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Fido Focus–             Volunteerism and Selflessness by Michelle Reichlin
I am often left wondering on a regular basis how we accomplish this work we call rescuing. As             Fido Speaks Newsletter
I am sitting here writing this article now, I am at my desk in my office with a stack of things to
do before I can complete my workday. 99% of our volunteers who rescue with FIDO have full                 July 2010 Issue
time jobs, but they still give of their time to walk dogs, transport dogs to the vets, attend adop-
tion events, foster dogs in their homes, work with trainers to better socialize our dogs and
work through any behavior issues, and the list goes on……
Our core volunteer group has been working with our rescue for several years now. They work                FIDO’s Companion Inc. is a small,
behind the scenes getting little credit for what they do. Sure I thank them and try to do little          family run non-profit 501(c)3 or-
things to let them know I appreciate them, but the job is really thankless. Unless of course you
                                                                                                          ganization made up of volunteers
can agree that big sloppy wet dog kisses are a way to appropriately THANK someone! Truth-
                                                                                                          who perform vital functions in the
fully, I realize I get most of the credit from the work we do in rescue. I am the “figure head”…
where the final decisions about running our rescue start and stop and when things go well, the            process of rescuing animals. We
credit from the public, adopters, and other organizations gets tossed my way. This is just the            operate out of Avon, Ohio. We
way it happens, but it is not the way it should be. Frankly, without all the people behind the            primarily rescue dogs from the
scenes, I would be nothing and this rescue would not be operational.                                      Lorain County Dog Pound before
So, I have chosen to write for this issue of our newsletter about one volunteer who has worked            they are put to sleep.
weekly, if not daily, when fostering to devote her time and attention to our rescue’s mission.       
Debbie Williams and her husband Mike have fostered dozens of dogs through the years, and
honestly, Debbie has put thousands of miles on her sneakers and her car walking dogs and
driving them to and from whatever was needed at the time. (continued on page 2)                           Inside this issue:

                                                                                                          Fido’s Focus– Volunteerism     1-2

                                                                                                          Fido’s Advocacy                1

Fido’s Advocacy– A Victory for Ohio’s Animals                                                             Fido’s Fun Days                2

By Julie Piazza-King       (Excerpted from the ASPCA website)                                             Fido’s Forever Families        3

During the last week of June, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland brokered a deal between animal wel-            Fido’s Festivities             3
fare groups and farm interests to halt the promotion of a citizen– backed ballot initiative intended to
prevent some of the cruelest practices common in factory farming. The following are some of the           Fido’s Facts– Kenneling        4-5
measures that will be adopted in the state of Ohio:
                                                                                                          Fido’s Forever Families        6-7
   A ban of veal crates by the year 2017;
   A moratorium on permits for new battery cage confinement facilities for laying hens;                 Gonzo Needs a Home!            8
   Adoption of humane euthanasia methods for sick or injured farm animals;
   Enactment of legislation to regulate puppy mills;
These are just a few of the measures that will be adopted. For more information please visit the
ASPCA website at
Page 2                                                                                                                 Fido Speaks!

Continued… Volunteerism and Selflessness by M. Reichlin
And YES, she has failed fostering twice
                                            do not take care of their animals so they
and our FIDO dogs Nellie and Coley
                                            run out of their yard and she can pick
now live a life of doggie royalty because
                                            them up as a stray! HA! We have gotten
of that. She also coordinates fundraising
                                            many good laughs out of that one. But in
efforts for us and just gets things
                                            truth, Debbie will not see a dog in dis-
done….whatever asked, whenever
                                            tress or one that is being mistreated
needed. Debbie has been like a right
                                            without doing something about it. She
arm to me in many, many ways over the
                                            works to get the right people involved to
years and to her I credit much of our
                                            help. Debbie does all of this selflessly;
                                            not because she wants praise or some
Debbie is a no nonsense type of woman;      type of public recognition, but simply
actually I get a chuckle out of it. Talk    because she loves dogs. I am extremely
about saying what you feel….that is Deb-    grateful to her and her on-going devo-
bie! And if you don’t like it...too bad.    tion to FIDO’s companion. She is not
She is all about the dog; PERIOD. Our       only a Fierce Rescuer but a Friend that I
volunteer group has a standing joke, in     am thankful to have!
fact that Debbie drives around in her car
with a hamburger hanging from her
                                                                                               “Auntie D” aka Debbie
bumper in neighborhoods where people                                                                 Williams

