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					                     The ESL Newspaper Digest
                            “All the news that fits…”
Violence in Iraq           from Iraq to another         people died in that
By: Hugo M. Valdez         country looking for a        explosion.       Najaf’s
                           better life out of the       provincial      governor
                           war. In the recent           announced one day
                           elections     the    new     after the explosion that
                           president proposed to        51 people were arrested
                           fight terrorism and do       for having connections
                           his best to build a new      with terrorism. A few
                           Iraq. The rebels do not      days before the attacks
                           let him do his job as        in Karbala, a car bomb
                           president.          Also     exploded on December
                           hundreds of families         15. The blast killed 12
                           from around the world        Iraqis and injured
                           have lost their loved        dozens.           (“Iraqi
                           ones fighting in the         Insurgents”)
                           war.                                Insurgents made
                                 On December 19,        the     biggest    attack
                           two       car     bombs      against the American
                           exploded in the sacred       troops using car bombs
                           cities of Karbala and        and an array of
                           Najaf located in the         weapons, on April 1.
                           south of Iraq. The           Forty to 60 rebels
                           explosion killed at least    initiated the attack
                           70 people and wounded        against the American
                           175       more.      The     prison      from      two
     The terrorism is      explosion in Najaf           directions. The attack
the biggest fear for the   killed 54 people. The        wounded at least 20
world. Since the attack    same thing happened in       American soldiers and
on the Twin Towers in      Baghdad when three           marines were seriously
New York, the world        employees of Iraq’s          hurt, and 18 were
has      changed      in   Independent Electoral        wounded with minor
different ways. Some       Commission          were     injures. The Americans
Middle East countries      killed by gunmen. The        repelled them in a
have     suffered    the   rebels     photographed      battle of 30 to 40
biggest impact. In Iraq    the criminal scene, and      minutes. The American
hundreds of innocent       they did not care to         forces needed support
people have died in        hide      their    faces.    from three Apache
bombing attacks or         December 19 was one          attack helicopters. The
been shot by gunmen.       of the bloodiest days in     reason for the attack
Before the capture of      Iraq since the invasion      appeared to be an
Saddam Hussein by the      of U.S troops on March       attempt to release
U.S. troops, the war       2003. Two days later         prisoners. This attack
destroyed many cities      the U.S. military base       was the latest in well-
in Iraq. Two years have    in Mosul was attacked        organized bands of
passed since the war       with an explosion in a       guerrillas        against
started against Iraq.      dining hall, and 22          American          forces.
Many civilians escaped

                      The ESL Newspaper Digest
                             “All the news that fits…”
American and Iraqi          the whole world in            “Iraqi       Insurgents
security troops are         different ways. One          Strike” World News
holding 3,446 prisoners     way is that many             Digest. 23, Dec.2005:
in Abu Ghraib. Last         countries have lost          pA1.6, May 2005
year in that prison eight   hundreds of soldiers.        <
American soldiers were      The United States has        m/stories /index />
charged for prisoner        fought             against
abuse. (Wong, pA11)         terrorism since 9/11.         Wong,         Edward.
      Seven U.S. troops     The violence in Iraq         “Conflict in Iraq” The
were killed on May 8        has destroyed too many       New York Times. 3,
in action against rebels    innocent         families.   April 2005: pA11.
in Baghdad. Police          Everyday in Iraq too         5,      May       2005
reports said that the       many people die in an
attacks were made in        awful way. It is
disagree      for     the   important to finish the
alliance of Iraq and        war in Iraq because is
U.S. troops. Since the      affecting everybody. I
cabinet was sworn on        think that is why the
April 28 until now          gasoline      is     more
more than 300 people        expensive       everyday.
have died, including        The      Middle      East
U.S. soldiers. In an        people have become
explosion            near   the more discriminated
Khalidiya, west of          against race when they
Baghdad, two soldiers       come to the U. S. I
were killed the same        think that it’s unfair to
day. One day before         think that all the people
the attack, three U.S.      from        there      are
Marines including one       terrorists. I think that
sailor died in a            the U.S. government
bombing in Haditha,         should bring the troops
located 140 miles           back, and avoid more
northwest of Baghdad.       soldiers to be killed.
The Sunni Arab is
majority in the town        Newspapers Cited:
where     the     attacks    Roug, Louise and
occurred. They are          McDonnell, Patrick J.
insurgents who have         “7 U.S. Troops Killed”
the most brutal and         San           Francisco
effective guerrilla war     Chronicle. 9 May,
fighting against U.S.       2005: pA1. 11 May,                   By      Randall
troops.                     2005                         Lopez
(Roug,       McDonnell,     <               In the year 2003
pA1)                        m/cgi-bin/article.cgi>       people     from      the
       I think that the                                  Federal Government of
war in Iraq has affected                                 the    United     States

