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									                                                                                                                JULY•AUGUST 2011
                                                                                                                               VOL 40 • NO 9

                  EDGE ON THE NEWS
                     Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart, sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa since 1881

Principal Perceptions                                                     A Fond Farewell to Faculty
                                                                              New opportunities will take Tonya Bubolz, Stacy Jacoby, Toby
By Bob Growney, Principal
    Dear Parents,                                                         Kinsler, Barb Kolb, Meredith Temple and Lori Ziemann elsewhere
    As I reflect on this past school year it was a very good one. As      next year. Their talents will be missed, and we thank them for the
many of you know, the last few weeks were surrounded with unique          gifts they have given Edgewood during their tenure. We are a better
circumstances not typical to the finish of a school year. The support     place because of their contributions.
from faculty, staff, students and parents was remarkable. Many people         Our September 2011 Edge on the News will have an update on the
in the Edgewood family reached out to each other in a meaningful                    new Edgewood faculty and staff members.
way to encourage each other during this brief time of
distress. At Edgewood High School, one of the very special                            Edgewood’s Summer Hours
unique things we experience in this community is the care                               Monday, June 6 – Friday, August 5.
and trust we feel from each other. I would like to share a                             Hours of Operation, including the General Office, are:
few thoughts on why I believe this happens at EHS.                                     Monday–Thursday, 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
    • As a mission driven school, deeply rooted in Catholic                             All offices will be closed on Fridays.
      and Dominican values, we continue to focus on our                                The building is closed on Monday, July 4.
      students’ spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional                     Have a great summer everyone!
    • There is still a very rich sense of history and purpose with        Class of 2012 Senior Yearbook Photos
      everyone who works here to continue this strong worthwhile
      tradition and mission.                                              Have your senior pictures taken before August 22, 2011
    • Finally, and most importantly, we all have a shared sense of        By Mark Thering and Joan Rundhaug-Witz, Yearbook Advisors
      responsibility for each other and especially our students.              At Edgewood High School you are free to have your pictures
    Now that the year has ended, it is my hope and prayer that your       taken by any capable photographer or portrait studio. It is
children have found men and women on our staff whose positive             recommended that you shop around and find out what your costs
influence will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime.                may be. The yearbook needs one appropriate color
    Thank you for your valued partnership                                 image emailed or delivered on a CD in a JPEG or
                                                                          TIFF file format with a resolution of 300+ dpi.
       A prayer to end the year…                                          The actual size of the portrait needs
                                                                          to be wallet size (2.5 x 3.5 inches).
                 What we should do or say, Christ,                            Keep your portrait suitable for
                           is no longer clear.                            the CRUSADER Yearbook. We
            Not so long ago the lines were sharply drawn.                 require that the portrait be taken in
                 Now it seems as if no line is clear,                     Edgewood High School dress code
            Rules are an invitation to do something else                  attire. Do not wear excessive make
             and customs change as fast as the weather.                   up, head gear, costumes, sunglasses,
                  Grant me the Grace to see things                        facial piercing or sport/hobby attire.
                       as you see them, Christ,                           Pets are not allowed in your senior portrait but with enough student
          And the strength and courage to live in your light.             interest, we could feature “favorite pets” on another page! Finally,
                                                                          keep your portrait in the head/shoulder/vertical format style. We are
                           Avery Brooke
                                                                          not allowing body shots or facial glamour shots. Bottom line is that
              From Plain Prayer in a Complicated World
                                                                          we are publishing a yearbook that is providing the class of 2012 a
                                                                          book of memories, not a glamour magazine. The yearbook’s editors,
Summer Registration Alert!                                                advisors & the school administration have the right to accept or
    We ask parents of all 2011–2012 Edgewood students to plan             refuse the contents for the 2012 CRUSADER Yearbook.
on registering their children on two dates, Thursday, July 21 or              Senior Portraits Due:
Tuesday, July 26 between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Registration                A-L November 7, 2011
involves completing various forms and picking up essential                    M-Z December 5, 2011
information. You should have received in the mail a letter and packet                Deliver CD to Room 220 or email file to
of materials with more details at the end of June. Please take the time              thermar@edgewood.k12.wi.us
to look over and complete any forms that apply to your family.                Have a GREAT year!

EHS Parent Community                                                   Thank You!
                                                                       By Brie Russell, Fundraising Events & Volunteer Coordinator
Announcements                                                              A “thank you” goes to the 260 parents and guardians who
By Ann Merfeld, EPC President                                          donated their time to Edgewood High School during the 2010-2011
    The Edgewood Parent                                                school year. These volunteers helped make our large mailings, Alumni
Community (EPC) Board                                                  & Friends Weekend, Edgewood in the Community, Trivia Night,
welcomes all Edgewood High                                             pre-performance theater receptions and the 25th Annual Spring
School families to the 2011-2012                                       Auction a huge success! Without the help of our EHS volunteers,
School Year. The purpose of the                                        the outcome of these events would not be the same. These volunteers
EPC is to provide volunteer support                                    lead by example in showing Edgewood students the importance of
to the EHS faculty, staff and students                                 volunteerism.
and to promote a sense of community                                        During Summer Registration you will be asked to fill out the
between the parents and school. With an                                2011-2012 Volunteer Form. Please take the time to consider the
annual budget of approximately $6,500, the EPC sponsors and            many volunteer opportunities available. There are many different
supports a number of activities throughout the year. All parents and   time commitment levels offered on this form. Because volunteering
guardians are automatically members of the EPC.                        at EHS helps parents and guardians become a part of the Edgewood
    The EPC needs a large number of volunteers to support its          community, we hope to have even more volunteers sign up for the
activities. Volunteer sign-up sheets will be collected at summer       2011-2012 school year.
registration. Members of the EPC Board will be at registration to          Finally, we are revamping some of our Edgewood events. Please
answer any questions. All parents and guardians of EHS students are    consider helping us take Trivia Night and the Annual Spring Auction
welcome to attend our monthly board meetings. Our first meeting is     and Social to the next level. These events are big fundraisers for
Thursday, August 18, at 12:30 p.m. in the library.                     Edgewood and we would like to include you on the team! We are also
    The EPC will host a Welcome Back Coffee on Friday, August 19       looking for Maroon & Gold Party hosts. Consider hosting a party
in the Commons, 7:30–9:00 a.m. This is a great opportunity to meet     with your friends to help support the Spring Auction. Contact Brie
other EHS parents. Please R.S.V.P. to the evite you will receive.      Russell at russbri@edgewood.k12.wi.us if you have any questions about
    Please feel free to contact any of the following 2011-2012 EPC     volunteering or hosting a Maroon & Gold Party.
Board members:
President: Ann Merfeld                                                 Graduation 2011
President-Elect: Jenny Stein                                           By Anna A. McManus, Assistant Principal
Treasurer: Nancy Carney                                                    The commencement ceremony for Edgewood High School’s
Secretary: Dawn Grelle                                                 Class of 2011 was the culmination of a week of graduation festivities.
Past President: Linda Mullane                                          A tremendous amount of energy and effort are required to plan,
Staff Advisors: Judd Schemmel and Alyssa Kotzian                       organize and implement all events and their success is due in large
Bulletin Board: Debbie Tahany                                          part to all of the parent volunteers! Many accolades and thanks are
Copying: Sheila Endres                                                 due to Renee Kapinus and Janet Seaton, chairs of the Parent
Fine Arts Week: Amy McDonald                                           Graduation Committee. With the assistance of a core group of
Grandparents’ Day: Sue Richards                                        dedicated committee members, who planned and organized Las Vegas
Parent Outreach: Renee Kapinus and Kate Munns                          Night, the Great America trip, appetizer buffet, and the reception
Staff Appreciation: Jacki Netzel                                       following graduation, the graduates had an amazing experience to end
Student Support: Uli Lake                                              their high school career. Parents of the graduates were very generous
Volunteer Coordinator: Marie Hogan                                     in giving both their time and monetary donations to make all the
                                                                       activities outstanding. Thank you for a wonderful graduation week!

