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									DHW Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initials List

18 or 18-211   Criminal Mental Health Code
66 or 66-329   Civil Commitment Code
A-95           Circular A-95, U.S. Office of Management and Budget
A&A            Aid and Attendance
AA             Administrative Assistant or Affirmative Action or Alcoholics Anonymous
AAA            Area Agency on Aging
AABD           Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled
AB             Aid to the Blind
ABAWD          Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents
ABC            Accounts Receivable Billing and Collections (system)
ABEND          Abnormal Ending
ABHE           Advisory Board for Health Education
ACCESS         Access to Care Coordination, Evaluation, Services, and Supports
A/CDC          Adult/Child Development Center
               Advanced Communication Function or Administration for Children and
ACH            Automated Clearing House
ACIP           Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
ACIR           Advisory Committee of Intergovernmental Relations
ACM            Administrative Case Management
ACS            Address Change Service or Automated Calendar System
ACSES          Automated Child Support Enforcement System (see ICSES)
ACSW           Academy of Certified Social Workers
               Assertive Community Treatment team (for MH clients, each region at least
ADA            Americans with Disabilities Act
ADABAS         Software AG Database Product
ADAMH          Alcohol, Drug And Mental Health
ADAMHA         Alcohol, Drug And Mental Health Act
ADAMHBG        Alcohol, Drug And Mental Health Block Grant
ADC            Aid to Dependent Children (state version) (AFDC - federal version)
ADD            Attention Deficit Disorder
ADEA           Age Discrimination in Employment Act
ADF            Automatic Document Feed
ADHD           Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
ADM        Administration
ADP        Automated Data Processing
ADS        Code for Strong Start Leave (1 hr per wk-4 hr per mo)
AE         Administrative Error
A/E        Architect/Engineer
AFCARS     Adoptions, Foster Care, Analysis and Reporting System
           Aid to Families w/Dependent Children (Federal version) (ADC - State
AFDC-UP    Aid to Families w/Dependent Children - Unemployed Parent
AFP        Advanced Function Printing
AG         Attorney General
AHA        American Hospital Association
AHEC       Area Health Education Consortium
AHERA      Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
AHFLCD     Association of Health Facilities Licensing and Certification Directors
AHJ        Authority Having Jurisdiction
AHSDF      Area Health Services Development Fund
AID        Advanced Input Devices
AIMS       Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale
AIDS       Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIHA       American Industrial Hygiene Association
AIP        Annual Implementation Plan
AIM        Advanced Information Management
AIMS       Automated Information Management System (Medicaid)
AITA       Alcoholism and Intoxification Treatment Act
AIS        Address Information System
aka        also known as
AL         Annual Leave
AMA        American Medical Association
AMI        Alliance for the Mentally Ill
AMS        Address Management System
ANAO       Australian National Audit Office
ANSI       American National Standards Institute
anti-HBs   hepatitis B surface antibody
AO         Auditor's Office
AP         Absent Parent or Accounts Payable
APCUG    Association of PC User Groups
APD      Advance Planning Document
APDU     Advance Planning Document Update
APHA     American Public Health Association
         American Public Human Services Association (previously APWA - American
         Public Human Services Association)
API      Application Program Interface
APIRS    Application Processing and Information Retrieval System
APS      Automated Purchasing and Inventory Software
APTD     Aid to Permanently and Totally Disabled
A/R      Applicant/Recipient
AR       Accounts Receivable
         Adult Residential Care or AIDS Related Complex or Association for Retarded
ARCS     Accounts Receivable Collection System
ARCCC    Adult Residential Care Coordinating Committee
ARTS     Asset Reporting and Tracking System
A/S      Adult Services
AS       Administrative Secretary or Alcohol Safety Program
ASAP     as soon as possible or Automated Standard Application for Payments
ASC      Ambulatory Surgical Centers or Automated Scheduling Calendar
         The set of codes used on the PC to represent letters (upper and lower case),
ASCII    numbers, symbols and punctuation, and as created by the American
         Standards Committee for Information Interchange
ASCS     Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Services
ASFA     Adoption and Safe Families Act
ASHA     Association American Speech Language/Hearing (also ISHA)
ASHRAE   American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers
ASNS     Acuity and Service-Need Scale
ASTHO    Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
ASTI     Applied Statistics Training Institute
ASTM     American Society for Testing Materials
         Advanced Training Methods or Asynchronous Transfer Mode or Automated
         Teller Machine
ATP      Authorization to Proceed or Authorization to Participate
ATS      Adoption Tracking System
ATU      Alcohol Treatment Unit
AVRHS    Association for Vital Records and Health Statistics
AWP       Average Wholesale Price
AWT       Advanced Wastewater Treatment
BACT      Best Available Control Technology
BAR/PS    Billing Accounts Receivable/Payable System
BBS       Bulletin Board Service
BC        Birth Certificate
BCD       Birth Certificate Date
BCI       Bureau of Criminal Identification
BCMRT     Back Country Medical Rescue Team
          Bureau of Common Required Reporting or Bureau's Common Reporting
BCS       Bar Code Sorter
BCSR      Brief Consultation and Screening Report
BCSE      Bureau of Child Support Enforcement
BDC       Backup Domain Controller
BDMS      Bureau of Data Management & Strategy
BDS       Bureau of Disaster Services
BEER      Beneficiary Earnings Exchange Record
BENDEX    Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange
BEST      Building Exemplary Service Teams
BFM       Bureau of Facilities Management
BFM TAG   Budget and Financial Mgmt. Technical Advisory Group
BFOQ      Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications
          Bureau of Human Resources, Division of Management Services, Dept. of
          Health and Welfare
BIA       Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIAP      Bureau of Individual Assistance Programs
b.i.d.    twice a day
BID       Basic Input Document
BIT       Binary Digit
BMP       Best Management Practices
BMS       Basic Map Support
          Basic Order Agreement (health data developed by National Center for Health
BOD       Biochemical Oxygen Demand
BPS       Bits Per Second
BS        Services for the Blind
