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					                      Eye on Torrens Creek & Prairie
Torrens Creek 14th March.                                  Scientists believe the phenomenon began after the
                                                           Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s, and Russia’s
After months of unstable satellite service due to          new capitalists moved industrial complexes from the
seasonal (or unseasonal) weather conditions I now          city centre to the suburbs. Dr Andrei Poiarkov, of the
learn that the wonderful high-speed fibre broadband        Moscow Ecology and Evolution Institute, said: "These
system is not for us.                                      complexes were used by homeless dogs as shelters,
                                                           so the dogs had to move together with their houses.
The Townsville Bulletin, 2nd March, reported the good      Because the best scavenging for food is in the city
news that towns with less than 1000 premises will not      centre, the dogs had to learn how to travel on the
have automatic access to the system. Apparently it is      subway - to get to the centre in the morning, then
not viable for the smaller towns to be connected           back home in the evening, just like people."
because “the cost of connecting a town was increased
by building further infrastructure” - but there was an     Dr Poiarkov told how the dogs like to play during their
opportunity for communities to fund this themselves.       daily commute. He said: "They jump on the train
Oh, yes - but these small towns will be eligible to        seconds before the doors shut, risking their tails
receive “fast(?) Internet satellite”.                      getting jammed. They do it for fun. And sometimes
                                                           they fall asleep and get off at the wrong stop."
In other words the Bush misses out again. In the
early 1990s fibre optic cable was laid along Torrens       The dogs have learned to use traffic lights to cross the
Street. We lived in hope that access would eventually      road safely, said Dr Poiarkov. And they use cunning
be available. Landline was our only access to              tactics to obtain tasty morsels of shawarma, a kebab-
communication. Satellite was the fastest answer for        like snack popular in Moscow. They sneak up behind
the internet. That was then; the “fast” system now has     people eating shawarmas - then bark loudly to shock
become full of problems, of which we are well aware.       them into dropping their food. With children the dogs
                                                           "play cute" by putting their heads on youngsters'
In these country areas where communication is so           knees and staring pleadingly into their eyes to win
necessary for our businesses, schooling, and               sympathy - and scraps. Dr Poiarkov added: "Dogs are
personal commitments, we are again being forced to         surprisingly good psychologists."
finance our communication options.
                                                           The Moscow mutts are not the first animals to use
Already we do this with “free” access television by        public transport. In 2006 a Jack Russell in
buying the black box and satellite to give us viewing      Dunnington, North York, began taking the bus to his
parity with urban areas.                                   local pub in search of sausages. And two years ago
                                                           passengers in Wolverhampton were stunned when a
Rhonda Griffin, communications manager for NBN             white cat called Macavity started catching the 331 bus
Co. compares the broadband system to long distance         to a fish and chip shop.
high voltage cables. Don't they have an infrastructure?
Or our telephone communications? What happens if
our phone doesn't work or the power's out? One
wonders how carefully this broadband system was
planned. Only time will tell.
                                                                              DON’T LET
Meanwhile don’t under estimate Your Pet.                                      FLU STOP
STRAY dogs are commuting to and from a city centre
on underground trains in search of food scraps. The                             YOU
clever canines board the Tube each morning. After a
hard day scavenging and begging on the streets, they
hop back on the train and return to the suburbs where            NATIONAL INFLUENZA
they spend the night. Experts studying the dogs say
they even work together to make sure they get off at             PROGRAMME STARTS
the right stop - after learning to judge the length of
time they need to spend on the train. The mutts
                                                               15TH March for eligible clients
choose the quietest carriages at the front and back of         HUGHENDEN HEALTH SERVICE
the                                              train.
They have also developed tactics to hustle humans
into giving them more food on the streets of Moscow.

