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					                                                             January 2010

                      Dermal Toxicology
                       Specialty Section
                                                                                            many leaders in the field of dermal
        Executive Council                              The Mission of DTSS                  toxicology that have been willing to
President                                                                                   share their busy scientific lives as
                                                    The objectives of the Dermal
George L. DeGeorge, Ph.D., DABT                                                             officers and committee members in
                                                    Toxicology Specialty Section
MB Research Laboratories                                                                    our specialty section. We thank
                                                    (DTSS) are to provide a forum for                                                                     them! We appreciate their efforts!
                                                    the interaction of individuals
President Elect                                     involved in risk assessment,
                                                                                            The purpose of the DTSS is to serve
William G. Reifenrath, Ph.D.                        pharmacokinetics, dermal
                                                                                            as a focal point for SOT members
Stratacor, Inc.                                     penetration/ absorption,
                                                                                            interested in Dermal Toxicology                               hypersensitivity and dermal toxicity,
                                                                                            and provide an environment for
                                                    regulatory issues, basic skin biology
                                                                                            networking and research
Vice President                                      and other professionals working in
                                                                                            collaboration. My personal goals for
Jeffrey J. Yourick, Ph.D., DABT                     the field of dermal research.
                                                                                            this year are 1) to increase and
DTRA                                                Members who wish to receive more
                                                                                            enhance student participation and 2)                            information on the specialty section
                                                                                            to encourage participation in the
                                                    should contact George DeGeorge by
                                                                                            exciting opportunities to enhance
Secretary-Treasurer                                 e-mail or any of the other Officers.
                                                                                            visibility of Dermal Toxicology that
Carol L. Sabourin, Ph.D.
                                                                                            are becoming available.
                                                                                            Our membership has increased to
Past President                                                                              152 members. Specialty Section
Carol S.Auletta, MBA, DABT, RAC                                                             membership (first one) is free for
Huntingdon Life Sciences                                                                    students, and it’s a great way for                                                           them to get to know people in the
                                                                                            field, network and find jobs. Please
Senior Councilor                                                                            encourage all your students and
Jens T. Mortensen, DVM, DABT                                                                postdocs to join so they can also
LAB Research Denmark (Scantox)
                                                        President’s Message
                                                                                            compete for travel and poster/paper                                                                          awards.
Junior Councilor
                                                                                            One of the most important functions
Cynthia A. Ryan, B.S.
                                                                                            of the Specialty Sections is to
Proctor & Gamble
                                                                                            develop proposals for scientific
                                                                                            sessions at the annual meetings. Bill
                                                                                            Reifenrath (President Elect) is the
Post Doctoral Representative
                                                                                            chair of the Program Committee and
Dae J. Kim, Ph.D.
                                                                                            he is responsible for facilitating
MD Anderson Cancer Center
                                                                                            development of proposals for
                                                                                            Symposia, Workshops, and
                                                                                            Continuing Education Courses for
Student Representative                              George L. DeGeorge, PhD, DABT
                                                                                            the 2010 meeting. Please contact
Lauren Mordasky Markell                             DTSS President
                                                                                            Bill if you would like to participate
Pennsylvania State University
                                                    As the President of the Dermal          in the Program Committee or have                                                                              ideas for proposals.
                                                    Toxicology Specialty Section
                                                    (DTSS), on behalf of the Executive
                                                                                            We have an informative Newsletter
The Dermal Toxicology Specialty Section             Council, I’d like to recognize the
                                                                                            that is sent to the Specialty Section
newsletter is published 2 times/year (spring and    contributions of the leadership that
fall) in electronic format. If you would like to                                            membership at least twice a year. In
                                                    has guided DTSS since its inception
share any item of general interest to the                                                   one issue of this Newsletter,
specialty section, please send it to Jeff Yourick   in 2000. Since that time, we have
                                                                                            published papers in the area of
at (                       had tremendous contributions from
                                                                                            dermal toxicology over the past year
by all Specialty Section members are     proposals. So, we will have two           Jeff Yourick
listed. Jeff Yourick (VP-elect) is       DTSS-endorsed programs at the             Vice President
chair of the Communication               meeting this year: a workshop, co-
Committee that is responsible for the    chaired by Carol Sabourin and Jeff        The communications committee
Newsletter and the Web site. Please      Yourick, entitled “Systems Biology        puts together this newsletter and
contact Jeff if you have                 Approach to Understanding Cell            keeps the Dermal Specialty Section
announcements or ideas for the           Signaling in Dermal and Ocular            website up to date. Check it out at:
newsletter or Web site. If you have      Toxicity”, and a workshop co-   
any ideas about how DTSS can serve       chaired by Bill Reifenrath and John       /ISOT/SS/dtss/index.html
you better, please contact me or one     Ross, entitled “The Process of
of the other members of the              Defining Risk for Environmental           We are always looking for
executive council.                       Chemicals Having Significant Skin         information to share with members,
                                         Exposure and Absorption                   such as meetings, announcements,
Best Regards,
                                         Potential.” Thanks to Carol, Jeff,        job openings, postdoctoral
George DeGeorge
                                         Bill and John and congratulations         positions, etc. that can be posted on
DTSS President
                                         on being selected.                        the website or included in the
        Announcements                    One of the most important                 newsletter. We are hoping to
                                         contributions of our Specialty            include updates on hot topics in
                                         Section is the active participation in    dermal toxicology and other updates
Mark your calendars. Our DTSS                                                      and information of interest to our
                                         the scientific program at the
Reception and Business Meeting will                                                members. If you have information
                                         national meeting. Our task is to put
be held on Monday evening, March                                                   or new ideas/suggestions for
                                         together suggested sessions
8, from 6 to 7:30 pm. We hope to see                                               inclusion in the newsletter contact:
                                         (including speakers) for symposia,
everybody attend and especially to
                                         workshops, roundtables and
support our DTSS award winners.                                                    Jeff Yourick
                                         continuing education courses for the
Awards Awards are discussed in a         Annual Meetings. In the past our
separate section, but we want to take    Specialty Section has made
this opportunity to thank Battelle via   important contributions primarily by              Special Reports
Carol Sabourin, for continuing with      the initiative of our individual
two $2500 Battelle student research      members coming forward with               Old Lab Rat Tales
awards.! While we are giving             sessions and speakers. We would
thanks, thanks also to MB                like that to continue, but we would       At our last DTSS Reception at the
Laboratories via George DeGeorge,        also like to try a more “global” or       Annual SOT meeting, Tom Franz
Stratacor, Inc. and Port Royal           “top down” approach to brainstorm         was one of our guests, and I had a
Research via Bill Reifenrath, Sinclair   important topics in the skin area and     chance to visit with him briefly
Research via Marc Tayman, and            then try to identify individuals who      about bygone days of dermatology
Informa via Wally Hayes for              could be session chairs and come up       research at Letterman Army
continuing to provide money to           with speakers. The 2011 meeting           Institute of Research (LAIR), at the
support DTSS awards.                     seems like a long way away, but we        Presidio of San Francisco. Tom
                                         need to submit our list of                arrived at LAIR in 1967 to join a
                                         recommended sessions next spring          team of 4 researchers headed by the
                                         shortly after the 2010 annual             late Marion Sulzburger, who was
     Program Committee                   meeting. If you are interested in         one of the pillars of dermatology
                                         serving on this committee or already      and dermatology research in the
                                         have a session in mind please             United States. Most will cite Marion
                                         contact:                                  as one of the five greats in
                                                                                   American dermatology of the 20th
                                         William G. Reifenrath                     century. He was European-trained,
                                                    former head of the Department of
                                         Program Committee Chair                   Dermatology at New York
                                                                                   University School of Medicine, and
                                                Communications                     came to LAIR upon his
                                                                                   “retirement”. He was ideally suited
                                                  Committee                        for the position as he had served in
Bill Reifenrath                                                                    Pacific during World War II and
                                                                                   had firsthand knowledge of the skin
DTSS President Elect                                                               problems faced by American
Program – SOT 2010 Annual                                                          soldiers in Vietnam as a result of the
Meeting, Salt Lake City, DTSS                                                      high heat and humidity they
members submitted some excellent                                                   encountered there. Dermatology
program proposals for this meeting.                                                research was focused on malaria,
It appears that several other sections                                             friction blisters, fungal infections,
did also and the competition was                                                   immersion foot, mosquito
steep. The Program Committee                                                       repellents, etc., and it was during
reported that they were able to select                                             this time that Tom started his skin
fewer than half of the submitted                                                   permeability studies that eventually