                       The ESL Newspaper Digest
                              “All the news that fits…”
thought that Saddam          dictatorship, as the         making Iraq an Islamic
Hussein, a dictator that     prime minister that          state. Kurdish and
ruled Iraq for over fifty    give Iraq Kurdish            Shiite     leaders     in
years, was making            minority and its Shiite      parliament, signed a
nuclear bombs of mass        Arab majority their          pledge that al-Jaafary
destruction. For that        biggest measure of           would be name the
reason the United            political power in a         prime           minister.
States attacked Iraq.        half    century.     Iraq    Talabani      said     he
No bombs in Iraq have        leaders made sure            planned to honor the
been found jet. The          Hussein       got     the    pledge.              The
people of Iraq also          message. Jailers put a       negotiations to choose
wanted freedom of            TV in Hussein prison         the two deputy prime
liberty.     The     U.S.    and he was unhappy           ministers and fill key
caught            Saddam     about the news.              cabinet positions had to
Hussein and killed all       (Knickmeyer A-1)             be done.
of his members and           Assembly        members      (Worth A-12)
family involved in his       have been in agreement       The       new       Iraqi
actions.      Now      the   of making Talaban            government was attack
United States is trying      president for weeks,         by insurgents 60 Iraqi
to help Iraq by building     but were also required       were killed in a suicide
a new government as          to fill the two vice         bombing at a police
well as putting a new        presidencies that are:       recruitment centre in
president in power.          Adel Abdul Mahdi, a          the Kurdish city of
In      Baghdad        the   Shiite, and Sheikh           Irbil. Many Iraqi’s
members of the new           Ghazial-Yawer,          a    especially democrats
National        Assembly     Sunni. U.S. occupation       are concerned over
elected Kurdish leader       authority calls for          whether Iraq is headed
Jalal     Talabani      as   power sharing among          toward a civil war and
president      in    Iraq.   the Kurds and the            whether the new prime
Kurdish is a population      Shiite. Both        sides    minister, Ibrahim al-
in north Iraq, where         Leaders said is good to      Jaafari, can       avoid
Talabani was a Leader        continued       charring     disaster. Mr. Jaafari’s
of a rebel group that        power      among      the    want      to     achieve
battled      the     Iraqi   factions, seeing as the      national unity that
military during Saddam       only way to end the          week from the cabinet
rule. Iraqi Kurds are 15     Sunni-led insurgency         were missing a lot of
to 20 percent of the         and        give       the    permanent ministerial
country’s population,        independence-minded          appointments for their
were      subjected     to   Kurds in the northern        alleged Baath party
repression, relocation       Iraq into a federal.         past. The Hope is to
and      attack    during    Some          politicians    bring Sunni figures in
Hussein’s decades in         complained that this         the wrangling political
power.                The    was going to bring           ground away from the
appointment of Ibrahim       religious and ethnic         insurgents.           By
al-Jaafari, is a place       divisions. Talabani said     prolonging            the
who battled Hussein’s        he would never tolerate      wrangling is the Iraqis

                      The ESL Newspaper Digest
                             “All the news that fits…”
who stand to lose and       m/cgi-                       world.
they lose no more. For      bin/article.cgi?file=/chr
columnist Amir Taheri,      onicle/archive>
delays did not mean
failure he said is a        Worth, Robert F. “Iraq
positive sign that the      Leader Says Cabinet Is
Iraqi leadership is         Ready After Long
learning the art of         Delay.” The New York
power -sharing.             Times. 28, April, 2005:
                                                           In September 2004,
(“The Editor Pg.26”)        Pg.A12. 7 May, 2005.
                                                         kidnappers beheaded
I think that when           <http://web2.infotrac.g
                                                         British          hostage
something is in the
                                                         Kenneth Bigley after
process of changing         mark>
                                                         twice releasing videos.
everything around it
                                                         The hostage wanted to
will face a lot of          The     Editor:    “The
                                                         escape, and he was
obstacles            and    Editor: What they said
                                                         found in a deserted
confusion in their way      about …the week in
                                                         area, carrying a gun.
before they become          Iraq.” The Guardian. 5,
                                                         He was killed soon.
what they want. This is     May, 2005: Pg.26. 7
                                                         U.S officials received
what is happening to        May,              2005.
                                                         the     reports    from
Iraq at this time and for   <http://web2.infotrac.g
                                                         Bigley, and officials in
them is more difficult
                                                         Baghdad refused to
to advance because of       mark>
                                                         comment on the report.
the war. Citizens of
                                                         Bigley was a 62-year-
Iraq need to decide
which person is rite for     Hostages                    old civil engineer. He
                                                         was the first British
each spot of the
government positions
so they don’t worry
                              in Iraq                    hostage killed in Iraq
                                                         and at least the 28th
                            By Jie ying Chen             overall. A militant and
that some man would
                                                         the hostage were in the
do the same thing as          Everyone        knows      video, and he declared
Saddam Hussein did to       about the conflict in        the Briton would be
them.                       Iraq, and a series of        slain     because    his
                            terrible events between      government refused to
Knickmeyer,       Ellen     Iraq and America.            release          women
“Iraqi Kurd Set To          There     were     many      prisoners in Iraq. The
Name Shiite Leader To       hostages were killed in      speaker severed the
Top Post. Two Groups        Iraq. The terrorists         hostage’s head by a
Long     Subject    To      want other countries to      knife. U.S. and British
Domination       Under      withdraw away from           officials     in    Iraq
Hussein Dictatorship        Iraq, and then they          declined to confirm
Take Charge.” San           kidnap hostages for          Bigley's death, but
Francisco Chronicle. 7,     intimidate them. The         Bigley’s brother said
April, 2005: Pg.A-1.7       conflict is influencing      the family had received
May,             2005.      the world, and it’s          absolute proof of his
<       important     for    the     death. The militants

