Program Director: Dr. Rekhakala A.M.

Additional Program Facilitator: Prof. Edwin Castelino

Program Duration: 2 days
 Program Overview:

For the Indian IT industry, the BFSI segment is an important part of their operations. As part of
the business development, the project managers in IT companies have to interact with the
banking and brokerage clients. And for effective client interaction, the analyst or manager must
have a very good idea of the underlying domain. Very often, the IT project managers, who
essentially come from a technical background, do not generally have a clear idea of the finance
domain – especially, a segment such as derivatives. The two day workshop is intended to give
the IT project managers and other client facing IT professionals an overview of the financial
derivatives – essentially, products such as forwards, futures, swaps and options.

Program Objectives:

       To understand and appreciate all aspects of financial derivatives and derivative
       To learn the terminology used in derivative contracts such as: long and short position,
       order book, types of orders, order matching mechanism, volume of trade, open interest,
       option types, expiry dates etc.
       To provide an idea of the contract specifications for a variety of derivative contracts
       relating to futures and options with the help of a few examples from futures and
       options exchanges around the world
       To learn why banks, financial institutions and derivative traders use derivatives
       To deliberate upon risk hedging strategies through derivatives
       At the end of this program, the participants will be able to understand the derivatives
       products which would help them in handling software development or maintenance of
       project dealing with derivatives

Program Coverage:

       Introduction to financial markets
       Derivatives market
       Forwards & Futures

Program Pedagogy:
The methodology would include mix of lectures, exercises, discussion (live trading examples on
NSE & BSE stock exchanges) etc.

Target Participant Profile:

1. IT professionals working in BFSI segment with software development companies who would
   like to get familiar with the financial product called “Derivatives”
2. Project Managers and Business Analysts in IT companies who have to frequently interact
   with clients in the banking, investments and brokerage industry and have felt a need to
   better understand the derivatives domain.

Profile of Program Facilitators:

Dr. Rekhakala A.M.
Faculty, Finance Area, Alliance University, School of Business

A postgraduate in commerce & management has been awarded Ph.D., in Finance & Banking.
She is also a post graduate in computer application. She was in the industry for about 5 years
and has been teaching since for the past 12 years. She has presented & published nearly 20
research papers in International & National conferences in the finance area on the topics like
monsoon risk securitization through options, concentration risk profile of Indian banks, risk
management in banks, credit risk management, measuring interest rate risk etc.

She has been conducting management education program with specific emphasis on finance
through on-line and off-line teaching to the business executives from different companies like
Infosys, Accenture, Titan, Wipro, IBM, HAL, Axis Bank etc.

Prof. Edwin Castelino
Faculty, Finance Area, Alliance University, School of Business

Prof. Edwin is a PGDM from IIM-A, and has also done an advanced management program from
the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. He has over 25 years of work
experience in the area of Financial Markets, Mutual Funds, and Derivatives. He has worked with
SBI Capital Markets, SBI Mutual Funds, SBI New York and the India Magnum Fund, a joint
venture of Morgan Stanley Asset Management, USA. He set up the leasing desk in SBI Capital
Markets. He also worked as a consultant to Inter Commercial Bank Ltd, Trinidad. Prof. Edwin
has conducted several corporate training programs in the areas of Financial Markets,
Derivatives, International Payment Systems, and Analysis of Financial Statements etc. for a
number of companies that include: IBM, EDS, Deutsche Bank, Perot Systems etc.

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