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                                                                                      the appliance from the wall outlet immediately. Contact your dealer or nearest
                                                                                      service center and seek guidance.
                 BS-PowerBlaSt                                                        10. Unplug
                                                                                      Unplug this appliance from the power socket and refer servicing to Authorized
                                                                                      Service Personnel under the following conditions:
                                                                                      • When the power cord is damaged or frayed.
                              User manual                                             • If liquid has been spilled in the product.
                                                                                      • If the product has been dropped, or the cabinet has been damaged.
                                                                                      If the product does not operate normally when the operating instructions have
                        IMPortaNt                                                     been followed, adjust only the controls that are covered by the operating ins-
     Please read and take note of the following safety                                tructions. Improper adjustments of other controls will invalidate your warranty
                                                                                      and further, may result in damage that will often require extensive work by a
          instructions prior to using this product.                                   qualified technician to restore it to its normal operation.
Safety Precautions:                                                                                     TABLE of conTEnTS
1. Suffocation                                                                                        1.InITIAL PoWERBLAST® SETuP
once you have taken the product out of the polyethylene bags, please make                              1.1 POWERBLAST® Assembly
sure that you dispose of them and that they are kept out of the reach of child-
ren. Plastic bags can be dangerous.
                                                                                                    1.2 POWERBLAST® Base Assembly
To avoid suffocation, keep the bags away from babies and children.                                     2.conTRoL PAnEL ovERvIEW
2. water and moisture                                                                               3.SETTIng uP PoWER connEcTIon
Do not use this product near water, such as near a bathtub, a sink or a washing                                    3.1 Power
machine. Keep this product away from swimming pools and damp basements.                                   3.2 Turning the System ON
3. lightening                                                                                             3.3 Turning the System OFF
avoid using this product during an electrical storm. there may be a remote risk                               3.4 Choosing MODE
of electric shock from lightening.                                                                  4.connEcTIvITy PAnEL ovERvIEW
4. Heat
Do not install the appliance near a heat source, such as a radiator, or under                             5.IPoD connEcTIon
direct sunlight.                                                                                            5.1 iPod Dock Connector
5. Modification                                                                                       6.AuDIo PLAyERS connEcTIon
Do not attempt to open or modify the unit. Doing so could cause fires and/or                              7.MP3 AuDIo SETTIng
malfunctions                                                                                               8.REMoTE conTRoL
6. Power source                                                                                    8.1 POWERBLAST Remote Functions
This product should only be operated from the type of power source indicated                             8.2 Remote Control Care
on the label. If you are uncertain of the type of power available, call your dealer
or your local power company.
7. Surface                                                                                              10.SySTEM connEcTIonS
Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand or table. the unit may fall,                         11.TRouBLEShooTIng
causing serious damage to the speaker system.                                                               12.Box conTEnTS
8. Cleaning                                                                                              13.fEATuRES SuMMARy
Do not use volatile solvents such as alcohol, paint thinner, gasoline, benzene,                              14.DEcLARATIon
etc, to clean any part of the speaker unit.                                                                     WARRAnTy
9. abnormal smells
If an abnormal smell or smoke is detected, turn the power “OFF” and unplug                            DEcLARATIon of confoRMITy

                                     1                                                                                    2
1.InITIAL PoWERBLAST® SETuP:                                      1.2 PoWERBLAST® BASE ASSEMBLy
1.1 PoWERBLAST® BASE ASSEMBLy                                     Align the screw holes on the underside of the base with those
1.1.1 Raise the speaker body at an angle that will allow          on the bottom of the POWERBLAST® unit. Attach the base
you to attach the base stand to the bottom of the POWER-          to the speaker unit using the included screws, as shown on
BLAST® unit.                                                      Fig. 4.

Figure 1

                                                                                            Figure 4
1.1.2 Align the insertions and fit the base as shown in Fig. 2.   Note : Set the base so that its wire guide is positioned at the
                                                                  back of the PowerBlaSt®
                                 Do not force the insertions.     2.conTRoL PAnEL ovERvIEW:

Figure 2

1.1.3 Raise the unit to an upright standing level, ensuring
that the base is firmly positioned on the ground. See Fig. 3.

