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									                                 CHAPTER – 1

             The Central Government have enacted Right to Information Act 2005
to provide for setting out the practical regime of Right to information for citizens to
secure access to information under the control of public authorities in order too
promote transparence and accountability in the working of every public authority.

             According to 4(1)(B) of Right to Information Act a manual has to be
published on or before 12-10-2005 on 17 items prescribed in therein.

             This book is intended to be used by citizens, civil Society,
organizations, public representatives and other general public.

             As far as District Police Office, Warangal is concerned, the Addl.
Superintendent of Police, Warangal is designated as Public Information Officer
U/sec. 5(1) of the act of prove information with in the time specified and the
Administrative Officer is designated as Asst. Public Information Officer who will
receive applications for information under Right to Information Act 2005. Any
aggrieved person against the orders of the Public Information Officer may appeal to
District Superintendent of Police.

           The Key contact persons in District Police Office are as follows.

1)    Superintendent of Police, Warangal. (Appellate Authority)
2)    Addl. Superintendent of Police, Warangal (Public Information Officer)
3)    Administrative Officer, Warangal (Asst. Public Information Officer).
Warangal and Hanamkonda as legend goes is linked with the dynasties of Great
"Vishnukundins" and even prior to it also of the Buddhist and pre_Buddhist
periods of indian History.During Eighth Century A.D. , Warangal with an old
name "Orukal" has served as Capital City of Yadava king of the Kakatiyas or
Ganapatis making Warangal as Capital City.The name of Warangal "Orugallu" is
said to be correct form of Orukal which is the original designation ,the old
town.The words the middle of the Warangal fort.The Kakatiya line seems to have
been in existance even earlier to the middle of 7th Century A.D.because the
famous Chines Piligrim Hieun-Tsang,mentions the nameof the Kingdom of
"Danakakitya" in the South.The family name Kakatiya is derived from the local
appellation of the Goddess Durga(Kakati).

After the fall of Bahamani Kingdom,Warangal fell to the "Qutab Shahis" of
Golkonda and thereafter it has came under the sway of Nizam's dominitions.

Thus the city of Warangal has developed both under the political and historical
influences of successive great kings.The Historical events and development
occured in Warangal City. These are :-

1. Kakatiya Stage          : 1260 -   1422
2. Transmission Stage     : 1422 -    1725
3. Asifijahi Stage         : 1725 -   1948
4. Modern Stage           : 1948 -    On Wards.

            The brief importance of some temples is furnished here under.


      This temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, the Giant moyher Goddess,
       with fierce looking eyes and face. The Deity is believed to be worshipped but
       the Historic ruler pulakesin-II of Chalukya Dynasty in the year 625 A.D. after
       his win over the 'Vengi' region of Andhra Desha. The minister of Kakatiya
       Ganapathy Deva namely 'Hari' has constructed the tank and road to the
       temple. Every tourist to Warangal will certainly make a visit to this historical
       temple to have the blessings of the Mother Goddess.

     This temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Mallikarjuna swamy a fierce looking
      diety along with Kethamma and Medalamma on the both sides of the main
      diety. The temple is located in a cave on a small hillock at a distance of 110
      Kms from warangal. Lakhs of piligrims congregate on the eve of Makara
      Sankranthi as Brahmotsavam starts. The clay moulded diety of Lord
      Mallikarjuna swamy is believed to be made 500 years ago. The temple is
      renovated and mandapamas and choultries etc., are constructed by
      Endowments Department. The 'pedda patnam' celebrated on Maha Sivaratri
      day attract pilgrims in lakhs. It is located at a distance of 85 kms from the state
      capital on Karimnagar - Hyderabad - Highway (Rajiv Rahadari).


     This temple is believed to be built prior to Kakatiyas around 700 A.D. and
      developed by Kakatiya rulers. The Unique Keerthi Toranams of Kakatiya
      style can be seen on the east and southern side of the temple. The presiding
      diety is Lord Mallikarjuna swamy with fierce looking eyes and sword versel
      of bood, Dharmarukm and Shulam in his four hands. This temple is located at
      a distance of 12 kms from warangal city on Warangal Khammam Road. The
      rock engraved temple with spacious prakaram is a famous tourists spot.


     It is famous tribal Jathra in the midst of dense forest. Lakhs of pilgrims pour
      into this spot biennially to have the blessings of mother Goddesses Sri
      Sammakka and Saralamma who have attained 'Martydom' at this sacred place
      in the battle held with the forces of Kakatiyas ruler Prathaparudra. Since then
      the Jathra is being celebrated biennially. The Government of Andhra Pradesh
      declared this holy jathra as State Festival.


     This temple is believed to be constructed by the famous ruler 'Bheema Raju' of
      Vengi Chalukya Dynasty and renovated by the Kakatiya ruler 'Betharaju-I.
      The reference of this temple has also made by the famous traveller 'Marko-
      Poli' as it stood as the capital of Vengi Chalukya Dynasty. The presiding diety
      is Lord Veerabhadra swamy is fierce looking Diety with three eyes and ten
      hands. The annual jathra Brahmotsavams will be celebrated during the
      mahasivarathri Festival.

     It is a historic temple in which Lord Swayambhu was worshipped by the
      famous Kakatiya Ruler 'Prataparudra' every day during his life time. The
      presiding Diety is Lord Siva called as swayambhu (Lieterally means self
      incarnated God). The temple is very adjacent to the ruins of Kakatiya Capital
      at Fort Warangal. There will be flow of pilgrims, tourists during all seasons
      from all over India and abroad to witness the ruins of Kakatiya Dynasty.


     The temple decorated with one thousand pillers temple, and popularity
      known as Thousand pillars temple. The Kakatiya ruler 'Rudra Deva' built this
      historic monument in the year 1163 A.D. and named after him as 'Sri
      Rudreswara swamy temple 'Trikootalaya", The presiding diety is
      Rudreswara. The remaining two "Sanctum sanctorums" are dedicated to 'Lord
      Durya' and 'Lord Vishnu'. The gains 'Nandi' as in Lepakshi in front of the
      temple is unique in sculptural beauty. It is under control and maintenance of
      the Archaeological Department.


     The temple is built in the year 1213 A.D. by 'Recherla Rudraiah'. This
      historical temple attracts tourist from India and abroad as it is known for its
      architectural and sculptural beauty. The sculptures were encraved according
      to the postures mentioned by Jayapa Senani in his famous work 'Nruthya
      Ratnavali'. The postures pertaining to Bharata Natya, Shrunga, Bharunga,
      Rathi, Perini Nritya etc., are encraved on the pillars and top-beams of 'Mukha
      Mandapam', The mythological episodes such as 'Gopika Vastrapaharanam,
      Tripura samharm, Daksha Samharam, Ksheera Sagara Madhanam, Girija
      Kalyanam etc., stand for the highest standards of Kakatiya Sculpture. The
      'Nagini' and other eleven devanarthakis are arranged as supporting beams on
      both sides of each entrance. The aesthetic sense which scaledinnumerable
      heights in Kakatiya sculpture is clearly evident in these twelve postures of
      deva narthakis. The Mudras and Bhangimas have highly inspired the dance
      master Dr.Natraja Ramakrishna in giving shape to the historical classical
      dance 'Perini Siva Thandavam'. The Ramappa lake adjacent to the temple
      covering natural plant and zoo fauna will certainly become a feast to the eyes
      of every tourist.

     It is located at a distance of 50 Kms from Warangal on a hillock in the out
      skirts of Palakurthy Mandal head quarters. It is also the birth place of famous
      poet palakurthy Somanadha Kavi of 12 the century. His samadhi can be seen
      here. This historic temple is dedicated to Lord Siva and Vishnu who
      incarnated in two adjacent caves at a height of 120 meters on the hillock. The
      'Pradakshina Path' encircling the two caves is quite natural. There is a
      dillapidated 'Surya' Temple and Koneru can also be witnessed at this place.
      This place once flourished which the adherents of 'Veera Saiva' sect of
      Hiduism has lost prominence in cource of time presently it is a famous
      pilgrimage centre in warangal district. Pilgrims mostly from Karnataka and
      Maharashtra. Mainly the Veera Saivas will certainly make a visit once in year
      to have the blessings of presiding deities and Somanadhakan.


     It is located at distance of 10 kms from Jangoan. The temple is an ancient one
      and believed that, Lord Sri Rama visited this temple on his way to 'Lanka' (Sri
      Lanka) after separation from Sita Devi. People also believe that, Rama has
      killed the 'Maricha' who was in the guise of 'Maya Ledi' or the Magis deer. A
      boulder namely 'Ledi Banda' can be seen here. "Jeedigundam" and
      "Palagundam" are the two pushkarinis for the holy dip of the pilgrims.
Sno   Particulars                            Unit        Quantity
 1    Gegraphical area                   Sq.Kilometers    12,846
 2    No. of Mandals                          No.           51
 3    No. of Villages                         No.          1,098
 4    No. of Gram Panchayats                  No.          1,016
      No. of Major gram
 5                                           No.            26
 6    No. of Municipalities                  No.            2
 7    No. of Assembly Constituencies         No.            13
 8    No. of ZPTCs                            No.            50
 9    No. of MPTCs                            No.           669
10    Total Population                   In Lakh Nos.      32.46
11    Males                                    ,,          14.37
12    Females                                  ,,          13.82
13    Urban Population                         ,,           6.23
14    Rural Population                         ,,          26.23
15    S.Cs Population                          ,,           4.84
16    S.Ts Population                          ,,           3.85
17    Workers                                  ,,          13.87
18    Density of Population               Per Sq.Km.      219.00
19    Literates                            In Lakhs         9.19
20    Literacy rate                       Percentage        32.6
21    No. of Veterinary Institutions          No.           231
      No. of Govt. Hospitals including
22                                             ,,           85
23    No. of Primary Schools                   ,,          1807
24    No. of Upper Primary Schools             ,,           504
25    No. of High Schools                      ,,           528
      No. of Colleges
26                                             ,,           33
      (including Jr. Colleges)
27    No. of Bank Branches                    ,,           203
28    Normal Rainfall                       MMs.          1048.1
29    Actual Rainfall for 1998-99             ,,          1093.5
30    Total Cropped area 1997-98          Lakh Hect.       4.46
31    Net Area Sown.                          ,,           3.40
32    Total Irrigated Area.                   ,,           2.32
33    Net Area irrigated                      ,,           1.98
                       FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES
                                   CHAPTER - 2

               Organisation, Functions and Duties (Section 4 (1) (b) (i)

Particulars of the Organization, Functions and Duties:-

              Sl.      Name of the
              No.      Organization
                                               Superintendent of Police,
              01    Police Department
                                                WARANGAL District


1.    He shall be responsible for all aspects of policing in respect of the
      WARANGAL District Police.

2.    He reports to Deputy Inspector General of Police and keeps him
      constantly informed of all developments in the District.

