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					F.3 E.P.A First Term Group Project-

                         Primary production?
                         Secondary Production?
                         Tertiary Production?

    Member list:
    Cindy Cheung
    (Group Leader) (7)
    Doris Chow (9)
    Jennifer Ho (11)
    Rainbow Lee(21)
    Winnie Lam(17)

The interview of 25 students’ parents and grandparents’ occupation
Colour to represent:     Primary production                 Secondary production             Tertiary production

Class   Interviewees' Name Father's job                         Mother's job                      Grandfather's job       Grandmother's job Interviewed by
F.3C    Cherry Chong(10)      television producer(監制) (2)       Banker (3)                        Farmer (1)              Accountant (3)          Cindy
F.3D    Daisy Ip(10)          civil service worker (3)          a civil service worker (3)        Construction            tailor   (2)            Cindy
F.3C    Jade Pang(26)         MTR stationmaster(地鐡站長) (3) Nil                                     Accountant (3)          Manager (3)             Cindy

F.3A    Candice Cheung(10) Bus driver(City bus) (3)             Banker (3)                        Businessman (3)         Factory worker(2)       Cindy
F.4D    Serena Liu(37)        businessman (3)                   secretary (3)                     businessman(3)          Nil                     Cindy

Class   Interviewees' Name Father’s job                         Mother's job                      Grandfather's job       Grandmother's job Interviewed by

3A      Joyce Chak            Technical manager (3)             Human resources manager (3)       Nil                     Business man (3)        Doris
3A      Rita Cheung           Manager (3)                       Cosmetician (3)                   Gardener (3)            Cook (2)                Doris
3A      Christy Law           Business man (3)                  Clerk (3)                         Business man (3)        Worker (2)              Doris
3A      Sandy Ho              Insurance agent (3)               Marketing sales (3)               Teacher (3)             Teacher (3)             Doris
3C      Stephanie Yu          Civil servant (3)                 Civil servant (3)                 Fireman (3)             Nil                     Doris

Class   Interviewees' Name Father's job                         Mother's job                      Grandfather's job       Grandmother's job Interviewed by
3C      Amy law            tour guide3)                         clerk(3)                          teacher(3)              NIL               Rainbow
3D      Connie Chan        businessman(3)                       accountant(3)                     NIL                     NIL               Rainbow

3A      Stephanie Chan        project manager(3)                accountant(3)                     driving instructor(3)   driving instructor(3)   Rainbow
4C      Priscilla Tang        logistic manager(3)               clerk(3)                          businessman(3)          businessman(3)          Rainbow
5C      Annie Wong            salesman(3)                       NIL                               police(3)               NIL                     Rainbow

Class    Interviewees' Name Father's Job                     Mother's Job           Grandfather's Job      Grandmother's Job Interviewed by
3A       Yvonne                    Factory worker(3)         Banker(3)              textile(2)             textile(2)           Jennifer
7S       Carey                     Banker(3)                 Nil                    Businessman(3)         Barber(3)            Jennifer
3D       Cecilia                   Banker(3)                 Nil                    Sailor(3)              Nil                  Jennifer
4A       Alice                     Dentist(3)                Nil                    printing industry(2)   Nil                  Jennifer
3A       Theresa                   Civil Servant(3)          Civil Servant(3)       Pilot(3)               Nil                  Jennifer

Class    Interviewees' Name Father’s job                     Mother’s job           Grandfather’s job      Grandmother’s job Interviewed by
7S       Queenie Lam               Accountant(3)             Nurse(3)               Electrician(2)         Nil                  Winnie Lam
7A       Irene Pong                Factory Manager(3)        Banker(3)              Textile Worker (2)     Textile Worker (2)   Winnie Lam
3D       Mandy Lo                  Labour(2)                 Nil                    Nil                    Worker(2)            Winnie Lam
3A       Cecilia Choi              Driver(3)                 Clerk(3)               Factory worker(2)      Factory worker(2)    Winnie Lam

3A       Angel Tong                Engineer(3)               Domestic Helper(3)     Nil                    Clerk(3)             Winnie Lam

Referring to the above information, the number and percentage of each type of production
Total of Parents are interviewed                        44
Total of Grandparents are interviewed                   37