                                     warNING : this product
                                     should not be plugged
                                     to the electric power
                                     supply during setup,         3.SETTIng uP PoWER connEcTIonS:
                                     changing of connec-          3.1 PoWER
Figure 3                             tor and/or brackets, or      Having connected your speaker and ensured that the
                                     during cleaning.             speaker leads are correctly fastened, you are now ready to
                                                                  connect the power leads. Insert the DC output plug from
                                                                  the AC adapter (5) into the corresponding DC power plug
                                                                  (4), take the other end of the adapter (6) and plug it into a
                                                                  household power outlet. If the socket is ON, a blue LED
light will begin to flicker on the front panel; this indicates   (1)Ø3.5mm Aux input terminals
that the unit is on.                                             (2)RCA Aux input terminals
3.2 TuRnIng ThE SySTEM on                                        (3)Video output terminals
Press the “Power” button once. This button is located            (4)DC input plug
slightly below the lid, as shown in the Panel Overview Dia-      (5)DC output plug (ensure pins are correctly aligned when
gram. Alternatively, you may use the remote control to turn      inserting)
on the appliance. Simply press the button labelled “Power”.      (6)Power transformer (AC~100V-240V)
A blue indicator light will come on, indicating that the unit
is now on.                                                       5.iPod DocK connEcToR:
3.3 TuRnIng ThE SySTEM off                                       5.1 iPod® DocK connEcToR (chARgE AnD PLAy)
To turn off the unit, simply press the “Power” button for a      Certain iPod dock connectors may be purchased separa-
few seconds. Alternatively, you may use the remote control       tely .This connector enables you to use your iPod via the
to turn off the appliance. Simply press the button labelled      dock connector .This means that you can also charge your
“Power”.                                                         iPod as you listen to it. Furthermore it also enables you
The unit will turn off automatically after “sleeping” 15         to control some basic iPod functions through the remote
minutes.                                                         control. For a detailed explanation of these functions, refer
3.4 chooSIng MoDE                                                to sections 8.1 and 8.2.
Running state, press “Power” to change modes, such as
iPod - MP3 - AUX.
4.connEcTIvITy PAnEL ovERvIEW:

                                                                 Removing the safety cover
                                                                 Open the lid located at the top of the unit.
                                                                 Placing your fingers on both sides of the inserted safety
                                                                 cover, gently squeeze the sides inwards.
                                                                 Upon doing so, the safety cover will unhinge and can now
                                                                 be removed. Do not use excessive force
                            5                                                               6
6.AuDIo PLAyERS connEcTIon:                                   8.REMoTE conTRoL:
ALL AuDIo PLAyERS                                             8.1.PoWERBLAST® REMoTE conTRoL funcTIonS
Your POWERBLAST® unit can operate with any audio
device that has a 3.5 mm mini-jack. To connect your audio
player through the 3.5 mm mini-jack, simply follow the
3-Step guide below.
          Step 1       Step 2      Step 3

