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					Certification Study Group Success!

    Chuck Woodside, CFCM, CPCM, Fellow
             August 13, 2011
Your Ideal Study Group

•A dedicated leader
•Four to six members
Your Actual Study Group
Don’t Despair!!!

•Only about half the people who say they
are interested will show up for your study
•Only about half of those will stick it out to
completion and take the exam.
What are the essentials?

•A dedicated leader or some really
cooperative members
•Two or more people determined to get
•A quiet place to meet for two hours a week
for 10-12 weeks
How do we get started?

•Poll your membership for interest
•Invite respondents to an
organizational/informational meeting
•Be prepared to answer all questions about
NCMA certification
Questions such as……
•What certifications are available?
•What are the prerequisites?
•What study aids/materials are available?
•What does it cost?
•How long is the exam and what type of
questions does it contain?
•Where do I take the exam?
NCMA has three Certifications

•Certified Federal Contracts Manager
•Certified Commercial Contracts Manager
•Certified Professional Contracts Manager

•Specialized Training
•Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from a
regionally accredited institution (U.S.)
•Degrees earned outside the U.S. will be
evaluated on a case-by-case basis

•Minimum of one year for CFCM and CCCM
•Minimum five years for CPCM
Specialized Training

•80 hours of Continuing Professional
Education (CPE) for CFCM and CCCM
•CPCM requires 120 hours.
•One CLP (Continuous Learning Point) for
federal employees equals one CPE
•Many ways to earn, see CPE Guide online
What about waivers?

•Degree requirement may be waived for
contracting professionals with at least 10
years of experience. (Applies to CFCM and
CCCM only)
•No CPCM waivers
CPCM Study Aids

•CPCM Study Guide $65
•Contract Management Body of Knowledge
(CMBOK) 3.0 $45
•Online practice exams (5) $35 each
CFCM Study Aids
•CFCM Study Guide $65
•Desktop Guide to Basic Contracting Terms
•Online practice exam $35
•NCMA Webex-based interactive 10 week
CFCM Preparatory Class (Limited
Enrollment) $499
CCCM Study Aids

•Desktop Guide to Basic Contracting Terms
•Online practice exam $35
•Cornell Law School UCC Website Free!
Application and Exam Fees

•CFCM and CCCM $150 Application
•CPCM $175 Application
•Exam via computer (Kryterion Learning
Centers) $95
•Paper exam at NCMA national conference
Member Prices
•All prices shown are for NCMA members
•Non-members may participate, but pay
higher prices
•(Hint: Certification is a good recruitment
tool. A candidate can more than pay for
membership by getting the reduced member

•All exams are objective type
•180 questions on CPCM
•150 questions on CFCM and CCCM
•Candidates have four hours to complete
their exams
Where do I take the exam?
•Exams are available year round at Kryterion
Learning Centers across the country and
around the world
•Paper exams are available at NCMA’s three
major national conferences each year
•Chapters may request authorization to
proctor exams locally
What are the most important factors
in having a successful study group?
•Planning. Set a schedule
•Consistency. Keep to your schedule
•Participation. The most successful groups
are those whose members write mock test
questions on assigned topics.
What you expect your study group
to look like
What your study group actually
looks like!!
If you have a better way, try it! These guys did!

•Dick Fosbury

•Bob Plath

•Chuck Woodside, NCMA Director of
Certification, cwoodside@ncmahq.org (571)
•Blake Boynton, Certification Program
Administrator, bboynton@ncmahq.org (571)

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