                                                        Parents                   Grandparents
Primary                                                  0                  0           1             2.70%
Secondary                                                2              4.55%          14             37.8%
Tertiary                                                42              95.5%          22            59.45%
Total                                                   44               100%             37         100.00%

                      Percentage of production of parents                                   Percentage of production of Grandparents

                               0. 0%          4.55%
                                                                 Primary                                                                 Primary
                                                                 Secondary                                                               Secondary
                                                                 Tertiary               59.45%                                           Tertiary


Summarize the differences found in the two generations.
         From the results of our interviews, we can see that there are some differences between the jobs of the two generations. In the old generation, there are more
jobs, like farmer and tailor which are belonged to the primary and secondary production(2.7% and 34% of primary and secondary while there are only 0% and
2.3% in the Parent’s occupation). Nowadays the jobs belonged to primary and secondary productions are decreasing. Tertiary production has the larger share in the
chart of the new generation (97.7%) Among our interviewees’ parents, none of them have jobs belonged to the primary production.(0%)So we can see that
secondary and primary productions are less important in Hong Kong, especially primary production. Tertiary production becomes the most essential and important
economic activity in Hong Kong nowadays.
         Also, from our results, the jobs belonged to tertiary production of our interviewees’ parents are often about commercial and needed higher educational level.
In the older generation, there are more jobs belonged to primary and secondary production and most of them are harder and do not need high educational level. So
through this, we can understand the reasons of the changes. One of the important reasons is that people in the new generation have higher educational level and
they don’t want a hard job. So they choose jobs belonged to tertiary production, which are less hard. Another reason is that Hong Kong becomes a more
commercial city than before and so more people choose jobs that are about commercial, like accountant and businessman.