       The Edgewood Parent Community invites you to attend the
    “Back-to-School” Welcome Coffee!
                                               Who: All Edgewood Parents/Guardians
                                               WhEn: Friday, August 19, 2011 between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m.
                                                     Introductions will be at 8:00 a.m.
                                               WhErE: Edgewood high School Commons
                                               Why: A casual opportunity to connect with other parents,
                                                   the EhS Administration, and the EPC Board
                                     So we can plan for your arrival, kindly rSVP to Kate Munns at: kmunns@charter.net
                                                       Spread the word, everyone welcome.
                                                            We hope you can join us!

Junior/Senior College Planning Night -                                          For almost 300 years, Sisters representing hundreds of
                                                                            congregations have built hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters,
Part I: The Application Process                                             schools and colleges, to name just a few of their lasting and vital
Wednesday, August 31                                                        institutions. Pieces at the exhibit from the Sinsinawa Dominican
                                                                            collection included an image of students in a science lab at St. Clara
6:30-8:00 p.m.                                                              Academy as well as a globe that Father Samuel Mazzuchelli and early
Edgewood HS Auditorium                                                      sisters used for instruction. A quote from its website captures the
    Students and parents, mark your calendars and plan to join the          exhibit’s essence: “Meet women who corresponded with President
staff of Student Services for this informational session on                 Thomas Jefferson, talked down bandits and roughnecks, lugged
maneuvering through the college application process. We’ll provide          pianos into the wilderness, and provided the nation’s first health
you with important insights and overviews on researching potential          insurance to Midwestern loggers. Discover sisters’ quiet courage
schools and planning campus visits, completing applications                 during many dramatic moments in U.S. history, including the Civil
including the Common Application process, ordering transcripts and          War, the Gold Rush, the San Francisco Earthquake, the Influenza
ACT/SAT test scores, staying organized throughout the entire process        Epidemic, the Civil Rights Movement, and Hurricane Katrina.”
and much more. For seniors, this is an important session to get your            To read more about Women and Spirit, see the exhibit website at
application year started on the right track. For juniors, this evening is   womenandspirit.org.
a good way to get a head start on your planning. “College Planning
Night Part II: The Financial Aid Process” will be held in late
                                                                            Japanese Christian School Expresses
                                                                            Thanks to the Edgewood Community
Wisconsin Private College Week:                                                 The earthquake on March 11, 2011, in Sendai, Japan, seriously
                                                                            damaged the Miyagi Gakuin campus, and some of their students were
July 11-16, 2011                                                            killed in the tsunami that followed the quake. In addition to the loss
    During the week of July 11-16, Wisconsin's private colleges will        of students, many who survived lost parents, family members, friends,
provide students and their families with special “open house”               and homes. As a result, a great number of the students are struggling
opportunities. Tour any and all of the 20 private campuses, talk to         to recover from tremendous personal and financial losses.
admissions representative and meet with professors from various                 Miyagi Gakuin has been providing a Christian education to junior
majors. You can even enter to win prizes! Complete details on this          and senior high school girls since it was founded 125 years ago by
special week as well as information on Wisconsin's private colleges         American Christian missionaries. Similar to the Edgewood Campus,
can be found online at http://privatecollegeweek.com and at                 Miyagi Gakuin offers university as well as kindergarten education.
http://privatecollegezone.org.                                                  In order to support the students in their time of greatest need,
                                                                            Dr. Matsumoto, Miyagi Gakuin’s chancellor, asked for donations.
Women and Spirit:                                                           Members of the Edgewood Community raised over $3000 that will
                                                                            be used for restoring the campus, including the chapel and its pipe
Catholic Sisters in America                                                 organ, and for student scholarships.
By Carol Anzelmo, Jan Okas, Jean Bondoc, & Jim Baltus                           Dr. Matsumoto wrote to Diane Mertens, who taught at Miyagi
    We may hear the names and learn about the contributions of              Gakuin Woman’s College during 1995-96 academic year, expressing
founders and trailblazers of any institution or great happening and         his gratitude: “We really appreciate your prayers and financial
not realize how their lives still impact our own. The legacy of             support. We will continue to comfort and encourage those affected
Catholic Sisters and their shaping of American culture, including the       by the disaster. We believe that God will continue to bless Miyagi
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, Wisconsin, founders of Edgewood             Gakuin and all of you.”
High School, is no exception. These women had to overcome many
stereotypes about the role of women in society and the determination        Transportation Reimbursement
and diligence they demonstrated in their work continues to serve as         By Connie Miles, Registrar
an example.                                                                     Parents from the following School Districts may be eligible for a
    On April 29, we had the pleasure of traveling together to the           transportation reimbursement: Madison Metropolitan, Verona,
National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque to                Middleton/Cross Plains, Monona Grove, and Oregon. After EHS
see the exhibit “Women and Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America,”            sends the corresponding names to the school districts, the individual
now on tour across the country.                                             school districts will send transportation contracts to the families.
    The exhibit drew us in with a grand recounting of the experiences           The school districts provide travel reimbursement to the
and impact of Catholic Sisters in America that transcended a merely         parents/guardians in a dollar amount up to the maximum allowed
sentimental depiction of holy women whose lives were different than         per district. Reimbursement is determined by the daily round-trip
our own. In fact, their extraordinary lives helped establish what           mileage to school.
would become societal supports for the rest of us and most                      Parents should contact their school district's transportation office
importantly those without voice or power in a developing society.           for additional information.
Catholic Sisters were courageous women who persevered during the
great struggles and challenges of a developing nation to ensure that        EDGEWOODHS.ORG
compassion and justice had a place at the table. They continue to do           Please be sure to check www.edgewoodhs.org for all the latest EHS
so today.                                                                   news, schedules and much more for families and alumni!

ACT TEST DATES 2011-2012                                                                    2011-2012
   Test Date      Registration Deadline (Late Fee Required)                            EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL
   September 10         August 12                 August 13–26                        CESA #2 Driver Education
   October 22           September 16              September 17–30                        Registration Form
   December 10          November 4                November 5–18
                                                                                        PO Box 400, Spring Green, WI 53588
   February 11          January 13                January 14–20
                                                                                       Call Wendy with questions: 608.588.3727
   April 14             March 9                   March 10–23
                                                                                             Visit http://drivered.cesa2.org
   June 9               May 4                     May 5–18
        For additional information, go to www.actstudent.org.               (PLEASE PRINT)
            Edgewood High School’s site code: 501-155
                      Test Center Code: 160890                              __________________________________________________
    For more information on applying for extended time on the ACT,          Student Full Legal Name
contact Brenda Foti, LRC Director at least eight weeks prior to the exam.
                                                                            Street Address
SAT TEST DATES 2012-2012
    Test Dates                       Test                                   __________________________________________________
     October 1               SAT and Subject Tests                          City/State/Zip
     November 5              SAT and Subject Tests
     December 3              SAT and Subject Tests                          __________________________________________________
     January 28              SAT and Subject Tests                          Parent Email
     March 10                SAT Only                                       __________________________________________________
     May 5                   SAT and Subject Tests                          Student Email
     June 2                  SAT and Subject Tests
           The SAT is administered at West High School.                     __________________________________________________
                                                                            Telephone (include area code)
  For information on registration and colleges that accept the SAT,
                    go to www.collegeboard.com.                             Birth Date: ____/____/_______
 For more information on applying for extended time on the PSAT, SAT,
or AP Exams, contact Laurie Mullen at least eight weeks before the exam     __________________________________________________
                                                                            Parent/Guardian Signature:
ZAPS Hosts ACT Prep Seminars
   ZAPS Learning Company will be holding the following test prep            Please mark your choice of instruction method/time below:
seminars for interested students in the Edgewood High School CC:            c INTERNET (On-line program is at your own pace. Separate
   PSAT Prep       Sept. 26 & 27 (Mon-Tues)       3:30pm-6:30pm               from classes listed below. Temporary License info issued after
   ACT Prep        Nov. 7 & 8 (Mon-Tues)          3:30pm-6:30pm               Chapter 10)
   ACT Prep        March 7 & 8 (Wed-Thurs)        3:30pm-6:30pm
                                                                            c FALL CLASSROOM (Sept 19.–Nov 19., 2011)
   ACT Prep        May 7 & 8 (Mon-Tues)           6:30pm-9:00pm
                                                                              Mon. & Wed., 6:30–8:30 p.m.
The cost of the seminars is $75. Register online at www.ZAPS.com.
                                                                            c WINTER CLASSROOM (Jan. 9–Mar. 7, 2012)
                                                                              Mon. & Wed., 6:30–8:30 p.m.
Driver’s Education with CESA #2
    Driver Education age requirements: Must be 15 years old to enter        c SPRING CLASSROOM (Mar. 12–May 16, 2012)
the classroom only. Must be minimum of 15-1/2 years old and pass              Mon. & Wed., 6:30–8:30 PM
the Temporary License Test (which is given in class) to obtain a
                                                                            Please list below any dates and reasons that you will be gone due
temporary license from the State of Wisconsin.
                                                                            to vacations, camps, etc.:
    Classes will be held at Edgewood High School in Room #10. All
classes need a minimum of 15 students to be run. Summer classes run          __________________________________________________
every day for 3 weeks. Fall, Winter and Spring classes run
approximately 9 weeks.                                                      Please indicate below if the student has any special education
                                                                            needs. We will do our best to accommodate them.
• Classroom instruction during dates and times below: $400
• Internet independent study: $425                                           __________________________________________________
• Cost of the course includes behind-the-wheel time, scheduled               __________________________________________________
  separately from listed classroom dates and times. A $20 No-Show
  fee will be imposed for any missed behind-the-wheel lesson. The fee       Make check or money order payable to: Edgewood High School.
  will be due upon next lesson.                                                   Mail completed registration form and payment to:
                                                                                 CESA #2, P.O. Box 400, Spring Green, WI 53588.
    Register using the accompanying form or online at
http://drivered.cesa2.org. Questions should be directed to Wendy                 Registrations sent without payment will not be processed.
Schultz e-mail wschultz@cesa2.k12.wi.us and by phone at                                 CESA #2 is unable to accept credit cards.

