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									Sembian Balasubramanian
User Experience & Training Project Manager

Experience Summary
With a Masters Degree in Visual Communication Design and certified professional in Adobe Creative Suite
Products, I have more than 13 years of overall professional experience in developing, managing and delivering
training and web user experiences content to a varied audience
I am PMP certified with good standing and more than 9 Years of project management experience handling
both Web and eLearning.
Experience in managing projects and teams and involved in developing eLearning multimedia content and
Web and mobile usability with valuable experience working with international clients like.

      GlaxoSmithKline, USA
      Northwest Airlines Inc. USA
      Cognizant Technology Solutions, USA
      United Health Group, USA
      Ameriprise Financials, USA
      Ford Motor Company, Japan
      ElementK, USA
      MetLife Insurance, USA
      Citibank,USA
      GM Supply Power Training, USA
      Autodesk, USA
      Pentamedia, INDIA
      Neilson Media Research, USA
      American Express, USA
      Providian, USA

As part of my roles and responsibilities,
Gathering detailed end-user product requirements with primary focus on workplace tasks, usability metrics,
feature and function set details
Managing teams and projects both at domestic and offshore and responsible for project tracking, monitoring
delivery, implementation and productivity of Training development team and identifying specific knowledge and
skill gaps
Developed creative courseware and training specializing in designing and developing training interactions
interactive simulations, games and eLearning content shells with LMS communication standards.
Interaction design applying cognitive principles to learnability, utility, efficiency, memorability, errors, and
satisfaction; interface function partitioning; minimal-control-types approach; design for localization; paper
prototype function and usability exploration; heuristic reviews and walk-throughs.
Established and maintained metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of all training & development programs
and generating status reports and presenting the same to Managers and Business partners communicating
Project status, Project plan, Resource Status and Defect Analysis for projects.
Maintain a Learning Management System for the scheduling, tracking, and delivery of all internal and external
training programs
Created test plan and test strategy and executed test cases/reports for Integration and system testing for
training content.

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Establish and maintain project performance metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of all training programs;
ensure that training initiatives comply with all regulatory requirements, and are in alignment with overall
business goals and strategies
Working closely with instructional designers and other courseware development team members to design and
create e-learning content.
Working with software development team to design and create Flash-based software Application Components
for embedding in Enterprise applications.
Develop rapid prototypes using Flash to demonstrate the user interface options and usability improvement for
training content, websites, and web applications.

Academic Qualifications
   Masters Degree in Fine Arts – M.F.A (Visual Communication and Design), Madras University,
    INDIA – 2 Years
   Bachelors Degree in Science – B.Sc (Visual Communication and Design), Faculty of
    Engineering ,Madras University, INDIA – 4 Years

   Masters Diploma in Software Engineering, Aptech Computer Education - 3 Years
   Advanced Multimedia Development, Pentafour Software – 3 Months
   Advanced Internet Programming, Future Focus InfoTech – 6 Months

Certifications & Awards
   PMP ( PMI Credential ) – Project Management Professional, PMI ID - 1282490
   Adobe Certified Professional Flash MX 2004 Developer, ID - ADB142163
   Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CS2, ID - ADB142163
   EEDO (Outstart) ForceTen- Best Custom Content Award – Contributed towards the
    development of custom simulations
User Experience Seminars

   Attended a 3-Day Seminar on The Science and Art of Effective Web Design Conducted By
    the Human Factors International.
   Actively involved in the EasyFront® Cognizant’s Usability Methodology Event.

