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    Newsletter                                                            Decembe r 2007

Once upon a time…
Story teller at Currie Library                              Storyteller
…it was a chilly day. Primary 5 set off to walk to Currie              st
                                                            On the 31 of October P.5 went to Currie Library to
Library. A man named Seoras Macpherson told us              listen to Seoras Macpherson a storyteller from Skye,
stories and poems and riddles. He was dressed in a          who was wearing a kilt, tell us old Scottish stories from
kilt. He said 'hello' in Gaelic and the class said, 'what   where he lived, Skye.
does that mean?' Seoras Macpherson said that it
means 'hello' in Gaelic. He spilt water on the floor.       One story was about a family who only had berries to
Andrew, Samuel and Sam helped dry it up.                    eat but one day they ran out of berries so they had to
                                                            go to the other side of the lake were the grey wolf
He told us a story about an old granny who killed a         lived. When they got there they picked the berries off
child-eating, grey wolf. He told us a riddle about a baby   the ground, but then the wolf came and the granny
who gets thrown out a flat and lives. He told us more       punched him in the mouth, which killed him.
riddles. The stories and the riddles were good.
Samuel,Vhairi and Cameron told us stories. Samuel           After that, we got to look at the books and then we got
told one about a girl with no leg, Vhairi told one about    some leaflets...
a doll and Cameron told one about a king.                   Finlay and Dylan
If we had a library card we could get two books.
Samuel and Andrew

Story telling
…When we got to the library we met Seoras
MacPherson, a story teller. He told us some stories.
Our favourite story was about a haunted house: At
midnight he and his friend went to the house and saw
a ghostly figure.They ran home but the next day when
they went back he was gone.
P5 told some stories too. We also got told a few
riddles. One was what can go up a chimney down but
not down a chimney up? [an umbrella] Afterwards we
had a look at some books…
Cary and Jamie
Primary 1 children listened to a story then illustrated it
and retold it in their own words…

The girl was in the woods with the thick green trees.          The porridge was steaming because the old mother
She was crying because she had no food.                        couldn‟t stop it. The little girl came in and said, “Stop,
Lauren                                                         little pot, stop!” Then the pot stopped making porridge.

The little girl sat on a stone, crying because she
wanted food. Her mummy was crying as well. An old
woman came and said “I‟ve got a present for you.” It
was a cooking pot.

                                                               The porridge came out of the pot and went under the
                                                               door. It went down the hill and back into the
                                                               potbecause the girl said the magic words, “Stop, little
                                                               pot, stop!”

When the good fairy came she looked like an old
woman. She gave the little girl a pot that could cook all
by itself. It made porridge that tasted like her favourite
Gregor                                                         The pot was dripping porridge and the porridge was
                                                               running down the hill. All the houses were flooded and
                                                               the boats were sailing in the sticky porridge. The
                                                               houses were full of porridge and the people were
                                                               sticking their fingers in and licking the porridge.
                                                               The girl‟s mum said, “Oh, the whole town is flooded!”

When the old woman came she gave the little girl a             The porridge spilled down the pot and flooded the
pot. The little girl said, “Cook, little pot, cook!” The pot   world. The people tried to run away but the porridge
started mixing some porridge. The porridge tasted like         was too sticky.
carrots.                                                       Emilio
                                                                          The rain in Spain
                                                                          stays mainly in the plain,
                                                                          But the snow can go
                                                                          To Mexico!

                                                          My holiday in Spain
                                                          I went to Spain… I was in a hotel. I got to go to the
                                                          circus. I went on a roller coaster and I got some sea
When the town filled up with porridge the children        Alexander
licked their fingers on the porridge and said, “Yum,
yum!” The girl said, “Stop, little pot, stop!”            My weekend
Ella                                                      I went to Aberdeen. I went on a speedboat then I went
                                                          to have a doughnut. The boat was called the
                                                          Seaman‟s Mummy. I was shivering with the cold but it
                                                          was loads of fun!

                                                          …whilst older children continued stories…

This is a large event … in most schools. For one day      Jack’s bad day
every year almost anyone can ask to tell a story … but    One day Jack was walking with his friends. Jack took
the story can‟t be read from a book. I, Liam Fergusson,   out his ipod and turned up the volume to maximum but
have taken part in this event and recommend it for any    a boy on his bicycle pedalled up behind and told him to
young storyteller to see how good he or she is at         move out the way. At first Jack did not hear him then
storytelling.                                             suddenly he heard a crash and felt a sharp pain in his
                                                          leg. Jack fell on the paving stones. The boy shouted
I sank down slowly into the storyteller‟s chair and       “You are so stupid, you have broken my bike!”
gathered the P1s round me to hear the tale of “The        “Sorry!” said Jack feebly.
Hare and the Hedgehog,” a story about a cocky hare,       Samuel
a clever hedgehog and his wife. At the end of the
story I was thanked with a round of applause and Mrs.
Alderson gave me not one, not two, but five stickers
for my time - but pleasing the little ones was reward
enough for me.

Some Primary 1and 2 children wrote their own stories..

The Bag of Tricks
There is a little boy called Alexander. He took a teddy   The spider
bear out of his bag and his teddy bear could jump         He shook his head in panic. Jack was sad because
away. Alexander looked in his bag for another teddy       Jimmy the tarantula had escaped from the kitchen but
bear but it was actually a candle, then he pulled a       it was lucky that nobody had noticed that he was
whole birthday cake out of his bag with nineteen          loose. Jack looked under the radiator. Jack was
candles on it. A splashing fish accidentally jumped out   excited because he saw Jimmy the tarantula climbing
of the bag. Alexander ran to get the fish which was       up a web. He felt happy. Jack ran to get a cup and a
diving back into the pool.                                spoon from the kitchen. Dad was asleep in the rocking
                                                          chair. Jack tiptoed back to see if he could catch the
The teddy bear loved the cake - but then a gorilla        scary hairy spider. He knocked the web and the spider
jumped out of the bag with a banana in his hand which     fell into the cup and landed safely.
he slid out of its skin and ate. The gorilla grabbed      Fraser
Alexander and pulled him into the bag!
Gregor                                                    Story
                                                          The system the badger had in front of him. Jake had
Funny Tricks                                              worked out the badger created the storm because the
One day a boy called Joe banged his head on the wall.     wind wasn‟t as strong as a real storm. Jake thought of
He had to go to the office but they had run out of        a plan. It was that Bond attacked the system while
plasters so they had to give him a wooden head            Jake distracted the badger. Jake waited for the right
instead.                                                  moment and wa lah! The plan worked perfectly. The
Joe                                                       system was destroyed.
                                                          Jake and Bond walked out of the hole and after that
                                                          they were never seen again. They had disappeared.
                Harry’s Poem
Chapter 1 A girl saw a little bird on a bird table and she
saw a snowflake as well. She said it was a robin
redbreast. She liked birds – she had one in her house
in a cage, so she was pleased to see the robin. She
wanted to take it home with her but her mum wasn‟t
Chapter 2 Her mum decided she could bring it home.
Her mum bought a cage and her mum let her have lots
and lots of birds.
                                                             Plop woke up at four o‟clock on Christmas morning. He
I went out on Christmas Eve to give the birds some           saw a present. It was a mouse.
food. I gave them bird seed.                                 Andy

One morning a boy called Struan went outside. He             BOOK FESTIVAL
went to get a Christmas tree. He met his friend called       In August we went in a bus to the Book Festival.
Red, Red. The robin went bob to the bird table.              When we arrived we went into a big tent. In the big
That night Santa came to Struan‟s house. In the              tent we saw Julia Donaldson. Julia Donaldson asked
morning he woke up and went to the living room and           people to act. My favourite story was Tiddler and the
peered through the glass of the door. He saw loads of        Smartest Giant in Town. After Julia Donaldson we
presents.                                                    went to see Catherine Rayner. Catherine Rayner read
Cameron                                                      a book called “Augustus and his Smile”. She picked
                                                             some people to draw Augustus the tigger. One day
A little robin saw a girl. The girl wanted to be her best    Augustus had lost his smile but he found it in a puddle.
friend. She fed her and she stayed and she talked to         It was a good day out.
her. “Can I be your best friend for ever?”                   Katie and Rachel
                                                             We went to the Book Festival. Then we met Julia
A wee girl saw a robin redbreast and it was dark.            Donaldson. She told us 3 stories. Then we went to
There were three stars twinkling in the sky. It was cold.    see Catherine Rayner. Then we went to lunch. When
Her mum wanted her to come in to get her pyjamas on          we had finished lunch. During our lunch Tricky Ricky
for bedtime.                                                 showed us some magic tricks. We went back to
Oliver                                                       school on the bus and it was a fun day.
                                                             Melissa and Bethany
A bird flew on the bird table. A little girl saw it so she
went out and fed it some seeds, breadcrumbs and
some nuts.                                                   SUMMER READING
Callie                                                       These are the books I have read in the summer
                                                             holidays. They are the most fantastic books I have
It was snowy. Thomas had so much fun trying to play          read. Since the summer holidays I have read almost
football! He slipped and fell over in the snow, then he      every day. On some nights I read till about eleven
saw a little robin. He went and got some breadcrumbs         o‟clock.
so he could feed the robin.
Shaun                                                        Beast Quest – author is Adam Black
                                                             These adventure books are about Tom, a boy who
A little girl saw a robin redbreast. She was feeding the     must free the six magical beasts of Avantia from an
robin. It was dark. Her mum wanted her to come inside        evil spell. Each book tells the story of a different beast.
and get her pyjamas on and brush her teeth to get            The beasts are Ferno the fire dragon, Sepron the sea
ready for bed.                                               serpent, Arcta the mountain giant, Tagus the horse
Kieren                                                       man, Nanook the snow monster and last, but not least,
                                                             Epos the flame bird. The main characters are Tom,
One day a little girl called Emily was getting a new         Storm his horse, Ellena and her wolf Silver, Aduro the
Christmas tree. She wanted a little bird to hang on the      good wizard and King Hugo, also Malvel the dark
Christmas tree. She wanted more things for it as well,       wizard. I really like these books because I imagine I
like a star.                                                 am Tom.
                                                             Mr Gum and the biscuit billionaire- author Andy
Winter is fun and hard work. You can make snowmen            Stanton
and angel shapes and scrape the ice.                         This book is hard to describe because it has too many
Adam                                                         characters in it. This is a book about friendship. Mr
                                                             Gum is not a true friend.

