was a good purchase. However as the title states, it is written in kana and contains no kanji which is very disappointing. Also I feel it's too "easy" for anything beyond 1st year Nihongo. Topics include: counters, colors and time as well as vocabulary for food, anatomy and hobbies. Very basic. They need to make a chart for look alike kanji!!!

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  • pg 1
									BarCharts, Inc.®                                                          WORLD’S #1 ACADEMIC OUTLINE

                           Japanese Vocabulary
                                          Essential Functions & Situations; Simple Sentence Patterns
     English    Japanese    Pronunciation         English      Japanese       Pronunciation          English        Japanese         Pronunciation        English       Japanese    Pronunciation
     1                      ichi                  11                          juuichi                40                              yuonjuu             900                        kyuuhyaku
     2                      ni                    12                          juuni                  50                              gojuu               1,000                      sen
     3                      san                   13                          juusan                 60                              rokujuu             2,000                      nisen
     4                      shi                   14                          juushi                 70                              nanajuu             3,000                      sanzen
     4                      yon                   14                          juuyon                 80                              hachijuu            4,000                      yonsen
     4                      yo                    15                          juugo                  90                              kyuujuu             5,000                      gosen
     5                      go                    16                          juuroku                100                             hyaku               6,000                      rokusen
     6                      roku                  17                          juushichi              200                             nihyaku             7,000                      nanasen
     7                      shichi                17                          juunana                300                             sambyaku            8,000                      hassen
     7                      nana                  18                          juuhachi               400                             yonhyaku            9,000                      kyuusen
     8                      hachi                 19                          juuku                  500                             gohyaku             10,000                     ichiman
     9                      ku                    19                          juukyuu                600                             roppyaku            100,000                    juuman
     9                      kyuu                  20                          nijuu                  700                             nanahyaku           1,000,000                  hyakuman
     10                     juu                   30                          sanjuu                 800                             happyaku            10,000,000                 issenman

            English        Japanese   Pronunciation                 English               Japanese             Pronunciation                   English                Japanese      Pronunciation
     Regular counting                                        Counting people                                                          Day of the month
     system w/o counter
     one                              hitotsu                one                                               hitori                 day 1                                         tsuitachi

     two                              futatsu                two                                               futari                 day 2                                         futsuka

     three                            mittsu                 three                                             san nin                day 3                                         mikka
     four                             yottsu                 four                                              yo nin                 day 4                                         yokka
     five                             itsutsu                five                                              go nin                 day 5                                         itsuka
     six                              muttsu                 six                                               roku nin               day 6                                         muika
     seven                            nanatsu                seven                                             shichinin/nananin      day 7                                         nanoka
     eight                            yattsu                 eight                                             hachi nin              day 8                                         yooka
     nine                             kokonotsu              nine                                              kyuu nin               day 9                                         kokonoka
     ten                              too                    ten                                               juu nin                day 10                                        tooka
     how many                         ikutsu
                                                             eleven                                            juu ichi nin           day 11                                        juuichinichi
                                                             fourteen                                          juu yo nin             day 14                                        juuyokka
                                                             nineteen                                          juu kyuu nin           day 19                                        juukunichi
     black                                kuro
                                                             twenty                                            ni juu nin             day 20                                        hatsuka
     white                                shiro
                                                             twenty-four                                       ni juu yo nin          day 24                                        nijuuyokka
     red                                  aka
     yellow                               kiiro              twenty-nine                                       ni juu kyuu nin        day 29                                        nijuukunichi

     blue                                 ao                 thirty                                            san juu nin            day 30                                        sanjuunichi

     green                                midori             thirty-one                                        san juu ichi nin       day 31                                        sanjuuichinichi
     orange                               orenji             how many people                                   nan nin                what day of the month                         nannichi