3.    He should maintain close liaison with Deputy Inspector General of Police,
      Inspector General of Police, Warangal Region, Addl. Directors General of
      Police, L & O, Admin, CID, Intelligence and Director General of Police .

4.    Continuous evaluation of emerging issues and formulates Police Policy
      for maintenance of L & O, prevention and detection of crime.

5.    Effective co-ordination among different wings of District Police.

6.    Organise community – policing system for building an effective Police – Public
      Relations for prevention and detection of crime and for maintenance of L & O.

7.    Organisation and implementation of policing beats, patrols and

8.    To keep all the members of the District Police in a state of high efficiency and
9.    Traffic education and enforcement.

10.   Powers as Foreigners Registration Officer.

11.   Powers to appoint Investigating Officers in SC/ST (P.O.A Act) Cases.

1.    Annual inspection of police stations, Circle Offices and Sub-Divisional
      Police Officers Offices.

2.    Supervision of District Special Branch and Extremists work.

3.    Supervision over investigation when special out-breaks of crime occur.

4.    Disciplinary authority for Minor Punishments upto the Rank of C.Is,
      Ministerial Staff upto the Rank of Supdts. and Major Punishments up to the
      rank of HCs and Ministerial Staff upto the Rank of Senior Assistants.

5.    Supervision of all bandobust arrangements for the visits of VIPs, Strikes and
      other Law and Order matters.

6.    Preparation of Promotion Rolls.

7.    Petition enquiries where reports are due to CM Peshi, Chief Office and

8.    Grant of leaves up to the Rank of S.Is.

9.    Transfer of PCs, HCs, ASIs and SIs in the District.

10.   Promotions to the Rank of HCs from PCs and Senior Assistants from
      Junior Assistants.

11.   Registration of Foreigners, issue of NOCs for Passports, Visas and allied
                                   CHAPTER – 3

       Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees (Section 4 (1) (b) (ii)


               Name of the Officer/Employee                 Designation
       01     Shri Shahnawaz Qasim, IPS.,           Superintendent of Police,
                                                    Warangal Rural District.
        02    Shri J.Prabhakara Rao, IPS.,          Superintendent of Police,
                                                    Warangal Urban District.

1.    He has power to detain persons under the Preventive Detention Laws.

1.    He is head of District Police Administration. He is responsible for all matters
      relating to its internal economy, management, maintenance of discipline,
      Punctual and regular and efficient performance of all its preventive and
      investigative duties.
2.    Maintenance of peace and Law & Order, Prevention and detention of Crime,
      Protection of lives, Liberty and possessions of as sections of people and
      performance of all police functions in the District.
3.    Keep the district peaceful and the public satisfied with the security afforded
      to persons and property:
4.    Prompt registration and investigation of all cases.
5.    Efficient functioning of each wing of police and performance of their allotted
      functions and duties and the efficient functioning of all police control rooms.
6.    Supervise and coordinate various wings of the police in the district and with
      neighboring districts and other Organizations.
7.    Accord high priority to all preventive and pro-active strategies and action
      both in respect of crimes and breaches of peace including terrorist crimes.
8.    Ensure proper organization of beats and full involvement of the police force
      in the management of such beats along with necessary interface with local
9.    Maintain cordial relations with the magistracy, other officials and non-
10.   Promote and maintain good police public relations and convey necessary
      information to the media and the public to ensure transparency without
      jeopardizing efficacy of police action or investigations;
11.   Keep the force in good discipline, high morale, properly trained,
      professionally competent, honest and service oriented.
12.   Ensure that the transport, arms, ammunition, stores, grounds, and buildings
      belonging to the department are well protected and maintained;
13.   Organize good intelligence network, both criminal and general with specific
      attention to the criminal records system and their effective use in prevention
      and detection of crime. An effective information system against terrorists and
      subversive elements should be developed and operations planned and
      conducted against them;
14.   Acquire full and detailed knowledge of the district and its current problems
      from police point of view, and be forewarned on emerging situations; plan
      and implement police bandobust for large gatherings, fairs, festivals, rallies,
      agitations, strikes etc.
15.   Participation to the extent possible and permissible, in welfare activities
      sponsored by official and non-official agencies.
16    Ensure effective implementation of community policing (Maithri) scheme.
17.   To gain knowledge of all Officers and men in his charge, redress their genuine
      grievances, motivate them, encourage those who show promise and punish
      those who are dishonest, inefficient and undisciplined.
18.   Gain confidence and loyalty of subordinates by personal integrity,
      professionalism, impartiality, devotion to duty, fair play and a high sense of
19.   The main function of police is to prevent crime, maintain law and order and
      promptly and effectively respond to incidents or calls from public. Since
      policing through beats is the main plank of policing in the district, it shall be
      his foremost duty to ensure its functioning as prescribed.
20.   Effective coordination, consultation between Investigating Officers and
      prosecutors - legal advisors and cooperation by IOs with prosecutors during
      court trials should be organized on a sound and formal basis. The cases
      should not be allowed to fail for want of attention either by the Investigating
      Officers or Prosecutors.
21.   Keep himself fully informed through the Special Branch as well as the field
      staff, of all communal, caste, regional, political or other movements that
      jeopardize safety, security and law and order in the district. The police beats
      have a special responsibility in this respect. Collection, reporting, recording,
      analysis and dissemination and use of information both criminal and general,
            should be organized utilizing the latest equipment available and by
            upgrading the skills of the personnel.

22.         He reports to Deputy Inspector of General of Police, Warangal Range and
            keeps him constantly informed of all developments in the District.
23.         He should maintain close liaison with Inspector General of Police, Warangal
            Region, Addl. Director Generals of Police L & O, Admin, CID, Intelligence
            and Director General of Police.
24.     To keep all the members of the District Police in a state of high efficiency and
25.     Traffic education and enforcement.
26.     Powers as Foreigners Registration Officer.
27.     Annual inspection of Police Stations, Circle Offices and Sub-Divisional Police
        Officers Office.
28.     Supervision of District Special Branch work and Extremist Work.
29.     Supervision over investigation when special out-breaks of crime occur.
30.         Disciplinary authority for Minor Punishments upto the Rank of C.Is,
            Ministerial Staff upto the Rank of Supdts. and Major Punishments up to the
            rank of HCs and Ministerial Staff upto the Rank of Senior Assistants.
31.         Supervision of all bandobust arrangements for the visits of VIPs, Strikes and
            other Law and Order matters.
32.         Preparation of Promotion Rolls.
33.         Petition enquiries where reports are due to CM Peshi, Chief Office and
34.         Grant of leaves up to the Rank of S.Is.
35.         Transfer of PCs, HCs, ASIs and SIs in the District.
36.         Promotions to the Rank of HCs from PCs and Senior Assistants from Junior
37.         Registration of Foreigners to issue of NOCs for Passports, VISAS and allied


      01.          Motor Vehicles – 1) Light Vehicle              Upto Rs.20,000/-
                                    2) Heavy Vehicles             Upto Rs.40,000/-

      02.          Purchase of Stationery :                       Full Powers
      03.          Rents for Office Building:                      Full Powers
                  according to Plinth Area values and Rent
                  assessment by R & B Department.

       04.        Repairs to Type Writers                          Full Powers

       05.        Condemnation of Vehicles                         Full Powers
                  subject to Technical Scrutiny by Public
                  Works Department or Area Transport

       06.        Repairs to Duplicators                           Full Powers

       07.        Printing Locally without referring to            Full Powers
                  Government Press

       08.        Printing and Binding                             Full Powers

       09.        Purchase of Fans                                 Full Powers

       10.        Other Items                               As per powers delegated in
                                                            G.O.Ms.No.148, Finance &
                                                            Planning ( FW- Admin-ITFR),
                                                            Dept. Dt:21.10.2000.

Other:-                  NIL


 Sl.             Name of the
 No.           Officer/Employee
 01              E. Anandam              Addl. Superintendent of Police (Admn)
                                                   Warangal Urban
     02         P. Marthandam            Addl. Superintendent of Police (Admn)
                                                    Warangal Rural


1.          He has powers to detain persons under Cr.P.C.


      1.       His main role is to be fully in charge of the district police office and deal
               with all matters connected with administration, under the control of the
               Superintendent of Police.
2.    The Addl. Supdt. of Police Administration must inspect one or two
      branches of DPO every quarter and complete the inspection of the whole
      office during the year. He must record his comments in the visiting book
      maintained in the office for the purpose. The Addl. Supdt. of Police will
      inspect the Armed Reserve, with emphasis on their training, morale and
      welfare, Office Stores, M.T. Office once a year.