                      The ESL Newspaper Digest
                             “All the news that fits…”
refused to drop their       American        contractor
demands even though         who        had       been
they were aware there       kidnapped             near
were no women in            Baghdad. The U.S
British custody in Iraq.    Embassy said the man
There were also rumors      appeared to be Jeffrey
of a rescue attempt.        Ake, of LaPorte, Ind,          An Alamo man was
More       than      150    and he was president         kidnapped by militants,
foreigners had been         and CEO of Equipment         and he was shown in
kidnapped in Iraq by        Express and he was           TV and he pleaded for
that               time.    one of at least 14           his life and asked
(“British”)                 Americans who had            President Bush to
                            been kidnapped or had        withdraw the U.S.
                            gone missing by that         military. The hostage
                            time. White House            identified himself as
                            spokesman said the           Douglas Wood, and
                            United States would          hooded militants were
                            not      discuss      with   holding       automatic
                            kidnappers. Insurgents       weapons at his side.
                            blew up a fuel tanker in     His wife said she had
    Iraqi police officers   Baghdad, and drove a         seen the video and
were       trying      to   car bomb into a U.S.         confirmed       that    it
dismantle           what    convoy, killing five         showed her husband.
appeared to be a bomb       Iraqis and hurt four         She said he had been
was hit by a suicide car    U.S. contract workers.       working as an engineer
bomber. The event           Interior          Ministry   in Iraq for about a year
killed 12 officers and      spokesman said the           and a half. The video
hurt four others. A         militants had lost the       brought to the Bay
police officer said         initiative now and are       Area one of the most
officials believe the       in a desperate situation.    difficult aspects of the
original bomb was not       To combat the rash of        war     on     terrorism.
real. A Marine base         car bombs was called         Wood said the captives
near the Syrian border      VBIEDs. The U.S.             are fiercely patriotic.
was hit by a three-car      Army rolled out the          He spoke in an
bombing. The event          Buffalo,      a     23-ton   emotional tone, and
used mortars, rockets,      armored         motorized    men wearing hoods
car bombs and rocket-       vehicle       specifically   over their faces stood
propelled grenades in       used to find out bomb-       on each side, and one
the same attack on the      laden       cars.     The    was      pointing      an
U.S.-run Abu Ghraib         Secretary of State said      automatic weapon near
prison     in    western    to bring a city back to      Wood’s head. Wood
Baghdad. An Arabic-         life, and it has to be       desired the troops to
language      Al-Jazeera    done by the people of        withdraw. He said he
satellite      television   that city.        (Jervis)   needs help. The video
channel aired a video                                    was first released to
that it said showed an                                   Al-Jazeera television,

                       The ESL Newspaper Digest
                              “All the news that fits…”
and the militants last       only kidnap people as        The     Dispute
year      kidnapped      a   hostages, but also
Turkish           Arabic-    killed the people. They      Between China
language       translator.   don’t     want     other     and Japan
Wood’s        kidnapping     countries to intervene            By Lydia Du
had      followed      the   their own country. I
naming        of       the   can’t believe that the
country’s            new     governments couldn’t
government.           195    do anything to save
foreigners had been          those innocent people’s
kidnapped in Iraq, and       lives.    They     were
the organization said        looking at the people
86 were released, 33         killed.      I     can’t
were killed, and 3           understand why the
escaped and 2 were           terrorists used such
rescued. The reporters       ferocious way to kill
found Wood’s wife to         the hostages. More and
answer about the event.      more people lose their
The Australian prime         lives,      but      the     Japan
minister responded to        governments        were
the video, and he said       shriveled by those                   China        and
his government would         events. Nobody knows         Japan are the two big
do everything it can         how the conflict is          powers      in     Asia.
free Wood but couldn’t       going on.                    During World War II,
meet      the    captors’                                 as many as three
demands. He said his         Newspaper Cited:             hundred         thousand
government          never    “British hostage in Iraq     Chinese were killed by
alters his position.         has been killed” USA         Japanese troops in the
Australian        Foreign    Today, 9, Oct, 2004.         Nanjing Massacre of
Affairs Minister said        8, May 2005                  1937. Many people in
they were preparing to       <http://www.usatoday.        China still have hard
go to Iraq to try to free    com/news/world/iraq>         feelings toward Japan.
Wood, and Wood was                                        This history has been a
the second Australian        Bulwa ,Demian.               major irritant between
to be kidnapped in Iraq.     San        Francisco         China and Japan for
He said they were            Chronicle, 2, May            decades.      In recent
sending              very    2005: A1                     years, however, Japan
experienced people in,                                    has been dependent on
and some hostages had        Jervis,Rick.       “12       China for economic
managed to get out and       officers killed; video       growth and profits
some hadn’t. (Bulwa          reportedly shows U.S.        while China needs
A1)                          captive.”        USA         Japan's        advanced
    Through news such        TODAY, 13, Apr.              technology           and
as this, I think the         2005. 2, May 2005            industrial equipment.
terrorists are cold-         <http://www.usatoday         The countries are very
blooded. They did not        .com/news/world/ira>