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                                      T OWERS CARPET CARE

                             A nne or David on 4787 3731 or 0418 754 589 for you booking
                                             EDGERTON PLUMBING
                                             & GAS SERVICE (QLD)
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                                                 POSITION VACANT
         $30,000 prize money
           5 Race Program                   Edgerton Plumbing & Gas
             Bar/ Bookies                   Service urgently requires the
             Sky Channel                    services of an office worker.
  Auction of donated goods following        Successful applicant will need to
  the last race - In aide of Laurence
                                            be proficient in computer skills
     BBQ by Dinosaur Committee              and have the ability to learn new
  Flinders Pony Club catering during        bookkeeping programs quickly.
                the day                     To apply, please phone Frank on
          Fashions on the Field             07 47411734 or after hours on
           Jumping Castle and               07 47411572
         Gates open at 11am                 Email –


Friday 8 1.30pm – Song Writers Workshop
Friday 8 -7.00pm – Festival Opening & Chad Morgan Show
Saturday 9 - 9am - Competition begins
Sunday 10 - 9am – Bush Poets Breakfast
                                       Lucky Door Prize
Chad Morgan Show            Return Flights for 2 to Townsville &
Adults - $15              2 nights’ accommodation at Balgal Beach!
Aged Pensioner - $10
                                 Weekend at Mission
Child (5-16) - $5              Beach Resort to b e won!              AND SO
Children under 5 – free!                                             M UCH
Special discounted entry price                                       M ORE!!
Many Thanks to Chad Morgan!!

                                Eye on Richmond Shire
Richmond Calendar of Events                                        The Richmond Weather Report:
                                                           Date             Min. Temp    Max. Temp    Rainfall
                                                                            (in 24 hrs   (in 24hrs    (in 24hrs to 9am
                                                                            to 9am)      from 9am)    (mm))
17 - Swimming Squad Training. Juniors 4pm-5pm.
Seniors 5pm-6pm                                               Wed 09.03          24.0          34.6                      0
Aqua Aerobics at the Pool f rom 6.15pm. $5 per person
Mud Hut Pool Comp f rom 7pm                                  Thur 10.03          22.6          32.7                 3.8
19 - Annual Fishing Classic from 8am                          Fri 11.03          22.3          29.5                15.8
20 - Pistol Club opens 8am. Visitors welcome. Please
wear enclosed f ootwear and prov ide photo ID                 Sat 12.03          21.3          28.0                34.6
20 - Annual Fishing Classic from 8am
21 - Aqua Aerobics at the Pool f rom 6.00pm. $5 per           Sun 13.03          19.9          30.8                17.0
                                                              Mon 14.03          21.6          33.5                 0.2
22 - Swimming Squad Training. Juniors 4pm-5pm.
Seniors 5pm-6pm                                               Tues 15.03         21.2                                    0
Aqua Aerobics at the Pool f rom 6.15pm. $5 per person
Zumba at the Y outh Centre f rom 6.30pm - $2                        Data sourced from
Tennis f rom 6pm at the Tennis Courts - $5                                Bureau of Meteorology
Lions Meeting in the Supper Room f rom 7pm
23 - Swimming Club f rom 5.15pm at the Pool. Admissions
f ees and Membership Fee Apply .
24 - Swimming Squad Training. Juniors 4pm-5pm.
Seniors 5pm-6pm
Aqua Aerobics at the Pool f rom 6.15pm. $5 per person
Mud Hut Pool Comp f rom 7pm
25 - Me & My Mum Play group at Bobby Murray Park 9-
26 - Swimming Squad Training. From 8am
27 - Pistol Club opens 8am. Visitors welcome. Please
wear enclosed f ootwear and prov ide photo ID
28 - Aqua Aerobics at the Pool f rom 6.00pm. $5 per
29 - Swimming Squad Training. Juniors 4pm-5pm.
Seniors 5pm-6pm
Aqua Aerobics at the Pool f rom 6.15pm. $5 per person
Zumba at the Y outh Centre f rom 6.30pm - $2
Tennis f rom 6pm at the Tennis Courts - $5
30 - Swimming Club f rom 5.15pm at the Pool. Admissions
f ees and Membership Fee Apply .
31 - Swimming Squad Training. Juniors 4pm-5pm.
Seniors 5pm-6pm
Aqua Aerobics at the Pool f rom 6.15pm. $5 per person
Mud Hut Pool Comp f rom 7pm

