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                                          WORK PROGRAMME 2010-2011


       Outcomes                Objectives             Tasks/Activities           Targets – First Year      Targets – 2010-11
Community with           Develop all tasks         Link sub group to RISE      Review RISE              Maintain Education and
appropriate, relevant    through CF Partnership    programme.                  agreement for learning   Training Sub-group to
training linked to job   Education and Training    Further engage              cluster with CF in       co-ordinate activities
outcomes.                Sub Group and RISE        community learners in       Duffryn by September     across the ward.
                         programme.                sub group to identify       2009.
                                                   local needs.
                                                                               Maintain engagement of   Encourage consistent
                                                                               3 community members      engagement of 1
                                                                               by March 2010.           community
                                                                                                        representative by March
                         Maintain Students in      Set up localised            Act on
                         Education through the     motivational learning       recommendations of       REMOVED – market is
                         implementation of the     provision that is age       2008 EOTAS feasibility   saturated
                         Education Other than at   appropriate and involves    study.
                         School project.           placements with local
                                                   employers.                  Aim to engage 4 pupils
                                                                               from this CF area per
                                                   Early intervention – Y/P    year.
                                                   identified at earliest
                                                   stage in the community,
                                                   in partnership with other
                                                   CF areas and local                                   Meet with 5 local
                                                   schools.                                             businesses before
                         Annually deliver repeat                                                        September 2009 with a

of BEST course (piloted      Engage existing            Meet with 5 local           view to involvement in
successfully in Duffryn in   employers and further      businesses before           course. 2 businesses will
2007) to provide a clear     local companies to         September 2009.             be involved in the BEST
route from training to       identify placements and                                course.
employment.                  learning opportunities.    Run BEST course in
                             Identify course            Winter 2009.                Run BEST III course in
                             participants and deliver                               Winter 2009.
                             course, through            8 BEST course
                             Newport Over Arching       participants.               8 BEST IV course
                             Communities First                                      participants. 6 are
                             training team in summer    70% of participants to      expected to complete.
                             2009.                      enter further training or
                                                        employment.                 5 participants to enter
                                                                                    further training or
Focus on basic skills        Deliver toe by toe or      8 students to complete
training with assistance     similar coaching.          the course and make
from the RISE Learning                                  significant progress or
Development Officer          RISE LDO to liaise with    transfer to mainstream      Evaluate work
(LDO).                       Community                  provision by end of         experience and
                             Development Worker to      March 2010.                 employment experiences
                             recruit students.                                      by March 2011.

                                                                                    Use case studies to
Utilise and maintain         Develop work               Complete work               advertise volunteer
existing projects to         experience and             experience and              opportunities in
promote and provide          employment portfolio       employment portfolio        Newsletter, as they
employment.                  and policy documents       and policy documents by     arise.
                             including:                 February 2010.
                                  Café Coed                                        Advertise and support
                                  Sports               Explore progression         local applications to
                                    Development         arrangements before         sessional employment
                                  Performing Arts      end of March 2010.          positions within these
                                  Child Care –                                     areas.

                                                         through Play        Advertise and support
                                                         Group               local applications to
                                                        Bike Club           sessional employment
                                                        Allotment           positions within these
                                                  Work with business
                                                  partners to develop
                                                  further progression
Increased appropriate   Develop all tasks         Attend and support         Produce specific review    Maintain Education and
ICT skills levels and   through CF Partnership    development of RISE        of ICT learning in Duffryn Training Sub-group to
use of computer         Education and Training    Learning Action            by March 2010.             co-ordinate activities
technology for          Sub Group and RISE        committee.                                            across the ward.
employment              programme.                                           Maintain a safe and clean
opportunities within                              Review ICT learning        location for ICT learning  Maintain a safe and clean
the local community,    Use community             needs in Duffryn           activities, and signpost   location for ICT learning
to promote economic     consultation to establish through:                   other opportunities.       activities, and signpost
activity, social        IT learning requirements.  Implement audit of                                  other opportunities.
networking and to                                     existing community     Assist the production of
increase basic and                                    learning and cost.     the annual centre
advanced skills.                                   Identify learning        improvement plan by
                                                                             end 2009 and develop       Run twice weekly internet
                                                      needs through
                                                      Community              policies and working with classes from Community
                                                                             other officers of the      Centre IT suite.
                                                   Develop Learning         partnership.
                                                                                                        8 people to engage in
                                                      Plan with partners                                online tutor supported
                                                      and members of                                    learning as part of BEST
                                                      community.                                        IV by end March 2011.
                                                   Work with Youth
                                                      Development worker
                                                      to identify needs of
                                                      young people.

