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                                                                            from the summit

SECOND QUARTER 2011                  814/868-9686                         VOLUME 21, NUMBER 2

    SUMMIT TOWNSHIP                                                     KNOW WHEN AND
CONTINUES TO PARTNER WITH                                             HOW TO BURN BEFORE
HUMANE SOCIETY TO HANDLE                                               YOU START A FIRE!
   STRAY CATS & DOGS.                                                 The only items that can be burned are tree limbs, brush,
    In June of 2009, the Summit Township Supervisors             leaves and other NATURAL vegetative matter. All other items
entered into an Agreement with the Humane Society of             such as papers, newspaper, magazines and cardboard must be
Northwest Pennsylvania to handle stray animals found in our      recycled and cannot (by law) be burned. Everything else that
Township. This applies ONLY to strays that have been found       can’t be recycled is considered trash and must be disposed of
by Summit residents in Summit Township and does                  properly. This includes lumber and all other types of building or
not apply to unwanted family pets. The program continues         demolition waste.
to date, with 99 cats and 9 dogs handled in 2010 at a cost of          If you are burning natural vegetation in a barrel or container,
$4,410.                                                          no permit is needed. If you are burning out in the open, A
     Under this Agreement, Summit Township residents             PERMIT MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE TOWNSHIP
may take a stray dog or cat found in Summit Township to the      PRIOR TO BURNING! There is no fee for this permit. Burning
Humane Society and the Humane Society’s fee will be paid         is allowed from 7am to 8pm (except for campfires), and
by Summit Township. The resident must provide Proof of           controlled open burning requires a quick phone call (451-7154)
Residency (i.e. driver’s license or other photo identification   to prevent our already overworked Perry Hi-Way volunteers
with Summit address) and obtain an Authorization Number          from being called out needlessly. We keep permits on file for
in order to participate in the program. This can be done         easy renewal via phone.
right at the Humane Society Office. Additional information
(where the animal was found, etc.) must also be provided for
verification purposes.

  If you find a stray cat or dog in Summit Township, please
    Humane Society of Northwest Pennsylvania
    2707 Interchange Road, Erie, PA 16506
    Phone: 835-8331
    Hours: Monday noon-5PM;                                        Primary Election Day – May 17th
             Tuesday & Thursday 11AM-5PM;
             Wednesday 11AM-6PM; Friday noon-4PM;                     Exercise your right to vote!
             Saturday 11AM-4PM; Closed Sunday.

                                    MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
 May 12-13        Summer Program Registration                    July 4             Independence Day (Offices Closed)
                  (See Insert)                                   July 22-24        Summit Township
 May 18-21        Spring Clean-Up (See Page 3)                                     Residents Weekend
 May 30           Memorial Day (Offices Closed)                                    (See Pages 9-10)
 May 27-28        Senior Center Garage Sale                      August 11         Senior Citizens Picnic (See Page 14)
                    mEEt thE StAFF
   Supervisor/Chairperson          Road Crew:
                                                                        From The Office Of
    Christopher Gradler
    Thomas Church, Jr.
                                    Gary Haupt – Foreman,
                                    Steve Skelly, Joe Passerotti,
                                    Larry Hudacky, Jeff Matheis
                                                                        District Judge Dwyer
   Supervisor/Roadmaster            Gary Pace & Mike Hanas
    Marlin Coon                    Water Authority:
   Township Engineer
    David Sterrett, P.E.
                                    John Troutman – Manager
                                    Laura Taylor –                      TEXTING WHILE
   Zoning, Land Development           Administrative Secretary
   & Public Relations               Gretchen Hayford – Secretary
    Nancy Agostine –               Water Authority Systems Operators:
      Zoning Officer/Director       Brian Clark, Brian Hiles,
                                                                             AAA is working hard for a national ban on text
    Marj Hudak –                    Bob Mitchell
      Administrative Asst.         Sewer Authority:                     messaging while diving in all 50 states. So far, legislators
    Kip Hayford –                   William Steff, P.E. – Manager       in 30 states have enacted laws that prohibit drivers of any
      Code Enforcement              Cheryl Feeney – Board Secretary     age from texting. As Pennsylvania legislators convene for
   Secretary/Asst. Treasurer        Carol Gradler, Kathy Pfister        their 2011 session, they too will be considering proposed
    Christene Yeast                Clerical Asst.                       law dealing with distracted driver issues and violation of
   Receptionist                     Marty McAtee –                      that law as a primary offense; meaning police could stop
    Linda Odom                      Operations Foreman
                                    Chris Hodge –                       a person for that violation alone. While texting has been
                                    Operations Technician               proven to be one of the most dangerous things you can
                                                                        do behind the wheel, for now, the responsibility to use
                                                                        common sense rests with every person who gets behind
                                                                        the wheel. Think - don’t let a text message become your
       puBLiC mEEtinG SChEDuLE                                          last word ever.
                       Board of Supervisors:                                FYI – The City of Erie DOES have an Ordinance
                  1st Monday of each month, 6:00 p.m.                   prohibiting driving a motor vehicle, bicycle or other
                  3rd Monday of each month, 6:00 p.m.                   vehicle on any street, road or highway within the City
                       Planning Commission:                             of Erie while using a ‘hand-held’ mobile telephone or
                  2nd Monday of each month, 7:30 p.m.                   wireless communication device in any way! See City of
                         Sewer Authority:                               Erie Article 741 for more info.
                Last Thursday of each month, 9:00 a.m.
                           Water Authority:
                  1st Tuesday of each month, 6:00 p.m.
                         Recreation Board:
                3rd Wednesday of each month, 5:15 p.m.
                        LeBoeuf Little League:
    2nd Thursday of each month, 7:30 p.m. at Waterford Boro Building       Summit Trivia:
                                                                           How many taxable parcels are in Summit Township?
                       Zoning Hearing Board:
                 4th Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m.                                                     Answer on Page 15.
                     As needed and advertised only
            Summit Township Industrial and Economic
                  Development Authority (STIEDA):
             4th Monday of each month, 7:00 p.m. as needed.
      All meetings are held in the meeting room at the Municipal
    Building with the exception of the Sewer Authority, which is held     DON’T FORGET TO
                                                                         VISIT OUR WEBSITE:
           at the Sewer Building next to the Township Garage.

nEwSLEttER DEADLinE                                                       With upcoming events, meeting minutes,
The next deadline for submission of newsletter                            ordinances and more, it’s a convenient source
articles is July 29th! Our next newsletter will                           of information on your community.
be published in late August.

