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                  Jamie has a reputation as a dynamic presenter/expert.

                     Over 10 years of network TV series presenting including:
                     BBC2’s The Life Laundry & The Antiques Show,                                                             Everything Must Go!
                     ITV1’s This Morning & Everything Must Go!
                     Hundreds of informative magazine articles & two books incl:
                     Make a Mint!: the ultimate guide to buying and selling collectables

                     600+ weekly national half-page columns including:
                     10 yrs at The Sunday Mirror (current) & 1 yr at The Daily Mail
Short Biography

                     jamiebreese.co.uk ranks as No.1 in the world for key terms e.g                  TWO   The Life Laundry

                     ‘collectables expert’/’memorabilia expert’

                                                                                                                                                    Videos & TV
                     Consultant and writer for BBC Homes & Antiques and eBay.co.uk’s
                     appointed collectables spokesperson in 2007 and Gumtree’s in 2010
                     Declutter/Antiques contributor on Daybreak/GMTV (current)


                                                                                                                                                    Books & Mags
                  Jamie’s antiques background is with his family who operated from London’s
                  famous Portobello Road. As a teenager he set up on his own at Camden
                  Stables market and funded his way through University.
                  After achieving a first class honours in Art and Design, his first TV break came
                  in 1999 with BBC2’s primetime series The Antiques Show which he
                  co-presented with Fiona Bruce.
                  Jamie’s also owns a company that organises social and business networking

                  events. In 2008, he founded Only Connect
                  – see www.onlyconnect.me.uk
                  Jamie’s other specialist interests include history, newspaper reviewing and
                  filmmaking: an area in which he has an active involvement with several
                  credits as writer, producer and director including the award-winning
                  Benjamin’s Struggle.

                  From 2008 - 10, Jamie hosted 12 fashion shows including
                  Miss England: Miss Bath and The Bath and Bristol Fashion Shows.
                  Jamie went on to present for
                  Channel 4’s Collectors’ Lot;
                  HTV/Meridian’s Antiques Trail and Trade-It.
                  He was the weekly collectables expert
                  on Five’s Breakfast News.
                  Numerous other stints have included
                  BBC1’s flagships The Generation Game,

                  Blue Peter and frequent
                  appearances on GMTV.
                  Jamie is perhaps best known for multiple
                  series of ITV1’s hugely popular network             A selction of          Jamie hosts

                                                                                                                 Videos & TV
                  show Everything Must Go!                          1 minute guides           a film for
Television Work

                  This is presenter led and features families         from GMTV             Gumtree.com
                  selling up and moving on: Jamie hosts,
                  values their goods and helps sell them
                  in a madcap house sale and later, an

                                                                                                                 Books & Mags
                  Jamie also co-presented BBC2’s
                  primetime series The Life Laundry and
                  has added ‘clutter-busting’ to his skills. In
                  this series Jamie helped individuals deal
                  with hoarding issues.
                  Jamie also co-devised and hosted the

                  regular 23-minute live slot -
                  ‘Cash or Trash’ - on ITV1’s This Morning
                  In 2011, Jamie is the expert on call for
                  ITV1’s Daybreak and Sky’s Sunrise as well
                  as doing their paper reviews.
                                                                  Jamie makes frequent    Jamie reviews the
                                                                    appearances on       papers for Sunrise on

                                                                     ITV1’s Daybreak          Sky News

                         Jamie has two books in the shops:
                         Make a Mint (John Blake) and The
                         Haynes Collectables Manual (full
                         colour, large format, HB). His guide
                         to eBay (published by eBay) was
                         distributed around the UK for free.

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Books, Papers and Mags

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                                                                                                                                              Videos & TV
                                                                     Make A Mint          The Collectables Manual     eBay’s Guide To
                                                                                                                      Hidden Treasure
                         Jamie has been the antiques and
                         collectabes columnist for
                         The Sunday Mirror for over ten

                                                                                                                                              Books & Mags
                         years and frequently writes
                         additional double page features.

                         Jamie has written for many of the           Moneywise             Woman’s Weekly           Antiques & Collectables
                         UK’s leading magazines with many

                         long-running columns or one off
                         features. He has written for:
                         BBC Homes & Antiques and
                         Antiques and Collectables
                         Magazine, Woman’s Weekly,
                         Moneywise, Moneyweek,

                         Prudential, Yours, Chat, Heyday
                                                                 Cash out of old Trash     Treasure Hunters              For Glory
                         and Collect-it! magazines.             Sunday Mirror Feature    Sunday Mirror Column       Sunday Mirror Feature
               In 2011 Jamie was appointed to                 “Jamie’s ability to work the room and sense
               be an auctioneer for                           an auction opportunity meant that he help
               The Make A Wish Foundation,                    us over achieve our target by a massive
               starting with the prestigious                  £5000. Our auction alone raised £15,000.
               Valentines Ball at the Dorchester.             The feedback from our guests was fantastic
                                                              and much of it was directed towards Jamie’s
                                                              ability to have 300 people on the edge of

                                                              their seats during what was a very exiting
               “BIG thank you for acting as Master of         auction.”
               Ceremonies and Auctioneer at the Charity
               Ball at Rookery Manor on the 30th October      Paddy Delany, Project Solomons
               2010 in support of Sue Ryder Charity

                                                                                                              Videos & TV
               supported by Santander.
               The evening was exceptional and you made
                                                              “Jamie Breese was good enough to volunteer
Charity Work

               a great host. You did a fantastic job on the
               night. I look forward to working with you      as an auctioneer at a charity event organised
               again I the not too distant future.”           by me: “Decades of Decadence”, which was
               Jennifer Trapnell, Business Development        held at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

                                                                                                              Books & Mags
               Manager, Santander Business Banking            on 20 November 2009, in aid of the
                                                              Human Futures Foundation ….
                                                              “I approached Jamie to assist with this,
                                                              after observing his phenomenal results
                                                              as auctioneer at a charity event that I had
               “Jamaica Street Artists approached James       attended earlier in the year. Jamie was
               Breese to host their auction at the Bristol    invaluable prior to the event, giving advice

               City Museum and he not only very kindly        on matters such as the setting of reserves.
               agreed but helped promote the event            He was then matchless on the night of the
               through his website. In the end the studio     auction itself, keeping guests
               raised nearly £15,000 in what was a very       entertained (and bidding)”
               enjoyable and successful auction helped by     Morwenna Crichton Associate Director,
               James’ professionalism and commitment.”        CCC Solicitors

               Andrew Hood, JSA
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                                                                                 Jamie works with Marmite      Jamie with a family on
                                                                                                                    ITV1’s EMG!

                                                                                                                                            Videos & TV
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                               On location with           Book launch of           Regular slot on ITV1’s          BBC1 Breakfast
                                BBC1 Breakfast        The Collectables Manual         This Morning

                             BBC1 Breakfast live OB   On location live on GMTV   Jamie with Ben and Kate    At Car Boot Fair live on GMTV
                                                                                        on GMTV

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