                                                  Obtain internet

                                                   connection for
                                                   Community Centre IT
                                                   Continue to support
                                                   partnership working and
                                                   facility provision for
                                                   activities at the
                                                   Community Centre, Fire
                        Increase awareness         Station, Forest
                        amongst children of        Children’s Centre and     Project delivered to 5      Develop social
                        bullying which involves    The Den.                  classes by March 2010.      networking and e-safety
                        ICT. Increase awareness                                                          mission statement with
                        amongst children of        Facilitate delivery of                                partners by end
                        ‘stranger danger’ and      ‘Stranger Danger’ project                             September 2010.
                        how it can occur through   included in Young
                        ICT.                       Citizens project at junior
Continued prevention    Maintain responsibility    Formulate information      Deliver relevant courses   Deliver Arson Reduction
of incidents of anti-   for this through the       from key partners and      (4).                       Rap project in
social behaviour and    Community Safety and       agencies into action plan                             partnership with South
crime.                  Environment sub-group      to baseline activities.    Number of participants     Wales Fire and Rescue
                        and engage partners                                   per course (minimum of     Service for 5 sessions to
                        previously identified in   Profile possible           8)                         10-18 year olds.
                        2007-8.                    perpetrators and working
                        Continue to collect base   with NCC youth service     Police, community          Minimum 15 participants
                        line information from      identify best learning     support officers, estate   per session of Arson
                        police & Fire Services.    methods and                wardens, local schools     Reduction Rap.
                                                   techniques.                and business provide
                        Clarify age of alleged                                positive qualitative
                        perpetrators through       Community                  reflections on changes     Run BRAKE course with
                        consultation and figures   Development Worker         over time.                 50 young people by end
                        from the Authorities.      specifically address                                  March 2011.
                                                   vehicle theft and car
                        To devise a programme      safety through the                                    Police, community

of activities based upon    ‘BRAKE’ course.                                         support officers, estate
education - to engage,                                                              wardens, local schools
prevent and intervene.      Work with police and                                    and business provide
                            community policing to                                   positive qualitative
To engage targeted          profile perpetrators and                                reflections on changes
young people in these       identify outreach                                       over time.
activities.                 opportunities.

                            Continue to support
                            partnership working and
                            facility provision for
                            activities at the
                            Community Centre, Fire
                            Station, Forest
                            Children’s Centre and
                            The Den.

Reduce domestic abuse       Reduce Domestic abuse        Discussions on joint       Deliver domestic abuse
and child protection        with both males and          working to be concluded    and child protection
cases in Tredegar Park      female victims and           by August 2009.            awareness to young
ward, consequently          perpetrators.                                           people as a subtle part
reducing child poverty in                                Service level agreement,   of core youth and sports
the ward.                   Explore the possibility of   if applicable, to be       session delivery before
                            working in partnership       developed by December      March 2011.
                            on a project involving       2009.
                            Women’s Aid and the
                            Dyn project at a local

                            Partners such as Forest
                            Children’s Centre, the
                            Flying Start Dad’s Officer
                            and Communities First
                            core staff including