                                                                               Second Quarter 2011 • Summit townShip • Page 2
                             SPRING CLEAN-UP 2011
                                   FOR SUMMIT TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS ONLY!
Spring clean up will be handled as a DROP-OFF PROGRAM again this year. Township crews will only pick-up
appliances containing freon (i.e. refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers) for residents who have
registered and paid for the freon removal in advance (No later than May 18th). Residents may bring all other
eligible items to the Township garage during the time period detailed below. Township personnel will be on hand
to accept items, which must be generated solely from your household and not brought in from elsewhere.
                  All residents will be required to show proof of residency (photo driver’s license).

                                        DROP-OFF PROGRAM SCHEDULE
                  DATES:            Wednesday, May 18th through Saturday, May 21st
                  HOURS:            8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Wed, Thurs, Fri
                                    8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturday
                  SITE:             Township Garage – 8900 Old French Road
                                                  GENERAL INFORMATION
   Please	read	this	information	carefully!		Only	those	items	listed	will	be	accepted,	all	others	will	be	turned	away.		
        ALLOWABLE ITEMS FOR THIS YEAR’S                                     If you are unsure about a specific item,
                COLLECTION                                                   please call the Township at 868-9686.
•	 Air	Conditioners	(required	freon	removal	fee	paid**)
•	 Appliances	–	Limited	to	two appliances per household.             ** FREON REMOVAL FEE @ $10.00 each (Non-Refund-
   Duplicates of same appliance not accepted (i.e. 2 dryers).        able) -	Appliances	that	use	Freon	require	this	fee	payment	
	 Refrigerators/Freezers	(doors	removed	and	required	Freon	          to defray the cost of having Freon removed. Payment
   removal	fee	paid**)                                               must be made	at	the	Township	Building	by	WEDNESDAY
	 Dehumidifiers	(required	Freon	removal	fee	paid**)                  MAY 18th.		Crews	will	only	pick	up	items	with	Freon	if	the	
   Washers (clothes and dish), Dryers, Stoves, Hot Water Tanks       resident’s	name/address	appears	on	a	pre-paid	list.		Freon
•	 Auto	Parts	(NO	GAS	TANKS)                                         items must be placed CURBSIDE BY 8 a.m., THURSDAY,
•	 Demolition	Waste	–	bathtubs,	sinks,	toilets,	house	doors	and	     MAY 19th and will be picked up either the 19th or the
   windows	ONLY                                                      20th.
   (no other building demolition waste such as shingles, wood
   or blocks will be accepted)                                       ** TIRE FEE – Tires will be accepted during drop-off hours
•	 Furniture	-	TV’s,	mattresses,	mattress	springs,	couch,	chairs,	   with payment of the nominal per tire fee as follows:
   dressers, tables                                                        $2 – Tire OFF Rim (18 inch diameter or less)
•	 Lawn	Mowers/Roto-tillers/Snow-blowers	                                  $3 – Tire ON Rim          (18 inch diameter or less)
•	 Metal	Items	(unlimited)                                                 $5 – Truck Tire           (19 inch diameter or more)
•	 Tires	(@	nominal	fee	–	see	cost	breakdown	listed	below	**)	        The nominal fee will help defray costs (per ton) associated
   Limit 12 tires per person.                                        with	recycling	of	the	tires	by	Waste	Management.
            ITEMS NOT ALLOWED –                                      (Note: Fee for tires is to be paid at the drop-off site, not in
   THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED:                         advance)
•	 No	Bagged	Material	-	OF	ANY	KIND	                                                  LIMIT 12 TIRES PER PERSON
•	 No	Batteries	
•	 No	Demolition	Waste	-	other	than	items	specifically	listed	
                                                                        Summit Township CANNOT take vehicles as part of spring
•	 No	Gasoline	&	Propane	Tanks
                                                                                               clean up!
•	 No	Hazardous	Waste	–	OF	ANY	KIND
                                                                          Vehicles that are unregistered/uninspected and vis-
•	 No	Household	Garbage
                                                                       ible on your property are in violation of Township Or-
•	 No	Paint	or	Oil	Cans
                                                                       dinances. Avoid prosecution by having them removed.
•	 No	Junk	Vehicles

Page 3 • Summit townShip • Second Quarter 2011
                 RECYCLING CORNER
                                                                              ROBISON EARTH DAY
REQUIRED BY LAW?                                                             2011 A HUGE SUCCESS!
     The Summit Township Solid Waste Ordinance (No. 2010-03) has
been in effect for over four months now. The Ordinance requires                When you hear students say that they are having
that every resident contract privately for trash disposal and partici-    the best school day ever, while they’re busy learning
pate in the Township provided (free) curbside recycling program.          all different ways to help protect the earth, you can’t
All Summit Township businesses must contract privately for both           help but be very proud of your community. That’s
trash disposal and recycling services (as curbside recycling is only      exactly how I felt about Summit at Robison’s Earth
provided free to residents).                                              Day 2011. Whether learning about air pollution, how
                                                                          to reduce their carbon footprint or how carbon dioxide
    All of the information about our wonderful residential recycling      affects our drinking water; the level of enthusiasm was
program can be found in the 2011 Summit Calendar, mailed to all           AMAZING!
resident's homes. If you did not get one, or would like an extra
copy, they are available at the municipal office (until we run out).          Thanks to Kim Edinger, Robison faculty and staff,
While curbside recycling is detailed in the front of the calendar,        and all of the volunteers who work so hard to educate
many other ways to recycle can also be found inside the back cover        our children Earth Day and every day. Look out
and throughout the calendar.                                              parents and neighbors – the students have now been
                                                                          charged with educating all
     If any Summit Township resident or business has questions            of YOU!!                       - Nancy Agostine
regarding the Solid Waste Ordinance, please contact Nancy Agostine
at 868-9686.
                                                               2011 Summit Recycling Calendar –
                                                              Well, it finally happened, I messed up on a couple of names for winning
                                                         Earth Day projects that appear in our 2011 Calendar. My sincere apologies go
                                                         out to Kobie Spencer-Pett, whose name was misspelled; and Jake, Brenna
                                                         and Joey Lehotsky whose project was labeled with the wrong family name. To
                                                         make it up to them, we are running the photos of their art below. Both have great
                                                         ideas for this time of year: Kobie suggests cleaning up roadside litter, separating
                                                         recyclables and then following through by taking items to the recycling center;
                                                         while, the Lehotsky crew reduced water run-off by making a rain barrel. Please
                                                         congratulate them on their projects and then follow their lead!

