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            Meeting Your Performance

     4      Business Consulting

     5      MEGA Consulting Offering

     8      Our Values – Your Benefits

            Close Working Relationships
            with Our Customers

                                                Meeting Your Performance
                                                MEGA International is here to help Managers who
                                                share the belief that innovation and quality play
                                                a fundamental role in creating sustainable value
                                                for their company, customers and shareholders.
                                                To respond to your operational excellence
                Ludovic                         needs, MEGA gives you access to highly skilled
                            Presi                consultants from the best British and European
                     Vi c e p e r a t i o n s
                     UK O                        schools, who are certified on the latest approaches
               ector             ation
    agin g Dir            Intern                 and methodologies.
Man                   A
                                                 Working alongside your teams in a spirit of
                                                 partnership, our consultants will help you
                                                 establish effective practices and maximise the
                                                 utilisation of your human and technology assets.
                                                 Results driven, our consultants bring simulta-
                                                 neously, conceptual and pragmatic capabilities;
                                                 they will make a dramatic difference to the
                                                 success of your business and information system
                                                 projects. I hope we will have the opportunity to
                                                  demonstrate this in future projects.

         Business Consulting, a Function
         Providing True Business Value

    1   Enterprise Architecture
        MEGA consultants have leveraged modelling techniques and EA frameworks for a wide range of IT
        system design and business process related initiatives for more than 20 years. With a market facing
        an increasing complexity of systems and business transformation initiatives, MEGA chose to specialise
        its consultants in all techniques, enabling a better structured enterprise. MEGA attracts new talent on
         a continuous basis; bringing a unique expertise and perspective to your Enterprise Architecture and
         business improvement programmes to make them a visible success.

    2    Governance, Risk and Compliance
         As it is often the case with emerging disciplines, the technical solution takes precedence over a true
         reflexion on the actual needs of the organisation. This is particularly the case for Governance, Risk and
         Compliance (GRC) initiatives whether the focus comes from risk management, compliance or internal
          audit. On these topics and in the continuity of its expertise, MEGA has decided to offer a complete
          solution covering management consultancy and software integration. This approach allows each of
          our customers to benefit from management recommendations in full alignment with the reality of the
          software solutions, their deployment time frame and budgets.

    3      Methods and Tools
           The primary mission of the consultants at MEGA is to provide methods and tools to your teams in order
           for them to succeed in their transformation projects. We regard this as an important contribution to the
           overall success of your organisation. All our consultants are hired as permanent employees and meet
            high educational standards. They are fully trained in standard market approaches and methodologies
            as well as the MEGA suite of sotfware tools. With such experts on board, we can ensure they will enrich
            your practices with the best professional insight.

               MEGA Consulting Offering

Operational Excellence and Risk Management
Business process excellence and optimising organisations are part      “ Optimisation of operational
of MEGA International’s core business practices and have been            performance today benefits
since the origins of the company.                                        from analysis and measurement
Today, these missions find a renewed motivation in the necessity          tools that are finally adapted to
to deploy internal control policies, whether imposed by regulatory       actual challenges. By combining
                                                                         operational risk maps and
constraints or driven by the company’s own governance.
                                                                         Lean Six Sigma approaches, our
 MEGA consultants are specifically involved in assignments such          consultants can take advantage of
 as :                                                                   powerful analysis and management
                                                                        models. These provide the means
  • Company business strategy formalisation                             to communicate real and tangible
                                                                       improvements to managers, and
  • Business process maps and business architecture
                                                                       discuss decisions based on clear
  • Best practices sharing and rationalisation                         and measurable facts.”
  • Process optimisation and operational improvement
   • Implementation of a business process-based governance framework
   • Risk mapping and internal control systems
   • Implementation of a continuous improvement capability
   • Business continuity and disaster recovery plans                   LORNE CLARK
                                                                       Head of Consulting,
                                                                       UK & North Europe Operations

        IT Governance and IT Systems Design
        At times when CIOs and IT directors are under the growing pressure of time and budget constraints, the
        adoption of standard practices, such as TOGAF, ITIL and CMMI, allows them to establish the foundation
        of an effective “industrial” IT function. By providing methods and management tools to the IT function,
        MEGA consultants help them manage the actual risks of IT systems reengineering. They specifically
         assist the following projects:

         IT Architecture and Strategic Planning

    1    • Implementation of Enterprise architecture repositories
         • IT strategic planning and application portfolio management
         • IT system blueprints

          IT Governance

    2     • Process-based approach to IT department management (ITIL, CMMI, TOGAF…)
          • Selection & procurement of IT management tools: PSA, CMDB, APM...
           • Definition and implementation of IT governance dashboards

           IT System Design

    3      • Definition and implementation of IT system design methodologies and tools (SDLC)
            • Business requirements, functional specifications and change management
            • Data and service architecture
            • Application selection and invitation to tenders (ITT)

MEGA and the Defence and Security Frameworks
The large defence industry players, followed by the aerospace and transportation sectors,
recently joined forces to provide system engineers with effective frameworks allowing them to
describe increasingly complex defence and security systems. Through international initiatives
 such as the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF), or local ones with the British Ministry of
 Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF), new standards for specifying complex system
 architectures have emerged. They are aligned on the most recent modelling notations provided
  by international normalisation bodies such as the OMG (Object Management Group).              “ We cannot acknowledge an
 MEGA is actively engaged in the modernisation of these modelling standards both on the           increasing complexity of modern
 side of industrial consortiums as well as at the level of standard bodies. Our consultants       enterprise, and at the same time
 are proficient in these standards. They can leverage these techniques in the context of your      imagine that implementation of
 projects, demonstrate their benefits to you and transfer their expertise to your teams.           IT systems can be done without
                                                                                                  modernised scalable approaches.
                                                                                                  Proper IT System architecture
                                                                                                  and design is the first benefit
                                                                                                 of repository-based tools and
                                                                                                 methodologies to IT departments.
                                                                                                 Mastering those practices is a pre-
                                                                                                 requisite to the controlled reduction
                                                                                                 of IT complexity sought by so many
                                                                                                 CIOs today.”

