IT Reporting

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					IT Reporting
Using Data from UCOP’s Corporate Systems to
report on IT expenditures and assets
Assumptions for State IT Audit
   Focus on last three fiscal years
   Focus on central IT
   Focus on state funds
       Exclude Federally Sponsored & Other Sponsored
   Provide as granular data as possible but roll up
    for purposes of reporting
   Use multiple data sources
Corporate Data Sources
   Equipment Facilities and Assets System (EFA)
       Equipment inventory with good detail on asset type
       Annual Replacement file shows net as of Dec. 31
   Corporate Financial System (CFS)
       Expenditure and Acct. balance data – with Org. data
   Corporate Personnel System (CPS)
       Salaries by title code – with Org. data
 Examples of Current Limitations
Organizational Data
       No consistent way to distinguish Central IT and Med Ctrs.
   Software
       Current: only object code for software is for Med. Centers
       Future: cannot identify software under $1500 per user
   Equipment
       Cannot identify any equipment item under $1500
       Only one CFS object code for computer equipment
       Cannot get data for Central IT only from EFA
   Personnel
       Cannot identify IT Staff in non-IT classifications
Possible Improvements
   Agree on a definition of central IT
   Verify Org. coding and provide updates
   Add Org. coding to EFA or use program codes
    to identify Central IT
   Expand the number of object codes in CFS
   Research mapping of campus object codes to
    corporate roll-ups (e.g., 9900 Comp. Equip.)
   Comparative Analysis B/T Campus and UCOP