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									This is a policy that outlines a company’s rules and guidelines on employees receiving
gifts. The purpose of the policy is to avoid a potential conflict of interest between the
customer and the employee. Small gifts such as T-shirts, hats, and desk accessories
may be accepted as long as they are not worth more than $15.00. All other gifts and
benefits must be approved by the employee’s supervisor. This policy is ideal for small
businesses to use in their employee handbook to ensure that no conflict of interest
arises because employees receive substantial gifts.
                                                    Gifts Policy

Policy Number: X-XXX-X
Approved by: _______________________                             Date Issued:_________________________
Revised by: _________________________                            Last Revision:_______________________


To avoid a conflict of interest between what is good for customers and what might be personally
advantageous for an employee, the following policy on accepting gifts has been established:

    1. Samples, T-shirts, hats, and desk accessories may be accepted from a particular customer
       or vender at one time, up to a total estimated value of $15.00, without prior approval of
       the employee’s supervisor. The employee is responsible for reporting all such gifts to
       his/her supervisor.

    2. All other vendor or customer gifts, including activities, travel, merchandise, and contests,
       must be approved by the employee’s supervisor through use of a special form provided
       by the supervisor. Oral pre-approval is acceptable for meals only.

    3. Solicitation of vendors or customers for any gift or money is not allowed.

    4. Acceptance of any non-approved or non-qualifying vendor or customer gift may result in
       disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination of employment.

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