3.    He should keep the district police office including all Units at Head
      Quarters in high state of efficiency ensuring promptness in
      correspondence, timely payment of salaries, allowances and other dues
      and bills due to the police stations and staff, proper budgetary control,
      auditing of accounts and care of the government cash held as permanent
      advance. He shall regularly monitor the expenditure in the police stations
      ensuring observance of financial discipline and economy. He shall
      supervise the functioning of the DCRB effectively.
4.    He shall supervise the work relating to disciplinary matters so as
      to ensure their prompt disposal as per SPs orders on behalf of SP. He
      should constantly bring to the notice of SP all important matters and
      obtain appropriate orders.
5.    The reward rolls and the payment of amount sanctioned and all
      correspondence relating to medals should be handled with precision and
6.    He shall assist the SP in maintenance of police buildings and residential
      quarters in good condition.
7.    He should submit monthly report on the work done by him to Addl.
      DGP (L&O) through the SP and the Zonal IG/DIGP. He shall perform
      any other duty, which the SP entrusts to him particularly in relation to
      enquiries, welfare, training, public relations and vigilance functions.
8.    He should personally visit and supervise cases of grave and especially
      grave nature and prepare necessary reports. He shall also give suitable
      instructions to the subordinates on all crime matters and compile grave
      crime reports sent to the SP by the subordinates.
9     He should keep the D.P.O., in high state of efficiency ensuring promptness
      in correspondence, timely payment of salaries, allowances and other bills
      due to the Police Stations.

10.   He is the disciplinary authority for giving Minor PRs up to the rank of
      HCs and Ministerial Staff upto the Rank of Senior Assistant.

11.   Maintenance of crime digest and Grave Crime Registers.

12.   Maintenance of Personnel Files.
     13.      The Addl. SP in all cases listed below shall personally supervise the
              investigation and personally investigate more important cases among
              them. The SP shall supervise the investigations in these cases whenever

              1.      Dacoity
              2.      Highway Robbery and robbery of railway passengers
              3.      Murder
              4.      Terrorist offences.
              5.      Organized crime (Syndicated Mafia type of crime)
              6.      Financial offences involving funds of Rs. 10 lakhs or above
              7.      House-breaking and theft of a specially grave nature
              8.      Any specially serious disturbances or riot
              9.      Conspiracy cases
              10.     Offences under sections 400 and 401 of the Indian Penal Code
              11.     Counterfeit coin and currency note cases
              12.     Cases of specially grave nature, not falling under the above
                      heads serious cases of rape, major economic offences, dowry
                      deaths, Human rights violations.
              14.     Trafficking in women and children.
              15.     Any Other offence directed to be supervised by competent


1.         Sanction of T.A., contingent expenditure, Telephones, Electrical Bills and
           other contingent bills.

2.         Drawal of Home Guard Bills (Duty allowances etc)

Others: -           NIL


 Sl.                Name of the
 No.             Officer/Employee
 03          Sarvashresth Tripathi, IPS.,       Addl. Superintendent of Police (Oprs)
                                                         Warangal District

Administrative :-

     1. All Operations relating to Anti Extremist work.
     2. Assisting the Superintendent of Police in Anti Extremist and intelligence

Financial:-     No financial powers.

Others:-        NIL.


 Sl.            Name of the
 No.         Officer/Employee
 04        Shri A.Yadaiah                 Administrative Officer,
                                           District Police Office,
                                            Warangal District.

Statutory:-                          --


1.        Drawing and disbursement officer for entire force, Home Guards and
          office staff.

2.        Assist Superintendent of Police in all administrative matters.

3.        Supervise the work of all office Superintendents and Staff.

Financial: -           1) Sanction of GPF Temporary Advance and Part Final
                          Withdrawals upto the rank of SIs.

                       2) Sanction of Increments upto the rank of SIs and Office

                       3) Sanction of Festival Advance, Education Advance and other
                          miscellaneous advances
Other: -               NIL


Sl. No.     Name of the Officer/Employee           Designation
  01        Shri R. Venkateshwar Rao     SDPO Warangal Town.
     02     Shri Venkat Narsaiah               SDPO Warangal Rural.
     03        Shri S. Bhoopathi                  SDPO Parkal.
     04        Shri M. Dayananda Reddy            SDPO Mulug.
     05        Shri S. Muralidhar                 SDPO Narsampet.
     06        Shri K. R.Naga Raju                SDPO Jangaon.
     07        Shri T. Ram Prasad Rao             SDPO Mahabubabad.
     08        Shri J. Krishnaiah                 DSP AR Warangal.


1.         Permissions to processions, mike permissions.


          1.   Direct supervision of Police Stations to ensure efficient, honest and regular
               functioning and management of police stations, its records and staff under
               his charge.

          2.   Direct handling of situations and incidents that are likely to be or effected
               the breach of peace.

          3.   Crime preventive action, implementation of Community policing, effective
               beat system, police and public relations.

          4.   Inspection of Police Circles, Police Stations once a year.

          5.   Personal visits to the scenes of, serious occurrences endangering life and
               property, such as heavy floods, train or boat disasters, and fires in respect
               of which the commission of a cognizable offence is reported or suspected
               or which involve heavy loss of life or property.
      6.       Shall have supervision, control, planning, traffic education, promulgation
               and enforcement of traffic regulations in his jurisdiction including
               highways patrol, measures to prevent accidents and pollution and also
               inspection of traffic police stations under his charge.
          7.   Investigation of Grave Crimes – as laid down in Order No.52 (7) of APPM

          8.   They shall investigate all cases of attempted suicide or death in suspicious
               circumstances of young married women during the first 7 years of their
               marriage, offences under I.T. Act 2000, offences under the Scheduled
               Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and those
     in which the law requires personal investigation by an officer of rank of

9.   After visiting the scene and investigating a grave crime by himself or by
     Inspector and in any case not later than a week of the issue of the FIR, the
     SDPO should send detailed grave crime report in Form 4 in duplicate to
     the Superintendent of Police.
Financial:-         No powers

Other:-             NIL

 Sl.        Name of the
 No.      Officer/Employee
 06                      Inspectors of Police



1.        Investigation of important cases in his circle besides supervision of police
          work of his circle in all its branches, to maintain discipline among his
          subordinates, and to keep the Superintendent of Police and the Sub
          Divisional Police Officer informed of the state of circle from the Police
          point of view from time to time.

2.        Must thoroughly inspect each PS of his circle once in a year, constantly
          and systematically tour throughout his circle, making enquiries about bad
          characters, the state of crime, community policing (maithri) and general
          efficiency of police work.

3.        Visit each of his Police Stations once in a month, check the current work
          of the Station, give necessary instructions, pointing out errors, entering
          the same in the visitors note book, sending a copy to the S.D.P.O. He
          shall enter in the visitors book the details of cases in which instructions
          issued relating to delay in investigation, finalisation, and trials.

4.        He shall discuss with the Sub Inspector, the cases under investigation,
          clues for detection and assist in the progress of the cases in finalising them
          without unnecessary delay.

5.        He should also supervise the prosecutions of cases, for quick disposal,
          and see that the witnesses are produced in courts regularly and co-
          ordinate the police with prosecutors and enlist co-ordination in the
          success of cases.
6.    During his visits to the Police Stations, he shall scrutinize the station
      crime history part-I, and see whether all cases have been entered correctly
      and the register is maintained property. He should peruse the K.D. check
      register and duty roster to see whether beats are properly served and
      checked. He should also check beats himself and visit as many villages as
      possible and see that he visits all villages once in a year.

7.    The Inspector must inspect once in a half-year, the books, shops, premises
      and stocks of all licensed manufactures and vendors of arms, ammunition
      and military stores. He shall also inspect once in a quarter all places
      where petroleum is stored.         He shall also inspect all licensed
      revolvers/pistols at the licensee’s residence in the first quarter of each

8.    All cognizable cases under the IPC and also cases under special and local
      laws shall be entered in the Inspectors crime register (Form 7) to enable
      him to maintain a check over their investigation and disposal either by
      himself or station house officers. Entry shall be made in column (6) of the
      points, which the Inspector wishes to keep in mind concerning the case.

9.    The Inspector shall take care that the circle information book (Form 12) is
      properly compiled and kept up to date. The objective of this book is to
      pass on the knowledge gained by an officer to his successor. The
      Inspector shall also record in the circle information book the dates of
      changes of circle charge.

10.   The Inspector must himself compile the annual review of crime and
      investigation of each station in part-I of the station crime history. He
      shall send it to the SDPO for approval before end of January. After
      approval he will send it to the station keeping a copy in his office for his
      use. He should also see that entries in part-IV of station crime history are
      properly made. He should enter in his circle information book a gist of
      the entries made in the part-IV of the station crime history of each station.
11.   Supervision of the work and duties of guards and beat detachments.

12.   Conduct of Drill, Physical Training and inspection of the Kit personally.

13.   Arrange effective beat systems and patrols to prevent offences and to
      collect information.

14.   Build and maintain good public relations.
15.        Organize and maintain liaison with the maithri committees in various
           locations and enlist their participation, co-operation and support in the
           functioning of the Police.

Financial:-           No powers
Other:-               NIL


 Sl.         Name of the
 No.       Officer/Employee
 07                     Sub - Inspectors of Police



1.      The Sub-Inspector is responsible for the maintenance of the Law and
        Order and public order in his jurisdiction.

2.      Responsible for direct supervision, guidance and leadership in the field as
        well as in the Police Station.

3.      Supervision of duties and work of all the staff and men allotted to his
        charge including their welfare discipline and morale.

4.      Maintenance of good public relations in his stations limits.

5.      Organizing beats and patrols and its personal supervision.

6.      Maintenance of effective surveillance over bad characters, anti-social
        elements and rowdies of the area under his charge.

7.      Persuade the apprehension of offenders on available clues and

8.      Visiting and spending adequate time in the villages, localities of his
        station limit.

9.      To keep Inspector informed of all work performed from time to time.

Financial:-           No powers
Other:-   NIL

 Sl.          Name of the
 No.        Officer/Employee
 08                  Assistant Sub - Inspectors of Police



1.       Investigation of simple cases as directed by SHO and assisting investigation
         in all cases handled by SHOs and other superior officers.