                Small round object                     Thin flat object                     Bound object                      Vehicle, electrical appliances            Long slender object
             Japanese     Pronunciation         Japanese      Pronunciation           Japanese       Pronunciation             Japanese        Pronunciation          Japanese     Pronunciation
                          ~ko                                 ~mai                                   ~satsu                                    ~dai                                ~hon, pon, bon
      1                   ikko                                ichimai                                issatsu                                   ichidai                             ippon
      2                   niko                                nimai                                  nisatsu                                   nidai                               nihon
      3                   sanko                               sanmai                                 sansatsu                                  sandai                              sambon
      4                   yonko                               yonmai                                 yonsatsu                                  yondai                              yonhon
      5                   goko                                gomai                                  gosatsu                                   godai                               gohon
      6                   rokko                               rokumai                                rokusatsu                                 rokudai                             roppon
7                           nanako                                nanamai                           nanasatsu                             nanadai                          nanahon
8                           hachiko/hakko                         hachimai                          hassatsu                              hachidai                         happon
9                           kyuuko                                kyuumai                           kyuusatsu                             kyuudai                          kyuuhon
10                          jyukko/jikko                          juumai                            jussatsu/jissatsu                     juudai                           juppon
how many                    nanko                                 nanmai                            nansatsu                              nandai                           nambon

COUNTERS continued                                                                                                                   SPECIFIC TIME
               Cup of/glass of Liquid                              Small animal                             Age                                         Month
           Japanese            Pronunciation               Japanese          Pronunciation       Japanese            Pronunciation
                                                                                                                                                    Japanese      Pronunciation
                              ~hai, pai, bai                                 ~hiki, piki, biki                       ~sai
1                             ippai                                          ippiki                                  issai
                                                                                                                                      1                           ichigatsu
2                             nihai                                          nihiki                                  nisai
                                                                                                                                      2                           nigatsu
3                             sambai                                         sambiki                                 sansai
                                                                                                                                      3                           sangatsu
4                             yonhai                                         yonhiki                                 yonsai
                                                                                                                                      4                           shigatsu
5                             gohai                                          gohiki                                  gosai
                                                                                                                                      5                           gogatsu
6                             roppai                                         roppiki                                 rokusai
                                                                                                                                      6                           rokugatsu
7                             nanahai                                        nanahiki                                nanasai
                                                                                                                                      7                           shichigatsu
8                             happai                                         happiki                                 hassai
                                                                                                                                      8                           hachigatsu
9                             kyuuhai                                        kyuuhiki                                kyuusai
                                                                                                                                      9                           kugatsu
10                            juppai/jippai                                  juppiki/jippiki                         jussai/jissai
                                                                                                                                      10                          juugatsu
    how many                  nambai                                         nambiki                                 nansai
                                                                                                                                      11                          juuichigatsu
                                                                                                                                      12                          juunigatsu
                                      Years                                                      Days                                what                         nangatsu

                                              ~nen                                                   ~ka(kan)                                           Minute
     1                                        ichinen                                                ichinichi                                ~                   ~fun, pun
     2                                        ninen                                                  futsuka(kan)                     1                           ippun
     3                                        sannen                                                 mikka(kan)                       2                           nifun
     4                                        yonen                                                  yokka(kan)                       3                           sampun
     5                                        gonen                                                  itsuka(kan)                      4                           yonfun
     6                                        rokunen                                                muika(kan)                       5                           gofun
     7                                        shichinen/nananen                                      nanoka(kan)                      6                           roppun
     8                                        hachinen                                               yooka(kan)                       7                           nanafun
     9                                        kyuunen                                                kokonoka(kan)                    8                           happun
     10                                       juunen                                                 tooka(kan)                       9                           kyuufun
     11                                       juuichinen                                             juuichinichi(kan)                                            juppun/
     12                                       juuninen                                               juuninichi(kan)                                              jippun
     13                                       juusannen                                              juusannichi(kan)                 11                          juuippun
     14                                       juuyonen                                               juuyokka(kan)                    12                          juunifun
     20                                       nijuunen                                               hatsuka(kan)                     13                          juusampun
     24                                       nijuuyonen                                             nijuuyokka(kan)                  14                          juuyonpun
 how many                                     nannen                                                 nannichi(kan)                   what                         nampun
                                    Months                                                       Weeks
                                           ~kagetsu                                                         ~shuukann
                                                                                                                                      1                           ichiji
    1                                      ikkagetsu                                                        isshuukan
                                                                                                                                      2                           niji
    2                                      nikagetsu                                                        nishuukan
                                                                                                                                      3                           sanji
    3                                      sankagetsu                                                       sanshuukan
                                                                                                                                      4                           yoji
    4                                      yonkagetsu                                                       yonshuukan
                                                                                                            goshuukan                 5                           goji
    5                                      gokagetsu
    6                                                                                                       rokushuukan               6                           rokuji
    7                                      nanakagetsu                                                      nanashuukan               7                           shichiji

