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									                                Jack Cockrill Middle School
Dear Students and Parents,

Hopefully, you had a wonderful summer break. We went to Mexico and had a blast.

I am happy to let you know that we had very few changes in staff, and all new teachers have been hired. Our
Assistant Principals, Mr. Arnold and Ms. Meador, will be here again this year.

To make sure we get off to a smooth start, I have included important information in this letter regarding
schedule pick up and the new school year. Please read everything carefully, and feel free to e-mail me with any
questions or concerns at

You will need to go online to the MISD website and fill out the paperwork listed below. You will then need to
print off a copy and bring the completed forms to schedule pick up. If you do not have access to a
computer, you may stop by the school in advance to get a hard copy.

Pupil Registration Form
Ethnicity/Race Form
Health History Form
Student Directory Information
Home Language Survey
Family Survey
Special Services

Schedule Pick Up
Schedule Pick Up is Tuesday, August 10 for everyone. Sixth graders may pick up their schedules from
9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., and 7th/8th graders may pick up their schedules from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. For those of
you who have children in different grades at CMS, you may pick up your children’s schedules at one time so
you don’t have to make several trips. Choose the time that works best for you. Sixth grade students and their
parents are invited to attend the 6th grade orientation at 10:00 a.m. in the library. Ms. Judith O’Toole will
provide information on how middle school is different from elementary.

In order to get your schedule, you must provide a COPY of your current (July) proof of residency (even
returning students), your completed registration form, and the health information form. Proof of residency
includes a current (July) utility bill (gas, electricity, or water) with a name and address, a current contract or
lease agreement on residence. A phone bill or a driver’s license will not suffice as proof of residency.
Please have a COPY of your proof of residency, as this will make the lines go much more quickly.

Also, in order to pick up your schedule, all textbooks, library books, and immunization records must be cleared
and/or updated. Please be prepared to pay by check or cash for any lost items.

No schedule changes will be made during schedule pick up. If you have a question or concern regarding
your child’s schedule, there will be a schedule change form for you to fill out. A counselor will call you
the week of August 16 to discuss any changes that might be made.
We will NOT be taking school pictures during schedule pick up. Rather, Don Painter will be here on Friday,
September 10, to take pictures during the school day.

Students are welcome to find their classrooms during schedule pick up and make sure their lockers are working.
Lockers are the scariest part of middle school for sixth graders. Going to Wal-Mart and getting a combination
lock for your child to practice with before school starts could really help allay some fears.

The PTO School Store will be open and will have lots of spirit attire for sale. We need everyone to join the
PTO!! Membership is only $14, and you can find the forms on our website. Please contact Kathleen Smith at if you have any questions about PTO. Also, visit the official CMS PTO website at
If you have an athletic physical on file or if you bring a completed physical to schedule pickup, you will be
issued your athletic locker and equipment.

Free/Reduced Lunch Applications will be available during Schedule Pick Up:
Forms are to be completed (as appropriate) by a parent/guardian and returned to the school ASAP.
(Applications printed in Spanish are available.)

School Supplies
The packet is the same for all grades, and the cost is $47. Students who have already ordered supplies may pick
them up at Schedule Pick Up. We will only have a few extra packets to be purchased at Schedule Pick Up. If
you want to purchase the supplies elsewhere, please see the website for the supply list. Supplies can be left in
the student’s locker, and teachers will let students know what to do with the supplies the first day of school.
Therefore, students only need to take paper and pen/pencil to their classes the first day.

PE Uniforms
We ask that all students dress out for PE. Please see the order form on our website for details. If you choose to
not order from the school, that is perfectly fine. Just make sure your child has clothes for P.E.

Dress Code
Cockrill Middle School administrators and teachers are committed to enforcing MISD’s Dress Code Policy.
Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct (which will be given to students the first week of school) for
detailed information. Here are a few reminders for you as you begin your back-to-school shopping:
     No spaghetti straps or tank tops
     No sagging pants or underwear showing
     No short shorts
     No tummies showing
     No oversized clothing, i.e. no Tall T’s

Backpacks and Gym Bags
Students may carry small backpacks and mesh gym bags to classes. All large backpacks and book bags must
stay in the lockers.

Cell Phones and IPods
If you choose to allow your child to bring a cell phone and/or IPod to school, please make sure the phones and
IPods stay in their lockers during the school day so they don’t get lost or stolen. Also, there are no lockers in the
dressing rooms for students during P.E. Therefore, it is very important that phones, money, purses, IPods, etc.
are left in the regular school lockers and not taken to the gym. It is sad, but these items come up missing every
day and we don’t want your child to get something stolen.
Cowboy Courier
If you would like to receive weekly e-mails from me, please log on to the Cockrill website and fill in your
email address under the Newsletter information. If you do not fill this out, you will not receive weekly

Open House
Open House will be Thursday, September 16, from 5:30 until 7:00 p.m. This will be a come and go affair.

School Times
Our school hours are 8:45 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. Students should not arrive to school before 8:15 a.m., as our
teachers are not on duty until that time. Also, please make sure your child has transportation at
3:45 p.m. when school is out, as there is no supervision after 4:00 p.m. We want all children to be safe, so
please help us take care of your child.