Information kindly supplied by the Richmond Shire
Council. For more information please contact               Across                        Down
0747413277 or log on to           1. Peril (8)                  1. Envious (7)
Become a fan of the Richmond Shire Council Face            5. Rim (4)                    2. Mediterranean fruit tree (5)
Book Site Please note: Some              9. Similar (5)                3. Norm (7)
dates are subject to change.                               10. Extinct elephant (7)      4. Type of plum (6)
                                                           11. Aromatic seasoning (7)    6. Shortage of rainfall (7)
                                                           12. Wild feline (5)           7. Used as an anesthetic (5)
                                                           13. Gaped (6)                 8. Leave out (4)
                                                           15. Winner (6)                14. Achieves (7)
                                                           19. Go in (5)                 16. Vast (7)
                                                           21. Farmer's calendar (7)     17. Wealthiest (7)
                                                           23. Italian red wine (7)      18. Of the sea (6)
                                                           24. Inexperienced (5)         19. Surpass (5)
                                                           25. Luxuriant (4)             20. Rip (4)
                                                           26. Fierce (8)                22. Dissonance (5)

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                                 WATERMAN INDUSTRIES
                                        47 411 680 O R 0488 411 680
                                FLINDE RS SHIRE COUNCIL

Quotations are invited for the hire of machinery and experienced contractors to provide construction
and maintenance w orks in the Flinders Shire, for the Flinders Shire Council.

Q2011-03-02   – Dozer Hire
Q2011-03-03   – Grader Hire
Q2011-03-04   – Semi Trailer Water Truck Hire
Q2011-03-05   – Tipping Truck Hire
Q2011-03-06   – Excavator Hire
Q2011-03-07   – Scraper Hire
Q2011-03-08   – Side Tipping Truck Hire
Q2011-03-09   – Water Truck Hire
Q2011-03-10   – Loader Hire

The low est or any Quotation w ill not necessarily be accepted.

Specification Forms can be obtained from Linda Brow n, Engineering Admin Officer – telephone 4741
2900 or email
Any further information regarding these Quotations can be obtained by contacting Gavin Dennis,
Overseer – telephone 4741 2959 / mobile 0428 411 637 or email
Quotations must be received by 12 noon on Monday, 28 March 2011.
PO Box 274                                                                     Stephen McCartney
HUGHENDEN 4821                                                              Chief Executive Officer

                     HUGHENDEN STATE SCHOOL
                      MONSTER RAFFLE NIGHT
                          MARCH 3, 2011

  The Hughenden community is invited to come along to our
     school and wander through classrooms and meet the
   teachers from 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Thursday March 31.
      Following this there will be a variety of stalls and
 entertainment as well as a social BBQ hosted by the P&C
Association, where you can buy a burger and sit and have a
              cold drink and chat with friends.
About 8:30pm there will be the MONSTER RAFFLE draw of
about 40 great prizes. Thanks to our many donors. Tickets
     are available around town as well as on the night.
Come along and see what’s happening in education in 2011!
                  Eye on McKinlay Shire

                                                    The Julia Creek Weather Report:
                                                 Data sourced from (Bureau of Meteorology)

                                                 Date        Min. Temp    Max. Temp      Rainfall
                                                             (in 24 hrs   (in 24hrs      (in 24hrs to 9am
                                                             to 9am)      from 9am)      (mm))
                                              Wed 09.03            23.1          32.5                11.0
                                              Thurs 10.03          23.2          33.7                 7.2
                                               Fri 11.03           22.0          25.5                37.8
                                               Sat 12.03           21.9          26.2                43.6
                                              Sun 13.03            21.0          30.2                18.2
                                              Mon 14.03            22.3          32.4                 2.4
                                              Tues 15.03           21.9                               0.6
                                                        Data sourced from
                                                              Bureau of Meteorology
                                                   Don’t forget, if you are interested in
                                                  sponsoring a section, or a page of the
                                                    Whisper, contact the Telecentre.