                                                      “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
                                                        You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours,
                                                      faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to
                                                                   him to be worthy of such devotion”

       Bath Time for Maslow

Fido’s Fun Days!- Boarding at Paws Inn the Woods
                                                                                        scale washing station and a groomer that
Paws Inn the Woods is a boarding ken-       the dogs can lay outdoors, weather per-     provides services on site.
nel of choice for FIDO dogs! Paws Inn       mitting, to watch the squirrels run up      I get the pleasure of seeing many of our
the Woods is owned by June and Bruce        trees or to see the birds flying above.     past FIDO dogs board at Paws Inn the
Arnesen and has super staff members         They have a large fenced in play areas      Woods since the adopters met them at
who care about the dogs! They treat our     for dogs that like to mingle with other     the facility and found it to be as welcom-
FIDO dogs who board there like their        dogs for exercise. If your dog is more of   ing as I feel it is. Maslow Huller is one
very own. Located on Indian Hollow          a loner or prefers not to interact with     such dog that boards frequently and as
Road in Grafton, Paws Inn the Woods         other dogs, no worries...Paws has other     the photo shows, bath time is serious
provides a rustic setting with ducks,       fenced in areas so a dog can be out-        business at Paws!
ponds, and a log cabin– like kennel set-    doors solo. Paws does not charge extra
ting where natural light fills the kennel   for potty breaks or giving medication or    To get all the details, visit
area. They have indoor/ outdoor runs so     any special treatment. They have a full
Fido Speaks Newsletter                                                                                                           Page 3

Fido’s Forever Families– Sandy Becomes a Member of the Fiala Family                                           Marlene Fiala (Sandy’s mom)
On March 23rd this year, I had to unex-         only concern was would she get along
pectedly have my precious dog of 10             and accept my 3 cats? Worried at first
years Shayne, put down. He was a tough          about the natural instinct to chase cats, I
boy with aggressive tendencies but we           immediately though perhaps this wasn’t
stayed committed to keeping him, just as        a good match. But a counseling session
he was, and taking care of him. We loved        with a dog handler and some patience on
him and he protected us well. As sad and        our part made us realize that this was a
hurt as we were, I felt that filling the void   match made in heaven. She’s a beautiful
                                                                                                        “The couch girl”
and sadness could only be overcome by           little girl, spoiled rotten! Oh yeah, but
getting another pooch immediately. So, I        that’s ok, she’s a precious animal that
went to just as I had for my      loves to please us and she is pretty used
cat about a year earlier. I was just            to the cats now. She’s in her forever
“shopping and snooping” ads and photos          home and we love her to pieces. Thank
and I came upon a beautiful brindle girl,       you Michelle and Brenda for making this
half the size of Shane– that'll work, beauti-   happen and everyone please remember
ful brindle coat like him– that worked,         there is always a period of adjustment for
sweet disposition– yay! That works too!         any animal. It’s easy to forget that it can
So without hesitation I contacted Fido’s        take months to get used to a new dog or       Here is a link to the youtube video showing
Companion rescue to inquire about Sandy         cat in the home. We love our Sandy and                    all the pictures of her:
and to see if she was still available. My       she’s made us very happy.                                watcyh?v=JFG4T_vrb0