BSC      Binary Synchronous Communication or Bisynchronous Control
BSF      Building Stronger Families
BSU      Boise State University
BTU      British Thermal Unit or Bulk Tank Unit
BYB      Baby Your Baby Campaign
CA       Communications Assistant or Contingent Annuitant
CAFR     Comprehensive Annual Financial Report(s)
CA/N     Child Abuse and Neglect services
CAP      Corrective Action Plan or Customer Advantage Program
CARE     Customer Assistance Request (Form)
CARES    Children at Risk Evaluation Services
CARS     Comprehensive Automotive Reporting System
CART     Child Abuse Resource Team
CASA     Court Appointed Special Advocates
CASSP    Child and Adolescents Services Systems Program
CAU      Controlled Access Unit
CBAN     Cost Benefit Analysis Update
CBC      Complete Blood Count
CBFRP    Community-Based Family Resource Programs
CBO      Congressional Budget Office
CBT      Computer Based Training
CCA      Community Action Agency
CCD      Common Client Directory
CCDBG    Child Care & Development Block Grant
CCDF     Child Care Development Fund
CCOA     Canyon County Organization on Aging
CCOY     Clearwater Interagency Council on Youth
CCHR     Citizens Commission on Human Rights
CCP      Composite Correction Plan
CCS      Crippled Children's Service
CD       Code
CD-ROM   Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CDA      Child Development Associate
CDC      Centers for Disease Control or Child Development Center
CDHD     Central District Health Department
CDL      Commercial Driver's License
CDP        Coordinated Discretionary Program
CDS        Communication Disorder Specialist or Central Drug Scan
CE         Customer Engineer
CEC        Council on Exceptional Children or Change in Employee Compensation
CEMs       Continuous Emissions Monitors
CERCLA     Comprehensive Emergency Response Compensation and Liability Account
CETA       Comprehensive Education and Training Act
CEU        Continuing Education Unit (credit)
CF         Child Find
CFC        Child Find Coordinator
CFDA       Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
CFIT       Caring for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities - a new role for physicians
CFFR       Consolidated Federal Funds Report
CFN        Community Food and Nutrition
CFR        Code of Federal Regulations
cfs        cubic feet per second
CGFM       Certified Government Financial Manager
CGS        Contract Generation System
CHAMPUS    Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
CHAMPVA    Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration
CHC        Community Health Centers program or Criminal History Check
CHC/CCU    Criminal History Check/Central Collection Unit
CHEMTREC   Chemical Transportation Emergency Center
CHF        Criminal History Background Checks
CHIP       Children's Health Insurance Program
           Community Hospital Information Processing System or Child Health
           Improvement Programs
CHP        Comprehensive Health Planning (State Agency or Areawide Agency)
CHSS       Cooperative Health Statistics System
CHU        Criminal History Unit
CICS       Customer Information Control System
CID        Consortium for Individuals or Idahoans with Disabilities
CIFA       Council of Infrastructure Authorities
CIJE       Current Index to Journal in Education
CISD       Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
CLIA       Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
CMA      Computer Matching Act or Cash, Medical, & Administration
CMFONI   Capitol Mall Fiber Optic Network of Idaho
CMHCA    Community Mental Health Centers Act
CMIA     Cash Management Improvement Act
CMHS     Center for Mental Health Services
CMPPA    Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988
CMST     Case Management Screening Tool
CMTA     Capitol Metro Transporting Authority
CMV      Cytomegalovirus
CNA      Certified Nurses Aide
CNAA     Citizens Network Agribusiness Alliance
CNE      Certified NetWare Engineer
CO       Central Office or Change Order
CO2      Carbon Dioxide
COA      Child of an Alcoholic
CO-AD    Coalition of Advocates for the Disabled - protection and advocacy agency
COBOL    Common Business-Oriented Language
COBRA    Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985
CODCU    Central Office Document Control Unit
COEHD    Council of Environmental Health Directors
COG      Council of Governments
COLA     Social Security cost-of-living adjustment
COLD     Computer Output to Laser Disks
COM      Computer Output Microfilm
CON      Certificate of Need
CORF     Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
COTA     Certified Occupational Therapist Association
CP       Cerebral Palsy or Child Protection or Correctional Program for Adults
CPADD    Child Protection Analysis & Design Document
CPD      Common Participant Directory
CPI      Consumer Price Index
CPIS     Central Property Inventory System
CPS      Child Protection Services or Characters Per Second
CPU      Central Processing Unit
CQI      Continuous Quality Improvement
CR       Civil Rights
CRA      Community Reinvestment Act
CRD      Client Registration Document
CRDS     Community Resource Development Specialist
CRNA     Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
CRNP     Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner
CRT      Cathode Ray Tube
CSBG     Community Services Block Grant
CSD      Child Support Disregard
CSDGS    Child Support Documentation Generation System
         Child Support Enforcement Program (Title IV-D) or Community Supported
CSENet   Child Support Enforcement Network
CSES     Child Support Enforcement System
CSHP     Children's Special Health Program
CSI      College of Southern Idaho
CSM      Contract Services Manager or Customer Service Manager
CSP      Community Support Program
CSPD     Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
CSR      Continuing Service Report
CST      Child Study Team
CSU      Customer Service Unit
CT       Chlamydia Trachomatis (written as C. trachomatis)
CTC      Continuous Total Copy
CUP      Conditional Use Permit
CVR      Client Visit Records
CW       Child Welfare Programs (Title IV-B)
CWEP     Community Work Experience Program
CWS      Child Welfare Services
CY       Calendar Year(s)
CYAP     Community Youth Activity Program
DA       Department of Administration or District Attorney
DAR      Daily Activity Record (now FOCUS)
DARE     Drug Abuse Resistance Education
DASPA    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs
DBA      Database Administrator
DBM      Database Management
DBMS     Database Management System
DC       Document Control or Domain Controller
DCA      Division of Cost Allocation
DD       Developmental Disabilities or Developmentally Delayed
DDA      Developmental Disabilities Agency (private provider of DD services)
DDC      Defensive Driving Course or Developmental Disability Center/Council
DDI      Design, Develop, Implement
         Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health; used in conjunction with the
         Service Delivery Project.
