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									Second Global AgriKnowledge Share Fair
IFAD, Rome, 26-29 September 2011

Provisional programme
Table of contents
Table of contents                          1
Why a ShareFair?                           2
What is in it for me?                      2
Logistical information                     3
    How to get to IFAD                     3
    Registration                           3
    WiFi                                   3
    Travel agency                          3
    Banking facilities                     3
    Social media presence                  3
    Webcasting                             3
Highlights of the programme                4
    26 September 2011                      4
    27 September 2011                      4
    28 September 2011                      5
    29 September 2011                      5
    Art for AIDS                           5
About the keynote speakers                 6
   Etienne Wenger                          6
   Rob Burnet                              6
   Michele Payn-Knoper                     6
   Mark Davies                             6
Share Fair Themes                          8
    Climate change and green innovations   8
    Food security                          8
    Gender                                 8
    Knowledge sharing, networks and CoPs   8
    Livestock                              8
    Markets and private sector             9
    Mobile technology and social media     9
    Water                                  9
    Young people                           9
Share Fair Map                             10
Share Fair sessions                        11
    26 September 2011                      12
    27 September 2011                      16
    28 September 2011                      26
    29 September 2011                      36
Acknowledgements                           44

    a Share Fair?
    Welcome to the Second Global AgriKnowledge Share Fair.
    This four-day event is jointly organized by Bioversity International,
    Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Fund for
    Agricultural Development (IFAD), Technical Centre for Agricultural
    and Rural Cooperation (CTA), The Consultative Group on
    International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), and World Food
    Programme (WFP), in partnership with regional and
    international partners.

    It provides a forum to learn and share knowledge, experience
    and innovations on emerging trends relating to agriculture,
    climate change, food security, mobile technology, social media
    and other rural development related issues.

    What’s it
    for me?
    The Share Fair promises to deliver a wealth of knowledge.
    Over 160 presenters will share their creative and innovative
    experiences and knowledge. Participants will have an
    opportunity to learn, share, connect and influence future
    rural development activities.

Logistical information

                                                                                                                                                                                  VIA A. BALDOVINETTI
                                                      VIA LAURENTINA
• Metro (underground) - IFAD
Headquarters is a 15 minute walk from                                                           VIA DEL SERAFICO
the Laurentina Metro station. The                                                                                                       VIA D. DI BONINSEGNA

                                                                                                                   VIA SIMONE MARTINI
station is the last stop on the Metro
Line B, which directly connects with the                                                                                                                                  VIA PAOLO

                                                                                                                                                                          DI DONO

                                                                       VIA LUIGI LILIO

city centre of Rome. The station also

serves as a bus terminal. Tickets for

public transportation can be purchased


at Metro stations (self-service


machines), tobacco shops, and                              STAZIONE                  SHUTTLE

                                                                                                                                                                   VIA DI VIGNA MURATA

                                                           LAURENTINA                BUS

newspaper kiosks. They have a

                                                           METRO A                   STOP

validation time of 75 minutes including

one underground transport and

unlimited bus travel. For more
information consult the ATAC site
(                             Participants are requested to register at the registration desk, located in the atrium.
                                                You are reminded to wear your meeting badge to gain access to the meeting rooms.
• Shuttle bus service - A shuttle bus
                                                WiFi facilities are available in all meeting rooms. Participants are kindly requested to
service runs from Monday to Friday              bring their own laptops and/or tablets.
(with the exception of IFAD holidays)
                                              TRAVEL AGENCY
from 7:40 to 9:25 am between
                                                Assistance with travel arrangements may be obtained from the IFAD travel agent,
Laurentina Metro Station and IFAD               Carlson Wagonlit Travel, located on the ground floor in room B-011. The office is
Headquarters and from 16:45 to 18:50            open from 9.00 – 17.00.
from IFAD Headquarters to Laurentina.         BANKING FACILITIES
The pick-up and drop-off point at               A branch of Banca Popolare di Sondrio is located on the ground floor, close to the
Laurentina station is on Viale Luca             main reception area. The bank is open from 8.30 to 13.30 and from 14.30 to 16.00.
Gaurico, on the main road behind the            The Share Fair social reporters will be using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, videos,
station. The drop-off and pick-up at            photography and on the “Daily Corriere” – the Share Fair daily newspaper to report
                                                live and share what is happening at the fair with the outside world.
IFAD Headquarters is the regular yellow
bus stop adjacent the main entrance of        SHARE FAIR’S SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE
                                                 Interested in tweeting, writing, blogging, photography and interviewing keynote
the guardhouse (between via Paolo di
                                               speakers and participants? Join the social reporting team by sending an email to
Dono, 44-82).                         Social reporter’s first meeting is scheduled for 25 September at 16:
                                               in the Italian Conference Room where we will meet every day at 17:30.
                                                 The Share Fair brand has a strong social media presence. Social reporters will keep
• Airports - The two main airports in
                                               the outside world informed of the exciting events through blogs, tweets, posting
Rome are Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino)         interviews and pictures on the following social media channels using #sfrome
Airport and Ciampino Airport. Fiumicino
Airport is 36 km west of Rome and    
Ciampino Airport is 16 km southwest of
                                                Blog: and
Rome. Fiumicino can easily be reached
by public transport on Line B. From             Blip.Tv:
Ciampino Airport there are Terravision          Flickr:
shuttle buses connecting with Termini
Station. There is no direct rail connection
                                                The “Daily Corriere” – the Share Fair daily newspaper - will feature blogposts,
to the city centre from Ciampino airport.
                                               tweets and stories from the event.
• Address - Via Paolo di Dono, 44 -             You can follow all the keynote addresses, plenary sessions and sessions
                                               held in the Oval room via webcast at the following url:
00142 Rome, Italy. Tel: 39-0654591

    Highlights of the programme
    From 26 to 29 September, IFAD’s         26 SEPTEMBER 2011                            27 SEPTEMBER 2011
    building will be buzzing. The tent at   At 9:30 in the Italian Conference Room,      On 27 September at 10:00
    the entrance serves as a gathering      Etienne Wenger, a globally recognized        in the Italian Conference Room,
    point. If you need a cozy spot to sit   thought leader in the field of social        IFAD President, Kanayo F. Nwanze,
    down and, have a chat with              learning theory, communities of              together with Ann Tutwiler,
    colleagues, rendez-vous at the          practice and their application to            Deputy-Director-General, Knowledge,
    Chill-out Corner in the tent. .         organizations, will deliver a keynote        FAO; Amir Abdulla, Deputy Executive
     You’ve been pondering on an issue      address on “Communities of practice          Director and Chief Operating Officer,
    and want to share your thinking with    and strategic capabilities”.                 WFP; and Emile Frison, Director-
    others. You have the opportunity to                                                  General of Bioversity International,
                                              Want to know more about
    use the Speaker’s Corner in the tent.                                                will jointly open the Share Fair.
                                            communities of practice?
     If you have an innovative project      On 26 September from 15.30 – 16.30            Rob Burnet who leads Well Told Story
    or initiative you wish to share         visit the chill-out corner and have a        will deliver a keynote address
    with the Share Fair participants,       chat with Etienne Wenger.                    immediately after the inaugural session
    make sure you do so during                                                           on “How can we make agriculture
                                              The first day of the Share Fair features
    the Show and Tell session,                                                           more attractive to young people in
                                            over 25 sessions allowing participants
    on 27 September from 17.00 – 18.00.                                                  Africa”. Later in the day, at 16:00 in the
                                            to acquaint themselves with a wide
    To secure a session, please send an                                                  Oval Room, Michele Payn-Knopfer
                                            range of knowledge sharing methods
    email to by 25                                                  will give a keynote address on
                                            and social media tools. At 11:00 in
    September 2011 or use the board                                                      “Empowerment through
                                            the Oval Room, Sam Dryden from the
    next to the Knowledge Tree to sign                                                   engagement: Connecting farmers
                                            Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    up. Remember, this needs to be                                                       globally using social media”.
                                            will present their agriculture strategy
    done by 12:30 on 27 September.          and Kevin Cleaver will present IFAD’s          Interested in learning how to entice
      As you may know, in Africa the        Strategic Framework 2011 - 2015.             young people to stay in rural areas and
    baobab tree is a meeting point to                                                    embrace agriculture? Come along to
    exchange stories and knowledge. In                                                   the chill-out corner in the tent on
    the tent you will find the knowledge                                                 27 September from 15:30 - 16:30
    tree.                                                                                and have a chat with Rob Burnet.
    Adorn the knowledge tree in the tent                                                   Participants can attend a
    with your pearls of wisdom, your                                                     “clinic session” led by Etienne Wenger
    impressions, your thoughts, nuggets                                                  and Nancy White on nurturing
    of knowledge, your challenges and                                                    strategic communities of practice.
    aspirations. We’ll read the best                                                     During the course of the day,
    soundbites at the closing session.                                                   participants can choose from 50
     Have an idea you want to share                                                      different sessions where colleagues and
    with your peers? Sign-up for                                                         practitioners will share their experience,
    an OpenSpace on 26 and 28                                                            knowledge and insights on different
    September from 17.00 – 18.00.                                                        rural development and agriculture-
                                                                                         related issues. This rich day will come
                                                                                         to an end with Show and Tell session
                                                                                         at 17:00 giving YOU an opportunity
                                                                                         to showcase a special project
                                                                                         and initiative.

28 SEPTEMBER 2011                          29 SEPTEMBER 2011                         ART FOR AIDS
Mark Davies, the CEO and Founder           The last day of the Share Fair promises   During the event, visit the stunning Art
of Esoko, an agriculture-based mobile      to be another rich and inspiring day.     for AIDS exhibit which is a result of the
information service and consultancy        As we get ready to close the second       North Star Alliance and Art for AIDS
based in Ghana and active in               Rome Share Fair, participants will get    International innovative visual-arts-
15 African countries, will open the day    an opportunity to assess the role and     based HIV workshops with truck
at 09:30 in the Italian Conference Room,   impact of social media for development    drivers and sex workers in the
with a keynote address on                  workers at 9:00 in the Italian            community of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe.
“Demystifying public-private-              Conference Room, in a session entitled    These workshops, led by Art for AIDS
partnership: An experience                 “How good of an ally are social           International Executive Director
from the field”.                           media tools for 21st century              Hendrikus Bervoets, use a combination
                                           development workers?”                     of fact-based knowledge sharing,
  Inspired by Mark’s keynote address
                                                                                     experiential learning, peer-peer
and interested in his work?                  “SHAREFAIR” is now an established
                                                                                     support, and art making to explore
On 28 September from 15:30 - 16:30         brand and since the first global Share
                                                                                     specific and sensitive aspects of risk
in the Chill-out corner in the tent        Fair in January 2009, the Rome-based
                                                                                     and vulnerability, especially as they
spend some quality time with him to        agencies, CGIAR family and the
                                                                                     relate to HIV and STI infection. What is
learn about challenges and                 UN family have organized a number of
                                                                                     perhaps most exciting about these
opportunities of delivering relevant and   national and regional fairs. In bidding
                                                                                     workshops, however, is the resulting
timely information to smallholder          the participants farewell to 2013, at
                                                                                     body of artwork.
producers.                                 16:00 in the Italian Conference Room,
                                           IFAD’s Kevin Cleaver, Associate Vice-
  During the day, experts and
                                           President, Henock Kifle, Chief
practitioners will discuss the
                                           Development Strategist, together with
importance of embedding information
                                           the Share Fair participants and the
and communication technologies in the
                                           Share Fair steering committee will take
design and implementation of rural
                                           stock on the learning, networking,
development projects and initiatives.
                                           sharing and impact and value of
Amongst the many sessions, at 14:00
                                           such events.
in the dining room, do not miss the
debate and discussion on                     So, make sure you keep a diary of
“Private-public partnership: the new       your experience so that you can
development panacea?”                      share your insights and learning at
                                           this final session.
 At the end of the day – from 17:00-
18:00, participants can continue their
networking, learning and sharing
experience in OpenSpace sessions and
will have an opportunity to network and
celebrate at 18:30 during the cocktail
at IFAD.

    About the keynote speakers
    ETIENNE WENGER                              ROB BURNET                                MICHELE PAYN-KNOPER
    Etienne Wenger is a globally recognized     Rob Burnet leads Well Told Story, a       Michele Payn-Knoper, CSP, is principal
    thought leader in the field of social       multi-award-winning Kenyan                of Cause Matters Corp., a company
    learning theory, communities of             communications company which pulls        designed to build connections
    practice, and their application to          together comic books, syndicated FM       between the farm gate and food plate.
    organizations. He has authored and          radio, SMS, social media, web, video      Michele serves agriculture as a
    co-authored articles and books on the       animation, strategy and science to help   community catalyst and passionate
    topic. Etienne’s work is influencing both   change the way people live, think, act    advocate for the global agricultural
    theory and practice in a wide range of      and govern in East Africa.                system. She has worked with farmers
    disciplines. Cultivating communities of                                               in over 25 countries, sold $5 million in
                                                  Rob arrived in Kenya by mistake
    practice is recognized as a key                                                       sponsorships for the National FFA
                                                nearly 20 years ago. Before founding
    component of a learning strategy in a                                                 Foundation, sold dairy genetics and
                                                Well Told Story in 2009 he set up
    vrapidly growing number of                                                            founded AgChat/FoodChat on Twitter.
                                                the Kenyan visual arts studios,
    organizations across private and public                                               Payn-Knoper's degrees are in
                                                Kuona Trust, he worked as a
    sectors, including business,                                                          Agricultural Communications and
                                                professional musician, he led the
    government, international development,                                                Animal Science from Michigan State
                                                Ford Foundation’s programme for
    healthcare, and education.                                                            University and she has earned the
                                                Media Arts and Culture in
                                                                                          Certified Speaking Professional
      Etienne helps organizations apply         Eastern Africa and he produced
                                                                                          designation, awarded to 10% of
    his ideas through consulting, public        public interest TV.
                                                                                          professional speakers globally. Her
    speaking, and workshops. He is also
                                                                                          strong belief in community-building and
    active in the academic sphere. He
                                                                                          the need for food security stems from
    regularly speaks at conferences,
                                                                                          experience on four continents,
    conducts seminars, and is a visiting
                                                                                          including projects in the Ukraine and
    professor at the universities of
                                                                                          Egypt. She and her husband reside
    Manchester and Aalborg. He recently
                                                                                          with their young daughter on a farm
    received an honorary doctorate from
                                                                                          they have built in Indiana. See
    the University of Brighton and is a
    known colleague, friend and ally to the
    UN family and Rome-based food and
                                                                                          for more information.
    agriculture agencies.

Mark Davies is the CEO and Founder of
Esoko, an agriculture-based mobile
information service and consultancy
based in Ghana and active in
15 African countries. He's responsible
for strategy and product development.
Mark has had a colourful career in
New York, Los Angeles, London and
Accra. He's written five children's
books, scripted television shopping
shows, interviewed celebrities for TV,
and crewed balloons around France.
His passion is technology and
development. Moving from desktop
publishing to the internet in '94 he
started Metrobeat which became
CitySearch NYC -- the first series of
online city guides which went public
and merged with Ticketmaster.
In '98 he co-founded First Tuesday,
a hugely popular dot-com investment
marketplace, and moved to Ghana in
2001 to establish BusyInternet; one of
Africa's most successful mixed use
incubators for tech startups. With a
background in Anthropology, a career
in Technology, and a passion for
Development, Esoko is 'his dream job'.
To know more check out

    Share Fair Themes
                                              manner. The sharefair sessions will        practice. The many sessions under this
    GREEN INNOVATIONS                         discuss the various aspects of food        topic will address key issues such as:
                                              security, such as:                          • capturing and acting on knowledge
    We have one planet and we need to          • link between rural employment and          to generate new knowledge
    take care of it. The changes in climate      food security                            • dynamics of managing and nurturing
    patterns are impacting our lives. We’ve    • how to feed people better and              communities of practice
    seen how droughts in different parts of      smarter                                  • how organizational behaviour and
    the world have led to famine or soaring
                                               • impact of migration and population         culture can help or hinder knowledge
    food prices. As we prepare for
                                                 growth on feeding future                   sharing
    international conferences such as
                                                 generations                              • embedding knowledge management
    Rio+20, the sessions offered under
                                                                                            and learning in development
    this theme will give you an opportunity
                                              GENDER                                      • building capacity of people to
     • discuss various climate change
                                                                                            generate, adapt and share
       challenges and influence the
                                                                                            knowledge, experience and insight
       messages which will be presented       Gender equality is an essential
       at different climate change            component of sustainable economic
       international conferences              growth and poverty reduction.
     • learn how different parts of the       Equitable access to more and better
       world have embraced innovative         jobs in rural areas enable rural women
       recycling methods and creating         and men to become effective
       new employment opportunities           economic actors and engines of             Livestock contributes to the
     • learn about environmental friendly     growth; as well as conservers of the       sustainable livelihoods and security of
       farming methods and climate smart      natural environment. During the            more than 800 million poor smallholder
       agriculture                            various Share Fair sessions,               farmers . It offers poor households
                                              participants will be exposed to            sources of high quality nutrition,
     • acquaint yourself with indigenous
                                              inspiring stories on:                      especially as sources for the pregnant
       traditions to predict climate
       patterns                                • innovative ways of empowering           women and for improving the cognitive
                                                 and building women’s capacity           skills and mental growth of the
                                               • promoting gender sensitive              children. In marginal rural areas,
                                                 financial services                      wherepoverty is rampant, livestock
                                                                                         represents an important asset for local
                                                                                         cultural and socioeconomic systems,
    With the global population hitting 7                                                 and allows the effective use of
    billion people in less than a month,                                                 otherwise unutilizable resources. In
                                              KNOWLEDGE SHARING,
    decision makers, development                                                         working with rural communities and
                                              NETWORKS AND COPS
    workers, smallholder farmers, public                                                 pastoralist, our aim is to develop a
    and private entities are faced with the   As development workers we need to          sustainable livestock sector where
    challenge of ensuring access to           act in a timely manner to respond to       smallholder farmers can have higher
    affordable, safe and healthy food         the needs of the people who we work        incomes and better access to
    which meets dietary needs in a            with and for. This means we cannot         services, technologies and markets.
    satisfactory manner while making sure     afford reinventing the wheel, rather, we
    that food is produced in an               need to use the body of available
    environmentally sound and socially just   knowledge, act on this, generate new
                                              knowledge and learning to influence
                                              policy. And this cannot be in isolation,
                                              but by nurturing networks and
                                              contributing to communities of