Refer to the 5 pages of newspaper from ‘Job Market’
with recruitment advertisements.
We have classified the job posts into the three types of
    Reference number(P.g1)                       Job Post                       Type of production
               1                        Associate Merchandiser                 Tertiary Production
               2                         Assistant Merchandiser                Tertiary Production
               3                          Senior Merchandiser                  Tertiary Production
               4                          Senior Merchandiser                  Tertiary Production
               5                         Assistant Merchandiser                Tertiary Production
               6                         Assistant Merchandiser                Tertiary Production
               7                         Footwear Merchandiser                 Tertiary Production
               8                              Merchandiser                     Tertiary Production
               9                     Woven Garment Merchandiser                Tertiary Production
              10                          Senior Merchandiser                  Tertiary Production
              11                              Merchandiser                     Tertiary Production
              12                     Woven Garment Merchandiser                Tertiary Production
              13                             Purchase Clerk                    Tertiary Production
              14                          Merchandising Clerk                  Tertiary Production
    Reference Number(P.g2)                       Job Post                      Type of Production
              15                     Sales & Marketing Executive               Tertiary Production
              16                        Lotus Notes Programmer                 Tertiary Production
              17                  Technical & Maintenance Engineer            Secondary Production
              18                        Assistant Administration               Tertiary Production
              19                          Recreation Assistant                 Tertiary Production
              20                            Waiter / Waitress                  Tertiary Production
              21                             Accounts Clerk                    Tertiary Production
              22                             PMC Manager                       Tertiary Production
              23                         Assistant QA Manager                  Tertiary Production
              24               Assistant / Facility Construction Manager       Tertiary Production
              25             Engineering Supervisor / Senior PIE Engineer     Secondary Production
              26                       Senior Maintenance Officer              Tertiary Production
              27                         Senior Security Officer               Tertiary Production
              28                 Industrial Engineer / Project Engineer       Secondary Production
              29                             SMT Engineer                     Secondary Production
              30                          Warehouse Manager                    Tertiary Production
              31             Assistant Project Manager / Project Supervisor    Tertiary Production
              32                       Assistant Training Manager              Tertiary Production
              33                            Technical Leader                   Tertiary Production
              34                         Senior Project Engineer              Secondary Production
              35                       Customer Services Officer              Secondary Production
              36                            Testing Engineer                  Secondary Production
              37                             Project Officer                   Tertiary Production
    Reference Number(P.g3)                   Job Post                Type of Production
              38                       Marketing assistant           Tertiary Production
              39                         Project engineer           Secondary Production
              40                  Accounting assistant / clerk       Tertiary Production
              41                        Tooling engineer            Secondary Production
              42                        Engineer manager            Secondary Production
              43                         Project manager             Tertiary Production
              44                        Quantity surveyor            Tertiary Production
              45                            Draftsman                Tertiary Production
              46                       Financial consultant          Tertiary Production
              47                      Accounting manager             Tertiary Production
              48                         Q.C. Supervisor             Tertiary Production
              49               Assistant production coordinator      Tertiary Production
              50                        Product Engineer            Secondary Production
              51                       Merchandising clerk           Tertiary Production
              52                       Sales representative          Tertiary Production
              53                            Sales clerk              Tertiary Production
              54                        Graphic designer             Tertiary Production
              55                        Handbag Designer             Tertiary Production
              56                      Temp accounts clerk            Tertiary Production
              57                          General clerk              Tertiary Production
              58              Personnel & administration officer     Tertiary Production
              59                        Assistant solicitor          Tertiary Production
              60                         Legal secretary             Tertiary Production
    Reference Number(P.g4)                   Job Post                Type of Production
              61                        Account Manager              Tertiary Production
              62                       Account Executive             Tertiary Production
              63                        Product Manager              Tertiary Production
              64                Customer Engineer / Technician       Tertiary Production
              65                              Artist                 Tertiary Production
              66                         Audit Assistant             Tertiary Production
              67                             Manager                 Tertiary Production
              68                       Account Executive             Tertiary Production
              69                        Audlt Semi-senior            Tertiary Production
              70                       Audit Intermediate            Tertiary Production
              71                      Junior Account Clerk           Tertiary Production
              72                          Logistic Clerk             Tertiary Production
              73                         Shipping Clerk              Tertiary Production
              74                           Senior Clerk              Tertiary Production
              75               Part-time Customer Service Clerk      Tertiary Production
              76             Senior Account Clerk / Account Clerk    Tertiary Production
              77                           Receptionist              Tertiary Production
              78                      Office Administrator           Tertiary Production
              79                          Merchandiser               Tertiary Production
           80                                 Packaging Designer          Tertiary Production
Reference Number(P.g5)                             Job Post              Type of Production
           81                                      Secretary             Tertiary Production
           82                                        Clerk               Tertiary Production
           83                              Public Relations Officer      Tertiary Production
           84                                     Draftsman              Tertiary Production
           85                                  Interior Designer         Tertiary Production
           86                                  Purchasing Clerk          Tertiary Production
           87                                   Sales Executive          Tertiary Production
           88                                    General Clerk           Tertiary Production
           89                                     Legal Clerk            Tertiary Production
           90                              Administrative Assistant      Tertiary Production
           91                                      Secretary             Tertiary Production
           92                              Senior Quality Engineer      Secondary Production
           93                                Procurement Officer         Tertiary Production
           94                                 Purchasing Officer         Tertiary Production
           95                          Business Development Executive    Tertiary Production
           96                                 Account Executive          Tertiary Production
           97                                  Tooling Engineer         Secondary Production
           98                             Sales Admin. Coordinator       Tertiary Production
           99                                    Programmer              Tertiary Production
          100                                   Account Clerk            Tertiary Production
          101                               Trainee of Production        Tertiary Production
          102                                   Project Officer          Tertiary Production
          103                         Finance &Administration Manager    Tertiary Production
          104                                    Receptionist            Tertiary Production
          105                            Customer Service Executive      Tertiary Production
          106                                Project Coordinator         Tertiary Production
          107                                        Clerk               Tertiary Production
          108                                    General Clerk            Tertiary Production

                                         Number of job posts              Percentage
     Primary Production                          0                           0%
    Secondary Production                        13                           12%
     Tertiary Production                        95                           88%
            Total                              108                          100%

The Chart represents the percentage of job posts
                                            Primary Production
                                            Secondary Production
                                            Tertiary Production

We have chosen two interesting and special jobs!
(Please refer to page 2 and 3)
Let us show you some detailed information including
interviews and photos about them!
- Jade Pang’s Father-MTR stationmaster(地鐡站長)
  interviewed by Cindy and Jennifer
-Winnie’s Grandfather-Electrician
  interviewed by Winnie

                                 We found that MTR stationmaster is an interesting job. As the
                                 Mass Transit Railway also known as MTR is playing an
                                important role in Hong Kong. We believe that it is one the
                                most efficient transportation in Hong Kong’s traffic patterns, it
                               provides a smooth flow of traffic, it also helps to reduce traffic
                               jam on the road. MTR is a fast, comfortable and convenient
                              transport and that is why many people in Hong Kong like to take
                              MTR everyday. But who is behind to keep the smooth flow and the
                             good order ?
                             it is the......