DDP      Developmental Disabilities Program
DDST     Denver Developmental Screening Test
DDU      Disability Determination Unit
DE       Designated Exam or Examiner
DEC      Division of Early Childhood
DEEC     Division of Environment Emergency Coordination
DEFRA    Deficit Reduction Act of 1984
DEQ      Department of Environmental Quality
DERA     Dose Evaluation/Risk Assessment
DERP     Defense Environmental Restoration Program
DFM      Idaho Division of Financial Management
DHCP     Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHD      District Health Department
DHEW     old title for DHHS - Department of Health, Education and Welfare
DHHS     Department of Health and Human Services
DHR      Idaho Division of Human Resources
DHS      Disproportionate Share Hospital
DHUD     Department of Housing and Urban Development
DHW      Department of Health and Welfare
DIA      Denver International Airport
DIC      Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
         Disclosure of Information to Federal, State and Local Agencies (or
DIP      Detailed Implementation Plan
DIS      Detailed Implementation Schedule
DISC     Data-Image Systems Corporation
DISOSS   Distributed Office Support System
DLA     Data Link Attached
DLC     Data Link Control
DLIS    Department of Labor and Industrial Services
DLS     Department of Legal Services
DM      Data Management
DME     Durable Medical Equipment
DMI     Desktop Management Interface
DMM     Domestic Mail Manual
        Department of Education or former Department of Employment (now DOL /
        Department of Labor) or Department of Energy
DOL     Department of Labor
DOT     Department of Transportation
DP      Data Processing
DPA     Designated Planning Agency
DPDO    Defense Property Disposal Office
DPW     Division of Public Works
DRA     Deficit Reduction Act
DRS     Drug Rebate System or Disqualified Recipient Subsystem
DS      Developmental Specialist
DSA     Delta Systems Associates
DSH     Disproportionate Share Hospital
DSL     Direct Student Loan
DSMIT   severe behavior disorders
DSS     Department of Social Services or Decision Support Systems
DTF     Data Transfer Files
DTP     vaccination (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis)
DVLP    Development
DVS     Division of Veterans Services
DWI     Developmental Workshop Industries
E&T     Employment and Training
        Form used in payroll to initiate payment of back pay, bonuses or special
EAC     Estimated Acquisition Cost
EAP     Employee Assistance Program
EBT     Electronic Benefits Transfer (Idaho Quest Card - replaces Food Stamps)
EC      Emergency Contact
ECA     Emergency Contracting Authority
ECCO     Electronic Customer Communication Option
ECM      Electronic Claims Management
EDB      ethylene dibromide
EDCAPS   Education Department Central Automated Processing System
EDI      Electronic Data Interchange
EDP      Electronic Data Processing
EDPMS    Education Payment Management System
EDS      Electronic Data System
EDSF     Electronic Data Systems Federal
EE       Eligibility Examiner
EEO      Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOC     Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEP      Employee Enrichment Program
EFNEP    Expanded Food and Nutritional Education Program
EFT      Electronic Funds Transfer
EHA      Education for the Handicapped Act
EHI      Employee Health Insurance
EHSDS    Experimental Health Services Delivery System
EI       Early Intervention or Emotionally Impaired
EIN      Employer Identification Number
         Employee Information System or Executive Information Systems or Early
         Intervention Specialist
EISSA    Eastern Idaho Special Services Agency
EITC     Earned Income Tax Credit
ELT      Executive Leadership Team
EMPACT   Employee Action [Council]
EMS      Emergency Medical Services or Eligibility Management Systems, Inc.
END      Environment News Digest
EOB      Explanation of Benefits
EP       Employability Plan or erythrocyte protoporphyrin
EPA      Environmental Protection Agency or Emergency Purchase Authorization
EPS      Electronic Payment System
EPICS    Eligibility Programs Integrated Computer System
EPLS     Federal Parent Locate Service
EPSDT    Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis & Treatment
ER       Employee Records
ERC      Executive Review Committee
ERISA    Employment Retirement Income Security Act
ES       Employment Services
ESC      EPSDT Service Coordinator/Coordination
ESGP     Emergency Shelter Grant Program
ESII     Envirosafe Services of Idaho Incorporated
ESRD     End State Renal Disease
ESRI     Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.
ET       Electronic Transfer or End Transaction
ETA      Estimated Time of Arrival
ETE      Education, Training and Employment Program
EVS      Enumeration Verification System (Numident)
F&B      Finance and Budget
FA       Fiscal Agent
FACES    Family and Community Economic Stimulus
         Family and Community Services or Federal Aid Control System or Family
         Adult/and Children Services
FAMIS    Financial Assistance Management Information System
FAPE     Free and Appropriate Public Education
FASO     Financial Assistance Section Office
FC       Foster Care
FC/AA    Foster Care/Adoption Assistance (Title IV-E)
FCC      Federal Costing Concepts
FCS      Food and Consumer Services (FNS)
FCSIS    Family-Centered Services Information System
FDDI     Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FECO     Field Environmental Control Officer
FEMA     Federal Emergency Management Agency
FERC     Federal Energy Regulation Commission
FFADD    Final Focus Analysis & Design Document
FFP      Federal Financial Participation
FICA     Federal Insurance Contribution Act
FIFRA    Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
FIPS     Federal Information Processing Standards
FIRST    The Foundation for Individual Responsibility & Social Trust
FISCAL   Financial Information System with Cost Allocation
FLSA    Fair Labor Standards Act
FMAP    Federal Medical Assistance Percentages
FMLA    Family and Medical Leave Act
FMS     Financial Management Services
FNS     Food and Nutrition Services (replaced by FCS)
FO      Field Office or Field Operations or Fiscal Office
FOC     Field Operation Council
FOCUS   Family Oriented Community User System
FOIL    Freedom of Information Law
FP      Family Planning
FPAL    Fiscal Policy Advisory Committee
FPLS    Federal Parent Locator Service
FS      Food Stamps - Food Stamp Program
FSA     Family Support Act or Family Support/Services Administration
FSCP    Federal/State Cooperative Program
FSES    Fire Safety Evaluation System
FSIIS   Food Stamp Integrated Information System
FSR     Final Status Report
FTE     Full-Time Equivalent or Full-Time Employee
FTO     Federal Tax Offset
FTP     Full-Time Personnel or File Transfer Protocol
FTROP   Federal Tax Refund Offset Program
FUTA    Federal Unemployment Tax Act
FWPCA   Federal Water Pollution Control Act
FY      Fiscal Year
FYI     For Your Information
GA      General Assistance
GAAP    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAD     Grant Award Document
GAO     General Accounting Office
GAP     psychoneurotic disorders
GATS    General Agreement on Trade in Services
GB      Gigabyte
GBS     Guillain-Barre Syndrome
GCAPP   Governor Commission on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
GF      General Fund
GHNW             Group Health Northwest
GI               gastrointestinal
GIGO             Garbage In, Garbage Out
GIS              Geographic Information System
GLEPS            guaranteed low end prize structure (to do with the lottery)
GLO              Guardian ad Litem
GMRAC            Governor=s Medicaid Reform Advisory Council
GOJA             Guidelines Oriented Job Analysis
GOSIP            Government Open System Interconnect Profile
GPRA             Government Performance and Results Act
GR               Grievance Records
GRC              Geriatric Resource Center
GUI              Graphical User Interface
GWRAC            Governor=s Welfare Reform Advisory Council
HBs Ag           hepatitis B surface antigen
H&W              Department of Health and Welfare
HCBS             Home and Community Based Services
                 Home and Community Based Service Waiver for the Developmentally
HCCDC            Home Care for Certain Disabled Children (Katie Beckett Fund)
HCFA             Health Care Finance Administration (Federal agency)
HCO              Hearing Carryover
HCPCS            HCFA Common Procedure Coding System
HCR              House Concurrent Resolution
HDC              Human Development Center or HCFA Data Center
HELP & HELP II   Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance
HEP              Habitat Evaluation Procedures
HEPA             High Emissivity Particulate Air-filter
HEW              See HHS
HHS              Department of Health and Human Services
HIMS             Hospital Information Management System
HIPAA            Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIRC             Health Information Retrieval Center
HIV              Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HMO              Health Maintenance Organization
HOPE             Hospital Outreach Placement and Education
HOYO          Home of Your Own
HPEAA         Health Professions Educational Assistance Act
HPO           High Performance Organization
HPRD          Health Planning and Resource Development
HR            Human Resources or Ethnicity Records
HRA           Health Resources Administration
HRC           Human Resources Program Coordinator
HRDC          Human Resources Development Committee
HRIS          Human Resources Information System
HRM           Human Resources Management
HRPC          Human Resource Program Coordinator - Same as HRC
HS            Health Services

HSA or IHSA   Health Systems Agency (Idaho)

hsa           Health Service Area
HSG           Healthcare Services Group, Inc.