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Technical Skills

Operating Systems        Windows Vista , Windows XP, NT, 2000, 98, 95, Unix, MAC OS X (10.5)
                         Microsoft Project 2007, Estimation and Scheduling
Learning                 Plateau 5.8 ( Learning and Admin Functions) , Outstart Forceten LCMS, and
Management               Learnwell – LMS
Design Tools –           Adobe Photoshop CS4 / Extended, Illustrator CS4, Acrobat Professional 9.0,
Adobe                    Flash CS4 Professional, Dreamweaver CS4

Web Application          Flash CS4/CS3 Professional with Action Script 3.0/ 2.0, Backend Integration
Development Tools        with ASP and Java, Adobe Flex 3 & Actionscript 3.0 RIA and Component
                         Development, Adobe AIR Application development
Video Production         Sorenson Squeeze 5 Video Conversion and Delivery, Adobe Premiere Pro
                         CS4, Adobe Encore CS4, Adobe After Effects CS4, Custom Video Player
                         Development in Flash.
                         Object Oriented Programming, Object Oriented Design Patterns ( MVC )
Languages                Action Script 2.0 / 3.0 with Database Interactions, JavaScript, VBScript

Databases                Microsoft Access, SQL Server.

3D Tools                 Autodesk 3d Studio Max Modelling

Tools and Utilities      Microsoft Visio 2007 and Adobe Director MX Authoring, Microsoft Office 2007
                         with Advanced Reporting Skills.

Rapid eLearning          Adobe Captivate 4 with Advanced Flash Widget Programming, Articulate
Development Tools        2009, Advanced Skinning

Collaboration            WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro.

Work Experience

Project Manager – Web Design & eLearning Development
GlaxoSmithKline, USA February 2009 to Till Date

Assistant Project Manager – Web Design & eLearning Development
Delta / Northwest Airlines Inc, USA June 2004 to Feb 2009 (4 Years and 9 Months)

Cognizant Technology Solutions www.cognizant.com
July2002 to Till Date (7 Years and 2 Months)

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Project Coordinator - Usability and Training Development
ElementK - Satyam Infoway Pvt. Ltd.
Oct 2001 - June 2002 (9 Months)

Senior Usability Specialist
Kumaran Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Jul 2000 - Sep 2001 (1 Year and 3 Months)

Web Designer / Flash Designer
Goldwire Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Jan 2000 - June 2000 (6 Months)

Multimedia Developer
Pentafour Softwares Pvt Ltd.
Nov 1998 - Dec 1999 (1 Year and 2 months)

Web Designer / Developer
Future Focus InfoTech Pvt. Ltd
Nov 1997 - Oct 1998 (1 Year)

Senior Faculty / Course Coordinator
Pitmans Computech
Aug 1996 - Oct 1997 (1 Year and 2 Months)

Detailed Project Experience

Project manager – Cognizant Technology Solutions, USA – GlaxoSmithKline
Duration         Feb 2009 to Till Date
Technology       Microsoft Project 2007 / Visio 2007 / Adobe Photoshop CS4,   Flash CS4,
                 Dreamweaver CS4, Captivate 4, Aritculate studio

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Role          Project Manager leading the content remediation project :
                 o Stakeholder Analysis including consolidating and balancing the
                 o Gathering and understanding interface design & project requirements.
                 o Prepare and develop branding strategy for the eLearning Multimedia /
                      web design.
                 o Creating Work breakdown structure and estimating activities
                 o Creating Network Diagram identifying and Managing project risks
                 o Leading a Offshore design and development team.
                 o Mentoring Design Team and preparing training materials.
                 o Interacting with Stake holders and business managers to gather project
                 o Preparing project plan and design documentations
                 o Create project performance documents for tracking and monitoring the
                      project and present date to the top management on a weekly basis.
                 o Study the web application requirements and the target audience.
                 o Performing Quality Planning and Quality Assurance activities
                 o Develop multimedia presentations explaining the project processes

Assistant Project Manager / Flash Developer & Visual Designer – Cognizant Technology
Solutions , USA - Northwest Airlines Inc, USA
Technology    Flash CS3 ,Action Script 2.0 / 3.0, XML with J2EE, ASP Integration, Developing AICC
              Compliant Multimedia Content and Applications for Plateau 5.8 -Learning Management
              Server, Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2 , Dreamweaver MX / 2004