    8                                      hachikagetsu/hakkagetsu                                          hasshuukan                8                           hachiji

    9                                      kyuukagetsu                                                      kyuushuukan               9                           kuji

 10                                        jukkagetsu/jikkagetsu                                            jusshuukan/jisshuukan     10                          juuji
 11                                        juuikkagetsu                                                     juuisshuukan              11                          juuichiji
 12                                        juunikagetu                                                      juunishuukan              12                          juuniji
 how many                                  nankagetsu                                                       nanshuukan               what                         nanji
COUNTRY, PEOPLE, LANGUAGE                                WORDS AT SCHOOL
    English        Japanese        Pronunciation            English             Japanese        Pronunciation                  English              Japanese            Pronunciation
America                        amerika                   academic                                                        graduation                                    sotsugyoo
American                       amerikajin                                                                                gymnasium                             /       taiikukan/jimu
                                                         auditorium                            koodoo
  Brazil                       burajiru                                                                                  high school                                   kookoo
                                                         book                                  hon
     Brazilian                 burajirujin                                                                               high school
                                                         cafeteria                             kafeteria                 student
     language                                            chair                                 isu                       homework
China                          chuugoku                  chalk                                 chooku
Chinese                        chuugokujin               chalk board                           kokuban                                                                 ryuugakusei
Chinese                                                  class                                 kurasu
                               chuugokugo                                                                                junior                                        sannennsei
                                                         class                                 jugyoo
                                                                                                                         laboratory                                    rabo
England                        igirisu
                                                         classroom                             kyooshitsu
                                                                                                                         library                                       toshokan
English                        igirisujin
                                                         college                               daigaku
                                                                                                                         major                                         senkoo
English language               eigo
                                                                                               gakusei                   notebook                                      nooto
Germany                        doitsu                    student
                                                                                                                         pen                                           pen
German                         doitsujin                 computer                              kompyuutaa
                                                                                                                         pencil                                        enpitu
German                                                   dept. office                          jimushitsu
language                                                                                                                 professor’s
                                                         desk                                  tsukue                                                                  kenkyuushitu
Japan                          nihon
                                                         dictionary                            jisho
                                                                                                                         pupil                                         seito
Japanese                       nihonnjin
                                                         dormitory                             ryoo
                                                                                                                         senior                                        yonensei
                               nihongo                   entering
language                                                                                       nyuugaku                  sophomore                                     ninennsei
Korea                          kankoku                                                                                   student                                       gakusei
                                                         eraser                                keshigomu
Korean                         kankokujin                                                                                teacher/
                                                         freshman                              ichinensei                                                              sensei
Korean language                kankokugo
                                                         grade                                 seiseki
                                                                                                                         television                                    terebi
Mexico                         mekishiko
                                                                                               daigakuin                 test/exam                                     tesuto/shiken
Mexican                        mekishikojin              school
                                                                                                                         textbook                                      kyookasho
     Spanish                                             graduate
                               supeingo                                                        daigakuinsei
     language                                            student                                                         VCR                                           bideo