2.       Petition Enquiry.

3.       Checking of enquiries in verification rolls.

4.       Supervision of service of process work.

5.       To function as an Officer in charge of a beat area and check patrols.

6.       Direct supervision or handling of station scriptoria work.

7.       Detailing duties to the staff during Sub-Inspectors absence and exercising
         supervision and control over the Constables and Head Constables.

8.       Maintenance of cash book.

9.       Preparation of pay and traveling allowance bills (He should sign them
         only when the S.I. is absent)

10.      Maintenance of Arms and Ammunition and registers connected there

11.      To be incharge of out post or beat and perform these duties when posted

12.      Such other work as may be entrusted to him.
Financial: -         No powers
Other: -             NIL


 Sl.         Name of the
 No.       Officer/Employee
 09                           Head Constables



1.     To work with Constables and held them to understand instructions, catechism and

2.     To perform duties allotted by SHO.

3.     To be incharge of guard or escort when deputed.

4.     To visit villages in the station jurisdiction when deputed for a specific

5.     To work as HC incharge of a particular beat area.

6.     To attend to court work under the orders of SHO.

7.     To investigate cases when deputed by the SHO and to assist the I.O. in

8.     To conduct enquiries into petty complaints.

9.     To take care of arrested persons kept in police station.

10.    To take care of reception and proper behavior with the persons coming to
       police station and to attend telephone calls.

11.    To be present in the police station in the absence of Sub-Inspectors unless
       called away in an emergency. He should take approval of S.I. before leaving
       the station on routine duty.

Financial: -         No powers
Other: -             NIL

 Sl.         Name of the
 No.       Officer/Employee
 01                        Police Constables



1.      To perform duties in beats, patrols and pickets.

2.      Surveillance over history sheeted and other potential criminals as per records.

3.      Collection of information and intelligence relating to crimes and criminals,
        subversive, terrorist and anti social elements in their areas primarily and
        communication of the same to the authorized superiors.

4.      Developing cordial relations with local maithri committees/voluntary
        organizations and knowledge of households in the beat area.

5.      Convey information relating to persons and events that cause or likely to
        cause law and order situation or wide spread disturbances.

6.      Keep in touch with local disputes, caste/communal overtones and inform

7.      Assistance to investigating officers in the matter of arrests, recoveries,
        searches, identification and securing of witnesses or verification of

8.      Execute warrants and serve summons promptly.

9.      Escort prisoners, arrested persons.

10.     Escort injured or dead to the hospital.

11.     Guard of prisoners in custody and all station property.

12.     Help and assist in dealing with Floods, Earthquakes, Fires, Accidents,
        Epidemics etc., and put in responsible efforts to save lives and property.

13.     To perform allotted duties in Fairs, Festivals, Bundhs, Agitations, Riots, Large
       Assemblies, Elections, Bandobust and security duties etc.,
14.    To preserve and guard the scene of occurrence until necessity ceases.

15.    To behave courteously with all sections of public and treat poor people,
       children, women, aged and all weaker sections of society with consideration,
       sympathy and helpful attitude.

16.    To be regular and punctual in his duties, catechism, physical training and
       weekly parades.

17.    To work as a data entry operators in Computers and in the areas of
       reprography, photography and cartography wherever they have necessary

18.    Make entries in the prescribed register and forms and maintain records
       entrusted to him particularly those relating to beat area.

19.    Any other duties allotted by SHO or other superior officers or elsewhere in
       this manual.

Financial: -         No powers

Other: -             NIL

 Sl.         Name of the
 No.       Officer/Employee
 01                     Office Superintendents

Statutory: -                       --


1.     Supervise the work of office staff in their sections.

2.     Assist Administrative Officer, in discharge of duties.

Financial: -         No powers

Other: -             NIL
                              Chapter 4

      Procedure Followed in Decision-making Process
                      [Section 4(1)(b)(iii)]

                                                         Designation of
                                                         final decision-
     Activity          Description       Making
Goal-setting &
                           NA               NA                 NA

Budgeting                 Pay and
                                         Based on
                      Allowances and                     Superintendent
                                       availability of
                           other                            of Police

Formulation of
                           NA               NA                 NA
schemes and

Recruitment/hiring      Recruitment will be taken up by the Chairman,
personnel                   State Level Police Recruitment Board

Release of funds      Administrative     Based on        Superintendent
                        Expenses          needs             of Police

delivery of
                           -do-             -do-              -do-
of funds

Monitoring &
                           NA               NA                 NA

                         e-Mail/                         Superintendent
feedback from                                 -
                      Complaint Cell                        of Police
                                      CHAPTER – 5

Norms set for the Discharge of Functions:

Sl.No      Function/             Norms/ Standards of              Time frame
            service                performance Set

  1     Services           Registration of F.I.R                 Immediate

  2     Services           Supply copy of FIR                    3 Hours
  3     Services           Reach scene of offence                Depending
                                                                 upon the
                                                                 Distance and
  4     Services           Completion of investigation
  5     Services           a) Simple cases                       1 Month
  6     Services           b) Property and Grave cases           3 Months
  7     Services           c) White Collar                       6 Months
  8     Services           Granting bail in bail able offences   within 24 hours
                                                                 of Arrest
  9     Services           PM report after receipt from          Immediately
                           medical officer
 10     Services           Mike permission                       24 Hours
 11     Services           Passport verification after receipt   21 Days
                           from passport office
 12     Services           Report/ permission for clearance      20 Days
                           of license for
                           a) Lodges
                           b) Hotels
                           c) Cycle Stand
                           d) Band Music and dance in
                              hotels / Restaurants
                           e) Amusement programmes
                           f) Blasting operations
                           g) Premier shows/ benefits shows
                           h) Film/TV shootings
 13     Services           Bandobust for private functions
                           will be provided subject to
                           availability of staff
                          CHAPTER - 6

                  RULES AND REGULATIONS

                                                           Price of the
S.No.       Description            Gist of Contents       Publication if
 1)     Andhra Pradesh         Duties and Function of
        Police Manuals Part    Police Officers and Men.
        – I & II
 2)     Andhra Pradesh         Functioning of the
        Police Office Manual   District Police Office.
 3)     A.P. Treasury Code     Financial and Treasury
        Vol.I & II             Rules
 4)     A.P. Financial Code    Financial Powers
 5)     A.P. Fundamental       Sanction of Increment,
        Rules                  Leaves, Pay Fixation and
                               other service matters
 6)     A.P. Budget Manual     Budget Rules
 7)     A.P. State and         Service Rules
        Subordinate Service
 8)     A.P. Ministerial       Service Rules of
        Service Rules          Ministerial Staff
  9)    A.P. Pension Code      Pension Rules
 10)    A.P. Revised Pension   Pension Rules
        Rules, 1980
 11)    A.P. C.C. & A Rules,   Disciplinary Rules
 12)    A.P. T.A. Rules,       Traveling Allowance
        1996                   Rules
 13)    A.P. Police            Service Rules of Police
        Subordinate Service    Force
 14)    A.P. Leave Rules       Leave Rules
 15)    A.P. Financial Code    Financial powers
 16)    A.P. Civil Service     Conduct Rules
 17)    A.P. Special Pay and   Drawal of Pay and
        Allowance Rules        Allowances
 18)    A.P. Medical           Medical Reimbursement
        Attendance & Loans     and Loans and Advance
        and Advance Rules      Rules.
 19)    A.P. General           Provident Fund Rules.
        Provident Fund
                              CHAPTER - 7
         Categories of Documents held by the Public Authority
                            Under its Control
                           [Section 4(1) (b) v (i)]

Sl.No.      Category of document      Title of the document   Designation and
                                                              address of the
                                                              custodian (held by /
                                                              under the control of
   1.    Drawal of salaries         Long rolls                     P1, Sr. Asst.
   2.    Drawal of Supplemental     Arrears claims bills           P3, Jr.Asst.
   3.    General Provident Fund     Loans like GPF Part
                                    Final withdrawal,
                                    temporary GPF
                                    Advance bills. Final           P5, Jr.Asst.
                                    withdrawal of GPF
                                    after retirement and
                                    Deaths cases
   4.    Drawal of                  Retire/ death cases,           P6, Jr.Asst.
         FBF/GIS/Medical          Medical                          B4, Jr. Asst.
         Reimbursement            Reimbursement
   5.    F.A., E.A. and Education Sanction of Festival             P4, Jr.Asst.
         Reimbursement            advance, Education               P2, Jr.Asst
                                  Advance and
                                    Reimbursement of               P4, Jr.Asst.
                                    education fee.
   6.    Making entries of          Service Book              A1, A2, A3, A4, A5,
         service matters, leaves,                             A6, A7, A8, A9, A10,
         increments, rewards &                                  A11, P3, and G3
         defaults, etc.                                              Assts.
                                          CHAPTER - 8

  Arrangement for Consultation with, or Representation by, the Members of the
public in relation to the Formulation of Policy or implementation of thereof

                                        [Section 4(1)(b) viii]

                                                                   Arrangements for
                                  Arrangements for
                                                                  consultation with or
                                consultation with or
                                                                   representation of
S.No    Function/Service     representation of public in
                                                                   public in relations
                                relations with policy
                                                                      with policy

  1    Receipt of the                                            Superintendent of Police,
                             Central Complaints Cell
       grievances                                                WARANGAL District.

   2   Receipt of the        through petitioners                 Superintendent of Police,
       grievances            (E-Mail:    WARANGAL District.

  3                                                              Superintendent of Police,
       Crime Stopper Call    Dail 1090
                                                                 WARANGAL District.

       Seeking help in                                           Superintendent of Police,
  4                          Dail 100
       emergency                                                 WARANGAL District.

