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									This is a document that can be used to inform employees about a company’s supervisor
policy. This document notifies employees that they must direct questions about the job,
pay, benefits, relations with co-workers, policies and procedures to their supervisor.
Supervisors should be looked at for guidance and assistance when encountering
difficulties. This document can be used by small businesses or other entities that want
to notify employees of their supervisor policy.
                                              Supervisors Policy

Policy Number: X-XXX-X
Approved by: _______________________                             Date Issued:
Revised by: _________________________                            Last Revision:


Employee questions about job, pay, benefits, relations with co-workers, policies and procedures,
or the Company in general should be directed to the supervisor. Employees should look to the
supervisor for guidance and seek his/her assistance when encountering difficulties. Cooperation
and communication with the supervisor will promote a mutually beneficial work environment.

Each employee must follow the directions of his/her supervisor. The supervisor is responsible
for directing work throughout the work shift, evaluating employee performance, providing
instruction and guidance on the job, and taking any disciplinary action that may be necessary;
though others at the Company from time to time also may exercise one or more of these
responsibilities. Disrespect of management or a supervisor, or disregard of the authority of
either, will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination
of employment.

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