                                                             Book reports
P6 are learning to write book reports using a planning       Introduction
page. Word processing skills are being developed             The title of the book is Harry the Poisonous
including saving each section as it is completed.            Centipede‟s Big Adventure and the author is Lynne
                                                             Reid Banks. We were given it as a group book to read.
How To Write A Book Report                                   The flavour of the story is a mixture between
Primary 6 have been learning about how to write a            adventure, fantasy, scary and mystery.
book report. Every book report should have an
introduction, main parts of the story, the theme, the
                                                             The main idea is that Harry gets captured and finds
setting, the plot, the characters and the conclusion. All
                                                             George (grandpa) and goes on a big journey but finds
of our class learned a new word called protagonist.
                                                             some friends on the way. Harry and George are very
The protagonist is the main character. From writing a
                                                             brave because they come up against some bad and
report I learned lots of new things. Now I'll know how
                                                             untrustworthy creatures. At the end the honey badger
to write a book report and hope to write one again.
                                                             was thinking of eating Harry and George but Belinda
                                                             (mum) bit its back and they go home safely.
Tiger, Tiger - Book Report                                   Setting
Tiger, Tiger was chosen for us as a group novel. It is       The story takes place in present time and an imaginary
an adventure, an animal and history story about two          underground world where Harry the centipede lives.
tigers who are captured when their mother is speared,        One day he decides to leave his nest and over the
and are taken to Rome for Caesar.                            next few days begins a dangerous adventure.
The theme is mainly love and friendship. At the start of     Plot
the book is the love and friendship of the tigers, and of    Harry gets captured and goes and rescues George.
their mother to them. Through the whole story is             They find other centipedes that aren‟t nice but Harry
Aurelia‟s love and friendship for Boots; also, Aurelia‟s     and George escape into the sea and go through
love and friendship for Julius and his for her. At the       tunnels, big and small. They got home safely.
end of the book the two tigers' and Julius‟ friendship is
important so that the tigers do not hurt Julius.
                                                             The main character or protagonist Harry the poisonous
The story is set in Roman times. Although at the start       centipede. The other important characters are George
of the book it is in the jungle the story changes and the    (grandpa) and Belinda (mum). George and Belinda
rest is based in Rome. Some of the main scenes are           help Harry on his big journey.
Caesar‟s palace, Marcus‟ house and the colosseum,
which the Romans called the circus.
                                                             I liked this story because it is interesting and funny. My
The plot is about two tigers which get taken to Rome,        best part was the whole book. I would recommend it to
one for the circus and one for Aurelia, Caesar‟s             a friend. I would read other books by this author.
daughter. The strongest tiger went to the circus and         Steven
the other smaller and weaker tiger is given to Aurelia
as a present from her father Caesar. Boots (Aurelia‟s
tiger) is fed and cared for well. The other tiger has a
nasty trainer that jabs him with a spear to get him to
pounce and if he pounces he will receive a slab of
Some of the main characters are: the two tigers,
Aurelia and Julius – Boots‟ keeper. Other characters,
not main but important characters, are Caesar and
Marcus (Aurelia‟s cousin).
I really liked this story because it was nerve racking
exciting. I‟d say the best part of the book was the
ending because I just wanted to read more and more
and it was so exciting. The story made me feel sad
that they used to treat animals that way and treated
Christians like they were rats. I would recommend this
to my friends because it is a very well written book and
it was exciting. I think I would read other books by this            Where do minutes go?
author because I think she writes very good books. I                 Maybe to Finland or America.
learned a lot of things from this book like how horrible             Perhaps they go to the jungle
and cruel most Romans were.                                          And spend some people
                                                                     Doing what they have to do.
I think this book was very well written. I enjoyed it very
much and it was one of the best books I have ever
                                                                     Minutes are invisible –
read. Probably the most important part of it is the
                                                                     You might walk through them
ending. I understood a lot after I read the last couple of
                                                                     Or stand on them
                                                                     But what‟s on the other side?
                                                                     Another land, the future. Primary 1
Harry the Poisonous Centipede - Book Report
                                                            One Wednesday morning Miss Jollie announced that
                                                            eight lucky children would be going to 'Enterprise is
                                                            Busines' at the Hibs Almond Suite. At first everyone
                                                            had blank faces since we had never heard about
                                                            Enterprise before, it was totally new to all of us. In the
It was a simple Tuesday, a sort of normal day, where        afternoon Miss Jollie told us about Enterprise and what
you would do your maths and sharpen your pencil.            it meant so that if we were picked we would know what
What we did not know was we would be the day of             we were to do. The next day when Miss Jollie asked
interacting with the Primary One class. As soon as          who wanted to do Enterprise, there were about eleven
everyone settled down to do the normal 4 x 7 sum,           hands up so the only fairest way to choose the eight
Miss Jollie broke the silence. She said, “today we are      people to go was to let the them produce a talk to the
going down to the P1 class to scribe for the…” The          class.
silence started again, this time you could hear quiet
excited voices.                                             While the eleven children were doing the talk it was a
                                                            very tense scene for them and for their classmates.
Before the Primary 7‟s couldn‟t wait any longer, Miss
                                                            When we were reading it out we were all very nervous
Jollie led us to the other side of the school. As soon as
                                                            and our legs were shaking non-stop. The talk wasn‟t to
we stepped into the education area, we heard many
                                                            be too short or too long and we were to use descriptive
tiny voices saying, “I know them,” and, “He‟s a prefect.”
                                                            words on why we wanted the place.
Mrs Alderson assigned us to another P7, and then to
two P1s. We all squeezed into small chairs… then the
                                                            After all the eleven children had presented their talk
interview began!
                                                            the rest of the class were given four pieces of very
We asked them simple questions, like 'Where is your         white paper and they were to write down their best two
favourite place in the school?' or, 'What do you like       girls and boys to go on „Enterprise is the Business‟.
doing in school?' They all replied with answers, just       After the class had written down their choices they
easy enough to understand. In a little time, we all had     gave the paper to Miss Jollie and she announced who
something like this:                                        was going to Enterprise. The lucky eight children were
                                                            Calum H, Calum S, Coel, Sam, Kirsten, Sarah,
       Mamie and Gregor like making geese and              Shannon D and Bianca, although sadly Sarah could
        drawing on the whiteboards in the classroom.        not go so Rebecca H went to take her place.
       Their favourite occasion is the nativity play and   Rebecca and Kirsten
        they liked the tour around the school.
       Their favourite subject is music.                   At the Enterprise is Business event the children had to
And that was just the beginning. After saying our           organise themselves into a working team, each with a
farewells our glum faces turned into smiley faces for       different role to play. Their challenge was to make
we were going back. This time we were drawing               goods and then to sell them. A production was soon
instead of writing.                                         underway – bookmarks and ….. Judging followed –
                                                            points for money raised, powers of persuasion in
Later that day the time came. We were returning to          selling, good manners, quality of goods and so on.
Mrs Alderson‟s education area to draw pictures with         After scoring highly in all categories the Nether Currie
our small friends of their favourite place in the school.   team was presented with the award for highest profit
The progress was amazingly fast - they came up with         raised.
an idea in seconds. The task brought their inner artist
out and with a bit of help it turned into a lovely lined
drawing. Miss Jollie showed the finished pictures to the
delighted class.
Over the experience P1 pupils and P7 pupils made a
few more friends, and we were all desperate to see
them again.
Jack & Sam

                                                            India – Bagunara
                                                            Mrs L Scott recently visited Vijayawada in the Andhra
                                                            Pradesh part of India. She visited the orphans‟ school,
                                                            the slums and many other places. P6 sent cards with
                                                            pens and stickers in them and are setting up an
                                                            enterprise called Enterprise India. Madras is seven
                                                            hours from Vijayawada. Bagunara means Greetings.
                                                            ECO trip to the “brilliant” bank
It was Monday 5 October, and the Primary 7 Eco reps           When we first got there we had a look around and took
were going to the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) with           some pictures. There were some recycled pencils and
Mrs. Milne for a meeting. The clock ticked slowly to          we were allowed to take some back to school as
9:30, and when the time came, Anna, Louise and I              souvenirs.
rushed down to the office, and then to Mrs. Milne‟s car.
                                                               A wee while later we went into a big room. ( I can't
When the engine started we discussed what we
                                                              remember what it was called.) In this room there were
thought was going to happen, and the Trams of
                                                              very comfortable seats all on a slope. It was really
Edinburgh coming in 2010. We drove to the Gyle
                                                              interesting because lots of schools went on to a stage
Shopping Centre, and parked in a space, where we
                                                              and talked about how they got their Green Flag or
were going to get picked up by a coach to take us to
                                                              other awards. Some schools had just started their Eco
the bank. The wind was blowing, and waiting outside
                                                              scheme and were telling us how they started up.In this
made me cold. That was until we got on the coach,
                                                              room there were about one hundred other schools,
and we were going to bank.
                                                              children homes and nurseries represented.
The coach was nice and warm so the chill faded away             … We told our class about our fantastic day out at
quickly. It was nice looking at the bank‟s garden             the Royal Bank of Scotland.
through the window, but sometime we would have to             Anna
get off, so we did. Even looking at the garden told me
how rich a bank it was, and inside was even better! It        Eco trip to the royal bank of Scotland
was all steel and glass, walls of blue, and the RBS           … we went into an auditorium. It was very big and had
logo in gold was huge. It did remind me of a Goldfish         big leather seats that were very comfortable. When we
bowl, and we were the fish, but that didn‟t matter.           got started other schools went up on stage and told us
There were hundreds of glasses of orange and apple            and everyone how they had got started to become am
juice for us (did I mention there were about fifty other      eco school . Some schools had just received their
schools?), and people that took our coats. We were            green flag and other schools such as our school had
given some recycled pencils as gifts. Some people             got our bronze award.
called us in to the auditorium where the meeting was
going to take place, so we went in with the other             It was really interesting and fun. It would be lovely if
                                                              our school could go again because it really gives
                                                              people ideas of what they could do to their school to
                                                              make it more eco friendly…
It was nothing like what I expected it to be. It was like a
cinema with really comfortable chairs and a stage.
Some music started playing, and when it stopped, a
girl introduced what was going to happen and told us
to have a nice lunch. Then the first school walked on to
the stage. They had really worked hard to achieve
what we were seeing. Many primary schools and a
nursery came on. They had all done really well. I was
really interested by all of the schools, as they had done
                                                              P3 View on Eco Group
stuff like making healthy tuck shops, ponds, water
                                                              Emily, Evie and Katie W represent P3 on the school
recycling points (used to water plants), chill out zones,
                                                              Eco Committee. We talk about problems of litter
making their own paper, outdoor classrooms, plant
                                                              around the school and we hope to get some new bins.
planting and one school worked with an African school.
A school made an animation about global warming. So           We have had an assembly with Gus from Earth Calling
the meeting came to an end, and we walked outside             who is helping us get more plants and wildlife around
for lunch.                                                    our school. He was very amazed that someone had
                                                              seen a deer in their garden in our local area.
When we got out, a photographer took a picture of
everyone, and we went to have lunch. It was the best          We also have recycling boxes in classrooms for paper
lunch ever! It had salad, pasta, chicken, roast               and we hope to get one for cardboard as well, Mr
potatoes, roast tomatoes, fruit, bread and butter, Ben        Horton helps us with recycling.
and Jerry‟s Ice Cream, Malteser Ice Cream, and loads          Emily, Evie and Katie
more. When we finished our buffet, Mrs. Milne took
some photos. We all got our coats and got into a
coach to take us back to the Gyle. Louise had to spot
the car, and we went back to the school after a
fantastic trip!

