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									Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

      (Township Amenities Committee Recommendations)

                      suggestions received from officials
While we take all efforts to incorporate in the agenda for TAC, there can be some
issues which might get missed while considering the same with the high priority
items. However we consider the same in the subsequent TACs.
We sincerely appreciate all the officials who have shown interest in bringing more
suggestions for the developments. We shall continue to update you the status of
the recommendations.


The following points may be considered for discussion in TAC.

1. Dog menance -Urgent action required.

2. Parking of vehicles on both sides of the road in Ist Avenue is
risky. Hence increase closed parking slots/ open parking slots.

3. Covered two wheeler parking slots Pudupattinam gate.

4. Proper sitting place for students of AECS-2 for taking lunch.
Presently they are taking lunch in open mud area where dogs and cattle roam.

5. Fencing of AECS-2 school with bricks. Recently there was an accident of a
student getting hurt seriously in the broken thornwire (metallic) used near the
school premises.

6. Common rooms (outside school premises) for educational activities
(commercial) relating to students. AECS/KV have official restriction of utilizing
their premises for commercial educational activities.
These rooms can be rented (like shopping complex) exclusively for these

7. Utilizing the private buses (contract buses) for plying between chenglepet and
Kalpakkam during mornings (6AM) and eveining (8PM) with nominal fares to the
benefit of residents of Kalpakkam.

8. Introduction of Chennai/Pondy market trips using these private buses on
saturdays and sundays.

The local administration must appreciate the demographic facts of Kalpakkam.
The people living in DAE townships are all employees of Govt of India on national
duty. They belong to various states. The accommodation offered here is a
temporary one. Based on this we can not be forced to surrender identity proof,
RATION CARD, at our native place and then apply here for same here.
The house allotment order issued by Govt of India must be respected by Govt of
Tamil Nadu and for that matter anyone under the jurisdiction of Indian
Constitution. We pay professional tax for being posted here. We can not be taxed
anymore                            E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

in     terms   of     hardship    because     of   local administration.
Also it is a well know fact that Taluk office and RTO are most corrupt
departments.  in    such    circumstances  life  becomes  very   tough.
please do the needful on behalf of AARCO and if need be involve other
associations                            as                         well.

1. Kindly look in to the problem with the sraydogs, they are chasing kids as well
as elders and making lot of noise in the night, it is disturbing the sleep.
2. Unautherised entry of the people are to be stopped. ie. some people are
comming with a receipt for temple collection, marriage collection etc.As both are
working entry of this people make fear for the kids.
3. As the road from Anupuram main gate to Kunnathoor is sharing with the
village it is very unsafe for the people going for the walking (ie. the two weelers
comes very close and raise the bike and making comments etc.)
4. Most of the resident's spouses are working in and arround Chennai they are
facing lot of problems to catch bus from Anupuram my suggestion is to make
arrangement to start some state transport from Anupuram even we can arrange
shuttle buses to Chengelpattu and Mammalapuram in payment basis.
5. As the number of contract workers are increasing most of the seats inthe buses
are occupied by them ( especially ladies seats somany times we complained to
the transport supervisor but still the things are continuing, since we have to
follow the biometric system morning and evening we are facing problem, mornig
we are waiting for the buses with seats so we could not reach in time in the
section and evening 5.20 pm we have to mark attendence by that time all the
seats are occupied by the contract peoples kindly look into this problem very
6. Upgredation of Anupuram DAE school
7. Kalpakkam Dance School has been catering to the cultural needs of the
children of our township. However, a proper accommodation is not provided by
the committee for the teachers who come all the way from Madras. Hence, it
creates a lot of hardship fot the teachers. In view of this, I suggest that a couple
of rooms may be permanently allotted in the name of KDS in both the guest
houses(Kalpakkamm and Anupuram) with sufficintl flexibility. The dates etc. may
be fixed in consultation with the committee and the professionals.
8. For gas booking one register can keep in the Anupuram store sothat the
booking will be easy for the Anupuram residents.

 1. Standardise the height of speed breakers - to avoid damage to under carraige
of vehicles.

 2. Open a Petro station at Anupuram with provision for LPG gas fuel filling
keeping in tune with provision for alternate fuels.

 3. Install water usage meters to limit water wastage and avoid excessive water
usage for gardens by some residents

4. Ensure atleast one functioning cycle repair shop inside Anupuram

 5. Extend the city bus services upto Kalpakkam and Anupuram main gates from
Mamallapuram for better connectivity to Chennai especially from Anupuram as it
is away without direct access to ECR.

 6. Avoid Four and five road junctions and stagger the junctions to avoid
accidents.                            E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

 7. Discourage rash driving of both private and public vehicles inside township by
penalising erring drivers strictly.

 8. Setting up a good library inside township for benefit of residents especially the
youth on the lines of the British Library with internet access reading rooms with
well stocked magazines, books on subscription.

 9. Provide atleast earmarked open/ covered car parking for residents similar to
that inside Bhavini township.

 10. Eliminate threats from packs of wild dogs which pose hazard to children by
regularly catching them and handing over to Blue cross.

 11. Provide atleast some Govt bus services to Chennai, Mamallapuram,
Chengalpattu starting from Anupuram Gate.

 12. Provision of a skating compound, bowling alleys and a modern gym in

 13. Nesco activities are mostly centered around kalpakkam with just piecemeal
offerings to anupuram. Setup a good open air theatre/ stage with a dedicated
Nesco at Anupuram.

 14. Bring a full fledged hospital at Anupuram with 24x7 service which is real
medical requirement. Medical problems, sickness, emergencies may come at any
time and must be attended without time delay which is crucial.

 15. Even after 15 to 20 years of service one is unable to get eligible category of
accomodation. Encourage construction of higher type houses.