2                                                                         Dermal Toxicology Specialty Section
led to the development of the Franz       old laboratory was torn down long        Students please visit with our DTSS
Cell. It was Dr. Sulzberger’s             ago along with the greenhouse,           Student Representatives at the 2010
instruction to Tom that led to the        where flowers were once grown for        Annual meeting to further discuss
development of the Cell. He felt that     the hospital patient’s rooms. The        your potential involvement in
one of the reasons the treatment of       only thing that remains today is the     DTSS.
fungal skin infections was so poor        tennis court.
was the lack of adequate penetration                                               Dae J. Kim, Ph.D
of the drug into the skin. He wanted      Many thanks to Dr. Thomas Franz,         Post Doctoral Representative
Tom to initiate studies into the          MD, Dr. Peter Schmid, Ph.D., and
permeability of the skin, but not do it   Ms. June Jaeger for filling in the
the way Blank and Scheuplein did.         gaps in the old lab rat’s memory. I      Lauren Mordasky Markell
That is, don’t mount skin between         hope to see you all at the next SOT      Student Representative
two aqueous phases; the skin is dry       meeting and the DTSS reception.
on the outside. Study it under
realistic conditions. Skin samples        by William Reifenrath                      Student Research Grants
(actually pure stratum corneum)
were frequently obtained from
blisters. Friction blisters were
                                               Treasurer’s Report                  The Dermal Toxicology Specialty
                                                                                   Section is pleased to announce we
always a problem with new combat
                                                                                   are able to continue to support two
boots and could be reproduced in the
                                                                                   research grant awards sponsored by
laboratory using the eraser end of a
                                                                                   Battelle-DTSS. Each grant is
pencil and rapidly twisting it back
                                                                                   awarded the amount of $2,500. An
and forth. Miliaria rubra, or “prickly
heat” was studied by wrapping the                                                  awardee of this research grant must
                                                                                   send a report of accomplishments to
entire trunk of volunteers in Saran
                                                                                   the DTSS after completion of the
                                                                                   selected research project. These
Tom’s office and laboratory were in
                                                                                   grant awards will be presented at the
an old military barracks surrounded
                                                                                   March Annual Meeting of the SOT
by a tennis court, greenhouse, and        Carol Sabourin                           in Salt Lake City.
officer’s club. In those days,            DTSS Secretary/Treasurer
Letterman Army Hospital was
housed in a 2 story wooden                The last Dermal Toxicology
                                                                                          Student Awards
complex, typical of the sprawling         Specialty Section financial
design of World War II hospitals that     summary provided by SOT was              Our Section is again sponsoring
hoped to limit damage from aerial         November 2009 showing net assets         Student Awards in recognition of
attack by being spread out. A new         of $14,049.11.                           outstanding papers (poster or
high rise hospital was completed                                                   platform) in the field of dermal
later in the 60’s and dermatology                                                  toxicology that will be presented at
research and LAIR were moved into               Student Activities                 the 2010 Annual SOT Meeting in
the old hospital. I did not arrive at                                              Salt Lake City, UT. The Student
LAIR until the fall of 1975, when I       A major goal of the SOT Specialty        Awards will be presented at the
interviewed for my first real job with    Section Student Representatives has      DTSS Reception on Monday
the late Colonel Bill Akers, who          been to increase student                 evening, March 8, 2010. Winners
headed dermatology research. I            membership in the specialty              will receive a certificate and cash
remember Bill’s office was set up         sections. We determined that more        award of $500.
something like a small sunken living      students may join a specialty section
room, and there were so many papers       if additional information about each
scattered about the floor, that it        group was provided to prospective
reminded me of stepping into a            members than just a listing of the
Nebraska snow drift. A new 300,000        names of the sections. A good
square foot laboratory building was       starting point was the
completed on the Presidio in 1975         Student/Postdoc Mixer during the
and dermatology research moved            2006 SOT Annual Meeting where
into the new building the following       each representative presented a
year. In the early 90’s dermatology       poster providing information about
research was discontinued at LAIR         their specialty section. The DTSS
and shortly thereafter the hospital       poster attracted a number of
and lab research buildings were           students and each student was
abandoned by the military. The            invited to enter into a drawing for
Presidio itself was given to the          an IPOD by answering some
National Park Service and the             general questions about the skin. In
Golden Gate National Recreation           addition, the SOT student newsletter     Jens T Mortensen
Area (GGNRA). Authorities from            that was distributed this fall           DTSS Senior Councilor
GGNRA declared that the new               contained a paragraph about each
hospital and lab buildings were of no     specialty section, including its
historical importance and these           general purpose, interests, member
buildings were torn down. Tom’s           information and student awards.