                                                    Development worker to
                                                    continue to work with
                                                    individuals offering
                                                    counselling and raising
                                                    self esteem.
Take forward results of   Involve community         Introduce sub-group to      Training for repeat        Develop strategy for next
community                 consultants (local        individuals as key          consultation complete by   consultation (avoiding
consultation in a         people) in relevant sub   vehicle by which results    March 2010.                consultation fatigue) by
structured way.           groups of the             can be put into action.                                September 2010.
                          Communities First
                          partnership Board.        Engage sub-groups with                                 Roll out consultation on
                                                    repeat of consultation                                 the basis of strategy
                          Repeat and improve        and devising                                           October 2010 – March
                          community consultation    questionnaire with                                     2011.
                          in 2010.                  common core of 2008.                                   Collate and analyse
                                                                                                           results April 2011.
                                                    Take consultation results
                                                    to sub-groups for                                      Formulate future
                                                    discussion and project                                 strategic planning for
                                                    planning May 2011.                                     Partnership Board July
                                                                                                           2011 in anticipation of
                                                                                                           continuation/exit 2012.

                                                                                                           Initial exploration with
                                                                                                           youth forum and other
                                                                                                           groups of how this can
                                                                                                           be done. Action plan
                                                                                                           developed by May 2010.

                          Improve the links of                                 Initial exploration with REMOVE – unless youth
                          young people to local       Provide a vehicle by     youth forum and other    forum would take this on.
                          decision making and         which young people can   groups of how this can
                          information distribution.   influence partnership    be done. Action plan
                                                      discussions.             developed by September
                                                      Provide a vehicle by
                                                      which young people can  Young people develop
                                                      communicate with        ideas about potential for
                                                      others.                 newsletter by December
Improve understanding Continued raised             Community development Community                        50 young people
of alcohol and drugs,  awareness of the effects worker to facilitate the      Development Worker to       participating in projects.
the dangers associated of substance misuse,        development of a range     assist delivery of 8
with their misuse and  particularly for family and of learning opportunities sessions of awareness        Reduction of alcohol
how it affects young   friends.                    which meet local need.     raising and training at     related incidents by 15%
people.                                                                       sports and youth events     per annum, measured
                       Identify the extent of      Continue to support        by March 2010.              through outreach figures
Reduce alcohol and     drug and alcohol related partnership working and                                   from Friday evening
drug related incidents incidents in the Tredegar facility provision for       Increase number of          sessions. And positively
in ward.               Park Ward.                  activities at the          young people                endorsed by
                                                   Community Centre, Fire participating in projects       Police/relevant
                                                   Station, Forest            to 50.                      organisations.
                                                   Children’s Centre and
                                                   The Den.                   Reduction of alcohol
                                                                              related incidents by 15%
                                                                              per annum, measured
                                                                              through outreach figures
                                                                              from Friday evening
Continued support for Provide high quality         Work programmes of co- Accurate and financially        Accurate and financially
partnership through,   professional support for    ordinator/director,        accountable systems for     accountable systems for
co-ordination,         the Tredegar Park ward      finance officer and office the Partnership to          the Partnership to

administration and   Communities First local      officer to fully support     function effectively.       function effectively.
finances.            partnership board.           the development of the       Measured through an         Measured through an
                                                  partnership board’s          evaluation exercise to be   evaluation exercise to be
                     Maintain an open office      strategic plan and           undertaken with             undertaken with
                     through which the            ongoing projects outlined    Partnership Board in        Partnership Board in
                     opportunities for the        in this application and      February 2010.              February 2011.
                     community to be              diversified funding
                     involved in the
                     programme, can be            Development of referral      Positive qualitative        Positive qualitative
                     optimised.                   network across all           reflections by service      reflections by service
                                                  agencies working across      providers on 1 year’s       providers on 1 year’s
                     Maintain communication       the community,               activities.                 activities.
                     with residents.
                                                  Maintain a clean and         Produce improved            Maintain improved
                                                  attractive office.           newsletter 2009-10.         newsletter.
                                                                               Survey of small sample
                                                  Improve the community        to demonstrate
                                                  newsletter.                  improvement of

                     Ensure that                  Analyse current server       IT Procurement of cost      Following IT
                     Communities First team       size and operating life      effective contractors by    procurement of cost
                     is provided with efficient   and capacity.                March 2010. Further         effective contractors,
                     and effective IT             Identify source of current   server work to follow in    develop strategy for
                     connection in order to       server difficulties.         years 2 and 3.              further IT support in April
                     provide appropriate          Review staff levels and                                  2010.
                     support to the               functions required from
                     Partnership Board.           IT system.
                                                  Purchase/lease new
                                                  server system for office.