 16. Carnival should be put up at a more spacious location with better themes
than just food, rides and buys. Tieups with other theme parks could bring in more
variety. The system of buying tickets for each ride to be replaced by season
tickets or prior bulk sales minimising agonising waits at the rides.

17. Allow/ encourage residents to install solar aided energy saving devices like
water heaters, chargers etc.,

1. In Anupuram Town ship there is no facility for taking ECG          (For routine
Check ups) or X ray (Patients have to go to       Kalpakkam hospital). This facility
may be made available      at Anupuram Dispensary
2 For specialist such as Dr K S R Murthy the current             token are issued.
To for get the token Anupuram                   residents have to there by 06.30
AM or earlier to get          token. So for the Anupuram residents some fixed
number     tokens may be allocated and the same can be issued by        Anupuram
Dispensary. With these tokens residents can      approach main hospital for getting
a token for the doctor.    Otherwise this operation can be networked the
      beneficiary   gets the number at Anupuram itself.
3. Wild plants or bushes growth in the Anupuram town ship           is a perennial
problem, because it is cleared once or            twice    in a year. Due to this
scorpions and snakes may         have        hiding places. If these bushes were
cleared       frequently       this problem may be mitigated.                            E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

1) Presently, Mahabalipuram is well connected with Chennai city by variety of
route buses.So for Anupuram residents it would be very useful if they have
regular public transport facility to Mahabalipuram. Otherwise we depend only on
Chengalpet route.

Atleast minibus service between Anupuram and Mahabalipuram               can be

         The following may be pursued:

        a)    We should develop the already existing road through Kunnathur to
              an access to IGCAR across the canal near CWCP / ESG Buildings

       b)   The road connecting ECR at Kunnathur with Anupuram should be
             widened, well laid and well illuminated.
             There is a deep pit at the junction of this road with ECR ( on the
 north corner)
             which can be a potential fatal accident spot.
             A proper barricading has to be done so as to avoid any accidental

        c)   City buses that come upto Mamallapuram can be extended to
              Anupuram / Vengappakkam

        d)    Petrol Bunk is needed at Anupuram.

       e)    Cheque drop box & SBI card cheque drop box should be installed in
              If possible an SBI extension counter --- if not a branch should be
 opened at Anupuram.

 TAC suggestions

 I have the following points to put forward with respect to your mail for
 suggestions to the TAC. Most of the comments are pertinent to the sadras east
 · The road leading to the sadras east area just before the old bridge near the
    main co-operative store is very poorly maintained. All the inmates of sadras
    east use this road and they face all kinds of problems. The drainage present
    just outside the LPG storage building is often kept open which is fatal. TAC
    has to take necessary steps to rectify this
 ·      Of late many four wheelers started using the above mentioned road rather
    than the main road via petrol bunk. This has rendered this particular road
    dangerous for all the kids of sadras east areas. I request TAC to make an
    alternative arrangement for this so that kids of sadras east areas can access
    this road pretty safely
 ·      All the inmates of doom type houses in sadras east who are devoid of
    continuous water supply have given a request to Chairman, TAC for                         E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

     installation of overhead tanks which is quiet important in the present scenario
     where the water supply is very irregular. So far there seems to be no step
     taken in this direction. When individual bungalow type houses are provided
     with continuous water supply, what is logic in not doing the same to these
     inmates? I request TAC to either supply overhead water storage tanks or
     provide continuous water supply to these houses. I am sure this will not
     increase the water requirement drastically
 ·      Recently lot of unauthorized individuals is entering the sadras east area.
     During one such incident when our house was locked, a stranger went to the
     extent of jumping into house front lawn. Fortunately a neighbor of mine
     noticed this and chased him away. I request TAC to provide additional security
     to the township overall from the entry of such individuals
 ·      Complains regarding poor state of the paints, water seepage through walls
     during rainy season etc. are seldom attended by sadras GSO wing in the
     sadras east areas. At times they just do some patchy work for the sake of
     accounting. I request TAC to reassess the above issues and provide an
     appropriate solution in the form of repainting, re-wall-plastering etc.
 ·       The children's park in the sadras east areas are never maintained even
     those in schools. The chains of the swings are so much rusted that they can
     give away at any moment. Even the seats of the swings are rusted and have
     sharp edges which are highly unsafe for kids.

 When the sadras east house were allotted on open basis after tsunami, many had
 come forward and occupied amidst all the uncertainties. GSO was greatly helped
 in making those affected and deprived area occupied by these bold inmates.
 This greatly favoured GSO in regularizing the allotment list which was at one
 point totally in chaos for few months after tsunami. When this is the case, GSO
 should offer some considerations in equipping the sadras east areas if not above
 the other parts of township, atleast in par with them. Hence I humbly request the
 Chairman, TAC to personally assess the situation of sadras east and provide all
 the basic requirements mentioned above. Only those houses meant for the
 training school people has been properly attended to.

 Thank your for inviting suggestions from all members, it will encourage all
 members to participate and give any suggestions.

 My suggestions

 1. Please provide carbage boxes in each street or blocks for convenience of
 working women. ( since the rotten vegeatables, wastes of fishes, and food
 items are not able keep inside the house till carbage collector arrival in next day)
 2. Inside the IGCAR one fresh fruit shop may be provided.
 3. Fresh juice centre may be provided at township.
 4. Private vehicles are moving fast and unsafe, please try to avoid.
 5. Security is not upto the mark in township.
 6. Please bring the MTC buses to kalpakkam and anupuram. (route kalpakkam to
 thiruvanmiyur, t nagar etc)                           E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

Thanks for the efforts of ARRCO to invite suggestions from members and include
the same in the TAC meeting.