                                                                                                NERINE JOUBERT
                                                                                                Principal Consultant,
                                                                                                MEGA UK

                            Our Values
                            MEGA Consultants are trained in modelling techniques and methods, as well as complex system analysis and
                            architecture. Their certified expertise (Lean Six Sigma, ITIL, TOGAF, and CMMI) combined with their involvement
                            in international standardisation bodies (OMG, Open Group…) result in unique skills and knowledge. We perform
                            more than 200 consulting assignments worldwide every year, within two business competence centres:
                            • Enterprise architecture
                             • Governance, risk and compliance

                             Our customers recognise the technical expertise of our consultants. They also value their interpersonal skills
                             and their ability to establish a professional and pleasant relationship within the working environment. Trained
          As a spin-off
                             in workgroup animation and communication techniques, they will integrate easily with your teams and will work
        of CAP Gemini
                             effectively in a multi cultural context. Open-minded and creative, they will suggest innovative and pragmatic
    Consulting, MEGA
                              solutions to problems you may face.
      International has
          more than 20
    years of consulting       Sustainable Development
        expertise in the       MEGA International is very serious about its corporate social responsibility and keenly considers the social, ethical,
     exclusive domains         health and environmental implications of our business activities as an integral part of its corporate strategy:
           of operational
                               • Economical development with an important investment in research and development, to provide solutions that
      excellence and IT
                                 are adapted to our customer needs, in the short and long term
    system governance.
                                • Social responsibility for our staff with a special care in hiring, personal development and fair treatment
                                • Protection of the environment, reducing the impact of travels, and developing the usage of alternative
                                  communication technologies

                                                Your Benefits

                                                        Problem Solving
 Identifying the true cause of a problem or difficulty faced by a customer is
  a pre-requisite to its resolution. Our consultants adopt a problem solving
 attitude and are capable of addressing multi facetted problems, including
         educational, political, skills, governance and technological issues.

                                                  Knowledge Transfer
Transferring our skills and knowledge is one of the essential contributions
    of MEGA consulting duties. Our responsibilities include establishing a
    sustainable practice relying on methods and approaches that have to
   be applied in the long term once the project is complete. It is therefore
  critical to ensure that customer teams get the necessary competences
    and autonomy to maintain and further develop the capabilities in the
                                                              longer term.

                                                 Consulting Tool Kit
      MEGA consultants can take advantage of the MEGA Suite toolset
 anytime it is relevant for the project. The internationally awarded Suite
leverages standard approaches, best practices and it produces project
   deliverables quicker and more consistently in comparison to classic
                                              non-tool based approaches.

                                       Close Working Relationships
                                       with Our Customers

     Business Performance Club         MEGA accumulates a unique experience on topics related to the improvement
                                       of private and public organisations; this experience comes from the large
             The Business              number of customer projects, in all industries (banking, insurance, telecoms,
             Performance Club          government, services, manufacturing, and energy) we have worked on.
     welcomes all MEGA customers
     to share their experience and      The consulting department structure was established to make use of our
     challenges on a regular basis.     business expertise and to ensure the best working relationships with our
     - Various club events are          customers. Four different business units corresponding to the major vertical
       organised for members to         industries are directed by the Head of Consulting who is responsible for the
       debate about a pre-defined         whole production of the consulting assignments.
       topic, learn from one specific
       customer project experience,
                                         The organisation is completed by three different competence centres to
       or discuss with peers.
                                         consolidate experiences depending on the nature of the project:
     - Such a customer community
                                            - Enterprise architecture
       is a real advantage for
       professionals who can join           - Governance, risk and compliance
       a community of practitioners         - MEGA Suite product engineering
       that are open to testimonial       As a result, our customers take advantage of the best practices for their projects.
       and best practice sharing.

 International Presence
 MEGA’s international presence covers the geographical support needs of our
 customers’ projects worldwide. The eight MEGA subsidiaries are completed by a solid
 network of specialised consulting partners who share our culture and vision on the
 consulting business. Multicultural, bilingual and often trilingual consulting teams can
  facilitate the integration of your team members in multicultural projects, and ensure
  international support that is critical when teams are distributed geographically.

                   Business Unit                           Some of our Key References

       Banking and Finance                            Co Operative Financial Services       MEGA International:
                                                      HVB Asset Management                  The company
                                                      BNP Paribas
                                                                                            Created in 1992 as a spinoff
                                                      Groupe Crédit Agricole-LCL
                                                                                            of Cap Gemini, MEGA is a
                                                                                            recognised leader in enterprise
                                                                                            architecture, business process
     Insurance                                       Legal & General
                                                                                            analysis, and risk management.
                                                                                           The company conducts
    Manufacturing,                                 Areva                                   business in more than 40
    energy, environment                            EDF Energy                              countries through its direct
    and transportation                             Renault Nissan                          subsidiaries and distribution
                                                   Veolia Environment                      partner network.

  Government, Defence                             Ministry of Justice
  and Services                                    UK Border Agency

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