                       The ESL Newspaper Digest
                              “All the news that fits…”
important      to    each             On        Sunday,     properly.       In recent
other.                       April 17, 2005, the            public speeches, Li has
         In April of         foreign ministers of           accused       Japan       of
2005,      in     Beijing,   China      and        Japan    denying       the      truth
China,      anti-Japanese    continued to discuss           regarding        territorial
protestors marched in        the        anti-Japanese       disputes and history
front of the Japanese        protests in many cities        textbooks.         Li has
government offices and       of China. However,             repeatedly stated that
businesses.        Japan's   the meeting failed to          the               Japanese
foreign          minister,   resolve the dispute.           government has to take
Nobutaka Machimura,          The Chinese foreign            responsibility for what
asked for an apology         minister refused to            they did to the Chinese
and        compensation      apologize for giving           people during World
because          Japanese    permission for the             War II. However, the
people were injured          protest demonstrations.        Japanese             Prime
and many Japanese            In fact, he stated that        Minister stated that
institutions         were    the               Japanese     Japan has its own point
damaged during these         government               had   of view about history
demonstrations.       The    committed         atrocities   and each country has
protests have been           for which it should            different traditions and
caused by a new              apologize. However,            opinions. At the same
textbook that was            there       were          no   time, even Japanese
recently approved in         demonstrations            in   citizens want their
Japan.        The new        Shanghai or Beijing            government to be more
textbook was not clear       during the first day of        careful, but Japan's
in     explaining      the   the Japanese minister's        leadership is still being
Nanjing Massacre in          two-day visit. In the          critical of China. (Kahn
China by Japan. The          southern       cities     of   A9)
Chinese people were          China, there were                       I am very glad
also      outraged      by   protests on the streets        that      the      Chinese
Japan's recent promise       but no violence. (Pan          government         stopped
to join the United           A3)                            protestors             from
States in protecting                  China's foreign       marching on the streets
Taiwan against China.        minister, Li Zhao Xing,        and damaging Japanese
Over the weekend of          finally decided to stop        properties for three
April 9th and 10th, the      the        anti-Japanese       successive weekends.
protests grew into one       protests. Li stated that       However, the Chinese
of the biggest anti-         "the masses" should, at        people have reasons to
Japanese                     this time, stay off the        get upset and they
demonstrations since         streets.                The    should be allowed to
1972.      The protests      demonstrations,           he   express their feelings
have created a large         said, might "upset             or anger calmly and
gap between these two        social stability". He          rationally. Neither the
powerful countries in        said     the      Japanese     Chinese or Japanese
Asia. (Onishi A3)            government would deal          citizens deserve to pay
                             with       all        issues   the consequences for

                     The ESL Newspaper Digest
                           “All the news that fits…”
what happened sixty                                    legal China in the
years ago. I hope that                                 world. He also said
Japan and China will                                   everything can be
have     a   successful                                talked after this
resolution to their                                    precondition. Even the
dispute that could                                     visiting did not have
benefit    both     the                                any progresses on real
Chinese     and     the                                problem, but it also
Japanese people                                        made a new modality
.                          Student name:               of relation between the
                           Qifan Li                    both side of Taiwan
Newspapers Cited                                       gullet. At least, it
                                                       would gave a chance to
Kahn,           Joseph.        Lien Chan who is        let the leaders who
"'Masses' told to stop     the chairman of the         were between the both
anti-Japanese protests."   Nationalist Party China     sides of Taiwan gullet
San           Francisco    landed at Nan Jing          to communicate with
Chronicle.          20,    International airport on    each other when they
Apr.2005:A9                April,26 2005. He was       had different opinions.
                           the first Taiwan            For sure, Talking is
Onishi,      Norimitsu.    opposition leader who       better than fighting.
"Protests strain ties      has visited Mainland
between Asia's 2 big       China in last 56 years.        Everybody on the
powers." San Francisco     This visit was very         both sides were focus
Chronicle.          11,    meaningful. It was a        on this historical
Apr.2005:A3                symbol of the both          meeting. Even they had
Pan, Phillip P. "Japan,    sides of Taiwan gullet      totally different
China fail to ease         can be sit and do some      opinion nobody wanted
dispute." San Francisco    communicate with each       to fight with their
Chronicle.          18,    other. Follow by him,       countryman if they had
Apr.2005:A3                another Taiwanese           any other chance for
                           opposition leader           sure.
                           James Soong had
56 years of                visited Mainland from          Taiwan's opposition
ice-cap                    May,6 to May 10.
                           These two leaders
                                                       leader shook hands
                                                       with Chinese President
between                    visiting made the tense     Hu Jintao in a
                           relation which is           landmark meeting in
                           between Taiwan and          the Great Hall of the
Taiwan &                   Mainland China had a
                           little bit rest. The
                                                       People on Friday,
                                                       symbolically ending a
Mainland                   president of China, Hu      standoff between their
                           Jintao, said any leaders    political parties that
China                      who in Taiwan could         had existed for nearly
                           visit China if he           six decades (Ching-
                           conceded Mainland           Ching A7) People on
                           China was the only