Following are some of the issues that can be considered

Repair and widening of the roads in Anupuram

   1. Smoothening of the newly introduced speed breakers at the entry point to
   2. Establishing a petrol bunk in Anupuram/Bhavini/Amaipakkam township
   3. Requesting Postal Dept. to appoint a permanent Dept. Postman to
      Anupuram Township. At present the post of postman in Anupuram is
      outsourced resulting in lot of uncertainity in the delivery of the post.

Dear ARRCO office bearers,

This suggestion is reagarding ATS.

The main road between Narasanguppam Main Gate and Kunnathur Gate is in a
bad shape especially near the park adjacent to AEECS and near GSO Civil
Maintenance Office. The village road connecting Kunnathur Gate and ECR is
in extremely bad shape. The two parallel Roads in NS orientation adjaecnt
to    the    VE     bungalaows      are   also    in    a   bad    shape.

All the above roads are required to be relaid.

Kind attention to AARCO office bears, my suggestion is to insist for a Common
meditation HALL at both township, which will be much beneficial to all the
resident of kalpakkam,
At present peoples are using Schools (AECS-1,KV-1 and Kender Garden ) with
much difficulties.

At kalpakkam more than 3500 peoples are already trained by MAHA MAHARISHI
FOUNDATION for Rishi's Yoga & Meditation for them to conduct follow up classes
they required a Hall kindly insist the management to provide a hall at both

I am residing at Central Avenue.

Following are some of the suggestions for improvement of amenities at
Kalpakkam township-


1. Stray dogs are found everywhere in Central Avenue and they chase children,
I had a bad experience some time back from one of the dogs, they can be caught
and dropped at a far off place.

2. A Cycle shop can be opened in the main road near Ladies hostel, for
convenience of repairing of cycles and filling of air in tubes, they can be utilsised
for bikes also.                            E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

3. An extra request for stopping of State Transport buses on either side near
Swimming pool for the convenience of many people. Suppose we are coming from
Chennai in the nights after a stop at Sadras the next stop is near hospital and this
is almost near bus stand, the same thing holds good for the other side also.

4. Department buses may ply through West/North Puduppattinam as through
East/South PDPM for the convenience of staff living that side. They have to walk
all the way to either CBS or Park or some times ladies hostel for catching a bus
while coming to office.

5. Due to the new road constructed near Petrol bunk, I feel it will become
congested once the bridge is opened. So a bypass road towards the west of
petrol bunk will solve the purpose.

 Issue of tokens for appointment of Doctors from Anupuram Dispensary as it is
possible from Main Hospital (computerization and networking of hospital and
dispensary shall solve this problem)

Many houses in Anupuram are having termite attack. TAC can have a programme
to prevent termite attack in houses. Many valuables are being lost due to this,
especially if the houses or cupboards remain closed for a while.

Allotting the vegetable shop in 5E area of Anupuram to new vendors.

1. The main road in Anupuram township is in very bad condition. We are afraid of
driving with two wheelers.
2. Need for a petrol bunk in anupuram township.
3. Dog menace in Anupuram township.

Few suggestions regarding various amenities

1. Commuting to Office from Township : There is a spurt of contract employees in
the recent past. These employees commute by the regular buses (8: 30 am and
9:30 am). The seats are occupied at the first few stops (until the hospital) and
thereafter crowded. The buses do not stop even at the ladies hostel stopping
because it is full. If any bus stops, the employees are forced travel on the

The story at the main gate is different. The entry for contract workers are
different and less crowded. By the time our employees reach the buses, the buses
are full with many of the contractual workers occupying the seats. The regular
employees are left high and dry. The previous practice of contract workers
boarding the bus after the regular employees is in vougue.

It is therefore requested that buse services to contract workers may be at a
different time not to overlap with the regular bus timings. The regular bus should
be used for the employees only.                            E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

The general capacity of the fleet is to be upgraded to accomodate a huge number
of Research fellows too.

2. Buses to Anupuram from K'Kam township do not have any sign board
indicating which of the 3 to 4 buses stationed at the terminus will start. Often,
commuters sit in one bus. There are cases where horns are blown from different
buses by some people creating panic that the bus is about to start. The
passengers then move to that bus. But to utter dismay, some other bus starts.
This creates lots of problems to old people and children. Sometimes wordy duels
are not uncommon. Clear signboard with the timing should be depicted on the

3. Booking of gas cylinders have to done either by e-mail or by a IVRS system.
this will drastically reduce lot of hastles for the consumners. The wiating list and
number unto which gas delivery has been done should be available by net.

4. E-mail acconuts and services should be extended to Principals of various
schools so that communication is easy for the parents as well as for the school. In
some schools, it is insisted that the prinicipal's approval is required for the leave
letter of children. These procedures can be streamlined if e-mail is given. This will
lead to paperless and more efficient communication.

5. At times of petrol scarcity, the cards issued by the stores have to be used so
that the consumers are not put to hardship. It is not uncommon to find cans of
litres being supplied to non consumers of the Stores.

6. There is an increase of 4 wheelers in the township. There should be a strict
enforcement of speed limits. It is often noticed that the the private taxi operators
drive very rashly.

7. It is noticed that the conductors of buses carrying children often abuse chidren
and alight them form the buses at their whims and fancies for flimsy reasons.
This should be stoppped forthwith.

A speed breaker may be provided near kamachiamman temple in sadras, it is
very useful for AECS-2, KV-2 school student to cross the road in busy hrs.

 Dear sir ,                         Date:28.08.08

Sub : Snake menace in Anupuram Township . TAC suggestions.