                                                                              Second Quarter 2011 • Summit townShip • Page 4
                                                        FROM SUMMIT TOWNSHIP TO LAKE ERIE –
  ★ Super Recycler ★                                         WHEN IT RAINS IT DRAINS!!
                                                           With the April showers we’ve been dealing with lately,
      Summit Township would like to thank our
                                                     it’s the perfect time for a reminder that everything we put
       most dedicated residential recycler:
                                                     on the ground ends up in our Lake Erie watershed.
             BERNIE NOVOTNY.
                                                         That includes anything we put in our ditches, oil or
     For years now, Bernie has consistently
                                                     leaking car fluids, fertilizer and pesticides we put on our
 taken the time to deliver his personal recy-
                                                     lawns. The list goes on and on …
 cling receipts to the Township. We are able to
 include this weight in our annual reports upon          Take a moment to survey your property (now that all
 which our recycling grant funding is calculated.    that snow has finally melted!) and clean up any litter or
                                                     debris. It’s also a great time to give your vehicles a “once
      Do you take aluminum or other recyclables
                                                     over” and make sure they are not leaking and are running
 to a recycling center? If so, we would love to
                                                     properly. Finally, as you begin to tend to your lawns and
 have your receipts as well. Every little bit will
                                                     gardens, read labels carefully on all fertilizer and weed kill-
 help keep Summit Township the #1 recycling
                                                     ers to make sure they are not harmful to our water supply.
 municipality in all of Erie County! Thanks
 again BERNIE – lets hope you’ve inspired lots         Always remember: If YOU put it on the ground, in
 of other residents!                                 YOUR water it will be found!!

                           mark mark your calendar and
                    Please Pleaseyour calendar and attend attend
                    Please your calendar and attend
             Please markmark your calendar and attend
                TIMOTHY WERYHA’S
            TIMOTHY WERYHA’S
                  TIMOTHY WERYHA’S
       TIMOTHY15, 2011 Fundraiser
          Memorial Scholarship
           Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser
       Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser
              – 8May 15, Park
                 PM - Picnicana 2011
           May 15, 2011
    Memorial 2Scholarship Fundraiser
                                May 15, 2011
                                 2 – for all– 8 PM
                                 Fun 8 PMages!!
              Food, Games, Raffles, Chinese Auction & Entertainment
            DJ: “Little Brother”    Picnicana
                                Picnicana ParkPark
                                  Bands: “Sands of Time” and “Fusion”
                                   2 – 8 PM5 PM
                                              3-           6 - 8 PM

                     Picnicana Park Auction &
                           Disbursements begin Class
               ScholarshipFun for allfor all ages!! of 2011
                                Fun ages!!
                        To donate or for more info contact Rita:
                 Games, Raffles, Chinese Auction
           Food, Food, Games, Raffles, Chinese &
Page 5 • Summit townShip • Second Quarter 2011
Hello from Robison                                                                                      From
Elementary School! snowing outside today! I know spring weather is
  Happy spring everyone, I say this as it is
                                                                                                        Robison PTO...
on its way and, for us at Robison Elementary School, this is an exciting time of year. Our stu-              Our children grow up so
dents are making wonderful progress and it shows! Our kindergarten students are reading and             quickly. As parents we do all we
writing, our fifth graders are showing the maturity needed to move on into secondary educa-             can to make those "blink of an eye"
tion. All of our students give us reason to feel pride, each student has grown in their own way.        years special. So many have put off
                                                                                                        the now and are looking back saying
     As this is going to print, we are celebrating Earth Day 2011. Many community members
                                                                                                        I should have or could have. I say
are involved in Robison’s Earth Day celebration this year. We thank each and every one of
                                                                                                        the children at Robison Elementary
them for their contribution to our environmental program. Our students are good stewards
                                                                                                        are enjoying these years to their
of the planet and believe that Earth Day is everyday. Thank you to Mrs. Nancy Agostine and
                                                                                                        utmost. We on PTO are so proud to
Summit Township for supporting our efforts. A big thank you to the Summit community for
                                                                                                        be a part of this.
recycling their used printer ink cartridges with us, every little cartridge recycled helps our
environment and benefits our playground.                                                                     As spring has sprung we pre-
     We would like to thank all of our school volunteers who are so faithful and loyal and make         pare for our end of the year events.
Robison Elementary School a wonderful place for children. Each year parents volunteer to lis-           Ready to pass go and collect $200 or
ten to children read, work on our annual musical, put up bulletin boards, plan fun family events,       maybe jump ahead 4 spaces? Our
work on our “reading train”, sponsor RIF book distributions, support our science fair and so            families are going to be doing just
much more. The time they give to our students and our school is so very much appreciated.               that at our annual Family Fun Fair
                                                                                                        Night on May 6th. Along with
     Some things to think about as we head into the summer months:                                      these festivities we are hosting our
     Our district held kindergarten registration in March. If you have a kindergarten child who         Chinese auction and 3rd annual
you have not yet enrolled, please do so ASAP. Our classes fill up quickly. If your child will be 5      basket raffle. Beautiful baskets have
before June 1, 2011, please call the Robison office to inquire about enrollment procedures.             been donated in the past and we
     Kindergarten orientation will be held for parents and 2011-2012 kindergarten students on           thank all of you for your generos-
August 23, 2011 from 9:00-10:30 AM. Important information will be given to kindergarten par-            ity. We look forward to this great
ents at orientation. Please mark this date on your calendars as this is a very important meeting.       night and we hope to see all of our
     Our families will receive invitations to Grade Level Meet and Greet Nights. Meet and               families there.
Greet Nights give students and parents an opportunity to meet and hear year expectations                    We have had yet another suc-
before the school year formally begins. Our schedule is as follows:                                     cessful year, with all thanks to our
     Grade 1,2 and 3                    August 23                   6:00-7:00 PM                        volunteers and wonderful families.
     Grades 4 and 5                     August 26                   6:00-7:00 PM                        Have a safe and beautiful summer.
     Please look for your invitation in the mail.                                                       See you all again before we know it!
     On behalf of Robison Elementary School faculty and staff, I wish everyone a safe and relax-          Carrie Nearhoof &
    Cindy Hargest, Robison Principal
ing summer and thank the Summit community for their continued support of our school.
                                                                                                          PTO Co-Presidents