Fido’s Festivities!
Mulligan’s & Mutts was a Huge Success!! And now we have a dog in rescue named Mulligan!
                                                Buffalo Wild Wings in Avon Lake               Marci Barrett– State Farm
                                                Applebee’s Avon                               Peck & Peck CPA’s
                                                Charles Scott Salon and Spa                   Bob Allen Insurance Co.
                                                Players in Lakewood                           Avon Lake American Legion Post 211
                                                Malley’s Chocolates                           Neilsen Jewelers
                                                Fratello’s in Avon Lake                       Peterson & Company Jewelers
                                                Outback Steakhouse in Westlake                Hilliard Lakes Golf Course
                                                Sisson’s Florist                              Sweetbriar Golf Course
                                                Dish Deli & Catering                          Lake Erie Harley Davidson
                                                Sandra Rothenberg                             Stewart’s Appliance
                                                Glenna Snezek                                 BCT Alarm
                                                Pam & Tim King                                Conrad’s in Avon
                                                Bonnie Stadnik/ Heinen’s Avon                 Automotive Specialties
Thanks to EVERYONE who donated to               Meredith Farrow                               Fitness Edge Personal Training
help us raise money to make our fund-           Greg & Renee Claycomb                         EMH fitness Center
raiser– Mulligan’s & Mutt’s a suc-              Lorie Wilber                                  Avon Boot Shop
cess! We raised almost $9,000 to con-           Diane Winn                                    Paisley Monkey in Lakewood
tinue rescuing homeless pets!
                                                Diane Stewart                                 Luxury Nail Salon in Avon Lake
                                                Sue Hist                                      Fine Bella Nail Salon in Avon Lake
Listed below is the FIDO TEAM who hit           Matus Winery                                  IBI David Salon & Spa in Westlake
the streets and collected donations:            Terri Banas                                   Grateful Dog Bakery
Lori Dubosh, Sue Runkle, Julie Piazza-          Mark Seijak                                   Paws & Effect Grooming in Rocky River
King, Debbie Williams, Diane Stewart,
                                                Dawn Reichlin                                 Four Legged Dog Fashions Grooming in
                                                Tom Heilman                                   Avon Lake
Toni Heilman, Glenna Snezek, Renee
                                                Cleveland Playhouse                           Cleveland Zoological Society
Claycomb, Mary Wheelock, and Donna
                                                Ellen & Rich Robbin                           Lake Erie nature & Science Center
                                                Dave Runkle                                   Cleveland Museum of Art
Listed are all the people and companies         Candice Stryker—State Farm                    Great Lakes Theater
who donated items for the event:                                                              Great Lakes Science Center
Page 4                                                                                                           Fido Speaks!

Fido’s Facts–             Courtesy of West Park Animal Hospital (
                             Kenneling Your Dog
While kennels range from the bare-              Discuss this with the kennel.         sonnel are able to administer it
bones to the ultra-fancy, keep in               Find out how often dogs are           appropriately. Some kennels may
mind that the frills are meant mainly           walked, or if they are allowed to     not be able to give medication as
for the owners. The dog really does-            run free in an enclosed area.         often as your pet requires.
n’t care whether Chopin plays softly            Some kennels will give dogs
in his sleeping quarters. What is               extra walks or exercise time, but
important is general safety and the             often at an additional charge.
friendliness and competence of the              Still, the added activity may be
staff.                                          well worth it for the active dog.
WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A KEN-                    Indoors, the boarding facility
NEL                                             should have adequate cage and
                                                run sizes, with larger cages for
   The first thing you should do is
     visit the kennel before you                bigger dogs. Natural light from
     board. Most kennels welcome                windows is great, but if not avail-
     these visits, and it gives you a           able, indoor lighting should be          Some boarding facilities offer
     chance to see their facilities and         adequate. The air should circu-            an added benefit of grooming
     ask specific questions. Your               late well and not smell stagnant.          services. Consider having
     questions should be answered to            Proper ventilation will signifi-           your dog groomed the day he
     your satisfaction, so that you will        cantly decrease the risk of dis-           or she is scheduled to go
     feel comfortable leaving your              ease transmission.                         home. It is always nice for
     pet when you re away.                    Find out how many animals are              your dog to come back from
                                                routinely boarded at a single              the kennel smelling clean,
   The kennel should be clean in-
                                                time and the number of staff tak-          fresh and newly groomed.
     side and out. Proper sanitation
     is one of the most important as-           ing care of the animals. More
     pects of preventing the spread             people and fewer animals may
                                                                                      KENNEL REQUIREMENTS
     of contagious diseases. The                mean more attention for the indi-
                                                vidual animals.                          All dogs that are to be boarded
     cages and runs should look and
                                                                                           should be healthy and free of
     smell clean. Animals that are            Some kennels have associations
                                                                                           contagious diseases. If your
     currently boarding should be               with specific veterinarians either
                                                                                           dog has a medical problem
     clean and appear well cared for.           on the premises or working
                                                                                           that is stable or currently under
     Look at the outdoor area where             nearby. Find out how sudden
                                                                                           treatment, let the kennel know
     the dogs are walked. Waste ma-             illness is addressed. The ken-
                                                                                           prior to boarding to make sure
     terial should be routinely re-             nel’s veterinarian may be the
                                                                                           they are comfortable boarding
     moved, leaving the area rela-              one contacted for treatment, or it
                                                                                           your dog.
     tively free of fecal material.             might be your regular veterinar-
                                                ian. If you have a specific pref-        A kennel may require a health
   Getting a certain amount of ex-
                                                erence, discuss this with the              certificate from your
     ercise is important for each ani-
                                                kennel owner.                              veterinarian and proof of your
     mal, but how much and how of-
                                                                                           dog’s most recent
     ten depends on the individual             If your dog is on medication that
     dog’s need and the ability of the          is given several times a day,
     kennel to offer these services.            make sure that the kennel per-           If your dog has fleas or other
Fido Speaks Newsletter                                                                                             Page 5