                     Establish monitoring and     Develop prioritised          Establish evaluation        Operationalise
                     evaluation framework to      project list for evaluation. timetable for years 2 and   evaluation timetable

                        ensure effectiveness,                                      3 by March 2010.            (developed in March
                        accountability and            Continue to employ                                       2010) throughout 2010-
                        efficiency of project         community development        Establish evaluation        11.
                        delivery.                     worker, finance officer,     procurement procedure
                                                      office officer, cleaner      by end of March 2010.
                                                      and co-ordinator.
A sustainable           Set up new and support        Co-ordinator/Director to     Increased funding from      2% increased funding
approach to long term   existing social               achieve further              alternative sources,        from alternative sources,
community               enterprises or                diversification of funding   evidenced through           evidenced through
development in          community businesses          streams to increase          income statistics for       income statistics for
Tredegar Park ward.     to increase opportunities     programme bending and        Partnership Board.          Partnership Board.
                        for the community to          external support.
                        gain a wealth of
                        experience and                Co-ordinator/Director to     Take forward
                        understanding of the          investigate viability of     recommendations from
                        nature of the workplace.      social enterprise in         the 2008 strategic plan.
                        A community business          Duffryn strategically and
                        can show participants in      from community               Café Coed to be moving      REMOVED
                        a safe environment what       consultation exercise        towards a more              REFERENCE TO CAFÉ
                        it looks like to be part of   (see above).                 sustainable position by     COED – engagement
                        a team and build the                                       March 2011, evidenced       tool rather than
                        hard and soft skills          Seek advice and support      through comparison of       sustainable business.
                        necessary for someone         of Wales Coop Centre.        figures over time, and
                        to enter employment.          Develop Project &            cash flow projections.
                                                      Business plan.
                        Increase support for self                                  Produce project plan by
                        employment.                   Build upon success of        March 2010.
                                                      existing project such as
                                                      food co-operative
                                                                                   Establish the feasibility   If appropriate, take
                                                      Community development        of opportunities for        forward
                                                      worker to further develop    employment training         recommendations for
                                                      the Bike Club and link to    and self-employment         self-employment training
                                                      social enterprise            support within the ward.    within the ward by March

development.                Report by January           2011 (established
                            2010.                       through report
Engage Newport and                                      composed January
Gwent Enterprise in                                     2010).
developing a project plan
for delivery in 2010-12.                                Conduct feasibility study
                                                        for holiday clubs with
Continue to support         Provide initial support 2   Forest Children’s Centre
partnership working and     voluntary groups in their   by September 2010.
facility provision for      development by 31st
activities at the           March 2009.                 Provide community
Community Centre, Fire                                  development,
Station, Forest             Maintain a safe and         constitutional and
Children’s Centre and       clean location for          funding advice for 2 new
The Den.                    community development       voluntary groups in their
                            activities.                 development by 31st
                                                        March 2011
Maintain existing pre-      Maintain existing
school social enterprise    childcare social            Provide 85 childcare
as far as possible on       enterprise.                 spaces per week.
existing resources.                                     Through 3 settings to
                                                        cover children aged 2-5
                                                        years. Including wrap
                                                        around care.

                                                        Employ staff from the
                                                        local community thus
                                                        being 85% of our current

                                                        Continue to offer a 24
                                                        places group registered
                                                        with CSSIW and Estyn-
                                                        to allow parents to return

                                                                                                              to work

                                                                                                              Offer at least 4
                                                                                                              placements for students
                                                                                                              undertaking level 2/3

                                                                                                              Provide placements
                                                                                                              through Future Jobs
                                                                                                              Fund for 3 local people.
Addressing high levels   Provision of a Credit        Maintain a group with       Credit Union collection     Conduct feasibility study
of financial exclusion   Union collection point, in   the necessary range of      point and savings club      for school savings
within the community.    partnership with Newport     skills and experience to    continuing to operate.      scheme by September
                         Credit Union and Forest      develop a collection                                    2010.
                         Children’s Centre.           point for a savings club.