 Many times poisonous snakes entered inside compound wall / found crossing the
road .
 I have seen at leat 50 snakes in last two years inside Anupuram Town ship.
 Last week a big Cobra was crushed by bus, near VE bunglow area.

Suggestion for consideration of TAC :                            E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

 Snake catchers may be engaged once in three months for catching all snakes in
Anupuram Township, including Bhavini.
 PRP township has engaged them many times successfully.
 If necessary , snake catchers may be engaged for Pdpm township also.

This is in response to your mail and I would like to give my suggestions.

1)    Residents live in 52nd Ave, Sadras, Type IIIC more than 25 quarters don't
have proper two wheeler parking shed. Now a days, it is very difficult to find a
house without a two wheeler. Sufficient space is available nearby and request
GSO to construct two/four wheeler shed with lock. This will reduce vehicle/petrol
theft                                                                     issues.

2)       Dog   menanace     is   another   issue.   (Especially   at   Sadras   region).

3)       The colour of water coming in township is mud, yellowish colour.
Steps       may      be      taken     to     address    this      issue.

4)     Electrical, civil complaints to GSO can be computerized so that people can
lodge their complaints and get heir feed back from GSO intranet server along with
existing                                                                  system.

5)     When we shift our house due to higher type or change of accommodation,
changing of ration cards and addition of voter list can be made streamlined. ( My
suggestion is GSO can inform the change of address to Taluk supply office,
Tirukalikundram          to        effect         the         distribution.
6)    Similarly, many people have voter Identification card and their names may
be removed in voters list due to change of house. Voter list verification
authorities can collect change address from GSO before verification and suitable
change of accommodation may be implemented there itself. .( This will avoid
duplicate        application       for        voter         card/ration       card
and     reduces    burden    for   both    verifying    authorities   and   us   )

7)    Snake entering in residential area to be addressed. I request GSO should
appoint round the clock " HELP LINE " who can at least guide us, what we
should do/to whom I should contact during emergency situations. Many people
got panic during emergencies and worsens the problem. (especially on holidays,
after                    office                     hours                    )

8)     Tubelight fittings can be provided in Pudupattinum quarters, like in
Anupuram, which will avoid drilling the house each time on shifting.

9)      In Sadras, mosquitos are plenty. Even though we try to keep our
surrounding clean, mosquitos are become unavoidable. My suggestion is GSO
can make a permanent "netlon door" fitted in all quarters like glass door. This will
protect employees and their kids health which in turn reduces expenditure to DAE

10) Old 3C, IIB, NB, Type 8 etc are having very less number of 5A electrical
sockets. My suggestion is GSO can make a permanent extension boards in each
room with minimum 3 – 5A , 1-15A socket both in front, bed room and dining
hall. This will avoid drilling the wall for utility machineries ( Washing machine,
Mixie,            Grinder           )             can          be         avoided.

11 ) The provision for fixing window air conditioner in master bed room can be                              E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

made            as           standard           in            all        quarters.

12) Hospital appointment timings are clashing with our office working timings.
Request to increase more specialists and consulting hours in the evening time to
be                                                                    increased.

13) Outsider entry into our township should be regularized. Regular small
vendors, milkman etc can be given id card and unauthorized entry can be
restricted. Video camera at sadras and pudupattinum gate can be provided for
security    reasons  This  will  avoid/reduce   theft issues  at   township.

14) Overspeed of two/four wheelers should be controlled. Recent days we faced
many accidents due to that and authorized vehicles/employees vehicles only
should     be      allowed      to     fly     inside       our     township.

15)    Petrol/Diesel distribution should be strictly on production of petrol
membership                                                             card.

16)     When we put petrol, many days we could not get balance, as it is not
available. My suggestion is introduce " Petrol card "( manual entry card) , which
keeps accumulating the balance money and one can claim at the end of month.
Same         may         be         introduced         in      stores        too.

17)    Cows are coming freely inside our township. Controlling this will reduce
mosquito                                                              problem.

18)     Many people are using beach during evening time and we observe many
people consume alcohol at beach. This reduces beach walking crowd, especially
ladies. This number is high during late evenings/holidays. Some steps to be taken
to                                   control                                 that.

19)     The petrol bunk can be constructed little bit further in west from existing
location and roads towards the new bridge should be a simple and straight one.

20)    Sadras resident small children find problem in crossing the road during
morning/evening school hours. Constructing a small bridge ( for walking alone )
from sadras hostel stop to backside entry of AECS-2 school can be considered.

21)    Introducing a mofussil bus stop near petrol bunk can be considered

I have a few suggestions.

1. A day care centre should be started at Anupuram.

2. The arterial road at Anupuram is in a very bad shape. Urgent action needs to
be taken.

3. Vegetable shop near Cat E houses is not functioning now.

4. Two more services of shuttle bus between Anupuram and Kalpakkam need to
be introduced. (one between the present services at 8.45 and 10.30 hrs, and
another between 14.00 and 15.30 hrs from Anupuram and corresponding services
from Kalpakkam)                           E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

5. Many a times, the shuttle services do not follow the prescribed route leading to
confusion. Some mechanism to monitor may be evolved. At least when reported
by the users, some action must be taken.

