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									                   The FuTure for the                                                                                       Workshop presenter: Rod Oram
                                                                                                                             Thursday 29 July 2010, 2pm–5pm
                                             IndusTry & the envIronmenT                                                        The Devon Hotel, New Plymouth

                                              Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand Workshop

                   ABOUT THE PRESENTER -                 a correspondent for the Financial Times of London;       Workshop Details
                   ROD ORAM                              and a regular broadcaster on radio and television. He    The Future for the Industry & the Environment
                   Rod Oram has more than 30 years       was Editor of the Business Herald section of the New     Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand
                   experience as an international        Zealand Herald from 1997 to 2000.                        Workshop presenter: rod oram
                   financial journalist. He has worked   Rod is an adjunct professor in the NZ Centre for         thursday 29 July 2010, 2pm–5pm
                   in Europe and North America for       Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Unitec and he         the Devon hotel, New plymouth
                   leading publications such as the      has contributed to several recent regional economic
                                                                                                                  WHAT IS COVERED IN THIS WORKSHOP?
Financial Times of London and travelled extensively      development projects.
on those continents and Asia.                                                                                     Economic and environmental factors that might
                                                         In the 2004 Qantas Media Awards, Rod was a triple        impact on the business of consulting engineers in
Rod and his family immigrated from the UK to New         winner as Newspaper Columnist of the Year and            the future.
Zealand in 1997. He is currently Contributing Editor     Magazine Feature Writer of the Year (both in the
at Unlimited, a New Zealand monthly magazine             business category), and recipient of New Zealand
devoted to the development of the new economy;           Trade & Enterprise’s Travel Scholarship in recognition
a columnist for the Sunday Star-Times;                   for his writing on NZ Innovation.
the Workshop will be followed by the aCeNZ annual Conference,
29–31st July, 2010.
the theme of the conference is “eNerGise the FUtUre”
phoNe: 04 472 1202                                                                                                                                About ACENZ
eMail:                                     ACENZ is the professional business association that represents consulting engineering firms in                                                New Zealand. It is a long established member of FIDIC – International Federation of Consulting
                                                                 Engineers representing 83 member nations. ACENZ has 176 corporate members ranging from
                                                                 sole practices to firms with over 1000 NZ staff. Although predominantly engineer based, firms
                                                                                 also employ architects, planners, surveyors, scientists and other professionals.
                                                                    These firms provide independent advice in all aspects of the natural and built environment.

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