The sharefair sessions will provide the                                                 increasing number of countries facing
                                          MOBILE TECHNOLOGY
participants an opportunity to:           AND SOCIAL MEDIA                              severe water shortages, efficient use of
 • learn about new livestock                                                            water by agriculture to reduce poverty
   technologies and approaches            Mobile phones are no longer a luxury          and hunger is a significant issue. Join
                                          item and have become a ubiquitous             this interesting debate and attend the
 • discuss innovative approaches to
                                          and essential part of our lives. Similarly,   many sessions on this theme to learn
   target nomadic communities
                                          social media tools such as Facebook,          about:
 • explore the benefits of livestock
                                          Twitter and Blogs have radically               • different agricultural solutions to
   development revolving funds
                                          changed the way we interact and                  water scarcity challenges
                                          communicate. The many sessions                 • how technology is helping
                                          under this theme highlight:                      smallholder farmers to better
                                           • innovative use of mobile telephony            manage water resources
MARKETS AND                                  in agriculture
PRIVATE SECTOR                                                                           • diverse rain harvesting methods
                                           • how Information and
Development programmes and                   Communication Technologies (ICT)
projects aim to address the many             have helped improve the
challenges faced by smallholder              bargaining power of smallholder            YOUNG PEOPLE
farmers and producers. These range           farmers and provided a more direct
from having access to good inputs,           link to markets
                                                                                        The global population is projected to
strengthening the delivery of business     • the power and potential of social
                                                                                        rise from its present level of 7 billion to
and financial services, facilitating         media in connecting people and
                                                                                        9.2 billion by 2050. An estimated 1
access to markets, providing timely          creating local, national and global
                                                                                        billion people already are going hungry.
market information to strengthen the         networks
                                                                                        Today’s generation of young people is
negotiating and bargaining power of        • how social media tools can create          the largest in history. However, young
smallholder producers. Today,                conducive learning and sharing             rural people are increasingly
increasingly this is possible through a      environment across geographical            disillusioned about working in the
public-private partnership. The various      and language boundaries                    agricultural sector, which in many
sessions will showcase examples of:
                                                                                        countries is stagnant and
 • innovative public-private                                                            unproductive. The sharefair sessions
   partnerships                                                                         will aim to address the many
 • discuss innovative approaches to
                                          WATER                                         challenges facing us such as:
   target nomadic communities                                                            • who is going to feed this growing
 • developing a value-based market        Secure access by rural poor people to            world population
   for smallholder producers              water is central to the achievement of         • how can we make agriculture
 • different value-chain approaches       the Millennium Development Goals, in             enticing and attractive to avoid an
                                          particular the target of reducing by half        outmigration of young people to
                                          the proportion of people living in               urban areas
                                          extreme poverty and hunger by 2015.            • partnering with young farmers to
                                          Most of these people depend on                   create a new cadre of rural
                                          agriculture for their livelihoods. In most       entrepreneurs
                                          developing countries, agriculture uses
                                          more than 80 per cent of mobilized
                                          water resources. But more than half
                                          the water diverted for agriculture does
                                          not contribute directly to food
                                          production as intended. With an

     FL                                                                                            FL                    FL                    FL                    FL                    FL
          O                                                                G                            O                     O                     O                     O                     O
              O                                    Q                           R                            O                     O                     O                     O                     O
                  R                                    AT                          O                            R                     R                     R                     R                     R
                               EN                        AR                            U
                      -0            TR                                                     N
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Share Fair Map

                           1             AN                      I.C                           D                    01                    02                    03                    04                    05
                                              CE                       .

Share Fair Sessions

     Etienne Wenger, a globally recognized       11:00-12:30                                  that operational managers are
     thought leader in the field of social       B200                                         themselves working with the KM team
     learning theory, communities of             Icebreakers and energizers                   to identify the main components of a
     practice, and their application to          Icebreakers are short group activities       KM intervention, rather than having a
     organizations, at 9:30 in the Italian       that allow the various people inside a       KM team impose a solution from outside.
     Conference Room, will kick-off the          new group to get to know each other;          Kim Dos Santos Martins
     Second Global AgriKnowledge Share           to become more comfortable with
     Fair with a keynote address on              discussing the topic of group work; or
     “Communities of practice and                to become more comfortable with              11:00 - 15:30
     strategic capabilities”.                    expressing dissenting views.                 C100
       After the keynote address, participants    Ednah Karamagi                              The learning wheel as a tool for
     will have an opportunity to attend one of                                                systematizing
     the many training sessions on offer.                                                     How to establish a culture of sharing,
     Please sign-up for the training session     11:00-12:30                                  learning and innovation in an organization
     by sending an email to share-               C500                                         or project is one of the biggest by 25 September 2011.       Gift garden                                  challenges facing KM practitioners in
                                                 This session will build creative ideas       development. During this workshop we
                                                 fast and collaboratively by adopting one     will use a methodology called the
     11:00-12:30                                 rule and two roles. The ‘Yes And’ rule       LearningWheel to capture and
     B400                                        for discussion is that you must build on     systematize the experiences and ideas
     Collaborative writing (wiki,                what the last person has suggested.          of participants and try to address this
     Googledocs)                                 This rule provides the structure within      challenge. LearningWheel is a
     How do you work collaboratively on          which we are liberated to be more            methodology for creating common
     documents when you aren't working in        collaboratively creative. The two roles      frameworks for joint learning, action
     the same office? This session explores      are Bees and Butterflies. The Bee’s role     and knowledge management. It
     two commonly used online tools that         is to work together to build positively on   generates experience-based conceptual
     can help. Google Documents is a             each idea as if it were a gift. The          frameworks, building on the lessons
     platform powered by Google which            Butterflies role is to uphold the ‘Yes       and success-factors of practical
     allows users to create, store and share     And’ rule and transfer learning between      examples in an analytical and
     documents online. Text documents,           rounds. Everybody gets a chance to be        appreciative manner. IFAD’s East and
     number spreadsheets, forms and              a Bee and a Butterfly.                       Southern Africa Division has used the
     "Powerpoint" presentations can all be                                                    LearningWheel methodology to develop
                                                  Carl Jackson                                a framework for operationalizing
     created, edited, stored and shared on
     Google Documents. You can download                                                       knowledge management in IFAD-
     the documents for editing offline and                                                    supported projects, in collaboration
                                                 11:00-12:30                                  with project staff. The methodology
     then upload and synch using Google
                                                 C300                                         itself was developed by the Institute for
     Gears and the FireFox browser. A wiki
                                                 Knowledge management planning                People, Innovation and Change in
     is a web site that allows users to add,
                                                 In this session, participants will go        Organizations (PICOTEAM).
     remove, and otherwise edit and change
                                                 through a facilitated and staged
     content. Each article contains a                                                          Jurgen Hagmann
                                                 participatory planning process, using
     discussion page where editors and
                                                 tools developed for engaging
     readers can talk about the document. A
                                                 operational level managers in
     wiki's versioning capability can show                                                    11:00-12:30
                                                 translating their practical business
     the evolution of thought processes as
                                                 problems for themselves into                 C200
     contributors interact with content,
                                                 knowledge management opportunities           Net-Map
     helping us to focus more on content
                                                 and interventions, to: diagnose specific     In this session participants will try Net-
     and less on who is contributing what.
                                                 pain points in the operations that can       Map first hand: the method is very
     This can be a big culture change. It
                                                 be supported through KM; identify            interactive and versatile and can be
     takes a while to get used to the idea
                                                 cultural factors that support or inhibit     used for project planning &
     that someone else can change what
                                                 more effective knowledge sharing and         management, stakeholder
     you wrote. But that also means they
                                                 use; focus managers on the areas they        engagement, monitoring & evaluation,
     can IMPROVE it! So it is a bit like
                                                 believe are of highest priority to them;     and it is particularly well suited for the
     thinking together. To make most out of
                                                 and help managers identify appropriate       development context where culturally
     this session, participants should ensure
                                                 KM approaches, methods and tools to          diverse stakeholders bear very different
     they have a Google email account.
                                                 support their priority areas. The value of   assumptions and worldviews.
      Pete Cranston and Davide Piga              a participatory planning approach is
                                                                                               Paolo Brunello and Natalie Campbell

11:00-12:30                                  14:00-15:30                                 wide variety of settings: workshops,
B300                                         C300                                        conferences, organizational meetings
Peer assist                                  Blogs                                       and public assemblies. They are useful
This session will bring together a group     A blog (shortened from weblog) is an        for ventilating “hot topics”, debating
of peers to elicit feedback on a             easy-to-publish web page consisting         and arguing in a constructive way or
problem, project, or activity, and draw      primarily of periodic articles posted by    sharing ideas or information from a
lessons from the participants'               date, usually with the newest entry at      variety of perspectives. The Samoan
knowledge and experience.                    the top. Blogs can give the world a         circle is a leaderless meeting intended
                                             window on your work. In places where        to help negotiations in controversial
 Lucie Lamoureux
                                             there is access to the Internet, blogs      issues. While there is no ‘leader’, a
                                             provide an easy way to communicate          professional facilitator can welcome
                                             knowledge. Blogs have the power to          participants and explain the seating
                                             help you foster relationships with          arrangements, rules, timelines and the
B500 and C300- 16:00-17:30
                                             colleagues, partners, stakeholders,         process. As with the Fishbowl process,
River of life                                                                            the Samoan circle has people seated in
                                             donors, and the community you belong
In this session a visual narrative method                                                a circle within a circle. However, this
                                             to. And relationships are the much-
will help people tell stories of the past,                                               time participants in the outer circle can
                                             needed ingredient for effective impact,
present and future. Individuals will use                                                 decide to join the discussion by
                                             but only to the extent that they are
this method to introduce themselves in                                                   occupying a vacant seat in the inner
                                             managed effectively.
a fun and descriptive way; a group can                                                   circle or by gently tapping the
use it to understand and reflect on the       Ednah Karamagi
                                                                                         shoulders of one of the inner circle
past and imagine the future of a                                                         participants. What distinguishes
project. It can also be used to build a                                                  Fishbowls and Samoan circles from
shared view compiled of different and                                                    other types of discussion? a) they
perhaps differing perspectives.                                                          emphasize listening deeply to others; b)
 Simone Staiger-Rivas and Natalie            Dgroups is an online home for groups        they encourage more to-the-point
Campbell                                     and communities interested in               reflections (which have been maturing
                                             international development. It is            when listening to others); c) they bring
                                             particularly useful when you need to        about a rich variety of points of view
11:00 - 12:30                                reach and engage in a conversation          and ideas in a short time and follow the
C400                                         with people around the world, whether       energy of the group; and d) they don’t
Photo sharing                                in low-bandwidth, mobile, or high-          require dedicated facilitators (just
This session will give a brief               bandwidth environments. In Dgroups          someone to document the decision).
introduction to web-based photo              you can find the online tools and            Ewen LeBorgne
sharing sites, such as Flickr and            services needed to support the
Picasa, which allow users to upload          activities of a team, a group, a network,
and share digital images.                    a partnership or a community. Dgroups
                                             is also a place to find groups who are
 Luca Servo                                                                              Italian Conference Room
                                             interested in international
                                                                                         Graphic facilitation
                                             development topics.
                                                                                         Come and learn how to use visuals in
14:00-15:30                                   Damir Simunic and Pier Andrea Pirani       your facilitation processes to increase
B300                                                                                     engagement, knowledge sharing and
After action review                                                                      meaning making with your groups. We
In this session participants will learn      14:00-15:30                                 will learn basic graphic capture
about a simple process used by a team        C500                                        practices for flip chart and larger "paper
to capture the lessons learned from          Fishbowl / Samoan circle                    on the walls", how to incorporate visual
past successes and failures, with the        Fishbowl is a special form of dialogue.     capture for group meaning making and
goal of improving future performance. It     It involves a small group of people         knowledge sharing and consider how
is an opportunity for a team to reflect      (usually 4-7) seated in circle, having a    to apply these in your context.
on a project, activity, event or task so     conversation in full view of a larger       Resources will be shared for ongoing
that they can do better the next time.       group of listeners, either standing or      learning and practice. Come prepared
This method should be carried out with       sitting behind the inner circle. Only       to get your hands dirty.
an open spirit and no intent to blame.       participants in the inner circle are
                                                                                          Nancy White
                                             allowed to speak. Fishbowl discussions
 Lucie Lamoureux
                                             thus provide a creative way to include
                                             the “public” in a small group
                                             discussion. Fishbowls can be used in a

     14:00-15:30                                 16:00-17:30                                 16:00-17:30
     C400                                        C200                                        C400
     Microblogging                               DeBono's Six Thinking Hats                  LinkedIn and Facebook - Enabling
     This session is a about a form of           The de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a        dialogue/Leveraging implicit
     blogging that allows users to write brief   thinking tool for group discussion and      knowledge
     text updates (usually less than 140         individual thinking. Combined with the      LinkedIn, a networking site for
     characters) and publish them, either to     idea of parallel thinking which is          professionals, hosts more than 120
     be viewed by anyone or by a restricted      associated with it, it provides a means     million members. Originally, this site
     group which can be chosen by the            for groups to think together more           was enabling career growth by
     user. These messages can be                 effectively, and a means to plan thinking   connecting users to their professional
     submitted by a variety of means,            processes in a detailed and cohesive way.   peers. It also created an environment
     including text messaging, instant                                                       where companies could easily source
                                                  Ednah Karamagi                             talent and expertise. However, more
     messaging, etc. They can be used for
     knowledge sharing, promotion,                                                           and more Development players are
     campaigning and news. The session                                                       using Linkedin to create communities of
     will showcase two popular                   16:00-17:30                                 practice that can facilitate collaboration
     microblogging sites: Twitter and Yammer.    B300                                        and knowledge sharing. Facebook is
                                                 Jumpstart storytelling                      another social networking service
      Pete Cranston                                Jumpstart storytelling is a form of       launched in February 2004 with more
                                                 storytelling technique that encourages      than 750 million active users that works
                                                 summarization of ideas and thoughts         along the same line as Linkedin (though
     14:00 - 15:30                                                                           its audience is much wider and doesn't
                                                 into concise and to-the-point stories.
     B200                                                                                    incorporate the 'professionnal
                                                 The power of Jumpstart Storytelling
     Mindmaps / Concept maps                     lies in the participants’ experience as     networking' side). This session will look
     In this session participants will learn     they tell and listen to each other’s        at these two interactive tools and
     how to use a powerful, non-linear           stories, engaging with the hearts and       discuss the extent in which they can
     graphic technique for capturing natural     minds of their colleagues. It is a way to   help you reach beyond your normal set
     flow of ideas and organizing related        start a business gathering, involving       of stakeholders, enable two way
     information. Individuals or groups can      everyone in the room. In addition, this     communication with partner
     use mind mapping for simple tasks, like     technique increases cross pollination       organizations and provide a platform to
     writing a memo or documenting               of ideas and improves relationships.        learn and exchange knowledge.
     discussions, and more complex tasks,
     like obtaining a shared perspective on a     Lucie Lamoureux                             Sarah Bel and Michael Riggs
     complex project.
      Jasmin Suministrado                        16:00-17:00                                 16:00 - 17:30
                                                 B400                                        C500
                                                 Lessons learned in the                      Open Space
     14:00-15:30                                 implementation of the Web 2.0               Open Space (sometimes referred to as
     C200                                        learning opportunities                      Open Space Technology or OST) is a
     Video production, storing and               As a follow-up to the Web2forDev            method for convening groups around a
     sharing                                     International Conference held in Rome       specific question or task and giving
     In this session participants will learn     in September 2007, CTA has organized        them responsibility for creating both
     how to make short videos, where to          Web 2.0 Learning Opportunities (LOs)        their own agenda and experience. The
     store them and how to share them            in many countries. Over a period of 3       facilitator's key task is to identify the
     through social media. Using video to        years (2008-2010) close to 500 people       question that brings people together,
     share knowledge brings a visual aspect      were trained in the use of Web 2.0          offer a simple process, then stand back
     that can quickly convey ideas that may      applications. Most of them joined online    and let participants do the work,
     take much longer in text. NOTE:             spaces where they continue to               intervening only when traditional
     Participants must have a digital camera     exchange among peers. In 2011 CTA           meeting methods and behaviors
     and bring a laptop which has the            got back to them and asked a few            threaten to take over.
     software MovieMaker                         questions to measure the impact
     (      related their exposure to Web 2.0. The       Pete Cranston
     movie-maker) installed on it.               presenter (and some participants in the
                                                 LOs) will report back on this and the
      Pier Andrea Pirani
                                                 lessons learned.
                                                  Giacomo Rambaldi

16:00 - 17:30                                16:00 - 17:30
B200                                         B500
Podcasting                                   Speed geeking
In this session participants will learn      Speed Geeking (which is modeled on
how to make podcasts and in which            Speed Dating) is a method to quickly
context to use them. Podcasts are            expose participants in small groups to
audio programs that are broadcasted          new information about any topic:
over the Internet. They are MP3 files        projects, programs, theory, technology,
which can be downloaded onto a               etc. It can be adapted to other types of
compatible digital player or played on       content as well, but the focus is on
your computer. You can download one          short exposure to something new as
or many, for free (generally), or you can    presented by someone with deep,
subscribe to an RSS service for              practical experience in the topic area,
downloads so you can be alerted when         tool or method. It is particularly effective
new postings are made available.             when you have a large group with
Podcasts can be used for: 1)                 many different things to share and a
Production and delivery of open              limited time to do so..
content learning materials for the
                                              Riff Fullan
development of capacities of
grassroots NGOs and civil society
organizations 2) Direct linking of
different international events /             16:00-17:30
discussions to participant s in the          C100
developing world through the
                                             World café / Carousel
broadcast of speeches and
                                             In this session, participants will learn
conversations 3) Creation of an open
                                             about this group interaction method
content network of audio 4) Creating an
                                             focused on conversations. A Café
audio database of best practices and
                                             Conversation is a creative process for
thematic resources.
                                             leading collaborative dialogue, sharing
 Maria Grazia Bovo                           knowledge and creating possibilities for
                                             action in groups of all sizes. The
                                             environment is set up like a café, with
16:00-17:30                                  paper-covered tables supplied with
C300                                         refreshments. People sit four to a table
River of Life                                and hold a series of conversational
In this session a visual narrative method    rounds lasting from 20 to 45 minutes
will help people tell stories of the past,   about one or more questions which are
present and future. Individuals will use     personally meaningful to them. At the
this method to introduce themselves in       end of each round, one person remains
a fun and descriptive way; a group can       at each table as the host, while the
use it to understand and reflect on the      other three travels to separate tables.
past and imagine the future of a             Table hosts welcome newcomers to
project. It can also be used to build a      their tables and share the essence of
shared view compiled of different and        that table's conversation so far. The
perhaps differing perspectives.              newcomers relate any conversational
                                             threads they are carrying -- and then
 Natalie Campbell                            the conversation continues, deepening
                                             as the round progresses. Carrousel is
                                             almost the same except that there is
                                             one question per table and people turn
                                             each round to complete the answers of
                                             previous group. There is no host in this
                                              Sophie Treinen

                                                                                            Participants are encouraged to bring
                                                                                            their own laptops which can connect
                                                                                            to IFAD’s wireless service.