      ACADEMIC SUBJECTS                                                 FAMILY TERMS
    English             Japanese               Pronunciation                       Referring to own family member                        Referring to other people’s family member
Accounting                                   kaikeigaku                         English        Japanese       Pronunciation                   Japanese                Pronunciation
Biology                                      seibutsugaku               aunt                                  oba                                                  obasan
Chemistry                                    kagaku                     brother (older)                       ani                                                  oniisan
Computer                                     kompyuutaa                 brother (younger)                     otooto                                               otootosan
science                                      saiensu                    children                              kodomo                                               kodomosan
Economics                                    keizaigaku                 cousin                                itoko                                                oitokosan
Engineering                                  koogaku                    daughter                              musume                                               musumesan/ojoosan
                                                                        family                                kazoku                                               gokazoku
English                                      eigo
                                                                        father                                chichi                                               otoosan
Finance                                      zaiseigaku
                                                                        grandchild                            mago                                                 omagosan
                                             gaikokugo                  grandfather                           sofu                                                 ojiisan
                                                                        grandmother                           sobo                                                 obaasan
History                                      rekishigaku
                                                                        husband                               otto                                                 goshujin
                                             kokusai bijinesu           mother                                haha                                                 okaasan
International                                                           nephew                                oi                                                   oigosan
                                             kokusai kankeigaku
relations                                                               niece                                 mei                                                  meigosan
Japanese                                     nihongo                    parent                                oya                                                  oyagosan
Japanese                                                                parents                               ryooshin                                             goryooshin
culture                                                                 relative                              shinseki                                             goshinseki
     Law                                     hoogaku                    siblings                              kyoodai                                              gokyoodai
     Literature                              bungaku                    sister (older)                        ane                                                  oneesan
                                                                        sister (younger)                      imooto                                               imootosan
Philosophy                                   tetsugaku
                                                                        son                                   musuko                                               musukosan
Politics                                     seijigaku
                                                                        uncle                                 oji                                                  ojisan
Psychology                                   shinrigaku                 wife                                  tuma                                                 okusan

       English          Japanese         Pronunciation            English        Japanese      Pronunciation           English      Japanese     Pronunciation
accountant                               kaikeishi              engineer                       gishi            police officer                  keisatsukan
artistic painter                         gaka                   government                                      politician                      seiijika
author                                   sakka                  employee
                                                                                                                pro sports player               supootsusenshu
bank employee                            ginkooin               hairdresser                    biyooshi
                                                                                                                shop attendant                  ten in
chef                                     shefu                  housewife                      shufu
                                                                                                                teacher                         kyooin/kyooshi
comic book writer                        mangaka                instructor                     insutorakutaa
                                                                lawyer                         bengoshi         veterinarian                    juui
company                                  kaishain/
worker                                   salariiman             nurse                          kangofu          waiter                          ueitaa
dentist                                  haisha                 physician                      isha             waitress                        ueetoresu

BODY PARTS                                            HOME
      English      Japanese   Pronunciation                  English            Japanese      Pronunciation
                                                                                                               kitchen                         daidokoro/kicchin
ankle                         ashikubi                alcove for display                      tokonoma
arm                           ude                     answering                               rusuban          living room                     ima
                                                      machine                                 denwa            microwave                       denshirenji
back                          senaka
                                                      bathing facility                        (o)furo          mirror                          kagami
buttocks/hip                  oshiri
                                                      bed                                     beddo            pillow                          makura
cheek                         hoho
                                                      bedroom                                 shinshitsu       plate                           (o)sara
chest                         mune
                                                      cellular phone                          keitai(denwa)    razor                           kamisori
chin/jaw                      ago
                                                      chopsticks                              (o)hashi         refrigerator                    reizooko
ear                           mimi
                                                      closet                                  oshiire          restroom/toilet                 otearai
elbow                         hiji
                                                      cooking pan                             nabe             rice bowl                       (o)chawan
eye                           me
                                                      cushion on                                               soap                            sekken
eyebrow                       mayuge                                                          zabuton
                                                      tatami mat
eyelash                       matsuge                                                                          sofa                            sofaa
                                                      desk lamp                               denkisutando
face                          kao                                                                              table                           teeburu
finger                                                dining room                                              telephone                       denwa
                              yubi                                                            chanoma
forehead                      hitai                   entrance hall                           genkan           tissue paper                    tisshu peepaa

hair                          kaminoke                fax                                     fakkusu          toilet tissue                   toiretto peepaa

hand                          te                      futon bedding                           huton            toothbrush                      haburashi

head                          atama                   hallway                                 rooka            toothpaste                      hamigakiko

