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									Communicating Your

Sonny Barber, IEEE Corporate
Molly McCluskey, IEEE Conference
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POCO – Prague – July 2009
    Communicating Your
    Conference: Telling Your Story

     Communicating In A
     Other Help For You
    Why Tell Your Story
     –Number of papers
     –Advertisers, exhibits

3    21-Sep-11
    How To Tell Your Story
     News release
     Web site
     Social Media
     –Facebook, MySpace
What Do Reporters Want?

 Newsworthy: of interest to your
 Timely: technology or applications
 being reported in the news and/or
 tech journals
 Problem solving: How can the
 technology create a better world
Understand Today’s Media
Journalists today
 Work on short deadlines
 Are short staffed and stretched thin
 Do not have the resources to cover
 the stories they used to cover
 Compete with social networks,
 Appreciate relationship-building
    How To Tell Your Story
     News release
     –Keep it short
     –Use lists rather than narrative
     –Tell facts, not hyperbole

7    21-Sep-11
    Public Relations & Media
     Builds relationships with “publics”
     Informs, educates, persuades to
    MR (A Subset of PR)
     Communicating through a
     journalist’s report or story provides
     credibility and exposure
8     21-Sep-11
Use your Web site to Attract
Members and the Media
Are you using your website to your
advantage? Or is it a missed
 Is it up to date? useful? Is it
Make it welcoming
Keep it simple
Tell who IEEE is and who you are
How to Get Journalists to
Your Event
 Follow up with media to check
 interest event
  – Ask:
     news release, materials reviewed?
     Interest in the story?
  – Coordinate an interview via phone
    with spokesperson or offer interviews
    at conference with noteworthy
  – Offer free conference attendance
     Your PR Toolkit
      Language that can be used in a variety
      of ways:
      – Mission statement
      – Summary blurb
      – Key messages/talking points
      – Elevator pitch
      – Press Release
      – IEEE Boilerplate
      Photographs from last year’s conference
      A spokesperson on standby
11     21-Sep-11
     Mission Statement

      Many conferences do this as part of
      their planning process.
      Keep it concise; why this conference?
      What purpose does it serve? What are
      you hoping to accomplish?

12     21-Sep-11
     Summary Blurb
      This is often a full paragraph (or two)
      that provides more details of your
      conference. It includes:
      – What it is
      – Key speakers
      – Sponsors
      – Web site
      – Any “special” characteristics
      Provides statements which can be
      excerpted into other communications
13    tools
     Summary Blurb: Example
      The International Test Conference (ITC), the cornerstone of
      TestWeek™ events, is the world's premier conference
      dedicated to the electronic test of devices, boards and
      systems-covering the complete cycle from design verification,
      test, diagnosis, failure analysis and back to process and
      design improvement. At ITC, test and design professionals can
      confront the challenges the industry faces, and learn how
      these challenges are being addressed by the combined efforts
      of academia, design tool and equipment suppliers, designers,
      and test engineers. TestWeek will take place 1-6 November
      2009, which will include ITC on 3-5 November 2009 in Austin,
      Texas. The conference will focus on the following: Adaptive
      Test, Built-In Self-Test, Low-Cost ATE, RF Test, Test Data
      Analysis, and many more topics.
      This year's General Chair is Prof. Gordon Roberts, McGill
      ITC is cosponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and the
      IEEE Philadelphia Section.
News Brief
      IEEE Fellow Saifur Rahman to Speak at Energy Camp
        Conference 18 May

      11 May – Saifur Rahman, IEEE Fellow and vice president
      for new initiatives and outreach, IEEE Power and Energy
      Society, will be a featured speaker at Energy Camp 2009,
      a conference that will address the reduction of IT-related
      carbon footprints. Rahman will participate on the "Public
      Resources: What Are Various Consortia and Government
      Organizations Up To?” on 18 May. He will be joined by
      Andrew Fanara, ENERGY STAR product specifications
      development group, United States Environmental
      Protection Agency, and Jeff Omelchuck, executive director,
      EPEAT and Green Electronics Council.
 15       21-Sep-11
     Key Messages
      The International Test Conference is:
      – the cornerstone of TestWeek™ events
      – the world's premier conference
        dedicated to the electronic test of
        devices, boards and systems
      – covers the complete cycle from design
        verification, test, diagnosis, failure
        analysis and back to process and design

16     21-Sep-11
     Elevator Pitch:

      ITC is the premiere conference
      dedicated to the electronic test of
      devices, boards and systems. It’s
      celebrating its 40th Anniversary
      November 3-5 in Austin TX as part of
      Test Week™.

17     21-Sep-11
Press Release
Elements of a press
•Attention catching
title, expanded
•Summary sentence
or two (can be pulled
from key messages.
•Quote from high-
ganizer about the
importance of event
•Contact information

 18   21-Sep-11
      About IEEE
      IEEE is the world's largest technical professional
      association, with more than 375,000 members in 160
      countries, and a leading authority on technology-related
      matters ranging from aerospace systems, computers
      and telecommunications to biomedical engineering,
      electric power and consumer electronics. IEEE publishes
      30 percent of the world's literature in the electrical and
      electronics engineering and computer science fields, has
      developed nearly 900 active industry standards and
      annually sponsors more than 850 conferences
      worldwide. Learn how the IEEE fosters technological
      innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity at

19     21-Sep-11
Social Media

Set up a Facebook page
– For annual conferences
– Build attendee base year over year

Set up Twitter account
– Develop following
Social Media - Twitter
Communications: Part
of Conference Planning

Create communications plan in
early stages of conference
 – Designate PR contact,
 – Media to contact with calendar
 – Key messages (important points
   about the conference)
     Where To Tell Your Story
      IEEE journals/magazines
      Other professional society pubs
      Commercial technical publications
      News Wires
       –Distributes to many pubs

23    21-Sep-11
     Where To Tell Your Story
      Technology News Wires
      Computerworld | | | Reuters | TechWeb
      News | URLwire | Venturewire | Wired
      News | ZDNet
      Science News Wires
      BioMedNet | Environment News Service
      | AP (Newsday) | Reuters |

24    21-Sep-11
     Communicating In A Crisis
      Crisis: Situation which may harm
      the reputation of IEEE
      Immediate Crisis Situations
      – Death of attendee/other, natural
      Lesser crisis or issue with potential
      negative impact
      – Financial improprieties revealed,
        plagiarism, inappropriate behavior
25    21-Sep-11
     Communicating In A Crisis
      Next: Communicate situation to
      What to communicate
      – What, Where, When
      – Injuries, business losses, etc.
      – What steps taken to respond to crisis
      – Media inquiries, authorities involved

26    21-Sep-11
     Communicating In A Crisis
      Only designated, approved
      spokespersons may speak on behalf
      of IEEE
       The IEEE Crisis and Issues
      Communications Team (CICT)
      – Clearinghouse for communications
      – Comprised of IEEE Corporate staff

27    21-Sep-11
     Communicating In A Crisis

      When confronted by media
      – Refer to Corp. Communications
      – 01 732 465 5865
      – 01 732 562 6823
      – Or send us an email
      Web site for Contact Information
28    21-Sep-11
    IEEE Visual
•   Using IEEE brand consistently builds
    instant recognition over time
•   should be prominent in all
•   Horizontal format is approved use
    • With 125th anniversary tagline for 2009
•   Always use letters I-E-E-E in
•   Use the full name on legal
    documents only.
 Where Can You Find the Most
 Up-to-date IEEE Information?
About IEEE
 – Quick Facts: Year end
   data; some midyear
 – Annual Statistics, annual
   report, others
Volunteer Resources

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