Later that week, the P7 ECO reps went to an ECO
meeting and reported the trip. We suggested putting a
pond in our playground, and making a healthy tuck-

… The Eco reps are Sam, Louise and me, Anna. Mrs              Owls
Milne came with us too.                                       Owls can see and hear very well…
                                                              Owls are bigger than cats.
Their rounded wings are covered with soft feathers.         Blair
                                                            Foxes come out at night. They have very large eyes to
…Owls hunt at night.                                        see their food. They live in a den.
Owls turn their heads all the way round.                    Amy
Owls can flutter their wings so quiet that the mice can‟t
hear them                                                   …They have very large eyes to see their prey…
Adam                                                        Hannah

                                                            Foxes can kill and injure other animals..
                                                            They are quite friendly to people.

                                                            Zoo Visit
                                                            We went to a part of the zoo where you had to be very
                                                            quiet and you got to see the animals which have a
                                                            I touched a snake and it had a very soft skin.
…Owls twit twoo.                                            We climbed all the way to the top of the hill and we
Anthony                                                     looked out and had a good view. I asked Mrs
                                                            Robinson to take a photo.
…Owls have big wings                                        Lewis
                                                            Zoo Visit
...Owls have a sharp beak.                                  …We met a zoo keeper called Sandy. She took us
Megan                                                       into a room and talked to us about vertebrates. A
                                                            vertebrate is an animal with a backbone and if an
…Owls have very sharp claws.                                animal or plant does not have a backbone, it is called
Cameron                                                     an invertebrate, like a shell or a bee.
                                                            She talked about how many families of vertebrates
                                                            there are. First we talked about the fish. A fish‟s skin
                                                            is covered in overlapping scales. We looked at three
                                                            B‟s – body covering, breathing and breeding. A fish
                                                            breathes through gills and breeds through eggs.
                                                            Next we looked at amphibians. We looked at the three
                                                            B‟s again. Birds were next and Sandy showed us
                                                            Bella the cockatoo. Next we looked at reptiles. We
                                                            got to hold a corn snake. He was orange and yellow
                                                            and had a long tail. The last group was mammals,
Owls can fly very well.
                                                            Sandy brought out a really cute guinea pig.
Owls are quiet to sneak up on animals.
They have big beaks.                                        After the talk was over we ate our lunch and then we
Elisa                                                       went to see the lions. There was a cute small lion, as
                                                            well as male and female lions. The boys had small
Owls can turn their heads.                                  tufts for manes. Then we went to see the koala bears.
They can hear and see better than us.                       They had funny names and were two years old.
Owls go out at night.
                                                            The bit I enjoyed the most was when I held the snake
They eat other animals.
Lauren                                                      because it felt so strange!
…Owls can land very well.
                                                            … We got to hold a snake. It felt really strange.
Owls can eat mice.
Caitlin                                                     We saw a bird. It was a cockatoo and its name was
                                                            Bella. When it was happy it would put up the yellow
                                                            feathers on its head. We saw a guinea pig as well.
                                                            When we went outside we saw some penguins,lions,
                                                            tigers and monkeys. We also saw a polar bear and
                                                            When we were in the Education Unit we played a
                                                            game. My card was a peacock and I put it down by
                                                            the birds and this was right. The five names for the
                                                            vertebrate groups are amphibions, reptiles, birds, fish
                                                            and mammals. We had our lunch at the zoo but then
                                                            we had to go home.
The Fox
                                                            My class went on a trip to the Edinburgh Zoo.
Foxes come out at night. They hunt at night. They can
eat mice at night.                                          First we went to the Education Centre and we held a
                                                            corn snake. The corn snake felt all scaly and we also
saw a guinea pig and an armadillo called Dillon. Dillon
kept on sniffing our shoes - it was really funny! We
also saw Bella, a cockatoo who likes to stick her yellow    …P5 went to the Water of Leith… When we got there
feathers up on her head. I really liked it when Bella       we did a worksheet about seeing if we have the
flew across to where the other helper was.                  leaves. Then we went into an exhibition.
After the talk we went to see a pygmy hippo. It was         The five groups were sent to different parts like water
lying in a big dip of water inside its shed. It was a bit   mammals, plants and call of the wind. Then two
smelly there! Next we saw the polar bear lying on a big     groups went over to a circle thing and over everyone‟s
stone in the sun.                                           heads there was a projector which played a video
                                                            about the Water of Leith. Then we went onto the path
After lunch we went to the magic forest and saw lots of
                                                            beside the Water of Leith.
monkeys in the Magic Forest. They were running in a
tube above our heads into a kind of rain forest. My         We stopped near a chopped down tree. The five
favourite monkey was a little black one with a white        groups were sent to different parts of the woods. My
nose. After the monkeys we visited the lions but they       group found a baby conker. Then we set off again. We
were all sleeping.                                          stopped at the foot of a tree. The tree had fungi near
                                                            the top. Then we saw the most amazing sight ever. We
I really really enjoyed seeing the pygmy hippo because
                                                            saw three deer walking in the water. Then we had to
I didn‟t know there was such an animal!
                                                            go again.
                                                            … we came to a little forest. We had to find seeds and
                                                            how they travel. Vhairi found a wasp byke. It started to
                                                            rain so we had to go back. We were given pallets with
                                                            colours on them. We had to find colours in woods.
                                                            When we got back we did some art. After that we
                                                            packed up and went to the bus stop for the bus to take
                                                            us back to the school.

Zoo Visit                                                   Water of Leith trip
… What I liked the best was seeing the armadillo. It        … Next Mrs McDonald showed us some leaves she
loved Sandy‟s shoes - she had brown shoes just like         had laminated. We got a sheet and we all got a little
the armadillo! Next, one group looked at the cages          box with some of the laminated leaves and on our
and the group that was on the stair above came down         sheet we had some leaves and so when we found the
and got to hold a snake.                                    leaf we thought it was we ticked it off. After we went
                                                            and washed our hands then we … we went on our
Half an hour later we swapped over and we got to hold
                                                            walk. On our walk we did some tasks… Vhairi found a
the snake but before we touched it we had to put on
                                                            bee hive and I found a bit too. I loved doing the tasks.
foam so that you would not give germs to the snake. It
felt really wriggly. When Miss Turner held it, it went
round her arm.
Now here is my best bit – Bella the cockatoo. When
Bella was on Sandy‟s shoulder she flew over to the
other helper‟s shoulder and flapped her wings and put
up her crest. Another animal was a guinea pig. It was
so fluffy and cute but we could not touch it because it
would get frightened.
Sandy took us to the hippo‟s den. The hippo‟s head
was in the water all of the time and chewed a log.
We walked up a steep hill to see the tiger which was
lying down at the entrance to its den. Last of all, we
visited the koalas. They were sleeping on branches –
they do a lot of sleeping! The koalas looked really
Elizabeth                                                   Trip to the Water of Leith Centre
                                                            …Our guide lady was Mrs McDonald. She gave us lots
                                                            of interesting talks and sheets about leaves… we set
                                                            off for the woodlands. In the woods we collected all
                                                            kinds of leaves, bugs and even eggs! We also saw
                                                            three deer not to mention a dipper! Eventually all five
                                                            groups had lunch and we did a bit of drawing of leaves
                                                            and attached real leaves to them! Finally we all went
                                                            back to school and I bet we all thought, “What a day!”.
                                                               One day before we broke up for the October holidays 2
                                                               men came into our classroom. They were with Miss
                                                               Nicol. They were looking at the wall.
Autumn battles now                                             When we came back from the October holiday there
Autumn colours summer days                                     was a Smart Board on the classroom wall.
Autumn wins the nights.                                        We all got a shot writing our names on the Smart
Ben                                                            Board.
                                                               We had problems with the Smart Board and Mrs
Crisp leaves under foot                                        Wright had to get a man to help to show how to work it.
Strong winds tear them from branches                           Since the man came we now know how to work it.
Fading leaves now die.                                         David
                                                               The arrival of the Smart Board
Dropping leaves in grass                                       The moment I walked into school after the October
Coins melt in golden sunshine                                  holidays I noticed something different. There was a
Happy summer‟s end.                                            big, bright square-shaped thing on the wall. It had 4
Elizabeth                                                      pens, a duster, and a big internet connection to link to
                                                               the computer. It was called a Smart Board.
Cold wind howls birds cry                                      Mrs Wright had been having some problems so she
Keys rattle, cones fall, clocks tick                           needed to orientate the Smart Board (This meant that
Trees shiver and sigh.                                         you pressed two buttons and 9 squares would come
Ross                                                           up. Then you used 1 of the pens and pressed the
                                                               small yellow dot in the centre of the squares). This
Crispy leaves on paths                                         should help so that when you write the pen will follow
Wind rushes, branches shiver                                   you.
Trees sleep for winter
Melissa                                                        On the 1 day we received the Smart Board Mrs
                                                               Wright let us write our names. I found it quite hard
                                                               because I am only used to writing on paper. I think
                                                               everybody liked doing that.