                                                      Attract more volunteers.

                                                      Volunteers and staff
                                                      attend Credit Union

                                                      Market the Credit Union
                                                      collection point and
                                                      savings club.               Delivery of 4 sessions of   Engagement with
                         Delivery of Money                                        ‘Money Matters’ training    Newport City Homes
                         Matters training within      Delivery by finance         by December 2010.           ‘Money Week’ 2010 for
                         the infant, junior and       officer.                                                delivery of specific
                         secondary schools.                                                                   advice.

Continued youth          Improving understanding      Youth development           Deliver 8 sessions of       Deliver 8 sessions of
opportunities which      of alcohol and drugs, the    worker, in consultation     awareness raising and       awareness raising and
improve the life         dangers associated with      with the Community          training at sports and      training at sports and

chances of the young     their misuse and how it     Development Worker           youth events by March        youth events by March
people living within the affects young people;       and sports development       2010.                        2010.
Tredegar Park ward.      and reducing alcohol        officer, to devise a range
                         and drug related            of learning opportunities    Extend and diversity         Extend and diversity
                         incidents in ward.          which meet local need.       imaginative techniques       imaginative techniques
                                                                                  to get the information out   to get the information out
                         Identify the extent of      In consultation with NCC     to young people by           to young people by
                         drug and alcohol related    Youth Services assess        increasing the range of      increasing the range of
                         incidents in the Tredegar   and implement tailored       locally available            locally available
                         Park Ward.                  learning opportunities to    outreach services and        outreach services and
                                                     meet varying needs and       projects accessed to by      projects accessed to by
                         Discuss with and seek to    abilities.                   the community.               the community.
                         engender the views and
                         support of the Duffryn     Community development         Increase number of           50 young people
                         youth Forum.               worker in consultation        young people                 participating in projects.
                                                    with Youth Forum              participating in projects
                         Identify and contact       undertake awareness           to 50.
                         support agencies to        raising work which
                         provide information for    involves forum members        Reduction of alcohol         Reduction of alcohol
                         dissemination – to young and provides a peer             related incidents by         related incidents by
                         people, parents and        level approach.               15%, measured through        15%, measured through
                         local off licenses.                                      outreach figures from        outreach figures from
                                                    Youth development             Friday evening sessions.     Friday evening sessions
                         Identify opportunities for officer to engage with                                     and positively endorsed
                         outreach projects and      community development                                      by police/relevant
                         awareness campaigns        and sports development                                     organisations.
                         targeting young people.    worker in Midnight sports
                                                                                                               Youth Forum explore
                         Maintain Students in        Set up localised             Act on                       feasibility for monthly
                         Education through the       motivational learning        recommendations of           drop in session with
                         implementation of the       provision that is age        2008 feasibility study.      regards to Alcohol/Drug
                         Education Other than at     appropriate and involves                                  use.
                         School project.             placements with local        Aim to engage 10 pupils

                           employers.                   from CF areas per year.
                                                                                   REMOVED – market
                           Early intervention – Y/P                                saturated by current
                           identified at earliest                                  provision.
                           stage with support of
                           Youth Development
                           worker in the community,
                           in partnership with other
                           CF areas and local

                           Subject to current
                           discussions with the
                           Local Health Board,
                           base EOTAS at ‘The

                           Deliver in a
                           complimentary way to
                           existing youth activities,
                           including performing arts
                           and dance.

Adhering to the United     Continue to support
Nations Convention on      partnership working and
the Rights of the Child.   facility provision for
                           activities, through the
                           employment of the
                           community centre
                                                        Initial exploration with   Initial exploration with
                           Provide a vehicle by         youth forum and other      youth forum and other
                           which young people can       groups of how this can     groups of how this can
                           influence partnership        be done. Action plan       be done. Action plan

                            discussions.                 developed by September developed by May 2010.
Improve the links of        Provide a vehicle by
young people to local       which young people can       Young people develop        REMOVE – unless youth
decision making and         communicate with             ideas about potential for   forum would take this on.
information distribution.   others.                      newsletter by December