HSP           Health System Plan
HTLV-III      Human T-Cell Lymphotrophic Virus-Type III
HTML          Hypertext Markup Language
HURA          Health Underserved Rural Area
HUS           Hemolytic Uranic Syndrome
HYAC          Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
HYTH          Help Yourself to Health
I&R           Information and Referral
IA            Internet Architecture
IACI          Idaho Assoc. of Commerce and Industry (non-state)
              Idaho Association of Community Rehabilitation Providers. This is a group of
              private providers in Idaho who have supplied community supported
IACRP         employment (CSE) and sheltered work services for people all kinds of
              disabilities. In CSE, the consumer has a job coach who helps him learn on-
              the-job at a regular (real) worksite, like McDonalds or a janitorial job.
IAEYC         Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children
IAMFES        International Assoc. of Milk, Food, and Environment Sanitarians, Inc.
IARI          Idaho Association of Rehabilitation Industries
IAT           Intra Agency Transfers aka Electronics Receipting
IBADCC        Idaho Board of Alcohol/Drug Counselor=s Certification, Inc.
IC            Idaho Code or Intermediate Care
ICAMA         Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance
ICAD          Idaho Conference on Alcohol-Drug Dependency
ICAP          Idahoans Concerned with Adolescent Pregnancy, Inc.
ICBO          Intermountain Conference of Building Officials
ICC           Interagency Coordinating Council
ICCC          Idaho Cancer Coordinating Committee
ICCP          Idaho Child Care Program
ICD           International Classification of Disease
ICDV          Idaho Council on Domestic Violence
ICF           Intermediate Care Facility
ICF/MR        Intermediate Care Facility (for Developmentally Disabled)/Mentally Retarded
ICHA          Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs or Idaho Community Hospital Assoc
ICIS          Interstate Compact Information System
ICJ           Interstate Compact on Juveniles
ICMH          Interstate Compact on Mental Health
ICMP          Individual Case Management Plan
ICN           Internal Control Number
ICOA          Idaho Commission on Aging
ICPC          Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
ICPP          Idaho Chemical Processing Plant
ICSES         Idaho Child Support Enforcement System
ICSPP         Interstate Compact for Supervision of Parolees and Probationers
ICTR          Idaho Central Tumor Registry
ICWA          Indian Child Welfare Act
IDAPA         Idaho Administrative Procedures Act
IDEA          Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDEA-Part B   The section of IDEA pertaining to special education for children ages 3-12.
              The section of IDEA pertaining to early intervention for infants and toddlers,
              ages IDEA 0-3. This will change to Part C on July 1, 1998.

IDEAS         Integrated Data Envelopment Analysis System

IDR           Informational and Deliverable Review
IDT           Interdisciplinary Team
IDWR          Idaho Department of Water Resources
IE            Internet Explorer (by Microsoft)
IEEE          Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEHA          Idaho Environmental Health Association
IEI           Invitation for Expression of Interest
IEP           Individualized Education Plan
IEPBS         Idaho Educations/Public Broadcasting System
IEU           Input, Edit, and Update
IEVS          Income Eligibility Verification System
IFF           Idaho Frozen Foods
IFG           Individual and Family Grant
IFOA          Idaho Fiscal Officers Association
IFSP          Individualized Family Services Plan
IHA           Idaho Hospital Association
IHB           Intermountain Hospital Behavioral Unit in Boise
IHE           Institution of Higher Learning or Inadvertent Household Error
IHFRB         Idaho Health Facilities Review Board
IHL           Institution(s) of Higher Learning
IHSA or HSA   Health Systems Agency (Idaho)
IID           Individual Input Devices or Initial Input Document
IIM           Individual Indian Monies
IIP           Individualized Implementation Plan
IIS           Microsoft's Internet Information Server (Internet / Intranet Server)
ILETS         Idaho Law Enforcement Telecommunication System
IMAP          Idaho Medical Assistance Program
IMC           Idaho Migrant Council
IMD           Institution of Mental Disease
IMIS          Integrated Measured Information System
IMPA          Intermountain Milk Producers Association
INA           Immigration and Nationality Act
INEEL         Idaho National Engineering & Environmental Laboratory
INH           isoniazid
INS           Immigration and Naturalization Service
INSVAW        Idaho Advocates Manual for Rape Crisis Intervention
I/O           Input/Output
IOC           Inspection of Care
IP            Internet Protocol
IPC           Idaho Personnel Commission
IPDES         Idaho Pollution Discharge Elimination System
IPEA          Idaho Public Employees Association
IPL           Initial Program Load
IPP           Improved Pregnancy Program
IPS           Integrated Payment System Inc.
IPUL          Idaho Parents Unlimited, Inc.
