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					             Horizons Week Activity Name: Laos Service
Staff Leaders : Mark Lewis

Brief Description of the Activity:

    We provide part of an infrastructure which will prepare the 14 villages of the Seuang
     River Valley in Laos for creating its own sustainable income through eco-tourism
     and improving the standard of living.

    It is a long term project run by Buffalo Tours which is already in its 4 th year. Mr.
     Lewis has been travelling to Laos with WIS for the last three years and have made
     a personal commitment to the village leaders of 5 years worth of service from WIS.

    We are well known and well respected in the community having already
     successfully completed a kindergarten, part of a suspension bridge which is now
     linking many communities and finally last year we made the foundations for a septic
     tank and toilets/showers for a school of 800 students. Previously the school had just
     one individual toilet and no showers.

Key Highlights of the Activity:

    Construction work aimed at improving the infrastructure of the valley – at this time
     our current project is unspecified and depends on how the overall valley project is
     progressing. We have committed ourselves to the support of this project to its

    Other activities include Temple Visits, Lessons in Laos language and culture. Home
     stay at Suang River Valley village. Teaching local children in their schools,
     Traditional Basi Su Khouan ceremony, Mekong River boat trip, Pak Ou Buddha
     Caves, Paper manufacturing village – hand made, Elephant Park and a cultural tour
     of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang.

Maximum number of students: 10 (Year 11)

Maximum number of student leaders: 14 (Year 12 & 13)

Brief explanation of how the CAS experience meets C, A, and/or S requirements:

    Creative – Understanding the engineering concepts behind the projects we are
     building. Learning skills such as basket weaving, cooking, creating lessons for
     school, and understanding the needs of the valley and coming up with ideas to
     create a self sustaining income for the valley. Creating activities which can be
     enjoyed by both the students and the locals – this is challenging since the locals
     speak no English.

    Action – Construction work – collecting resources such as sand, stones, cement.
     Making cement. Creating moulds from wood and filling with cement. Creating the
     metal work for structural support members. Digging, preparing a safe construction
    Cultural – learning about the language and speaking it. Learning the history of the
     country and the local area, customs and religion.
    Care of elephants, understanding the effects of eco-tourism on the local people as
     well as the country as a whole.

    Service – Providing part of an infrastructure which will prepare the valley for
     creating its own income and improve the standard of living. Providing the local
     children with basic resources such as paper, pens, toys, toothbrushes. We use
     money raised by the school to pay for the resources we use on the construction

Importance to the school’s mission, aims, and values:

The Laos Service trip promotes enjoyment in learning motivating students through
individual and group achievement. Students are challenged in a culturally diverse
environment through a holistic approach. Students learn to approach the world with
confidence and curiosity

The trip is certainly full of collaboration, team work and unity of purpose. Compassion and
Service in the Seuang River Valley allows our students to recognise their place and
responsibilities within the communities in which we live.

Name of Organisation that you are working with: Buffalo Tours – Volunteer &
Educational Travel in Vietnam Laos Cambodia & Thailand

Organisation’s web-site:

Estimated Price in Hong Kong dollars: HK$10,500.-

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