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									   ElEctronic form automation and managEmEnt solutions

                                                                                                     Wealth Management

   With Revolve you’ll save thousands                                                     How it works
   and complete forms within minutes,                                                     Revolve connects to your Client Information
   rather than hours.                                                                     System (like Xplan or COIN) to allow you to
                                                                                          create any form in one click. Details such
                                                                                          as names, address, contact details, bank
                                                                                          details and any other client information in
                                                                                          your system, can be put onto any form.

   Overview                                                                               We handle the setup of the forms so you
                                                                                          have the right form with the right data
                                                                                          every time.
   Forms are used across all businesses around the world. With over 75% of these
   forms still paper based, huge opportunities for efficiencies exist within busi-        Once completed, the forms can be easily
   nesses.                                                                                shared with clients and then centrally
                                                                                          stored within the system for easy retrieval.
          Auto fill, share and store all of your forms in one secure online location.
Wealth Management                                                                         Affirm integrates with online AML checking
           Complete bulk application forms quickly. This could be a ‘one off’             to ensure ‘KYC’ compliance in one click.
Wealth Management
           limited offering to all of your high net worth clients requiring
           immediate response.                                                            Services
          Create error-free compliant forms with a minimum of fuss and without            We partner with you to ensure that the
Wealth Management
          compromising any accuracy of data.                                              library of forms you use are managed
                                                                                          within the system; configured in any way
                                                                                          that you want to use them.

   Key Benefits                                                                           Our unique technology allows us to get
                                                                                          new forms online within hours, allowing
                                                                                          them to be ready to use by your staff or
                                                                                          customers quickly.
     Maximise efficiencies and save money                                                 Once implemented, we provide comprehen-
     • Reduce labour costs in manually        “We were able to trim our administration    sive training services. We are also available
       processing forms                       overhead by thousands annually”             to consult with your business to potentially
                                                                                          reengineer your forms business processes to
     • Pay-as-you-go for system usage with    “We decreased our document archiving
                                                                                          get the most value from our technology and
       no up-front software costs             and storage costs significantly”
                                                                                          optimise your existing business processes.

     Maximise profits and improve customer communication
     • Issue accurate forms in seconds, im-   “Get to market with critical documents
                                                                                          Systems requirements
       proving the customer experience with   and contracts up to 85% faster”             As Revolve is a web based system, the only
       accurate communications                “Revolve cut contract approval times from   software that you need is a web browser
     • Save significant time modifying and    days to minutes”                            and a copy of the free Adobe Reader for
       maintaining multiple versions of forms                                             viewing PDF files.
                                                                                          Revolve supports all latest versions of the
     Enhance productivity and compliance                                                  main web browsers, including Internet
                                                                                          Explorer, Firefox and Safari.
     • Complete forms within hours rather     “Revolve effectively reduced document
       than weeks                             development times by 67%”                   As Revolve is delivered as a service over the
                                                                                          Internet, you only pay for what you use;
     • Eliminate incorrect use of outdated    “Revolve saved us thousands of dollars in
                                                                                          there are no costly servers or licenses to
       printed materials through a central-   printing and postage costs”
                                                                                          purchase and no software to install.
       ised forms library
                                                                                                                                      Wealth Management

                                                                                                        Work efficiently…

   Auto fill any form. Never retype or hand-          Track form History. You will always know         Store signed copies without filing. Fax or
   write information that you have in your            what is happening with any form                  scan any document into Revolve and it will rec-
   client management system                                                                            ognise and automatically file it in the right place.

   Features                                                                                            CASE STUDY
         Form creator — create pre-                        Document Sharing — allow
Wealth Management                                 Wealth Management
         populated forms, product                          multiple parties to review,
         disclosure statements or                          edit and approve forms
         new blank forms                                   Fax, email and scanning                     Pitcher Partners investment advisory divi-
                                                  Wealth Management
         Automate forms using PDF                          — ability to fax, email and                 sion were finding it was sometimes taking
Wealth Management                                                                                      up to half an hour a day to complete an
         — PDF documents can be                            scan all forms into the system
                                                                                                       individual product disclosure statement or
         used as the basis for forms                       Version control — when a                    application form on behalf of their wealth
         templates as a rich interac-             Wealth Management
                                                           change is made to a field with-             management clients.
         tive form online                                  in a form, Revolve automati-                When multiple investments were being
                                                                                                       developed for their clients, they often had
         Searching and retrieving                          cally updates every occurrence
Wealth Management                                                                                      to duplicate personal information many
         — search and retrieve all                         of that field in all document               times onto application forms, which could
         forms stored online quickly                       groups in which it appears                  sometimes result in errors in the double
                                                                                                       handling process. If there were inaccura-
         7 year storage — automatic                        Systems integration —                       cies in filling in the form, the application
Wealth Management                                 Wealth Management
         filing of all scanned and signed                  integration to XPlan and                    form may have needed to be manually
         forms online to comply with                       COIN and most systems                       redone, wasting valuable financial advisors
         auditing requirements                             with an open API
                                                                                                       Revolve has saved their administration
          Document History — full                           Custom branding — Revolve                  staff time by auto filling in forms online,
Wealth Management                                 Wealth Management
          history and audit trail of all                    can look like an internal sys-             reduced error rates in completing
          changes and edits made to                         tem to align with any corpo-               application forms, and enabled all staff
                                                                                                       to access a centralised repository of
          forms                                             rate branding requirements
                                                                                                       standardised forms.

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   If you would like further information about any of our products, services or other case studies, please contact us on any of the information below.

                                                            T: 03 9029 2907               A: Level 4, 343 Little Collins St
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