heel                          kakato                  Japanese-style room                     washitsu         Western-style room              yoo ma
knee                          hiza
leg/foot                      ashi                    HOBBIES, ACTIVITIES, SPORTS
lip                           kuchibiru                  English              Japanese       Pronunciation     judo                             juudoo
mouth                         kuchi                   aerobics                               earobikusu        karaoke                          karaoke
nail                          tume                    aikido                                 aikidoo           karate                           karate
neck                          kubi                    anime                                  anime             kendo                            kendoo
nose                          hana                    baseball                               yakyuu            listening music                  ongaku kanshoo
shoulder                      kata                                                                             movie                            eiga
                                                      basketball                             basuketto booru
teeth                         ha                                                                               party                            paatii
                                                      calligraphy                            shodoo
tongue                        shita                                                                            personal                         famikon/
                                                      camping                                kyanpu
torso                         doo                                                                              computer                         pasokon
                                                      classical                              kurashikku
waist                         koshi                   music                                  ongaku            piano                            piano
                                                      comic books                            manga             reading books                    dokusho
BODY ADJECTIVES                                       dance                                  dansu             rock                             rokku
 English         Japanese     Pronunciation           exercise                               undoo             soccer                           sakkaa
big                           ookii                   fine arts                              bijutsu           song                             uta
long                          nagai                   fishing                                sakanatsuri       sports                           supootsu
low/short                                             flower
                              hikui                                                          ikebana           swimming                         suiei
(height)                                              arrangement
narrow                                                                                                         tea ceremony                     chanoyu/sadoo
                              hosonagai               football                               futtobooru
and long                                                                                                       tennis                           tenisu
                                                      gardening                              engei
round                         marui                                                                            theater                          engeki
                                                      hiking                                 haikingu
short                         mijikai                 hobby                                  shumi             travel                           ryokoo
small                         chiisai                 jazz                                   jazu              video game                       bideo geemu
tall                          takai                   jogging                                jogingu           violin                           baiorin
         English         Japanese          Pronunciation             right                             ( )      migi(ni)                 the other side/over there           ( )     mukoo(ni)
on/over/up                    ( )         ue(ni)                     left                               ( )     hidari(ni)               this side                           ( )     temae(ni)
below/under/down              ( )         shita(ni)                  side                              ( )      yoko(ni)                 inner part                         ( )      oku(ni)
front                         ( )         mae(ni)                    next to                            ( )     tonari(ni)               north                              ( )      kita(ni)
behind/back                    ( )        ushiro(ni)                 near                               ( )     chikaku(ni)              south                                ( )    minami(ni)
inside                        ( )         naka(ni)                   around                             ( )     mawari(ni)               west                               ( )      nishi(ni)
outside                       ( )         soto(ni)                   across from/facing                  ( )    mukai(ni)                east                                ( )     higashi(ni)

       English           Japanese               Pronunciation               English               Japanese          Pronunciation                     English         Japanese      Pronunciation
apple                                           ringo                  fruit                                       kudamono                     sake                ( )             (o)sake
banana                                          banana                 grapes                                      budoo                        salmon                              sake
beef                                            gyuuniku               green onion                                 piiman                       shellfish                           kai
beer                                            biiru                  hot water                                   (o)yu                        shrimp                              ebi
beverage/drink                                  nomimono               Japanese                                                                 salt                                shio
boxed lunch                                     (o)bentoo                                                                                       sauce                               soosu
                                                                       juice                                       juusu
breakfast                                       asagohan                                                                                        seasoning                           choomiryoo
                                                                       ketchup                                     kechappu
buckwheat                                                                                                                                                                           oyatsu/
                                                soba                                                                                            snack
noodles                                                                lettuce                                     retasu                                                           sunakku
cabbage                                         kyabetsu               lunch                                       hirugohan                    soy sauce                           shooyu
cake                                            keeki                  mayonnaise                                  mayomeezu                    spaghetti                           supagetti
carrot                                          ninjin                 meal/dining                                 gohan/shokuji                spinach                             hoorensoo
chicken                                         tori niku/chikin       meat                                        niku                         squid                               ika
coffee                                          koohii                 melon                                       meron                        strawberry                          ichigo
cola                                            koora                  milk                        /               miruku/gyunyuu               sugar                               satoo
cooked rice                                     gohan                  miso soup                                   misoshiru                    sweets                              okashi
crab                                            kani                   noodles                                     menrui                       tea                 ( )             (o)cha
cucumber                                        kyuuri                 onion                                       tamanegi                     tomato                              tomato
dessert                                         dezaato                orange                                      orenji                       tuna                                maguro
dinner                                          ban gohan              peach                                       momo                         udon noodles                        udon
fish                                            sakana                 pepper                                      koshoo                       vegetable                           yasai
food                                            tabemono               pineapple                                   painappuru                   water               ( )             (o)mizu
frozen food                                     reitoo shokuhin        pork                                        butaniku                     watermelon                          suika