                                                                                         Stone Church Gallery
                                                                                          1390 W. Townhall Road
                                                                                          Erie, PA 16509
                                                                                       Friday, May 13, 2011
                                                                                    Student Artist reception 6-8 pm
                                                                                    Free and open to the community
                                                                   Sunday, May 15, 2011
                                                                   Bidding open from 4-6 pm
                                                               Silent auction results from 6-7 pm
                                                             Wine tasting with Lakeview Wine Cellars
                                                             Live music by Eric Brewer and Friends
                                                             Hors d’oeuvres
                                                             Tickets $10 in advance - $15 at the door
                                                             This is an adult event

                                                                                      Second Quarter 2011 • Summit townShip • Page 6
                                                                   restaurants offer décor and music designed to entertain and
                                                                   make you smile. When you stop in for a taste, be mindful: it’s
                                                                   said that a generous slathering of Dave’s barbeque sauce will
                                                                   make girls prettier and boys stronger, taller and more hand-
                                                                   some (or vice-versa)!
                                                                   SUMMIT 6 PACK . . . . has opened at 8238 Perry Highway,
                                                                   directly next door to the Beverage Shop. This business is
                                                                   uniquely different from the Beverage Shop as it offers small
Here We “Grow” Again                                               quantity sales (individual bottles/cans, 6-packs and 12-packs);
                                                                   as permitted by their class of liquor license. For that reason,
GOLF ETC. . . . has opened for business at 7520 Peach              it works perfectly for those who want to try new brands with-
Street, in the small plaza together with Shoe Fly Shoes & U        out having to purchase an entire case of 24. It also works
Pick 6. Golf Etc. offers golf enthusiasts an alternative to “big   well for the out-of-town guests visiting Summit Township who
box” sporting goods stores, with their personal approach           would like a beverage or two for their hotel room. Offered
and the latest technology. By using the latest simulator and       are imports, domestics, microbrews and wine coolers. Also
launch monitor technology they can develop an accurate pro-        available is a limited food menu; try the “Lucky Louie’s Beer
file of your specific abilities and tendencies. Using that data,   and Weiner Combo”. Doors will be open 7 days a week and
they help you select the best golf club and the right combina-     they can be reached at 866-9696 for more info.
tion of club shaft, head and grip to fit your game. They will
even help determine the best golf ball for your game. Golf
Etc. stores also offer pro-line equipment bags, balls, footwear,
apparel, gift items, accessories and more. Stop in and let
                                                                         IN THE WORKS:
them “custom fit your game”.                       HOBBY LOBBY . . . will be moving into a portion of the
                                                                   former Wal-Mart building at 1902 Keystone Drive. A Zoning
DUNKIN’ DONUTS . . . . is open now at 7165 Peach Street:
                                                                   Permit has been issued for interior renovations to accommo-
in the plaza created when Scott Development converted the
                                                                   date this new business. Anticipated opening will be in June.
former Damon’s restaurant. Dunkin Donuts has been brew-
ing coffee for more than five decades. Along with their fa-
mous coffee, their menu includes cappuccinos, lattes, frozen
coolatta fruit and coffee flavored drinks, espressos and a vari-          Tip of the Hat to Plastikos
ety of pastries, breakfast sandwiches and wraps. Their drive-
thru window makes it easy to pick up coffee when you’re out              Summit is very proud of our award winning local
shopping or on the way to work. Or, stop in one time to set          businesses. With that in mind, we wanted to take a
up your “coffee subscription” and great coffee will be deliv-        moment to congratulate Plastikos for being named by
ered right to your home or office; you choose how much, how          the Plastics News Magazine as Producer of the Year for
often and which blend. Also available is the “Office Coffee          their industry.
Service” where your break room is supplied with everything               Plastikos, which is located at 8165 Hawthorne
to meet your round the clock needs.             Drive, employs 100 people, operates 27 presses and
QDOBA MEXICAN GRILL . . . will be opening in an-                     reported sales of $16.8 million in 2010.
other section of the recently converted plaza at 7165 Peach               We are especially proud of Plastikos because
Street. This is a relatively new franchise that had its start in     finalists were chosen, not only on the basis of financial
Denver, Colorado. Qdoba immediately won over customers               performance, quality, and customer/employee
and critics with their restaurant’s Mexican fare: burritos,          relations; the award was also based on environmental
tacos & taco salads, nachos, queso dips, quesadillas and             performance. They are a wonderful example for other
gumbo soup. Qdoba also offers catering for events large              manufacturers because they have shown that you can
or small. Their menu brings a refreshing alternative to stan-        run a successful, award-winning business and still strive
dard catering menus. They are also open daily for breakfast.         to be a good steward of the earth.                                                           Congratulations to Plastikos and thanks for taking
FAMOUS DAVE’S. . . . is the third business that will open            good care of our Summit environment!
in the recently converted plaza at 7165 Peach Street. Dave
Anderson, founder of Famous Dave’s, spent countless years
researching and refining barbeque sauces. Today he boasts                         NOTABLE QUOTE:
six award winning sauces honed at competitive rib cook-offs.
Dave is a firm believer in the “total” dining experience with a
                                                                     "A good exercise for the heart is to bend down
dab of good old fashioned backyard barbeque hospitality... his       and help another up." (Author Unknown)