IPV           Intentional Program Violation
IR            Impartial Review
IRC           Internal Revenue Code
IRCA          Immigration Reform and Control Act
IRG           Initial Review Group or Interstate Roster Guide
IRS           Internal Revenue Service
ISAG          Information Services Advisory Group
ISEC          Information Systems Executive Committee
ISHN or SHN   Idaho State Hospital North
ISHS          Idaho State Hospital Society
ISHS or SHS   Idaho State School and Hospital
ISL           Idaho State Library
ISP           Individual Services Plan or Idaho State Police or Internet Service Provider
ISPF          Interactive System Productivity Facility
ISSD&B        Idaho State School for the Deaf and Blind
ISSH          Idaho State School and Hospital - Nampa
ISU           Idaho State University - Pocatello
ISVH-B        Idaho State Veterans Home - Boise
ISVH-L        Idaho State Veterans Home - Lewiston
ISVH-P        Idaho State Veterans Home - Pocatello
IT            Information Technology
ITC           Infant Toddler Council
ITD           Idaho Transportation Department
I-TRADE       International Trade Resource & Data Exchange
ITRMC         Information Technology Resource Management Committee/Council
ITSD          Information & Technology Services Division
IUI           Interactive User Interface
IVDU          Intravenous Drug Use
IVF           Investigative Records
IWRRI         Idaho Water Resources Research Institute
IYR         Idaho Youth Ranch
JAD         Joint Application Development
JADS        Joint Application Development System
JAS         JOBS Automated System Job Analysis Summary
JCAH        Joint Commission Accredited Hospital
JCAHO       Joint Comm. on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
JCL         Job Control Language
JD          Job Description
JDU         Juvenile Diagnostic Unit
JES         Job Execution System
JET         Job Employment Training
JFAC        Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee
JHS         Job History System
JJRTS       Juvenile Justice Restitution Tracking System
JOBS        Job Opportunities/Basic Skills training program
JRDD        Joint Requirements Design Document
JRIF        Job Related Interview Form
JRJD        Job Related Job Description
JRPE        Job Related Performance Evaluation
JRW Bldg.   Joe R. Williams Building
JSAP        Job Search Assistance Program
JTPA        Job Training Partnership Act
JURIS       Juvenile Restitution System
JXS         Job Exchange System
KB          Kilobyte or Katie Beckett
KISS        Keep It Simple, Smartone
KKS         Keeping Kids Safe
KPI         Key performance indicators
L&C         Licensing and Certification
LAM         Lobe Attachment Module
LAN         Local Area Network
LASER       Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation
LATC        Local Area Technical Coordinator
LAV         lymphadenopathy-associated virus
LBB         Legislative Budget Book
LBJ Bldg.   Len B. Jordan Building
LBO      Legislative Budget Office
LEA      Local Education Agency
LEL      Lower Exposure Limit
LEPC     Law Enforcement Planning Commission
LEPS     Limited English Proficient Speaking
LHRC     Local Human Resource Contact
LHRS     Local Human Resources Management Support
LID      Longevity Increase Due
LIHEA    Low Income Home Energy Assistance
LIHEAA   Low Income Home Energy Assistance Act
LIHEAP   Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
LIMS     Laboratory Information Management System
LINC     Living Independence Network Corp.
LIP      Label Improvement Program
LMC      Local Move Coordinator
LMCA     Local Move Coordinator=s Assistant
LPM      Lines Per Minute
LRE      Least Restrictive Environment
LSC      Life Safety Code
LSCA     Library Services and Construction Act
LSS      Lutheran Social Services
LTC      Long-Term Care
LTS      Legislative Tracking System
LU       Logic Unit
LUST     Leaking Underground Storage Tank
LVN      Licensed Visiting Nurse
LWOP     Leave Without Pay
MA       Medical Assistance
M&FA     Medical and Financial Assistance
M&IC     Maternal and Infant Care or Maternity and Infant Care
MAC      Maximum Allowable Cost
MAFA     Medical and Finance Assistance
MAID     Medical Assistance IDentification (Medicaid card with eligibility info only)
MAN      Metropolitan Area Network
MAP      Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid)
MAU      Multiple Access Unit
MB      Medicaid Bureau or Megabyte
MBES    Medicaid Budget and Expenditure System
MBO     Management by Objectives
MCA     Medical Care America Development Company
MCCA    Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act
MCE     Medical Care Evaluation
mcg.    microgram
MCH     Maternal and Child Health
MCHB    Maternal and Child Health Bureau
MCHBG   Maternal and Child Health Block Grant
MCHIP   Maternal and Child Health Improvement Project
MCO     Maintenance of Current Operation
MCS     Modified Conservation Standard
MDS     minimum data sets
MDT     Multi Disciplinary Team
MECHA   BSU Hispanic Student Organization
MEQC    Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control
MER     Miscellaneous Encumbrance Requisition
MF      Medical Records/Accident and Injury Reports
MH      Mental Health
MHS     Mail Handling System
MIA     Mail Issuance Agent
MINET   Medical Information Network
MIS     Management Information System
MLCP    Multi-Location Calling Plan
MMACS   Medicaid/Medicare Automated Certification System
MMIS    Medicaid Management Information System
MMWR    Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
MNIL    Medically Needy Income Level
MODEM   Modulate - Demodulate
MOE     Maintenance of Effort
MPC     Multi-Purpose Code
MPM     Measured Project Management
MQs     Minimum Qualifications
MR      Mentally Retarded or Mental Retardation Program
MRI     Magnetic Resource Imaging
MRM       Micro Resource Manager
MRRB      Monthly Reporting and Retrospective Budgeting
          Management Services or Months of Service or Multiple Sclerosis or Merit
MSR       Congressional Midsession Review
MSRT      Medical/Social Review Team
MSTI      Mountain States Tumor Institute
MTBE      Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
MTST      Magnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter
MUA       Medically Underserved Area
MVS       Multiple Virtual Storage
MVARC     Magic Valley Alcohol Recovery Center
NAAQS     National Ambient Air Quality Standard
NACHA     National Association of Clearing House Associations
NACO      National Association of County Officials
NAEYC     National Association for the Education of Young Children
NAPCWA    National Association of Public Child Welfare Administrations
NAPIS     National Alcoholism Program Information System
NARO      National Association of Reimbursement Officer=s
NASACT    National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers
NASTAD    National Association of State and Territorial AIDS Directors
NASVH     National Association of State Veterans Homes
NASW      National Association of Social Workers
NAUMD     Nat'l Assoc. of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors
NCA       Notice of Cooperative Agreement
NCCAN     Nat'l Center on Child Abuse and Neglect
NCHCA     National Community on Health Credentialing Agencies
NCHS      National Center for Health Statistics
NCI       National Cancer Institute
NCOA      National Change of Address
NCP       Network Control Program
NCPERS    National Conference on Public Employees Retirement System
NDATUS    National Drug Abuse Treatment Utilization Survey
NDM       Network Data Mover
NEC*TAS   Nation Early Childhood Technical Assistance System
NEHA      National Environmental Health Association
NEPA       National Environmental Policy Act
NFMA       National Forest Management Act
NETCOM     (telephone system)
NEW        National Eligibility Workers Association
NEXT       National Evaluation of X-ray Trends
NFMA       National Forest Management Act
NFPA       National Fire Protection Agency
NFPRHA     National Family Planning Reproductive Health Assoc.
