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									Additional Life Insurance
Answers to your questions about coverage from Standard Insurance Company




About This Booklet
This booklet is designed to answer some common questions about the group Additional Life insurance coverage offered to the eligible employees in your company. It is not intended to provide a detailed description of the coverage. Refer to the Coverage Highlights for additional details of the plan. If coverage becomes effective and you become insured, you will receive a certificate containing a detailed description of the insurance coverage including the definitions, exclusions, limitations, reductions and terminating events. The controlling provisions will be in the group policy. Neither this booklet nor the certificate modify the group policy or the insurance coverage in any way. Please note that defined terms and provisions from the group policy are italicized in this booklet. Features of the group Additional Life coverage may vary by state.

Additional Life Insurance Features
It’s not easy to think about, but what if you suddenly died? Your family could be faced with house payments, unpaid bills, childcare and other expenses just to maintain their current lifestyle. Could your family live without your income? Would your family be able to cover the medical expenses associated with a terminal illness or with burial and funeral expenses? You make a great investment in your family. You spend time with them. You care for them. You work for them. And if you’re not there for them, you want them protected. Your employer provides you with a basic amount of Group Life insurance to help protect your loved ones in the event of your death. Since every employee’s needs are different, your employer also provides you with the opportunity to apply for Additional Life insurance from Standard Insurance Company. The advantages to you and your loved ones include: • Choice – You decide how much coverage you need from the range of amounts available. The Coverage Highlights provide you with additional details of the plan. • Flexibility – If your needs change, you may request to change the amount of coverage. Increases in coverage require evidence of insurability. • Convenience – With premiums deducted directly from your paycheck, you don’t have to worry about mailing monthly payments. • Peace of Mind – You can take comfort and satisfaction in knowing that you have done something positive for your family’s future.

Commonly Asked Questions
The following information provides details to give you a better understanding of the group Additional Life insurance available from The Standard. Please also refer to the Coverage Highlights for additional details of the plan.

When does my insurance go into effect?
Before the Additional Life coverage takes effect, a minimum number of eligible employees in your company must apply and qualify. This level of participation has been agreed upon by your employer and The Standard. If the minimum participation requirement is met and the Additional Life coverage goes into effect, the effective date of your coverage depends upon when you become a member, when you apply and whether you are required to provide evidence of insurability. If you are not required to provide evidence of insurability, if you apply and agree to pay premiums, your Additional Life coverage becomes effective on: • The date you become eligible if you apply on or before that date; or • The date you apply if you apply within 31 days after you become eligible.

Additional Life Insurance


Refer to the Coverage Highlights for information on the eligibility waiting period and when you become eligible for insurance. If you are required to provide evidence of insurability, if you apply and agree to pay premiums, your Additional Life coverage becomes effective on the date The Standard approves your evidence of insurability. In every case, you must meet the active work requirement before your insurance becomes effective.

What is the active work requirement?
Active work means performing with reasonable continuity, the material duties of your own occupation at your employer’s usual place of business. You must be capable of active work on the day before the scheduled effective date of your insurance or your insurance will not become effective as scheduled.

How much coverage do I need?
It can be difficult to determine the amount of insurance you need. Each family has its own unique set of circumstances, combined with needs that may arise with the unexpected loss of life. Use the worksheet on Page 3 to guide you in calculating the amount of group life insurance you may need. The final total is the amount of life insurance you might want to consider applying for to meet your obligations. Once you determine how much coverage you need, complete the Enrollment Form in your enrollment packet and submit it to your human resources department.

Will I have to provide information regarding my medical history?
If you apply for Additional Life insurance within 31 days of becoming eligible to apply and meet the active work requirement, you will automatically qualify for up to a set amount of insurance coverage called the guarantee issue amount. This means that you will not have to answer medical questions to purchase coverage up to this amount. Check the Coverage Highlights for your guarantee issue amount. If you apply more than 31 days after becoming eligible to apply or if you determine that you need more insurance than the guarantee issue amount, satisfactory evidence of insurability is required. You will need to complete and submit a Medical History Statement. In some cases, we may request additional medical information or a physical exam. Evidence of insurability is also required for reinstatement of terminated coverage and for members eligible but not insured under prior life insurance plans.


