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					                                            Hernan J. Torres
1819 Aims Ave                                                        PH / Fax 336 719 0104
Mount Airy, NC 27030-3001 U.S.A                                e-mail

DEGREES                         Naval Engineer Mechanic Specialist
                                Postgraduate in Quality Management

                                           Qualifications Summary
The Naval Mechanical Engineer covers the topics in Design, Fabrication, Mounting, Operation, and
Maintenance of all the operational equipment of any ship, like propulsion plants, generator equipment, and
electrical distribution, refrigeration systems and air conditioning, ballast, balance and all other elements
related for the optimal operation, and autonomous of a mobile unit. In general, this is conventional and
commercial equipment and the same technique is applied to our daily lives, as well as, the industrial ones
around us.

                                  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
SURRY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Dobson, NC                                               2001 - Present
   I am a conversational Spanish instructor for the people who are interested in communicating with
     the Hispanic community; Certified Command Spanish® Instructor, and a
   Computer Instructor for the Hispanic people.
   I completed the translation of the Manufacturing certification Program from English to Spanish, in
     its two versions. It was sent to the 58 NC State Colleges to be used in the academic programs.

SURRY COUNTY SCHOOLS, Dobson, NC                                                  2001 – Present
More than 1500 Hispanic families live in Surry County and their children are in the Surry County School
System. I am the permanent translator and interpreter for everything in the County related with the schools.

VINEYARD, SUMMER CAMP                                                        Summer 2001 - Present
Weekend Trip Director.                                                              Westfield, NC
Directed and traveled with the campers to different interesting places in NC, SC, FL, GA and Washington
DC, as a driver and sponsor guide, each summer.

NORTH UNIVERSITY               (Colombia)                                            2000
Developed a Postgraduate course related with the Quality Management in the Naval Academy.

COLOMBIAN NAVY - Colombia                                                                   1972 - 1999
Performed in a variety of positions, especially in the dept. of Engineering, and the propulsion system of
different afloat units of the Navy, Ships of scientific investigation, Battleships, and in the Dike Commander
of U2. Positions Inland have been the Technical Leadership in the Engineering Dept. of the Pacific Naval
Fleet, and the Technical Dept. of the Malaga Bay Naval Base. Administrative positions in the Naval Base of
San Andres Island as a Commander, educational positions in the different NCO Naval Academies, as a
Director and Instructor in the destructive and non destructive material testing laboratory in the Naval
Academy, and most recently as an Inland Construction Director of the Navy, among which the following
stand out:

                             POSITIONS WITH THE NATIONAL NAVY
 Chief of the Dept. of services and Chief of the deck Dept. and laboratories ARC “San Andres.”
 Chief in charge of the control division of damage and electricity Destroyer ARC “Cordoba.”
 Chief in the propulsion division Destroyer ARC “Santander.”
 In the positions mentioned above, I have performed in the propulsion systems related, steam boats
  equipment up to 60.000 BHP, of electrical generation up to 1.000 KWA, and handling of preventive
  equipment, as well as fire control.
 Naval Recruiting Director.

                                           Hernan J. Torres
1819 Aims Ave                                                       PH / Fax 336 719 0104
Mount Airy, NC 27030-3001 U.S.A                               e-mail

 National Recruiting District Commander.
 Chief Engineer and Supervisor during construction and reception of scientific investigation ships for the
  Navy at Martin Jansen, Shipyard in Leer, Germany.
 U2 Dike Commander.
 Lab. Chief and chief of the investigation division of the Naval Academy.
 Chief Engineer of the Pacific Navy Fleet.
 Technical Dept. and chief of the Naval Base in the Pacific Coast.
 Naval Base Commander in San Andres Island. (Col.)
 Senior Academic Dean and Assistant Director of the NCO Naval Academy in Barranquilla, Col.
 Director of Inland Construction for the Navy.

                              OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
 Naval Expert in Naval Engineer category “A”. Licensed. Surveyor
 Contamination Inspector for the marine platforms of oil research: “Rowan Houston,” “Triton IV,” and
  “Glomar”, for about 30 days at each one, in the Atlantic Ocean, Colombia.
 Military professor with category 3 diploma.
 Professor in the Naval Machinery area and Propulsion Systems.

                                    PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
 Naval Mechanical Engineer. Colombia Naval Academy (Cartagena, Colombia). January 10/1997.
  Engineer degree as a Naval Engineer specialized in Mechanics. Professional license # BL 233-0845.
 Present Degree: Navy Commander Officer (Ranking as a Colonel) ®.
 Specialist in Quality Management ISO 9000. Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia.
  (Postgraduate course)
 General Staff. “Escuela Superior De Guerra” Bogota /1991,
 Finance for none Financiers. North University.
 Internal Auditor ISO 9000. Certified by SGS International

                                             OTHER FACTS
 M.A.N. Motor Factory training, Ralph Jansen electrical control factory, both in Germany.
 Certified by Germanischer Lloyd to cross the Atlantic Ocean as a Chief Engineer
 Colombian Association of Quality Control “INACERO” National Institute of Steel
 Colombian Pedagogical University-Faculty of Engineering-Metallurgy School, and material science
 Seminar in steel selection. Steel National Institute
 Seminars for the Pedagogical Fundamental and University Educational. University of Cartagena
 Seminar for the curriculum modernization. NCO Naval Academy
 Financial evaluation of projects. National Center for high Management.
 Quality Systems ISO 9000. Regional Sena, Bogotá
 Computers skills. (Windows, Office, Page maker, Internet…)
 Active member of “ACIEM,” Charter member of the Colombian Association of Naval Engineers, and
  related professions (ACINPA).
 “Five-S” system of plant organization.
 TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
 Certified Command Spanish® Instructor


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