Dear Sir,
I, would like to have following suggestions
Even though I am not staying in Anupuram, I also think of them.
1. there should be the short-cut conveyance from Anupuram to our site through
Kunnathur which will save a lot of Diesel and Petrol as these are becoming the
precious material day byb day.
2. there can be a paid shuttle service to mahabalipuram from Anupuram so that
they can catch ECR busses until there are Kunnathur become a stage for ECR
3. I would like to suggest an important thing. it seems, the water what we getr
goimg to be treated. one such is being coinstructed at Kalpakkam. I want to
suggest that, the drinking water alone can be treated and can be supplied
through a separate thin SS line which can run to kitchen. it also can be supplied
for a fixed time. So that we need not treat unncecessarylily the sanitary water
and complease the project in a realistic frame of time. It seems the project is
getting delayed due to its huge capacity.
4. A school bus and 7.30 and 8.30 shift bus can run through 5th Avenue as the
houses arround this locality is far from existing bus stops.
5. also some speed braker can be put near the junction of 5th avenue and 10th
6. the Petrol and diesel should be given to employee and their family on a priority
basis compared to outsiders. the counter fellow can insist the membership card.
7. existing parks can be green toped
8. the auto fare can be regulated facity at Anupuram can be improved.

      Subject:     Requesting ECR BUS STOPPAGE at VENGAMBAKKAM VILLAGE
Junction                                                          Point

Warm                        greetings                    to                     all

Received         the     mail     &     noted      the        contents     therein.

My residence is at DAE ANUPURAM TOWNSHIP. Frequently, I used to commute to
chennai. & you know very well that Kalpakkam/Anupuram place is well
connected by road only. Presently, we are facing severe hardship in commuting to
chennai since we have not been given ECR Bus stop at Vengambakkam village &
we badly miss the ECR connectivity. Moreover, via TKLM,chengalput, route to
chennai is overcrowded & more time consuming route & the frequency is also
very bad.Generally, Bus conditions plying from kalpakkam depot is much to be
desired    &     more     action     to    be     taken     in    this  regard.

Presently, more no. of staffs children, women, teachers, bank employees,
Doctors,Employees from state govt, people from surrounding villages are
commuting everyday for their work places situated in ECR route. This
necessiates the ECR bus stop ( both long distant route buses & normal buses ) at
vengambakkam village junction for smooth travel to chennai & other places
situated in ECR since the ECR route generally provides good connectivity at all
time     (i.e  during     odd    hours     also)    to    kalpakkam/Anupuram.

Hence, I request to put up the above issue in TAC meeting and demand for ECR                           E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

bus stoppage at vengambakkam village so as to enable us to travel without much
problem with family to chennai & other places situated along ECR.

The bus drivers/conductors of ECR & Kalpakkam depot, Transport staff of
kalpakkam bus depot are not all responding to commuters query properly. This
issue also may please be looked into. For eg. In Thiruvanmiyur Bus depot, the
bus drivers/conductors are not allowing/respecting kalpakkam commuters
eventhough bus seats are vacant thereby favouring thro' distant travellers. This
gives      much      hardship     if     one      travels     with       family.

Hence, I once again stress to consider the above request on behalf of Anupuram
residents & favourable action is solicited.

   Dear Secretary,

             At the first outset let me convey my profound happiness and
 appreciation for the efforts that your committee is taking / have taken in
 reaching the individual members with the support of technology.

          Regarding the suggestions :

         Bus services - Public transport - A request may be sent to the Branch
 manager of the Kalpakkam depot to arrange for stopping all the buses near
 Swimming pool speed breaker which will cater to the needs of Ring road, Central
 Avenue , 2nd avenue north of 5th avenue residents.

         Greenery - Where ever possible this could be provided. Also, parks
 please. ( off the record - Shri. Basu, FD, BARCF promised to get funding to the
 tune of Rs.3 crores for parks / landscaping and car sheds when self & Dr. Anand
 babu met him during 10th plan housing proposal discussion ).

                               It was agreed by the then Director, IGCAR to
 provide fountains at 5 strategic locations in kalpakkam and 3 in Anupuram.( only
 one is executed near Mini Shopping centre junction )

        Dog menace - Now it is too much. Serious action by EM, GSO is required.

         You may include these , if you feel fit.

The problems we are facing related to Anupuram Township are
   1 ) The expansion of the Hospital Complex as promised by Mr.Prabhoth
Kumar during TSUNAMI time.
   2 ) The poor lighting in the Anupuram Park , near to Stores.
   3 ) The small road with very short width between the stops near to Main Gate
and Bhavini Gate.
   4 ) One PETROL BUNK....all the vehicles are suffering very much due to this
   5 ) The (damaged) road between Stores stop to The Main Gate near to
   6 ) Pavement to all roads, especially through Bus routes.
   6 ) Indoor Sports Complex.
   7 ) One Audio Visual Auditorium.                              E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

  8 ) The Greenary inside the block of houses as in the BHAVINI Township.

Thanks alot for inviting our suggestions.
It will be very worth to the people of Anupuram if you implement it very properly.
The valuable TIME will be saved very much if it is implemented as early as
possible especially in the case Hospital and Petrol Bunk.


   Going to Kalpakkam......and Taking tokens......and coming back to
Anupuram... and taking back..... the children to Kalpakkam Hospital is a
very tough job for the people living in ANUPURAM. In the case of Kids &
Grand Parents it is very worst.



        1. For the past few months, its been observed that the number of thefts
           involving overhead tank floats has increased considerably. Entry of any
           foreigner to terrace for such practices involves risk to the residents and
           damage of floats accounts for wastage of precious water due to
           overflowing of the tank.In order to avoid such incidences, trespassers to
           terrace should be avoided. GSO may be requested to provide locks for the
           terrace door with a key to each of the resident in order to avoid such
        2. Its a good practice that nowadays garbages generated in our house are
           collected from our door step.But at times when the garbage collectors
           didn't come or when we have to dispose some waste before they come, we
           don`t have a place to put the same.GSO may be requested to
           provide stationary waste drums at residential areas too like they have
           provided near stores so as to avoid throwing of waste here and there.

 Hope you may include these suggestions in the agenda during TAC meeting.