                                                               The next day Mrs Wright had written our Diary and
                                                               Homework. I was pleased for Mrs Wright because we
Visit To The Zoo                                               had only had the Smart Board a few days. In the
On Monday 29 October P6 went to Edinburgh Zoo.                 afternoon Mrs Wright had found a few paragraphs
When we got there we met a woman called Sandy. At              about the Cycle of Life (Sex Education). We read it
first she took us to see different animals. We saw             out and some of us underlined the main points.
gibbons, diana monkeys, gentoo penguins and                    That Friday, at privilege time, we had a chance to
rhinoceros. I learned about the colours - the babies are       make a picture with different icons. You typed what
orange when they are born; they change colour when             you wanted and a whole range of it came up. I made a
they are about 4 years old. When we saw the gibbons            Christmas picture which included Joseph, Mary, The
their baby monkey was about four and it was nearly             Three Wise Men and a stable.
                                                               Also we did something called Infinite Cloner. That is
We went to see the penguins, we learned that when a            when you click on the thing you want and then you
penguin wants to mate he takes a nice stone to the             drag and you can carry on. I‟ve tried infinite cloner and
female or a nice twig. If the female does not like the         it is very funny and amusing at the same time.
stone she throws the stone away. When we were                  I am enjoying the Smart Board and I am looking
finished we went in to the Education Centre. In the            forward to it in the future.
Education Centre we were talking about all the                 Liam
different animals we had seen.

The Cycle Of Life
… Sandie introduced the Cycle of Life by showing us
animals of the zoo. A couple of weeks after the zoo we
went on to human reproduction and puberty. Before
we learned about humans we learned about the
animals. Some animals fertilise their eggs (ovum)
outside their bodies: that is called external fertilisation.
If animals fertilise their eggs inside their bodies it
would be internal fertilisation. Humans use internal

The Smart Board                                                HOUSES AND HOMES
Visit to Hopetoun House
When we went to Hopetoun House we first went into
the kitchen. We had to do jobs in every room. Ciara        St Andrew’s Day
was a scullery maid, the butler didn‟t have to do any      On St Andrew‟s Day we celebrated by having some
jobs. Then we went into the woods. We saw a                shortbread. The Primary Sevens brought it in and
squirrel. Squirrels live in a drey. We saw a red deer,     Emma from Primary Six danced to Scottish music.
there was one male and about 15 females. It was fun        The next school day our class got a shot of making
on the nature hunt. We sat down on a small chair.          shortbread because our project is food. After we made
                                                           the shortbread we ate it all up. It was yummy.
On Wednesday we went to Hopetoun House. We got             Katie
to dress up and Taylor was a nurse maid. Taylor had
to look after the children. In the morning we went to      Classes investigated different aspects of Scottish life
the woods and we saw red deer. We saw a wasp               and culture. Primary 4 found out about Scottish
home it is called a byke and we saw red deer horns.        inventors, including:
We saw a pond and some rabbit droppings.
We all enjoyed our day out.
Ciara and Taylor

How to Make a House
This year we have been learning all about houses and
homes. We have been making a room out of shoe
boxes. We made little bits of furniture out of scrap and
boxes. We made beds out of raisins boxes and made          Food
leather coverings.    We made lamps out of tissues         This term our project has been food. We are learning
and tooth picks. We made a television out of black         about different food. We did fruit and vegetable
paper and we made a table out of a cardboard tubes         paintings. It was good fun. There were lots to choose
and we made the doors out of a box and paper. We           from. We made a pretend shop in our class. We all
got to make mirrors out of cardboard and foil. We          like playing in it. We brought in packets for it. It is
made the radiators out of see through paper. We also       called “Foodworld”. We have an “open” and “closed”
got to make rugs out of felt.                              sign. We have a pretend bank with pretend money.
Stella                                                     Our teacher says it helps us count our money.
Primary 3 have been making houses, some are
bedrooms and some are living rooms. I put a lamp, a        .
bed, a carpet, a table, a mirror and drawers. It was fun
but hard. Some people worked with partners. The
lamp was the hard bit. The carpet was hard too. We
got a box, tops of bottles and tissue paper and
napkins for the carpet. Afterwards we got wrapping         Opening of Co-Operative
paper for the wall paper.                                  I went from Primary 3 with another 5 pupils and Miss
Taylor                                                     Nicol to the opening of the Co-op. We walked round to
                                                           the shop and we got photographs taken. We got to
On Monday we made some houses with some                    look around the new shop and were given a party bag
cardboard boxes. We put wallpaper on and carpet,           each. There was a ribbon and big scissors and we
then we put some furniture in. We put in a lamp, bed,      stood around Ros who works in the shop and had our
chair, table and toybox. I thought the lamp was the        photo taken by a photographer.
hardest.                                                   Reece
Katie Wickstead
                                                           Co-Op Manager
We made a house. We got a shoe box and we got              Dear Sir
some wrapping paper and put it inside the box on the       Thank you for inviting me to the opening ceremony of
sides, then we put the carpet down. After that we          the Co-op. I wonder if there will be a article in the
made the furniture. Ruairi and I made the bed first        newspaper about the opening. I live just up the road
then we made the TV, after that we made the drawers,       from the shop which is rather handy because I don‟t
then we made some tables and chairs and lastly we          need to travel by car to get to a shop and I noticed that
made a poster. It was fun making a house.                  you have a lot more things in stock.
Jay                                                        Mark
Interesting Facts that Primary 4 learned whilst
studying Currie and our Local Area.

Currie Kirk
        The aisle is where the bride walks down.
        Currie Kirk has the shortest aisle in Scotland.
         Outside there are lots of graves, but the words
        on many of the stones have started to wear
        away because of the weather and age.               It was a frosty day …. P5 went to old Edinburgh … it
        Pews are where people sit in church.               was amazing. There is a frame of the old-new town...
        Erin and Ross were christened in Currie Kirk.      There are big steps. When I got to the top I was tired.
        Leona‟s granddad counts the money after the        There were gardy loo windows but they don‟t use them
        church services.                                   any more. We kept going up the hill and stopped at
Jenna                                                      canon ball house and the castle...

                                                           Old Edinburgh
                                                           … we gathered round a 3D map of Old Edinburgh…
                                                           Then we saw a writers museum. We also learned
                                                           about a trip step to capture burglars. It was so
                                                           fascinating! We had lots of information at that point.
          Dougie Haston was a famous climber who was       Mrs Mc Donald (our teacher for the day) told us about
          born in Currie. He died in an avalanche when     everything we looked at.
          ski-ing.                                         We saw a heart on the ground called the Heart of
          Muirwood was once a wood but all the trees       Midlothian that marks the old prison cell. People spit
          have been cut down to make way for roads         on it for good luck! Then we saw some bricks from an
          and houses -except one!                          old jail that has been knocked down…
          At Riccarton Mains there was a blacksmiths.      Katie and Katie
                                                           Old Edinburgh P5 trip
          'The Weavers' used to be a hairdressers.
                                                           …Mrs McDonald… told us a lot about old Edinburgh.
          The library used to be a school.
                                                           She told us what it is now and what it was in the past.
          The old police station is now a bank.
                                                           Our favourite bit was when Mrs McDonald told us
          Gibson Craig Hall was built in 1900.
                                                           about dunking witches in the Nor Loch.
                                                           Marshall and Cameron.
        In the past Currie was mostly fields.
        The Gibson Craig Hall was built in 1900.           Old Edinburgh Trip
        The Gibson Craig family was very wealthy.          … The bit we both liked was the witches stories.
Harry                                                      They used to believe in witches and they threw them in
                                                           the loch. They thought they were witches if they floated
                                                           and they burned them.
                                                           Beth and Sophie

                                                           Our Trip to Old Edinburgh
                                                           … We learned about Smugglers, Witches and
                                                           Servants. The servants would go and collect water
      Thomson Crescent was named after the poet            from Nor Loch (now Princes street gardens.)
      James Thomson.                                       Witches were known to be able to float on water. If
      Muirwood Road was named after the Muir               they floated they would be burnt and if they didn‟t they
      Wood.                                                would be buried.
Rebecca                                                    Smugglers are people who dig tunnels under ground
          The Driving Test Centre used to be a pet shop.   and bring food with them to the city behind the walls.
          Alldays has always been a grocers.               They did this because it cost too much money to get in
Ellie                                                      and out the city walls.
                                                           Sam and Lingfeng
          People used horse and carriages in Currie in
          the past because there were no cars.
          The houses on the Lanark Road are made
          with different stone to the ones in Currie
          because they are much older.
          Nether Currie Primary School is built on land
          that belonged to a farm.
Isla                                                       The old Edinburgh trip
…we came to a square where we were looking at the           „The Fight For Freedom‟ is a play about King
writers' museum. Then we went round to look at a trip       Alexander iii. He dies on his way to see Queen
step. Some people were standing inside a rope and a         Yolande. Mark and I acted in scene 5 because we
man pulled the rope and everyone who was in it fell         wrote the best scene 5. I played King Alexander iii and
over and we were some of those people.                      it was fun playing his part.
When Mrs McDonald, the lady who took us on the trip,
had finished talking about the trip step we went down a
                                                            Edinburgh Castle
small passage way. The passage way was very smelly
                                                            A figure came walking down the stones. It was Andrew
and it had lots of bird poo in it! When we got out the
                                                            de Murray! I couldn‟t believe it. He told us he was in
passage way we went down the road and went down
                                                            the Battle of Stirling Bridge. His friend, William Wallace
another passage way but this time we went into a big
                                                            fought with him. Wallace was eager to fight Edward I
square. The big square used to have towers of flats for
                                                            but Murray held him back so you could say that
people to live in. In their windows they had little doors
                                                            Andrew was the smart one between them, not letting
so that they would be able to chuck their toilet out the
                                                            Wallace‟s eagerness get the better of him. They joined
window. When they chucked their toilet out the window
                                                            forces to create a bigger army and have more of a
they would say GARDYLOO!
                                                            chance against Edward. At the end Murray was
Sometimes the gardyloo fell on top of people‟s heads!       wounded and Wallace helped him.
After Mrs McDonald was finished talking about
                                                            The castle was huge! Going up I saw a big, heavy,
gardyloo we went up to Edinburgh Castle. She told us
                                                            massive metal door. It can be dropped down stopping
about how when people were ill and they had no
                                                            the castle from being attacked at any point, same with
medicine they went to a woman who can make them
                                                            the sides. We walked up a small set of stairs. I could
better. If the woman got the question that the people
                                                            see lots of Edinburgh. It was amazing! My class
who needed medicine wrong then they would accuse
                                                            entered an Education room.
her of being a witch. If that happened they would take
her to the loch and chuck her in the river and if she
floated she was a witch and if she sunk she was a
human.If she sunk she was a human and she died. So
they all felt bad about her and people that were ill
because she was dead wouldn‟t have any medicine.
Åfter that we walked down into a little place where we
were given a task. We had to look for a pipe that
looked like a cannon and look for a thistle. We found
all of them…
Sacha Vhairi