Ensure smoother             Run Young Citizens           Run Young Citizens       Pilot delivery of
transitions between Key     programme to assist          programme for year 7     accredited Youth
Stages for young people,    transition from Key          every year.              Challenge (11-14) &
consequently improving      Stage 2 to 3. Also utilise                            Youth Achievements
educational and             summer programme to          Promote                  (14+), working with 5
behavioural standards.      support emotional            intergenerational        young people. These
                            change.                      opportunities for the    projects focus on
                                                         community as a whole.    transition stages in
                                                                                  young people’s lives,
                                                         Ensure Centre is open to their life style strategies
                                                         assist the timetable of  and citizenship.
                                                                                  5 young people
                                                                                  complete Duke of
                                                                                  Edinburgh Bronze

                                                                                     Support delivery of
                                                                                     transitional programme
                                                                                     between junior and high

                                                      Ensure Centre is open to                                  Promote
                                                      assist the timetable of                                   intergenerational
                                                      activities.                                               opportunities for the
                                                                                                                community as a whole
                                                                                                                with 2 projects per year.

Continued sports          Improving understanding     Sports development           Deliver 8 sessions of        Deliver 8 sessions of
opportunities which       of alcohol and drugs, the   officer to engage with       awareness raising and        awareness raising and
improve the life          dangers associated with     community development        training at sports and       training at sports and
chances of people         their misuse and how it     and youth development        youth events by March        youth events by March
living within the         affects young people;       worker in Midnight sports    2010.                        2010.
Tredegar Park ward.       and reducing alcohol        leagues.
                          and drug related                                         Extend and diversity         Extend and diversity
In addition,              incidents in ward.          Sports development           imaginative techniques       imaginative techniques
contributing to healthy                               worker, in consultation      to get the information out   to get the information out
eating and positive       Identify the extent of      with the Community           to young people by           to young people by
nutritional awareness.    drug and alcohol related    Development Worker           increasing the range of      increasing the range of
                          incidents in the Tredegar   and youth development        locally available            locally available
                          Park Ward.                  officer, to devise a range   outreach services and        outreach services and
                                                      of learning opportunities    projects accessed to by      projects accessed to by
                          Discuss with and seek to    which meet local need.       the community.               the community.
                          engender the views and
                          support of the Duffryn      Sports development           Increase number of           50 young people
                          youth Forum.                officer to lead community    young people                 participating in projects.
                          Identify and contact        development worker and       participating in projects
                          support agencies to         youth development            to 50.
                          provide information for     worker in Midnight sports
                          dissemination – to young    leagues.                     Reduction of alcohol         Reduction of alcohol
                          people, parents and                                      related incidents by         related incidents by
                          local off licenses.                                      15%, measured through        15%, measured through
                                                                                   outreach figures from        outreach figures from
                                                                                   Friday evening sessions      Friday evening sessions
                                                                                                                and positively endorsed

                                                                                        by police and other

Identify opportunities for   Encourage employment          8 individuals to complete    8 individuals to complete
outreach projects and        pathways and sports role      Junior Sports Leaders.       Junior Sports Leaders.
awareness campaigns          models through Junior
targeting young people.      Sports Leaders and            3 individuals to complete    3 individuals to complete
                             coaching qualifications.      coaching qualifications.     coaching qualifications.
Adhering to the United
Nations Convention on        Sports sessions to            Monitor sports sessions      Monitor sports sessions
the Rights of the Child.     encourage healthy             to measure that 15           to measure that 15
                             snacks to be consumed.        individuals have             individuals have
Encouraging                                                changed diet to healthy      changed diet to healthy
employment through           Deliver in a                  alternatives by March        alternatives by March
sports.                      complimentary way to          2010.                        2010.
                             existing sports activities.
Nutrition and diet
awareness raising            Work in partnership with
throughout sports            local Newport Saracens
sessions.                    Rugby Football Club.