Hairspray Honored at Tommy Awards                                       It’s a Family Affair for French and Spanish
By Dennis McKinley, Music Teacher                                       Students Travelling to Europe!
    Edgewood’s spring musical production, Hairspray, received an        By Kathy Wall, French Teacher
“Outstanding Musical” award at the 2010-2011 Tommy Awards on                Nine Spanish and French students travelled to France and Spain
June 5 at the Overture Center. This is the second year in a row that    over Spring Break from April 16–25, 2011. The students were led by
our spring musical has received top honors! The Tommy Awards are        Senorita Pitz and Madame Wall. One of the neat aspects of the trip
officially named “The Tom Wopat Awards for Excellence in High           was the family connections. Sisters Lexi and Melanie Chanos travelled
School Musical Theater” in honor of Wisconsin native Tom Wopat, a       together, as did Katie Wall and her mother, Mrs. Helen Wall. Anna
Broadway leading man and star of the television show, Dukes of          Wall accompanied her co-leader mother and yet another family
Hazard. Thirty high schools and one community theater participated      grouping was Mrs. Deb Ross, Commons moderator, her son Sam and
in the Tommy Awards.                                                    her daughter, Meghan. Rounding out the group were Sean Bellissimo,
    Edgewood also received the following awards (multiple recipients    B.J. Darien, Maddie Kothe, and Alicia Wilson.
are recognized in each category):                                            The trip began in Paris, the City of Light! We were able to see
Outstanding Director – Katrina Williams Brunner                           most of the numerous monuments and tourist sites, such as the Arc
Outstanding Dancer – Bruin Armwald                                         de Triomphe and the Louvre museum, where we saw DaVinci’s
Outstanding Lead Performer – Carly Densmore                                        Mona Lisa. Highlights included watching break dancers in
Outstanding Lead Performer – Juliana Wolnak                                                the Place de Trocadero and a nighttime ascent of the
Outstanding Supporting Performer – Kate Goodwin                                          Eiffel Tower. In the area surrounding Paris, the group
Outstanding Student Critic – Bat-Zion Hose                                                was able to visit the Palace of Versailles and the
Honorable Mention Lead Performer – Luke Landgraf                                            cathedral at Chartres. Next stop was the Loire Valley
Honorable Mention Lead Performer – Patrick Roy                                              and the beautiful chateaux of Chenonceau and
Honorable Mention Supporting Performer – Sheridan Hearn                                      Amboise. We also had French cooking lessons with a
Honorable Mention Supporting Performer – Natalie Sorden                                      wonderful group of four French chefs. The students
Honorable Mention Supporting Performer – Dylan Todd                                        did all the work and the results were magnifique!
    Congratulations to all those who participated in making                       The group then left lovely France for San Sebastian on the
Hairspray an outstanding and memorable production!                      Atlantic Coast of Spain. Without any hesitation, the students donned
                                                                        their swimsuits and splashed right in the cold ocean waters. This
For the First Time Ever,                                                coastal city is a haven for Europe’s upper class in the hot summer
an EHS Student Wins a MAMA!                                             months, though it was quiet during our visit. One highlight here was
The Madison Area Music Awards (commonly known as the MAMAs)             the exciting soccer game between Spain’s rival Barcelona and Real
inaugurated a new category this year recognizing a Youth Vocal          Madrid teams.
Soloist Performer. Edgewood student Sheridan Hearn was the first            The next day we left for Madrid. We spent three days in this
recipient of this award, presented on Saturday, June 4. Selection was   fantastic city, taking short day trips to some of the surrounding sites.
based on Sheridan’s Exemplary Soloist Recognition at the WSMA           In the city itself we visited both the Prado and Reina Sofia museums.
State Solo/Ensemble Festival back on April 30, as well as submission    Picasso’s Guernica was incredible to view in person! We also went to
of her portfolio of music participation and accomplishments. Her        the Valley of the Fallen, El Escorial and Segovia. Each of these side
solo at the Festival was You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun in the          tours was better than the last. Back in Madrid we had a second round
Musical Theater category. This is the second year in a row that         of cooking lessons, this time in español! Fantastico!
Sheridan has been recognized as an Exemplary Soloist at the State           Easter Sunday was a travel day for us: 11 hours of air travel
Solo/Ensemble Festival. Congratulations, Sheridan!                      followed by a three-hour bus ride from O’Hare to Madison. Everyone
                                                                        arrived safe, sound and eager to share memories from a great trip.

Announcing the Fall Play...                                             Gr8 Calculations!
By Katrina Brunner, Director, and Carmen Pitz, Drama Assistant
    This fall, the Edgewood High School drama                           By Cathi Shaughnessy – Math Team Advisor
department will present Our Town by Thornton                                The 2010-2011 Edgewood Math Team finished the Madison
Wilder. Performances will be November 17-20,                            Metropolitan School District meet season in fine fashion. Four
2011. Auditions are August 29 & 30, with                                mathletes earned post-season honors. After the meets at four city high
callbacks on September 1. All                                           schools, senior Neil Sekhon earned All-League Varsity honors. At the
students are welcome                                                    Junior Varsity level, freshmen Megan Schomaker, David-Michael
to audition. Please                                                     DeGuire, and Ryan Lee made the All-League team. This is the best
prepare a one-                                                          Crusader representation ever!
minute reading.                                                             In February, several math students endured the 2011 American
It can be a                                                             Mathematics Competitions tests. These rigorous, 90 minute exams
poem,                                                                   are administered after school to those students willing to challenge
monologue or story excerpt. Try to find a piece that shows              themselves mathematically. The highest AMC 10 scorer was
a clear character in voice and mannerisms. A list of characters         freshman Claire Parker, while junior Steffen Lake earned highest
for the show is provided on the EHS website. For help, see the          AMC 12 honors.
“10 Audition Tips”on the EHS website or email Ms. Brunner at                Thanks to all the talented mathletes for a terrific year of
brunkat@edgewood.k12.wi.us. We hope to see you there!                   calculating! Enjoy your summer and don’t 4get your math!!
            Congratulations go to Edgewood High School students earning academic honors
                          2010–2011 SECOND SEMESTER HIGH HONOR ROLL
                                         GRADE POINT AVERAGE OF 3.75 OR HIGHER