The Battle Of Stirling Bridge
                                                            In there we were split into boys and girls. The boys
                                                            went into another room. We were making cardboard
                                                            helmets. I chose silver. First we needed to draw
                                                            around two templates then we cut the shape out. Next,
                                                            one of the helpers took our helmets and folded them
                                                            so it fitted the person‟s head. Andrew gave us his
                                                            helmet and all of us had our picture taken wearing it.
Battle of Stirling Bridge is one of the few big battles
Scotland won. Wallace and de Murray joined their            ….Andrew told us to sit down. We were going to learn
armies together and threw Edward‟s army over the            the knight‟s code. It contained four words and they
bridge. Andrew de Murray was mortally injured and           were Bravery, Courage, Loyalty and Honesty. Andrew
died a few weeks after that.                                asked us when we have done these things. I had done
Fraser                                                      them on several occasions. Then the girls came
                                                            through with their helmets.
                                                            I was astonished what Andrew brought out next. It was
                                                            some real weapons! I couldn‟t believe it. There was a
                                                            shield, sword, chain mail, helmets and flairs. The chain
There they were coming over the bridge - the English.       mail and helmet were really heavy (especially the
No one knew this would be so scary. William Wallace         chain mail). The sword was quite big and tough. I
and Sir Andrew de Murray waited and broke the bridge        didn‟t imagine the flairs to be so small but they were
at the right moment which was when a quarter came           quite sharp.
over the bridge and sploosh the rest landed in the
water, dead. The rest that came over were                   In all I enjoyed Edinburgh Castle and I would go back
slaughtered. The other soldiers on the other side           to see more because it was interesting. One of the
retreated and the Scottish won a battle. This was not       things I learned was that you have to go through
all, Sir Andrew de Murray died by being severely            training at different levels to eventually become a
injured in the battle. Therefore it was a good and a bad    knight. It can cost a lot of money to buy the equipment
battle for Scotland but more was to come.                   to be a knight.
Cameron                                                     Liam
The Fight For Freedom                                       Report on Edinburgh Castle trip
… Andrew do Moray showed us many weapons that                  One day in P6 Mrs Wright told us that we were going
would have been used by soldiers at this time. There           to design a shield (our personal shield). Everybody has
was particularly horrible arrow which if it pierced your       a different type of shield. Some have curls, some have
stomach would take most of your innards with it when           stamps... To make up a shield you need: a motto (I
it was pulled out.. I was amazed at how heavy the              have 'tidy your room'), your family, your friends and
chain mail was. We were shown a jousting lance. We             pets. You could also put your hobbies and skills. For
got the opportunity to pretend we were jousting by             hobbies some people put football others put dancing.
walking up holding the lance under our arm and then            Some even put golf. In the skills column we all put
trying to aim carefully and hit a shield with the lance.       what we were good at, or what we thought we were
Everyone thought this was good fun but it was much             good at. Now every body in the school can see our
harder than it looked.                                         shields out side our classroom.
Finally Andrew do Moray spoke to us all about the
qualities soldiers had to have: courage, bravery, loyalty
                                                               Primary 6 considered the qualities contained in the
and honesty. He asked us to think of a time when we
                                                               knights' code: Courage, bravery, honesty and loyalty…
had shown these qualities. I think I showed courage
when during a football match, after losing a goal, I said
to my team mates, “Just keep going”. It takes courage
to hold your head up and keep doing your best.                 Courage Down The Kamikaze
Soldiers must have to do that too – just keep going            It was a bright summer‟s day in Spain. The Philps, the
and doing their best, even when it is difficult.               Pages and the Livingstones had decided to go to the
The class trip to Edinburgh Castle to learn about the          water park and I (Jack Philp) wondered what was in
Wars of Independence was very interesting. I learned           that water park. It was, it was...... the giant kamikaze. I
a lot that I did not know and I thoroughly enjoyed the         was unsure about this one ride - it was so big I was
helmet making. I am glad we were allowed to bring              scared!!!
them back to school. They will look impressive when            … As we finally approached the water-park I stopped
they are finished.                                             worrying. I thought, “There are other rides in the water
Fraser                                                         park. I don‟t need to go on that one ride.” This was
                                                               not to be. I saw all my friends having loads of fun on
At The Castle                                                  the kamikaze slide so I thought, “ I‟m going to do it!”
When our class got the chance to meet a look alike             I used all my courage to climb up the wet slippery
Andrew do Moray at Edinburgh Castle I was excited.             steps to the top of the kamikaze. I sat down then I slid
Andrew was a friend of William Wallace and is                  down. Whoosh.wwwwwhhhhhoooooohh!
sometimes called William Wallace‟s forgotten soldier.          After taking the courage to go down the kamikaze slide
In 1297 a young Andrew escaped from an English                 I found out it wasn‟t at all bad! You may not believe
prison and quickly made his way back to Moray where            this but the next year I went down the kamikaze 8
he raised a small army of rebels.                              times in a single hour.
Andrew had a nickname The Guardian of Scotland.                Jack
Andrew de Moray was a very famous person for
leading his rebel fighters in many raids against officials     Courage on the scorpion roller coaster
of English King Edward I. The armies of Andrew and             Courage means “the quality shown by a person who
William Wallace joined and together defeated an                does something knowing it is dangerous or likely to
English army of 10,000 soldiers in the battle of Stirling      make them unpopular”.
Bridge.                                                        There I was at Bush Gardens with my friends Jackson,
                                                               Redman and Ethan. It was in the summer holidays in
When we arrived at the entrance to Edinburgh Castle            Florida, America. I had just been on the fastest roller
there were two statues, one of William Wallace and the         coaster in America. I didn‟t know what I was in for
other was of Robert the Bruce (nicknamed Bobby).               because I was later going to mount a really, really
Our class had our photo taken beside them.                     scary roller coaster.
We were told the Knight Code:                                  I glanced up at Redman rising higher and higher and
Courage                                                        then he swerved down to the loop the loop and then
Bravery                                                        the side loop the loop. After Redman had come off the
Loyalty                                                        roller coaster he wanted me to go on with him.
Honesty.                                                       Jackson came on as well, so there I was building up
We were allowed to make our own helmet and had a               and then… Whoosh! I was flying down into the loop -
choice of shiny silver or gold cardboard. Later on we          that was it, the ride was finished . I ran round with
got the chance to try on a proper helmet and I found it        Jackson to where my mum and dad were standing.
very heavy.                                                    My dad said my face was a picture.
                                                               Once my dad had finished speaking I asked, “Can I go
Our last activity was jousting and I found it really fun.
                                                               on again?“ My Dad said, “Ok then.” So there I was
The long pole we used was surprisingly light. The
                                                               again, rising and then Whee! I was going at 30 kmph
jousting was easy at first but it started to be a little bit
                                                               and up. Up and round into the loop the loop then it was
harder second time round because we were riding on
                                                               the side loop the loop. It was over once again.
a fake horse that was on a pole. The jousting was my
                                                               In conclusion I really enjoyed the Scorpion and I can‟t
favourite activity.I really enjoyed Knight School and
                                                               believe that I went on the Scorpion and I used
would go back to do more jousting.
                                                               The Race Of A Life Time
It was warm, the sun rose high on the evening. I was          On sports day my mum came to see me doing my
racing for my athletics club, Harmeny. My athletics           sports. She thought I was good. I was in Kinleith and
instructor, Shelagh picked me to do the 100m sprint.          the other teams were Lennox and Norton. Kinleith
The clock was ticking by. I was starting to be more           came first and Lennox came second and Norton came
nervous by the second. Shelagh sent me to the track. I        last. It was a good day and my mum thought it was
was racing in the B string (that means it is easier than      good too. Some people did the relays. My mum
the A). It was my turn to race.                               thought the relays were good too.
There were only 4 people in my string (including              Charly
myself) The starter raised his gun and pow! I was off!
After 20 metres I was pulling away from the other             The Courage Of The Currie Lions
contenders, then a person was catching up.                    “Peeeeeeeep!” sounded the starting whistle. We were
I had won! I was over the moon! Ben wasn‟t sure who           off. I was playing for Currie Lions.             The
it was until he found out it was me. Everybody was            first 15 minutes were great, we were dominating them.
pleased with me, including my mum. I was very                 The opposition was on the ball.
pleased with myself and I used a lot of courage to race       “Oh no,” they scored. The heads went down. Goals
when it was my first time.                                    came flying into our goalkeepers net. 5-0.
Liam                                                          I said to my team, “Keep the heads up, Currie.”
                                                              After that we came back to win the game 7-5.
When I Used Courage                                           Steven
Courage, the quality chosen by a person who does
something knowing it‟s dangerous.                             Courage For The Show
One day at my golf lesson I was nervous to win the            One Saturday I went down to the audition house for
competition. We had to hit a 7 iron. The other person         the Gang Show. I walked through the big doors to see
hit the ball. He hit it well. I was standing on the tee and   the three most important people in the whole show -
I swung the club and hit the ball. I won the competition.     Andy Johnston the director, John Duncan who is in