Page 7 • Summit townShip • Second Quarter 2011
                                         From the Water Authority. . . .
                                                Water costs money - don’t waste it!
     A dripping faucet or fixture can waste 15 gallons a day,            over (float level may be set too high). The flapper valve
a total of 1,350 gallons of water a quarter.                             in the bottom of the tank is also a location of a possible
                                                                         leaking toilet. To check for a flapper valve leak, put a small
     Studies show that dripping faucets and leaking toilets              amount of food coloring in the toilet tank after it has filled.
account for as much as 14% of all indoor water use, equiva-              If after 15 minutes the dye shows up in the bowl, you prob-
lent to 10 gallons per person of water lost per day.                     ably have a leaking flapper or plunger ball valve. Leaky
                                                                         toilets can usually be repaired inexpensively. Older toilets
     A continuous leak from a hole of the following sizes                (installed prior to 1994) use 3.5 to 7 gallons (13-27 liters)
at 60 psi will waste water in the amounts shown below per                of water per flush and as much as 20 gallons (76 liters) per
quarter:                                                                 person per day. Replacing an old toilet with a new model
                                                                         can save the typical household 7,900 to 21,700 gallons
Diameter of Stream           Gallons Lost per Quarter                    (29,902 - 82,135 liters) of water per year, cutting both your
       1/4”                             1,181,500                        water and wastewater bills.
      3/16”                           666,000
       1/8”                           296,000                                             ADOPT-A-HYDRANT
      1/16”                            74,000
                                                                                          CONTEST WINNER
      Are water leaks costing you money? Periodically you                            Dan Eshelman (1860 Townhall Road)
should: Check all faucets for drips. Replace worn and leak-
ing washers, gaskets, pipes or defective fixtures. Check                     Dan was nominated by Debra Jageman and will
for leaks on outside faucets, and make sure the valve                    receive a $50 gift certificate to a Summit Township
closes properly. Check toilets for leaks - An average of                 restaurant or business of his choice. We appreciate
20% of toilets leak. Toilets are the most common source of               Dan’s efforts!
leaks and high bills! They can account for almost 30% of
all indoor water use, more than any other fixture. Check                                             John Troutman, Manager
the overflow of the tank to make sure no water is running

                                                                               LeBoeuf Little League is in need of umpires! We are currently
                                                                         in need of umpires, 12 years and older, who would like to umpire
                                                                         little league games for all of our teams. LeBoeuf Little League is
                                                                         recognized as a leader in umpire development in this region. We
                                                                         provide training, as needed, personal protective equipment, and
                                                                         an umpire shirt and hat for those who commit to the program.
                                                                         Anyone interested in umpiring in the LeBoeuf Little League, please
                                                                         contact Val Rose at 796-8091.
                                                                               LeBoeuf Little League is extremely fortunate to enjoy
                                                                         wonderfully strong support from local businesses, which sponsor
                                                                         our teams. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of those
                                                                         businesses! There is an opportunity for businesses to purchase
LeBoeuf Little League                                                    outfield signs that are displayed on the fences at the fields. For
                                                                         $150 donation, you can help adorn the outfield fences with a sign
     Spring has finally sprung! Despite the long winter, the             advertising your business logo. Please contact the LLL if you would
LeBoeuf Little League Fields are being manicured and touched up          like to support us and advertise your business.
for the 2011 Season! Just over 350 excited kids have signed up for
                                                                              The LeBoeuf Little League is always looking for volunteers.
baseball, softball, T-ball and don’t forget the Challenger Division,
                                                                         LeBoeuf Little League relies on community volunteers, who
returning for their third year!
                                                                         manage the league, groom the fields and coach the players. We
     Schedules for all of the games may vary, but games are played       have had many successful teams over the last several years and
somewhere, nearly every day, primarily Monday through Friday.            the ongoing success of LLL is dependent on parent involvement
Please join us and enjoy a game at one of these field locations: three   and commitment. Please consider donating your time to our area
fields behind the Summit Township Building, two fields behind            youth by volunteering for the LeBoeuf Little League. Visit the
Robison Elementary, Picnicana, five fields at the Waterford (Route       website at if you have any inquiries regarding the
97) Complex, Waterford Elementary, the park in Waterford, three          league, field directions, rules or schedules. Please contact any
fields at Mill Village Elementary or Szall Field in Mill Village.        of the Board Members listed on the Website with any questions.
Games begin at 6:00 on most fields.                                      Hope to see you at the ballgames!

                                                                                     Second Quarter 2011 • Summit townShip • Page 8
                  2011 Summit Township Residents Weekends!

                                  July 22nd thru July 24th

The  Summit Township Rec Board would like you to enjoy your weekend
with what your township has to offer, Picnicana Park has been reserved
          for our township residents for the entire weekend!

         Various activities have been planned throughout the weekend, the
         fun starts Friday night at 5p with a Car/Bike Show at Picnicana Park.
         Bring your vintage transportation to share with your neighbors!

            Saturday try your luck with a Corn Hole tournament and other festivities at Picnicana Park.
Also, enjoy a great children‛s movie on the big outdoor screen with popcorn, bonfire, roasted corn
and s‛mores! Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit back and relax while watching the movie under the

          Sunday, start your day with a Pancake Breakfast served by the Lions Club with a Bake
         Sale hosted by the Senior Center all at Picnicana Park. Then enjoy your day at Family
First Sports Park with our township discounted rates for this day only! (Additional information with
rates will be available at

              • Car Show                                    For questions contact any Rec Board Member or
   Friday      • Bike Show                                         check the township web page at:
 July 22nd                                                  

           • Corn Hole Tournament
  Saturday  • Outdoor Movie - Bonfire
  July 23rd                                                            Debi Cameron.............. 866-2653
                                                                       Sean Earley................... 864-7820
              • Pancake Breakfast / Bake Sale
   Sunday      • Family First Sports Park Days                         Judy Kuhn .................... 866-6096
  July 24th
                                                                       Steve Skelly.................. 864-5672

Page 9 • Summit townShip • Second Quarter 2011
           When You Think Summer... Think Family First!
             The Summit Township Recreation Board Invites You to
   Spend a Fun Filled Day with Township Residents at Family First Sports Park
               on Sunday, July 24, 2011 from 11:00AM – 11:00PM
Discounted, All-Day Ultimate Access Passes will be available to purchase for only $5.00 per Summit Township
resident. Guests of Summit Township residents can also purchase a $10.00 pass for the day!