Mr. Pang-A MTR stationmaster (地鐡站長)

                                 This is Jade’s Father and this is his office
                                 which is called the stationmaster’s
                                 Mr. Pang has been a station master since
                                 1979. He works in the stationmaster’s
                                 room in Tin Hau MTR Station.
                                 Let’s have an interview with him!

I=interviewer (Cindy and Jennifer)
P=Mr. Pang

I: Hello, Mr. Pang. Would you mind spending a few minutes to have an interview with us for the EPA project?
P: OK.
I: Thanks!

I: What is the requirement of doing this job?
P: People who want to take this job must at least reach the Form 5 educational level and over 23 years old.
Candidates must passed an oral examination and a written examination as well as after attended a 4- week
training course organized by the Mass Transport Railway Corporation. And write reports for any
maladministration happened in the MTR station.

I: What is your present salary and working hours of your job?
P: Around $25,000 per month with yearly bonus and we have to work for 8 hours a day on shift duties.

I: What is the responsibility of this job?
P: Monitoring the platform through the close-circuit television in the station master’s room.
-If there is any technical problem is found in the MTR, assign technician to support.
-When there is injury of passenger, find MTR assistants to help when it is a general case, otherwise, call police
or ambulance for help.
-When dealing with argument among passengers, I will approach there immediately and try to understand what
is happening and try to solve it by ourselves. If the case is a crime which is too serious or danger, I will call
the police for help.

I: Do you have any memorable or interesting experience while you are on duty? How about to share with us?
P: Oh yes!! Years ago, I witnessed a                                        The gap between two
passenger who wanted to commit                                              railways
suicide by jumping into the railway from
the platform. When I approach him, he
had already done that. But without
thinking twice, I jumped down the
railway and pushed him aside to the Gap
between the two railways to avoid the
MTR knock him down while other
passengers called the police. Fortunately, both of us were safe.

I: How meaningful it is! We would like to know how we can call for the MTR assistance when we need help?
P: It’s easy, you may simply press the button 222 of the special function telephone at the MTR Station, and we
are always ready to support all our clients.
I: Thanks for having interview with us.
P: You’re welcome. Bye!
I: Bye!
Mr. Lam-An Electrician

                                          This is Mr Lam.He is an
                                          Electrician and Winnie.
                                          The card beside is the working
                                          identity card of Mr. Lam, to
                                          represent he is a qualified

These are the Equipments and tools Mr. lam uses while working

We select to interview an electrician because nowadays people in Hong Kong or in the world cannot live
without electricity. Electric appliances become an important part of our life. The electric appliances are
developed by leaps and bounds. For example once a mobile phone was invented, people would think it was a
masterpiece. However they can never think of nowadays mobile phones can have a bunch of special functions
instead of people can just use it to communicate. We can take photos and listen to the music by using the cell
phone. So we want to know the differences between the electric appliances in the old generation and the new
generation as well as having a better understanding of electricians. Let’s have an interview with an old