I felt very happy when I was finished.                        charge of the music and Louise Williamson the dance
David                                                         director. After that thrill I went into the hall where they
                                                              were taking notes for the Gang Show. They showed us
Courage In The Deep                                           some moves and then we copied them. There were 5
I`ve been scared of jumping in the deep end of Wester         songs, but we only did 1 and the dance routine to go
Hailes swimming pool since I was six years old.               with it. After that was over everyone went home and
We arrived at the pool, I was standing at the edge of         we were going to receive a letter that said you were
the pool shivering and knobbling my little knees              good enough or not good enough. A couple of weeks
(because I was only 6 years old). I was very, very            later I received the letter that said I was one that had
scared.                                                       got through. So from then on I have been going to
After a long, long wait I decided to just go for it           rehearsals.
because life goes on and I wouldn't want to wait for          Rohanne
ages until I go back to the pool. Finally I did it. I was
flying through the air, and suddenly, splash!!! I landed
in the pool and was I pleased. Oh yes!!!
In the end I loved the swimming pool and wanted to go         Bravery means showing courage.
back every week after school P6) I`m so, so glad that I       There it was Currie High School swimming pool. I felt
jumped in because now I love swimming especially              scared, really scared. It was not normal for me to be
going Currie High School with the class and I ask my          going in to a swimming pool with out my mum.
dad to go almost every other weekend.                         My mum always told me to stay out of the deep end if
Elise                                                         she was not there to watch me. The top tips of my toes
                                                              were over the edge of the pool side and before I knew
Courage On The Slide Of Doom                                  it I was in the pool. Suddenly I realised I did not have
There I was standing with my dad waiting for the big          my goggles on. I tried to feel brave because it was my
moment of doom. My dad and I were in Spain. I was             second week there and we were in the deep end
wondering whether I would have the courage or not. I          already.
felt like I had butterflies in my stomach.                    Sarah
Now it was time for the slide of doom. My dad and I
slowly strolled to the gate. We went past the man and         Bravery On Bicycle
went under the barrier. My heart thumped. I sat down          The knights‟ code arrived into the world back when
on the slide and, whoosh, I was going down like a             knights were destroying houses and were killing. The
tornado. Wheee! I was spinning like a Catherine               four words are courage, bravery, which I‟m talking
Wheel. Now I was reaching the deep end. I was                 about, loyalty and honesty.
hurtling to an end of my great courage and then,              It was a lovely day when my family and I had a trip to
“Sppllaasshh!” I was deep, deep, deep under the               the Botanics. Arriving at the Botanics we brought out
beachy blue cold water.                                       my bike without stabilisers. I was off. Then I fell off. I
The excitement of my mum congratulating me on my              used bravery to not cry but try again.
great, great courage was a wonderful feeling.                 That day I learned how to ride my bike. All I was happy
Courage means to use your bravery to do something             about that day was that I had achieved something
that is hard to do.                                           new.
Natasha                                                       Ben
Courage On Sports Day                                         Bravery
The knights‟ code is to stop knights from being bad.             … I had a nasty fall off my bike. I had to go to hospital
P6 had to choose a quality and write a story about an            and that was when I was brave. I hate going to
experience. I chose bravery.                                     hospitals. I had to go because I had split my knee. My
One cold, windy day I went to cubs and there it was,             mum told me that I was going to have stitches in my
the 44 ft tower. It was the sponsored tower climb.               knee. I did not like the sound of that. My mum fetched
It was made of wood in a field surrounded by fencing.            a bandage to wrap around my knee because it was
It was covered in wooden blocks that you could hold              pouring out blood.
on to. It was my shot. A shiver ran up my spine.                 Vroooom! The engine of the car had started. My dad
When I rang the bell at the top, I could not believe it.         was going to take me to the hospital. He drove out of
Gareth                                                           the caravan park onto the main road. It was a long
                                                                 journey. Finally we came to the hospital. My dad talked
Bravery                                                          to a lady. There weren‟t many people in the hospital.
The knights‟ code was a way to stop knights from just            A nurse came through and called in certain people to
killing everyone and to think about what they are                be treated. Finally it was my turn. The nurse told me to
doing. One of the qualities is bravery.                          lie down on a mattress. She took my bandage off,
I was brave when I tried to swim. I remember it like it          picked up an ear cleaner and started to clean my gash.
was yesterday. The swimming pool was wet. I stared               It stung like a wasp‟s sting. I clenched my fist hoping it
down into the water and gulped. Our teacher said,                would stop, and then, just as suddenly as it started, it
“Climb into the water,” so I did. My thoughts were,              was over. I was really scared it was going to be painful
“Can I do this?” and, “Just do it, it doesn't matter if you      but it was just a wee nip. Also I did not get stitches, I
sink.” “Two, one, go!” said our teacher. I pushed off            got glued instead.
the wall and splash! Down I went. I panicked a bit but I         Daniel
managed to arrive at the top of the water. My teacher
                                                                 Hero For The Day
gave me a few tips to help me next time. Obviously I
                                                                 …It was a sunny day at Rhodes when a loud scream
didn‟t manage but I tried my best. I walked to the edge
                                                                 reached the pool side. I looked around me. There it
of the pool and climbed out. I still can‟t swim. But, oh
                                                                 was, my chance to be a hero. A little toddler had fallen
well. I am getting more swimming lessons just now so
                                                                 into the pool at the deep end and was drowning.
hopefully I will learn to swim soon. I was glad I tried. I
                                                                 The sun was beating down on me. I never waited
may not have managed but I was still brave.
                                                                 another second and jumped into save her. I felt like the
                                                                 water in the pool was battling against me. I swam until
                                                                 I was there beside her. I helped her out the pool and
Rock Climbing
                                                                 back to her mum and dad.
I showed bravery when I went rock climbing for my
                                                                 After I was out the pool her mum and dad thanked me
second time. I thought I was going to fall because it
                                                                 and dried the little girl off. Just then I was about to walk
was my second time going rock climbing. My dad let
                                                                 away when her mum and dad gave me a piece of
me go by myself because I did very well last time I
                                                                 paper with writing on it. They said they had a hotel in
went. I was brave when I jumped to get a cat because
                                                                 Turkey and were letting my family go to Turkey and
it was falling off a rock. I did not fall. Actually I did very
                                                                 have a boat trip around Turkey. It was all for free. I
well. After I got down from the rocks I realised I had
                                                                 thanked them for the trip and ran back to my family.
been brave.
                                                                 We were all so happy and then I had to dry myself off.
                                                                 I knew my family was proud of me. At tea time my
Bravery with the bursting boiler                                 family and I all went for a special meal. On the next
The knights‟ code was used 700 years ago by the                  day I went to the water park to celebrate. I have to
knights to say how to behave.                                    admit I thought I was pretty brave too.
I am going to say a time when I was brave. It was six            I really, really, really liked being a hero for the day. I
o`clock on Hallowe‟en morning (2005). I heard water              would always go back again if I had the chance.
gushing from somewhere but I did not know where. I               Hannah
saw my mum in the bathroom. I asked her why she
was running a bath so early. She said she wasn't. I              Brave {Adjective} willing to do dangerous things
wondered. I went through to my sister‟s room with my             There it was, the Comet, the fastest water slide in
mum to find my sister asleep with water being poured             Portugal. There it was in front of me and my mouth fell
over her. The boiler had burst. I was shocked. The               open when I saw it. I said, “That is too steep for me to
water was cold.                                                  go down.” I just sat there and watched. Just like a
Some of the neighbours came to help. My dad found a              miniature homing missile the man came shooting down
hose pipe and put it on one of the bits where it had             the slide and, splash, the water went everywhere.
burst and my mum put the end of the hose out of the              Like a silver beacon I went up to the queue and
window. One of the neighbours thought that it was                suddenly stopped. I was not so sure about going on
raining. My sister‟s friend‟s dad is a plumber so he             the Comet. I watched a person go down once more to
came across to help.                                             make my mind up.
My sister, my mum and I went round to my Gran‟s to               “Ok I am going to go down the slide,” I said to myself,
get ready for a Hallowe‟en party. The Hallowe‟en party           and up I went. Whoosh! Down like the fastest thing I
was good and it took my mind off the flood.                      have seen. Ouch! My back whacked off the water and
My hamster went missing when we had the flood. We                was as red as a blazing fire. It was stinging like mad
found him a week later under the floorboards.                    though it soon was better.I feel more confident now
I hope we don`t have another flood.                              because I go in and don‟t back off.
Emma                                                             Cameron
                                                              Sometimes people ignore the knights' code…
Honesty is one of the words in the knights‟ code that is
one of the qualities I have used in life…
One day my friend and I took a bird feeder. We placed
it on a tree somewhere else. After we did that Anise
and I played football in the garden.
As it was a communal garden a woman came out and
asked us where the bird feeder went. My friend Anise
said that we didn‟t take it. Then the words came
splattering out my mouth that said that we took the bird
feeder and placed it somewhere else.
That day I was really happy with myself because I told
the truth and I never really tell the truth.