external or internal parasites, he or     additionally require it shortly before         person should be able to make
she should be treated prior to arrival    boarding.                                      any emergency decisions if
or on admission to the kennel.                                                           needed. Discuss your wishes
                                             As a general rule, most kennels
                                                                                         with this person prior to your
                                               require DHLPP and kennel
                                                                                         leaving. The kennel should also
   Certain kennels have very spe-            cough vaccinations to be given
                                                                                         have your veterinarian’s number
     cific requirements regarding vac-         yearly, and rabies vaccines ad-
                                                                                         in case there are any medical
     cinations. Don’t assume that your         ministered according to individ-
                                                                                         problems. This is even more
     dog has had all of the vaccina-           ual state law.
                                                                                         important if there are any on go-
     tions required without checking      WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING TO                       ing medical problems with your
     with the kennel first. For exam-     THE KENNEL                                     pet.
     ple, some veterinarians are not
                                             It is always a good idea to bring
     routinely vaccinating each year
                                               your dog’s own food to the ken-
     for DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis,
                                               nel. Abrupt changes in food
     leptospirosis, parainfluenza and
                                               commonly lead to diarrhea in            “The kennel should be clean inside
     parvovirus). This may be the vet-
                                               many animals, especially when           and out. Proper sanitation is one
     erinarian’s general policy, or for
                                               they are in a more stressful envi-
     specific health reasons of the in-                                                of the most important aspects of
                                               ronment (i.e. away from home).
     dividual animal. Other times,
                                               In dogs that tend to get diarrhea       preventing the spread of conta-
     only one part of the DHLPP might
                                               when stressed, a high fiber diet
     be given. There is no generally                                                   gious diseases”.
                                               while boarding may help. If
     accepted rule regarding vaccina-
                                               your dog is on a special diet or
     tions in dogs. In all cases, check
                                               has special dietary needs, make
     with the kennel so that any dis-
                                               sure the kennel is aware of this,
     crepancies can be addressed                                                     If your dog typically receives
                                               and that they follow your spe-
     prior to boarding. Sometimes, a                                                   medications at home, they should
                                               cific instructions.
     letter from your veterinarian will                                                be continued while boarding.
     be all that is required. Other          If your dog has a special bed or        Bring the medications with you to
     times, additional vaccines may            favorite toy, ask if you can bring      the kennel, and make sure the
     need to be given.                         them with your pet. Familiar            kennel is aware of the specific
                                               items from home will make your          problem being treated. If you do
   A kennel cough (bordetella) vac-
                                               pet feel more comfortable while         not feel that kenneling is appropri-
     cination is a common vaccine re-
                                               you are away.                           ate for your pet, you may want to
     quired by kennels that may not
     be routinely given by your veteri-      The kennel should have several          consider hiring a pet sitter. These
     narian. It is a vaccine that offers       contact numbers available so, if        animal loving people will come to
     protection from bordetella bron-          needed, the appropriate people          your home to care for your pet.
     chiseptica, a contagious infection        can be contacted in the event of        Some may even spend the night.
     that causes upper respiratory             an emergency. First, provide
     signs (mainly coughing) in dogs.          the number (if possible) where
     The vaccine is given either sub-          you can be reached while you
     cutaneous or intranasally (via the        are away. If you are unavail-
     nose). It is usually administered         able, a friend or relative’s num-
     yearly, but some kennels may              ber should be accessible. This
Page 6                                                                                                                    Fido Speaks!