I want to bring the following points to your attention:

1. During the recent communal/political clash that happened near PDPM, it is
proved that our township is highly
   susceptible to such external disturbances. Now it is the time to think some
remedial actions like bringing the Bus stand
  and police station outside the colony. Otherwise the security of township will be
 always threatened.

2. Reg.- New waste clearance system                             E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

   The Garbage collection boxes have to be kept back which can be used to drop
highly perishable wastes which can't be kept inside the
   house for one day.

3. As you mentioned in your letter, the dog menace has to be addressed before it
become a serious threat to the life of residents.

I would like to highlight following requirement at Anupuram

-         Saraswathy and Yamuna are two scientific apartment blocks where kids
        and children are large in nos. It is requested to provide a mini. Park with
        swings, slides etc. close to these two blocks which will help kids/children
        greatly. Also, one or two swings may be provided within the Saraswathy
        block premises also as provided in Yamuna block.

-       The exit from garage ramp to road in Saraswathy Block is very steep and
hence, suitable fillings/concrete slope may be provided.

    -      Display of house nos. on the walls of building at entry is not yet done
           for Saraswathy Block.

-       Like in Kalpakkam, township layout may be displayed at the entrance to
the Anupuram township.

-       GSO may be requested to take the responsibility of replacing the burnt-
out lamps in the garage areas.

-         In the link road between BHAVINI gate to AECS at anupuram, there are
        four speed breakers (two are recently added) for a road of length ~400m.
        This may be reviewed

-        The condition of road running parallel to the compound wall between
        BHAVINI Gate to Main Gate at Anupuram needs to be improved.

The              following            are             my              suggestions.

1. The new speed breakers at Bahavini township gate entrance to SRI guest
house are too big & they damage the vehicles. Their height needs
definitive        reduction           atleast          by           40%.

2. A speed breaker is definitely needed at the interscetion of the main
road of Anpuram township and the road connecting SRI guest house. Quite
often some irresponsible vehicle drivers drive at deadly speeds from Guest
house side & join the main road. This will result in fatal accident as
children & others do not anticipate this rash driving. I myself would have
been     hit    twice    by     speeding     vehicles   at    this   point.

3. At some points along the same ANUPURAM township main road (from main
gate to Kunnathoor gate), there is only one speed breaker. This invariably
leads to drivers choosing the road where there is no speed breaker but
along the WRONG SIDE. This will result in accident. Either have speed
breakers on both sides or do not have speed breakers at all.                           E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

I would like to give the following points.

     1.              Requirement of CAR SHEDS for all blocks in Anupuram, like
             the one constructed in Bhavini Township.

     2.                Present shed should only accommodate two wheeler vehicles
             and bicycles. The existence of cars inside the small sheds is having
             lot of inconvenience to keep the two wheelers.

     3.              Problem of stray dogs and crows. With the present garbage
             removal system, if we keep the items and come to office, the
             disturbance of garbage items by crows / stray dogs makes it a hectic

     4.              Ground floor people should use only small plants, which can
             be grown in pots. They are simply wasting huge amount of water. In
             fact even time to time announcement from GSO, people are not
             responding to the note. The front area of the ground floor shall be
             used for making car parks for the three houses in the row.

     5.               Anupuram main road connecting Tirukalukundram road &
             Kunnathur road has become worst and speeding trucks inside the
             township poses a big problem. It will be better to stop those vehicles
             plying this road to avoid the ECR toll taxes.

     6.              Water treatment plant for Anupuram!!! Where is it and when
             we will get it?

     7.              Strict punishments to be given to those employees whose
             ward's are using bikes / scooters inside the township and that too
             who are over speeding.

     8.               Not even a single cycle repair shop is not available in
             Anupuram township. Outside shops are also rarely opening and
             closing at their own time.

     9.              Even now we have not seen the computerization of housing
             allotment and also the medicine prescription in our Hospitals.
             Doctor's duty and availability of tokens shall also be made online
             through our intranet site for each day. It will be useful for people
             who are planning to visit the doctor after taking leave on that day.                           E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

I have a suggestion wish to bring to your notice. I am staying in No 4 Sadras
East. In my house we both are working members, so no persons will be available
to hand over the garbages to the people regularly comes for collecting it. Even if
we tied it in a cover and keep just out side the house, crow and dogs disturbance
is too much.

It will be better if AARCO can suggest to keep some garbage collection boxes
near by the houses. Not necessarily required for each house, as double working
persons are less only. Even if the house is locked also the people can collect from
the box kept for that. Saturday and Sunday we don't find any problem as we will
be there all the time. For your information some boxes are kept near by KV
school for the use of school children. It will be better if the same can be
maintained for we like people too.

My suggestion: (ANUPURAM)

The parks in Anupuram township are not maintained at all. The park near the
main gate is looking dry and dirty.

This can be maintained and make it green and the lights in the park should be
maintained properly.

This is valid for other parks also.

 I am XXXXX, wishing to keep some points/suggestions
 1. As all of us know how most of the autos are driving in a stylish and safe less
 way, which may lead to accidents especially at main junctions during office/school
 hours(in front of bus-stands,in front of S.B.I...).
 2. Actions can also be taken to SHIFT police-station,state bus-stand out of our
 township,which can lead to minimize unwanted intruders, thereby creating a
 green atmosphere to live in.
 3. Actions can also be taken for the safety of AECS,KV schools- during the lunch
 break, chains were tied at both the ends of the road near to school, there by
 restricting any movement of vehicles (like in Tarapur). If necessary traffic can be
 diverted(vehicles from C.I.S.F barracks can take the 12th street, join 10th
 avenue then join at junior hostel and vice-versa).

