The Flower Shop by xiaohuicaicai


									                                                         The Flower Shop
                                                          Grave Tending Service

Always remembering …                                  or annually and prices for
                                                      a standard visit start from
Nick Hopkins (pictured) is working with wife          just £12. Where required,
Sue to offer a valuable new service in the area.      visits can be timed to
Following comments from customers, The Flower         mark a significant date,
Shop in Horsley Woodhouse has introduced a            ie birthday, anniversary,
new service to help ensure a loved-one’s              Mothering Sunday etc.
resting place continues to be cared for as a          Following each visit Nick
lasting memorial. Many graves are now sadly           will provide a report of
neglected due to a variety of reasons. People         the work carried out,
lead busy lives - many are elderly, infirm or lack    together with a
the means of transport to visit the cemetery or       photograph of the grave.
churchyard. They may live away from the area,         These can be posted or emailed, as required.
even overseas. This is now no longer an obstacle.     For more information and full price details
Nick is able to tend the grave on the customer’s      give Nick or Sue a call on 01332 883228.
behalf to ensure it is maintained in their absence.
The service will include cleaning of the              Christmas Wreaths – Orders must be placed by
headstone and surround; cutting grass and             30 November
overgrown areas; removing litter, leaves and
decayed flowers. Nick’s wife Sue can provide          Nick will place a Holly wreath at a grave,
new flowers, plants and vases to order, and           memorial or crematorium for just £12 including
replace these at agreed intervals. Visits can be      delivery. If it is placed during a standard
single, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly     maintenance visit the wreath will cost just £10.

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