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									CLASS OF 2012 & 2013
Lajes ES / HS
   To familiarize you with the resources available to
    both parents and students.

   To open a dialogue between parent and student
    about goals, expectations, finances, etc.

   To help both parents and students create a
    year-long plan so that everyone can make the most
    of their time here at Lajes.
Don’t count your days … make your days count.
   The Big Questions
   College Profiles
   Admissions Terminology
   Common Application
   Application Essay / Personal Statement - Do’s and Don’ts
   Tests: SAT, ACT, & ASVAB
   Student Financial Aid Forms
   Resume
   Letter of Recommendation
   Parent / Student Workshop
       Review Schedules and Transcripts
       Register for SAT / ACT exams
       Review Student Financial Aid Forms
The B-I-G Questions
   What do I want to be when I grow up?
   What are the things I can do NOW to help me
    reach my goal?
   What kind of college do I want to go to?
   Do I want a career in the military?
College Profiles
   College Profiles
   Academic Programs Available
   Student – Faculty Ratio
   Average Class Size
   Estimated Cost for Academic Year (room, board, etc.)
   Resident vs. Non-Resident
     University of Hawaii = $3,792 vs. $10,512
     Military / Overseas Exception – Contact Admissions!!!
Additional Considerations
   Scholarship Availability
   Work Study / Resident Assistant
   Extra-curricular and Leadership Opportunities
   AP Credit – Does the college accept it?
   Honors Program
   Academic Support Services
College & University Types

   College – Offers 2         Private – Supported
    or 4 year degrees           through tuition and
   University – Composed       private resources
    of a number of             Research – Larger
    colleges and grants a       schools that emphasize
    variety of degrees          research
   Public – Supported         Comprehensive – Focus
    through state funds         on helping students
                                accomplish career
College & University Types

   Liberal Arts – Broad         Trade School –
    based education in            Specialized training
    a variety of areas,          Military Schools –
    usually smaller in size       Federal military
   Junior/Community –            academies that
    2 year institutions           require U.S. Senate or
   Technical Schools –           Representative
    Occupational                  nomination, private
    programming                   and state supported
Admissions Terminology 101
   Regular Decision
     Schools will have a fixed application deadline

   Rolling Admissions
     Apply early

     Applications are accepted or rejected as they come in

   Early Action
     Not binding

     Can finish application process at that time or wait for other schools

   Early Decision
     Apply by an earlier date

     Binding – If you refuse offer, cannot be accepted into another college.

     All other applications will be withdrawn
The Common Application
   The Common Application is a not-for-profit
    organization that serves students and member
    institutions by providing an admission application –
    online and in print – that students may submit to any
    of 456 institutions.
Application Essay / Personal Statement

Do’s                          Don’ts

   Read other essays            Try to be funny unless
   Answer the question           you are
   Ask for help                 Be general or use
   Edit, rewrite, edit,          overused phrases
    rewrite                      Use the same essay for
   Be personal and sincere       different questions
   Let the essay show who       Plagiarize
    you are                      Have someone else
   Write for impact              write the essay
   Both nationally administered college entrance
    exams and most colleges accept one or other, but
    check with your college / university admissions!
   SAT: a three-part (Reading, Math, Writing) aptitude
    test intended to predict performance in college

   ACT: an achievement test that tests your knowledge
    in four core sections (English, Math, Reading,
    Science) and an optional Writing
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

   Aptitude test that focuses on four areas (Arithmetic
    Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph
    Comprehension and Mathematics Knowledge)
   Geared specifically to the military, but also a
    wonderful resource to gain insight into individual
Financial Resources:
   FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

   Help Completing the FAFSA

   Military Student Aid

    Other resources are available in your packet.
   The NASSP/Herff Jones Principal’s Leadership

   The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Program
   The American Citizenship Award

   The President’s Volunteer Service Award

   NASC (National Association of Student Councils)
   Name, mailing address, phone number with
    international calling code, and email address are
    centered at the top.
   If you have an email address like
    p!, consider creating a new
    one like
   What is it that you want?
    A  specific job
     Acceptance at a specific college / university

     Acceptance into a particular major at college /
   Education – List all the high schools you’ve attended
    in descending order, NOT elementary or middle
    schools. Lajes ES/HS should be listed first since you
    are here now and work your way backwards.
   Focus on education specific to your interest, like
    math or science, or rigorous course work like AP
    classes if you’ve taken any.
   Work Experience (if you have any) - What were your
    responsibilities on the job?
   Volunteer Work or Community Service
   Extra-curricular activities and the number of years you
    participated in them. Did you hold any leadership
   All of these should be bulleted statements starting with
    strong active verbs: coordinated, demonstrated,
    supervised, monitored, assisted with, etc.
   Keep it simple, easy to read and to ONE page only!
Resume Resources
   Adventures in Education – This site offers free
    samples and templates.
   CREW (Connecting Resources, Education &
    Workforce) – This site offers a free printable
    worksheet packet.
Letters of Recommendation
   Select a minimum of three people that you believe
    know your strengths and will feel comfortable speaking
    well of you. Ex: teachers, clergy, supervisors, troop
    leaders, etc.
   Ask them if they are willing to write a letter on your
   Present them with your resume in a folder. Include any
    college forms and other materials like stamped and
    addressed envelope or directions.
   Give them a reasonable timeline to complete the letter.
    Come back and pick it up at a pre-arranged time, if
   A hand-written thank you note is greatly appreciated!
Personalized Packet
   Transcript
   School Schedule for 2011-2012
   Year Long Calendar of School Events
   Resume Sample
   Common Application
   Sample Admissions Essays
   Additional financial aid websites
For the Good of the Order
   NHS Meeting in Room 132 (elementary hallway) on
    Monday, August 29th after school for all members
    and those who might apply 2nd semester.
   Senior chapter members of the National Honor
    Society are eligible for college scholarships, too!
    Contact Ms. Daniele at
    quickly. Nominations take place in September!

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