Standard Insurance Company

Immediate Needs
Medical and hospital expenses Funeral/Burial expenses Taxes Federal and state income taxes Property taxes Federal and state estate taxes Loans/Debts requiring payment upon death

$ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ $ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

Your Spouse
$ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ $ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

Long Term Needs
Mortgage Debts (credit cards, car and student loans, etc.) Educational/Vocational fund Childcare expenses Emergency fund for unforeseen expenses

Income Replacement
Consider the income needed to support your family and the number of years that support is needed.
$ ______________ $ ______________ $ ______________ ______________ $ ______________ $ ______________ $ ______________ ______________

Total Income Needs
Add together all of the above.

Available Resources
Existing life insurance coverage Other assets such as 401(k), stocks, bonds, etc.

Total Available Resources
Add together all of your available resources. $ ______________ $ ______________

Total Life Insurance Needed
Subtract the amount of your total available resources from your total income needs. $ ______________ $ ______________

How are benefits paid?
Our goal is to make the claims experience as easy as possible and to pay benefits to entitled individuals in a timely, accurate and sensitive manner. Depending upon the approved claim amount, The Standard may either issue a check to your designated beneficiary as a lump-sum payment or deposit the funds into a Standard Secure Access account. With Standard Secure Access – a convenient, no fee, interest-bearing draft account, each beneficiary receives a personalized checkbook and has complete control of the account. Beneficiaries can write checks as needed or for the full amount. This arrangement allows beneficiaries to earn competitive interest rates on their benefits while they take the time to consider financial decisions and evaluate their choices.

Will insurance benefits be reduced as I grow older?
Typically, insurance benefits are reduced to a percentage of the original amount, after the age of 65. Please refer to the Coverage Highlights for the age reduction schedule.

Additional Life Insurance


What happens if I become totally disabled and can’t work?
If you become totally disabled while you are insured, insurance may be continued without premium. Refer to the Coverage Highlights for additional information.

What happens if I become terminally ill?
Under the Accelerated Benefit provision, you may be eligible to receive up to 75 percent, or a maximum of $500,000, of your Additional Life insurance coverage if you become terminally ill, have a life expectancy of less than 12 months and meet other eligibility requirements. This benefit allows you to use the proceeds as you desire – whether to cover medical expenses or to maintain your quality of life. The amount paid under the Accelerated Benefit provision including an interest charge would reduce the amount of Additional Life insurance payable upon your death. However, to help protect your beneficiaries, The Standard would pay at least 10 percent of the original Additional Life coverage amount at that time.

Are there any other benefits with the group Additional Life coverage from The Standard?
The Standard includes a travel assistance program1 that provides a full range of 24-hour medical, legal and travel assistance services to you and your dependents when you travel more than 100 miles from home or in a foreign country. The Standard also pays an additional benefit, called the Repatriation Benefit, if you die more than 200 miles from your primary place of residence. The Standard will pay for expenses, up to a benefit maximum, incurred to transport your body to a mortuary near your primary place of residence. (This benefit is not available in Illinois, Maryland or Virginia.) Please refer to the Coverage Highlights for more details and benefit amounts.

What are the exclusions?
Please see the Coverage Highlights for plan exclusions.

When does coverage end?
Additional Life coverage ends automatically on the earliest of the following: • The last day of the last period for which you make a premium contribution (except if premiums are waived while totally disabled, if applicable) • The date your employment terminates • The date the group policy terminates or the date the employer terminates Additional Life coverage under the group policy • The date you cease to be a member; however, insurance may continue for limited periods under certain circumstances • The date your employer ceases to participate under the group policy, if applicable.
1 Provided through an agreement with MEDEX® Assistance Corporation.


Standard Insurance Company

If my Additional Life insurance ends or reduces, may I convert to an individual policy?
If your Additional Life insurance from The Standard ends or reduces, you may be able to convert the terminated coverage to an individual life insurance policy without providing evidence of insurability.

May I buy group life coverage after I leave my employer?
If you leave your employment, you may be able to buy group life insurance from The Standard through the Portability provision, assuming you meet the eligibility requirements. Please refer to the Coverage Highlights for the amounts you may be able to purchase. This option is not available in all states.

How do I apply?
To apply for the Additional Life insurance coverage, complete the Enrollment Form in your enrollment packet, place it in a confidential envelope and submit it to your human resources department. You may apply at any time, but remember if you apply more than 31 days after becoming eligible, evidence of insurability is required. Coverage subject to evidence of insurability is not effective until approved by The Standard. Refer to the Coverage Highlights for additional details.

Additional questions?
If you have any additional questions, please contact your human resources representative.

Additional Life Insurance


Standard Insurance Company
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