                   9:30            10:00            10:30            11:00             11:30              12:00               12:30                13:00     13:30

  Italian Conf                      Inaugural session. Keynote by Rob Burnet: “How
                                    can we make agriculture more attractive to young
                                    people in Africa”.

  C100 (flex)                                                                           Les Clubs d’écoute communautaires en République
                                                                                        démocratique du Congo et au Niger (16)

     B100                                                                               Putting fisheries and aquaculture on the agenda for
                                                                                        COP17 (70)

     C200                                                                               Weather index agricultural insurance: Building small-
                                                                                        holder producers resilience: An experience from
                                                                                        China (76)

     B200                                                                               Dgroups going mobile (85)

     C300                                                                               Neglected no more: traditional
                                                                                        crops for sustainable livelihoods

     B300                                                                               Stick with your local variety of cassava – Am-
                                                                                        bakkadan (147)

     C400                                                                               Scaling-up rural innovations: lessons from the learn-
                                                                                        ing route (244)

     B400                                                                               Scaling up innovations in water dialogues (46)

  C500 (flex)                                                                           Nexus between rural employment and food security

     B500                                                                               Utilisation de Google Earth pour le suivi de la rizicul-
                                                                                        ture (221)

                          Coffee                                                                                                                           Lunch
  Qatar (chat)                                                                          Partnership with young farmers to promote collective
                                                                                        action and entrepreneurship development (38)

      Oval                                                                              Livestock research for development: Shifting the Par-
                                                                                        adigm (181)

Dining 1 (World)

Dining 2 (Fish)                                                                         Communities of practice clinic

 Tent: Stand 1

 Tent: Stand 2

 Tent: Stand 3

 Tent: Stand 4

Tent: Speaker's

   Tent: Chill

   Corner -1                                                                            Investments in rural SMEs - case study from Armenia

14:00              14:30                15:00

 Sweet power of cooperative paving the way for a
 flourishing organic sugar export business (56)
                                                            15:30             16:00              16:30                 17:00             17:30

 Transmitting food culture through art: a creative inter-                      Valuechains 2.0: Leveraging infor-
 disciplinary approach (25)                                                    mation and knowledge to design
                                                                               sustainable value chains projects
                                                                               Innovative services to build com-
                                                                               munities of practice (24)

 GENESYS - Gateway to genetic                                                  Rural family poultry: A fertile group                                    Climate Change
 resources (71))                                                               for using new technologies and                                           And Green
                                                                               applying innovative approaches (8)

 Mobile Agribusiness - delivering in-                                          Giving a voice to young profes-
 formation to farmers in Congo                                                 sionals through online agricultural
 (133)                                                                         events (30)

 Direct engagement with the private sector to fight                            The Water channel TV - all about                                         Food Security
 rural poverty: Knowledge sharing on a much-debated                            water and its use and more (121)
 issue (43)

 Underground Treasures: Root and Tuber Crops for                               Innovative ways of collecting and
 Food Security in Asia-Pacific (RTCs-FS Project) (212)                         sharing food security data in East
                                                                               and Central Africa (31)

 BIRDP project Sudan (113)                                                     Net-Map: Understanding the for-                                          Gender
                                                                               mal and informal sphere of influ-
                                                                               ence (177)

 Converting marble dust to fertilizer (150)                                    The EndingHunger movement (29)

 Guidelines for Joint Planning workshops for Nutrition,                        Savings as a springboard to mar-                                         Knowledge Sharing,
 Food Security and Livelihoods – Agreeing on causes                            ket-readiness (145))                                                     Networks and Cops
 of malnutrition for joint action (27)

 iCow Farmer mobile management platform (241))                                 Linking smallholder producers: An
                                                                               experience from community-based
                                                                               forest enterprise development pro-
                                                                               gramme (13)
                                                                Coffee                                                         Show and tell session
 Experiences and lessons of rural transformation: Why                          Water, food and poverty: beyond                                          Livestock
 institutions matter (39)                                                      the limits (46b))

 How can we make Agricultural Innovation Systems                               Keynote by Michele Payne-Knof-
 (AIS) work for smallholders (55)                                              per: Empowerment through en-
                                                                               gagement: Connecting farmers
                                                                               globally using social media
                                                                               Innovative partnerships and multi-                                       Markets and
                                                                               stakeholders approaches pro-                                             Private Sector
                                                                               moted in the RAS context (229)

 Communities of practice clinic                                                Text to Change: Providing Bolivian
                                                                               farmers commodity prices (54)

                                                                                                                                                        Technology and
                                                                                                                                                        Social Media
                                                                               How GIS systems help farmers en-
                                                                               gage in environmentally sustain-
                                                                               able agriculture (51)


 Food for cities: Power and poten-                                             Converting plastic bags and PET                                          Young People
 tial of virtual communities (28))                                             bottles to cotton bags (77)

                                                             Chill-out with Rob Burnet

 Community radio an extension to telecentre. What is                           Greening the economy with agri-
 the next frontier? (154)                                                      culture (GEA) Initiative (20)

     27                                            Climate Change
                                                   And Green
                                                                           Food Security         Gender                 Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                        Networks and Cops

     10:00-11:30                                11.30 - 13.00                                 14.00 - 15.30
     Italian Conference Room                    C200                                          B400
     Inaugural session                          Weather index agricultural                    Converting marble dust to fertilizer
     IFAD President, Mr Kanayo F. Nwanze        insurance: Building smallholder               (150)
     together with Ms Ann Tutwiler,             producers resilience: An experience           Surprised that marble dust is used as
                                                from China (76)                               fertilizer? Want to know more about it?
     Deputy-Director-General, Knowledge,
                                                This session will present the evolution       At this session, colleagues from
     FAO; Mr Amir Abdulla, Deputy
                                                of weather index agricultural insurance       Pakistan will share how they are
     Executive Director and Chief Operating
                                                in China, and show how IFAD and               converting marble dust to fertilizer.
     Officer, WFP and Mr Emile Frison,
                                                WFP built the capacity of a local
     Director-General of Bioversity             insurer to develop weather index               Yasir Iqbal
     International, will jointly open           insurance product and sell to market .
     the Share Fair.                                                                           People’s Development Organization,
                                                It will demonstrate that through the
      Rob Burnet who leads Well Told            capacity building, the insurer, together
     Story will deliver a keynote address on    with the local metrological bureau was
                                                then able to replicate and expand their       16:00 - 17:00
     “How can we make agriculture more
                                                “business” from insuring rice farmers         Speaker’s Corner
     attractive to young people in Africa”.
                                                to cover wheat. The presenter will            Converting plastic bags and PET
      At 16:00 in an interview in the Oval      share how this scheme managed to              bottles to cotton bags (77)
     Room, Michele Payn-Knopfer will share      build smallholder farmers’ resilience         The practice of separating plastic from
     her experience and practical advice        and mitigate risk of weather shocks           solid household waste is a novelty not
     on “Empowerment through                    and discuss the challenges and                only in Armenia, but also in most of the
     Engagement: Connecting                     opportunities of weather index                ex-Soviet countries. Hear first-hand,
     Farmers Globally”.                         insurance as well as working with the         how the Urban Foundation for
                                                private sector.                               Sustainable Development, thanks to
                                                                                              the close collaboration between
                                                 Weijing Wang                                 municipalities, CSO, service providers
     CLIMATE CHANGE AND                          IFAD                                         and the public at large, the Urban
     GREEN INNOVATIONS                                                                        Foundation for Sustainable
                                                11.30 - 12.30                                 Development, managed embark on a
     11.30 - 13.00                              C300                                          pilot programme of recycling plastic
     B100                                       'Neglected no more: traditional               bottles and plastic shopping bag in
                                                crops for sustainable livelihoods' (48)       rural areas.
     Putting fisheries and aquaculture on
     the agenda for COP17 (70)                  Biodiversity is the foundation of
                                                                                               Armine Tukhikyan, Urban Foundation
                                                agricultural production. Like water or
     Fisheries and aquaculture contribute                                                      for Sustainable Development
                                                air, it’s not an exaggeration to say that
     significantly to food security and
                                                agricultural biodiversity also is essential
     livelihoods, yet are often unrecognized                                                  16.00 - 17.00
                                                for humankind survival. Thousands of
     and undervalued. Coastal                                                                 Chill-out minus-1
                                                neglected and underutilized species
     communities, fishers and fish farmers      (NUS) of crops offer tremendous               Greening the economy with
     who depend on healthy aquatic              opportunities for food and nutritional        agriculture (GEA) Initiative (20)
     ecosystems are already affected by         security and have the potential to            In this session participants will have an
     climate change through rising sea          improve rural people’s livelihoods.           opportunity to develop key messages
     levels, acidification, droughts, floods,   Listen to the stories from rural              to be presented at international climate
     and through changes in distribution        communities from all over the world to        change conferences such as RIO+20
     and productivity of aquatic species,       understand the importance of NUS              and advocate for greening the
     biological processes and food webs.        and why it deserves greater attention.        economy with agriculture to ensure
     Sustainability of aquatic ecosystems       Be part of the new agricultural               sufficient quality and quantity of food
     for fisheries and aquaculture - and for    paradigm and become a NUS fan.                for a growing population, while
     the people that depend on them - are                                                     ensuring decent livelihoods for rural
                                                 Rima Alcadi, Stefano Padulosi, Carla
     uncertain. The only certainty is change                                                  population, creating green
                                                 Pratesi, Álvaro Toledo
     and decision-makers must be                                                              employment opportunities, respecting
     prepared for it and include fisheries       IFAD, Bioversity, Oxfam
                                                                                              and preserving ecosystem.
     and aquaculture issues as part of the
     dialogue on global climate change.                                                        Stéphane Jost
      Cassandra de Young; Doris Soto;
      Tina Farmer

   Livestock                Markets and           Mobile                  Water                Young People
                            Private Sector        Technology and
                                                  Social Media

                                               11:30-13:00                                  14.00 - 15.30
                                               C400                                         B100
                                               Scaling-up rural innovations:                Challenges of providing sustainable
                                               lessons from the learning route (244)        and quality food for local markets in
11.30 - 13.00                                                                               West Africa (10)
                                               This session will bring together
C500                                                                                        In this session, participants will be
                                               planners, managers, resource persons
Nexus between rural employment                 and field practitioners from Latin           exposed to impact of the effective
and food security (65)                                                                      training conducted by farmers field
                                               America, Asia and Africa with hands
The FAO Rural Employment Team will                                                          school to improve marketing capacity
                                               on experience or potential interest in
briefly introduce its integrated country                                                    of smallholder farmers and equip them
                                               joining or promoting Learning Routes.
approach for decent rural employment                                                        to deliver high quality products to local
                                               This will provide an opportunity to
promotion (from strategic and                                                               and regional markets.
                                               exchange views and experiences
normative support to the piloting of
                                               within and across regional boundaries         FAO
operational institutional mechanisms)
                                               and to explore options for strategic
currently supported in Malawi and
                                               partnerships in the context of efforts to
Tanzania. In particular, detailed                                                           14:00-15:30
                                               build a community of practice on
presentations will be given of capacity                                                     B300
                                               scaling up. Participants will learn more
development approaches for child                                                            Underground treasures: Root and
                                               about learning routes which are
labour prevention and of the Junior                                                         tuber crops for food security in
                                               planned journey that aim to address          Asia-Pacific (RTCs-FS Project) (212)
Farmer Field and Life Schools (JFFLS)
                                               the knowledge needs of development           Food security in the South is more
approach for rural youth employment
                                               practitioners and identify relevant          than just cereals. Root and tuber crops
creation and entrepreneurship
                                               experiences in which local actors have       (potato, cassava and sweet potato)
promotion. Participants will have a
                                               tackled similar problems in innovative       rank among the seven most important
clearer understanding of FAO’s
                                               ways. During the session you will            food crops in developing countries,
approach to employment promotion in
                                               better understand how learning route         providing affordable nutrition and
rural areas, the centrality of rural
                                               is a capacity building process,              opportunities to earn income.
employment for food security
                                               beginning with a recognition of “what        Participants in this session will learn
improvements and inclusive growth as
                                               we know”, continuing with “knowing           about innovative products and uses of
well as main related challenges.
                                               how to”, and ending with the ability of      these underground treasures, which
 Peter Wobst, Elisenda Estruch                 “being able to” adapt and implement          have been undervalued and neglected
 FAO                                           innovations in the situational context of    in agricultural research and
                                               the individual participants.                 development efforts. Sample products
11.30 - 13.00                                   IFAD                                        will be displayed
                                                                                             Dindo Campilan
Stick with your local variety of               14.00 - 15.30
cassava – Ambakkadan (147)                                                                   CGIAR, CIP
Cultivating a locally adaptable variety
                                               Transmitting food culture through            14.00 - 15.30
of cassava (Ambakkadan) has
                                               art: a creative interdisciplinary            C500
improved women’s livelihoods and               approach (25)
food security and served as a                                                               Guidelines for joint planning
                                               Food and art both are two central
replicable model for participatory                                                          workshops for nutrition, food
                                               dimensions of the cultural identity of       security and livelihoods – Agreeing
conservation in south India. This              people. Food, as the first vital need of     on causes of malnutrition for joint
session will report on how this revival        human beings, shapes and influences          action (27)
of a local variety by involving women’s        human societies, in their practical daily    This session will use a planning
groups has created a movement in               tasks as well as in practices, beliefs       workshop methodology to show the
rural villages in Kerala. This initiative is   and social norms. Art, as the                benefits of promoting integrated food
demonstrating the importance of local          expression of the cultural identity of       and nutrition security interventions.
crops in mitigating climate change and         people and a universal language, is a        The session will highlight how this
improving food security. Participants in       powerful creative mean to revitalize         methodology can be used to raise
this session will learn about the              people’s interest on foods and to            awareness about nutrition, food
enormous potential of women’s self-            mainstream nutrition and biodiversity        security, help put in place a strategic
help groups to promote conservation            as a common path towards food and            plan for integrated nutrition
and biodiversity.                              nutrition security. At this session you'll   programmes and design nutrition, food
 T.J James                                     hear about a new approach to                 security information and surveillance
 Peermade Development Society                  communicate and raise awareness on           systems and develop partnerships for
                                               nutrition and biodiversity.                  improving nutrition, food security and
                                                Sandro Dernini, FAO
                                                                                             Charlotte Dufour, Chiara Deligia, FAO

     27                                            Climate Change
                                                   And Green
                                                                          Food Security        Gender                 Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                      Networks and Cops