R: reporter
E: electrician

R: Hello, Mr Chan.
E: Hello.
R: Thanks for having an interview with us.
E: You are welcome.
R: So… Let’s start. When did you start to be an electrician?
E: I think it’s about in 1950s, after the Second World War in Hong Kong.
R: How long had you been an electrician?
E: It’s about 50 years.
R: Which occupation was the most popular at that time?
E: I think it’s textile.
R: Then why didn’t you find a job in textile but instead, you became an electrician?
E: It was because no one employed me except this job.
R: What was the qualification of being an electrician?
E: The educational level didn’t need to be very high. I think having secondary school level was enough but
people needed to pass an exam and got the license so that they could be a qualified electrician.
R: How much was your salary?
E: When I started to be an electrician, I just only got $180 a month but then the salary became higher and
higher. By the time that I resigned, I got $5000 a month.
R: Which company did you work for?
E: I worked for a restaurant called Hong Bao Shek and I was responsible for the electric appliances such as
light, cooker etc. When they were out of order, I would mend them.
R: Are there any differences between an old style of electric appliance and a new style of appliance?
E: Of course. The electric appliances have a lot of changes. The old appliances were large in size but now they
become smaller and smaller in size and also they become more convenient, mobile phone is a good example.
Also nowadays we are talking about digital, like digital camera or DVD but I did not know about digital when I
was young.
R: So is it different to mend an old appliance and to mend a new appliance?
E: Yes. Nowadays the appliance become much smaller and the accessories inside become smaller in size too. It
is harder to see, check and change the accessories inside.
R: Can you introduce the method of mending an electric appliance?
E: Sure. For example an old iron cannot release heat. So I need to open the cover of the iron. Check what
problem cause the iron do not release heat. For instance the heater is out of order. So I change the heater inside.
Then put the cover back and the iron will work again.
R: It is an old style of iron. How about an iron of new style?
E: For example a steamed iron, one of the reasons that they become out of order is because of the water inside.
I will take away the cover first, then find out why the water will be seen everywhere inside, such as there is a
hole in the water container. So I mend the hole, wipe away the water and change the accessories inside. Then
put the cover back. The iron will work again. The method is more complex than to mend an iron of old style.
R: Wow! What a masterpiece! You’re so professional!
E: You’re welcome.
R: Do you love your job?
E: Yes because I love electric appliances very much. An electrician is just like a doctor. They have to check
what problem the appliance has and change it so that they can work out again. Mending electric appliances is
very challenging.
R: Have you ever thought of changing your job? Such as being a banker etc. Finance industry has been
developed rapidly nowadays.
E: No. Because I love my job and also I know my education is not high enough. Besides, the boss and
colleagues treated me very well and I had a stable salary. So I don’t want to change my job.
R: Being an electrician, what kind of thought do you think you have?
E: I think being an electrician has to learn continuously. They cannot be too stubborn that they just know about
the old appliances. They also need to understand the new appliances. The electric appliances developed very
fast. Electricians have to follow and learn them so that they will not be out-dated.
R: Thank you for having an interview with us.
E: You’re welcome.
R: Bye.
E: Bye.
---------------------------------------- End of interview ------------------------------------------

Reflection time!
Cindy Cheung (Group Leader)
       During the project work, I have learn a lot about the changes in Hong Kong’s economic structure.
Like how jobs of secondary and primary production has decreased so much as jobs of tertiary
production become more important and bring the most income to Hong Kong. And nowadays, Hong
Kong becomes a commercial city, less and less workers of primary and secondary production are
needed (through the exploration of recruitment in newspaper). These changes have told us that Hong
Kong has also developed in many ways. People have higher educational level than before, things like
electric appliances are more updated etc.
       Besides gaining knowledge, I really enjoy doing this project. I enjoy the part of interviewing and
taking photos of Mr. Pang most! Especially when he said he saved a man who tried to commit suicide.
It’s really memorable and surprising! Thanks Mr. Lam for giving us a really a good opportunity for me
to know more things around us.
       I’ve also learn how to be a good group leader. A group leader must be the lowest place in a
group and listen to every member’s needs, problem and opinion. I can see that every group mates is
so active to give out opinions but sometimes, this made up arguments. And I have improved myself
through this bad experience too. I try not to be obstinate to stand my point (I can’t say people must
follow what I think because I’m a group leader!).I calm myself and every group mates. Tell them to
think of their different opinion calmly and take the advantages of them. And that really works! It made
our project even more perfect! I really like this group because everyone will try to participate actively
and punctually! What changed me most through this project work is that, before when I am a group
leader, I will do all the works by myself and just divide a bit works to my group mates, but now I know
what I need is to TRUST them and work together! And I found out E.P.A is not really a difficult subject if
you try to enjoy learning it, it’s the earliest time for me to finish a project!
Doris Chow
During the project work, I have learnt how to cooperate, communicate and coordinate with my group
mates and also known more about the economics between the two generations. I think the most
difficult thing is that we do not know how to classify some occupations, for example, designer and
engineer. These occupations are really confusing! Finally, we asked a F.5 student, who has also
finished the same project when she was in F.3, for help and she has really helped us a lot. I am
extremely grateful for her kindness and help! I become more familiar with the three different types of
production and know how to classify the jobs into these three types of production after finished this
project. This skill may help me a lot in the future.
Jennifer Ho
Before doing this project, I never read the ‘Recruitment’on the newspaper conscientiously and did not care
about the growth and decline of the different types of productions. I also never paid attention to the changes
in economic structure in Hong Kong between the two generations. When the project is completed, I have a
better understanding of my classmates and their families, the Hong Kong economy as well as created a general
concept about our society. How interesting it is!
While doing the project, I have met some difficulties such as sometimes we are not quite sure about some of
the translated terms of the jobs, some types of productions and the duties of some jobs are difficult for us to
classify. We began to ask our parents’advice and discuss among group members, do research and arrange
interviews to deal with those problems and seek for improvement. The process has developed my
self-initiated learning spirit and the ability to observe analysis and integrate and how to solve our problems.
Furthermore, I am fortunate enough to have a lot of good teachers and group mates to assist me so that I have
gained not only knowledge but also the love and kindness from them.
Winnie Lam
Winnie’s reflection
From this project, I can have a better understand of the economic characteristics of Hong Kong. It is because
we can proof the theory in the book but not just read the theory in the book without any understanding. Now I
can remember the theory easily. Also, through the interview with the respondents, we can practice our