                      The ESL Newspaper Digest
                             “All the news that fits…”
both sides of the           together in spite of all        Whether Lien chan
divided strait were able    the political and            is a hero or not, there is
to watch on live            historical barriers, we      something that
television as the former    can certainly believe        everybody had kept on
enemies reached out to      that the Chinese people      mind. He broke the ice-
each other in the heart     have the wisdom and          cap which people had
of the Chinese capital      capability to solve their    put on for almost 60
for the first time since    own problems. The            years. Whatever
the Nationalists, who       mainland can                 Mainland China and
once ruled all of China,    understand the Taiwan        Taiwan will fight or
fled to Taiwan in 1949      people's thoughts and        peace the step that he
after losing a civil war    feelings directly            just strode should not
to the Communists.          through Taiwan's             wrong. This was not
                            political parties, groups    only the leaders of two
   This historical          and representative           Parties’ meeting, also
meeting also bring          personages. And              the 60 years hope of
some different thinking     Taiwan does not need         the people on both
to the people of both       to be a pawn of any          sides.
sides. It gave a totally    hegemonic power.
new impression to the                                      Newspapers Cited
people of each others’         China's mainland
Party.                      made clear gestures of          Ching-Ching Ni,
                            goodwill and affinity        “Former enemies
   This was the first       with its island province     bridge divide
handshake in 60 years       Taiwan Tuesday               China courts Taiwan's
between the top leaders     morning with promises        opposition leader at
of the KMT and the          to present Taiwan            historic meeting.¡±San
CCP. It marked the          compatriots a pair of        Francisco Chronicle,
beginning of a new          giant pandas, remove a       April, 30, 2005
phase in the                ban for mainland
relationship between        residents to travel to          ¡°Beijing handshake
the two parties. It was a   the island and open its      wins press praise,
historic moment that        market wider to fruits       criticism.¡± 18th,
brought a spring-like       produced in Taiwan           May,2005<
atmosphere to the           (¡°Lien Chan” A2) As
future of both sides of     most of people think,        /hi/world/asia-
the strait (¡°Beijing”      the communication is         pacific/4500683.stm>
A11) The handshake          not only good for the
between the two party       emotion of the people           ¡°Lien Chan
leaders also boosted the    on both sides also good      welcomes mainland's
self-confidence of all      for many other ways          gestures of goodwill.¡±
the sons and daughters      like economy,                18th May,2005
of the Chinese nation       technology, and              <http://www.chinadail
across the whole world.     military affairs.  
If even the KMT and                                      005-
the CCP can come

                     The ESL Newspaper Digest
                            “All the news that fits…”
05/03/content_439291.      Europe 0408 pope             in Rome are very sad
htm>                       funeral.                     about the death of John
                                    The cardinal let    Paul II, and very
Celia Murri                tradition and human          excited for the election
English 830                nature, with the help of     for Pope Benedict XVI.
                           the Lord, guide them in      And a lot of cardinals
                           voting. They all voted       pray to God for new
                           many times for days.         pope. Lattin, Don
                           They want to pick a          “Pope expressed belief
                           man that can govern          that only though
                           the church in a              Christianity is the great
                           beneficial way. They         potential of human
                           worked together and          existence truly
                           they had a bible study,      revealed. (San
                           the new pope received        Francisco Chronicle 18
                           the majority 77 votes.       April 2005 AI).
                           Wakin, Daniel                http/www.cnn
                           “Cardinal sequester          com/2005 world
                           themselves today for         Europe 048 pope
                           election of new pope         funeral. Wakin Daniel
                           (San Francisco               J “Cardinal sequester
 John Paul II              Chronicle 18 April           themselves today for
 Benedict XVI              2005 AI)                     election of new pope
                           The new pope waved at        (San Francisco
        This is a          people from a white          Chronicle 18 April
summary of newspaper       car. A hat was placed        2005 AI).
about the funeral John     on Benedict XVI’s
Paul II and the election   head and an organ            THE CONTINUING
of the new pope,           played church music.         POLITICAL
Cardinal Joseph            The ceremony ended,          BATTLE    OVER
Ratzinger of Germany       and Pope Benedict            ILLEGAL
(Benedict XV). A lot of    became pope he said he       IMMIGRATION
people watched pope        will listen to the word      By Liling Chen
John Paul II get buried    of the Lord, and that
in a crypt April 8,        only with friendship is
2005. Many people          beauty. He said he will
came from all over the     be accessible and
world to see the pope      respect the Jewish
and say good bye.          faith.
More people watched                 Don Lattin.
the ceremony on TV.        “Pope expressed belief
After the funeral. A lot   that only through
of cardinals had a         Christianity is the great
meeting to talk about a    potential of human
new.                       existence truly
Pope.http/www.cnn                                       (Evan        Caravelli/
                           revealed.” The people
com/2005 world                                          Arizona Daily Wildcat)

                                     - 10 -
                       The ESL Newspaper Digest
                              “All the news that fits…”
                             to     strengthen     the    of Homeland Security
  The          increasing    internal security of the     announced               an
concern about illegal        United States. Last          additional 534 boarder
immi-gration            is   month on April 16, the       guards being sent to
becoming a growing           House             passed     Arizona. (Bustos)
problem for politicians      legislation that bans          California Governor
such as President Bush       giving driver licenses       Arnold
and            California    to illegal immigrants.       Schwarzenegger         has
Governor                     (Tucker) In Atlanta,         recently           drawn
Schwarzenegger.        As    crime and substandard        criticism      for     his
the political arguments      schools     are    being     comments        regarding
continue, some citizens      blamed on immigrants,        illegal     immigration.
have taken the matter        both illegal and legal.      Soon      after     being
into their own hands. In     (Tucker) In financially      elected,
the end, there is no         strapped California, an      Schwarzenegger
clear resolution to the      estimated $750 million       pushed legislation that
concern over illegal         is spent per year on         repealed a law allowing
immigration.          For    illegal immigrants who       illegal immigrants to
decades       the      US    are serving time for         obtain     a      driver’s
immigration policy has       committing crimes in         license.      (Chorneau)
been      largely      un-   the US. (Chorneau)           Recently,
enforced.      This has      In     attempting      to    Schwarzenegger made
generally been caused        address the illegal          comments        regarding
by two forces, industry      immigration problem,         the closure of the
and the middle class.        President Bush has           boarder and on Spanish
Industry wants cheap         proposed a policy that       television station that
labor to increase their      would put “willing           indicates that it serves
profits and the middle       workers” together with       “Los             Angeles,
class wants cheap            “willing employers.”         Mexico.” (Chorneau)
agriculture goods and        (Tucker) Bush does not       His comments were
manual labor. As these       make       mention     of    denounced               by
two sides colluded           increased enforcement        Democrats             and
together, the Hispanic       of      current     laws     immigrant           rights
population and their         prohibiting the hiring       groups       but     were
political power has          of illegal immigrants.       applauded               by
grown. As the middle         (Tucker) Some criticize      Republicans.
class now becomes            Bush for not doing           (Chorneau) Taking a
more aware of the costs      enough to address the        stand on this issue may
of illegal immigration,      immigration issue. In        cost Schwarzenegger in
a battle has emerged         February,          Bush      a state where the
between             them,    proposed adding 210          Hispanic         political
industrial and Hispanic      border guards across         structure                is
political forces.            the US. Lawmakers            increasingly growing.
   The               9/11    stated that more were        (Chorneau)
Commission         Report    needed. In response, in         Some citizens have
recommended           that   March, the Department        tired of the political
steps need to be taken