                                  CHAPTER - 9

          Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies constituted
                          as part of Public Authority,

                            [ Section 4(1)(b)v(iii)]

                                                             Whether its Meetings
 Name of Board,
                                         Powers &          open to Public / Minutes
   Council,         Composition
                                         Functions         of its Meetings accessible
Committee, etc.,
                                                                   for Public

                                  Not Applicable
                                                           CHAPTER - 10
                                                Directory of Officers and Employees
                                                         [section 4(1)(b)(ix)]
fice/        Designation & Address                   Name, of                         Land Phone No.          Mobile No.                    E-Mail I
tive          of Officer/Employee                Officer/Employee
                                                                               STD     Office    Residence

ural    S.P, Warangal Rural               Shahnawaz Qasim , IPS.,              870    2578155     2455100     94407 95200

                                                                         Fax   870    2577518
rban    S.P, Warangal Urban               J. Prabhakara Rao, IPS.,             870    2567107     2567164     9491089100
                                                                         Fax   870    2567187
ural    Addl. SP Warangal Rural           P. Marthandam,                       870    2578144     2570600     94407 95201   addlsp_admn@wrl.ap
                                                                         Fax   870    2544733                 94407 00517
rban    Addl. SP Warangal Urban           E. Anandam                           870    2567187                 9491089101

        OSD,Warangal                      Sarvashresth Tripathi, IPS.,         870    2578209     2577254     94407 95202   addlsp_ops@wrl.appo
                                                                                                              94407 00514
        Administrative Officer, DPO Wgl   A.Yadaiah                                                           94409 04625
        Commdt. 19th Bn. CRPF                                                  870    2438944
        Control Room, 19th Bn. CRPF                                            870    2438933
        SDPO Kazipet                      D.Venkatanarsaiah                    870    24782578                9440795222
        SHO Kazipet                       A.Chandrashekar, CI                  870    2576120                 9440700443      sho_kzp@wrl.appol
                                                                                                              94407 00506
        CI Hasanparthy                    Ashwaq, CI                           870    2564333                 94407 95220     ci_hsp@wrl.appolic
                                                                                                              94407 00525
        SI Hasanparthy                    S. Vasudeva Rao, SI                  870    2564333                 94407 95226     sho_hsp@wrl.appo
                                                                                                              94407 00526
        SI Atamakur                       B. Praveen , SI                      870    2821233                 94407 95227     sho_atm@wrl.appo
                                                                                                              94407 00500
        CI Ghanpur(w)                     G.Raja Rathanam, CI                  870    2559333                 94407 95219     ci_gnpw@wrl.appol
                                                                                                              94407 00521
        SI Madikonda                      S.Ravi Kumar, SI                     870    2559333                 94407 95224     sho_mdk@wrl.appo
                                                                                                              94407 00522
        SI Ghanpur(w)                     R.Santhosh, SI                       8711    220233                 94407 95223
                                                                                                              94407 00523
        SI Dharmasagar                    A. Srinivas , SI                     870    2582333                 94407 95225     sho_dms@wrl.appo
                                                                                                              94407 00524
        SDPO Hanamkonda                   N.Ashok kumar Singh                  870    2546900    9246171811   9440700500
        SHO Hanamkonda                    P.Balakishan Rao, CI                 870    2546766                 94407 95207     ci_hnk@wrl.appolic
                                                                                                              94407 00501
        SHO KUC                           B.Ravindra Kumar, CI                 870    2439333                 94407 95215     sho_kuc@wrl.appol
                                                                                                              94407 00503
        SHO Subedari                      G. Venkateshwara Babu, CI            870    2456530                 94407 95208     ci_sub@wrl.appolic
                                                                                                              94407 00504
        SHO Women PS                      ASC Bose., CI                        870    2456530                 94409 04670     sho_wps@wrl.appo
        SDPO Warangal                     N.Ajay Kumar                         870                            9440795216
SHO Matwada             V. Balu Jadav, CI          870    2500876   94407 95209
                                                                    94407 00507
SHO Inthesarganj        S.M Ali, CI                870    2562756   94407 95217     sho_ing@wrl.appol
                                                                    94407 00509
SHO Mills Colony        P.Shoban Kumar, CI         870    2442629   94407 95210     ci_mc@wrl.appolice
                                                                    94407 00510
CI RCCS, Warangal       Vacant                     870    2428442   94409 04672
SI RCCS                                            870    2428442   94407 00511
DSP Crimes              Jogaiah., DSP
CI CCS Warangal Urban   P.Shobana Chalam, CI       870    2500723   94406 27759
CI CCS Warangal Rural   Vishnumurthy., CI
SI CCS Warangal         Vacant                     870    2500723   94409 04628     sho_ccs@wrl.appol
                                                                    94407 00512
DSP Traffic, Warangal   P.N. Babu                  870              9440795507

CI Traffic, Warangal    Surender Reddy , CI        870    2433333   94407 95211
                                                                    94407 00513
SI Matwada Tr.          S.Venkatesh , SI           870    2433333   94409 04663     sho_matt@wrl.appo
                                                                    94407 00566
SI Hanamkonda Tr        K. Jananrdhan Reddy , SI   870    2578520   94409 04661     sho_hnkt@wrl.appo
                                                                    94407 00567
SI Kazipet Tr           Rajendram, SI              870    2576120   94409 04662     sho_kzpt@wrl.appo
                                                                    94407 00568
SDPO Mamnoor            R.Venkateshwar Rao                          94407 95206   sdpo_wrlr@wrl.appolice.go
                                                                    94407 00527
CI Mamnoor              D. Chandraiah, CI          870    2556333   94407 95221     ci_mnr@wrl.appolic
                                                                    94407 00528
SI Mamnoor              B.Bharath Kumar, SI        870    2556333   94407 95228     sho_mnr@wrl.appo
SI Geesugonda           K.Satyanarayana., SI       870    2581333   94407 95230     sho_gsg@wrl.appol
                                                                    94407 00529
SI Sangem               Koteshwar Rao , SI         870    2867333   94409 04629     sho_sgm@wrl.appo
                                                                    94407 00530
SI Parvathgiri          Habeebuddin Ghori , SI     870    2885333   94409 04630     sho_pwg@wrl.appo
                                                                    94407 00531
CI Wardannapet          C.Raji Reddy, CI           8711   230844    94409 04618     ci_wnp@wrl.appolic
                                                                    94407 00532
SI Wardannapet          G.Srinivas Raju, SI        8711   230333    94409 04631     sho_wnp@wrl.appo
                                                                    94407 00533
SI Rayaparthy           B.Ramesh, SI               8711   251133    94409 04633     sho_rpt@wrl.appoli
                                                                    94407 00534
SI Zafargadh            Md. Mahamood Ali, SI       8711   236133    94409 04632     sho_zfd@wrl.appol
                                                                    94407 00535
SDPO Parkal             Vacant                     8713   241390    94409 04675     sdpo_pkl@wrl.appo
                                                                    94407 00580
CI Parkal               B.Ramchandra Raju, CI      8713   242800    94409 04676     ci_pkl@wrl.appolice
                                                                    94407 00581
SI Parkal               M.Srinivas., SI            8713   241333    94409 04677     sho_pkl@wrl.appoli
                                                                    94407 00582
SI Shyampet   V.Venu Madhav, SI   8713   256333   94409 04678   sho_syp@wrl.appol
                                                  94407 00583
SI Regonda           S.Srinivas, SI             8713   272133   94409 04679   sho_rgd@wrl.appol
                                                                94407 00584
CI Chityal           M.Sudhaker, CI             8713   245590   94409 04680   ci_cht@wrl.appolice
SI Chityal           P.Dayakar, SI              8713   245255   94409 04681   sho_cht@wrl.appol
SI Mogullapally      R.Venkateshwarlu, SI       8713   247233   94409 04634   sho_mgpalli@wrl.a
SHO Bhupalpally      K.Muralidhar, CI           8713   221679   94407 95253   ci_bhp@wrl.appolic