                         DOWN SALE
                 O’NEILL’S COUNTRY KITCHEN
      The shop will be open Wednesday 16th March Noon thru to
                         Sunday 20th March
                9.00AM – 5.00PM - or until stocks sold
                            Items include;
  Fax/ photocopier, Large Pie warmer, Food processors, electric jugs, Drill & stirrer,
Menu Board, Label gun w/-labels, Date& time label kit, kitchen scales, Cream whipper,
   Slapchop, Dinner plates, coffee cups & saucers, glass Irish coffee mugs, 296ml
 Tumblers, Table clothes, table numbers, s/s sugar / toothpick dispensers, s/s salt &
 pepper shakers, s/s napkin dispenser, s/s 1L tea pots, s/s entrée bowls, glass sugar
   shakers, s/s mixing bowls, ½ moon s/s Pizza knife, Pizza trays, Pizza boxes, Grill
  scrapers, tongs, ass’td s/s kitchen spoons & ladels, s/s whisks, s/s colanders, chip
scoops, large assortment Décor storage containers, plastic bottle dispensers, baking
     trays, storage trays, s/s platters, assorted frying pans, Chocolates, assorted
   confectionery, assorted soft drinks, qty frozen food, Paper hand towels, Garbage
                       bags, some grocery lines and much more.

All commercial grade equipment suit Hotels, Cafes, Business kitchens,
                   Sporting Cubs and households.
                   Strictly cash on receipt of goods
                              PH 47410223