Fido’s Forever Families– Buster Joins the Novick Family!                                                       By Bridget G. Novick

My family had been waiting for over a         ley). He just did something to me. I
year to begin the adoption process of         phoned Michelle from Fido’s Compan-
looking for a new dog. We had our Max         ion, and she gave me all the details and
for 12 glorious years. Max was with me        information on buster. Michelle is an
when I was single and was my best             exceptional person to say the least. I felt
friend, my soul, my heart. Anyone that        so comfortable with her due to the fact
knew or met me… knew Max. Losing              that it was quite clear that Fido’s Com-
him was something I dreaded for years         panion would not adopt any dog to just
and I just knew that when the day came        anyone. Michelle was very inquisitive
that I would not survive without him.         about where we lived, what our past was
Well, I became pregnant and gave birth        with animals, if we had adequate space
                                                                                               Buster (aka Farley) kisses his sister
to a beautiful baby girl in April of 2008     for an animal, who had past records of
                                                                                                         Dahlia’s hand.
and 5 months later is when Max left us.       previous animals etc….
As I sit here with tears rolling down my                                                    organization. As soon as Buster’s cast
                                              Buster’s previous owners brought him
cheeks, I am sincerely thankful that my                                                     came off on April 28th 2010, my hus-
                                              into West Park Animal Clinic with a bro-
Max spent 5 months with my daughter.                                                        band, daughter and I picked him up and
                                              ken leg and when the clinic told the
She remembers him as we look at pic-                                                        brought him home. Buster was our
                                              owners that his leg was indeed broken
tures still.                                                                                daughter’s 2nd birthday present, and is
                                              and would need a $2,000 surgery– his
                                                                                            a wonderful dog. He has lots of puppy
Due to my remarkable relationship with        owners asked the clinic to euthanize
                                                                                            energy! He loves to fetch the ball and
Max, my husband and I felt strong about       him! Can you imagine????? The vet has
                                                                                            loves to eat his dinner. He loves me and
passing this onto our daughter. She           a relationship with Fido’s Companion, so
                                                                                            follows me EVERYWHERE. He has be-
loves dogs and we both knew that a dog        they called Michelle and Mike and they
                                                                                            come protective of Dahlia and is treated
needed to be a part of our daughter’s         decided they would pay for Buster’s sur-
                                                                                            like a king. This poor little pup went
life. We also felt we needed to honor         gery and they would then find him a lov-
                                                                                            through so much in his first 5 months of
Max for being such a loving, kind and         ing family. Buster was only 4 1/2 months
                                                                                            life and it is our family’s honor to take
gentle dog to us for so many years by         old when this happened, and Fido’s
                                                                                            great care of him and make sure he has
adopting another.                             Companion was extremely accommo-
                                                                                            the life that every dog should have.
                                              dating on so many levels. Fido’s insisted
I began looking on and                                                        Buster runs and plays now like his leg
                                              on keeping Buster in the clinic until he
looked at hundreds of dogs. I was just                                                      was never broken! Thank you Fido’s
                                              was out of his cast and healed. Fido’s
waiting for one of the little faces to just                                                 Companion, and thank you Michelle for
                                              took care of him even after we adopted
capture me and take me in. In April of                                                      such a wonderful organization and for
                                              Buster. Fido’s Companion is a 5 star
2010, I saw a photo of Buster (aka Far-                                                     being such a wonderful person!