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                        The ESL Newspaper Digest
                               “All the news that fits…”
fear of addressing the        structure but won him        solution to the illegal
illegal      immigration      praise              from     immigrant’s problem.
issue and have taken          conservatives.       The     And         the       U.S.
the enforcement of the        “Minutemen”         have     government        should
boarder into their own        attempted to represent       send     more      border
hands. In April, a            those who see the            guards to the border, to
group known as the            growing cost of illegal      stop     those     illegal
“Minutemen”        began      immigration.         The     immigrants continue to
patrolling             the    “Minutemen”         have     cross      the    border.
Arizona/Mexico                been called, by some         Immigrants should be
boarder.         (Bustos)     vigilantes and        yet    proud to be in the
While some call them          received support by          United States.
vigilantes,              it   others such as Gov.             I came to this county
demonstrates           the    Schwarzenegger. With         legally      and     have
growing opinion within        all    the    competing      recently applied to
America               that    interest of the different    become a citizen. I am
something needs to be         groups, no clear policy      trying to become part
done to address border        has emerged which            of this culture by doing
security.                     addresses the problem        things such as taking
The political war over        of illegal immigration.      this English class. I feel
the immigration issue           As a legal immigrant       that those people who
appears to have no end        to the United States, I      come to this country
in sight. President Bush      feel that people who         illegally make it harder
sent agents to the            come to this county          for people like me who
border in an effort to        should do so legally. I      try     to      immigrate
gain favor with citizens      believe it is important      legally.
who are unhappy about         to make sure that the
the porous boarder. At        documents that are           Newspapers Cited:
the same time Bush has        presented are correct        Tucker, Cynthia. “Bush
proposed          uniting     and that the people          Should           Expand
“willing workers” and         have a health check.         Political Capitol on
“willing       employers”     Once an immigrant            Immigration Reform”
and he has done little to     comes to the United          16 April 2005
enforce current laws          States, they should           San           Francisco
regarding hiring of           work to become part of       Chronicle
illegal       immigrants.     this     society,     for
This has been done            example,        learning     news?tmpl=story&u=/u
possibly in an attempt        English and fitting into     cas/20050416/cm_ucas
to gain favor with            the American culture.        /bushshouldexpendpoli
industry.       Governor      They should also do          ticalcapitalonimmigrati
Schwarzenegger’s              things within the laws       onreform
comments on illegal           such as paying taxes. I
immigration         have      can understand the           Bustos,           Sergio
placed him at odds            government’s                 “Americans of All Types
with      the    growing      intentions, and I do         Decrying Lax Border“21
Hispanic         political    wish we had a better         April, 2005      The
                                                           Arizona Republic

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                      The ESL Newspaper Digest
                             “All the news that fits…”
http://www.azcentral.c      28,663 lives in the                  An example of
om/arizonarepublic/ne       United States, the           the dangers of such
ws/articles/0421border-     majority from suicides.      easy      gun     access
frustrate.html              Firearm deaths in 2000,      occurred in Atlanta,
                            by cause:                    Georgia, March 11,
Chorneau,   Tom     :       Suicide -16, 586             2205, Brian Nichols, a
“Governor’s                 Homicide -10, 801            33 year-old, shot up a
Immigration                 Unintentional                courtroom, killed three
Comments       Divert       Shootings        (includes   people, and wounded
Attention       from        causes:        accidental,   several others during a
Agenda” 30 April,           undetermined and legal       26-hour crime spree.
2005                        intervention) -1,276.        Nichols walked into the
 San        Francisco       (Cite source)(“Death”)       courtroom and opened
Chronicle                   That is the cause of the     fire, killing the judge
                            fear, the nightmare for      and court reporter after      someone, for those           he          overpowered
cgibin/article.cgi?file=/   innocents who care           sheriff’s         deputy
n/a/2005/04/30/state/n1     about their lives, and       Cynthia Hall who led
62123D58.DTL                especially      for    the   him to the courtroom.
                            police who sacrifice         He     killed    another
                            their life to protect us.    deputy who tried to
PICTURE:                    In addition, the same        stop       him      from
Arizona Daily Wildcat,      source says, “Gun            escaping. He assaulted
2 May 2005 Caravelli,       violence is a leading        several people, and
Evan:                       cause of death for           took a woman hostage
http://wildcat.arizona.e    people of color in           in Duluth, Georgia,
du/papers/98/147/01_6.      America. Gun violence        after he left the
html                        is the number one killer     courthouse. He held the
                            of African Americans         hostage for 13 hours in
                            ages 15-34. It is the        her apartment. The
                            second leading cause of      woman called 911
                            death for Hispanic           when he let her go. On
                            youth ages 15-24.”           March 12, Nichols
                            Many shooting cases          surrendered to police
                            involve criminals who        without a fight. The
                            are teenagers or those       event left many people
                            who had previous             question about the
                            convictions. How about       safety       of      U.S
GUN VIOLENCE                the victims? They are        courthouse.
      By Dung Phan          the      innocent,     the   (“Courtroom.” B1)
       According      to    victims of domestic                  Also, on the
“Fact     Sheet:   Gun      violence, and the police     Golden Gate Bridge,
Violence”: Annually,        officers. That is not        on April 09, 2005,
about 30,000 people         right for those who          Marcellus Cookery, a
die of firearm injuries.    died or got hurt from        42-year-old          city
In 2000, guns claimed       these shootings.             resident, who was