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                       Whispers from the Windmill
 Two prisoners are talking about            the barn and started circling his         When I saw your cruiser in my rear
 their                                      head. Suddenly, the bug flew into the     view mirror, I thought that you
 crimes:                                    cow's ear. The farmer didn't think        were the officer and that you were
 George:                                    much about it, until the bug squirted     trying to give her back to me!"
 "I robbed                                  out into his bucket. It went in one ear
 a bank,                                    and out the udder.                        What's black and white all over
 and they                                                                                      and difficult?
 gave me                                           LOCAL HISTORY                             An exam paper!
 20 years"
 Herman: "Hmm. I killed a man, and         In w hich year w as Poole Bros.                      A history joke
 I'm here for 3 days"                      Grocer Shop sold to R & M                  Why aren't you doing very well in
 George: "*WHAT*??? I rob a bank           Gazzard?                                                history?
 and get 20 years; you kill a man                                                     Because the teacher keeps asking
 and get 3 days???"                                                                   about things that happened before
                                                 Proudly sponsored by:
 Herman: "Yeah, it was a lawyer."                                                                I was born!
         Proudly sponsored by:                   TRIVIA TEMPTERS                              A history joke
                                                                                          Who invented fractions?
       G&C Jones Electrical                1. Rhyming with ‘weasels’ is which                Henry the 1/8th!
                                              acute infectious viral disease?
A man who                                  2. Which country is abbreviated to                   A history joke
smelled                                       PNG?                                    The Spanish explorers went round
like       a                               3. What do we call a faint design               the world in a galleon.
distillery                                    made in paper during its                How many galleons did the get to
flopped on                                    manufacture, that is visible                        the mile!
a subway                                      when held against the light?
seat next                                                                                      A history joke
to a priest.                                     Proudly sponsored by:                What kind of lighting did Noah use
The man's                                           HUGHENDEN                                    for the ark?
tie      was                                                                                    Floodlights!
stained; his face was plastered with
red lipstick, and a half empty bottle of    A man was driving home late one           Gloria the blonde once heard that
gin was sticking out of his torn coat       afternoon, and he was driving             milk baths would make you
pocket. He opened his newspaper             above the speed limit. He notices a       beautiful. She left a note for her
and began reading. After a few              police car with its red lights on in      milkman Alan to leave 15 gallons
minutes, the dishevelled guy turned         his rear view mirror. He thinks "I        of                              milk.
to the priest and asked, "Say, father,      can outrun this guy," so he floors it     When Alan read the note, he felt
what causes arthritis?"                     and the race is on. The cars are          there must be a mistake. He
"Mister, it's caused by loose living,       racing down the highway –120,             thought she probably meant 1.5
being with cheap, wicked women, too         140, 160, 180 kilometres an hour.         gallons, so he knocked on the door
much alcohol and contempt for your          Finally, as his speedometer               to        clarify     the      order.
fellow man."                                passes 200, the guy figures "what         Gloria came to the door, and Alan
"Well I'll be." the drunk muttered,         the    heck,"                             said, "I found your note to leave 15
returning to his paper.                     and      gives                            gallons of milk. Did you mean 15
The priest, thinking about what he          up. He pulls                              gallons       or    1.5    gallons?"
had said, nudged the man and                over to the                               Gloria said, "I want 15 gallons. I'm
apologized. "I'm very sorry. I didn't       curb.                                     going to fill my bathtub up with milk
mean to come on so strong. How              The police                                and       take    a    milk    bath."
long did you have arthritis?"               officer gets                              Alan asked, "Oh, alright, would you
"I don't have it father. I was just         out of his                                like          it       pasteurized?"
reading here that the Pope does."           cruiser and approaches the car.           Gloria replied, "No, just up to my
                                            He leans down and says "Listen            waist."
        Proudly sponsored by :
                                            mister, I've had a really lousy day,            Proudly sponsored by:
    Bliss Complete Beauty                   and I just want to go home. Give            Lance Millwood Painting
     Phone: 0417 000 265                    me a good excuse and I'll let you         Phone 042 8761390 / 47410295
A farmer was milking his cow. He            The man thought for a moment
was just starting to get a good             and said... "Three weeks ago, my
rhythm going when a bug flew into           wife ran off with a police officer.
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                                   Whispers over the Review
         Sourry’s Movie Review                                            Ross & Di’s Kitchen
                   Un th in kable                                    Chicken and Bean Waldorf Salad
Armed with the knowledge that their suspect has
planted three nuclear bombs in three U.S. cities, black
                                                                          with Lemon Dressing
ops interrogator H (Samuel L. Jackson) and FBI Agent                                     Serves 4
Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss) resort to extreme                      ∇   1 small cooked BBQ chicken, skinless
methods, to get the confession that could save millions
                                                                      ∇   420g can Edgell Four Bean Mix, drained
of innocent lives. A former nuclear expert, Younger
(Michael Sheen) has turned against his country. Shortly               ∇   1 stick celery, cut into diagonal slices
after Younger plants his bombs, he's apprehended by                   ∇   ½ cup toasted walnuts
the nation's top anti-terrorism task force. But while                 ∇   1 pear, cut into thin slices
Younger is in custody, the FBI can't get him to reveal
where the nukes have been hidden. H may be able to                    ∇   ½ cup low fat mayonnaise
get an answer, but once Agent Brody gets a glimpse of                 ∇   1 tsp grated lemon rind
his tactics, she begins to wonder whether the good guys               ∇   1 tblesp lemon juice
have finally stooped to the level of the terrorists, or if H
is truly justified in fighting fire with fire. Unthinkable co-
stars Brandon Routh, Martin Donovan, and Stephen                 1 Remove chicken meat from bones and tear int shreds,
Root.                                                            place into a bowl and add drained Edgell Four Bean Nix,
Genre: Action                                                    celery, walnuts and pear slices.
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Carrie-Anne Moss,
Michael Sheen                                                    2 combine mayonnaise, lemon rind and juice and pour
Director: Gregor Jordan                                          over salad tossing to coat.
Duration: 97 mins
Rated: MA15+ (Strong themes, violence and coarse                 Preparation 15 min
language)                                                        RECIPE SUPPLIED BY DIANNE YOUNG FROM
Release date: 23 Mar 11
                                                                                Ray White Rural
    For further information visit          For more great recipe s purchase a copy of Te le ce ntre
               This review section is proudly  sponsored  by         Tre ats from the Gre at Northe rn Te le ce ntre .
         Sourry’s Newscentre – 4741 1263                          