     14:00 - 15:00
                                                 GENDER                                     KNOWLEDGE SHARING,
     Speaker's corner
                                                                                            NETWORKS AND COPS
     Food for cities: Power and potential
     of virtual communities (28)
     To strengthen collaboration and             11.30 - 13.00                              11:30-15:30
     discussion on local food systems            C100                                       Dining room
     centred on cities, a “food-for-cities", a   Les Clubs d’écoute communautaires          Communities of practice clinic
     Dgroup platform discusses the right to      en République démocratique du              Facing a challenge with your
     food, nutrition, emergency operations,      Congo et au Niger (16)                     community or network? Bring your
     production, marketing, natural              The Community Listeners’ Clubs set         case to our "case clinic" and we'll think
     resources management and land               up by FAO-Dimitra with its local           together to bring ideas and solutions
     tenure, local governance, and rural-        partners are rural citizens’ groups        to your challenge.
     urban linkages. Learn how this virtual      whose members share their concerns
     community it contributing to defining a     and needs, acquire and exchange             Etienne Wenger and Nancy White
     local food system centred on cities         information through community radio
     approach.                                   in order to take constructive action       11.30 - 13.00
                                                 together. Learn how the listeners’         B200
      Julien Custot, Francesca Gianfelici        clubs use solar-powered and wind-up        Dgroups going mobile (85)
      FAO                                        radio sets, as well as solar mobile        During this session, participants will
                                                 phones to get informed and                 have an opportunity to work with
     16.00 - 17.00                               communicate. Examine how they have         Dgroups designer and developer to
                                                 proved to be an effective way for          shape up the mobile version of this
                                                 isolated rural communities, women in       useful knowledge sharing tool. This
     Innovative ways of collecting and
     sharing food security data in East          particular, to gain access to              exchange will allow "the users" to
     and Central Africa (31)                     information and become involved in         discuss design, technology
     Early warning systems need to provide       the communication and development          constraints, and modalities of use of a
     timely and accurate information. At this    process, serving as a sort of              real application thus underscoring the
     session you be exposed to the work of       steppingstone for action and               important feature of "mobility" in
     the Regional Emergency Office for           empowerment.                               knowledge sharing and resulting a
     East and Central Africa and its role in      E.Najros, A.Abdoulaye                     user-friendly application.
     coordinating the information flow and        FAO, Dimitra                               Damir Simunic
     providing technical support in data
     collection, information management                                                      WA Research SA
                                                 16.00 - 17.00
     and dissemination.
                                                                                            14.00 - 15.00
      Phillip Fong                               Savings as a springboard to market-        C200
      FAO                                        readiness (145)
                                                 Rural women s savings groups have          GENESYS - Gateway to genetic
                                                                                            resources (71)
                                                 proved to be a dynamic force in
                                                                                            GENESYS heralds a new paradigm for
                                                 moving women from ‘market-limited’
                                                                                            access to and use of plant genetic
                                                 to ‘market-ready’ in Central America.
                                                                                            resources. GENESYS1.0 was released
                                                 This session will examine how group
                                                                                            in May 2011 following nearly three
                                                 organization and savings empower
                                                                                            years of development by Bioversity
                                                 participants, the benefits of savings on
                                                                                            International in partnership with the
                                                 families’ financial resilience and the
                                                                                            International Treaty on Plant Genetic
                                                 importance of fund-raising to increase
                                                                                            Resources for Food and Agriculture
                                                 members’ confidence as well as to
                                                                                            and the Global Crop Diversity Trust. It
                                                 raise money.
                                                                                            brings together the passport date from
                                                  Ruth Junkin                               three of the major genebank
                                                  CRS                                       information networks – SINGER,
                                                                                            EURISCO and GRIN – and adds
                                                                                            further value through the inclusion of
                                                                                            characterization and evaluation data.
                                                                                            In addition, it provides climatic
                                                                                            information for the sites where
                                                                                            accessions were collected.
                                                                                            Participants will learn about this

   Livestock               Markets and        Mobile                  Water                Young People
                           Private Sector     Technology and
                                              Social Media

invaluable resource and acquaint            14.00 - 15.30                               16.00 - 17.00
themselves on how to build custom           Oval Room                                   C100
queries across all these data types to      How can we make agricultural                Valuechains 2.0: Leveraging
identify the material they require for      innovation systems (AIS) work for           information and knowledge to
their research programs.                    smallholders? (55)                          design sustainable value chains
                                            In this interactive chat show, panellists   projects (68)
 Adriana Alercia, Jessica Raneri, Ana       will sharpen participants’                  This session introduces the Learning
 Laura Cerutti                              understanding of some recent                Alliance in Central America, a multi-
 Bioversity International                   initiatives that are helping shape the      institutional action-research for
                                            agricultural innovation systems agenda      development initiative and how it is
14:00-15:30                                 and their contribution to the               implementing a KM activity to leverage
C400                                        development landscape – and rural           knowledge in value chains as part of
BIRDP project Sudan (113)                   smallholders, in particular. Resource       its agenda for promoting a new
This session will cover how sorghum         persons will draw on recent G20             generation of value chains initiatives
yields increased using an improved          outcomes; progress on the GCARD             focusing on inclusion and sustainability
terrace system, which encouraged            process; the latest in knowledge            - better known as value chains2.0. The
new producers to adopt sorghum              products on Agriculture Innovation          presenters will share methodology
production in Sudan following farmer        Systems (AIS); reforms on the global        developed to design five pilots
field days. It will show how cultivation    agricultural research system; and           embedding KM activities in the coffee
of small areas can promote optimal          efforts to build synergies between          and beans value chain in Nicaragua,
use of natural resources, helping poor      development partners’ investments in        and vegetables, honey and cacao
families with small goat herds to           agricultural research. It is expected       value chains in Honduras.
achieve food self-sufficiency.              that the Q&A session with the                Maria Verónica Gottret
 Rashid Abdel Aziz Musaad                   audience will tease out emerging             CATIE
 BIRDP                                      opportunities for investment in the
                                            types of AIS that are increasingly
                                            development-led. The new knowledge
14.00 - 15.30                                                                           C400
                                            and improved technologies that
Qatar Information Centre                                                                Net-Map: Understanding the formal
                                            smallholders demand, must take into
Experiences and lessons of rural                                                        and informal sphere of influence
                                            account their multi-functional realities    (177)
transformation: Why institutions
matter (39)                                 and the rich diversity of their             Everyone is part of a social network.
In this session the presenters will share   farming/livelihood systems.                 Net-Map helps identify all the actors
innovations and good practices in           Successful AIS involves intended users      involved in a project, harnessing the
building economically sustainable and       – e.g., smallholder-stakeholders –          complexity of their social network
socially inclusive rural institutions and   starting from research design through       (instead of being overwhelmed by it).
farmer organizations for rural poverty      to technology validation, adoption and      This session will present how the Net-
reduction and food security in Africa,      diffusion.                                  Map methodology maps informal and
Asia and Latin America. FAO, ICRAF           Llloyd le Page, , Jean-Francoise           formal links among stakeholders to
as well as IFAD colleagues will share        Giovanetti, Eiga Pahu, Rodney              understand the influence of each actor
their experiences in promoting               Cooke, CGIAR, IFAD, World Bank             in achieving goals. Participants will learn
collective action and supporting                                                        about how Net-Map can be used for
people-driven institutions as an            16.00 - 17.00                               various purposes, including in contexts
effective means to empower poor rural       B100                                        where culturally diverse stakeholders
people and achieve environmentally                                                      hold different views. They will also have
                                            Innovative services to build
sustainable enterprise development.         communities of practice (24)                a chance to experiment with it.
The session will also discuss how to        D4Science-II is an innovative approach       Paolo Brunello
develop a model for grass root              to building communities of practice          Net Map
institutional building and the              with scientists, policy makers,
institutional arrangements required to      biologists and to supporting
strengthen the capacities of small          partnerships using a grid / cloud
farmers to improve their livelihoods,       computer infrastructure. This initiative
manage natural resources sustainably        was in response to delivering and
and undertake enterprise                    providing access to reliable, up-to-
development.                                date information. Participants will hear
 Tom Anyonge and Monica Romano              how the various stakeholders are now
 (IFAD); Nora OurabahHaddad (FAO)           accessing, sharing, and discuss the
 and Denis Herbe                            information used in decision-making
 IFAD, FAO                                  processes.
                                             Anton Ellenbroek, FAO

     27                                             Climate Change
                                                    And Green
                                                                           Food Security        Gender                  Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                        Networks and Cops

                                                                                             14.00 - 15.30
     LIVESTOCK                                   MARKETS AND
                                                 PRIVATE SECTOR
                                                                                             Sweet power of cooperative paving
                                                                                             the way for a flourishing organic
     11:30-13:00                                 11:30-13:00                                 sugar export business (56)
     Oval room                                   Chill-out minus – 1                         This session will highlight how
     Livestock research for                      Investments in rural SMEs - case            cooperatives have managed to take
     development: Shifting the Paradigm          study from Armenia (167)                    processing of sugar in their hands,
     (181)                                       Obtaining financing for small and           managed to get their products certified
     Livestock research has undergone a          medium-size enterprises is often            and as a result have become the first
     transformation in recent years. As the      difficult, especially in rural areas. The   cooperative in Paraguay to export their
     environment becomes more complex,           Fund for Rural Economic Development         own organic sugar. The presenters will
     tackling future challenges will require     in Armenia invests in these enterprises     show how cooperatives can be a
     similar innovation in livestock             through innovative financing                vehicle to empower smallholder
     development. This session will present      instruments, capital and management         producers to lead the way to more
     the strengths and weaknesses of             assistance. Providing both financing        sustainable agriculture, on a larger
     recent livestock research, viewed from      and assistance, the Fund helps              scale.
     the perspective of emerging                 develop these enterprises in the
     challenges. Participants will contribute    country’s agribusiness sector.               Louise Luttikholt
     to a global conversation to help frame      Participants in this session will discuss    Fairtrade (FLO)
     the CGIAR’s livestock research              the unique needs and possibilities for
     directions.                                 this comprehensive approach in the          14:00-15:30

      Peter Ballantyne                           agricultural sector.                        Qatar Information Centre
      CGIAR, ILRI                                 Tigran Khanikyan                           Direct engagement with the private
                                                  FREDA, IFAD                                sector to fight rural poverty:
     16.00 - 17.00                                                                           Knowledge sharing on a
     C200                                        14:00-15:30                                 much-debated issue (43)
     Rural family poultry: A fertile group                                                   Most of the member countries of IFAD
     for using new technologies and                                                          and FAO have embraced policies
                                                 Direct engagement with the private
     applying innovative approaches (8)          sector to fight rural poverty:              calling for engaging the private sector
     Rural family poultry makes a                Knowledge sharing on a                      in agricultural development. IFAD and
     substantial contribution to food            much-debated issue (43)                     FAO have undertaken strategy and
     security, poverty alleviation and gender    Most of the member countries of IFAD        evaluation reviews to help clarify
     empowerment in many countries               and FAO have embraced policies              effective and acceptable ways to
     around the world. During this session       calling for engaging the private sector     support and partner with the private
     the presenters will share how by            in agricultural development. IFAD and       sector in country level programmes.
     adopting low costs innovative               FAO have undertaken strategy and            During this session, participants will
     technologies in the poultry sector, it is   evaluation reviews to help clarify          learn more about emerging lessons on
     possible to enable poor rural people to     effective and acceptable ways to            ways of partnering with the private
     raise their incomes and strengthen          support and partner with the private        sector and to create an opportunity for
     their resilience.Why it is crucial to       sector in country level programmes.         exchanging views on priorities and
     support field adaptation and adoption       During this session, participants will      criteria for working with and
     of selected innovations and good            learn more about emerging lessons on        channelling resources for private
     practices which can easily be scaled        ways of partnering with the private         sector operations.
     up. Participants will learn about           sector and to exchange views on              Cecile Berthaud
     examples of low-tech mini-hatcheries        priorities and criteria for working with     IFAD
     functioning without electricity, how to     and channelling resources for private
     protecting baskets for chicks,              sector operations. The discussion will      16.00 - 17.00
     improved alternative feeding                cover issues such as: which private         B500
     techniques and vaccination against          sector (small, large, formal, informal),    Linking smallholder producers: An
     Newcastle disease.                          what types of support (direct or            experience from community-based
                                                 institutional, and content: financing,      forest enterprise development
      Antonio Rota, Olaf Thieme
                                                 inputs, training), which partners and       programme (13)
      IFAD, FAO
                                                 the role of governments.                    This session will showcase
                                                                                             experiences and lessons of supporting
                                                  Doyle Baker, Gavin Wall and Ashwani
                                                                                             initiatives dedicated to stimulating and
                                                                                             facilitating improved linkages within
                                                  FAO, IFAD
                                                                                             countries between small and medium
                                                                                             forest enterprises, markets, service
                                                                                             providers and policy processes.

   Livestock              Markets and           Mobile                 Water               Young People
                          Private Sector        Technology and
                                                Social Media

The presenters will discuss how              MOBILE TECHNOLOGY                           16.00 - 17.00
through the development and sharing          AND SOCIAL MEDIA                            B400
of a participatory training methodology,                                                 The EndingHunger movement (29)
called Market Analysis and                                                               The creative director of an award-
                                             11:30 -13:00
Development, they managed to help                                                        winning public outreach campaign
poor rural people to develop forest-                                                     shares his experience in successfully
based income-generating enterprises          Utilisation de Google Earth pour le
                                                                                         fostering creativity in a multicultural
                                             suivi de la riziculture (221)
while conserving natural resources.                                                      team. Since its launch, the
                                             The combination of Google Earth Pro,
Participants will learn about the market                                                 EndingHunger movement has
                                             GIS technology and agricultural
analysis and development approach,                                                       challenged the conventional
                                             databases turns out to be a powerful
and some of the particularly innovative                                                  boundaries of a conservative
                                             visual tool for monitoring agricultural
market development mechanisms                                                            knowledge-based organization. In
                                             practices and other uses. This
such as ‘Twinning’ approach in which                                                     spite of the obstacles, EndingHunger
                                             presentation will focus on how to
forest producer associations from                                                        has managed to send out clear and
                                             create a simple but useful decision-
different countries (North-South or                                                      energetic messages and attract a
                                             making and monitoring tool by
South-South) learn about and from                                                        following that continues to grow. What
                                             combining these three elements.
one another in a peer-to-peer                                                            are the keys to its success? "Don't
                                             Participants in this session will see
exchange of knowledge and                                                                micromanage the team!" "Don't plan
                                             how they can obtain precise
experience.                                                                              everything but leave room for
                                             information on cultivated surface area,
 Sophie Grouwels, Laura Schweitzer                                                       spontaneous developments!" and
                                             for example, or use the tool in
 Meins, Kata Wagner                                                                      "Keep the messages simple!" are
                                             participatory evaluations.
 FAO                                                                                     some of the many rule-breaking rules
                                              Christian José Ravelonandro                to be revealed.
16:00-17:00                                                                               Scott Grove, Sharon Lee Cowan,
Dining room                                                                               FAO
                                             14.00 - 15.00
Innovative partnerships and multi-
stakeholders approaches promoted
                                             Mobile Agribusiness - delivering            14.00 - 15.30
in the RAS context (229)
This session will present the first          information to farmers in Congo             Chill-out minus -1
                                             (133)                                       Community radio an extension to
results of a capitalization of
                                                                                         telecentre. What is the next frontier?
experiences on rural advisory services.
It has been found that services need to      In the Democratic Republic of the
                                                                                         The session will demonstrate how
be diverse in types of services,             Congo, farmers can access real-time
                                                                                         information and communication
approaches and providers. Platforms          market information through mobile
                                                                                         technologies foster socio-economic
and partnerships are a mean to create        phones, laptops and tablet computers.
                                                                                         development for indigenous peoples.
trust among the stakeholders allowing        This session will show how mobile
                                                                                         Participants will see how the Internet,
the engagement of the private sector         agribusiness raises productivity and
                                                                                         mobile phones and community radio
at an operational level. Participants will   farmers’ incomes, improving food
                                                                                         stations can address the particular
also hear about plans for a public-          security and nutrition. Participants will
                                                                                         problems indigenous peoples face and
private partnership (still in discussion)    learn about the uses of new
                                                                                         the factors that prevent their wider
to promote Internet technology and           technologies for improving productivity
facilitate peer-to-peer learning among       and income.
farmers, with an emphasis on                                                              Dr. Roger W. Harris
                                              Narcisse Mbuzama Lokwa
sustainable agriculture.                                                                  eBario Sdn Bhd, IFAD
                                              Infogroup Internationa
 Crettaz Marylaure
                                                                                         iCow Farmer mobile management
                                                                                         platform (241)
                                                                                         This session will look at an innovative
                                                                                         mobile phone argri-platform and guide
                                                                                         you on how to deliver a good product
                                                                                         at the right price. The iCow Farmer
                                                                                         mobile phone management platform
                                                                                         delivers agriculture information to
                                                                                         farmers ,collects data and links
                                                                                         farmers with agricultural extension
                                                                                         service providers.
                                                                                          Su Kahumbu Stephanou

     27                                          Climate Change
                                                 And Green
                                                                        Food Security       Gender                  Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                    Networks and Cops

     16.00 - 17.00                                                                       16.00 - 17.00
     Tent: Stand
                                               WATER                                     C300
     How GIS systems help farmers                                                        The Water channel TV - all about
     engage in environmentally                                                           water and its use and more (121)
     sustainable agriculture (51)              11.30 - 13.00
                                                                                         This interactive session will focus on
     Learn how aerial images have been         B400
                                                                                         using today’s tools to resolve
     put to use to support agriculture,        Scaling up innovations in water           tomorrow’s water issues. Using live
     forestry, natural resource-management     dialogues (46)
                                                                                         streaming and live connection with
     and environment. See how this             The prominence of water is not yet
                                                                                         experts from outside the meeting, the
     solution can be used to better manage     matched by commensurate delivery
                                                                                         WaterChannel session will inform
     land.                                     instruments. This presentation will
                                                                                         participants about simple and user-
                                               show how IFAD scaling-up its water
      Walter H. Mayer                                                                    friendly technologies and new insights
                                               related to reach between 50,000 and
      PROGIS                                                                             on water use and land management. It
                                               500,000. This session seeks feedback
                                                                                         aims to inspire participants with new
                                               and testimonies on whether proven
                                                                                         ideas to apply to your own work.
     16.00 - 17.00                             innovations are best scaled-up as
     Dining room 2                             individual solutions, or within a          Lenneke Knoop
     Text to Change: Providing Bolivian        package of business-lines based on         MetaMeta Communications /
     farmers commodity prices (54)             different farming economies and how        TheWaterChannel - partnership with
     This session showcases how                can innovations best penetrate the         IFAD
     innovations travel across continents.     dialogue processes that lead to
     Explore how Bolivian farmers inspired     investment decisions?                     16.00 - 17.00
     by health SMS information systems in      Andy Bullock                              Qatar Information Centre
     Africa are using this technology to get                                             Water, food and poverty: beyond
     agriculture and market-related                                                      the limits (46b)
                                               13.00 - 14.00
     information. Learn about the social,                                                Conventional wisdom points to a global
                                               Tent: Stand
     bureaucratic and technical challenges                                               water and food crisis as increasing
                                               Better safe than sorry- how do you
     and how these were addressed. Local                                                 demand results in increasing poverty,
                                               wash salad greens at home? (2)
     languages are always a challenge as                                                 food insecurity and conflict. The findings
                                               What’s the best way to wash salad
     well.                                                                               from the CGIAR Challenge Program for
                                               greens to eliminate dangerous
      Josette de Vroeg                         pathogens? You might be surprised to      Water and Food present a different and
      Text to change                           learn you’re not doing the job right.     far more nuanced picture. This session
                                               Participants passing this stand will be   will discuss the politics of equitable and
                                               asked how they wash lettuce at home.      sustainable development of resources,
                                               Ghanaian street food kitchen staff will   especially for the rural poor. Many of the
     Oval room
                                               then describe the various ways people     world’s river basins have tremendous
     Empowerment through
                                               wash their salad greens in West Africa    potential to sustain human needs over
     engagement: Connecting farmers
     globally using social media               and demonstrate the proper method.        the next 40 years. How people manage
     Do not miss the interview with Michele    Sandwiches with properly washed           river systems collectively, for multiple
     Payn-Knopfer who will share her           lettuce will be served, and a video on    uses, while enhancing food security
     experience and practical advice on        kitchen safety options will be shown.     and protecting vital ecosystem functions
     how to empower farmers using social                                                 at local scale will make the difference
                                                Dr. Philip Amoah                         between catastrophe and survival.
                                                CGIAR, IWMI
      Michele Payn-Knopfer                                                                Alain Vidal, CPWF
      Cuase Matter Corp.