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                       The ESL Newspaper Digest
                              “All the news that fits…”
already on probation         shooting of a 35 year         “Deaths     and     Gun
and wanted on traffic-       old Pittsburg patrol          violence- A civil rights
related warrants, was        officer Larry Lasater,        issue.” (Briefing book
shot by a bridge             who was a former              of) The Educational
security guard after         Marine                tank    Fund to Stop Gun
robbing and shooting a       commander and had             Violence.
58-year-old           toll   only three years on the,
collector. The action        job, was clinging to life     May 2005
was in lane 7 on             in critical condition on
Saturday at 9:30 p.m.        life support at the           “Courtroom.” News for
Cooksey was arrested         Walnut Creek hospital         you. 23, March.2005:
on suspicion of two          for two wounds from           P1
counts of attempted          bullets that struck him       Demian,          Bulwa.
murder, robbery, and         even though he was            “Suspect in shooting of
other charges. The           wearing body armor.           toll- taker arrested.”
victim got hurt from         Hamilton, and his             San           Francisco
bullet wounds to her         accomplice the 17year         Chronicle.           11,
neck and chest. Now,         old, allegedly robbed a       April.2005: B1
she is doing well after      supermarket, a bank           “Police officer clings to
she went through many        clerk, and crashed their      life after shooting.”
surgeries. The guard,        getaway car. Police           San           Francisco
who was not identified,      said Hamilton and his         Chronicle.           25,
was placed on paid           accomplice face federal       April.2005: B1
administrative leave for     armed robbery charges
at least three days, as is   because they held up
standard       procedure.    the Wells Fargo branch
Currie, who is a             in the supermarket.
District spokeswoman,        (Demian Bulwa B1)             Digital TV
said the shooting was                   Why are those      By Tang, Kwok Chu
the first of its kinds at    important news items?
the historic span’s toll     It is so easy to have a
plaza-which is on the        gun in this country.
San Francisco side. It       People       who        are
was the first attempted      innocent don’t want to
robbery there in more        die or get hurt from the
than two decades.            shooting.      But      the           Television   is
(Demian Bulwa B1)            stories of the people         one of the most
         In Pittsburg on     who die or get hurt           important creations in
Sunday police arrested       from shooting come up         our life. Right now,
two Antioch teens.           almost everyday. These        almost every house has
Alexander         Rashad     stories were the serious      at least one TV in
Hamilton is an 18 year       news for Americans            America. And almost
old and his accomplice,      and those who want to         everyone would watch
a 17 year old, was not       live in this country.         it    everyday.    The
named. They allegedly                                      federal     government
were involved in the         Newspapers Cited:             ruled that TV stations

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                      The ESL Newspaper Digest
                             “All the news that fits…”
must switch to digital              Because        of    400,000 pixels. This is
technology over the         uncertainties      about     the quality offered by
next few years. The         compatibility       with     most DVD players.
ruling promises the         cable systems and set-       The best DTV signal is
most sweeping change        top boxes, many people       called High Definition
in TV viewing since         have been reluctant to       TV (HDTV). It uses
color TV appeared 50        invest in the newest         900,000 to 2.1 million
years ago (“Digital”        televisions. In 2003,        pixels. HDTV comes
Technology 3). A            federal regulators took      with CD-quality sound,
digital TV signal is like   another step in the          it can support up to six
the signal a computer       transition to digital        speakers, and it uses a
uses, so it can carry       television,     adopting     wide screen. A DTV
much                more    rules       to     allow     signal can be used to
information. But in         consumers to plug their      transmit one HDTV
also cost much more         cable-system         line    program or split to
than the broadcasts.        directly into a digital      send up to four
We are stepping into a      TV set without the           different          SDTV
whole new version of        need for a set-top box.      programs. The features
TV now, which is            Cable-ready digital TV       might allow viewers to
digital television.         sets should be available     select the news stories
         Congress took      for purchase by the end      they want to see or to
its first tentative step    of 2004, an F.C.C.           replay a music video as
on      2002      toward    commissioner,                man times as they
mandating that all          Kathleen               Q.    want. You can find
television sets by 2006     Abernathy,           said    more information about
include technology to       (“F.C.C”. C7).               DTV                   at
foil piracy of digitized            A digital TV
movies and television       (DTV) signal is like the     (“Digital”
shows. The bill crafted     signal a computer uses,      Technology),
by             committee    so it can carry much                 The broadcasts
Chairman Billy Tauzin,      more information. And        aren’t shut off yet.
R-La.,      and     John    its signal is not            However, that date
Dingell, D-Mich would       bothered by “snow” or        may be extended until
also shut off all analog    “ghosts” too. DTV has        most homes (85%) in
broadcasts by Dec. 31,      three levels of clarity.     an area are able to
2006. It would not only     The lowest is called         watch      the      DTV
vastly           improve    Standard Definition TV       programming. At that
television quality and      (SDTV). It uses from         point, broadcasting on
interactivity, but also     150,000 to 300,000           the current (analog)
free an estimated $70       pixels, the tiny dots of     channels will end and
billion      worth     of   TV       pictures.     Its   that spectrum will be
spectrum that Congress      pictures look like the       put to other uses.
gave away for free to       best TV pictures we                  The broadcasts
television broadcasters     have now. Enhanced           aren’t shut off yet. It
(Carolyn        Lochhead    Definition TV (EDTV)         seems to be good
A6).                        uses      300,000       to   because digital TV has