communication skills. I had an experience to interview the electrician; he couldn’t really understand what I
meant because my setting question skills was not very good. So we lost a lot of time in communicating. My
group mates and I have a great time together. We cooperate very well. During discussion, all the groupmates
give their opinion and suggestions and we discuss together. I really learn a lot in the project as well as having a
great time with my groupmates.
Rainbow Lee
During this project work, we were not sure how to classify the occupations into the three productions. Luckily,
a F.5 student lent us a hand. She taught us how to classify the jobs into different categories. Without her help,
we could not finish the project so smoothly. Also, I would like to thank all the interviewees. They are
co-operative. Besides, I am glad that our group co-operated well with each other. We finished our project
successfully. I enjoyed doing project with my group mates together. After doing this project work, I am more
familiar with the changes in economic structure in Hong Kong. I start to like E.P.A. this subject.

Duty List of each member
     Name of Student                                      Duty
     Cindy Cheung                                         Cover page, Organizing the result of survey (25
                                                          students), Interviewed the 5 students and typed
                                                          the data. Calculate the percentage and the
                                                          number of each type of production of the whole
                                                          survey. Summarized the differences found in the
                                                          two generations. Classified the job posts in the
                                                          newspaper in to three production group. And
                                                          wrote the reference number of the five different
                                                          pages of newspaper. Setting question of
                                                          interviews and Interviewed Mr. Pang. The whole
                                                          organization of the data. Taking Photos and
                                                          finding from the websites. The whole format of
                                                          the project (fonts, colorings).Reflection and duty
                                                          list. Arranged the time of discussion. And
                                                          deadline of handing in data.Printing.
     Doris Chow                                           Interviewed the 5 students, typed the data. and
                                                          made the pie chart for the result of whole survey.
                                                          Summarized the differences found in the two
                                                          generations. Classify the job posts in newspaper
                                                          in to three production group. Count the number
                                                          of each production group of job posts in the 5
                                                          newspaper and the percentage. Reflection.
     Jennifer Ho                                          Interviewed the 5 students and typed the data.
                                                          Classify the job posts in newspaper in to three
                                                          production group. And wrote the reference
                                                          number of the five different pages of newspaper.
                                                          Summarized the differences found in the two
                                                          generations. Setting questions and Interviewed
                                                          Mr. Pang. Translate the Chinese version of the
                                                          interview of Mr. Pang. Reflection.
     Winnie Lam                                           Interviewed the 5 students and typed the data.
                                                          Summarized and wrote the differences found in
                                 the two generations. Classify the job posts in
                                 newspaper in to three production group.
                                 Interviewed Mr. Lam .Translation of the Chinese
                                 version of the interviews with Mr. Lam. Taking
                                 Photos of Mr. Lam and his tools. Reflection.
     Rainbow Lee                 Interviewed the 5 students, typed the data.
                                 Summarized the differences found in the two
                                 generations. Classified the job posts in
                                 newspaper into three production group, count the
                                 number of each production group of job posts in
                                 the 5 newspaper and the percentage. And made
                                 a pie chart for the result of whole survey.
                                 Checking grammatical mistake and typos.
                                 Reflection. Printing.

This is the end of our F.3 E.P.A First Term Group Project written
Hope you’ve enjoyed it!


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