       English           Japanese                 Pronunciation              hard                                        katai                    salty                             shiokarai
bitter                                          nigai                        hot (vs. cold)                              atsui                    soft                              yawarakai
cold (vs. hot)                                  tsumetai                     lukewarm                                    murui                    sour                              suppai
delicious/tasty                                 oishii                       new/fresh                                   atarashii                spicy/hot/salty                   karai
                                                shinsenna/                   not tasty                                   mazui                    sweet                             amai
                                ( )             furesshun(a)                 old                                         furui                    warm                              atatakai

 English                                                                                      getsu            this week                        konshuu         in the                       gozen
                   Japanese         Pronunciation          Monday
equivalent                                                                                    yoobi                                                             morning                      chuu
                                                                                                               next week                        saishuu
January                             ichigatsu              Tuesday                            kayoobi                                                           in the
                                                                                                               last month                       sengetu                                      gogo
February                            nigatsu                Wednesday                          suiyoobi                                                          afternoon
                                                                                                               this month                       kongetu
March                               sangatsu                                                  moku                                                              morning                      asa
                                                           Thursday                                            next month                       raigetu
                                                                                              yoobi                                                             daytime/
April                               shigatsu                                                                                                                                                 hiru
                                                                                                               last year                        kyonen          noon
                                                           Friday                             kinyoobi
May                                 gogatsu
                                                                                                               this year                        kotoshi         weekday                      heijitsu
                                                           Saturday                           doyoobi
June                                rokugatsu
                                                                                                               next year                        rainen                                       shuu
                                                           the day before                                                                                       weekend
July                                shichigatsu                                               ototoi                                                                                         matsu
                                                           yesterday                                           this
August                              hachigatsu                                                                 morning                                          day off                      kyuujitsu
                                                           yesterday                          kinoo
September                           kugatsu                                                                    tonight                          konban          day off/
                                                           today                              kyoo
October                             juugatsu                                                                   daytime                          hirunma         break/                       yasumi
                                                           tomorrow                           ashita                                                            absence
November                            juuichigatsu                                                               night                 /          yoru/ban
                                                           the day after                                                                                        what day
                                                                                              asatte                                                                                         nan
December                            juunigatsu             tomorrow                                                                                             of the
                                                                                                               early                                                                         yoobi
                                                                                                                                                yuu             week
Sunday                              nichiyoobi             last week                          senshuu          evening
FREQUENCY                                                                                                              ADVERBS TO EXPRESS EXTENT
 English       Japanese     Pronunciation                 English             Japanese         Pronunciation                 English equivalent                               Japanese                  Pronunciation
all the                                             often/frequently/                                                  very (modifies adj and
                                                                                               yoku                                                                                                  totemo
time/                       itsumo                  a lot                                                              adv, not verb)
always                                                                                                                 to some extent                                                                kanari
                                                    usually                                    taitei
                            maiasa                                                                                     so-so                                                                         maamaa
morning                                             sometimes                                  tokidoki
                                                                                                                       a little                                                                      sukoshi
                            maiban                  once in a while                            tamani
night                                                                                                                  not so much (with negative)                                                   amari
every day                   mainichi                not very often                                                     not at all (with negative)                                                    zenzen
every                                               (with negative)
                            maishuu                 hardly/almost                                                      very interesting                                                              totemo omoshiroi
week                                                                                                                                                           X                         incorrect
every                                               never (with                                hotondo
                            maitsuki                                                                                   rather interesting                                                            kanari omoshiroi
month                                               negative)
                                                    not at all (with                                                   so-so interesting                                                             maamaa omoshiroi
every                       maitoshi/                                                          zenzen
                                                    negative)                                                          a little interesting                                                          sukoshi omoshiroi
year                        mainen
every                                               ~times (counter                                                    not so interesting                                                            amari omoshirokunai
                        /                                                           /          ~kai/~do
                            maikai                  for occurrence)
time                                                                                                                   not interesting at all                                                        zenzen omoshirokunai