 Hope the above mentioned points are useful for the betterment of our township

Sufferings of Anupuram residents:

1. Bad roads with pot holes on every 1m.
2. The link roads connecting Type E flats to AECS (school) are not fit for using
normally. These roads become horrible (flooded) during raining. School children
are suffering.                           E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

3. Gas booking counter required at Anupuram.
4 Children's play ground required near Type E quarters.
5. The speed breakers on the main road near Bhavini entrance to be removed.
Instead speed breakers shall be put at Bhavini road. Speed breakers shall be of
the design followed for ECR road entry point.
6. The connecting road to ECR Kunnathur also shall be repaired and maintained.
7. Dog menace is a big problem all over the township.

Following are the suggestion from my behalf.
1. The more Cat.D type and spl. D houses shoub be constructed and should be
equally divided into service seniority and pay seniority list to remove the anamoly
and waiting period for officers.
2. The OPD should be made available on saturday and sunday and doctor's
weekend should be on some other days of week so that working staff has not to
take leave or cut short the duty for the medical purpose.
3. The stray dogs menace should be controlled otherwise oneday it may create
heavoc in the township.
4. The comlaint lodged to GSO office are not attended be GSO properly and
timely. This should be made staff friendly and transparent.
5. The security of township should be enhanced.

Following requirments may please be considered.

1. For anupuram residents, separate GAS BOOKING OFFICE in ANUPURAM is
required. At present, service people are coming from Kalpakkam to attend the
emergency complaints (like gas leak etc.). Sometime they are reluctant to attend
anupuram complaints. This requirement may please be discussed in the meeting.

2. On SUNDAY, additional Shuttle bus trip at 09.30 AM from ANUPURAM and at
10.30 AM from KALPAKKAM is required.

1) Gas connection with double cylinder for each and eery family with out linking
the requirement of ration card.

2) Ration card.

3) Issuing the token for the current appontement of doctoers at anupuram

- Kindly insist for urgent water treatment plant for both the township. Before
going to the massive dream project being in progress for the last three year,
which is still on paper.
- At least online chlorination immediately instead of using bleaching power for
water treatment now being used.
- If required TAC can visit the water treatment (Chlorine) being used now in
swimming pool for the last eight years. We are not finding any difficulty in
operating with liquid chlorine. What we need is additional baby cylinder i.e..
100Kg capacity cylinder.
- If required the spare chlorinator which I bought as spare stand by chlorinator
for swimming pool can be loaned. The one which is used is running without any                           E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

problem for the last three years. It is being operated by the swimming pool boys
who are illiterate and they are operating nicely without any problem.
- When a recreation pool is being maintained nicely, bacteria free, pH controlled,
chlorine residual maintained and ORP controlled.          why not we give more
importance for drinking water. We have online monitors in swimming pool for pH,
ORP (Oxidation reduction potential - to certify the water is free from bacteria) and
Chlorine residual for recreation purpose.
- They have to buy only chlorine cylinder and some inter connecting PVC piping.
Cost of each chlorine cyl is Rs 15,000/- only. Filling charge Rs 17/Kg. Detail
annual consumable expenditure is enclosed which is very small amount Rs 1.0Lac
(Initial investment Rs 4 Lac), when comparing to the total township maintenance
cost this amount is very small.

It is nice that you have initiated this suggestion box for discussion in TAC where I
am a nominee from BARCF.
My suggestion is
Pl find out whether our members feel the need to have a good eating house both
at Kalpakkam and Anupuram.
I for one feel that at times when we have guests or when we are not well or when
we are late from office and family is away; this will serve a very great purpose.
This can be a well covered ,well designed ,cosy environment with proper hygiene
and neat service.
It could be even an outlet or franchisee of Merry Brown or Sarvana Bhavan.
I know the straight question will be about the patronage.
If we have a guaranteed patronage of 100 per day,it may work out to be possible.
For this reason alone we are deprived of a good and clean eating house for years
There was a nice outlet near the Junior Hostel but it was closed.
Whether it has been started !

I am happy to note that a TAC meeting is going to be held shortly to look into our
townships improvements and new facilities.

One has to visit BHAVINI township first and then decide on suitable design
actions to be taken for Anupuram township.

1) Bus service: Extension of 500 series buses (both from Chengalpet and
Mahabalipuram) to Anupuram and Kalpakkam. Similarly the 118 and 119 buses
can come to Anupuram and enter through the BHAVINI gate and via SRI guest
house can go through Anupram township Kunnathur gate to ECR. This will be
good service to the residents of Anupuram, otherwise the residents have to go to
Vengambakkam and catch the buses going through ECR.

The ECR PONDY buses are not stopping at Vengambakkam. Kindly make it a
request stop.

2) Roads of Anupuram: Almost all the roads are in a bad condition. They have to
be relayed at the earliest. The speed breaker design should be smooth. I suggest
the civil group to see the Vengambakkam Toll Office speed breaker, it is so well
designed that the vehicle will cross over smoothly. The recently layed speed
breakers at BHAVINI gives an uneasy ride while crossing and many cars bottom
are hit badly. I also request that as a social service the Speed breaker at
Vengambakkam Govt school, be repaired by GSO Anupuram and made smooth.                            E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

The entry roads of various housing blocks in Anupuram township have only sand
roads, which when heavy rains come are eroded badly leaving pits and
uncomfortable to ride.

3. Dogs population has increased in Anupuram township. It has to be controlled.

4. The Anupuram Township main entrance road. Buses, Share autos stop in the
middle making it inconveinent to cross the road. a suitable bus bay may be
created, similarly vegetable and fruit shops on the left side of main entrance and
the Meat shops on Sunday slaughtering the animals near Anupuram township
compound wall does not look civilised. I request TAC chairman to take the
market issue with local village authorities and see that a new market for
vegetables and meat & poultry shops comes as soon as possible. We have see
that our surroundings are also maintained well, not that we confine to our
township beauty.