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       o   Work Assignments, Quality Deliveries, Organizational Audits and Coordination
Role       among the peers and between onsite and offshore.
       o Client Interaction and requirement gathering with extensive communication with
           Instructional designers and Subject matter Experts..
       o Analyze, Estimate and propose solutions to various business and technical
       o Requirement Analysis and Estimation of eLearning Simulations and Rich Internet
       o Actively Managed Projects in coordinating Offshore Team of 2 to 7 Members and
           responsible for Deliverable and Quality of all the Projects.
       o Managed a Media Development Project for COMPASS delivering more than
           1000 Graphics in a Period of just 3 Months and was responsible for the Quality
           completion of the project.
       o Generated and presented status reports communicating project status, resource
           status and defect analysis and Project Learning’s.
       o Presented to the entire eLearning team during Monthly creative meetings on the
           project success factors and project features and Learning’s
       o Created a re-usable Actionscript based Flash Application Framework using MVC
           and Object Oriented Design.
       o Developed a MVC Based Flash Content shell named Foo 2 using Actionscript
           framework and currently 250+ courses are deployed in the content shell.
       o Created and designed user Interface for a Flash Based Real time Service
           Oriented J2EE Application.
       o Created and maintained Assessment Engine Shell for NWA Pilot group in Flash
           CS3 / AS2.0 and Integrating with ASP / SQL Server Database / Learning
           Management Server ( Plateau 5.8) for tracking Pilots progress of various fleets
           of northwest Airlines
       o Creating a Code Zero Web Based Interactive Game for Mac/PC Based Systems
           for the Pilots to Experience Turbulence with various levels of Interaction and was
           responsible in design. Managed & Development and Implementation of the
       o Creating Technical Simulations with Smart Graphics developed in Flash and
           Creating Custom Components in Flash.
       o Design and Develop Creative Multimedia Learning Objects for Several Training
           domain groups and AICC, SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2 Complaints.
       o Create GUI and branding for the Interactive Learning content.
       o Developed more than 55 different 3D Flash Interactions for In-flight Aircraft Door
           Emergency Operations.
       o Developed Embedded Dynamic Interactive Flash Components and implemented
           an efficient workflow for better eLearning content development model.
       o Creating Event Brochures using Indesign CS3 and acrobat Professional
       Received written appreciation from the client for the Design and Development
       of Interactive learning content and managing the Offshore resources

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Element K – Sify Elearning

       Duration                  Oct 2001 to June 2002
       Technology                Director 7.2, Photoshop 6, Dreamweaver 4, Flash MX

       Role                      Managed & Developed Online courses for ElementK.com
                             o   Gathering Requirements and Course assets from Elementk.com
                             o   Analyze and discuss the project plan and effort estimations
                             o   Prepare design document and project plan.
                             o   Manage a team of 6 to 10 Multimedia resources
                             o   Develop actual courseware simulations and other standard ElementK
                                 learning objects
                             o   Creating Application training for products.
                             o   Develop and test Special courses with 508 Specifications and element
                                 Quality standards.
                             o   Integrating the courseware with ElementK Standard tools and techniques.
                             o   Uploading the courseware to ElementK Server for QA and productions
                             o   Constant communication and status updates given to ElementK
                                 Development Team, USA
                                 Received written appreciation from ElementK for the Design and
                                 Development of Courseware on a given time frame and delivering
                                 error Free courses to ElementK.com

Port Of Entry Management System (POEMS) – Ford Motor Company, Japan
Duration      June 2003– April 2004
Technology    Flash MX 2004 Professional with Action Scripting 2.0, XML, J2EE, EVC++, Photoshop
              CS, Illustrator CS , Dreamweaver MX / 2004

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Role          Designed and deployed a Web application for POEMS.
                 Study the web application requirement
                 o Evaluating design decisions
                 o Create Rapid Prototypes of the Web Application Interface
                 o Choosing Appropriate Typefaces for the Application
                 o Create GUI for the web application.
                 o Create illustrations of models for web application.
                 o Prepare Web Style Guide for the Application
                 o Developed Flash Animations.
                 o Developed Embedded Dynamic Interactive Flash Components compatible for
                    Desktop PC and Mobile Devices.
                 o Developed Application Components for the Pocket PC Device and Integrated
                    with EVC++ Application for Bi-directional Communication between EVC++ and
                    Flash Applications.
                 o Publish on a Web Server.
                 o Managed a Team of 3 Members
                 o Monitoring and reporting project status to Team Leads.
                 o Creating Training for the Web Application using