   Livestock               Markets and         Mobile                 Water            Young People
                           Private Sector      Technology and
                                               Social Media

                                            16.00 - 17.00
YOUNG PEOPLE                                B200
                                            Giving a voice to young
                                            professionals through online
11.30 - 13.00                               agricultural events! (30)
Qatar Information Centre                    YPARD is an on-ground and on-line
Partnership with young farmers to           movement of Young Professionals for
promote collective action and               Agricultural Research for Development.
entrepreneurship development (38)
                                            Leverage the power and potential of
This session will offer an opportunity to
                                            young people and engage them in
learn about the experiences and
                                            development by embracing their
challenges of supporting young
                                            interests and communicating through
farmers and rural people and ensuring
                                            their preferred channels, such as blogs
they are represented in grassroot and
                                            and pictures and video contests. Learn
civil society organizations, have access
                                            how to increase community interaction,
to appropriate entrepreneurial and
                                            getting young professionals interested
leadership skills so that they setup and
                                            in agricultural research for development
operate viable agribusiness
                                            discourse and support young people's
enterprises. Participants will hear the
                                            organizations and cause.
first hand story of a young farmer and
entrepreneur trained by the Songhai          Marina Cherbonnier, YPARD
centre in Benin and the President of
the International Movement for              15:30-16:30
Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth       Tent - Chill-out corner
(MIJARC). They will share their             Chill-out with Rob Burnet
aspirations, needs, challenges and
achievements of young farmers and
rural people in undertaking agricultural
activities and enterprise development
as well as joining organizations to
represent their interests and views.
 Philippe Remy, Zoumana Bamba and
 Monica Romano (IFAD); Nora
 OurabahHaddad, Charlotte Goemans
 (FAO); George Fernandez and
 Clemence Roger (International
 Movement of Catholic Agricultural
 and Rural Youth – MIJARC)

                   9:30             10:00               10:30        11:00             11:30                12:00              12:30                 13:00     13:30

  Italian Conf      Keynote by Mark Davies: Demysti-
                    fying public-private-partnership:
                    An experience from the field

  C100 (flex)                                                         Climate-smart agriculture – yes, we can! (21)

     B100                                                                                                    Improving seed security strategies
                                                                                                             and policies (176)

     C200                                                             Creating conducive environment         Challenges and opportunities of
                                                                      for smallholder producers to ac-       engaging in a private-public part-
                                                                      cess markets (34)                      nership: The oil palm experience
     B200                                                             The South Sudan Livelihoods De-        Radio Lake Victoria assist Kenyan
                                                                      velopment Project (230))               farmers with nitty-gritty of food se-
                                                                                                             curity (107)

     C300                                                             Pre-breeding for effective use of      Smart pixels for smart phones in
                                                                      plant genetic resources: an e-         Africa – Water management for
                                                                      learning course (11))                  smallholder farmers (36))

     B300                                                             Spate irrigation is good for people    KariaNet II - Thematic Knowledge
                                                                      for livestock and for the environ-     Network (157))

     C400                                                             Sensemaking: The cognitive map         Cash-on-the-Bag (221)
                                                                      of farms - experiences of sharing
                                                                      agricultural knowledge in Southern
                                                                      Africa (171)
     B400                                                             Power of partnership for an im-        What can I do about climate
                                                                      proved poultry sector: An experi-      change - a partnership between
                                                                      ence from Bangladesh (92)              schools in Italy and Africa (101)

  C500 (flex)                                                         Making Knowledge Work for the Poor: Innovation
                                                                      platforms as spaces for change and transformation in
                                                                      rural communities (149)

     B500                                                             Transforming water hyacinth into       New trends and thinking on cop-
                                                                      paper: An example from Uganda          ing with market access challenges
                                                                      (186)                                  and developing markets for small
                                                                                                             farmers (188)
                                                            Coffee                                                                                           Lunch
  Qatar (chat)                                                                                               Purchase for Progress (P4P) (205))

      Oval                                                            21st century rural development projects and pro-
                                                                      grammes: with or without mobile technology? (63)

Dining 1 (World)                                                                                             Farmer field school approach – In-
                                                                                                             tegrated pest management: The
                                                                                                             St. Lucia experience (15)

Dining 2 (Fish)                                                       Public-private partnership: Some
                                                                      lessons learnt (3)

 Tent: Stand 1

 Tent: Stand 2

 Tent: Stand 3

 Tent: Stand 4

Tent: Speaker's

   Tent: Chill

   Corner -1

14:00             14:30              15:00               15:30             16:00               16:30                  17:00        17:30

 Promotion of gender sensitive practices for inventory                      Pakistan emergency food security
 credit (61)                                                                assessment (200)
 Ethiopian livestock market information system: Using
 ICT to deliver information to rural communities (1)

 Providing food assistance using                                            Right food at the right time - Feed                             Climate Change
 modern technology (199)                                                    people better, feed people smarter                              And Green

 Improving the production capacity of Tiko farmers                          The story of the ’Frike’ wheat
 through training and livelihood development and mar-                       product and how it helps increase
 ket linkages (192)                                                         income for smallholder farmers
 Irrigation management games-learning by doing                              FARM 98.0 FM: Your vocal gate-                                  Food Security
 (46c))                                                                     way to agricultural information (53)

 Using astronomy and animals voices to predict rain-                        Communication for development a
 fall: A Maasai practice (214b)                                             catalyst for better managing natu-
                                                                            ral resources (19)

 Food aid information system: Your gateway to food                          Land matrix knowledge system: a                                 Gender
 delivery system (204)                                                      sneak preview of what the world’s
                                                                            largest database on large-scale
                                                                            land-based investments tells us (50)
 CAFS as a new centre (Centre for Agroecology and                           The role of social media in devel-
 food security): Sustainability standards (228)                             opment (206)

 What if you could help to resolve the world’s food                         North Western Integrated Commu-                                 Knowledge Sharing,
 problems? (243)                                                            nity Development Programme                                      Networks and Cops

 Cow solidarity chain – The story of a successful                           A dairy goat value chain approach
 farmer (208))                                                              in Kenya (224)

                                                              Coffee                                                          Open Space
 Putting knowledge management and learning into                             Sustainable beekeeping services                                 Livestock
 practice in large development programmes (218)                             to improve agricultural production
                                                                            in Uganda (140)

 Making agricultural knowledge travel: making the out-                      Innovative waste management so-
 puts of innovation truly accessible (62)                                   lutions for keeping our planet

 Private-public partnership: the new development                            Societies of rural transformation for                           Markets and
 panacea?                                                                   scaling up innovations (187)                                    Private Sector

                                                                            Private sector partnerships: the                                Mobile
                                                                            case of the jab planter (9)                                     Technology and
                                                                                                                                            Social Media


                                                                            Is it really that easy to find sustain-                         Young People
                                                                            able technical solutions for ad-
                                                                            dressing W4F needs? (242)

 5 years sharing coffee and knowledge: the Bluebar        Chill-out with Mark Davies
 experience (26))

 M-Kulima linking mobile technology to farmers to
 share their experiences (108)

     28                                           Climate Change
                                                  And Green
                                                                         Food Security        Gender                  Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                      Networks and Cops

     9:30-10:30                                 11:00-12:00                                16:00-17:00
     Italian Conference Room                    B500                                       Oval room
     Mark Davies – Keynote address:             Transforming water hyacinth                Innovative waste management
     Demystifying public-private-               into paper: An example from                solutions for keeping our
     partnership: An experience from            Uganda (186)                               planet green
     the field                                  Learn how innovative Ugandans have         This Chatshow will feature innovative
                                                created new employment                     examples of waste management. You
     CLIMATE CHANGE AND                         opportunities by transforming water        will hear how in Armenia PET bottles
     GREEN INNOVATIONS                          hyacinth into paper, thus avoid cutting    and plastic bags are being recycled
                                                trees and helping the lake's ecosystem     into cotton bags, how in Pakistan
                                                to regenerate and protect aquatic life.    marble dust is transformed into
                                                                                           fertilizer and how in Uganda water
     C100                                        Robert Atuhaire
                                                                                           hyacinth is being converted to paper.
     Climate-smart agriculture –                                                            Robert Atuhaire, Armine Tukhikyan
     yes, we can! (21)                                                                      and Yasir Iqbal
     Climate-smart agriculture is               B400
     “agriculture that sustainably increases    What can I do about climate change -
     productivity, resilience (adaptation),     a partnership between schools in Italy     FOOD SECURITY
     reduces/removes greenhouse gases           and Africa (101)
     (mitigation), and enhances                 In this session, participants will learn
     achievement of national food security      about an innovative partnership            12:00-13:00
     and development goals”. But what           between Italian and African schools        B100
     does this mean in practice? During this    leading to sharing knowledge on            Improving seed security strategies
     session you can share your ideas and       climate change and raising awareness       and policies (176)
     learn how practitioners envisage           about the challenges facing our planet.    Seed security is essential to increase
     climate-smart agriculture and discuss      Participants will how 20 schools in        agricultural production and meet global
     what are crucial strategies in terms of    Burkina Faso and Mauritania are            food requirements. This session will
     institutional and policy options and       benefitting from electricity via           focus on seed insecurity in Lesotho,
     financing and investment?                  photovoltaic systems.                      Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Participants
      Christina Seeberg-Elverfeldt and           Giovanni De Paoli                         will learn about a project that is working
      Catherin Zanev                             ENEA, Italy                               to improve markets to increase farmers’
      FAO, WFP                                                                             access to quality seeds. Participants
                                                14.00 - 15.30                              will share experiences about how to
     11:00-12:00                                                                           engage with the private sector to
                                                                                           benefit smallholder farmers in
     C300                                       Using astronomy and animals                increasing production and incomes.
     Pre-breeding for effective use             voices to predict rainfall:
                                                                                            Alex Carr, Seeds and Markets
     of plant genetic resources:                A Maasai practice (214b)
                                                                                            project, SDC
     an e-learning course (11)                  There is growing recognition that
     You will be exposed to the six modules     indigenous peoples are affected by the
     and functionalities of the self-paced e-   economic, social and environmental
     learning course about pre-breeding.        impact of climate change and that their    C500
     This customizable course allows you        traditional knowledge may be critical      What if you could help to resolve
     to learn how to identify and use           for effective adaptation and mitigation    the world’s food problems? (243)
     desirable traits often harboured in        strategies. Learn how indigenous           Would you like to take part in forming a
     “non-traditional” breeding materials to    knowledge can help adapt to the            global community of practice? One
     create “intermediate” materials to         adverse impact of and how indigenous       that will bring together experts and
     develop elite crop varieties.              peoples active participation in the        individuals willing to share, collaborate
                                                emerging carbon emissions markets          and learn? If so, then come along to
      Chikelu Mba, FAO. Presented by
                                                as those contemplated under REDD           this interactive session where we will
      Elizabeth Goldberg and Ehsan Dullo,                                                  define the community’s knowledge
                                                and REDD+ is important.
      Bioversity International                                                             domain (Water for Food), discuss key
                                                 Mosses Ndiyaine
                                                 Indigenous heartland Organization,        issues around water and food security,
                                                 Tanzania                                  and understand how a community of
                                                                                           practice could improve exchange and

   Livestock              Markets and         Mobile                 Water               Young People
                          Private Sector      Technology and
                                              Social Media

practice of ideas, ultimately influencing   KNOWLEDGE SHARING,                         14.00 - 15.30
global policy. Bring your ideas and         NETWORKS AND COPS                          Tent: Chill-out Corner
energy and be ready to take part in a
                                                                                       5 years sharing coffee and
dynamic conversation!
                                                                                       knowledge: the Bluebar
 Kim dos Santos Martins and Audrey          12:00-13:00                                experience (26)
 Nepveu, IFAD                                                                          Institutional information doesn’t have
                                            Dining room 1
                                                                                       to be shared in an institutional way.
16:00-17:00                                 Farmer field school approach –
                                                                                       “Grassroots”, informal and organic
                                            Integrated pest management: The
B200                                                                                   networks of like-interested people can
                                            St. Lucia experience (15)
The story of the ’Frike’ wheat                                                         be a successful way to share and
                                            Explore how the Ministry of Agriculture,
product and how it helps increase                                                      exchange information/experiences.
                                            Land, Forestry and Fisheries of St
income for smallholder farmers (237)                                                   The Bluebar promotes face-to-face
                                            Lucia adopted and used Farmer Field
Recently completed research by                                                         communication which has had a ripple
                                            School (FFS) methodology an
ICARDA and its partners in the Middle                                                  effect and has become a catalyst for
                                            Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
East and Maghreb regions has shown                                                     major institutional change. At this
                                            programme to rationalize the use of
how Frike – a food product processed                                                   session, you'll hear why the Bluebar
                                            chemical inputs in agricultural
from durum wheat – has good                                                            experience has been so successful
                                            production. Learn how the benefits of
potential to increase the incomes of                                                   and how informal networks can foster
                                            this model led to improved technical
smallholder farmers in drylands agro-                                                  information flow.
                                            capacity of the extension and plant
ecosystems worldwide. This session          protection services and helped deliver      Tina Farmer
will provide practical information about    an enhanced service to farmers,             FAO
how to start or improve production of       resulting in safer and more effective
Frike, which is also a source of            pest and crop management.                  14:00-15:30
nutrition for many rural communities.                                                  C400
                                             Deanne V. Ramroop
 Kamil Shideed                               FAO                                       Food aid information system:
 ICARDA                                                                                Your gateway to food
                                            12:00-13:00                                delivery system (204)
                                            B300                                       One of the ways to assess hunger is to
                                                                                       monitor the global flow of food aid. In
                                            KariaNet II - Thematic
                                                                                       this hands-on session, participants will
                                            Knowledge Network (157)
                                                                                       learn how to extract food aid
14.00 - 15.30                               The Knowledge Access in Rural
                                                                                       information and create reports on the
C100                                        Interconnected Areas Network
                                                                                       quantity and nutritional value of food
                                            (KariaNet) MENARID are regional
Promotion of gender sensitive                                                          aid through the Food Aid Information
                                            networks servicing countries in the
practices for inventory credit (61)                                                    System and the International Food Aid
                                            Middle East, Europe, and North Africa
This session will highlight the good                                                   Information System. Report samples
                                            (MENA) region. Using the two
practices that contribute to making                                                    will be available.
                                            networks’ experience, issues related
inventory credit equally accessible to                                                  Kartini Oppusunggu and
                                            the sustainability of regional thematic
all women and men, especially the                                                       Angela D’Ascenzi
                                            networks will be briefly presented to
most vulnerable. You will hear about                                                    WFP
                                            kick start a debate on assets,
two cases in Burkina Faso and Niger
                                            challenges and opportunities to
where inventory credit is practiced and
                                            sustain a network on knowledge
learn how farmer organizations,
                                            management and knowledge sharing.
decentralized financial institutions,
                                            A discussion with the audience will
advisory service providers, and others
                                            follow in order to capture and learn
participated to document this process.
                                            what makes a network functional,
You will also learn about how this
                                            viable and contributing to change
initiative has been using mobile
                                            process in rural development in a
phones and radio listener’s’ as an
                                            dynamic region like MENA.
innovative way of sharing knowledge
among community members.                     Hammou Laamrani
 Sophie Treinen

     28                                             Climate Change
                                                    And Green
                                                                             Food Security      Gender                 Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                       Networks and Cops