CLOTHING & COLORS                                                                       WEATHER, SEASONS                                                     TRANSPORTATION
        English              Japanese                   Pronunciation                   & CLIMATES                                                                  English               Japanese            Pronunciation
blouse                                              burausu                                    English            Japanese         Pronunciation             airplane                                     hikooki
bra (lit. brassiere)                                burajaa                             clear weather                              hare                      automatic ticket
                                                                                                                                                             vending machine
casual wear                                         hudangi                             climate                                    kikoo
                                                                                                                                                             bicycle                                      jitensha
glasses                                             megane                              cloudy weather                             kumori
                                                                                                                                                             boarding place                               noriba
hat/cap                                             booshi                              cold (weather)                             samui
                                                                                                                                                             bullet train                                 shinkansen
high heel                                           haihiiru                            cool                                       suzushii
                                                                                                                                                             bus                                          basu
jacket                                              jaketto                             fall                                       aki
                                                                                                                                                             car                                          kuruma
Japanese-style                                                                          four seasons                               shiki
                                                    kimono                                                                                                   destination                                  ikisaki
clothes                                                                                 good                                       ii
jeans                                               jiinzu/jiipann                                                                                           direct flight                                chokkoobin
                                                                                        hot                                        atsui
men’s suit                                          sebiro                                                                                                   express                                      kyuu koo
                                                                                        hot and humid                              mushi atsui
necktie                                             nekutai                                                                                                  information desk                             annai sho
                                                                                        humidity                                   shitsudo
one piece                                           wanpiisu                                                                                                 limited express                              tokkyuu
                                                                                        low                                        hikui
overcoat                                            oobaa/kooto                                                                                              local                                        kakuekiteisha
                                                                                        mild                                       odayakana
pajamas                                             pajama                                                                                                   motor bike                                   baiku
                                                                                        rain                                       ame
panties                                             pantii                                                                                                   No.__ car                                    ~goosha
                                                                                        rainy season                               tsuyu
pants/briefs                                        pantsu                                                                                                   package tour                                 tsuaa
                                                                                        season                                     kisetsu
sandal                                              sandaru                                                                                                  platform No.__        ~                      ~ban sen
                                                                                        snow                                       yuki
shirt                                               shatsu                                                                                                   round trip                                   oohuku
                                                                                        spring                                     haru
shoes                                               kutsu                                                                                                    ship/boat                                    hune
                                                                                        storm                                      arashi
skirt                                               sukaato                                                                                                  sightseeing bus                              kankoo basu
                                                                                        summer                                     natsu
sneakers                                            suniikaa                                                                                                 sleeping car                                 shindaisha
                                                                                        temperature                                kion
socks                                               kutsushita/sokkusu                                                                                       subway                                       chikatetsu
                                                                                        thunder                                    kaminari
stockings                                           sutokkingu                                                                                               taxi                                         takushii
                                                                                        typhoon                                    taifuu
suit                                                suutsu                              unpleasant                                 iyana                     ticket                                       kippu/jooshaken
sweater                                             seetaa                              warm                                       atatakai
                                                                                                                                                             ticketing window                             kippu uriba
trousers/dress pants                                zubon                               weather                                    tenki
                                                                                                                                                             time schedule                                jikokuhyoo
T-shirt                                             tii shatsu                          weather
                                                                                                                                   tenki yohoo               train                                        densha
underwear                                           shitagi                             forecast
                                                                                                                                                             transfer                                     norikae
                                                                                        wind                                       kaze
watch                                               tokei
                                                                                        winter                                     fuyu                                                                   ~iki
Western-style clothes                               fuku/yoofuku                                                                                             going to __

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