Lift the lid located at the top of the POWERBLAST® unit.
Take hold of the protruding 3.5 mm mini-jack in the connec-
tor shaft and gently extend the length of the cable.
Insert the mini-jack at the end of this cable, into the 3.5   8.2 REMoTE conTRoL cARE
mm analog hole “headphone socket” on your audio player.       The remote control comes with a pre-installed battery. To
Using the remote control (or the controls on POWER-           activate the battery for the first time, remove the protective
BLAST®), you can now adjust the volume, bass and treble       shipping tab from the battery compartment drawer.
to your specific requirements.                                Your remote control is now ready to use.
                                                              INSTALLINg A NEW BATTERY :
7.MP3 AuDIo SETTIngS:                                         The battery compartment is located on the back of the
7.1 gEnERAL iPod / MP3 SETTIngS                               remote control. To open it, simply squeeze the tab inwards
VOLUME SETTINg :                                              and slide the battery tray outwards. The battery is housed
Set the volume on your audio player to no more than 70%       in this tray.
and make any further adjustments to the volume through        REPLACINg THE BATTERY :
the unit. This will help to avoid distortion..                Once the battery compartment is open, remove and dis-
                           7                                                               8
card the old battery.                                                 11.TRouBLEShooTIng guIDELInES:
• Replace this battery with a similar dry battery only (R6P/          If you are having difficulties with your POWERBLAST®;
AA 3V Lithium battery).                                               If you think there is a problem with your, check the chart
• Ensure that the polarity of the battery is correctly aligned.       below and follow the troubleshooting tips; If you expe-
ATTENTION :                                                           rience any of the problems listed below, carry out the fol-
Replace the battery:                                                  lowing solutions:
• If the remote control has not been used over a long period
of time.                                                                Difficulty                            Suggestions
• If the battery has leaked.                                           No power; • Check the power cable connections on both the POWER-
Battery leak                                                            No power BLAST® and the wall socket.
• Do not touch any of the liquid.                                       indicator • Change the fuse in the plug head of your power cable.
• Using a cloth, remove the battery liquid prior to inserting                      • Press the “Power” button on either the POWERBLAST®, or
a new battery.                                                                     the remote control.
                                                                        No sound • Check that the power cable is connected correctly into the
9.SPEcIfIcATIonS:                                                                  connectivity panel at the back of the PowerBlaSt® system,
                                                                                   with the pins aligned.
1. Frequency range: 55Hz-20KHz                                                     • Ensure that the “Mute” button is not active. Press it once (on
2. Highest Power:                                                                  the remote control) and press it again.
20Wx2+60W                                                              abnormal • Turn OFF the system and then turn it ON after 5 minutes.
RMS Power: 5Wx2+15W                                                      sounds
3. Power Supply: AC~100V – 240V                                          ISound    • Check that the input signal leads are firmly and correctly
4. Dimensions: 85 x 95 x 110 mm                                       interference inserted on both sides.
5. Weight : 4.9 Kg                                                                 • Ensure that there are no other electrical appliances (i.e. hair
                                                                                   dryer, blender, etc) in operation; this could lead to signal inter-
10.SySTEM connEcTIonS:                                                   remote • Ensure that there are no objects in the pathway between
Your POWERBLAST® can also be connected directly to                       control; the remote control and the remote sensor, located on the front
any of the following products, as illustrated in the diagram            No signal panel of the PowerBlaSt®. large objects may interfere,
below.                                                                             break or dampen the strength of the remote control signal.
            IPHONE                                                                 • Ensure that you are pointing the remote control directly at
                                                                                   the sensor on the front panel.
                                                                        No signal • Reduce the distance between the remote control and the
                                              Audio in MP3
                                                                CD                 speaker system. The distance between the remote control
                                              Audio in
                                                                DVD                and the system should be no greater than 7 meters.
                                              Video in TV set                      • Ensure that the speaker system is not under a bright light that
                                                                                   may be preventing the signal from reaching the transducer.
                                                                                   • Ensure that the remote control battery is fully charged.
                                                                       abnormal • Turn off the speaker system immediately.
                                                                         smells    • Unplug the POWERBLAST® from the power socket and refer
                                                                                   servicing to authorized Service Personnel only.

                             9                                                                           10
12.Box conTEnT :                                               14.DEcLARATIon:
                                                               Power is AC ~ 100-240V
(1) Speaker 1PCS                                               Do not change; this may cause damage to the speaker
(2) Manual 1PCS                                                system.
(3) Base 1PCS
(4) Remote Control 1PCS                                        iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and
(5) Power Adapter 1 PCS                                        other countries.
                                                               iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.
                                                               “Made for iPod” means that an electronic accessory has
                                                               been designed to connect specifically to iPod and has
                                                               been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance
                                      (5)                      standards.
                                                               “Works with iPhone” means that an electronic accessory
                                                               has been designed to connect specifically to iPhone and
                                                               has been certified by the developer to meet Apple perfor-
                                                               mance standards.
                                                               Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or
                                                               its compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

a.Works connected to the following instruments:
iPod /iPhone/ Mp3 / Mp4 / PC / DVD / CD.
b.iPod/iPhone : can be charged and has a remote control.
c.Complete input, output port.
d.Black matt finish for the speaker box and piano finish for
the front panel.

                           11                                                             12
We warrant each appliance to be free from defects in mate-
rial and workmanship. From the purchase date, our obliga-
tion under this warranty is to provide one (1) year free parts
and labor on the entire appliance. This warranty shall apply
only if the appliance is used in accordance with the factory
directions that accompany it, and on an Alternating Cur  -
rent (AC) circuit. This warranty is in lieu of all other warran
ties and representation, expressed or implied, and all other
obligations or liabilities on our part. We do not authorize
any other person or company to assume for us any liability
in connection with the sale or use of our appliance. This
warranty shall not apply to any appliance that has been
repaired or altered outside our factory nor shall it apply to
any appliance that has been subjected to misuse, negli   -
gence or accidents.
Note: This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accident,
misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, the affixing of any attach
                                                           -            -
ment not provided with the product, loss of parts, or subjecting the
appliance to any but the specified voltage. If malfunction occurs, do
not use the unit. Simply return the unit to the store at which it was


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