Compliment work              Continue to fund sports       4 young females              4 young females
undertaken within Café       development position.         indicating their desire to   indicating their desire to
Coed to improve diet                                       become sports leaders.       become sports leaders.
and nutritional              Directly encourage                                         2 females to become
awareness.                   young females to                                           sports leaders.
                             consider becoming
Provide female sports        coaches.
role models of any age.
Increase female              Work with existing male
participation in physical    coaches to gain their
activity                     assistance.
Encourage younger girls
to take part

                                                     Establish community          Establish and agree        Continue to represent
                        Improve the community        work protocol with the       protocol with committee    Tredegar Park Ward
                        use of the sports centre.    Sports Centre                by December 2009.          local partnership Board
                                                     Management                                              on the Sports Centre
                                                     Committee.                                              Management
                                                                                                             Committee, and through
                                                                                                             user groups.
                        The development of a
                        ‘Walking Bus’ to promote     Research health and          Identify demand for a   REMOVED – not
                        the environment, traffic     safety, training, resource   ‘Walking Bus’. Health   feasible due to lack of
                        reduction, healthy living,   requirements for             and Wellbeing sub-group volunteers.
                        safety, economic             provision.                   to conduct research by
                        benefits and attendance                                   July 2009.
                        at school.                   Train, CRB check and
                                                     support volunteers.          Recruit and train 5
                                                                                  volunteers during
                                                     Employ ‘walking bus’ co-     August.
                                                                                  Provide crèche for

                                                                                  Recruit walking bus co-
                                                                                  ordinator to start in
                                                                                  September 2009.
Reduce child poverty.   To continue to deliver       Provide small special        Provide a nurture service Provide a nurture service
                        Nurture services in          classes that provide a       to 20 children a year.    to 10 children a year.
                        Partnership with the         safe and predictable
                        Local Education              environment.                 Return all children        Return 90% of children
                        Authority and improve                                     through to base classes.   through to base classes.
                        young peoples life           Give children
                        chances and early            opportunities to re visit    Monitor impact of          90% of those returning
                        emotional, linguistic and    early missed nurturing       Nurture through            to base class to receive
                        social skills.               experiences.                 individual assessment      a positive assessment
                                                                                  upon return to base        on return.

                             Teaching staff to take on    class.
                             positive role model
                             relationships.               To work with parents        To work with parents
                                                          through tailored 1-1        through tailored 1-1
                             Emphasis on language         support and assist with     support and assist with
                             and play.                    movement into services      movement into services
                                                          and 5 parents into          and 5 parents into
                             Parents and carers to be     training at Forest          training at Forest
                             involved and engaged in      Integrated Children’s       Integrated Children’s
                             the process.                 Centre and other            Centre and other
                                                          referrals.                  referrals.
Child Poverty sub group      Continue to employ
to work in Duffryn cluster   nurture staff.
with Preventative                                         Child Poverty group to      Child Poverty group to
Services Group               Utilise local referral       meet 6 times per year to    meet 6 times per year to
(Newport City Council) to    network and systems to       ensure referrals are        ensure referrals are
address local child          address child poverty        made and children are       made and children are
protection issues (cross     and child protection, in a   supported locally.          supported locally. To
referenced to crime and      family approach (see all                                 include Preventative
anti social behaviour        other outcomes).                                         Services Group, Dad's
core outcome).                                                                        Officer, Nurture Co-
                                                                                      ordinator, Local head
                                                                                      teachers, Forest
                                                                                      Children's Centre family
                                                                                      support worker, Social
                                                                                      Worker, Sports
                                                                                      Development worker,
                                                                                      Development worker.

                             Group to explore the use     Decision made by
                             of the outcome fund to       August 2009.
                             support programme                                        REMOVED - completed
                             bending with social          Bid, if applicable, to be

                           services to ‘buy in’ some   submitted by December
                           time for Duffryn, as a      2009.
                           pilot for Newport, more

Introduction of arts and   Establish demand for        Recruit and employ         Maintain involvement of
drama therapy for 7 to     arts and drama therapy,     sessional arts worker to   sessional arts worker to
11 year olds as an         to improve emotional        establish demand and       establish demand and
alternative creative       literacy and personal       run classes.               run classes. Run 10
output to sports which     skills.                                                week course engaging 8
has already been very                                                             students per week.


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