The “Ultimate Access Pass” will include: An All-Day pass, allowing unlimited access to go-karts, eurobungy,
miniature golf, bumper boats, inflatables and rock-climbing. You are also eligible to receive discounts on batting cage

Discounted Passes will be available for purchase at:
                                                                                             FIRST F
        Summit Township Office
                                                                                        I LY         U
        8900 Old French Road                                                        M

        Erie, PA 16509

                                                                        AT T E FA
        Phone: 868-9686

                                                                                                         CE T R
        Hours: Monday – Friday / 8:00AM – 4:30PM

        Summit Township Tax Collector Office

        1754 Townhall Road
        Erie, PA 16509
        Phone: 866-2653
                                                                                      LY 2 2011
        Hours: Monday – Thursday / 10:00AM – 2:00PM and
        Monday evening 5:00PM – 7:00PM

                                                        Proof of residency will be required at time of ticket purchase. Only
                                                        cash and checks will be accepted; at the Township locations, NO credit
                                                        or debit cards can be processed. Tickets can also be purchased at the
                                                        Family First Sports Park web page at
                                                        credit and debit cards are accepted through the web page only.

                                                        If you wish to just visit and mingle with your Summit Township
                                                        neighbors, no pass is required for park entrance. Concession stands
                                                        and seating will be available.

                                                        For questions or further information you can contact any Rec Board
                                                        Member listed below:
                                                            Debi Cameron 866-265………..Sean Earley 864-7820
                                                            Judy Kuhn 866-6096……………Steve Skelly 864-5672

                                                                                             YOU PAY ONLY

                                                                                              Regularly $22.50

                                                         ENJOY A DAY OF FAMILY, FUN AND SMILES!
                                                                           Second Quarter 2011 • Summit townShip • Page 10
                                                       STIEDA Update
     We are pleased to report that matters related to the settlement with Erie County and the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority
 have proceeded with relatively few hitches. STIEDA currently has approximately 1.3 million dollars set aside for costs associated with
 Presque Isle Downs’ operations. Currently there are 4 entities that can apply for these funds: Summit Township, Perry Highway Hose
 Company, Summit Township Water Authority and Summit Township Sewer Authority. Approximately 1 year from now, STIEDA should
 have an additional $500,000, minus operating expenses and any grants provided to the above entities.
      STIEDA hopes to develop a program or programs for job retention/development, education, health and welfare and/or any other
 purpose that is consistent with our by-laws. STIEDA plans on opening up the requests for funding or loans to additional applicants
 located within our township. There will be more to come on these programs, as they are developed. Please feel free to submit any
 suggestions, in writing, or in person at any of our public meetings.
       Once again, we can’t thank the Township enough for their support. We could not have pursued our interests without the funding
 and other support provided by the Board of Supervisors. We are proud of our efforts and pleased to say we fully repaid the township
 for the financial support they provided. The total cost of STIEDA to our residents was $0! So far, we have benefited to the tune of $1.3
 million and counting.
     We look forward to many productive years of making our township an even better community to live and work in.
          Brian M. McGowan, Chairman

                       FROM YOUR SUMMIT TAX COLLECTOR:
     2011 County-Township bills were mailed March 1, 2011. Face ends 6/30/11. We receive two regular tax bills each year. County-
 Township is issued March 1st and mailed the first week of March. This is for a calendar year January 1 through December 31 of the
 current year. You MUST have received the Homestead Exclusion on your 2010/2011 school tax bill to receive it on the 2011 C-T bill.
 Once you are enrolled, you need not enroll each year as long as you stay at your present residence.
      School bills are issued July 1 and run from July 1 of the current year through June 30th of the next year (fiscal year). Therefore,
 our school tax bills this year will be entitled 2011/2012 Ft. LeBoeuf School Taxes. They are mailed the first week of July. If you do
 not receive your school tax bill by the end of the first week of July, please contact my office.
       Please remember if you own a mobile home simply transferring the title DOES NOT change the tax role! You must
 fill out a transfer of ownership form and have it notarized to change the tax roll. Erie County Assessment will do this at no charge
 and I can also do it, but there is a $5.00 charge for executing an Acknowledgment. Call my office or Erie County Assessment (814-
 451-6225) for further information. Delinquent taxes on a mobile home stay with the mobile home so be sure to protect yourself and
 contact Erie County Tax Claim at 814-451-6206 to check for back taxes PRIOR to purchasing the mobile home.
     The next round of Interim tax bills will be issued July 1, 2011. They have their own separate pay periods. Interim tax bills are is-
 sued if the assessed value of your home and/or property change after the regular tax role has been issued. This might be due to new
 construction, additions, new mobile home etc. You will always be notified by Erie County Assessment of the change that will occur. If
 you do not agree with the proposed change, that is the time to dispute. Also, keep in mind that you may be issued an Interim for the
 2010/2011 school tax year. Even though you may not have lived in your home in 2010, the school tax runs through the FISCAL year
 which would run July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.
      I have spoken often of Senate Resolution 250 (SR250). The date of June 30th is rapidly approaching. That is the date when the
 Legislative & Budget Finance Committee must present its recommendation on whether or not to change the current system of col-
 lecting Real Estate taxes. This resolution is sponsored by Senator Jane Earll (she also sponsored the bill that eliminated the local tax
 collector collecting local earned income tax). Studies are being done and proposed to eliminate your right to have local government.
 The recommendation could be one tax collector per school district, one per county or outsourcing. Berkheimer will most likely be the
 choice for the collector of real estate taxes if the study proposes outsourcing. Contact our State Senator Jane Earll (717-787-
 8927) or Rep. Flo Fabrizio (814-455-6319) and let them know that you want your local government left to those that
 live in that locale. I also have petitions in my office to sign if you have not already done so.
      I welcome the new residents to Summit and look forward to meeting you. I am sure you will enjoy living here. It seems this
 past winter we have lost more than our share of long-time residents. It is with heavy heart that I ask you to remember them in your
 thoughts and prayers. Be kind to your neighbors; you never know how long they will be with us.
     Debra Cameron, Summit Twp. Tax Collector
     1754 Townhall Rd., West
     Erie, PA 16509
     Phone & Fax 814-866-2653
     Hours: March 1 – October 31, M-TH 10AM-2PM, Monday evening 5-7PM
     November 1 – End of February, by Appt. Only