SENIORS                 Alexis Cuozzo           Robert Hyne                Molly Maher            Dana Shinners
Ashley Argall           Mary Catherine Decker   Audrey Jacobsen            Katelyn McCosky        Casey Shiring
Bruin Armwald           Hannah Elfman           Kayla Keegan               Claire McLaughlin      Natalie Sorden
Danielle Basche         Leigh Finger            Sydney Kirsh               Hans Meixelsperger     Jennifer Sotis
Maren Beckman           Kathleen Goodwin        Clayton Kruger             Conor Murphy           Bethany Spevacek
Christopher Beglinger   Laura Gorman            Catherine Kuecker          Riley Murphy           Matthew Stoiber
Sarah Bellissimo        Lorraine Guerin         Paige Kuypers              Sean Murphy            Megan Tancill
Raquel Burish           Brian Hefty             Rachel Landgraf            Melissa Mutch          Hannah Tweed
Michael Byrne           JeongAh Heo             Eric Lang                  Luke Neumann           Conor Virnoche
Camilo Campo            Ruby Herrera            Katherine Langston         Claire Reichenbacher   Bayley Waters
Caroline Christianson   Kathleen Hetzel         Corrie Lee                 Jessica Rentmeester    Jonathan Wild
Rebecca Cray            Mark Holaday            Marie Luebke               Ashley Ring            Molly Winding
Alexandra Cross         Bat-Zion Hose           Eric Madsen                Patrick Roy

JUNIORS                 Clare Everts            Michele Lee                Zachary Munns          Barry Shepherd
Meagan Abbott           Nicholas Fahrney        Jack Lorge                 Thomas Murphy          Sun Ah Shin
Adam Argall             Connor Ford             Anna Lynn                  Audrey Netzel          Pete Sinhaseni
Karen Bauer             Breeze Fromm-Sarto      Khuaten Maaneb de Macedo   Quinn O’Mahar          Brittany Smith
Carl Beglinger          Elizabeth Grams         Andrew Mack                Matthew Peterson       Katherine Stein
Natasha Bogovich        Heather Grelle          Palmer Mathews             Tyler Piddington       Rachael Wabers
Spencer Brink           Rewais Hanna            Caitlin McHugh             Julia Pinckney         Christine Wacek
Courtney Burke          Sheridan Hearn          Erin McKenna               Meredith Pointer       Anna Wall
Patrick Carney          Michaela Johnke         Katherine McMahon          Jacob Power            Alexandra Wenman
Audrey Carr             Jennifer Kapinus        Molly Meriggioli           MacKenzy Price         Benjamin Winding
George Carr             Lisa Kaudasch           Alexandra Miller           Kelsey Rayment         Alexander Wolff
Thomas Dare             Michael Kuna            Paul Miller                Lauren Ruchti          Megan Wright
Carly Densmore          Matthew LaFond          Elizabeth Molina           Matthew Schemmel       Bennett Young
Elizabeth Dorn          Steffen Lake            David Mott                 Caitlyn Schumaker      Caroline Zellmer
Renna Durham            Meghan Lancaster        Mi Jo Mucklow              Kristen Semrow

SOPHOMORES              Maura Drabik            Emma Johnson               Cassidy McDonald       Francisco San Emeterio
Claire Afable           Ashley Everett          Lauren Keller              Lindsay McIvor         Nicholas Sanders
Kathryn Anderson        Emma Fahrney            Amanda Kelm                Michael McKernan       Elizabeth Schieldt
Jennifer Bird           Euan Findlater          Seo Kyung Ko               Natalie Meicher        Margaret Seibert
Emily Bongard           Brighton Fromm-Sarto    Madeline Kothe             Hannah Mello           John Tancill
Steven Brist            Sheila Ghanian          Ukhyun Kwun                John Merfeld           Max Thongnuam
Lauren Carufel-Wert     John Goodwin            Austin Lacey               Matthew Molina         Anne-Sophie Tomé
Alexa Chanos            Alison Guse             Katie-Mae Lamb             Cruz Morales           Marieke Van Rybroek
Claire Checovich        Paige Haefer            Mia Lenling                Jackson Moran          Kathleen Wall
Mikayla Chryst          Zachary Harrington      Monica Luebke              Sara Murphy            John Wendorf
Kristen Cobb            Michelle Heckman        Ashley Manuel              Jessie O’Brien         Alicia Wilson
Lily Comp               Anna Heffernan          Carolin Marschke           Thomas Richards        Sang In Woo
Patrick Corcoran        Sarah Hose              Niall Martin               Matthew Ripple         Ashley Zimdars
Charles Davis           Andrew Ibach            Regan McCoshen             Kayla Sampson

FRESHMEN                Mackenzie Engel         Sarah Kuypers              Claire Parker          Kyle Treige
Blaine Barker           Samantha Foti           Chae Eun Lee               John Phelan            Kelli Wahlin
Joshua Bogovich         Molly Fox               Eunchang Lee               William Ploch          Natalie Walsh
Evan Bondoc             Nathaniel Graham        Jung Woo Lee               Alexander Politowicz   Danielle Weaver
Jack Buettner           Thomas Hellenbrand      Courtney Link              Mackenzie Rehm         Alexander Wendler
Grace Bushong           Luis Herrera            Martha Longley             Logan Renfert          Benjamin Winesett
Natalie Cowgill         Rachel Hildebrand       Rebecca Lucarelli          Trevor Roessler        Sarah Wolff
Ryan Cray               Ellen Hoffman           Aaron Mack                 Lyndsay Schmitt        Claire Young
Alexa Cuta              Aaron Imholte           Samuel Madsen              Megan Schomaker        Mark Zanoya
McKenna De Chant        Anna Jacobsen           Catherine Maher            Mari Schroeder         Katherine Zellmer
David-Michael DeGuire   Maura Johnson           Jack McLaughlin            Madeline Schwartz      Joel Zimbrick
Colten DeMorett         Victoria Kennedy        John McMahon               Hyunah Sim
Stephen Dorn            Wooyoun Kim             Kaitlyn McNally            Ryan Simon
Jacob Dragoo            Tristan Kuna            Lauren Netzel              Jenna Tipple

                         2010–2011 SECOND SEMESTER HONOR ROLL
                                        GRADE POINT AVERAGE OF 3.5–3.74

SENIORS                  Gloria Hacker                   Brock Pavlik                Catherine Snider
Allison Acker            Johnathan Kapinus               Benjamin Pickett            Sarah Snyder
Melanie Chanos           Luke Landgraf                   Sam Rothrock                Michael Street
Kevin Clancy             Claire Lawrence                 Tyler Salzwedel             Stefanie Tschoeke
Stephanie Derr           Jonathan Locast                 Melinda Shafranski          Eric Wendorf
Olivia Dittmann          Celeste Lourigan                Emily Sharata               Alexander Witz
Emily Flach              Kody Parman                     Emma Sheahan

JUNIORS                  Elizabeth Cody                  Madeline Meier              Nicholas Utter
Jaruwitt Akarasiriwong   John Docter                     Nicholas Mullane            Bridget Walker
Jason Arnold             Katherine Gehrmann              Tania Pincheira-Berthelon   Juliana Wolnak
Patrick Barney           Allison Grode                   Devon Richards              Matthew Wolter
Scott Bauer              Thomas Johnke                   Samuel Richards
Anthony Burrows          Steven Larsen                   Cole Thongnuam

