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Bruno Salgues Born in 1955_ Bruno SALGUES is currently


									Bruno Salgues

Born in 1955, Bruno SALGUES is currently “Directeur d’Etudes”, and Professor of Marketing, Design
and Strategies of Technologies at the Institut Télécom, headquarters in Paris, France. Institut Télécom
is an engineering and a management school in France. He is in charge of development of a new
school of telecom engineering on both ICT and Health. Former, he was a head of Marketing and-
Management Division of the Evry School of Engineering in Telecommunication. He is a member of
board of some telecom and internet companies.

His current research spans various fields of mobile communications, news Internet applications,
operators or town backbone networks, e-commerce and e-health, as well as their impact on business
protocols and processes, on wide and regional networks, and on lifestyle.

Formerly, Bruno Salgues worked in the “Forecast Department” at the French Ministry of Economics
and Industry. This department is specialized on telecommunications, broadcasting industry, and
airplane sector (industries and operators).

Bruno Salgues received a French “Maîtrise” (Master) degree in applied Mathematics from the Pierre
and Marie Curie University in Paris and a Master degree in economics from the University of Paris IX
Dauphine. He has additional degrees from Science Po Paris (Political Sciences), ENSAE (Statistiscal and
Information Science Engineer School), National Administrative School, MBA IAE (Institut
d'Administration des Entreprises, Business School, University of Paris I Sorbonne), French DESS
Information System from University of Paris I Sorbonne. He was also a student of “Fondation
Nationale des Sciences Politiques”. He receive some degrees in Environmental Studies, Air Plane
application and Arts.

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