5. Sports: A swimming pool and roof for shuttle court are required for Anupuram.

7. There should be a map at all the three entrances of Anupuram indicating the
details of Anupuram township lay out.

I have no comments on Kalpakkam township, since it is taken care well. A new
smooth speed breaker design should a standard for both the townships and also
to the roads leading to work site and townships.

In our townships, the number of four wheelers have increased considerably.
There is no sufficient parking space for the same. As of now people are
parking the vehicles on road and bylanes in and arround central avenue,
first street, second street etc. This hampers the free movement
of traffic also spoils the vehicles because of exposure to continueous
sunlight and rain. Presently parking slots are scarce and people have wait
for years together to get one alloted. So, it is requested to take
necessary action to build sufficient parking space near these buildings.
This can very well be made of asbestos/ tin roofing instead of full-fledged
RCC construction.

1. All of us love greenery and parks. But what is the cost we should be paying for
it. Definitely not YELLOW drinking water for GREEN Kalpakkam. Separate lines of
reprocessed water should be laid to water the greenery (and that means a
reprocessing facility first). It will go long way in helping Kalpakkam. Otherwise
water starvation is not far away.
2. Our stores is a good example of mismanagement. We keep requesting for item
but those will never come. Over that the staff is really arrogant and answer will
be that supplier of these items is far away in Chennai. So the item will not come.
Getting a simple 5kg Atta packet is impossible. They should know that there is
significant population whose staple food is wheat. Their attitude smells of
arrogance and regionalism.
3. Speed breakers at the biggest menace in Kalpakkam. I fully appreciate the
need but they should make speed breaker and not vehicle breakers. Not even a
single speed breaker will pass the test.
4. Lot of money is spent on making roads every year. But the maintenance is
always neglected. Some basic features are never looked upon. Like drainage. In
my ten year of stay in Kalpakkam, I never saw emphasis on drainage beside                          E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

roads. Result is that road break in no time and then it remains like that. Its such
a basic negligence that it smells of foul play.
The heavy machinery moved by contractors is never by proper means. They
damage the road even before its laid. I dont understand why we can not have a
clause in the contract itself to make it mandatory for the contractor to repair the
road within a week of damage.
5. Road discipline is a unheard of thing in Kalpakkam. Heavy vehicles are the
biggest culprits of over speeding. There have been innumerable incidents but
administration watches like dumbs. Inaction on part of authorities encourages the
offenders. As I wrote to you earlier, authorities should install seals and use
technology to prevent over speeding. Also there MUST BE A SEPARATE LANE FOR
pro-contractor and start thinking of employees.
6. Parking place: the eternal problem of India. Its in our psyche that we never
think of basic requirements. We are happy with bare minimum and never want to
develop any more. It good to have simple living and high thinking but please,
move with time. Update the definition of simple living. A road is made but no
money for maintenance. Township but free thoroughfare permitted. Housing but
no parking. People park in bylanes and on main road. We can not totally find
fault with them. There is no parking place. People have to wait for years after
buying a car to get a shed. It need immediate attention.
7. Being from Central Avenue, I want to draw attention to problem specific to this
locality. This is the only area in township which is across the always busy main
road. Also this is the area where invariably every house have very young kids and
they go to children park (if at all I can dare to name that place) across the road.
There have been fatal as well as big injury incidents but authorities have turned
blind eyes. A simple walk over bridge will be of great help. Also it will be better
if there are only two in/out points for off central avenue. It will make it safer
place. The rest of the entrances can be blocked.
8. A visit to our hospitals is worse than the disease itself. The lady on counter
issues more tokens from inside than to the people in line. Why cant we have
automatic token vending. Show your card, take a token for whom so ever you
want whenever you want. This way we can avoid at least one queue.
9. Petrol bunk: another example of mismanagement: This must be the only petrol
bunk which runs in loss. People regularly complain of under filling. Non-
availability of fuel is regular phenomenon. The people who have to take decision
may never face it as they never come to the buck themselves. People from
outside township come and bully (as told by the pump manager). Its a symbol of
shame for township. As told be the same manager, they are also our people only.
But does it not go against the rules of Societies act to serve non-members over
member? Whenever there is crisis, fuel is rationed. I am not averse to it. But cant
they have tokens of 2 or 5 litre and collect money at the time of filling itself. Two
queues make the life impossible there and there are regular fights, small or big.
Efficient management is requirement of time.
10. There is not even a single good eatery in Kalpakkam. The one food joint
associated with store is really horrible. I never understood how he keep getting
the contact year after year even when he serves horrible food. A good facility
should be developed and leased to a profession reputed brand.
11. There is a body called AEOC. Its far from being a club. A small room where
people come sometimes to play bridge can not be called a Officers' Club. AARCO
being the officers' Association should take up the cause and make it a happening

The list can go on for several pages... But for now, I shall stop here.

TAC Suggestions to AARCO                             E-Mail:
Association of Atomic Research Centre Officer (AARCO)

Development of a park-cum–jogging track behind the scientists apartments. The
space between the tsunami wall and the apartments can be used for this. It can
extend all the area marked in red line in the accompanying picture
It can be used by joggers as well as by elderly persons who do not wish to walk
on roads for
fear of being hit by reckless drivers. It will also ease pedestrian traffic on the
beach road,
especially in the evenings.

Thank you all. We keep you informed about the developments.

Please visit for more information updates. We seek your
participation and also collective working through sharing of your knowledge as
well as effort to make a good environment around.

You may also meet us and discuss on various activities in order to bring out more
coherent and effective work culture.

AARCO Team                          E-Mail:

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