Parking Lot
If you drop off your child in the mornings, please do so in the front of the building. The back parking lot is for
buses only. Please be careful and watch for students walking in front of your car. Also, please make sure
your child uses the crosswalks when walking to school. As it gets closer to 8:45 a.m. the traffic increases, so
please try to arrive earlier so that lines are not so long. Remember also to be courteous to one another.

Students need to have their lunch money, backpacks, etc. ready so they can get out of the car quickly and not
block traffic. Please do not try to cut through the lot with the cones and do not park in the very front parking
spots if you are going to be at school more than two hours. We would like to use the closest parking spots for
parents who need to run in and drop off something or to run in to get your child for a dentist/doctor
appointment. We have a long driveway and no traffic at the exit, so everything will be smooth as long as
everyone plays nice. We honestly have the best set up for drop off and pick up!!

Buses will drop off and pick up in the back of the school, so please do not drive your car back there. If your
child rides the bus, please make sure he/she knows which bus to ride (especially if you take your child to school
and then he’s supposed to ride the bus home in the afternoon).

Skateboards and Bikes
Skateboards must be left in the student’s locker and bikes must be locked to the bike rack. CMS is not
responsible for lost or stolen skateboards or bikes.

V-Soft helps track visitors, students, faculty, contractors and volunteers at our school, thus providing a safer,
more monitored, environment for the students. Visitors, volunteers or contractors check-in, and parents coming
to pick up students will be asked to present a valid state or government issued photo ID for entering into the
system. The system has the ability to provide alerts on people who may jeopardize the safety of the campus.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in presenting your valid state or government issued photo ID when
checking in at CMS.

Volunteer Background Check
If you would like to volunteer at CMS, please go on line and fill out the Volunteer Background Check. If you
have been approved in the past, you have until September to resubmit your form. Please note that if you do not
complete the proper paperwork, you cannot help chaperone field trips or help with the school in any way. We
need and want your help, so please fill out the forms.
CMS Fundraising
For the past two years CMS has sold magazines for our school-wide fundraiser. However, we would like to try
and do something different this year. We are asking parents to give a one-time donation of $20.00 to help pay
for things such as murals for the school, character development, food for student representative luncheons, ice
cream for students, faculty luncheons, awards and prizes, etc. Your donation will be very much appreciated.
Different student groups will still be doing their individual fundraisers, and I have included the tentative
calendar so that you can plan in advance.
        Sept 20-Oct 1 Drama
        Oct 31 Choir
        Oct 25-Nov 5 Band--poinsettias and wreaths
        Nov 15-19 Orchestra

Dad’s Club
We would love to have lots of dads sign up for the Dad’s Club. Look for information from Edgar DeBoue and
Tad Murley.

Commonly Asked Questions
When Does School Start?
The first day of school is Monday, August 23, 2010. School hours are 8:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Where do I go on the first day of school?
6th graders report to the big gym and wait to be dismissed to first period.
7th graders report to the small gym and wait to be dismissed to first period.
8th graders report to the cafeteria and wait to be dismissed to first period.

What do I do if I lost my schedule?
Go ahead and report to your designated area the first day of school. We will provide you with a new schedule.

What if a period is missing on my schedule?
Fill out a schedule change form during Schedule Pick Up and return the completed form. The counselors will
collect all forms and call you the week of August 16 to take care of any problems.

What if I want to change my schedule?
Fill out a schedule change form at Schedule Pick Up and return the completed form. Schedule change requests
will be based upon academic need and classroom space availability. Schedule changes will not be made after
the first two weeks of school, Friday, September 3, 2010.

When is lunch?
Sixth graders eat at 11:10 a.m., seventh graders at 11:59 a.m., and eighth graders at 12:48 p.m. (There are some
exceptions with special groups like choir, band, etc., but teachers will explain to you the first day exactly what
time to go to lunch.) We anticipate long lines in the cafeteria, especially at the beginning of the school
year. Therefore, we suggest you bring your lunch if possible. You are welcome to deposit money into your
lunch account whenever it is convenient (during Schedule Pick Up as well). When you make a purchase, you
will enter your confidential student ID number. Please make sure you do not share your number with anyone
else. Students are not allowed to charge meals in the cafeteria.

What is the bell schedule?
Please see the website for our bell schedule.
When can I get a locker?
Lockers will be issued during Schedule Pick Up. If there is a problem with your locker, Ms. Parish will be
available to help you.

Where do I go after school?
Bus riders exit through the cafeteria. You need to memorize your bus number. Car riders, walkers and bike
riders exit through the front door. Students who walk home after school need to leave immediately at 3:45 p.m.

How do I know which bus to ride?
A representative from Durham will be at Schedule Pick Up in order to explain bus routes and give bus
assignments. For additional bus information, please call Durham at 972-542-8316.

What else do I need to know?
Memorize your student ID before the first day of school. Also, memorize your bus number and bring your
schedule the first day of school. CMS is a fabulous school and we’re glad you are going to be a student here!

Back to School Information Packets
A very important informational packet will be coming home with your child during the first week of school.
The packet will include important information for parents, and all of the information will need to be reviewed.
Some of the information will require being signed and returned.

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