     14:00-15:30                                  16.00 – 17:00                               LIVESTOCK
     Qatar Information Centre                     B300
     Putting knowledge management                 Communication for development a
     and learning into practice in large          catalyst for better managing natural        11:00-12:00
     development programmes (218)                 resources (19)                              B400
     Though knowledge management and              Learn how the communication for             Power of partnership for an
     learning have been in the development        sustainable development initiative          improved poultry sector:
     rhetoric for more than a decade,             (CSDI) has used communication for           An experience from Bangladesh (92)
     putting them into practice has been          development approaches in Bolivia,          The session will showcase how
     challenging and slow. This session will      Bangladesh, Jamaica and DR Congo            women have benefited from the
     present experiences from an IFAD-            to help farmers articulate their            activities of Palli Karma Sahayk
     supported initiative to integrate            challenges and identify solutions in a      Foundation (PKSF), the wholesale
     knowledge management and learning            participatory way thus reducing the         micro-finance lending agency in
     into rural development programmes in         gap between researchers and farmers.        Bangladesh that provides credit fund
     eastern and southern Africa.                  Federica Matteoli, Marzia Pafumi,          to its partner NGO/MFIs for on-lending
     Participants will learn how the initiative    Vanessa Vertiz, Elisa Finocchiaro,         to women. The presenter will share the
     has tackled the challenge of making           FAO                                        experience of how government
     learning practical enough to be                                                          livestock line agency (DLS) trained
     embraced by project staff. Knowledge         16.00 - 17.00                               local NGOs, provided vaccines,
     products developed during the                                                            technical assistance to livestock
                                                  Qatar Information Centre
     process will be available.                                                               rearers about techniques such as
                                                  Sustainable beekeeping services
      Helen Gillman                                                                           artificial insemination and how
                                                  to improve agricultural production
      IFAD                                                                                    livestock producers thanks to these
                                                  in Uganda (140)
                                                                                              initiative have access to marketing
                                                  Crop yields are deteriorating in
     14.00 - 16.30                                                                            facilities such as commercial input
                                                  Uganda, making it clear that traditional
     Oval room                                                                                suppliers (DOC, feed, medicine) and as
                                                  farming methods are no longer
                                                                                              a result managed to expand their
     Making agricultural knowledge                sufficient. This interactive session will
     travel: making the outputs of                discuss the challenges and share
     innovation truly accessible (62)             experiences on new practices being           Md. Abu Sarwar
     The multi-partner Coherence in               introduced, aiming to develop                PKSF
     Information for Agricultural Research        approaches that can be used in
     for Development (CIARD) initiative is        diverse environments. The focus is a        11:00-12:30
     working to make agricultural research        bee-keeping project that has increased      C500
     information publicly accessible to all,      crop fertility and provided a new           Making knowledge work
     by helping national organisations            product for farmers to sell. The session    for the poor: Innovation platforms
     which already hold or create new             will feature an interactive discussion on   as spaces for change and
     knowledge facilitate access to it for        the challenges in trying to change          transformation in rural
     others. A major challenge faced by the       long-established practices. Also            communities (149)
     CIARD partners is how to advocate            discussed will be strategies,               This session will report on five
     and empower the management of                approaches and available external           initiatives in which researchers have
     hundreds of national research                resources that have proved successful       collaborated with local development
     organizations across the world to            in Kikandwa, Uganda and elsewhere.          partners, helping to empower local
     formulate and adopt enabling policies         Robert Kibaya                              participants and make research more
     and incentives that enable their              KIRUCODO                                   demand-responsive. The session will
     scientists to share the outputs of their                                                 provide an opportunity to interact with
     research, making them truly accessible                                                   leading innovation system
     to all relevant stakeholders so that they                                                practitioners, who will use as examples
     can be put into use. Help provide                                                        livestock and natural resource projects
     inputs to CIARD Communication                                                            from Ethiopia, India, Mozambique and
     Strategy to ensure that advocacy                                                         Zimbabwe. After short presentations,
     efforts are relevant to making                                                           the five speakers will split into small
     agriculture research results accessible.                                                 groups with participants, seeking
      Stephen Rudgard                                                                         feedback leading to improved
      FAO                                                                                     practices.
                                                                                               Peter Ballantyne

   Livestock              Markets and           Mobile                 Water                Young People
                          Private Sector        Technology and
                                                Social Media

12:00-13:00                                  11:00-12:00                                 12:00-13:00
B500                                         B200                                        C400
New trends and thinking                      The South Sudan Livelihoods                 Cash-on-the-Bag (221)
on coping with market access                 Development Project (230)                   The absence of structures for secure
challenges and developing markets            What strategies can be implemented          transactions is one of the most
for small farmers (188)                      to promote public-private sector            persistent reasons for failure of
This session is focused on improving         partnership in order to increase            agricultural supply chains in Africa.
access to markets for domestically           production and food security? This          This session, on the ‘Cash-on-the-
produced products, especially those          session will explore how projects           Bag’ initiative, will show one solution –
produced by smallholders. Participants       within the same climatic, regional/         a network of independent rural
will discuss how to add economic             geographical, social and ethnic             entrepreneurs who handle transactions
value to products to make them more          conditions can manage different             in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. These
marketable and improve product               stakeholders to overcome challenges         agents benefit the seller by making
differentiation.                             and allow for the accrual of sustainable    immediate cash payments for
 Gulla Jan                                   benefits to farmers and other               products purchased, and for the buyer
 Rural Microfinance and Livestock            community groups.                           by verifying the quantity and quality of
 Support Program, IFAD                                                                   the merchandise purchased. Early
                                              Dr. Jacob Mogga
                                                                                         reports show 10 to 15 per cent higher
                                             12:00-13:00                                 prices for farmers and commissions of
MARKETS AND                                                                              5 to 10 per cent for the agents.
PRIVATE SECTOR                                                                           Participants will discuss how to scale
                                             Challenges and opportunities of             up this promising initiative.
11.00 - 12.00                                engaging in a private-public
                                                                                          Dr Clive Lightfoot, Pride Africa
C200                                         partnership: The oil palm
                                             experience (69)                             12:00-13:00
Creating conducive environment
                                             This session will highlight amongst
for smallholder producers                                                                Qatar Information Centre
                                             other things characteristics of palm oil
to access markets (34)                                                                   Purchase for Progress (P4P) (205)
                                             refining and 1/3-2/3 split in plantation
Smallholder farmers can ensure food                                                      Purchase for Progress is a pilot
                                             investments by IFAD and the private
security and come out from poverty in                                                    initiative that links farmers with World
                                             sector agreed upon in 2000 and
a sustainable way when they have                                                         Food Programme to provide staple
                                             initiated in 2004, including the specific
access to market opportunities and                                                       foods in 21 countries at a fair price. By
                                             challenges of the differing time-frames
develop their agribusiness skills. At this                                               raising farmers’ incomes, P4P turns
                                             of smallholder farmers and the private
session, participants will familiarize                                                   WFP’s local procurement into a tool to
                                             sector. IFAD's Uganda Country
themselves with how a market-based                                                       address hunger. Participants in this
                                             Programme Manager will talk about
approach can successfully be                                                             session, taking place three years into a
                                             the partnership with and contribution
implemented when poor smallholder                                                        five-year pilot, will be briefed on
                                             of the private sector and the
farmers work together with better-off                                                    lessons learned and best practices.
                                             mechanisms IFAD has put in place for
farmers in collaborative groups and                                                      WFP predicts that at least half a million
                                             helping farmers to learn so that they
when these groups are linked with                                                        smallholder farmers will have increased
                                             can take full advantage of this
private traders and agriculture                                                          and improved their agricultural
                                             innovative project. Oil palm in Malaysia
processing companies. The presenters                                                     production and earnings through this
                                             and Indonesia has been a “bête-noire”
will share his experience in Viet Nam                                                    initiative by 2013.
                                             of the NGO community since the late
on how donor interventions can
                                             1990s, and oil palm in Uganda has            Tobias Bauer, WFP
promote market access for the poor
                                             been judged negatively by innuendo.
while building their institutions,
                                             The session will discuss how IFAD has
introducing reforms and creating an
                                             raised awareness about the economic
enabling environment for partnership
                                             livelihood opportunities for smallholder
with private sector, by providing
                                             oil palm farmers in Uganda and how
financial development services and
                                             both the private sector and IFAD have
improving existing infrastructure.
                                             addressed global environmental
 Tung Thanh Nguyen                           concerns about the industry.
                                              Marian Bradley

     28                                           Climate Change
                                                  And Green
                                                                          Food Security        Gender                  Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                       Networks and Cops

     14:00-15:30                               14:00-15:30                                  16.00 - 17.00
     B200                                      B400                                         Tent: Stand
     Improving the production capacity         CAFS as a new centre (Centre for             Private sector partnerships: the
     of Tiko farmers through training          Agroecology and food security):              case of the jab planter (9)
     and livelihood development and            Sustainability standards (228)               During this session, participants will be
     market linkages (192)                     Participants in this session will learn      able to see a hand-operated jab
     Innovative partnerships can help          about sustainability standards as            planter in action. The jab planter was
     improve the sustainability of             implemented by the Centre for                designed specifically to plant through a
     agricultural production in the Tiko       Agroecology and Food Security. The           crop or residue cover, an essential
     farming area of Cameroon.                 Centre works on standards such as            element of conservation agriculture.
     Participants in this session will learn   environmental and carbon footprinting        You will have an opportunity to explore
     about the use of farmers’ groups to       and group certification for small            possibilities for the development of
     improve the farmers’ production and       farmers. The session will also look at       private sector partnerships between
     marketing skills. Farmers in these        routes to market for sustainable             workshops and fabricators in Africa
     groups gain access to new                 products and communication between           with well-established manufacturers in
     technologies and innovative farming       producers and consumers.                     South American countries.
     practices. The presentation will          Participants will have a discussion           Josef Kienzle, M. Aktha Bhatti, J.
     emphasize opportunities for               about how to develop sustainability           Ashburner, Saidi Mkomwa
     innovative partnerships.                  standards further and gain better             FAO, ACT
      Tanda Godwin Ade                         market access for small-scale farmers
      EPDA                                     and community projects.                      16:00-17:00
                                                Dr Ulrich Schmutz                           Dining room
                                                                                            Societies of rural transformation for
     B500                                      14:00-15:30
                                                                                            scaling up innovations (187)
     Cow solidarity chain – The story          Dining room                                  Participants will have an opportunity to
     of a successful farmer (208)              Private-public partnership: the new          learn about a new financial service for
     Who doesn’t enjoy hearing about a         development panacea?                         venture capital investments
     hard-earned success? Participants in      A panel of real life farmers, buyers and     opportunities in small and medium size
     this session will learn the story of      other entrepreneurs will demystify           enterprises and how this has helped
     Rucibiraro Theresphore, 49, who           private-public partnerships (PPPs) in        transorm agricultural products and
     received a cow from an IFAD project in    smallholder agricultural development.        resulted in a new way to promote
     Rwanda in 2007. Saving his earnings       The panel and following open                 sustainable rural development .
     and opening a bank account, he was        discussion will respond to the question:      Jalem
     eventually able to purchase 2,500         When does a PPP work for smallholder          CIDRE
     chickens and another piece of land.       development and when does it not?
     Earlier this year he received the ‘best    Mark Davies, Luis Diaz, Louise              16:00-17:00
     farmer’ award at the National              McDonald, Tigran Khanikyan                  B500
     Agriculture Show. Over the past four
     years, each of six neighbours received                                                 A dairy goat value chain approach
     a cow from him through the project’s                                                   in Kenya (224)
                                               C200                                         Using a value chain approach, farmers
     revolving fund – perhaps one of them
     will be the next ‘best farmer’.           Right food at the right time -               producing goat’s milk are receiving a
                                               Feed people better, feed people              market price three times higher than
      Janvier Gasasira
                                               smarter (201b)                               for cow’s milk in the initiative
      Ministry of Agriculture and Animal
                                               This session will highlight efforts by the   presented at this session. Farmers in
      Resources, Rwanda
                                               World Food Programme to maximize             the Smallholder Dairy
                                               the nutritional impact of its food           Commercialization Programme
                                               assistance programmes, emphasizing           received skills training in areas ranging
                                               the critical 1,000 days from pregnancy       from leadership to fodder production
                                               through age 2. WFP is developing new         and record keeping. Value addition
                                               products, such as ready-to-use foods,        was handled through links with the
                                               and improving fortification of existing      private sector. Participants in this
                                               commodities. After learning about            session will learn how participants are
                                               WFP efforts to target its food               earning higher incomes and
                                               interventions to ensure beneficiaries        improving their nutrition.
                                               receive the right foods, participants will    Moses Kembe
                                               be invited to sample several nutritious       Smallholder Dairy Commercialization
                                               products that WFP distributes.                Programme (SDCP), IFAD
                                                Tanuja Rastogi, WFP

   Livestock              Markets and          Mobile                  Water               Young People
                          Private Sector       Technology and
                                               Social Media

MOBILE TECHNOLOGY                            12:00-13:00                                 C200
AND SOCIAL MEDIA                             B200                                        Providing food assistance using
                                             Radio Lake Victoria assist                  modern technology (199)
11.00 - 12.30                                Kenyan farmers with nitty-gritty            Growing hunger raises the stakes for
Oval room                                    of food security (107)                      efficient delivery of cash and food
                                             A community radio station is the best       assistance. This session will address
21st century rural development
                                             tool to teach proper farming                the use of modern technologies to
projects and programmes: with or
                                             techniques to rural farmers, and            deliver large-scale cash and voucher-
without mobile technology? (63)
                                             mobile phones provide the best              based food assistance. It will present
The guests of this Chat Show will
                                             platform for engaging personally with       findings from around the globe
make the case that appropriate ICT
                                             farmers. These were the findings of a       (Philippines, Syrian Arab Republic,
(mobile and other technology) should
                                             project in Nyanza province of Kenya,        Zambia, Occupied Palestinian Territory)
be an integral part of rural development
                                             the subject of this session. Participants   on technologies such as mobile
projects. They'll do a horizon scan of
                                             will learn how farmers in remote areas      banking and other digital or biometric
the variety of mobile technology tools
                                             can use mobile photos to receive            solutions to identify beneficiaries and
and experiences currently in use,
                                             farming information from agricultural       deliver and monitor services. The goal
exploring drivers of success and their
                                             experts in the studios of radio stations.   of the session is to build partnerships
known limitations. At this session, you
                                             The session will showcase productivity      with other agencies and people
will learn the value of mobile
                                             increases after farmers in Kenya            working in similar domains.
technology for agricultural development
and how this type of technology              implemented the experts’ advice to           Levan Tchatchua
fosters communication, helps improve         switch from maize to millet. It will         WFP
decision making and ultimately               demonstrate how people can call in
positively impacts the livelihoods of        and ask questions of the agricultural       14.00 - 15.30
smallholder producers. The discussants       extension officer.                          Chill-out minus -1
will share an inventory of currently          Joseph Ojwang Ogoch                        M-Kulima linking mobile
available tools, applications, processes      Radio Lake Victoria                        technology to farmers to share
and identify possibilities for replicating                                               their experiences (108)
and scaling up successful programmes.        14.00 - 15.30                               Mobile phones have taken Kenya by
 Michael Riggs                               B100                                        storm in both urban and rural areas.
 FAO                                         Ethiopian livestock market                  M-Kulima seeks to use mobile phones
                                             information system: Using ICT               to spread key messages on agriculture
11:00-12:00                                  to deliver information to                   in rural areas. This session will show
C400                                         rural communities (1)                       how the technology is being used to
                                             At this session, participants will          encourage farmers to share their
Sensemaking: The cognitive map of
                                             familiarize themselves with the LINKS       experiences, in particular regarding the
farms - experiences of sharing
                                             market information system which             need to diversify from maize to higher
agricultural knowledge in Southern
                                             automates collecting, analysis, storage     yielding and drought-resistant crops
Africa (171)
                                             and dissemination of livestock price        such as cassava, sweet potatoes and
How do farmers make sense of the
                                             and volume market information. The          sorghum. The session will use drama
knowledge provided by practitioners
                                             system provides complete price and          to bring to life SMS messages sent to
and policymakers? This important
                                             volume data based on animal type,           and received by farmers. It aims to
question will be addressed in this
                                             breed, age class, gender and grade at       generate empathy for farmers and
session, which will show how farmers
                                             low cost. It integrates market              understanding of some of their
and agricultural practitioners can nest
                                             information with livestock early warning    objections and their willingness to
their practices and knowledge in
                                             system to delivery timely information to    adopt to change.
‘sense-making’. This conceptual
framework can enable farmers and             rural communities in Ethiopia.               Damas Oduor Ogwe
practitioners to effectively share            Sintayehu Alemayehu                         Seeds of peace Africa international
knowledge on demand. The session              CGIAR centre                                (SOPA)
will show how local knowledge can be
embedded in sense-making to                  14:00-15:00
address the challenges of food
security, climate change and
 Charles Dhewa
 Knowledge Transfer Africa

     28                                           Climate Change
                                                  And Green
                                                                          Food Security       Gender                  Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                      Networks and Cops

