Life and health (PDF) by sandeshbhat


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LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE LHI 07/08 2 15 hours (lecture) Winter advanced Wrocław written exam English

Insurance, Financial Mathematics 1. Introduction to life insurance – unique characteristics of life insurance, methods of providing life insurance protection, methods of estimation the amount of life insurance to purchase. 2. Types of life insurance products – term life insurance, whole-life, endowment, universal life, adjustable life, variable life and others. 3. Group life insurance – underwriting principles, major types of group life insurance plans. 4. Health insurance – types and main characteristics of medical expense insurance and disability income contracts provided by private insurers. 5. Life insurance market – Poland and UE. 6. The main principles of life and health insurance underwriting. Contact person: dr Marta Borda, Katedra Ubezpieczeń, e-mail: Black K., Skipper H.D., Life & Health Insurance, Prentice-Hall, Upper Literature: Saddle River, New Jersey 2000. Vaughan E.J., Vaughan T.M., Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance, John Wiley & Sons, New York 2003. Rejda G.E., Principles of risk management and insurance, Addison Wesley, 2003. Finance and Banking Faculty: czy przedmiot jest nie kopią przedmiotu prowadzonego na AE?

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