                                                                 ANSWERS TO  THIS WEEK’S QUESTIONS 
       2 for 1 Movie Deal on Tuesdays and Saturdays 2 for $10 
                                                                 1. Measles
     Whispers from the Bookworm…                                 2. Papua New Guinea
                                                                 3. Watermark
 My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece                              Local History answer - 1970

         By Annabel Pitcher
                                                                                    Handy Hints
Ten-year-old Jamie Matthews has just moved to the                All mums have a squeeze bottle or two of tommy sauce
Lake District with his Dad and his teenage sister,               in their pantry (the one ingredient that makes every meal
Jasmine for a 'Fresh New Start'. Five years ago his              kid-friendly!). If you happen to own copper or brass
sister's twin, Rose, was blown up by a terrorist bomb.           cookware, tomato sauce can make them all shiny and
His parents are wrecked by their grief; Jasmine turns to         new again. Simply squeeze a little sauce onto a cloth
piercing, pink hair and stops eating. The family falls           and rub on pots and pans to clean them. Rinse well
apart. But Jamie hasn't cried in all that time. To him           afterwards.
Rose is just a distant memory. Jamie is far more                 Humble table salt can be used to scrub pots and pans
interested in his cat, Roger, his birthday Spiderman T-          and to tackle stubborn coffee mug stains. When mixed
shirt, and in keeping his new friend Sunya a secret from         with a little vinegar and water, it can also spruce up
his dad. And in his deep longing and unshakeable belief          tarnished brass or copper. Pouring hot, salty brine down
that his Mum will come back to the family she walked             the kitchen sink will also prevent grease from collecting
out on months ago. When he sees a TV advert for a                in the drain pipe.
talent show, he feels certain that this will change
everything and bring them all back together once and                             Proudly Sponsored by:
for all.                                                                           BASALT ELECTRICAL  
           For further information, please visit:
Notices and advertisements (up to 100 words) are                    Hughenden Golf Club
free of charge for non-profit local community                      Last Sunday we play ed an 18 hole Ambrose.
groups. All advertising for fundraising must be paid                               Winners were:
                                                               K Porteous, J Simonsen, M Norman and P Franzmann
for at regular rates. To update your club’s details                              Runners up were:
please contact the Telecentre on 4741 1915 or                          S Alloway , K Carter and D Porteous
email                                 Next Sunday will be another 18 Hole Ambrose, names in by
Flinders Hack & Pony - Pony Club workshop this                12.30pm – tee of f at 1.00pm. Last Ambrose bef ore our
weekend Cancelled due to whether , Charters dressage,                       season start. All welcome.
Jumping and Combined Training 26th and 27th of March                      Frothies Gross Winer: C Driscoll
(Contact Sara for nomination forms) Don’t forget Flinders                       Net Winner: J Webb
School 2nd/3rd of April. Contact: Secretary - Alison Read
4741 1284 / President- Phil Shaw 0447943776 / Treasury
                                                                  Hughenden Tennis club
Sara Townley - 0438405121                                    Round Two of Season One was played this week; and,
                                                             unfortunately two of the line 1 players were unavailable due
Flinders Poppy Inc - The Flinders Poppy Group is up and      to other commitments. This forced lower line players to be
running again. Contact person is Marg Clemments              moved up the ladder and both teams suffered defeats as a
available on 47411044.            http://flinderspoppyart-   result. The challenge now is for them to recoup their                                          losses in the coming weeks.
Flinders Tennis Club - Contact the Secretary                 Results – Sooky LaLas (T1) soundly defeated Screamers
Ph.47411451                                                  (T3) 79/26; Grunters (T2) had a 67/58 win over Court