     15:30-16:30                                16:00-17:00                                 16:00-17:00
     Tent – Chill-out Corner                    C300                                        C100
     Chill-out with Mark Davies                 FARM 98.0 FM: Your vocal gateway            Pakistan emergency food
                                                to agricultural information (53)            security assessment (200)
     16:00-17:00                                Agriculture is the main source of           At this session you will hear the story
     C400                                       livelihood of 80% of the 4.5 million        of Sahib, programme officer with the
     Land matrix knowledge system: a            people inhabiting the remote                Vulnerability Assessment Mapping
     sneak preview of what the world’s          communities and villages of Imo State       (VAM) unit, at WFP and how on the
     largest database on large-scale            a rural state in south-eastern Nigeria.     morning of 28 July he spied the rapidly
     land-based investments tell us (50)        However, agricultural extension             swelling Kabul River, and quickly
     At the session, participants will have     services which should support farming       realized the torrential rains were not
     an opportunity to get a sneak preview      have collapsed, due to the                  the usual monsoon. Working with
     of ground breaking information set on      unavailability of input materials needed    partner NGOs in the area who
     verified large-scale land-related          to support this service. The outcome is     provided field monitors, he was able to
     investments. This wealth of information    that smallholder farmers lack access to     launch an emergency assessment that
     has been gathered by the International     reliable market information, advanced       same afternoon. You will hear how the
     Land Coalition, CIRAD/University of        farming techniques for steady supplies      VAM team worked around the clock to
     Pretoria, Oxfam, CDE/ University of        of the market and uses out-dated            keep pace with the swiftly expanding
     Bern, GIZ, and GIGA/University of          techniques which turns out small            floods, mobilizing more than 1000
     Hamburg. The application will be           volume of products. However, the            enumerators from 88 NGO partners. In
     made available in the coming months        farmers now have a precious resource:       the end, they covered more than
     and will provide the most                  FARM 98.0 FM which designs and              11,000 villages in north and central
     comprehensive picture to date of the       broadcasts daily agricultural,              Pakistan. Along the way, the teams not
     extent of this phenomenon and its key      environmental management and                only collected data, but were able to
     features. This is the first step towards   market information in the local Igbo        alert the Pakistani army and
     building an online public platform for     Language to 250,000 small farmer            government so they could rescue
     documenting land investments globally      listeners living in 3 remote and isolated   people trapped by the floodwaters.
     and in particular focus countries. The     local government areas of Imo State,         George MuAmmar, Wael Attia
     aim of the initiative is to enhance        Nigeria. FARM 98.0 broadcasts for 10         WFP
     transparency, foster equitable             hours a day, sharing contemporary
     negotiation, and equip citizens and        agricultural and environmental              16:00-17:00
     policy makers to make informed             management techniques, daily market
     decisions.                                 information, advertises farm products
                                                and imparts critical business skills.       The role of social media in
      Michael Taylor and Gine Zwart                                                         development (206)
                                                Smallholder farmers use the daily
      ILC, Oxfam                                                                            As more and more people get mobile
                                                broadcast programme to decide what
                                                to produce, when to produce, how to         phones, social media is growing as a
                                                produce and for whom to produce as          tool of development. At this session
                                                such boosting their yields and income.      participants will learn about a ‘share
                                                                                            fair’ in Swaziland that linked farmers
                                                 Nnaemeka C. Ikegwuonu
                                                                                            with service providers and markets.
                                                 The Smallholders Foundation
                                                                                             Musa Masilela

   Livestock              Markets and         Mobile                  Water              Young People
                          Private Sector      Technology and
                                              Social Media

WATER                                       14.00 - 15.30                              16:00-17:00
                                            C300                                       Speakers’ corner
                                            Irrigation management games-               Is it really that easy to find
12:00-13:00                                 learning by doing (46c)                    sustainable technical solutions for
C300                                        Competition for water among different      addressing W4F needs? (242)
Smart pixels for smart phones in            users is increasing in many regions of     Are you fully aware of the range of
Africa – Water management for               the world, particularly in semi-arid and   technical solutions to water for food
smallholder farmers (36)                    arid environments. Decisions made by       (W4F) and poverty alleviation
Participants in this session will learn     one sector of users have major effects     strategies? Do you really understand
about the eLEAF global database of          on other sectors, but these impacts        the technical work to avoid cost
vegetation, water and climate using its     are often poorly understood. Many          overruns/ technical problems? At this
innovative Pixel Intelligence Mapping       users do not understand the                ‘Speaker’s Corner’ you’ll find how
technology. This geo-information tool       integrated water resources planning        much technical information is available
is integrated with agricultural services    and management process.                    to meet your needs, including Learning
and mobile technology to enable             Participants in this session will ‘role    Notes to assist in a range of water
smallholder farmers to produce more         play’ to learn about the interactions      issues (domestic water; livestock
crop per drop, reduce production risk       and impacts of various strategies          water; irrigation; water harvesting) and
and improve livelihoods. Participants       employed by river basin water              Knowledge Brokerage Products (more
will learn about the potential of           authorities. They will also learn about    comprehensive thematic papers). You
integrating geo-information, agricultural   developing plausible strategies for        can also discuss your issues with
services and mobile technology and          integrated planning and management         experienced field professionals. Like
will see how the application is being       of water resources.                        the famous Speaker's Corner in
used in smallholder farming in Africa.       Ilyas Masih                               London, this share fair experience
                                             UNESCO-IHE Institute For Water            will be unique, but perhaps
 Patrick Sheridan, Wim Bastiaanssen
                                             Education                                 not so eccentric.
 and Ivo Miltenburg
 IFAD                                                                                   Ian Anderson
                                            16.00 - 17.00                               IFAD
11:00-12:00                                 C500
B300                                        North Western Integrated
Spate irrigation is good for people         Community Development
for livestock and for the                   Programme (155)
environment(46d)                            Following conflict in Somalia, agro-
Spate irrigation uses seasonal floods       pastoralists have returned to find
of rivers, streams, ponds and lakes to      degraded lands with poor water
fill water storage canals. This session     infrastructure. This session will
will demonstrate the importance of          showcase an initiative that has
spate irrigation to ensure the food         engaged this community in planning
security of the rural poor, and will show   and executing water and soil
what IFAD and the spate network are         conservation works. Better water
doing to turn floods from a source of       management practices have improved
damage to an asset for food security. It    the reliability and quality of crops
will include video clips from Yemen, a      despite erratic rainfall, improving food
slide show and a question-and-answer        self-sufficiency. The participants will
session.                                    discuss technical aspects, community
                                            participation and social and
 Abraham Mehari Haile
                                            environmental outcomes as well as
 UNESCO-IHE Institute For Water
                                            financial cost-effectiveness of the
                                            Udaan sand water storage initiative.
                                             Noel Harris
                                             North Western Integrated Community

                   9:30               10:00                 10:30        11:00              11:30                 12:00             12:30                13:00     13:30

  Italian Conf      How good of an ally are social
                    media tools for 21st century devel-
                    opment workers?

  C100 (flex)       Ensuring food security through es-                    Smallholders access to water - toward a range of agricultural water so-
                    tablishing local seed enterprises                     lutions (6)

     B100           The Global Forum on Food Secu-                        Knowledge sharing for community          Revolutionary history of Livestock
                    rity and Nutrition (FSN Forum)                        empowerment through markets –            and Pasture Development Project
                    (17)?                                                 in the tribal areas of IFAD assisted     in Morocco (236)
                                                                          projects in India (245)
     C200           Microfinance to support Gum Ara-                      Integrated rainwater harvesting systems, every drop
                    bic Producers Associations GAPAs                      counts! (45)
                    (Seed fund) (156)?

     B200           How technology is helping to pave                     Using social media to mainstream         Freedom phone: Marriage be-
                    the way for the Malagasy land re-                     knowledge management and                 tween telecentres and mobile te-
                    form (46f)?                                           learning in early warning systems        lephony (102)
     C300           Innovative extension approaches:                      Milk collection in the livestock         Exploiting the potential of Man-
                    Can community-based organisa-                         value chain - Transferring experi-       goes throughout the value chain
                    tions do the job? (4)?                                ences from Bosnia Herzegovina to         (78))
                                                                          Syria (41))
     B300           Rainwater harvesting as a strategic                   Approaches for strengthening stakeholders abilities
                    approach to smallholder food se-                      to generate, adapt and share experiences (23))
                    curity (239)?

     C400           Development knowledge ecology                         Knowledge Management for Na-             Complementing the body of
                    and its implications for global agri-                 tional Personal (165)                    knowledge available on sustain-
                    cultural knowledge (173)?                                                                      able agro biodiversity manage-
                                                                                                                   ment (170)
     B400           The livestock revolving develop-                      “Crop-livestock-biogas” model            Practical answers to poverty – les-
                    ment fund (195)?                                      (163)                                    sons from a global knowledge
                                                                                                                   sharing network (227)

  C500 (flex)       Impact and potential of mobile                                                                 Social return on investment: devel-
                    technology as an extension tool in                                                             oping a value-based markets for
                    ToT (136)                                                                                      smallholder producers (94)

     B500                                                       Coffee
                    Promoting women’s participation                                                                Growing local farmers; de-rooting             Lunch
                    in rural development activities                                                                poverty (194))

  Qatar (chat)      Knowledge management: is one person’s lesson from practice another person’s theory? (219)

      Oval          Linking knowledge and policy:                         Use of technology to facilitate in-
                    how to avert the syndrome of "not                     formation flow and collaboration
                    seeing the forest for the trees" (64)                 (99)

Dining 1 (World)    How good of an ally are social media tools for 21st century development workers?

Dining 2 (Fish)

 Tent: Stand 1

 Tent: Stand 2

 Tent: Stand 3

 Tent: Stand 4

Tent: Speaker's

   Tent: Chill                                                            The impact of migration and popula-
                                                                          tion growth to feed future population
                                                                          – perspectives from the indigenous
                                                                          people of Tanzania (241a)
   Corner -1        How good of an ally are social
                    media tools for 21st century devel-
                    opment workers?

14:00              14:30               15:00              15:30        16:00

                                                                        opment workers?

                                                                        How good of an ally are social
                                                                        media tools for 21st century devel-
                                                                                                              17:00        17:30

 Inclusive business model approach: Build competitive
 business relationships between smallholder supplier
 groups and agribusinesses (7)                                                                                                     2011
 Mobile extension teams - An innovative approach for
 targeting nomadic communities (158)

 Wrap-up session Q & A - Water (46)                                                                                                 Climate Change
                                                                                                                                    And Green

 Use of SMS to counter sale of fake agro inputs in                                                                                  Food Security
 Uganda (138)

 Goats for women in Afghanistan and Pakistan (238)

 El encuentro, la participación, el diálogo y el inter-                                                                             Gender
 cambio genera impacto (210)

 AGRILINK-USAID A NEW WAY TO PROMOTE                                                                                                Knowledge Sharing,
 KNOWLEDGE SHARING FOR IMPACT ON FOOD                                                                                               Networks and Cops

                                                              Coffee                                                  Open Space

 The LearningWheel as a tool for systematizing knowledge (220)                                                                      Livestock

 Remittances and postal networks: expanding serv-
 ices using existing infrastructure (35)

 Building knowledge sharing out of friendship – the                                                                                 Markets and
 KM4Dev Experience (135)                                                                                                            Private Sector

                                                                                                                                    Technology and
                                                                                                                                    Social Media


                                                                                                                                    Young People

     29                                               Climate Change
                                                      And Green
                                                                              Food Security        Gender                  Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                           Networks and Cops

                                                   9.00 - 10.00
     CLIMATE CHANGE AND                                                                          GENDER
     GREEN INNOVATIONS                             B100

     09.00 - 10.00                                 The Global Forum on Food Security
                                                   and Nutrition (FSN Forum) (17)                9:00-10:00
     Oval Room
                                                   The team will present a powerful tool         B500
     Linking knowledge and policy: how             that allows stakeholders to influence         Promoting women’s participation in
     to avert the syndrome of “not                 food security policy, share their plans       rural development activities (44)
     seeing the forest for the trees” (64)         for the future, including the regional        This session will provide you concrete
     In this session participants will discuss     decentralization and discuss the              examples of how exchange of
     the role of knowledge management              various challenges and opportunities.         experiences between and among rural
     and knowledge sharing in developing            Mauricio Rosales, Max Blanck,                women from different parts of the
     national forest policy and how this has        Renata Mirulla                               world resulted in their economic
     led to good practices in developing            FAO                                          empowerment and helped them
     policy. The session will cover 10 years                                                     explore new frontiers and embark on
     of experience in more than 70                 10:30-11:30                                   new activities.
     countries in supporting participation of
                                                   Tent - Chill-out corner                        Maria Hartl, Ida Christensen
     stakeholders in policy development.
                                                   The impact of migration and                    IFAD, FAO
     Participants will learn that the quality of
     the participation is key. The lack of         population growth to feed future
                                                   population – perspectives from the            14.30 - 15:30
     investment in developing participatory
     processes that engage local                   indigenous people of Tanzania (241a)          B300
     communities is an important factor in         Over 60,000 indigenous people live            Goats for women in Afghanistan
     the current environmental crisis.             within the Ngorongoro Conservation            and Pakistan (238)
                                                   Area of Tanzania. Established in 1959         The session will discuss how the
                                                   as Africa's first multiple land use area,     practice of providing goats has
                                                   it was to balance the needs of semi-          improved the livelihoods of rural
                                                   nomadic pastoralists (mainly the              women in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
                                                   Maasai) with protection of wildlife and
     FOOD SECURITY                                                                                Kamil Shideed
                                                   conservation of natural resources.
                                                   Participants in this session will hear the
     09.00 - 10.00                                 Maasai side of what has resulted:
                                                   despite annual tourism revenues of
                                                   $40 billion, 70 per cent of the Maasai        KNOWLEDGE SHARING,
     Ensuring food security through                live in poverty, their nomadic lifestyle is   NETWORKS AND COPS
     establishing local seed                       under threat and many face eviction to
     enterprises (98)                                                                            09.00 - 10.00
                                                   allow development of new luxury
     At this session, you will learn about the     hotels. Participants will be asked to         C300
     challenges of providing access to             reflect on how to respond to the              Innovative extension approaches:
     improved seeds to farmers in Ethiopia         diverse situation of indigenous peoples       Can community-based
     and Zambia and how this can be                in different regions and countries.           organisations do the job? (4)
     addressed through supporting
                                                    Mosses Ndiyaine                              Dissemination of agricultural
     community seed enterprises. You will
                                                    Indigenous heartland Organization            innovations needs more effective
     hear how Self Help Africa is building
                                                    (IHO)                                        approaches. Rural Resource Centres,
     capacity of smallholder famers to
                                                                                                 managed by community-based
     engage in seed multiplication and
                                                                                                 organisations, are places where
     establish local seed enterprises and
                                                                                                 agroforestry techniques are practised
     have access to improved seeds thus
                                                                                                 and farmers come for information,
     allowing them to increase production
                                                                                                 experimentation and training. For the
     and yield and becoming food secure.
                                                                                                 last 5 years, rural resource centres
      Jenny Rafanomezana                                                                         have been successfully sharing
      Self help Africa                                                                           agroforestry information with farmers in
                                                                                                 Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of
                                                                                                 Congo and Nigeria. This exchange and
                                                                                                 information flow has resulted in
                                                                                                 significant improvements in the
                                                                                                 livelihoods, diet and health of farmers.
                                                                                                 This approach, among other similar
                                                                                                 initiatives, has potential to become a

   Livestock               Markets and        Mobile                 Water               Young People
                           Private Sector     Technology and
                                              Social Media

viable extension method worldwide.          10:30-11:30                                10.30 - 11.30
During the session, the presenters will     B100                                       B200
share the use and benefits of this
                                            Knowledge sharing for community            Using social media to mainstream
approach and learn from similar (or
                                            empowerment through markets – in           knowledge management and
alternative) experiences elsewhere.
                                            the tribal areas of IFAD assisted          learning in early warning
 Ann Degrande                               projects in India (245)                    systems (59)
 CGIAR, WAC                                 At this session, participants will hear    During this session, the Pastoral
                                            about how marginalised tribal farmers      Community Development Project, an
9:00-10:00                                  especially women in the uphill areas of    IFAD-funded project, will present
C400                                        North East India engaged in                experiences of integrating social
Development knowledge ecology               knowledge sharing activities to gain       media, KM and learning into rural
and its implications for global             better access to markets. Presenters       development programmes. The
agricultural knowledge (173)                will share how the inclusion of            presenters through practical examples
Participants in this session will learn     educated unemployed youth in               will share experiences on how the
about development knowledge                 collective marketing systems can bring     project has mainstreamed KM &
ecology, which takes a holistic             benefits to uneducated primary             learning and as a result has helped
approach to knowledge, emphasizing          producers and learn about the              improve the resilience of pastoral
coordination, cooperation,                  innovative and creative problem            communities.
interconnections and sharing. It            solving solutions in addressing             Belayhun Hailu Mamo
recognizes the value of local               knowledge sharing and community             IFAD, PCDP
approaches to information and               empowerment for tribal communities.
knowledge and encourages                     Judith Dsouza, IFAD                       10:30-11:30
participation by the poor. Participants                                                C400
in the brainstorming session will be        10:30-12:00
                                                                                       Knowledge Management for
introduced to ‘ecology thinking’, learn     B300                                       National Personal (165)
to use it and review its implications for
                                            Approaches for strengthening               GIZ’s 13,000 staff across the globe
global agricultural knowledge.
                                            stakeholders abilities to generate,        have participated in e-learning to
 Sarah Cummings                             adapt and share experiences (23)           develop competencies. Come to this
 IKM Emergent and Context,                  Learn how communication for                session to hear about the do’s and
 international cooperation                  development methods and tools are          don’ts and good practices in the roll-
                                            used to link people and institutions to    out process.
9:00-12:30                                  increase productivity and to ensure         Matthias Giersche
Qatar Information Centre                    that smallholder producers are the          GIZ
Knowledge management: is one                focus of the proposed interventions.
person’s lesson from practice               Explore how this initiative is             11:30-12:30
another person’s theory? (219)              strengthening stakeholders’ abilities to
Can knowledge emerging from                 generate, adapt and share innovative
                                            agricultural technologies and practices,   Complementing the body of
development projects be systematized
                                            including local knowledge and              knowledge available on sustainable
so that others can use it in practice?
                                            experiential learning.                     agro biodiversity management (170)
Or is one person’s practice just
                                                                                       Participants in this session will learn
another person’s theory? These               Romy Sato, Silvia San Marco, Needa
                                                                                       about the findings from a recent
challenging questions have emerged           Amraish, Estibalitz Morras Dimas
                                                                                       mapping of knowledge gaps on
from a rigorous learning process on          FAO
                                                                                       agricultural production knowledge and
how to integrate knowledge
                                                                                       marketing systems. The research
management and learning into
                                                                                       showed that generating new
development projects in eastern and
                                                                                       knowledge is not necessarily the main
southern Africa. Participants in this
                                                                                       constraint – other gaps include
half-day workshop will explore these
                                                                                       dissemination, the policy context and
and other key questions related to
                                                                                       understanding how to achieve
systemizing and sharing knowledge in
                                                                                       adaptation and internalization of
the form of concepts and models. The
                                                                                       knowledge. After a short presentation
outcome should shed some light on
                                                                                       of the findings, participants will be
what really are the best ways to
                                                                                       invited to provide feedback and help
achieve serious learning in the
                                                                                       draw lessons from their knowledge
development sector. Come prepared
                                                                                       and experience.
to contribute based on your own
experiences.                                                                            Josine Stremmelaar
 Helen Gillman, IFAD