It happened on Monday the 26th of November. The
P7s were out swimming, so we were meant to prefect,           Bullying Haikus
although our supply teacher, Mrs Hawick, didn‟t know.
Sarah and Bethany went to tell Mrs Hawick.                    Don‟t let them harm you
                                                              Tell an adult straight away
When they came out they asked Charly and me if we             Walk away from them
wanted to prefect, but I said, “No, I have already been       Maria
a prefect”. Then I ran outside and ran up to Alex and
asked her if she wanted to prefect. She said, “yes”.          Bullying is bad
Alex was very pleased with me and Alex was also very          It makes people very sad
excited. About 2 minutes later Elise came up to me            Stand up for yourself
and said, “Heaps of the girls have just gone into the         Iona
little ones playground and starting playing with them. I
explained that they were prefects. I felt happy for Alex      Don‟t be a bully
and I was very glad that I had let Alex prefect instead       Say stop it and walk away
of me.                                                        Be better than them.
Helen                                                         Ellie

Being Honest
If you are honest you will not get into trouble. If you lie
you will get into more trouble.
If you send a note round to your friend you will get into
                                                                  After a couple of weeks we were told we were
trouble or someone will tell on you if they see you
                                                              getting a German teacher. We had her for five weeks.
sending the note.
                                                              We feel that we have really come on with our German.
                                                              Some of the things we have learnt are weather,
                                                              numbers, phrases”I am __ years old”
                 Loyalty                                         Our German teacher comes every Tuesday and
                                                              some Tuesday‟s we play a game called elf Most of the
Loyalty To My Friend                                          weeks we used the smart board which is fun.
“Ding Dong!” There was the bell. It was Sue, my best             We think when we go to high school we will take up
friend. Sue had moved to Cambridge at the end of              German on and if we go to Germany we will be able to
Primary 4 and she came to Scotland for a holiday.             speak to other people.
We ran up the stairs together laughing all the way.           Nicole and Rebecca
“Alex are you able to keep a really big secret?”
 “Sure,” I answered, for I love secrets.
Everyone asked my secret but I‟ve never let my mouth          One Tuesday in the P6 classroom we had a visitor,
open too wide. If Sue asked me the secret I could reply       Mrs Rhynas. She had come to teach P6 the language
to her with all the secrets she has ever told me. I will      French. At our first lesson we just learned hello
trust my friend for all my life.                              (bonjour) how are you (ca va) please (s‟il vou plait)
Some times I wish that I was her because she is so            what is your name (comment t‟appelles tu), we also
good at everything and drawing and writing.                   learned the colours and the numbers up to 27. In our
                                                              classroom we have lots of posters of French sayings
I love games where you tell secrets that you have, but        and phrases. Most of the French lessons are on
I never tell. Sue has moved house but we are still            Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every week P6 learn more
friends so I don't care. I hope she is as loyal to me as I    and more French and hopefully by the time we are 16
was to her.                                                   we will all be fluent.
Alex                                                          Daniel Potter
                                                              A wee while ago the JRSO‟s went on a traffic trail with
                                                              Primary One and Primary Three. What we had to do
Being a JRSO                                                  was to pop a fluorescent vest on everyone. We got
On the 1st of October the Junior Road Safety Officers         three children. I took one and the parent helper took
went to an introduction at the Risk Factory…We were           two. The Primary Ones went the shorter route which
going for some explanation of what JRSOs do. When             was to the end of the street and back. The primary
we got there we went into a conference room where             three‟s route was to Alldays and back (but it is now
Kathleen Braidwood, the road safety officer in our area       called The Co-operative Food.) They were practising
set up a slide show giving us some ideas for                  crossing the roads safely
competitions…                                                 Alex
At the end we were given a JRSO box to put all the
JRSO things in.                                               Road safety information
Claire                                                        The JRSO notice board is located next to the Janitor's
                                                              office. This board is where us, the Junior Road Safety
Pavement safety                                               Officers put up competitions and safety notices. Every
Over the weeks of being JRSOs it came to our                  once in a while we will change the notice board. This
attention that children going to school via the main          board will also have the Travel Plan. The Travel Plan
gate were being forced to walk on the road. This was          is a booklet about how to travel to school safely and
because many parents were blocking the pavement               the dangers on the road. Also each season will have a
talking to their children. We all agreed that this wasn‟t     tip on how to stay safe.
safe, espicially with cars roaring up and down the road       Jack
non-stop, so we decided to do something about it.
Mrs Milne asked me if I would like to make a poster           Being a JRSO is a fantastic job and we enjoy involving
telling parents of how it would help if they stood back       everyone else. We are all very happy about having this
from the fence. I accepted and a few days later I             responsible job.
brought back the finished design for Mrs Milne to see.        JRSOs – Alex, Anna, Claire, Jack, Kate
Several other copies were made and laminated. The
posters were ready to go up! We arrived at school
early one day in order to put them up and as soon as          Halloween disco
parents caught sight of them they immediately stood           We arrived at the halloween disco at quarter past
back to let the children past - success!                      seven. There was lots of fake spiders, ghosts, witches,
A couple of weeks later, though, I arrived at the school      skelletons and bats on the roof and walls. We also had
only to discover that the posters had blown away. I felt      glow bands and glow hairclips.
disappointed because I thought that the parents would
revert back to where they used to stand. However I            The songs at the disco were Rhianna Umberella, Bob
noticed that children didn‟t need to walk on the road,        the Builder, 500 miles - Proclaimers, Candyman,
the posters had worked! The posters even though they          Barbie Girl and lots more. The food was crisps and the
are not up any more were a huge success. The                  drinks were blackcurrrant or orange juice. The classes
parents are still letting children past and, even better,     that were there were P4, P5, P6 and P7. The teachers
we know the children are safer.                               that were there were Mrs Wright, Mr Horton, PTA and
Kate Murray                                                   the DJ.

                                                              The day was 31 of October 2007 and we finished the
                                                              party at half past eight.. It was a really fun disco.
                                                              Nicole and Shannon
Lanark Road pedestrian crossing                               Hallowe’en Party
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a letter to the council.        …I went to the Hallowe‟en party. There was dooking
This was because some pupils at school were                   for apples and finding spiders in a bucket and also a
concerned about crossing the Lanark Road safely.              thing that you had to have a Velcro ball and throw it on
Once I finally wrote my letter I was so excited to hear       a sheet and if you hit the Velcro bit you would get a
the news. I didn‟t hear news until a couple of weeks          bracelet. My pumpkin won the prize.
after. When Miss Jollie called out my name to her desk        Nicole
I thought I had been naughty but no, it was good news,
the letter I had sent had been read and Councillor            Halloween Party
Paisley had written back. When I read through the             On Wednesday 31 October I went to the Halloween
letter I couldn‟t believe he had written back and I           party. We had to do a task. One of the tasks you had
couldn‟t wait till Miss Jollie read it out to the class. In   to do was to drop forks into a basin to get an apple.
the letter Councillor Paisley had written that it would be    Another task was that you had to throw a ball into a
considered it as part of the condition for the houses         net. I had a good time.
being built near the Water of Leith. The safe crossings       Ruairi
are planned to be put near the Somerfield Jet garage.
Trick or Treat                                           One Thursday morning Mrs Wright said to us we were
I went „Trick and Treating” on Wednesday 31 October.     going to have a day of making paper chains. We each
We went to five houses. I went with my friend Nicole.    chose 20 strips of paper and took them to our desk.
When we got home to my house I had flashing eyes         We also chose some sequins, bits and bobs and
on my bush and someone stole it!! My brother looked      decorations. When we started we stuck the bits on
in the bush but it wasn‟t there, so my mum looked also   and then joined the ends together and we decorated
but it wasn‟t there. I also had a look.                  that one and joined that one to the one before and so
Ciara                                                    on.
                                                         When we finished we hung them up in the gym hall. I
… I went “Trick and Treating”. I went with Rachel,       really enjoyed making chains and can`t wait until next
Melissa and Bethany. We got lots of sweeties. It was     year to do them again.
great and we went to seven houses and when you go        Elise
trick or treating you go to peoples houses that you
know and you get sweets but you have to sing a song

                                                         Paper Chains
                                                         On Friday afternoon Mrs Wright had a surprise for the
                                                         class. Everyone had to do a paper chain. All the chains
                                                         were laid out on the floor some were foil, fluorescent
                                                         and metallic. When everyone had finished we went
Firework Haikus                                          down to the gym hall to hang up the paper chains.
Fireworks spark and bang                                 After a while the gym hall was decorated with beautiful
Soft showers of gold dust fall                           chains that all the classes had decorated.
Petals bloom and die.                                    Ben
                                                         The Post Box
Shimmering Fountains                                     The people who are in the post box group are
Golden streams run through night skies                   Rebecca R, Sarah, Callum J, Calum H, Alex and
Flashes disappear                                        Rowena. We started off with a plan, then we decided
Lily                                                     what jobs we should do. These were decorations,
                                                         painting, card flaps, doing the insides, trying to find out
Bangers exploding                                        what to do with the doors at the back and who cut the
Rockets zoom, showers of gold                            holes. The post box is made out off a cardboard
Sprinkle magic dust.                                     smartboard box and we used a lot off coloured paints
Billie Carson                                            and got a bit messy.
                                                         The post box people had a lot of ideas but couldn‟t fit
Sparkling rockets zoom                                   them all in. They used paper, glitter, colourful card and
Red, green, purple, golden fires                         lots more for the post box.
Exploding fountains                                      Bianca and Rebecca
Rockets blazing boom                                     … We have advent calendars in our class. Each day
Rainbow flowers bloom and die                            one of us gets a turn to open the advent calendar door
Zooming pouring light.                                   or to get a chocolate from the pocket on the other one.
Fiona                                                    Ruairi, Ciara and I have already had a turn of both. We
                                                         are doing a nativity play for Christmas.
Exploding rockets                                        Robbie
Spinning multicolour suns
Crackling blazing fires                                  Nativity
Jamie                                                    Every year on Monday the 17 of December, Nether
                                                         Currie School put on a show for relatives to come and
Burst of golden light                                    see. The whole school have been rehearsing for it for
Rocket showers, scatters sparks                          about 3 weeks, but all that hard work will make a big
Dying petals fall                                        difference on the day of the show. The choir are also
Leona                                                    doing a song in the show it‟s more of a mix of different
                                                         songs. Today all the classes have been practising after
My New School                                            all it‟s only a week till the show. P6 are singing
My new school is Nether Currie Primary School, I‟m in    Christmas Morning and Christmas Bells with the P7s,
Primary 6 and my teacher is Mrs Wright. People in my     in that song some P7s are playing bells. I hope
class are kind and friendly. I have enjoyed making the   everyone will enjoy the show.
chains for the Christmas party the most so far.          Rohanne

                                                            Swimming Lessons
                                                            For the last five weeks P6 have been going swimming
                                                            at Currie Community High School. The swimming
                                                            starts at 11.15am and finishes at 12.25pm. We have
                                                            learned how to do lengths and how to do the front
Nativity Singing                                            crawl, the back crawl and the breast stroke. I was
Every Monday P6 have been singing and practising for        looking forward to going in the pool in our pyjamas,
our school nativity. On the day we will sing Christmas      because I have never been in a swimming pool with
Morning and Christmas Bells. Only, Christmas Bells is       real clothing on. The best thing about the fifth week is
done with the P7s. Also, during the Christmas Bells         that we can play games.
P7 are playing bells. In Christmas Morning we are           Bethany
split into three parts - low part, middle part and high
part. Christmas Morning is only the P6s. Some people
also go to choir so they are doing a Christmas Maxi-
Mix with a large range of Christmas songs. Some
people play violin so they will be playing some
Christmas tunes on the violin.
I do hope the Nativity Concert goes well as I know how
hard everyone has worked at their tunes and harmony.
Good luck everyone!

Dancing Practice
We go dancing nearly every day. Our teachers are            Every Tuesday P6 walked up to Currie High School to
showing us how to do some Scottish country dancing          go to swimming lessons. After P6 changed they were
for the Christmas party at the school. Our Christmas        allowed to pick where they felt safe in the water for
party is next Tuesday. Sometimes the boys in the            swimming. Over the weeks P6 concentrated on the
class need to pick the girls or it could be the other way   breast stroke, front crawl and the back crawl. Then on
round. I think it is fun doing dancing I think everyone     the fourth week we did lengths and on the last week
enjoys it.                                                  P6 are going swimming in our pyjamas. We are going
Sarah                                                       swimming in our pyjamas to help us in life saving
                                                            situations. I think P6 have been enjoying swimming
On a Thursday afternoon P6 were starting dancing in         very much and we have all improved on our strokes.
the gym hall. We have all learned the steps. First of all   Alex Parry
we learned the Canadian Barn Dance which is when
you meet a new partner every turn. There are 8              Swimming Lesson
dances they are called the Grand March, Military Two        When I was 4 I learned to swim. It was difficult but I
Step, Gay Gordon‟s, Dashing White Sergeant,                 was determined because I was not allowed in the big
Eightsome Reel, Flying Scotsman, Canadian Barn              pool until I could swim properly on my own. I tried all
Dance, Scotch Rose and the St Bernard's Waltz. Our          day, I did not give up. My dad helped me and I
class have practised very well, our class do not do the     managed to have lots of fun. I was able to swim in one
Flying Scotsman we do the Eightsome Reel. I really          day. I was feeling good when I achieved it.
enjoyed doing dancing and I especially enjoyed the          When I was 10, the age I am now I learned to dive.
Gay Gordon's. I think I have improved on my skipping        After the first 20 dives when I kept flipping I got the
now.                                                        hang of it. My dad threw a ring into the water and I had
Natasha                                                     to aim for the ring and dive into the hole.
                                                            Then a week later I had learnt to dive without the ring.
                                                            I improved at swimming lengths. I tried to do the
                                                            butterfly and the backstroke. My family called me the
                                                            Man from Atlantis.