NGA        Notice of Grant Award
NHSC       National Health Service Corps
NICAA      North Idaho Community Action Agency
NICU       Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
NID        Next Increase Due
NIH        National Institute of Health
NIMH       National Institute for Mental Health
NIOS       Northern Idaho Operators Section
NIOSH      National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
NIST       National Institute for Standards and Technology
NOID       Notice of Intended Deregistration
NOVA       National Organization for Victim Assistance
NPDES      National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
NRC        Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRL        Normal Recruitment Level
NRSTEN     Nat'l Registered State Telecommunications Network
NSF        National Science Foundation or Non-Sufficient Funds
NSI        Network Solutions Inc.
NT         Microsoft's "Network Technology" operating system
NTIS       National Technical Information Service
NTMB       nontuberculosis mycobacterial
NTU        Nethelometric
NUMADENT   (computer report)
NWREL      Northwest Regional Educational Laboratories
OA         Services to the Aged Under the Older Americans Act
OAA        Old Age Assistance
OASDI      Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance
OASIS      Online Access State Information System
OBRA    Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
OC      Orientation Committee
OCR     Optical Character Reader
OCSE    Office of Child Support Enforcement
ODBC    Open Database Connectivity
OE      Operating Expense
OEH     Office of Environmental Health
OEO     Office of Economic Opportunity
OEP     Occupational Education Program
OES     Office of Engineering Services
OET     Outdoor Experimental Training
OFA     Office of Family Assistance
OFCCP   Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program
OHPRD   Office of Health Policy and Resource Development
OIG     Office of Inspector General
OJP     Office of Justice Programs
OJT     On-the-Job Training
OLE     Object Linking and Embedding
OMB     Office of Management and Budget (U.S.)
OME     Otitis Media Effusions
OPP     Office of Public Participation
ORI     Office of Research Integrity
ORW     Outstanding Resource Waters
OS      Operating Systems
OSEP    Office of Special Education Programs
OSERS   Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services
OSHA    Occupational Safety and Health Act
OT      Occupational Therapist/Therapy or Overtime
OTA     Office of Technical Assessment
OTI     Office of Treatment Improvement
OV      OfficeVision
OVA     Office of Veterans Advocacy (previously Veterans Service Office)
OWBPA   Older Worker's Benefit Protection Act
P&A     Protection and Advocacy
PA      Prosecuting Attorney or Public Assistance or Programmer Analyst
PAAP    Public Assistance Cost Allocation Plan
PAAT     Parent as a Teacher
PABX     Personal Automatic Branch Exchange
PAOS     Panhandle Alcoholism Outpatient Services
PAR      Parole Services for Adults or Program Administrative Review
PAS      Prior Authorization Subsystem
PASARR   Preadmission Screening and Annual Resident Review
PASG     Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment
PBFAC    Permanent Building Fund Advisory Council
PC       Personnel Commission or Personal Computer
PC-1     IPC standard application form
PC1A     Application Qualifications Statement
         The Position Description Questionnaire designed by the Idaho Personnel
         Commission for use in describing most positions in state government.
         The Position Description Questionnaire designed by IPC for use in describing
         clerical and secretarial positions.
         Supplemental Position Description Questionnaire. A form used in conjunction
         with the PC-12 to provide updates on PDQs.
         The PDQ designed by IPC for use in describing accounting and bookkeeping
PCA      Program Cost Account (bills are charged to these numbers)
PCB      Polychlorinated Biphenyl
PC/E     President=s Council on Integrity & Efficienty
PCN      Position/Personnel Control Number
PCS      Personal Care Services
PDH      Packaged Disaster Hospital
PDS      Partitioned Data Set
PFC      Passenger Facility Charge
PDQ      Position Description Questionnaire
PEBSCO   Public Employees Benefits Service Corporation
PEIS     Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
PEP      Public Employment Program
PERC     Parent Education Resources Center
PERSI    Public Employees Retirement System of Idaho
PGA      Purchase Gas Cost Adjustment (no C)
PHGA     Portland Highland Games Association
PHS      Public Health Service
PHSBG    Preventive Health Services Block Grant
PI          Public Information or Palouse Industries
PIC         Private Industry Council or Primary Interexchange Carrier
PICU        Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
PIF         Policy Interpretation File or Program Information File
PIG         Program Integration Group
PIM         Port Interphase Module
PIO         Public Information Office
PIP         Program Implementation Plan or Pocatello Investment Partnership
PKU         Phenylketonuria
PL          Public Law
PL 99-457   1986 Amendments to Education for Handicapped Act
PM          Preventive Medicine or Program Manager or Preventative Maintenance
PMO         Pasteurized Milk Ordinance
PMS         Payment Management System
PNSS        Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance System
PO          Post Office or Print Out or Purchase Order
POD         Pay on Death
POP         Premium Only Plan
POPS        Points of Presence
POS         Point of Sale, Source or Service
POTW        Publicly Owned Treatment Works
PP          Public Participation or Patient Profile
ppb         parts per billion
PPC         Positive Peer Culture
PPE         Personal Protective Equipment
PPIS        Pollution Prevention Incentives for States
PPOC        Public Participation Oversight Committee
PRC         Personal Responsibility Contract
PRM         Provider Reimbursement Manual
PRO         Professional Review Organization or Probation Services for Adults
PROW        Professional Review Organization for Washington
PRP         Primarily Responsible Party
PRWORA      Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act
PS          Production Services
PSA         Personal Service Aide or Public Service Announcement
PSD         Prevention of Significant Deterioration
PSE      Public Service Employee
PSI      Project Initiation Report
PSRO     Professional Standards Review Organization
PT       Physical Therapy/Therapist
PTF      Program Temporary Fix
PTSD     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PU       Physical Unit
PUPS     Prisoner Update Processing System
PUS      Purely Ugly Substance (compliments of Dr. Brokopp)
PW       Pregnant Women
PWC      Pregnant Women and Children
QA       Quality Assurance
QBE      Query by Example
QC       Quality Control
q.i.d.   four times a day
QMB      Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
QMHP     Qualified Mental Health Professional
QMRP     Qualified Mental Retardation Professional
QRU      Quick Response Unit
QSB      Quarterly Statistical Bulletin
QS       Qualifications Statement
QTR      Quality Test Request
QUIT     Quad Unit Intervention and Treatment Program
QWIGs    Quality Worklife Improvement Groups
R&A      Research and Analysis
R&S      Research and Statistics