SOPHOMORES               Sally Fox                       Morgan Molitor              Peter Schuetz
Brendan Anderson         Alexa Greytak                   Julia Opel                  Mary Kate Van Wagner
Navdeep Bamrah           Elizabeth Hefty                 Elizabeth Paradise          Matthew Virnoche
Ella Beckman             Sarah Hose                      Elizabeth Ploch             Nicholas Wiese
Joah Carlson             Bernard Johnson                 Marcella Prince             Alicia Wilson
Marigrace Carney         Marina Kinney                   Graham Provencher           Samuel Wolfe
Colleen Crooks           Timothy Landgraf                Alyce Reichenbacher
Connor Curliss           Cassandra Lipowski              Anthony Schaefer
Benjamin Darien, Jr.     Patrick McKenna                 Samuel Schemmel

FRESHMEN                 Ashley Derr                     Brennan Lauer               Haley Schwenn
Alan Anderson            Robert Dunn                     Daniel Lee                  Morgan Seaton
Nicholas Braddock        Max Edmonds                     Liam McDonald               Peter Stein
Danielle Burrows         Colin Fitzpatrick               Shelby Mueller              Payton teDuits
Dillon Byrne             Emily Garson                    Hannah O'Dea                Dylan Todd
Colin Callahan           Kianna Hanson                   Patrick O'Meara             Deirdre Turner
Kevin Daniels            Anh Nguyen Hoang                Samuel Pickett              Patrick Wilson
John Decker              Margaret Korb                   Juan San Emeterio

Preparing for 2011-2012 School Year                                         PARKING LOT PASSES:
By Shannon McDonough, Assistant Principal                                      Parking lot passes will be given out on a very limited basis.
   As we get ready for the upcoming school year, I would like to            Students are asked to come to school prepared with lunches; books,
provide EHS families information to frequently asked questions              athletic gear, and all other belongings needed for the school day.
pertaining to the start of school and general rules that apply to all
EHS students throughout the school year.                                    DRESS CODE:
                                                                            What can my child wear to school?
PARKING:                                                                        Please refer to the Student Handbook for a complete explanation
When will parking stickers be given out to seniors?                         of the EHS dress code. We expect our students to dress in a manner
    Seniors in good disciplinary standing have already been offered a       appropriate for a Catholic school. Boys must wear belts to hold up
parking permit for the 2011-12 school year. Parking stickers must be        loose-fitting baggy pants. For girls, any top that is too tight, displays
picked up on first day of school in the Student Services Office. The        cleavage or allows for the stomach and/or back to be seen is
Commons lot is the lot designated for students with permits. Seniors        inappropriate at school. Any bottoms for males or females must come
are the only students allowed to park in the high school lot until          to the knee or below. Athletic or knit pants are not allowed. Please
juniors are given parking stickers. No other students are allowed to        make note of guidelines in the Student Handbook regarding Dress-up
use the lot at any time during school hours.                                Days (the first which will be on August 19, 2011). Boys must wear a
                                                                            dress shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes. Girls must wear dress
When will juniors be offered a chance to obtain a parking permit?           slacks or skirt (at or below the knee), dress top and shoes. Any
    Due to larger class sizes as well as increased number of faculty and    student not adhering to the dress code on any day will need to have
staff in need of on campus parking there will be a very limited             a parent/guardian bring a change of clothes to wear before being
number of parking spots offered to juniors. In early August,                allowed to return to classes for the day. Our parents have been
information regarding a parking lottery will be sent in the mail to         wonderful in supporting this rule and we appreciate all your help at
juniors. The parking lottery will be held after we complete two cycles      home. A helpful suggestion that has worked for many of our students
of the school year. It is our goal to maximize parking availability         is to store a change of dress clothing and in his/her locker. This way
without over-crowding the lot. Thank you for your patience and              if a student forgets a Liturgy Day or special event, he/she can correct
know that thorough communication will take place with families              the mistake without involving parents/guardians.
regarding this upcoming process.
                                                                            CELL PHONES/ELECTRONIC DEVICES
CLOSED CAMPUS:                                                                  Cell phones, iPods or any other electronic devices are not allowed
What does closed campus mean?                                               during the school day. Students are allowed to access phone
    EHS is a “closed campus.” No student may leave the building at          messages/texts as well as make calls during open mods and lunch mods
any time without permission from a parent/guardian. This includes           in the designated area, outside the Commons doors, only.
going out to the student parking lot. Should your child become ill
during the school day, he/she must report to the General Office             IMPORTANT DATES EARLY IN THE SCHOOL YEAR:
before leaving so we can contact parents/guardians. Any time your           August 17         FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL
child arrives late to school or needs to leave early, he/she must check                       Freshmen Orientation – Freshmen meet
in and out in the Student Services Office. There needs to be a note or                        in the Commons at 7:50 a.m.
call from parents/guardian accompanying any such request. Emails                              Sophomore, Junior, & Senior –
will not be accepted. Your child’s safety is of the utmost concern to all                     Staggered late start
of us. Please help us reiterate the importance of this to your child.
                                                                            August 24                    New Student Induction
LATE ARRIVAL/EARLY DISMISSAL:                                                                            6:30 p.m. in the Wilke Gym
What is Late Arrival and Early Dismissal?                                                                (parents/guardians should attend event
     Sophomores, juniors and seniors in good standing, who have Mod                                      with child)
1 and/or consecutive mods at the end of the school day unassigned to        August 31                    Senior College Planning Night
a class, who receive written parental/guardian permission may request                                    (junior and senior parents
late arrival and/or early dismissal privileges.                                                          and students invited)
     Students who are eligible for late arrival and/or early dismissal      September 14                 Back-to-School Night
privileges must complete a Late Arrival/Early Dismissal Parental                                         An opportunity to meet your
Permission Form which will be distributed to students in the                                             child’s teachers
Commons after the first cycle of school is completed.                       A more complete calendar of special dates for the year may be found
     Late arrival/early dismissal privileges will not be effective until    on page 15.
it is printed on student schedules. If a student comes to school late
or leaves school early without their schedule indicating late                  I hope that this information helps you when planning for the
arrival/early dismissal, they will be considered off campus which has       upcoming school year. The energy is consistently building for a fun
a consequence of a one day in-school suspension. It is important to         and exciting 2011-2012. We are looking forward to a great year!
discuss this with your child. Thank you in advance for your patience
as this privilege will not be in place until school the first few cycles
are completed and scheduling snafus are worked through.