Fido’s Forever Families– Cleo is Part of our Family!                                                        By Sandra Rothenberg

Hi, my name is Cleo, but I used to be         a lot in the past, so I am pretty scared of
called Macy. I was really lucky, because      most men. My foster dad was great and
Michelle chose me as one of her special       took me with him in the car on special
rescue dogs for Fido’s Companion. I           visits to the gun club he belongs to.
will always remember her family. She
                                              Sunday, March 14, 2010, I met my new
recognized my potential and took me to
                                              adoptive parents. I tried to curl up in a
her parent’s home for foster care. They
                                              tiny ball on the couch and hide, but
were very kind and loving to me. I
                                              Sandy and Steve seemed to really ap-
loved to sleep on their leather couch. I
                                              preciate all my fine qualities. They no-
played with their dogs and visited other
                                              ticed my elegance and sweet nature. I            Cleo practices his fetching skills!
dogs with my foster dad. I have suffered
                                              enjoyed the long drive to my new home,
Fido Speaks Newsletter                                                                                                       Page 7

Fido’s Forever Families continued…..
Especially when we stopped for a ham-         together.                                   ting a dog anywhere else. We send an
burger, hold the bun! Our next stop was                                                   enormous “thank you” to Michelle, her
                                              Our daughter got married last weekend.
to visit my new adoptive grandmother,                                                     parents, and Fido’s Companion. I would
                                              Our home was filled with people. Cleo
Dorothy. She commented on how per-                                                        be remiss, if I didn’t mention all the
                                              was a real trooper. On occasion, she
fectly I was designed, my lovely hues;                                                    other incredible dogs we met along with
                                              would bark and hide in the bushes, or
even my nose matches my silky fur. I                                                      their foster companions. In particular,
                                              run to her sofa in the media room.
trusted her immediately and wanted                                                        we met another awesome dog and im-
                                              Never did she appear to be aggressive.
some gentle strokes. When we arrived                                                      mediately fell in love with her– Trinity.
                                              She was loved and stroked by so many
at my adoptive family’s home, my new                                                      Not a day goes by that we don’t think of
                                              people over the weekend that it re-
dad, Steve took me for a nap with him in                                                  her. Because of our 13-year old yorkie,
                                              minded me of a therapy technique
the media room. That leather couch re-                                                    we can’t risk adopting another energetic
                                              called implosion where you are exposed
minded me of my loving foster parents.                                                    dog. I know there is someone out there,
                                              to the very thing that you fear the most–
The couch is now my sanctuary, my safe                                                    someone who will be as grateful as we
                                              in her case, most strangers, particularly
place where I go if I am frightened,                                                      are with Cleo, to have brilliant Trinity in
                                              males. My favorite moment was seeing
whenever a new person comes to the                                                        his or her family. For now, she is loved
door, or if I hear an unexpected noise.       her seated on the sofa with the flower
                                                                                          by a beautiful, remarkable foster care
                                              girl on one side and the ring bearer on
Each morning, even before breakfast, I                                                    woman, a woman waiting to find her the
                                              the other. The kids were leaning on her
go for a three mile hike. We cross two                                                    perfect home. So if you have a lot o love
                                              with their arms around her.
streams and walk by my aunt Sherry’s                                                      in your heart and some room in your
horses, goats, sheep and a bull. Sherry       Although we adored Cleo from the start      home, go visit the most amazing dog.
has a rescue Corgi named Jasper. He           there have been some issues to work
                                                                                          As a nature photographer, I spend a
has become my dear playmate. We               through. Because of her fear of men, she
                                                                                          great deal of my time in the woods.
adore chasing each other, rolling, and        continued to bark and growl at Steve
                                                                                          Cleo stays right by my side, no matter
nipping. I love smelling all the wildlife     anytime he changed position, stood up,
                                                                                          how long I take in one spot. When I am
on the paths. I even saw a baby bear.         or came into the room. She would wag
                                                                                          ready to pack up my equipment and
I’m a fabulous chipmunk chaser too! At        her tail at the same time, so we knew
                                                                                          move on. Cleo is eager to run. Deep in
the end of our walk, I leap into the pond     eventually she would get over it, and she
                                                                                          the woods, it is nice to have a compan-
for a refreshing swim. I am great at re-      did! She also had some difficulties with
                                                                                          ion. She has discovered many hunters
trieving sticks. I also go to doggie          her house training. She began pooping
                                                                                          and she barks like crazy. They move on!
school. I am working on “stay” with lots      and urinating on all of our silk rugs. If
                                                                                          She appreciates every activity from trav-
of distractions, like chickens. At first I    we woke up at 6am, she would wake up
                                                                                          eling with us to Baltimore and New York,
was frightened of all the men and other       5 minutes earlier to soil our rugs. I im-
                                                                                          hiking or simply hanging out. Whatever
dogs in the class. I curled up and my         mediately called the dog trainer and got
                                                                                          we do, Cleo is by our side. We feel safe
whole body would shake. Now, I sit            her enrolled in doggie school. I also
                                                                                          and comforted by her loving presence.
proudly next to Sandy or Steve.               took her back to our bets to rule out any
                                                                                          She is family…….
                                              health concerns. As it turned out, she
                                              was sick. She needed a special diet and
Steve and I immediately fell in love with     two medications for her intestines. She
Cleo. How could we not, she is smart,         loves to find bones in the woods and had
gorgeous, and not at all aggressive. At       chewed on a coyote skull. She may have
first, she growled a lot at our 4 pound       picked up some bacteria from that. All
yorkie, but after a week or so, she tried     is well now. Cleo is happy!
to engage her in play by pawing, which
                                              We are ecstatic and very grateful to Mi-
wasn’t safe for a teeny dog. Now she has
                                              chelle and her parents. We have made
learned to be gentle, to put her lovely
                                              some lifelong connections to Michelle,
snout in the yorkie’s face and let her bite
                                              her family, and our special dog, Cleo.
and growl away. They are just adorable
                                              We simply cannot imagine anyone get-
                                                           I want to help provide new beginnings for homeless
How Can I Help?                                                                       dogs.