SDPO Mulug           M.Dayananda Reddy          8715   220221   94407 95243
                                                                94407 00579
CI Mulug             B.Kishan, CI               8715   221033   94407 95229   ci_mlg@wrl.appolic
                                                                94407 00589
SI Mulug             Kareemulah Khan, SI        8715   220233   94409 04635   sho_mlg@wrl.appo
                                                                94407 00539
SI Pasra             K.Sridhar, SI              8715   250233   94409 04636   sho_psr@wrl.appol
                                                                94407 00587
SI Venkatapur        P.Vignan Rao, SI           8715   240033   94409 04637   sho_vkt@wrl.appol
                                                                94407 00586
SI Ghanpur(M)        Amrutha Reddy, SI          8715   253233   94409 04639
CI Eturnagaram       A.Madhusudhan, CI          8717   231303   94407 95252   ci_etn@wrl.appolice
SI Eturnagaram       Y.Sanjeeva Rao, SI         8717   231233   94407 95242   sho_etn@wrl.appol
SI Mangapet          K.Rajashekar Raju, SI      8717   243233   94407 95241
SI Tadvai            J.Venkatratnam, SI         8717   201033   94407 95249   sho_tdv@wrl.appol
                                                                94407 00575
SDPO Narsampet       S. Muralidhar,             8719   230022   94407 95244
                                                                94407 00570
CI Narsampet         G.Ravinder, CI             8719   230477   94407 95245   ci_nspt@wrl.appolic
                                                                94407 00571
SI Narsampet         K.Karuna Sagar Reddy, SI   8719   230033   94407 95247   sho_nspt@wrl.appo
                                                                94407 00572
SI Nallabelli        Md.Sadiq Ali, SI           8718   239233   94407 95248   sho_nbl@wrl.appol
                                                                94407 00573
SI Duggondi          Vacant                     8718   274233   94409 04642   sho_dgd@wrl.appo
SI Chennaraopet      G.Mohan, SI                8718   222233   94407 95231   sho_cnp@wrl.appo
                                                                94407 00574
CI Gudur             Vacant                     8718   242844   94407 95246   ci_gdr@wrl.appolic
SI Gudur             B. Balaji, SI              8718   242233   94409 04643   sho_gdr@wrl.appol
SI Kothaguda         A.Prabhker SI              8718   250233   94409 04644   sho_kgd@wrl.appo
SI Khanapur          Yousf jani                 8718   252233    94409 4641   sho_knp@wrl.appo
SI Neckonda          Shivaramaiah, SI           8718   221233   94409 04645   sho_nkd@wrl.appo
SDPO Jangaon         K.R.Naga Raju, DSP         8716   220002   94407 95232   sdpo_jgn@wrl.appo
                                                                94407 00540
SHO Jangaon          M.Jithender                8716   220319   94407 95233   ci_jgn@wrl.appolice
                                                                94407 00541
SI Raghunathpally    S.Raju, SI                 8716   230233   94407 95236   sho_rnp@wrl.appol
                                                                94407 00543
SI Lingala Ghanpur   M.Sadanandam,SI            8715   220033   94409 04654   sho_lgnp@wrl.appo
                                                          94407 00544
SI Narmetta        A. Sampath Rao, SI     8710   288233   94409 04655   sho_nmt@wrl.appo
                                                          94407 00545
                                                          94409 04654
CI Cherial         C.Prabhaker, CI        8710   223355   94409 04620   ci_crl@wrl.appolice
                                                          94407 00546
SI Cherial         R.Narendar, SI         8710   222233   94409 04656   sho_crl@wrl.appoli
                                                          94407 00547
SI Bachannapet     M.Ravinder Reddy, SI   8710   254233   94409 04638   sho_bnp@wrl.appo
SI Maddur          M.Veerabhadram, SI     8710   236233   94407 95237   sho_mdr@wrl.appo
                                                          94407 00548
CI Palakuthy       T.Suresh Kumar., CI    8716   278777   94409 04621   ci_plk@wrl.appolice
SI Palakuthy       V.Cheralu, SI          8716   278233   94409 04658   sho_plk@wrl.appoli
                                                          94407 00549
SI Kodakandla      G.Kishan Rao           8716   277233   94409 04659   sho_kdk@wrl.appo
                                                          94407 00550
SI Devaruppula     R.Sanjeevaiah, SI      8716   271233   94409 04660   sho_dvp@wrl.appo
SDPO Mah'bad       T. Rama Prasad Rao,    8719   240066   94407 95240   sdpo_mbdt@wrl.ap
                                                          94407 00555
SHO Mah'bad Town   R.Prabhakar Rao, CI    8719   240077   94407 95239   ci_mbdt@wrl.appol
                                                          94407 00556
CI Mah'bad(R)      T. Ravi., CI           8719   240530   94409 04640
                                                          94407 00558
SI Dornakal        G.Manohar, SI          8719   227833   94409 04647   sho_dnk@wrl.appo
                                                          94407 00559
CI Korivi          G.Ravinder, CI         8719   277233   94409 04619   ci_krv@wrl.appolice
                                                          94407 00562
SI Maripeda        SK.Abdul Rahman, SI    8719   278233   94409 04648   sho_mrp@wrl.appo
                                                          94407 00560
SI Seerole         Md.Taj Pasha, SI       8719   252233   94409 04649   sho_ser@wrl.appol
                                                          94407 00561
SI Koravi          S. Rama Swamy, SI      8719   277233   94409 04650   sho_krv@wrl.appol
                                                          94407 00569
CI Thorrur         G.Bala Swamy           8719   230133   94406 27758   ci_thr@wrl.appolice
                                                          94407 00563
SI Thorrur         K.Sridhar Rao, SI      8719   230133   94409 04651   sho_thr@wrl.appoli
                                                          94407 00565
SI Kesamduram      V. Sateesh., SI        8719   250333   94409 04646   sho_ksm@wrl.appo
                                                          94407 00564
SI Narsimhulapet   Ch.Sudershan, SI       8719   235233   94409 04653   sho_nsp@wrl.appo
                                                          94407 00537
SI Nellikudur      Wali Mohd, SI          8719   233233   94409 04652   sho_nlk@wrl.appol
                                                          94407 00536
                             CHAPTER – 11

Monthly Remuneration received by Officers and Employees, including the
         System of Compensation as Provided in Regulations

                            [Section 4(1)(b)(x)]

        Sl.No.          Designation                Average Per Head
                                                     & Per Month
          1      SP                                    22430
          2      ADDL.SP                               27000
          3      SDPOs                                 20680
          4      Inspectors & RI                       16150
          5      S.Is; WSIs & RSIs                     14860
          6      A.S.Is & ARSIs                        11860
          7      ARHCs; HCs & WHC                      10900
          8      ARPCs; PCs & WPCs                     8440

                 MINISTERIAL STAFF
          1      A.O.                                  18030
          2      OFFICE SUPDT.                         14860
          3      SR.ASST                               10900
          4      JR.ASST                               8440
          5      TYPIST                                8440
          6      R.A.                                  7520
          7      ATTENDER                              6700
          1      DHOBIs                                 6700
          2      BARBERS                                6700
                               CHAPTER - 12

           Budget Allocated to Each Agency including Plans etc.

  Agency        Plan/Programme           Proposed          Expected             Report on
                   /Scheme/                                Outcomes        disbursements made
                Project/Activity/                                          or where such details
                  Purpose for                                                  are available
                which budget is                                              (Website, reports,
                    allocated                                                notice board etc.)

  Police         Administrative
                                    Budget on need             NA                       NA
Department         Expenses

12.2    Provide information on the budget allocated for different activities under
        different programmes/
        Schemes/projects etc. in the given format.

Agency           Plan/Programme/        Amount               Amount        Budget          Budget
                      Scheme/           released            spent last    allocated       released
              Project/Activity/Purpose  last year             year         current         current
                 for which budget is                                         year           year
Police        Administrative Expenses 18,35,75,946         18,28,28,387   2,41,10,200    2,41,10,200

                                  CHAPTER - 13
                    Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes
                                [Section 4(1)(b)xii]

       13.1 Describe the activities / Programmes / Schemes being implemented
                by the public authority for which subsidy is provided.

       Name of         Nature/scale of      Eligibility       Designation of
       programme/      Subsidy              criteria for      officer to grant
     activity                                   grant of      subsidy

                                   Not applicable

         13.3 Describe the manner of execution of the subsidy programmes

      Name of
      Programme/        Application
      activity          Procedure                Sanction      Disbursement
      programme/        Procedure                Procedure     Procedure
                                   Not applicable

                                   CHAPTER - 14

Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, Permits or Authorization grant by the
Public Authority
                                [section 4(1)(b)xiii]

Institutional Beneficiaries

Name of programme/scheme:

                                                             Date    Name &
         Name & address of            Nature/quantum         of      Designation of
Sl.No.   recipient institutions       of benefit             grant   granting

                Not applicable        granted                        authority

Name of programme/scheme:

                                                                     Name &
                                                             Date    Designation of
         Name & address of            Nature/ quantum        of      granting
Sl.No.   Recipient institutions       of benefit granted     grant   authority

                                   Not applicable

Individual Beneficiaries:

         Name & address of            Nature/ quantum        Date    Name &
Sl.No.   recipient beneficiaries      of benefit granted     of      Designation of
                                                                 grant    granting

                                         Not applicable

Name of programme/scheme:

                                                                          Name &
                                                                 Date     Desingation of
             Name & address of            Nature/ quantum        of       granting
 Sl.No.      Recipient institutions       of benefit granted     grant    authority
                                         Not applicable

                                       CHAPTER – 15

                         Information Available in Electronic Form

                                       [Section 4(1)(b)x(iv)]

                     Description (site     Contents or title         Designation and
   Electronic        address/location        quantum of               address of the
    format           where available           benefit                 custodian of
                           etc.                granted                 Information
                                                                    (Held by whom?)
                                         Not applicable
     15.2 Describe particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining
 information including the working hours of a library or information center or
 reading room maintained for public use where information relating to the
 department or records / documents are made available to the public.

                                      CHAPTER - 16
           Particulars of Facilities available to citizens for obtaining Information
                                       [Section 4(1)(b)xv]

Facility                    Description (Location of      Details of Information
                            Facility / Name etc.)         made available

Notice Board                All Police Stations           BCs, KDs, DCs, Suspects, Rowdies
                                                          with Names & Photographs
News Paper Reports     Through PRO                     Major crimes, bandobust, traffic
                                                       routes, etc.
Public Announcements   NIL                                             Nil
Information Counter    NIL                             NIL
Publications           NIL                             NIL
Office Library         NIL                             NIL
Websites               NIL                             NIL
other Facilities       e-Mail                          receiving public grievances &
(name)                                                 sending replies

                                   CHAPTER - 17
                        WARANGAL DISTRICT POLICE

                                  [Section 4(1) (b) xvi]

 Name of the Unit          APIO                   PIO              Appellate Authority

        1                    2                     3                        4

                                    District Level

                         A.Yadaiah,                              Shahnawaz Qasim, IPS.,
                       Administrative     Addl.SP (Admn.),
  Warangal Rural                                                 Superintendent of Police,
     District                              Warangal Rural            Warangal Rural
                       DPO Warangal
                        9440904625                                     9440795200

                         A.Yadaiah,          E.Anandam,          J. Prabhakara Rao, IPS.,
  Warangal Urban                          Addl.SP (Admn.),       Superintendent of Police,
     District                                                       Warangal Urban
                       DPO Warangal       Warangal Urban
                        9440904625         9440795201                  9490619596

                             Kazipet Sub-Division Level

                                                D.                   P.Marthandam,
                     A. Srinivas Reddy
     Kazipet                              Venkatnarsaiah,
                         PC 2064                               Addl.SP (Admn.), Warangal
                                           SDPO Kazipet                  Rural
                9440700520            9440795222          9440795201