Page 11 • Summit townShip • Second Quarter 2011
Senior News                                                      years and it is always such a treat. They put on a good
                                                                 show with dancing, jokes and beautiful costumes. Thank
                                                                 you, folks.
  Dear Friends and Neighbors,                                         Another important event was the birthday of one of
                                                                 our most special members; Jean Curley. Jean celebrated
     I hope by the time you are reading this that spring has     her 90th birthday. According to her she is only 77 but no
finally “sprung”. As I am writing this it really seems as if     one makes a fuss over 77 years old, so she “pretends” to be
winter is still hanging on. Let’s hope for warmer weather        90. For the celebration, her family and friends came from
soon.                                                            all over the country. It was a pleasure to meet them. Jean
     A very strange thing has been happening at the Senior       is an amazing woman. I am quite certain that, without her,
Center. Sometimes when we arrive there is food in bags at        there may not be a senior center for us to enjoy. Also, at
the door. This is not a good thing because we often times        the ripe age of “77” she is still very active. Need a ride, call
have to discard the food because it has been there too           Jean. I know she is the driver for many of the outings that
long. The Center is not occupied everyday so we are not          she and her friends enjoy. Thanks Jean for all you do - we
sure how long the food has been sitting there, but several       are already planning for your next major birthday.
times there is frozen food that has long since defrosted.             So, now it’s on to summer out here in Summit Town-
What a waste. If you are the person leaving the food, may        ship. Hope it’s a great one for all of you. We are looking
I suggest that it would be better to give the food to the food   forward to using the new horseshoe pits that were put in
pantry at the Summit United Methodist Church. If you             for us last year by Riley Colvin. You can join us if you wish.
check with them they can tell you when someone will be           I know you will have fun.
there to get the food and then it will not go to waste. We
really appreciate the thought, but would rather not see the          Till next time – stay safe, be happy.
food wasted. Thank you!
     This year we will again be having a rummage sale at             June Beard,
the Summit Township Senior Center, located at 1450 Town-             Summit Township Senior Citizens Vice President
hall Road West. The sale will be Friday, May 27th,
from 9 AM to 4 PM and Saturday, May 28th, from 9
AM to 1PM. Saturday will be “Dollar a Bag” all day. We
have had success with this sale due to the generosity and
hard work on the part of our members but also due to the
help from you, our neighbors. You have both donated and
bought our goods. If you would like to donate things to be
sold, the Center is open on Tuesdays from 9 AM to 3 PM,
Wednesday’s from 11 AM to 3 PM and Thursdays from
1 PM to 8 PM. On Thursday May 26th, we will be there
from 9 AM to 4 PM setting up. We are unable to accept any
electronics this year. When they are not sold it costs us
money to dispose of them, so please, no electronics. How-
ever, all other usable donations are very much appreciated.
A bake sale will also be part of the rummage sale offerings,
so come and have your breakfast with us.
    We will also be having another Election Day bake sale
on May 17th. This is held at the Township offices polling
place on Old French Road. We arrive at 7 AM, and usually
have sold out by 4 PM. So, come early and get the best of
the goods. Of course, it’s all good
    I am sure you will not be surprised when I tell you that
we have been having fun at the Center - it happens all the
    Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration was attended by
many leprechauns and lots of Wearin’ O” the Green. That
was all nice, but I am still wondering about the lady in the
hat with the horns. What was that all about? Whatever, we
had a great time.
    Recently we were entertained by Don and the Don-
nettes. They have been entertaining us for the past several
                                                                          Second Quarter 2011 • Summit townShip • Page 12
                                                                     Driver Safety Class
                                                                               8 hour course
                                                                               June 27 & 28
                                                                      6 p.m. -10 p.m. each night
                                                                 To register or for more information
                                                                       call Jean at 866-5653

                                                                  AARP FREE TAX
                                                               ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
                                                                The AARP TAX ASSISTANCE SERVICE, which was
                                                           conducted by volunteers at the Summit Senior Center, is
                                                           pleased to have been able to help 258 clients from all over
                                                           Erie County prepare their 2010 taxes. Approximately 85%
                                                           of the clients received PA Tax Forgiveness.
                                                                You can still file for the Pennsylvania Property
                                                           and Rental Rebate until June 30th. The forms for
                                                           this rebate, as well as “Pace” forms, can be picked up at
                                                           the Township office.
                                                                We look forward to serving the public again
                                                           next year!
                                                                                               Harry West

                                  Could you please help the
                          PICNICANA SUMMER PROGRAM?
   Do you have a lot of the following items you are not using anymore laying around the house? If so, the summer
recreation program can really use them! Drop the items off at Picnicana from June 13th to July 22nd, 11-3:30.
   Brads                       CD’s                         Paper                        Felt Squares
   Rubber bands                Stickers                     Nail-polish                  Games
   Toothpicks                  Tissue Paper                 Grass Seed                   Old Clean Tablecloths
   Contact paper               Paint                        Pringles Cans with Lids      Tape
   Glue                        Balloons                     Markers                      Beads
   Thread                      Puzzles                      Christmas Lights             Foam Plates
   Nails                       Children's Books             Pens                         Buttons
   Old Nylons                  Paper Bags                   Plastic Totes-All Sizes      Old Sheets
   Push Pins                   Old Blankets                 Artificial Flowers           Wiggle Eyes
   Bingo Daubers               Scissors                     Styrofoam Balls Cards        Paint Brushes
   Tongue Depressors           Foam Meat Trays              Yarn Tacks
   Small Margarine Containers with Lids                     Nestle Quick Containers
                                         Any other items used for Crafts
   Pat McGuire
   Program Director

Page 13 • Summit townShip • Second Quarter 2011
              JOIN US FOR OUR 16th ANNUAL
     This year’s Theme – Aug-tober Fest (October Fest in August)
Our sixteenth Annual Senior citizen’s Picnic is scheduled for Thursday, August 11th at
Picnicana. This is a FREE event, sponsored by the Township, for the enjoyment of Sum-
mit’s senior citizens (55 & older). We are planning another continuous day of fun. You
are welcome to participate in any or all of the planned events, or simply sit and enjoy the
food, music and friends!

    NOTE: This event is free to Summit Township seniors (at least 55 years old) ONLY. There is a $10.00
fee (prepaid/non-refundable) for non-resident senior guests. Each Summit senior will be limited to ONE non-
resident guest.