3                                                                         Dermal Toxicology Specialty Section
                                          consist of a plaque and a $500
    DTSS Best Paper Award                 honorarium.
The Dermal Toxicology Specialty           Last year, the DTSS selected              Informa
Section is once again able to present     recipients for two Best Abstract
our fourth annual “Paper of the           Student Awards, one winner for the        We hope to have Informa (Taylor
Year” Award in recognition of an          DTSS Best Paper Award and                 and Francis) Publishers again
exceptional recent publication in the     announced the winner of the               sponsor an award for the Best
field of skin toxicology and              Informa Best Paper Award. For             Dermatological Paper in Cutaneous
pharmacology. The nominations are         more information contact Jens             and Ocular Toxicology. The winner
in the hands of the awards committee      Mortensen.                                of the best paper will be honored at
and the winner will be announced at                                                 the dermal specialty section annual
the DTSS reception. The award will                                                  meeting with a certificate and a one-
                                                                                    year subscription to the journal.

DTSS Members – Would you like to become more active in DTSS?

If you have any suggestions or recommendation on how to make our
specialty section better or better able to serve your needs, please
email your suggestions to:

George L. DeGeorge
DTSS President

Send program suggestions to:

Bill Reifenrath
DTSS President Elect

4                                                                          Dermal Toxicology Specialty Section

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