Yardelligent – Yard Management System
Duration      April 2003 to June 2003
Technology    Photoshop CS, Flash MX / 2004, Dreamweaver MX / 2004
Role          Flash designer/ developer responsible for:
                 o Gathering and understanding interface design requirements.
                 o Prepare and develop branding strategy for the web application / design.
                 o Preparing project plan and design documentations
                 o Design the logo for yardelligent product
                 o Study the web application requirements and the target audience.
                 o Create GUI for the web page
                 o Explore new features of         flash and develop prototypes for the
                     application modules for the yardelligent application
                 o Develop multimedia presentation for promoting the yardelligent product

AutoDesk - AutoCAD 2004 LT Updates Learning Application
Duration      April 2003 to May 2003
Technology     Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10
Project       AutoDesk Phase II – AutoCAD 2004 LT Updates Learning Application is an E-
              Learning Module that was developed in Evolution.
Role          Responsible for designing media elements for an online course.

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                  o   Study the learning content requirement.
                  o   Visualize graphics for learning content.
                  o   Convert storyboards into interactive multimedia presentations.
                  o   Developed flash animations.
                  o   Prepare web style guide.
                  o   Developed embedded interactive flash simulations.

GM – Supply power Training Application
Duration       October 2002 to December 2002
Technology     Flash MX, Photoshop 7.0, Illustrator 10, Dreamweaver MX

Project        GM – SupplyPower Training is an E-Learning Initiative for the GM
Abstract       SupplyPower Training Application

Role           Responsible for designing the user interface for the web-based course and
               developing media elements for the course.
               The activities in the project were as follows:
                  o Study the interface and graphics requirement
                  o Create navigation architecture and design learning application site map
                  o Create GUI for the learning application.
                  o Creating icons for navigation to suite the GUI Design
                  o Prepare Web Style Guide
                  o Convert Designed GUI in to HTML
                  o Visualize and create graphics for learning content
                  o Convert storyboards into graphics elements.
                  o Developed flash animations

Providian - Credit Protection Automation
Duration       February 2003 to March 2003
Technology      Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10, Dreamweaver MX
Project        CPA – Credit Protection Automation is a tool developed under Java Platform
Abstract       for keeping track of the Credit history of the Customers

Role           Independently designed and published a Web application for Credit Protection
               Automation. Rich graphics was used in the home page:
                  o Study the web application requirement.
                  o Create GUI for the web application.
                  o Create GUI and prepare web style guide.
                  o Created several icons for toolbars aiding easy navigation.
                  o Convert designed GUI in to html.

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Institutional Financial Management GIC Pricing/Quoting system for MetLife

Duration       January 2003 to February 2003
Technology     Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10, Dreamweaver MX

Role           Independently designed the interface for Web application for Institutional
               Financial Management GIC Pricing/Quoting system. Activities included:
                  o Study the web application requirement
                  o Create GUI for the web application.
                  o Create GUI and prepare web style guide
                  o Created several icons
                  o Convert designed GUI in to HTML

MetLife LE$$ - Coms.com
Duration       June 2002 to November 2002
Technology      Flash 5, Photoshop 6, Illustrator 10, Dreamweaver 4

Project        MetLife LE$$ - Coms.com (Online Compliance Management System) is a IT
Abstract       Consolidation Project done for MetLife

Role           Independently designed the interface for MetLife LE$$ - Coms.com.
                  o Gathering user inputs using surveys and personnel interviews.
                  o Requirement Gathering from the Application Development Team and
                     communicating the same with the design Team.
                  o Analyze and study the web application requirement.
                  o Prepare design document and project plan.
                  o Create graphical logo for the application.
                  o Create navigational schemes and user flows.
                  o Create GUI for the web application.
                  o Vitalizing the visual message using color schemes.
                  o Creating icons for navigation to suite the GUI design.
                  o Prepare web style guide.
                  o Convert designed GUI in to html.
               Received appreciation from the client for the Design and Development of
               Coms.Com Logo and the User Interface Design and Navigation Design.

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