“To Read, Or Not To Read,”                             American Literature
                                                       Students are required to read one book from the
                                                                                                                World Literature
                                                                                                                Students will select one of the following works.
Is NOT The Question                                    following list. Assessment will be any or all of the     Evaluation will be an essay in which students
                                                       following: discussion in small groups, objective         connect the work to literary themes discussed in
   To provide students with many
                                                       test, analytical essay, and/or a project that includes   the course.
opportunities to read a wide range of                  a writing assignment.                                    Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt (Frank
literature that is rich in quality and
                                                       The Road by Cormac McCarthy (This                        McCourt, born in Depression-era Brooklyn and
representative of various historical periods           postapocalyptic novel tells of a father and son’s        raised in the slums of Limmerick, Ireland,
and cultures, the English Department                   great love which sustains them as they journey           chronicles his survival and triumph.)
requires ALL students in ALL courses to read           through burned America.)                                 Tortilla Curtain by T. Corahessan Boyle (This
both classical and contemporary works                  Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier (This book              contemporary novel asks the reader to think, to
during the summer months. Students will be             focuses on a Civil War soldier’s odyssey to return       evaluate and to reevaluate thinking about middle
evaluated on their summer reading at the               home to North Carolina.)                                 class values, illegal immigration, poverty and
beginning of the fall semester if the course                                                                    environmental destruction.)
meets for the entire year or for the fall              British Literature
                                                       Students will select one of the following works.         AP English
semester, and in January if the course is a
                                                       Evaluation will be discussion in small groups and        Students in AP English are required to read Jane
second semester course. Evaluation will be in
                                                       a project that includes a writing assignment.            Eyre, 1984, The Kite Runner, and one Japanese
the form of essays, discussions, projects                                                                       novel from the list below. For the Japanese work,
and/or objective exams. Following is a list of         The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein (Bilbo Baggins, a
                                                       respectable, well-to-do hobbit, lives comfortably        students will participate in reading groups and
required books for each English course and                                                                      write an essay.
                                                       in his hobbit hole until the day the wandering
the type of assessment. (Students will be able         wizard Gandalf chooses him to take part in an            Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (paper analyzing
to pick up their summer reading books from             adventure from which he may never return.)               literary elements of the work)
the EHS Business Office in late May.)                                                                           1984 by George Orwell (paper analyzing literary
                                                       Lord of the Flies by William Golding (This is a
                                                       classic tale of a group of British school boys who       elements of the work)
2011 EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL                              are stranded on an unpopulated island. They must         The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (group
SUMMER READING LIST                                    confront not only the defects of their society but       project that includes writing activities)
English I                                              also the defects of their own natures.)                  Japanese novels - select one
Incoming freshmen are required to read one book        1984 by George Orwell (In this novel, Orwell             Black Rain by Masuji Ibuse (This novel is
from the following list. Assessment will be a          portrays life under a totalitarian government.           based on the experiences of Hiroshima survivors.
discussion in small reading groups and either          Students will learn the true meaning of “Big             Written in diary form, it tells the story of
a book review or a paper on setting, character,        Brother is Watching!”)                                   Mr. Shigematsu who is searching for a suitable
and theme.                                                                                                      husband for his beloved niece; she was
                                                       American Literature - Honors                             contaminated by radiation from the “black rain.”
Secret Life of Bees by Susan Monk Kidd (This is
                                                       The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (paper on themes            Through the diary entries, the reader experiences
the story of a young girl’s journey toward healing,
                                                       and relationships and possible group project)            not only the terror of the bombing but also how
and of finding, at its end, not only wholeness, but
                                                       The Color Purple by Alice Walker (comparison-            people cope and adjust under extreme
the intrinsic sacredness of living in the world.)
                                                       contrast essay with The Scarlet Letter)                  conditions.)
Night by Elie Wiesel (This book, considered a                                                                   The Doctor’s Wife by Sawako Ariyoshi (Based on
                                                       Fences by August Wilson (discussion and scene
classic of Holocaust literature, is Wiesel’s candid,                                                            the lives of an actual doctor and his family who
                                                       performances with Death of a Salesman)
horrific, and deeply saddening autobiographical                                                                 lived during the late Tokugawa era, this novel
account of surviving the Holocaust while a young       Ah, Wilderness! by Eugene O’Neill (discussion
                                                                                                                explores the roles of women within traditional
teenager.)                                             and scene performances with Long Day’s Journey
                                                                                                                family structure, especially the conflict between
                                                       Into Night)
                                                                                                                mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.)
English II
                                                       British Literature - Honors                              Kitchen and Moonlight Shadow by Banana
Sophomores are required to read one book from
                                                       Assessment will be essays and objective tests.           Yoshimoto (Told in a whimsical style, Kitchen and
the following list. Assessment will be discussions
                                                       Great Expectations by Charles Dickens                    its companion story, Moonlight Shadow, are tales
in small reading groups and a project that
                                                                                                                of young adults coping with death, loneliness and
includes a writing assignment.                         Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones (This fable-like novel,
The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver (This             set on a tropical island shattered by war, celebrates
                                                       the resilience of the human spirit. As artillery         The Samurai by Endo Shusaku (Endo bases his
funny, inspiring book traces the journey of a
                                                       resounds from the mountains, children on the             novel on an actual 16th-century voyage of
young woman across the country where she
                                                       island are captivated by a young London orphan           Hasekura and three other low ranking samurai
discovers the difficulties of single parents
                                                       named Pip. While reading Great Expectations to           who are sent on a trade mission first to Mexico
and of people who are impoverished, abused,
                                                       his class, Mr. Watts tells the students, “A person       and then to Spain and Rome. They are
disenfranchised, and disabled. From her journey,
                                                       entranced by a book simply forgets to breathe.”)         accompanied by Father Velasco, an ambitious
the heroine learns the importance of family,
                                                                                                                Franciscan missionary and interpreter. In his
community and self-reliance.)                          Advanced and Creative Writing                            work, Endo masterfully evokes the struggle
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time               Friday Night Lights by H. G. Bissinger (This             between the Western individual and the Japanese
Indian by by Sherman Alexie (Mr. Alexie uses           work documents a Texas town’s worshipful                 collective identity and explores themes of honor,
wit and humor to write a bittersweet, intense          support of its high school football team and             faith and human endurance.)
coming-of-age story. Budding cartoonist Junior         follows that team through its season.)                   Modern Drama
leaves his troubled school on the Spokane Indian
                                                       American Multicultural Literature                        Biloxi Blues by Neil Simon (scene performance)
Reservation to attend an all-white farm town
                                                       A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines (essay         Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams
school where the only other Native American is
                                                       test)                                                    (essay comparisons with another Williams play)
the school mascot.)

                                                                                            Draft As of 6/13/11

     Sun          Mon           Tue                Wed                   Thu          Fri               Sat
                                                                                       1                 2

      3              4            5                  6                     7          8                  9
           4th of July

     10             11           12                 13                    14          15                16

     17             18           19                 20                    21          22                23
                                                                  11:00 a.m. – 6:00

     24             25           26                 27                    28          29                30
                         11:00 a.m. – 6:00

     31     Summer       OPEN:               All offices closed   Building closed
                         Mon –Thurs.         Fridays from         Monday, July 4
            Hours at     8:00 a.m. – 4:00    week of June 6
                         p.m.                through August
           Edgewood                          5.


For Athletic Information, please go to www.highschoolsports.net
Please note: Event dates may change
                                                                                                                 Draft As of 6/13/11

        Sun                 Mon                    Tue                  Wed            Thu               Fri                   Sat
                             1                      2                    3              4                 5                     6
                                                                                                                       Yearbook Signing
                                                                                                                       Party 12:00 – 3:00

          7                    8                     9                    10            11                 12                   13

         14                   15                    16                 17 !            18     "       19        #               20
                     Faculty In-Service    Faculty In-Service    First Day of School              LITURGY DAY          EAA Raffle
                                           Band/Orchestra        SPECIAL                          SCHEDULE
                                           Orientation 12:00     SCHEDULE                         Back – To-School
                                           p.m./Band Rm.         Freshmen                         LITURGY
                                                                 Orientation with                 EPC Coffee 7:30 –
                                                                 Link Crew 7:50 a.m.              9:00 a.m.

         21                   $
                            22$                  23 %                  24 &            25 !            26 "                     27
                                                                 New Student
                                                                 Induction 6:30 p.m.

         28                29 #                  30 $                  31 %
                     Fall Play Auditions   Fall Play Auditions   Senior College
                                                                 Planning Night
                                                                 6:30 p.m.


                     EDGE ON THE RUN
                       Edgewood Crusaders Athletics News
                                                                                                               By Chris Zwettler, Athletic Director

                                                                                         For sports schedule updates, visit www.edgewoodhs.org

2011 Senior Athletic Awards                                              Fall Sports - First Day of Practice
                                                                         Football                               August 3
James D. Farley Scholarship     Bruin Armwald & Hannah Elfman
                                                                         Girls’ Golf                            August 8
Raymond Patrick Sweeney Award                         Gary King
                                                                         Boys’ Soccer                           August 8
                                                  Megan Tancill
                                                                         Girls’ Tennis                          August 9
Berigan Memorial Award for Football              Camilo Campo
                                                                         Girls’ Swim/Dive                       August 9
Flad Memorial Award                       Christopher Beglinger
                                                                         Boys’ & Girls’ Cross Country           August 15
Earl J. Wilke Leadership Award                  Kathleen Hetzel
                                                                         Girls’ Volleyball                      August 15
                                             Hans Meixelsperger
Sanna Memorial Award for Track                   Eileen Gehring
                                             Johnathan Kapinus
                                                                         Earl J. Wilke Golf Outing
                                                                            The 20th Annual EJ Wilke Golf Outing benefiting the Edgewood
Jim McCormick Memorial Award for Baseball          Kody Parman
                                                                         Athletic Program drew 136 golfers and raised over $40,000. Thank
Jim McCormick Memorial Award for Softball         Megan Tancill
                                                                         you to all who supported this important event!
Hoffman Memorial Award                         Mackenzie Reese