                                Circle Level

               V.Jampaiah PC                           D. Venkatnarsaiah,
                                      Md. Ashfaq
                                                         SDPO Kazipet
Hasanparthy                         CI Hasanparthy
              Inspector Writer                            9440795222

               P. Narsaiah PC
                                    G.Rajarathnam      D. Venkatnarsaiah,
 Ghanpur                            CI Ghanpur (W)       SDPO Kazipet
              Inspector Writer
                                      9440795219          9440795222

                         Police Station Level

              M.Mohana Murali,           A.
                                    Chandrashekar      D. Venkatnarsaiah,
                 PC 1801
  Kazipet                                                SDPO Kazipet
               Station Writer      Inspector Kazipet
               9440700506             9440700443

                                    S.Vasudeva Rao        Md. Ashfaq
                B. Devender
                                          SI            CI Hasanparthy
Hasanparthy       PC 2115
                                     Hasanparthy          9440795220

              U. Narsimha Rao,                            Md. Ashfaq
                                     B. Praveen SI
                  PC 1666                               CI Hasanparthy
 Athmakur                              Athmakur
               Station Writer                             9440795220

              K. Narsimha Rao,
                                    R. Santhosh SI      G.Rajarathnam
                  PC 2452
Ghanpur (w)                          Ghanpur (W)        CI Ghanpur (W)
               Station Writer
                                      9440795223          9440795219
              S.Venkanna PC
                   2707        S. Ravi Kumar SI        G.Rajarathnam

 Madikonda    Station Writer     Madikonda             CI Ghanpur (W)
               9440514710        9440795224             9440795219

              T.Rajender PC
                                A. Srinivas SI         G.Rajarathnam
Dharmasagar                     Dharmasagar            CI Ghanpur (W)
              Station Writer
                                 9440795225             9440795219

                 Hanamkonda Sub-Division Level

                                Ashok Kumar
              K. Swamy, PC                             P.Marthandam,
Hanamkonda                         SDPO           Addl.SP (Admn.), Warangal
               SDPO Writer                                  Rural
               9440700500                                9440795201
                           Police Station Level

                                                              Ashok Kumar
               R. Babu Rao, HC 324      P. Balakishan Rao,       Singh,

Hanamkonda        Station Writer         CI Hanamkonda          SDPO
                                          9440795207          Hanamkonda

                                                              Ashok Kumar
               T.Damodar, PC 2051            Babu,
 Subedari        Inspector Writer                               SDPO
                                        Inspector Subedari
                   9440700504                                 Hanamkonda

                                                              Ashok Kumar
               B. Ramulu, PC 2616       B. Ravindra Kumar        Singh,

   KUC            Station Writer        Inspector, PS KUC       SDPO
                   9440795203              9440795215

                      Warangal Sub-Division Level

               G.Vijender, PC 2351       N. Ajay Kumar,      P.Marthandam,

 Warangal         SDPO Writer            SDPO Warangal       Addl.SP (Admn.),
                                                              Warangal Rural
                  08702424634              9440627809          9440795201

                           Police Station Level

               Ch.Jayadev, PC 1802                            N. Ajay Kumar,
Inthezargunj      Station Writer                             SDPO Warangal
                  9440700509                                   9440627809
                    S. Kumaraswamy, HC
                                               V.Balu Jadav,        N. Ajay Kumar,
   Matwada                                   Inspector Matwada     SDPO Warangal
                       Station Writer
                                                9440795210           9440627809

                     S.Ashok Kumar, PC       P.Shoban Kumar,        N. Ajay Kumar,
  Mills Colony                                 Inspector Mills     SDPO Warangal
                       Station Writer              Colony
                                                9440795209           9440627809

                           Warangal Traffic Circle Level

                    R.Rajeshwar Rao, HC      S.Surender Reddy,
                            257                                      DSP Traffic
Warangal Traffic                                 CI Traffic
                       Inspector Writer                               Warangal
                         9440700513             9440795211

                                Police Station Level

                    Md. Hafeez, HC 688,        S.Venkatesh,       S. Surender Reddy,
Matwada Traffic        Station Writer        SI Matwada Traffic       CI Traffic
                        9440700566              9440904663           9440795211

                                            K.Janardhan Reddy,
                    G.Mahender, PC 827                            S. Surender Reddy,
 Hanamkonda                                   SI Hanamkonda
                       Station Writer                                 CI Traffic
    Traffic                                       Traffic
                        9440700567                                   9440795211

                   N.Chakrapani, PC 2135       N. Rajendram,      S. Surender Reddy,
 Kazipet Traffic       Station Writer            SI Traffic           CI Traffic
                       9440700568               9440904662           9440795211

                           Warangal Crime Circle Level

                   G.Vidya Sagar, PC 1971   P. Shobhanachalam         G.Jogaiah,
CCS, Warangal         Inspector Writer            CI CCS
                                                9440627759           DSP Crime
                          Mamnoor Sub-Division Level

                                           R. Venkateshwar      P.Marthandam,
                  Raju, PC 2351
 Mamnoor           SDPO Writer                                 Addl.SP (Admn.),
                                           SDPO Mamnoor         Warangal Rural
                  08702424634                                    9440795201

                                      Circle Level

                N.Vijay Kumar, PC                            R. Venkateshwar Rao,
                                            C.Raji Reddy,
Wardannapet      Inspector Writer          CI Wardannapet      SDPO Mamnoor
                                             9440904618          9440795206

                K. Srinivas, PC 645         D.Chandraiah,    R. Venkateshwar Rao,

 Mamnoor          Inspector Writer                             SDPO Mamnoor
                                             CI Mamnoor
                   9440700528                9440795221          9440795206

                              Police Station Level

               B. Ramesh, PC2037
                                          G.Srinivas Raju,      C.Raji Reddy,
Wardannapet       Station Writer          SI Wardhannapet      CI Wardhannapet
                                             9440904631           9440904618

               M. Narsaiah, ASI/461        Md. Mahamood
                                                Ali,            C.Raji Reddy,
 Zaffargadh       Station Writer                               CI Wardhannapet
                                            SI Zaffargadh         9440904618
                   9440700535               9440904632

                N.Kiran Kumar, PC
                       2669                  B.Ramesh,          C.Raji Reddy,
Rayaparthy                                  SI Rayaparthy      CI Wardhannapet
                  Station Writer
                                             9440904633           9440904618

              K. Kiran Kumar, PC 338        S. Anjaneyulu
 Mamnoor                                     SI Mamnoor
                  Station Writer            9440795228           CI Mamnoor
                   94407 95228                                  9440795221

               A.Kumara Swamy, PC
                      1954               K. Satyanarayana       D.Chandraiah,
Geesugonda                                SI Geesugonda         CI Mamnoor
                   Station Writer
                                           9440795230           9440795221

               M.Mahipal Reddy, PC
                      2040               L.Koteshwar Rao,       D.Chandraiah,
 Sangem                                      SI Sangem          CI Mamnoor
                   Station Writer
                                            9440904629          9440795221

               M. Ramesh, PC 1617        Md. Habeebuddin        D.Chandraiah,
Parvathagiri       Station Writer                               CI Mamnoor
                                          SI Parwathagiri
                   9440700531              9440904630           9440795221

                            Parkal Sub-Division Level

               T.Parameshwara chary        M.Dayananda
                     HC1432                   Reddy,
  Parkal                                                      Addl.SP (Admn.),
                   SDPO Writer            SDPO Mulug I/C
                                                               Warangal Rural
                                           Parkal 94407
                   9440700580                                   9440795201

                                     Circle Level

                                               Raju         M.Dayananda Reddy,
                  Inspector Writer
  Parkal                                                    SDPO Mulug I/C Parkal
                   9440700581                CI Parkal,
                                                               94407 95243

               P.Goverdhan, PC 1185        M.Sudhaker,,     M.Dayananda Reddy,
  Chityal         Inspector Writer           CI Chityal     SDPO Mulug I/C Parkal
                    9848186926              9440904680         94407 95243

                               Police Station Level
               B.Kumara Swamy, PC
                      2041              M.Srinivas,       B.Ramchandra Raju
   Parkal                                SI Parkal            CI Parkal
                  Station Writer
                                       9440904677            9440904676

                S. Venkatadri, HC-
                      1553,             S.Srinivas,       B.Ramchandra Raju
  Regonda                              SI Regonda             CI Parkal
                  Station Writer
                                       9440904679            9440904676

                 B. Ashok, PC67                           B.Ramchandra Raju
                                      V.Venu Madhav,
 Shyampet         Station Writer        SI Shyampet           CI Parkal
                                        9440904678           9440904676

               R. Ananda Chary, HC
                                        P.Dayakar,           M.Sudhaker,
   Chityal                              SI Chityal             CI Chityal
                  Station Writer
                                       9440904681            9440904680

               T.Sampath PC 3305                             M.Sudhaker,
Mogullapally      Station Writer      SI Mogullapally          CI Chityal
                   9989197395                                9440904680

               A.Raja Narender, PC
                      2374             K.Muralidhar,     M.Dayananda Reddy,
 Bhupalpally                          CI Bhupalpally     SDPO Mulug I/C Parkal
                  Station Writer
                                       9440795253           94407 95243

                       Mahabubabad Sub-Division Level

                                      T.Rama Prasad
                 Atheeq Hussain,          Rao
Mahabubabad                                                Addl.SP (Admn.),
                  CC to SDPO              SDPO
                                                            Warangal Rural
                  9440700555           Mahabubabad
                                      Circle Level

                  K.Gopi,PC-2388               T.Ravi,        T. Rama Prasad Rao
                  Inspector Writer           CI of Police     SDPO Mahabubabad
                    9440700556               9490700440          9440795240

                 S.Srinivas, PC 548                           T. Rama Prasad Rao
   Thorrur        Inspector Writer,          CI Thorrur       SDPO Mahabubabad
                                            9440627758           9440795240

