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Google Applications Scavenger Hunt
Directions: Answer all questions below on an MS word Document. Be sure to save it as:

Last name google apps in your period folder.

Google Search

Use this Google Calculator Cheat Sheet or this page .

      3456 + 78091 =
      780459 - 3791 =
      45 x 67 =
      700000 / 89 =
      What is 33% of 34,567?
      How many inches are in 5 miles?
      How many minutes are in 40 years?
      What's the equivalent of $20 in the currency of the Czech Republic?
      What's the radius of Neptune? and what do you have to enter into the search box
       to get this number?
      Name a movie and where it's playing in the 60637 zip code.
      What is patent 5123123 for?
      What is the price of Apple Inc.'s stock today?
      How much is college tuition per year at most California state colleges.
Google Earth
   1. Fly to the most favorite place you have ever visited. Write down the latitude and
   2. Do the same for a place you would like to visit. Label it.
   3. Do the same for a place where your family is from.
   4. What is the latitude and longitude of the California state capital?

Random Stuff

   1. What's the definition of geocoding? (use Search for this)
   2. What is the current population of Brazil, Pakistan and India?

Fun Earth Stuff

In GoogleEArth go to tools, ruler and path

   1. Exactly how far is it around the Tiger Track here at Pasteur.
   2. How far is it to your house from school?
   3. How far is it around the “Big Island” of Hawaii?

   Using an appropriate Google tool find….

          o   What is the length of the Mississippi River?
          o   What is the date of birth of Johnny Depp?
          o   What political party did Theodore Roosevelt belong to?
          o   Who discovered neon?
          o   What constellation does the star Sirius belong to?
          o   How much did a typical stegosaurus weigh?
          o   What is the elevation of Jackson, Wyoming?
          o   What is the elevation of New Orleans, Louisiana?
          o   How many moons does Pluto have?
          o   What position does Alex Rodriguez play in baseball?
          o   How many people does Apple employ?
          o   What is Apple's ticker symbol?
          o   What is the flower of Illinois?
          o   What is Leonardo di Caprio's nationality?
          o   What is the gross domestic product of Mexico?
          o   What is the gross domestic product of China?

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