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									                     EIF Case study template
                     The name of the Financial Intermediary:
                         SLOVENE ENTERPRISE FUND
   Name of the final        Gradbeništvo, stavbno tesarstvo-krovstvo, Srečko
     beneficiary            Knuplež s.p.
                            Loan amount: 119.086,80 EUR
Loan amount received
                            Guarantee amount: 95.269,44 EUR
                            Entrepreneur Srečko Knuplež has been operating since
                            1994. Company works in the business of roof
 Business description       structures, commercial constructions of individual and
                            business buildings and other minor construction work,
                            with intermediation, design and technical advice.
                            Before investment: 19
 Number of employees
                            One year after investment: 21
                            Object of investment was purchase of elevator
                            Palfinger. With new investment the company will
                            enabled to realisation of new services. Company will
                            employ 2 new workers (they already accomplish the
                            goal). Company has made market strategy with enclose
  Plans for the future
                            contracts and certificates on quality of services. They
                            will also improve ecological condition of environment.
                            The company’s incomes already increase for 28% and
                            the average added value per employee increase for 38%
                            in one year.
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