 We need:                                                      Enclosed is my contribution in the amount of:
  foster homes for dogs and cats (short                               $____________________________
    and long term);
  transporters to help pull dogs from                  Name___________________________________________
    local pounds or take them to the vets or
    boarding facilities;                                 Address_________________________________________
  donations to cover boarding and health
    care costs;                                          City_____________ State______ Zip code_________
  volunteers to walk the dogs that are
                                                                         Please mail your check to:
    currently being housed in our boarding
    facilities;                                                        Fido’s Companion Rescue, Inc.
  volunteers to plan and assist with fund                                        P.O. Box 518
    raisers                                                                    Avon, Ohio 44011

                                                         For Credit Card Donations:
                                                         Go to WWW.FIDOSCOMPANION.COM and click on
                                                         the donation button. You can make a secure PAYPAL
                                                         donation on-line with your credit card.

                                                           A 501 (c)3 Non profit Animal Rescue– Donations are tax de-
Providing quality of life to one                                                    ductible
canine companion at a time!

Fido’s Adoptables– Patton Needs a Family of His Own!
Patton was found as a stray by the dog
catcher. He clearly had been the victim
of abuse before as shown by the old scar                                                       Do you know a busi-
around him neck from an embedded                                                              ness that would help to
dog collar. He also has a large old scar
                                                                                              support FIDO’s Com-
on his back that will always be a re-
minder of his neglected past. He came                                                         panion by putting out
to us skin and bones. We could not pass                                                        a coin collection jar?
up his beautiful face in the dog pound.
We had to save him. He is approx. 3
years old and now neutered and fully
                                                                                              We are always looking for
vaccinated. He has gained 10 lbs since                                                         new places to put our col-
in our care is now 40 lbs of love. He                                                           lection jars. Money col-
walks so nicely on a lead and will listen                                                     lected from these jars goes
to every word you tell him. He so wants                                                         to offset the cost of food
to please his rescue mom and loves to                                                         for our rescues that are in
play with other dogs who are friendly to
                                               Patton is waiting for his forever                        boarding.
him. Patton is a good dog; waiting for a
good family.

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