Tom McCormick Memorial Award for Golf
                                                 Hannah Tweed
                                                   Kevin Curliss
                                                                         Upcoming Athletic Fundraisers
                                           Claire Reichenbacher          Save the Date for an Evening of Fun!
Wisconsin Football Foundation Award              Camilo Campo               The Edgewood Athletic Association Raffle is Saturday, August 20.
WIAA Scholar Athlete Nominees                    Chris Beglinger         This great end-of-summer event buys you dinner, fun and a chance
                                                Hannah Elfman            to win $10,000. Buy your ticket from any Edgewood Athletic
Spring Special Award Winners:                                            Association board member or call Chris Zwettler at 257.1023 x144.
Boys’ Track                                  Johnathan Kapinus           Tickets are $100 each. (Raffle ticket not necessary to attend).
Girls’ Track                                     Eileen Gehring          NFL Football Craze Raffle
Girls’ Soccer                                   Hannah Elfman                Back by popular demand (assuming there is an NFL season!!!)!
Softball                                          Heather Grelle         This fundraiser actually runs throughout the entire football season –
Baseball                                           Tony Everard          17 weeks of fun and a chance for you to win some cash all while
Boys’ Golf                                          Steffen Lake         supporting EHS athletics! Weekly prizes total $1,010. Each family of
Boys’ Tennis                                                TBA          a student=athlete is asked to sell 6 tickets at $20 each. The tickets will
                                                                         be mailed to you this summer and the total, $120, will be charged to
Physicals– IMPORTANT!                                                    your student’s account. You may sell the tickets to family and friends
   Make sure your student-athlete has the proper physical card           or keep them all for yourself and increase your chances of winning
submitted to the Athletic Department before the first day of practice.   with high score and low score totals, plus other stats from each week’s
Contact Chris Zwettler at 257.1023 x144 if you have any questions.       NFL game results.
                                                                             If you have any questions regarding either of these Crusader
                                                                         fundraisers, please contact Chris Zwettler at 257.1023 x144.

                                    Get ready for the new school year
                                   and stock up on all your spirit-wear!

             Edgewood clothing, Eddie items,                                                         Not sure what to get?
                                                                                                     An Eddie’s gift card is
                 and other merchandise.                                                               always the right fit.
                      Visit us at the back of the Commons.
                                                                                                        School-year hours:
                      We’ll also be at some home
                                                                                                     Mon 2:30-4 • Wed & Fri 11-1
                 volleyball, football and soccer games!
                                                                                                   All sales benefit Edgewood Athletics

Spring Sports Update                                                    SOFTBALL
                                                                            The Softball Team finished the year with an overall record of 14-8
BASEBALL                                                                and a conference record of 7-5, which gave them 3rd Place in
   The Baseball Team finished 1st Place in Conference this year and     Conference and the first winning season since joining the Badger
were Regional and Sectional Champs, advancing to State! The team        Conference. The team won the Regional for only the second time in
was defeated by Spooner, who advanced to the State final game where     history, advancing to the Sectional Semi-final. All-Conference: 1st
they lost to Ripon. All-Conference: 1st Team – Michael Pleimling,       Team – Megan Tancill and Rachael Wabers; 2nd Team – Heather
Paul Mutch and Jack Reiland; 2nd Team – Kody Parman, Chris              Grelle and Maggie Seibert; Honorable Mention – Cassie Lipowski.
Anderson, Kevin Cobb and Ben Young; Honorable Mention – Jack            Congratulations go to Coach Amanda Slater on a successful first year
Zwettler. Congratulations go to the team and Coach Newton!              and to the girls on a great season!

BOYS’ GOLF                                                              BOYS’ TENNIS
    The Boys Golf Team had another sensational year, taking 1st             The Boys’ Tennis Team finished 1st in the Badger Conference for
Place in the Badger Conference for the sixth straight year and,         the fifth straight year and went on to qualify for Team-State for the
coming from behind after the first day’s play, placing 2nd at the       eighth year in a row by winning the WIAA Sectional Tournament.
WIAA State Meet! All-City: 1st Team – Kevin Curliss, Steffen Lake       Individual State qualifiers: Singles – Austin Papenthien (6th), Patrick
and Johnny Decker; 2nd Team – Gage Mauer and Tom Murphy. All-           Carney and Zach Munns; Doubles – Tyler Piddington/Ben Winding
Conference: Curliss, Lake, Maurer and Decker. Academic All-State:       (3rd) and Scott Bauer/Bruin Armwald. At Team-State, the boys lost
Lake and Murphy. Congratulations go to Coach Ring and the team          to eventual state champions University School. Congratulations go to
on another successful year!                                             Coach Chullino and the team on another awesome year!

GIRLS’ SOCCER                                                           TRACK
    The Girls’ Soccer Team ended with a conference record of 6-0-0,        The Girls’ Track Team finished in 4th place in Conference. The
placing 1st in the Badger South Conference and took the State           team had many accomplishments including Eileen Gehring breaking
Championship! The team had one of the toughest schedules in the         the city record in the 400-meter dash. They took 1st at Regionals and
state, playing many of the top Division 1 teams, which prepared them    3rd at Sectionals. At State, the girls placed 4th, only 2 points away
for another trip to State. All-Conference: 1st Team – Hannah Elfman,    from the championship. State qualifiers: Gehring, Kelli McKenna,
JoJo Chryst, Devon Richards and Molly Meriggioli; 2nd Team –            Erin McKenna, Courtney Link and Hannah Tweed. The Boys’ Track
Mackenzie Reese, Stefanie Tschoeke and Lorraine Guerin; Honorable       Team placed 6th in Conference with Joe McKenna qualifying for
Mention – Erin Mulvoy. Congratulations go to the girls and Coach        State in the 1600 and 3200, placing 9th and 2nd respectively.
Martinelli for a tremendous season!                                     Congratulations go to both the girls and boys as well as Coach

                     Would you like your son or daughter to be able to charge
                     their Eddie’s Outfitters purchases to their EHS account?
                                If so, simply complete this form and return it to Eddie’s Outfitters.
     NOTE: Students will not be able to charge to their account the day they return the form as it needs to be processed through
     the business office. However, the next time they come in, they will be all set.

     Student Name(s): ______________________________________________

     My son/daughter has my permission to charge Eddie’s Outfitters purchases to our family’s Edgewood High
     School account for the 2011-2012 school year.

     Maximum amount per purchase: $ ________________                   Maximum amount per school year: $ ________________

     Student ID(s): ________________________________________________                  Account #: ___________________

     Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________                  Date: ___________________