         Receipts Accountable or Receipts to Appropriation or Remittance Advice
RAD      Rapid Application Development
RAM      Random Access Memory
RAP      Resource Access Project
RBRVS    Resource Based Relative Value Scale
RCA      Refugee Cash Assistance
Rcpts    Receipts
RD       Regional Director
RCRA     Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1974
REAP      Region IV Employers Advisory Panel
REDDI     Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately
REN       Ringer Equivalence Number
RF        Rotary Fund
RFP       Request for Proposal
RID       Recipient Identification Card or Remove Intoxicated Drivers
RIE       Resources in Education
RI/FS     Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
RIS       Refugee Information System
RITC      Regional Infant Toddler Committee
RJE       Remote Job Entry
RMA       Refugee Medical Assistance or Return Merchandise Authorization
RMHA      Regional Mental Health Authority
RMP       Regional Medical Program
RMTS      Random Moment Time Study
RMU       Regional Medicaid Unit
RNM       Registered Nurse Midwife
RO        Regional Office
ROD       Record of Decision
RODCU     Regional Office Document Control Unit
ROPA      Rehab Option Prior Authorization
ROSA      Regional Office and State Agency
RPA       Resource Planning Act
RSA       Rehabilitation Service Administration
RSDP      Residential Standards Demonstration Program
RSI       Repetitive Stress Injuries
RSVP      Retired Seniors Volunteer Program
RTSC      Ran To Successful Completion
RWS       Removal Work Shift
          State Agency or System Analyst or Security Analyst or Special Agent or
          Services to Adults
SAG       Software AG
SAGA      Software AG, Americas
SAACONS   Standard Army Automated Contracting System
SAC       Subarea Advisory Council
SACWIS    Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System
SADF     Semi-Automatic Document Feed
SAE      State Agency Exchange
SAEP     State Agency Evaluation Program
SAFIRS   State Accounting Financial Information and Reporting Sys.
SAIPC    Sacramento Information Processing Center
SAIS     Substance Abuse Information System
SAMHSA   Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SANE     Sexual Abuse Now Ended
SAP      State Administrative Program
SAPT     Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
SAQC     State Agency Quality Control
SARA     Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act
SAS      Statistical Analysis System or Southern Alliance of States
SAU      Separate Administrative Unit
SAVE     Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement
SAW      Special Agricultural Worker
SC       Service Coordinator/Coordination
SCCAA    South Central Idaho Community Action Agency
SCDEX    State Cooperative Data Exchange System
SCHS     State Center for Health Statistics
SCIP     System Compliance and Improvement Project
SCO      State Controller's Office
SCRO     State Computer Requisition Order
SCS      Soil Conservation Service or State Calling Service
SDA      Service/System Design Associates
SDE      State Department of Education
SDI      Supervisory Development Institute
SDP      Supervisory Development Program
SDX      State Data Exchange
SEA      State/EPA Agreement
SEAP     Special Education Advisory Panel
SECS     Support Enforcement and Collection Unit
SED      Seriously Emotionally Disturbed
SEICAA   Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency
SEIOS    Southeast Idaho Operators Section
SEIU     Service Employees International Union
SEOO       State Economic Opportunity Office
SERC       State Emergency Response Commission
SEUCC      State Employees' United Community Campaign
SF         Services to Families
SH         Shelter Home
SHCC       Statewide Health Coordinating Council
SHCFP      State Health Care Facilities Plan
SHN        State Hospital North
SHP        State Health Plan
SHPDA      State Health Planning and Development Agency
SHRA       State Human Resources Association
SHS        State Hospital South
SHSFO      State Human Services Finance Officers
SI         Spousal Impoverishment Program
SICHA      Southwestern Idaho Cooperative Housing Authority (Nampa)
SIDS       Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
SIFT-OUT   Southeastern Institute for Faculty Training-Outreach
SIGRF      Semi-Independent Group Residential Facilities
SILC       State Independent Living Council
SIP        State Implementation Plan
SIRIS      Supporting Idaho Residents in Self-Reliance
SISP       Strategic Information Services Plan
SIU        Special Investigative Unit
SL         Sick Leave
SLIAG      State Legislation Impact Assistance Grants
SLIMB      Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary
SLP        Speech Language Pathologist
SME        Specialized Medical Equipment
SMFP       State Medical Facilities Plan
SMM        State Medicaid Manual
SMS        Systems Management Server(s)
SMSA       Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMTF       System Managers Task Force
SMTP       Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNA        Systems Network Architecture
SNADS      System Network Architecture Distribution Service
SNAPS      Special Needs Assistance Programs
SNF        Skilled Nursing Facility
SO         Services Only
SO2        sulfur dioxide
SOCO       Single Overriding Communications Objective
SOP        Standard Operating Procedure
SOP/FN     Statement of Purpose/Fiscal Note
SOS        Secretary of State's Office
SPA        Software Publishers Association
SPAA       State Personnel Administration Association
SPDD       State Planning and Development District
           State Performance Evaluation and Comprehensive Test of Reimbursement
           Under Medicaid
SPG        Strategic Planning Group
SPIF       Sanitation Program Information Formulator
SQL        Structured Query Language
SRF        State Revolving Fund
SR         Self-Reliance
SRS        Self-Reliance Specialist or Social and Rehabilitative Services
SS         Social Services or Social Security
SSA        Social Security Administration
SSN        Social Security Number
SSBG       Social Services Block Grant
SSDC       Social Security Disability Compensation
SSDI       Social Security Disability Income or State Systems Development Initiative
SSI        Supplemental Security Income
           Supplemental Security Income Program for the Aged, Blind and
           Disabled/State Supplementation
SSNRA      Social Security Normal Retirement Age
SSO        State Security Officer
SSP        State Supplement Program
SSSTF      Statewide Social Services Task Force
           State Accounting and Reporting System or Statewide Tracking and Reporting
STD        Sexually Transmitted Disease
STEP       School Tobacco Education Program
STO        State Tax Offset
S/UR     Surveillance/Utilization Review
SUI      Standard User Interface
SUR      Surveillance and Utilization Review Committee
SVES     State Verification and Exchange System
SW       Social Worker
SWAP     Statewide Cost Allocation Plan
SWDHD    Southwest District Health Department
SWIOS    Southwest Idaho Operators Section
SWIRO    Southwest Idaho Regional Office
SWORCC   Southwest Ohio Regional Computer Center
SYSC     State Youth Services Center
         A digital transmission line that carries data at a rate of 1.544 megabits per
         A digital transmission line and carrier of 45 megabits per second bandwidth;
T3       one T3 channel can deliver 28 T1 channels or 672 voice circuits used for