                D. Srinivasa Rao, PC         G.Ravinder,      T. Rama Prasad Rao
   Kuravi                                     CI Kuravi       SDPO Mahabubabad
                  Inspector Writer,
                    9440700562               9440904619          9440795240

                                Police Station Level

                                          R.Prabhakar Rao,
                 G.Srinivas,PC1939,                           T. Rama Prasad Rao
Mahabubabad                                  Inspector of
   Town            Station Writer,              Police,       SDPO Mahabubabad
                   9440700557.                                   9440795240

                   Md. Afzal, ASI,                            T. Rama Prasad Rao
                                          Bharath Kumar,SI
                   Station Writer         Mahabubabad (R)     SDPO Mahabubabad
                                            9440904640           9440795240

                P.Kumara Swamy, ASI
                                              V. Sathish      T. Rama Prasad Rao
Kesamudram          Station Writer,        SI Kesamudram      SDPO Mahabubabad
                                             9440904646          9440795240

                P.Rajender, ASI/1251        K.Sridhar Rao,       G.Balaswamy
   Thorrur         Station Writer,            SI Thorrur          CI Thorrur
                    9440700565               9440904651          9440627758

                K.Rajender, ASI1408          Wali Mohd,          G.Balaswamy
 Nellikudur        Station Writer,           SI Nellikudur        CI Thorrur
                                             9440904652          9440627758

                                            Ch.Sudershan         G.Balaswamy
                  Quasim, PC 3168
Narismhulapet                              SI Narsimhulapet       CI Thorrur
                   Station Writer,
                                             9440904653          9440627758

             Rajender, HC 763       T.Rama Swamy,          G.Ravinder,
 Kuravi       Station Writer,          SI Kuravi            CI Kuravi
               9440700569             9440904650           9440904619

             M.Srinivas Rao, PC                         T. Rama Prasad Rao
                                      G. Manohar
Dornakal                           Inspector Dornakal   SDPO Mahabubabad
               Station Writer,
                                      9440904647           9440795240

            K. Prabhakar, PC2411       S.K.Abdul
Maripeda       Station Writer,                              CI Kuravi
                                      SI Maripeda
                9440700560                                 9440904619

              Md. Afzal, HC351       Md.Taj Pasha,         G.Ravinder,
 Seerole       Station Writer,         SI Seerole           CI Kuravi
                9440700561            9440904649           9440904619

                      Narsampet Sub-Division Level

             K.Malla Reddy, PC                            P.Marthandam,
                                     S.Muralidhar ,
Narsampet          Writer                                Addl.SP (Admn.),
                                   SDPO Narsampet
                                                          Warangal Rural
                9440700570                                 9440795201
                                    Circle Level

               M.Rama Rao, HC 1440         G.Ravinder,      S. Muralidhar ,
 Narsampet        Inspector Writer        CI Narsampet     SDPO Narsampet
                    9440700571            9440795245         9440795244

               S. Ramchandraiah, HC                         S. Muralidhar ,
   Gudur        487 Inspector Writer        CI Gudur       SDPO Narsampet
                   08718-242844            9440795246        9440795244

                               Police Station Level

                                         K. Karunasagar
               G. Venkanna, PC1809                           G. Ravinder,
 Narsampet         Station Writer         SI Narsampet      CI Narsampet
                   9440700572                                9440795245

               L.. Kumaraswamy, PC
                                          Md. Sadiq Ali,     G. Ravinder,
 Nallabelly                                SI Nallabelly    CI Narsampet
                   Station Writer
                                           9440795248        9440795245

                B. Narayana Reddy,                           G. Ravinder,
                                          G. Mohan, SI
Chennaraopet                              Chennaraopet      CI Narsampet
                   Station Writer
                                          94407-95231        9440795245

                T. Ramesh, HC 246                            G. Ravinder,
                                           SI Duggondi,
 Duggondi          Station Writer                           CI Narsampet
                   08718-274233                              9440795245

               S. Ram Chandraiah, PC
                       487                  B.Balaji,       S. Muralidhar ,
   Gudur                                    SI Gudur       SDPO Narsampet
                   Station Writer
                                           944004643         9440795244
                   08718 252233

                V.Rajender, PC 1429                         S. Muralidhar ,
                                           Yusuf Jany,
 Khanapur          Station Writer          SI Khanapur     SDPO Narsampet
                                           9440904641        9440795244
                   08718 252233
               V.Sarangapani, ASI 604       A.Prabhakar,         S. Muralidhar ,
 Kothaguda         Station Writer
                                           SI Kothaguda         SDPO Narsampet
                   08718-250233            9440904644             9440795244

               M.Linga Reddy, HC 243                             S. Muralidhar ,
 Neckonda          Station Writer           SI Neckonda         SDPO Narsampet
                                            9440904645            9440795244

                            Mulug Sub-Division Level

                                           M.Dayananda           P.Marthandam,
                                              Reddy             Addl.SP (Admn.),
   Mulug            CC to SDPO
                                           SDPO Mulug            Warangal Rural
                                           9440795243             9440795201

                                     Circle Level

                Ch.Eshwar, PC 2437           B.Kishan,         M. Dayananda Reddy
   Mulug          Inspector Writer           CI Mulug             SDPO Mulug
                    9440700589              9440795229            9440795243

               U. Praveen Kumar, PC
                       3438               A.Madhusudhan,       M. Dayananda Reddy
Eturunagaram                              CI Eturnagaram          SDPO Mulug
                  Inspector Writer
                                            9440795252            9440795243

                               Police Station Level

                 Md. Sarvar, ASI-957,       Karim Ulla Khan          B. Kishan,

    Mulug           Station Writer             SI Mulug              CI Mulug
                    9849436957                9440904635            9440795229

                 K. Venkateshwarlu,        S. Amrutha Reddy,         B. Kishan,
                      PC 2639
                                            SI Ghanpur (M)           CI Mulug
 Ghanpur (M)
                    Station Writer
                                              9440904639            9440795229
                D. Venkata Narsaiah,            K. Sridhar,         B. Kishan,
                      PC 1297
                                                SI Pasara           CI Mulug
                    Station Writer
                                               9440904636          9440795229

                P. Bala Raju, PC 2125        P. Vignan Rao,         B. Kishan,

 Venkatapur         Station Writer            SI Venkatapur        CI of Police

                    9912442599                 9440904637          9440795229

                K. Krishna, PC 2687         Y. Sanjeeva Rao,     A. Madhusudhan,

Eturunagaram        Station Writer           SI Eturnagaram      CI Eturnagaram,

                    9494038908.                9440795242          9440795252

                K. Nagaraju, PC 958        K. Raja Shekar Raju   A. Madhusudhan,

                    Station Writer             SI Mangapet       CI Eturnagaram,
                    9492115811                 9440795241          9440795252

                 P. Suraiah,HC1469         J. Venkata Rathnam,   A. Madhusudhan,

                    Station Writer              SI Tadvai        CI Eturnagaram,
                    94400-04805                9440795249          9440795252

                           Jangaon Sub-Division Level

                                             K.R.Naga Raju,
                Nemelaiah, PC 1009
  Jangaon                                                        Addl.SP (Admn.),
                                             SDPO Jangaon
                    9440700540                                    Warangal Rural

                                      Circle Level

                  P.Chary, PC 2579             M.Jithender       K.R. Naga Raju
                                             HAC CI Jangaon
Jangaon Rural      Inspector Writer                              SDPO Jangaon
                     9440700541               9440795233          9440795232
                  P. Gopi Chand PC 642      T. Suresh Kumar     K.R. Naga Raju
  Palakurthy         Inspector Writer        CI Palakurthy      SDPO Jangaon
                      9441094425             9440904621          9440795232

                  G. Narsaiah, PC 2144        C.Prabhakar       K.R. Naga Raju
    Cherial          Inspector Writer          CI Cherial       SDPO Jangaon
                       9440700541             9440904620         9440795232

                                 Police Station Level

                    P. Rajendar SI-II         M.Jithender       K.R. Naga Raju
                                            HAC CI Jangaon
   Jangaon            PS Jangaon                                SDPO Jangaon
                      9440904664             9440795233          9440795232

                                                                 M. Jithendar CI
                   K. Ramesh PC 2384       M.Sadanandam,
Lingala Ghanpur       Station Writer      SI Lingala Ghanpur
                                                               HAC Jangaon Rural
                       9441332746             9440904654

                  D.Surender, ASI 543           S.Raju,          M. Jithendar CI
                     Station Writer,                                Jangaon
Raghunathpally                             SI Raghunathpally   HAC Jangaon Rural
                      94400700543             9440795236          9440795233

                    Md. Sulthan ASI         A.Sampath Rao        M. Jithendar CI
   Narmetta           Station Writer          SI Narmetta      HAC Jangaon Rural
                       9346850212             9440904655          9440795233

                   A. Narendar PC 841          V. Cheralu       T. Suresh Kumar
  Palakurthy          Station Writer         SI Palakurthy       CI Palakurthy
                      9440988086             9440904658          9440904621

                   K. Vidhyasagar PC
                                             G. Kishan Rao      T. Suresh Kumar
  Kodakandla         Station Writer,         SI Kodakandla       CI Palakurthy
                                              9440904659         9440904621

                   N. Venkatamallu HC
                          592                R.Sanjeevaiah      T. Suresh Kumar
 Devaruppula                                SI Devaruppula       CI Palakurthy
                      Station Writer
                                             9440904660          9440904621
              Md.Moinuddin, HC 390                    C.Prabhakar
  Cherial        Station Writer,       SI Cherial      CI Cherial
                                      9440904656      9440904620

               D. Hanumanthu HC
                     1239            Ravinder Reddy   C.Prabhakar
Bachannapet                          SI Bachannapet    CI Cherial
                 Station Writer,
                                      9440904638      9440904620

              P. Ravinder HC 1442    M.Veerabhadram   C.Prabhakar
  Maddur          Station Writer       SI Maddur       CI Cherial
                  9949279407          9440795237      9440904620


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