     29                                            Climate Change
                                                   And Green
                                                                           Food Security       Gender                  Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                       Networks and Cops

     14.00 - 15.30                              14:00-16:00                                 10:30-11:30
     C500                                       Qatar Information Centre                    B400
     Agrilink: A new way to promote             The LearningWheel as a tool for             “Crop-livestock-biogas” model (163)
     knowledge sharing for impact on            systematizing knowledge (220)               This session will tell a ‘recycling’ story
     food security (223)                        This session will provide the               from China. The crop-livestock-biogas
     Learn how the communication for            participants to learn about USAID           model promotes crop production for
     sustainable development initiative         knowledge-driven microenterprise            livestock feeding, and then collection
     (CSDI) has used communication for          development project and how it              of livestock waste for biogas. This
     development approaches in Bolivia,         connects international development          method, widely used in poor rural
     Bangladesh, Jamaica and DR Congo           practitioners around the world through      areas, benefits the environment while
     to help farmers articulate their           a range of online and in person             reducing kitchen drudgery for rural
     challenges and identify solutions in a     innovative knowledge sharing tools          women.
     participatory way thus reducing the        and techniques. Join the conversation        Weijing Wang,
     gap between researchers and farmers.       to help shape Agrilinks’ social media        IFAD
      Meaghan Murphy and Patchanan              strategy in an effort to increase efforts
      Owen                                      to expand contributors.                     11:30-12:30
      Knowledge-Driven Microenterprise          Meaghan Murphy and Patchanan                B100
      Development Project: Food Security        Owen
                                                                                            Revolutionary history of Livestock
      and Agriculture Program, The QED           Helen Gillman                              and Pasture Development Project
      Group LLC                                  IFAD                                       in Morocco (236)
                                                                                            In this session the Livestock and
     14.30 - 15:30
                                                                                            Pasture Development Project (PDPEO
     Dining room                                LIVESTOCK                                   II) in the Eastern region of Morocco will
     Building knowledge sharing out                                                         share the various innovative
     of friendship – the KM4Dev                                                             mechanisms for developing small
     Experience (135)                                                                       ruminant management and pastoralist
     “Our session will share experience         B400                                        community organization. Participants
     from the KM4Dev community                  The livestock revolving                     will learn about a field force analysis
     ( which                     development fund (195)                      approach which will highlight the key
     demonstrates the importance of             This livestock initiative focuses on        success factors that contributed to
     facilitating: diversity; openness;         increasing farmers’ incomes by              policy change with regard to rangeland
     interaction; recognition; and              reducing animal mortality, improving        management in highlands in Eastern
     stewarding of technology. Experience       their health and increasing milk and        Morocco.
     shared will include: diversity in multi-   meat production. Participants will learn     El Hassane REJMIL
     lingual learning exchanges, breaking       about how the Fund encourages self-          IFAD
     down barriers to openness, and             reliance and a sense of ownership. The
     stewarding technologies for resilience     session will involve group discussions      14:00-15:30
     among others. By joining this              followed by presentations in a plenary
     interactive session you’ll also be able    session.
     to share and learn from other                                                          Mobile extension teams - An
                                                 Abdul Qayyum
     participant’s experience of facilitating                                               innovative approach for targeting
                                                 AJK Community Development
     knowledge sharing in areas such as                                                     nomadic communities (158))
                                                 Program, IFAD
     agriculture, food security, price                                                      In this session the Livestock and
     volatility, climate change, and changing                                               Pasture Development Project (PDPEO
                                                10.30 - 11.30
     demographics or other rural                                                            II) in the Eastern region of Morocco will
                                                C300                                        share the various innovative
     development related issues. In all this
                                                Milk collection in the livestock            mechanisms for developing small
     we’ll explore how friendship within a
                                                value chain - Transferring                  ruminant management and pastoralist
     community of practice builds courage
                                                experiences from Bosnia                     community organization. Participants
     and enthusiasm to step into the
                                                Herzegovina to Syria (41)                   will learn about a field force analysis
     unknown with new facilitation
                                                This session will feature a video story     approach which will highlight the key
     approaches in diverse contexts.”
                                                showing how Syrian farmers benefitted       success factors that contributed to
      KM4Dev                                    from the experience of Bosnian famers       policy change with regard to rangeland
                                                on how to improve their milk collection     management in highlands in Eastern
                                                techniques. Participants will see how the   Morocco.
                                                transfer of experience between these         Western Sudan Resource
                                                two countries has had a positive impact      Management Programme
                                                on the livelihoods of poor rural farmers.
                                                 Nabil Mahaini, IFAD

   Livestock              Markets and         Mobile                  Water                Young People
                          Private Sector      Technology and
                                              Social Media

MARKETS AND                                 11.30 - 12.30                               14.00 - 15.30
PRIVATE SECTOR                              C300                                        C100
                                            Exploiting the potential of mangoes         Inclusive business model approach:
9:00-10:00                                  throughout the value chain (78)             Build competitive business
C200                                        During this session participants will       relationships between smallholder
Microfinance to support Gum                 hear the story of rural cottage industry    supplier groups and
Arabic Producers Associations               development for mango value chain           agribusinesses (7)
GAPAs (Seed fund) (156)                     and how thanks to changing the              At the end of this session participants
This session will address efforts to        mindsets of smallholder producers,          will have a clear understanding of the
provide microfinance to small-scale         they managed to expand their                framework used to implement an
gum producers in Sudan. Typically           business and start producing and            inclusive business models approach
denied credit from the formal financial     marketing new mango-based                   based pilot testing in 15 countries
sector, they are forced to accept           products. The presenter will highlight      across the ACP regions. The aim of
exploitive terms from village traders       how thanks to sharing information and       the approach is to build competitive
and merchants. After learning about         knowledge gained through this               business relationships between
microfinance and credit, the producers      initiative and getting advice on how to     smallholder supplier groups and small,
form groups and receive loans before        reach out further, the smallholder          medium or large agribusinesses.
starting production. So far 19 per cent     producers have managed to expand            Participants will also learn about the
of the participants are women. Session      their footprints, improve their             results and challenges related to the
attendees will participate in developing    livelihoods, ensure sustainable food        local context and commodity that
a list of priorities and challenges and     and nutritional security in Trinidad and    emerged during implementation in
outlining proposals for action.             Tobago and in the region.                   Cameroon with Oil Palm; in Senegal
                                             Gia Gaspard Taylor                         with Rice; in St Vincent and
 Hashim Hamza Elhassan
                                             Other, NRWPTT                              Grenadines with Roots and Tubers;
 Revitalizing the Sudan Gum Arabic
                                                                                        and in Malawi with Cassava.
 Production and Marketing Project,
 IFAD                                       11.30 - 12.30                                Siobhan Kelly, Heiko Bammann,
                                            C500                                         Florence Tartanac, Cora Dankers
9.00 - 12.30                                                                             FAO
                                            Social return on investment:
Dining Room                                 developing a value-based markets
Responsible and sustainable growth          for smallholder producers (194)
                                            At this session, the presenter will share   MOBILE TECHNOLOGY
for rural finance in Africa -Pour une
                                            SROI approach and how it integrates         AND SOCIAL MEDIA
croissance responsable et durable
de la finance rurale en Afrique (57)        social, environmental and financial         9:00-10:00
This mini-workshop will focus on five       values. Participants will also hear the
                                                                                        Italian Conference Room
key innovative strategies in rural          story of how partnership between
                                            social investors, farmers and other         How good of an ally are social
finance: (i) consolidation of small rural
                                            actors has helped develop value             media tools for 21st century
finance institutions (RFI) through
                                            chains in Africa and Asia.                  development workers?
mergers, acquisitions and institutional
                                                                                        Social media isn’t just for chatting with
transformation, with sound                   Menno Salverda / Fons van der
                                                                                        your friends – it’s also a helpful tool at
governance and efficient systems that        Velden / Udan Fernando, Context
                                                                                        work. This session will discuss the
enable to scale-up and to sustainably
                                                                                        value of mixing social media tools,
serve rural households and                  11:30-12:30
                                                                                        face-to-face interaction to raise
entrepreneurs; (ii) technology platforms    B500                                        awareness about rural development
which allow cost reduction in rural
                                            Growing local farmers;                      and agricultural related issues and how
outreach as well as new services to
                                            de-rooting poverty                          these tools can make our business
clients such as domestic and
                                            Participants in this session will learn     more “user-friendly” and accessible to
international money transfers; (iii) loan
                                            about an initiative involving growers’      the public and are helping to keep
products to finance rural water and
                                            cooperatives in Ethiopia that has           agriculture on the international agenda.
renewable energy projects, with as a
                                            raised the incomes of participating          Mark Davies, Gauri Salkohe, Peter
main objective, to enhance productivity
                                            farmers by an average of 75 per cent.        Ballantyne, Roxanna Samii, George
in agriculture production while
                                            The initiative provides various services     Muammar
preserving the local environment; (iv)
                                            and inputs to farmers that help them
RFIs accessing funding to expand and
                                            increase their productivity and develop
transform as needed; and (vi) Social
                                            sustainable links to markets.
Performance Management and
education programmes for their staff         Amare Abebaw Woreta
and clients of partner RFIs.                 Frag Agro Industry Pvt.Ltd.Co.
 Michael Hamp, Francesco Rispoli

     29                                            Climate Change
                                                   And Green
                                                                          Food Security       Gender                 Knowledge Sharing,
                                                                                                                     Networks and Cops

     09.00 - 10.00                              10.30 - 12.00                               11:30-12:30
     B200                                       Oval room                                   B400
     How technology is helping to raise         Use of technology to facilitate             Practical answers to poverty –
     awareness about the Malagasy               information flow and                        lessons from a global knowledge
     land reform (46f)                          collaboration (99)                          sharing network (227)
     Collecting and having access to            Web technologies continuously               Last year, 2 million beneficiaries
     information on land and land holdings      develop. Currently much attention is        received agriculture information
     is a challenge facing development          being given to ways of creating links       through knowledge-sharing networks.
     workers. See how colleagues in             between web sites to allow                  This session will discuss different
     Madagascar have addressed this             information, especially data, from one      formats and channels and the diverse
     challenge and are providing relevant       site to be automatically accessed,          circumstances in which they work –
     and up-to-date land related                interpreted and reused by other sites.      such as podcasts and SMS messages
     information and giving a voice the         At this session, participants will hear     for farmers in Zimbabwe, websites in
     voiceless and raising awareness about      from pioneers of this technology in the     Latin America focusing on the dairy
     land reform process in Madagascar,         development field. Practitioners will       sector and library networks in Nepal.
     which could be an example for              discuss the challenges in adapting          With the right format and channel a
     securing land access in other countries.   linked open information to support          real impact on poverty can be
      Jean Maurice Durand                       information exchange and use at local       achieved at limited expense. The
      IFAD                                      level with the intention of mapping out     presentation will highlight the common
                                                strategies for interagency collaboration    factors in making these initiatives
     09:00-10:00                                to achieve such an end.                     successful and explain how we know
                                                 Mike Powell                                they are successful.
     Chill-out minus 1
                                                 IKM Emergent                                Rob Cartridge
     Promoting the use of ICT for market
                                                                                             Practical Action
     information exchange among
     women producers in Cameroon (79)
                                                B200                                        14.00 - 15.30
     This session will highlight how women
     farmers in Cameroon were sensitized        Freedom phone: Marriage                     Oval room
     and trained to use mobile phone to         between telecentres and                     Remittances and postal networks:
     access market information and thereby      mobile telephony (102)                      expanding services using existing
     increase their bargaining power. During    Interactive voice response, a               infrastructure (35)
     the session, participants will discuss     technology that allows people to            In sub-Saharan Africa as well as in
     the importance of timely access to         access databases over the telephone,        many other regions, more than 80% of
     commodity prices and the challenges        is a practical tool for communicating       post offices are located outside the
     of bridging the divide between women       information over telephone lines. The       most populated cities, where 82.5 %
     and men in terms of access to ICT          technology can be used to share local       of the population lives, providing
     which contributes significantly to         content in rural and peri-urban areas.      unique outreach to unbanked citizens,
     agricultural development.                  This session will demonstrate the           migrants, and rural enterprises. Learn
      Appolinaire TAGNE                         technology and its potential uses,          how through the use of postal
      SB MATHUR FOUNDATION                      including through SMS-based                 networks, an FFR-UPU project cut
                                                systems. Participants will learn how to     money transfer costs by 50% and
                                                edit simple audio to create messages        transfer time from two weeks to two
                                                and will be able to call in and listen to   days in 350 rural localities of West
                                                or leave messages.                          Africa. The experience is being
                                                 Cleopa Timon Otieno                        upscaled in Central and South Asia
                                                 Kenya Telecentre Network                   which notably host some of the most
                                                                                            populous countries in the world. The
                                                                                            discussion aims at discussing this and
                                                                                            other innovative/alternative channels
                                                                                            for money transfer and financial
                                                                                             Pedro De Vasconcelos

   Livestock              Markets and          Mobile                  Water               Young People
                          Private Sector       Technology and
                                               Social Media

14:00-15:30                                                                              10.30 - 12.00
C300                                                                                     C200
Use of SMS to counter sale of fake                                                       Integrated rainwater harvesting
agro inputs in Uganda (138)                 09.00 - 10.00                                systems, every drop counts! (45)
Part of Africa’s food shortage is a         B300                                         Harvested rainwater can be used for
result of farmers using fake seed,          Rainwater harvesting as a strategic          drinking, small-scale irrigation and for
chemicals and fertilizers. This session     approach to smallholder food                 sanitation purposes. Rainwater
will present an SMS technology linked       security (239)                               harvesting can also feed biogas
to a programmable database that             Rainwater harvesting involves simple         systems, preventing deforestation. This
addresses this problem through a            and low-cost methods that can be to          session will show the benefits of
mobile authentication service. The          be adopted in drylands agriculture           innovative rainwater harvesting
presentation involves a step-by-step        during crucial stages of the cropping        methods and how organizations can
process of how the service operates         cycle to bring stability to harvest and      collaborate to ensure sustainability in
and how it is performing in Uganda.         increase food security. The session will     rural areas of developing countries.
The outcome is possible adoption by         show the advantages of implementing          The focus will be on examples from
other organizations working with            the system and which elements are            water-scarce areas of rural Nepal.
farmers.                                    needed to successfully develop                Ard Schoemaker
 Kisitu Bruce                               rainwater harvesting in areas where it        RAIN
 KIVA Agro Supplies Ltd                     is not a common practice.
                                             Kamil Shideed                               14.00 - 15.30
14:00-15:30                                  CGIAR ICARDA                                C200
C400                                                                                     Wrap-up session Q & A - Water (46)
El encuentro, la participación, el          10.30 -12.30                                 Competition for water among different
diálogo y el intercambio genera             C100                                         user is increasing in many regions of
impacto (210)                               Smallholders access to water -               the world, particularly in semi-arid and
A ‘face-to-face’ fair in Bolivia aided      toward a range of agricultural               arid environments. Decisions made by
knowledge management by providing           water solutions (6)                          one sector of users have major effects
an opportunity for people with like         More and better investments are              on other sectors, but these impacts
interests to meet. Participants in this     needed in agricultural water                 are often poorly understood. Many
session will learn about three such         management. This session will                users do not understand the
‘world fairs’ that have taken place in      highlight promising agricultural water       integrated water resources planning
relation to camelids (llamas?) livestock,   management solutions based on                and management process.
addressing production, science and          projects undertaken in various               Participants in this session will ‘role
the processing/marketing sector.            countries in Africa and Asia. Topics will    play’ to learn about the interactions
These events brought together               include small dams and water                 and impacts of various strategies
scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs and      harvesting and access to water lifting       employed by river basin water
business people, allowing them to           through individual pumps. Summaries          authorities and will learn about
exchange information and create             of these innovations will be introduced      developing plausible strategies for
innovative ideas. An online platform,       to stimulate contributions from              integrated planning and management
soon to be launched, will allow them to     participants. The goal is to understand      of water resources.
continue the conversation.                  what leads to successful development          Rudolph Cleveringa
 Francisco Pichón/ Guillermo Vila           of all forms of private agricultural water    IFAD
 Melo                                       management and improved efficiency
 IFAD                                       and performance.                             16:00-17:00
                                             Domitille Vallee                            Italian Conference Room
                                             FAO                                         Closing ceremony

     The Second Global AgriKnowledge Share Fair was made possible thanks to the
     exemplary interagency collaboration, the dedication, commitment and passion of
     the steering committee members. The steering committee is grateful for the
     generous financial contribution of Bioversity International, CTA, IFAD and WFP.
     The Share Fair steering committee hopes that you’ll have an inspiring and
     unforgettable experience.


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