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                       The ESL Newspaper Digest
                              “All the news that fits…”
better quality pictures,        pictures have been
superior sound and a         ma>                          presented to prove
more efficient use of                                     what they say.
the     airwaves      than   “Digital TV” News for              Look anywhere
traditional                  You, 23, March 2005:         you go from the
transmissions. In fact,      Technology 3.                grocery cashiers at
digital TV cost much                                      your local Safeway to
more than a regular          “F.C.C. Adopts Rules         the streaming news
TV. And there still          On Digital TV Sets”          tape at the top of every
hasn’t had a free digital    The New York Times,          on-line service and
channel yet. Anyway,         Sept. 11, 2003: C7.          there is one constant,
nobody knows the             9,      May        2005      the Michael Jackson
future. Let see what the     trial. As a consumer
result is at that time.>        you cannot escape the
         To          make                                 commercial lure of the
computer more useful,        Michael Jackson vs. a        tabloid escapades of
we make the programs         hungry media                 the extremely famous
for watching movie and       By Betty Zamora              Michael. His image is
listening to music. To                                    everywhere and is
make television have                                      definitely hard to
better quality, we make                                   ignore.
it digital and more                                       The increase in value
useful, like we can                                       of Michael Jackson
selecting the news                                        memorabilia proves
stories we want to see                                    again that the fans still
and replay a music                                        want to own something
video any time. The                                       that once belonged to
use of computer and                                       the star. Most people
television seems to be                                    agree however that, his
more similar to each          Michael Jackson is          behavior is not normal
other. Maybe they may        facing legal problems,       for an adult male at 42.
become one thing             as a result of being         Most of Mr. Jackson’s
someday. If so, what         sued by children who         own collection of
will we call that thing?     claim that he abused         memorabilia including
It will call a television    sexually of them.            costumes, gold records,
or a computer?               Michael Jackson              etc was awarded to a
                             claims to be innocent.       business associate to
Newspaper Cited:             The trail has been           settle a $1.4m lawsuit
Carolyn       Lochhead.      taken a long time since      the pop star was unable
“Draft bill in Congress      the first kid claimed to     to pay. He is appealing
paves way for TV's           be sexually abused by        this decision. Mr.
digital    era.”    San      Michael Jackson. After       Jackson has settled
Francisco Chronicle,         the first child many         many of his problems
26, Sept. 2002: A6. 9,       more have been said          out of court with
May                2005      the same thing. In court     private sealed
<http://web4.infotrac.g      some evidences as            settlements going back

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                      The ESL Newspaper Digest
                             “All the news that fits…”
to 1993. It is estimated    the future generations       May2005<http://www.
that he owes $450m to       think about the media
creditors and the           circus that is the           /0324/>
government. (“Jackson       Michael Jackson case?
sues family                 How will they perceive       “Jackson Trail” San
memorabilia” pA1)           the media saturation of      Francisco Chronicle.
       The latest,          this desperate               17, May 2005: p. 17,
Quotes of the Day,          individual and the           May
sponsored by                public’s consumption         2005<http://www.sfgat                 of it? Unfortunately it
Today’s quote, “Give        will probably fade           bin/article.cgi>
me the (expletive)          away under the
Cheetos.” – Jackson’s       examination spectacle        Harriet, Ryan “Jackson
accuser, as quoted by       of human suffering.          on Backruptcy”News.
Vivanco. He said the        What will bump               11, March 2005: pA1
boy was demanding he        Michael from the front       17,May2005<http://ww
give him the snack          pages? Whatever it is,
food. The tabloids and      it is going to have to be    kson/>
late-night comics have      big, because of the
an endless supply of        press’s continued
head-lines and jokes, at    fascination with the
least until the next        “king of pop”.(Ryan,
sensational event.          p1)
(Jackson Trail pA1).            I think that some of
      What makes the        the accusers want his
Michael Jackson case        money or want to
so interesting to such a    screw him up. If he is
diverse group of            guilty he has to pay for
people? Everyone has        his acts. I think that it
an opinion, from            is the parents fault for
disgust to sympathy         leaving the kids to go
towards the falling         with Michael Jackson.
idol, who endured a         The pictures shown in
strange and unnatural       the trail explain
childhood. From the         everything. I think the
outside, it appears he      judge has to decide
does not protect            whether let him free
himself well, while         and pay to the victims
claiming he is an easy      or send him to jail.
target. He is not the
first and will not be the   Newspapers Cited:
last celebrity who finds    “Jackson sues family
himself in front of the     memorabilia” San
judge, but most will not    Francisco Chronicle.
face 20 years in prison     24, March2004:pA1.
if convicted. What will     17

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