                                                            I went swimming with my dad. I swam a length. My
Dunedin Dancing Classes                                     dad pulled me in a ring. I jumped in.
On Monday night I go to Dunedin Dancing, Stella goes        Amy
too. Stella and I do the most dances. We do every
one except Joseph and another one. It is a marching         I went to swimming. It was good fun. I learned how to
and cheerleading class which is held in Currie. Stella      do front crawl and I liked the swimming. It was at
and I got two silver medals. I have been going for a        Wester Hailes.
year now. It is quite hard, but lots of fun. Mairi          Katy
                                                            Games With Jen
In November we started getting an active schools co-
ordinator called Jen (she is really nice) We had her for
four weeks. Jen was trying to teach us how to be good
playground buddies. She took us outside to play some
games. We also played inside the classroom .In the
classroom we got split up into teams called Chelsea
and Arsenal .

Every week we played different games. We chose a
game by getting four pieces of paper in each group
then we chose one. Some of the games we played
were called „mother, mother,‟ „beat the ball,‟ „red hot
letter‟ and „sharks‟. We got instructions how to play
them then we got taken outside to play the games we

At the end of all of it and when Jen had to leave we
wrote on the blackboard what a good playground
buddy would be like. We learned that being a good
buddy was easy and fun and we enjoyed all the games        Horse riding
inside and out. When Jen had to leave everyone was         I went on a horse. It was fun. I walked and I trotted
upset because we were going to miss having games           with Sandy – she was the lady.
with her on Tuesday afternoon.                             Molly
Louise and Shannon

Games Club
0n every Thursday P5, P6 and P7 get a chance to go         Tree of Triumph
to games club. We have a different sport every week.       „May I have two volunteers for the Tree of Triumph‟.
You have to pay at the start of term. The teacher is       Immediately Rohanne and I put our hands up. We cut
called Carol. She also does other clubs such as golf,      out some shapes in the shape of a pine needle. Then
hockey and basketball. We do it in the gym hall but        we stuck them up around the tree and they were in
some times we go out-side.                                 perfect position. This proud feeling was not to last as I
It is great fun!!!                                         pointed out that the bell was bound to ring any minute
John                                                       and we rushed to the class room still smiling to

P5 Football Team
The P5 team training is on Thursdays at 6:30 pm and
they have their matches on Saturday mornings at
about 9:30 am. They play other schools on Saturdays
like Juniper Green Primary. We have lost only one
game in our season. Our starting line up is Samuel 1,
Sam 2, Greg 3, Davis 8,Andrew 4,Cameron 7 and
Fraser 9.Our subs are Lingfeng 10,Dylan 11 and
Finlay 14. Dylan is also our sub goalie and his goalie
number is 13.
Davis and Greg
Currie ‘Flower Show’                 Best juniors
ART                                  Emily,
age 5          1       Lingwen       Georgia, Jenna,
               2       Hannah        Steven, Rohanne,
               3       Lauren        Rowena, Calum
age 6          1       Jay
               2       Molly         BOOK FAIR COMPETITION
               3       Emily         Draw a mythical creature
age 7          1       Jenna         Winners:
               2       Georgia       James, Jenny, Taylor
               3       Ben           Runners up:
age 8          1       Jamie         Jemma, Joe
               2       Peter         Adam, Ibraheem
               3       Cary          Melissa Bethany
age 9          1       Steven
               2       Elise         Design a book cover for your own story about a
               3       Katie         mythical creature
age 10         1       Liam          Winners:
               2       Callum        Harry, Sam, Rohanne, Calum
               3       Rohanne       Runners up:
age 11         1       Calum         Elizabeth, Annie
               2       Kai           Finlay, Samuel
               3       Kate          Joshua, Elise
                                     Kai, Calum
age 6      1           Emily         READING
           2           Evie          Edinburgh City Libraries
           3           Robbie        ‘The Big Wild Read’
age 7      1           Georgia                        – read 6 books - summer challenge
           2           Jenna Wayth   Lingwen, Adam
           3           Luke          Melissa, Nina, Katie
age 8      1           Sacha         Morven, Melissa, Peter, Harry, Jenna
           2           Leona         Lingfeng
           3           Davis         Mark, Gareth, Alex, Helen
age 9      1           Steven        Bianca, Kate, Rowena, Claire
           2           Sarah
           3           Katie         ‘The Big Wild Read’ – special prize
age 10     1           Sarah                                                     Melissa
           2           Rohanne
           3           Jack          ENTERPRISE
age 11     1           Calum         „Enterprise is Business‟ competition
            nd                                   st
           2           Kate          Achieved 1 place and awarded trophy for highest
           3           Scott         profit achieved
                                     P7 team: Shannon, Calum, Rebecca, Sam, Kirsten,
CRAFT AND DESIGN                     Bianca, Calum, Coel
Miniature garden
age 9-10         1 Rowena            MUSIC
                 2 Alex              Local schools brass ensemble event
                                     Shannon, Liam, Nathan, Ben
Flower arrangement
age 9-10               1 Hannah      National Youth Choir of Scotland
                       2 Rohanne     Christmas concert at St Cuthbert‟s Church
                       3 Rowena      Morven

Vegetable creature                   MUSIC AND DRAMA
age 9-10               2 Rowena      Scout and Guide Gang Show at King’s Theatre
                       3 Mark        Member of Brownie cast   Rohanne

Decoupage card                       PARENT COUNCIL
age 9-10               1 Rowena      Logo competition
                                     Winner Lily
Chocolate krispies     1 Sarah L     Runners up Shona, Jack, Kai

Pets as Therapy Volunteer                   Ben        Uni-ted   Starter level highly commended
                                                                     Nina, Evie, Nicole
PMP                                                    Uni-ted   3 badge       highly commended
Jamie, Melissa, Ashley,                                                                                    Ciara
Fred, Fiona                                            Uni-ted   Gold Bear      highly commended
ROAD SAFETY                                            Uni-ted   Gold Bear 1    highly commended
Road Safety Scotland – JRSO birthday competition                                Ellie, Sophie
„Innovation and Creativity Award‟ for making road
safety games and sharing these with others             Freestyle gold award highly commended
3 x Primary 7 teams led by                                 Anna, Fiona, Kirsten
JRSOs Anna, Alex, Jack,
Kate and Claire                                        Freestyle gold bar award       with honours
Keep yourself safe in traffic competition
Megan, Elisa, Lingwen                                  SDTA Certificate of Merit
                                                       Rock‟n‟roll silver award highly commended
Being safe in a car competition                            Anna , Fiona, Kirsten
Bethany, Katie, Nicole
                                                       Rock‟n‟roll gold award     highly commended
Safe on the street on a bike competition                                                                 Rowena
Sarah, Annie, Lily
                                                       Cheerleading – Dunedin Dancing
Safe on the street                                     Silver medal for participation and progress.
Ling feng , John, Katie, Vhair                                                   Stella, Mairi
i                                                      T.O.Y. medal for achievement              Mairi
Safe on the street - road safety knowledge
competition                                            FOOTBALL
Ben, Emma, Daniel,Helen                                Trialling for Hibs                    Scott

Safe on the street - be bright stay safe competition   Edinburgh Primary Schools football trials
Louise, Rowena, Claire, Anna                                   Calum, Jamie, Scott

Travel plan cover design                               Edinburgh Primary Schools squad
Winner:                Scott                                               Calum, Jamie
Runners up:            Daniel , Sarah,
                       Calum, Kai                      Club Mascot
                                                       Mascot for Hibs at the Hibs v Hearts match
Road Safety week competition                                                                             Natasha
Jack, Jemma, Joe
Harris, Ling Wen, Shaun                                GOLF
Ciara, Rachel, Nicol                                   Youth Club Golf Scotland
Annie, Erin, Harry                                     Completed sessions of club golf and achieved skills
Katie, Katie, Hannah                                   test 1 at Baberton Golf Club
Alex, Gareth, Jack, Daniel, Elise                                                                     Daniel
Anna, Calum
SPORT AND PE                                           Gracemount Ibex Club Competition
DANCE                                                  Under 8s advanced
Edinburgh International Festival of Dancing            1 place overall                           Maria
Age 7-9, beginners
Ballet 2 place                          Isla           National Proficiency Awards
Modern 3 place                          Isla           Level 5                                   Katie

British Ballet Organisation                            HOCKEY
Classical ballet Grade 1 with distinction    Isla      Meadowmill Junior Indoor Hockey tournament
Tap              Primary with distinction    Isla      Members of Inverleith hockey club under 12s team
                                                       Gold medal winners
Royal Academy of Dance                                                                         Fiona, Kirsten
Classical Ballet „Primary‟ with merit       Mairi

Juniper Green School of Dancing
Royal Academy – Primary award for Ballet               HORSE RIDING
With honours                         Katie             Drum RDA Dressage Show
                                                       5 place                                Scott
                                                       highly commended                       Ellie
UKA Dance
Achieved 9 Mon                            Gareth

Achieved level 2 certificate for figure skating
                                                     Helen   Pentland Singers – donation of box of ethnic
                                                             percussion instruments
Midlothian Snowsports Centre                                 Co-Op – donation of £200 for School Fund
Level 5 certificate                         Daniel
                                                             Nether Currie representatives at launch of Co-Op
SWIMMING                                                     store in Corslet Place
Edinburgh Primary Schools Swimming                           Jemma, Katie, Reece, Fred, Finlay, Mark
Under 11s 50m freestyle                                      PTA School Book Fair
- achieved personal best time of 40 seconds                  £730 in books for the school in commission
                                                             Operation Christmas Child
Wester Hailes Swimming Club                                  107 boxes donated for children in war torn parts of the
Gold medal for most improved swimmer                         world.
aged 9 and under                     Rebecca
                                                             Muirwood Park litter pick and bulb planting
                                                             Many Nether Currie families participated
Health Promoting Schools level 1 achieved
by Nether Currie Primary School December 07

Beautiful Scotland Neighbourhood awards
Certificate of Merit
Achieved by The Friends of Muirwood Park in
collaboration with Nether Currie Primary School

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