                                            PICNIC SCHEDULE
                                          Thursday, August 11, 2011
          11:00 – Noon       Craft Class
           Noon – 1:00       LUNCH – German Fare
             1:00 - 2:00     Musical Entertainment – The Haener Brothers German Band
             2:00 - 3:00     Bingo
             3:00 - 3:30     Build your own SUNDAE
             3:30 - 4:30     Entertainment or demonstration (To Be Announced))
             4:30 - 5:00     Door Prize Drawing
** Each guest is asked to bring a dish to share. If your last name begins with:
   (A-J, bring Salads or Potato Dishes) (K-P, bring Vegetables) (Q-Z, bring a Dessert)
** Please have all your desserts sliced and ready to ser ve.
** Regular/Decaf. Coffee, fruit drink (from McDonalds) and water will be provided. Should you require an
   other type of drink, please bring your own.
** Bring a lawn chair if you can. Pavilion seating is available.

NAME(S): ____________________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: PHONE: __________________________________________________________________________

Number of Guests _______ @ $10.00 per Guest = $ ____________ (Must enclose payment)
Guest Name(s): ________________________________________________________________________________
Please write the TOTAL   NUMBER(#) of people listed on this form who are participating in each of the following.
       FOOD CHOICES:           _____#/Lunch _____#/Sundae

       ACTIVITY CHOICES: _____#/Craft _____#/Bingo _____#/Cards _____#/Horseshoes _____#/Bocce

                         RETURN FORM NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1st!
    Clip and return this portion to: Summit Township, 8900 Old French Rd., Erie, PA 16509
    -OR- drop your form off at the Summit Senior Citizens Center, 1450 Townhall Road.
                                                                 Second Quarter 2011 • Summit townShip • Page 14
      Summit United Methodist Church                                                   SUMC Vacation Bible School 2011
             “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”                           “We're going on a jungle journey down the Amazon River to
                       Rev. Lee Pomeroy                                 discover Jesus!”
             1510 Townhall Road W.             Erie, PA 16509                 July 31 - August 4, 2011 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
               Phone: 814 864-3271 Fax: 864-3413
       Email: /                   This year's Very exciting Bible School, “Crusin the Amazing
                           Amazon - A Jungle Journey to Discover Jesus!” is an interactive learning
                                                                      experience for children ages 3-12. It's a fun way for kids to learn about
     We, the faith community of Summit United Methodist Church, the God who created them and loves them, and the relationship they

invite you and your family to join us on Sunday for Worship at 8:15 & can have by opening their hearts to Jesus. Won't you join us? It's going
10:45 a.m. & for Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.                           to be awesome, with all kinds of fun games, interesting stories, crafts,
     Annual Spring Rummage Sale                                       a mission project and cool snacks.
     May 20 – 21, 2011                                                     We would love to have you come (July 31st- Aug. 4th, from 6-8
    Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. &                                      p.m.) Dinner will be served Monday through Thursday beginning at
    Saturday 9:00 a.m. - Noon                                           5:30 PM. For more information or to register your child, please contact
    Saturday Bag Day $1.00                                              Linda or Jenny at Summit United Methodist Church (864-3271).
    Come and search through our treasures,
you are sure to find exactly what you want!
     Choose from a wide array of family                                      ANSWER TO SUMMIT TRIVIA:
summer clothing and shoes, children’s books                                     As of January 1, 2011, there are 3,230 taxable parcels in
and toys, dishes, jewelry, knick-knacks,                                                          Summit Township.
kitchen items, small appliances, bedding,
curtains, and so much more!

                                         Summit Lions News
                            Welcome to spring everyone, from the Lions of Summit Township. Your Summit Lions have been busy over the
                        winter months, and have a lot planned for this spring.
                              We are again having our Tool Raffle where you have a chance to win one of 13 different tools or a $100 cash prize,
                        for just $5 per ticket. The Raffle will be held at the Venango Valley Golf Course on Friday June 10, 2011, you need not
                        be present to win. Tickets can be purchased from any Summit Lion, by calling Bob or Janet Mitchell at 864-9194, or, by
                        calling Jim Robinson at 868-6973.
     We are also having our 14th Annual Golf Tournament on June 10,
2011 at the Venango Valley Golf Course. Cost is $260.00 per foursome
and includes a golf cart, cold refreshments and a great steak dinner.
Date is June 10, 2011, with an 8 am shotgun start. This year we are giving
a portion of the proceeds to a scholarship fund created for the children
of Paul Dahlkemper Jr. This years tournament is in memory of Lion Paul
Dahlkemper Jr.....Lion Paul was the Fort LeBoeuf Leo Advisor, a teacher
in the Fort LeBoeuf School District, and a loving father. If you or your
business would like to donate to this worthy cause, or, if you are
a golfer and would like to play in this year's event, please call
Bob or Janet Mitchell at 864-9194. All sponsors will be listed in the
next newsletter.
    The Summit Lions are proud to have donated a Vision Screening
and an Audiometer to the Robinson Elementary School. This was made
possible by people like you, helping us help others.
    Last but not least, come and join us at:
COFFEE BEING SERVED - COST ADULTS----$5.00 CHILDEN                           From left to right, Lion Janet Mitchell, project coordinator; King Lion
UNDER 12 --$ 2.00. PROCEEDS BENEFIT LOCAL PROJECTS                           Loretta Franz; Cindy Hargest, Robison School Principal; School Nurse
                                                                             Amy Krasinski (who is R.N. Certified); at the Vision Screen is Lucas
                                                                             Goellner; seated at the Audiometer is Karli Goellner; and standing
    Lion Bob Mitchell                                                        patiently waiting for his turn is Jacob Steadman.
Page 15 • Summit townShip • Second Quarter 2011
                                                                                                                   PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                     Erie, PA
                                                                                                                  Permit No.279

        8900 Old French Road
           Erie, PA 16509

Christopher Gradler, Chairperson
Marlin K. Coon
Thomas Church, Jr.

Once Upon A Time...
 This photo depicts the remains of the building that was the former Jackson
 Station Train Station.

 Our ‘thanks’ to Kathy Schwartz and Jeff Matheis for correctly answering
 this challenge.

 Can you name the former owners of this barn and where it was
 located? If so, give Marj a call at 868-9686. All those with the
 correct responses will be entered into our yearly drawing for
 a $25 Gift Certificate from a business in Summit.

  Cert. No.: BV-SFICOC-US07000166                                             Second Quarter 2011 • Summit townShip • Page 16

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