                                                        Thank you!
                                 We Appreciate Your Generosity This Past Year!
              Thanks go to all the parents/guardians who have partnered with EHS through the Four-Front or Parent Pledge Program
             or other Annual Fund gift. Listed below are the families who participated during the 2010-2011 fiscal year (as of June 15).
Jan R. & Sara L. Acker                      Alan S. & Jane D. Findlater             Patrick J. & Kelly M. Link                  Michael E. & Stacey A. Sanders
Mark V. & Margaret A. Afable                Mark A. & Linda K. Finger               Mark S. Lipowski                            Amy K. Schiebel
Lizzeth W. Altamirano & Judith C. Shaffer   Earl B. Fischer &                       Ronald P. & Mary M. Locast                  Kathryn A. (Wahlin ’83) &
LTC Peter K., Jr. & Jackie Anderson            Dorothy A. Crawford-Fischer          Christopher M. & Sheila D. Luken               Andrew K. Schieldt
Jeffery C. & Elaine R. Anderson             Dianne M. Fisher                        Dennis P. & Valerie A. Mack                 Jeffrey M. & Anita T. Schmidt
Scott M. & Laura M. Anderson                Michael F. Fitzpatrick                  Karl C. & Cheri B. Madsen                   William A., PhD & Julie A. Schmitt
Peter J. & Kari S. Annen                    Sarah L. Flanagan                       David J. & Kathleen M. Mahoney              Dorothy W. Schoenberg
Todd G. & Mary A. Argall                    Michael P., MD & Deborah L. Ford        Jonathan E., PhD & Minh D. Martin           Joseph A. & Jennifer M. Schomaker
Andris A. & Jennifer K. Arians              William E. & Margaret M. Fox            Thomas J. & Audrey M. Martorana             Brian A. & Sally G. Schroeder
David C. ’78 &                              Lisa M. Fromm-Sarto, PhD &              Kathleen A. McAleese                        John G., MD & Megan E. Schuetz
   Mary Beth Sweeney ’78 Arnold                Gloria E. Sarto, MD, PhD             Steven A. & Katharine S. McCosky            Paul L. & Jean M. Schwartz
Thomas R. & Michele R. Baer                 Mark A. Gehring                         William P. & Amy F. McDonald                William D. & Lynn M. Schweiger
James J. & Susan A. Bakke                   Michael D. Graham, PhD &                Alexander T. McDonell ’68 &                 Troy A. & Melinda R. Schwenn
Neal P., MD & Christine M. Barney              Mary Ellen Kraus, PhD                   Kim D. Gaffney                           Larry W. & Christine S. Seibert, MD
Lori K. Basche                              Michael J. & Dawn C. Grelle             Timothy R., MD & Maria A. McHugh            Jay R. & Catherine M. Sekelsky
Janet L. Bauer                              Michael J. Grode, DDS                   Timothy J. & Ann M. McIvor                  Preetmohinder S. & Parminder K. Sekhon
David P. ’79 & Jane E. Bauer                Terry W. Grosenheider & Ave M. Bie      Patrick A. & Pamela A. McKenna              Christopher J. & Marie A. Semrow
David J. & Theresa A. Beck-Engel            Paul C. Guerin & Jean A. Mescher        M. Scott & Wendie L. McKernan               Harry H., MD & Mary A. Sharata
Eric J. Beckman &                           Shawn D. Guse & Laura A. Dunek          Jonathan G., MD &                           David C. & Julie T. Sharp
   Peggy S. Breuer Beckman                  Dennis J. & Mary P. Haefer                 Elizabeth B. McLaughlin                  Nancy E. Sheahan & David R. Mittlesteadt
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John S. ’82 & Lisa M. Fahrney                  Brenda S. Kepler Leske, Psy.D.       James A. ’78 & Julie A. Sampson

Parent Participation in Fundraising                                               EHS 2011-2012 Calendar
Shows Impressive Increase                                                  July 21 & 26                                 Summer Registration
By Mary Link, Director of Institutional Advancement                        August 17                                      First Day of School
                                                                           August 20               Edgewood Athletic Association Raffle Event
     Thank you to all of the EHS parents and guardians who
                                                                           September 5                               Labor Day – No School
participated in the 2010-2011 Parent Pledge Program (for a complete
                                                                           September 7                   Memorial Prayer Service, 7:30 a.m.
list of donors see the facing page). Your contributions directly benefit
current students through enriched curriculum, enhanced Fine Arts           September 14                                Back-To-School Night
and Athletic programming and capital improvements. This year, more         September 26             Faculty Professional Development Mtg.
than 42% of current parents and guardians participated; this                                               (Students dismissed at 1:55 p.m.)
represents over a 50% increase in the participation rate over last year.   September 29                          Edgewood in the Community
WOW!                                                                       October 3–8                                    Homecoming Week
     Recently, I have had the opportunity to meet with a couple of         October 26                   Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
parents to discuss the Parent Pledge Program and they shared with me                                                          5:00–8:00 p.m.
how important it was for them to know that “every gift counts no           October 27                   Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
matter what the size.” This simple philosophy inspired them to make                                      9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. – No School
gifts knowing that if everyone participated we would reach our             October 28                         Faculty In-service – No School
participation rate and financial goals.                                    November 3                          Living the Mission Awards and
     I will again be hosting a table at Registration Days on Thursday,                                             Donor Recognition Dinner
July 21 and Tuesday, July 26 to distribute brochures summarizing           November 9      All Saints/All Souls Memorial Liturgy, 7:00 p.m.
fundraising efforts occurring throughout the school year and to            November 11            Trivia Night to benefit Music Department
answer questions regarding the Parent Pledge Programs and all other        November 14              Faculty Professional Development Mtg.
fundraising initiatives. I look forward to seeing you there.                                               (Students dismissed at 1:55 p.m.)
     Happy Summer!                                                         November 24–25                  Thanksgiving Break – No School
                                                                           December 19–22                         Fisrt Semester Final Exams
                                                                           December 23                                  End of First Semester
                                                                           December 26–January 3                             Christmas Break
                      Memorials                                            January 4                                           School resumes
                                                                                                              Beginning of Second Semester
   Edgewood High School received memorial gifts in honor of the            January 11                    Memorial Prayer Service, 7:30 a.m.
       following people between April 15 and June 15, 2011.                January 16            MLK Day/Faculty In-Service – No School
                                                                           January 30–February 3                        Catholic Schools Week
                            Laura G. Barden
                        Naomi J. Baumblatt ’79
                                                                           February 8           E-Club Event for Major Athletic Benefactors
                   Patricia A. Noltner Bourgeois ’54                       February 24                  Faculty/Staff In-service – No School
                             Gilbert F. Buege                              March 5                  Faculty Professional Development Mtg.
                             Robert J. Cuta                                                                (Students dismissed at 1:55 p.m.)
                           Lorraine A. Devitt                              March 15                     Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
                             Russell J. Devitt                                                                                5:00–8:00 p.m.
                           James E. Doyle, Jr.                             March 16                     Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
                          Michael R. Gorman                                                              9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. – No School
                       M. Michele Heinrichs ’73                            March 25              Encore Reception for Major Arts Supporters
                             Robert L. Janus                               March 28                      Memorial Prayer Service, 7:30 a.m.
                           James R. Kelly ’52
                                                                           April 3–9                                             Easter Break
                             Edward J. Kolb
                        Leo C. McDermott ’76
                                                                           April 10                                           School Resumes
                            Erin E. McKinley                               April 23                 Faculty Professional Development Mtg.
                     Janet A. Burger Meehan ’53                                                            (Students dismissed at 1:55 p.m.)
                          Adelia M. Pedracine                              April 27                                  Annual Auction & Social
                        Joan M. Pyre ’42 Estate                            May 4                              Faculty In-service – No School
                            Viola Rengstorff                               May 14-15                                      Senior Final Exams
                            Armella M. Ring                                May 16                           Honors Convocation, time TBA
                   Rev. Msgr. Wilfred J. Schuster ’39                                Graduation Liturgy, Buffet & Program, 6:00–9:00 p.m.
                              Gerda Sweet                                  May 17                                            Senior Class Trip
                           Leonard J. Wagner                               May 18                                                 Graduation
                           Paul A. Wagner ’64
                                                                           May 22-24                                 End of Year Final Exams
                           Regina A. Wagner
                                                                           May 25                                  Final Exam Make-Up Day
                                                                                                                     End of Second Semester
                                                                                                                           Last Day of School
                                                                           May 30                        Memorial Prayer Service, 7:30 a.m.
                                                                           June 8           Wilke Golf Outing to benefit Crusader Athletics
                                                                                                                                             Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                              Madison, WI
                                                                                                                                              Permit #649


                                    EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL MISSION
           Edgewood, a Catholic high school, educates the whole student for a life of learning, service and
  personal responsibility through a rigorous academic curriculum that embraces the Sinsinawa Dominican values of
                              Truth, Compassion, Justice, Community and Partnership.
              Edge on the News is published nine times throughout the year by Edgewood High School, 2219 Monroe St., Madison WI 53711,
        to keep parents/guardians informed of current and upcoming events affecting students and families. Relevant articles should be submitted to:
            EOTN Editor, Edgewood High School, 2219 Monroe St., Madison WI 53711 • okasjan@edgewood.k12.wi.us

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