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Heroin Heroin Based on by pengxiang


Based on the readings in your folder, springboard answer the following
questions on a separate piece of paper. Place in your Drug Packet. To read
this selection on the internet, go to

  1. From what plant is heroin derived?

  2. What does it usually look like?

  3. What are four serious health risks associated with heroin use?

  4. What do you think “euphoria” means?

  5. What is meant by “on the nod?”

  6. Why is mental functioning impaired by heroin?

  7. How do you think heroin users get infections of the heart lining and


  8. What does physical dependence mean?

  9. List the symptoms of heroin withdrawal.

  10.      What is methadone and how is it used in the treatment of

     heroin addiction?

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