         digital video transmission or for major PBX-PBX telephone interconnection
TA       Technical Assistance
TAD      Turnaround Document
TAFI     Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho
TAG      Technical Advisory Group or Technical Assistance Guide
TANF     Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (national version of TAFI)
TAS      Technical Assistance Study
TASH     The Association for the Severely Handicapped
TBI      Traumatic Brain Injury
TC       Transmission Control
TCAM     Telecommunications Access Method
TCAS     Traffic Alert and Collisions Avoidance System
TCC      Transitional Child Care
TCCP     Targeted Care Coordination Project
TCP/IP   Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TCQ      Transmission Control Queue
TCSEE    Technical Coordinator Satellite Education Exchange
TDD      Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
TECO     Thermo Electron Corporation
TEFAP    Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program
TEFRA    Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act
TENS     Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator
TFTS         Treatment Facility Tracking System
TIN          Taxpayer Identification Number
Title XIX    Medicaid (Title 19)
TOP          Treasury Offset Program
TPL          Third-Party Liability
TPQY         Third-Party Query System
TPR          Third-Party Recovery or Third-Party Resources
TQC          Total Quality Control
TQM          Total Quality Management
TRAK         Time Reporting Activity System
TRF          Training and Travel Records
TRO          Temporary Restraining Order
TRS          Telecommunications Relay Service or Total Reduced Sulfur
TRT          Trans-agency Review Team
TS           Time Sheets
TSC          Targeted Service Coordinator (services for adults)
TSO          Time Share Option
TSP          total suspended particulate or technical steering panel
TSR          Terminate and Stay Resident
TT           Text Telephone
TXNS         Transactions
UAL          Unfunded Actuarial Liability
UAP          University Affiliated Program
UB82         Uniform Billing Project
UBC          Uniform Building Code or Uniform Billing Code
UC           Unemployment Compensation (Unemployment Insurance)
UCPA         United Cerebral Palsy Association
UCPI         United Cerebral Palsy of Idaho
UDC          User Defined Codes
UFAS         Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards
UFSA         Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
UIB          Unemployment Insurance Benefits
UID          User's ID
UIFSA        Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
             Utilization Management and UM Project. The "project" has been dropped as
UM and UMP
             the initial project evolved into the DD/MH Service Delivery Project.
UMTRA       Uranium Mill Tailings and Recovery Act
UNWP        Unemployment Work Program
UOD         Unit Organizational Director
U of I      University of Idaho
UPS         Uninterruptable Power Systems
UR          Utilization Review
URC         Utilization Review Committee
URESA       Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act
USC         United States Code
USDA        United States Department of Agriculture
USGS        United States Geological Survey
USPS        United States Parcel Service
UST         Underground Storage Tank
UWASIS-II   United Way of America Service Identification System
VA          Veterans Administration
VAH         Veterans Administration Hospital
VARO        Veterans Affairs Regional Office
VAT         Value-Added Tax
VB          Visual Basic
VBS         Visual Basic Script
VCM         Vocational Competency Measures
VCO         Voice Carryover
VD          Venereal Disease
VES         Veterans Employment Service
VETS        Division of Veterans Services
VMI         Vertical Motion Index
VOLAG       Voluntary Resettlement Agency
VR          Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
VRB         Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind
VRS         Vocational Rehabilitation Services
VRU         Voice Response Unit
VS          Vital Statistics
VSADS       Vital Statistics Automated Data Systems
VSAM        Virtual Storage Access Method
VSCP        Vital Statistics Cooperation Program
VTAM        Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VVLP      Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program
WADV      Women Against Domestic Violence
WAFDO     Western Association of Food and Drug Officials
          Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho (cooperative physician residence
          training program through the University of Washington)
WAN       Wide Area Network
WASS      Welfare Automated Systems Specialist
WATS      Wide Area Telephone Service
WCC       Well Child Conference
WDL       Windows Driver Library
WEB       Weatherization, Energy Assistance and Block Grant
WEE Sr.   Welfare Eligibility Examiner, Senior
WES       Welfare Eligibility Specialist
WESS      Welfare Eligibility Systems Specialist
WGA       Western Governors' Association
WIC       Women, Infants, and Children
          Western Idaho Community Action Program or Special Supplemental Food
          Program for Women, Infants and Children
WICP      Western Interstate Clearinghouse Project
WIN       Work Incentive Program
WINCO     Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Company, Inc.
WIPP      Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
WOPR      Write to Operator
WORM      Write Once Read Many
WOW       Work over Welfare
WP        Word Processing or WordPerfect
WPC       Word Processing Center
WPCA      Water Pollution Control Account
WPM       Words Per Minute
WRAPs     Welfare Reform Advisory Panels
WSEA      Western States Electronic Benefits Transfer Alliance
WTPY      Wire Third Party Query
WTU       Work time unit
ww        wastewater
WWTP      Wastewater Treatment Plant
WWW       World Wide Web
WQ        Water Quality
XRF             X-Ray Fluorescence
YA              Youth Authority Programs (Correctional)
YEAAC           Youth Education Account Advisory Committee
Y-PAR           Youth Parole Service
Y-PRO           Youth Probation Service
YR              Youth Rehabilitation or Year
YRBS            Youth Risk Behavior Survey
YSC             Youth Services Center
YTD             Year To Date
Act.            Acting
Adm.            Administrator
Admv.           Administrative
Assoc.          Associate
Assn.           Association
Asst.           Assistant
Atty.           Attorney
Chf.            Chief
Chpn.           Chairperson
Cnsl.           Counsel
Cnslt.          Consultant
Comdr.          Commander
Comdt.          Commandant
Comm.           Commissioner
Comp.           Comptroller
Coord.          Coordinator
Cwrkr.          Caseworker
Dep.            Deputy
Dept.           Department
Dir.            Director
Div.            Division
Exam.           Examiner
Exec.           Executive
Gen.            General
Gov.            Governor
Info.   Information
Leg.    Legislative
Med.    Medical
Mgmt.   Management
Mgr.    Manager
Min.    Minister
Ofr.    Officer
Pres.   President
Prgm.   Program
Pub.    Public
Regl.   Regional
Rep.    Representative
Sec.    Section
Secy.   Secretary
Sen.    Senator
Soc.    Social
Sol.    Solicitor
Srvs.   Services
Supt.   Superintendent
Supv.   Supervisor
Wrdn.   Warden
Wrkr.   Worker

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