Free Dance Classes: Phone 47411258 for details.              Etiquette (T5); and Foot Faulters (T6) were easily
                                                             overcome by Time Wasters (T4) 76/29. Singles games of
Girl Guides. Don’t forget to bring a hat, water bottle and
                                                             note were tie-breakers between Jodie Coward & Vivian
wear sandshoes. Phone Terri on 0427 411 352.
                                                             Finlay (6/5 to Jodie) and Merv Walker & Terri Johnson (6/5
Hughenden Bulls Rugby League Football Club -                 to Merv.). Clayton Brown played up a line for his team and
training Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6.00pm at Showgrounds.      managed a 6/3 win over Harry Bode. Another good game
Further info contact Vicki 0428411642                        was the one between Swaggie Gough and Damien Corsan
Hughenden & District Athletics For information contact       which resulted in a 6/4 win to Damien.
Charmaine - 47410147 or Fiona 47410354.                      Our raffle this week was won by Ashton Townley. Thanks
Hughenden Golf Club Junior Golf every Tuesday 4pm.           to all supporters.
                                                             Junior Tennis Practice will again be held this Friday.
Hughenden Gymnastics Club- For information contact           Unfortunately the 10 & Over Group missed out last week
Katrina Sladden 0428399373 or Andrea Creagh 47411182.
                                                             because the rain arrived. Usual times – 3.30 for Under 8s,
Hughenden Jockey Club contact Rhonda Seymour                 4.30 for 8s & 9s; and 5.30 for 10 & Over. More helpers for
0429411100 4741 1605 email            these sessions would be welcomed.
Hughenden Junior Rugby League – contact Sam Mason            Thanks to everyone who tried to locate the iPod which
(Secretary) on 0488163958 or Arlene Cairns (President) on    went missing in Week 1. The item has been recovered and
47411735.                                                    the owner is very relieved.
Hughenden Pony Club Incorp Due to the threat of rain         Club Meeting – Last Sunday’s Meeting was cancelled due
and road closures Hughenden Pony Club has postponed          to wet weather. Next meeting will be Sunday 10th April at
their Rider’s Workshop that was scheduled for this           11 a.m.
weekend (19th/20 th March). A new date will be advised          Hughenden Junior Rugby
ASAP. PCAQ website
Hughenden Sports and Recreation Club Inc.
(Hughenden PBR Bull Ride) Contact Lynn 47 410 172,            Hughenden Hawks Junior Rugby League training to
Leanne 47 411 729.                                           start for all grades at the Railway Social Club Tuesday
                                                               29th march from 5.00 -6.00pm. Please wear footy
Hughenden Sw imming Club. Contact: Lindy on
                                                             shorts, no shorts with pockets and NO school uniforms.
47410385 or Mandy on: 47411827. Visit -                                  The Toyota Cowboys training shirts will be given out at
Indoor Bow ls Club - Indoor bowls, Mondays @ 9.30am.                              training.
Night indoor bowls - Every Tuesday 7.00pm. Everyone                   Hughenden Netball
welcome - contact 4741 1237. You are most welcome to
come along and join in the fun!                                          Association
Outback Preformance Horse Assoc – Colt Starting                                 Week 1 Results
Clinic 25-27 March. Further details contact Jody Murray -            Royally Gifted 65 def Golden Girls 17
47417017                                                              Red Rollups 43 def Green Tea 19
Prairie Jockey Club - Contact President, Anna Hassett on                          Week 2 Draw
07 4778 8757 or                        6.00pm – Pink Pythons vs Green Tea
                                                                   7.15pm – Red Rollups vs Royally Gifted
Senior Citizens HOY 1 st and 3 rd Wednesday of each                      Court Duties – Golden Girls
month RSL Hall, Flinders Street 10.00am.                            ALL PLAYERS THAT DID NOT PLAY LAST
Emergency Service Cadets Thursday 6.30pm to 8.30pm                SEASON WILL NEED TO PAY $65 CAPITATIONS
SES Headquarters (13 to 16 years old) Juley Anchen                       BEFORE TAKING THE COURTS

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