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Access to Your Best Clients and Discovery of Ideal Prospects
It is a well-known fact that more than 90% of all mutual Access Data, the leading provider of omnibus account
fund sales are made through financial intermediaries. The transparency and enterprise sales reporting, and Discovery,
reason for this is simple - most individual investors are the leading provider of financial intermediary market data,
interested in some level of investment advice to help them have developed an exclusive joint offering that provides
sort through the overwhelming number of choices of mutual fund companies a clear, concise picture of its most
financial products available in the market today. Financial profitable financial intermediary clients and ideal prospects.
intermediaries provide investment advice and technology AccessDiscovery provides detailed information that
tools to assist investors with the                                                               enables national sales managers
myriad of investment products                                                                    to develop a profile for registered
available to them, as well as easy                                                               representatives, Advisors, trust
access to a wide selection of            will empower our sales team                             officers, and other sales people
financial products and services.         to be more efficient and more                           that have the highest likelihood
                                        successful because it provides                           of selling their fund products.
National sales managers from                                                                     Your sales people can now focus
leading mutual fund companies
                                         an accurate profile of our best                         on your firm’s best clients and
certainly understand the impor-            clients and ideal prospects,                          prospects rather than dealing
tance of developing a sales force         based on actual sales results                          with administrative issues, or cold
that is adept at selling funds                  and real demographic                             calling, required to find any
through all types of financial                                                                   prospects, let alone their best
intermediaries. The management
                                           information. It is great that                         prospects.
of those sales activities to financial     Access Data and Discovery
intermediaries, however, has been         have come together to solve                            AccessDiscovery combines
anything but easy. The challenge                                                                 important client demographic
                                                      this long standing
stems from the difficulty in                                                                     information with net sales results
identifying the best intermediary                   industry problem.”                           and provides easy access to this
clients, and ideal prospects,                 – Bill Thomas, Senior Vice President and Head of   information via your CRM system,
                                         Distribution for Charles Schwab Investment Management.
because detailed sales and market                                                                or hand-held device. Each
information about financial inter-                                                               person on your sales team
mediaries is almost impossible to gather, let alone measure. will have a clear target of who they should be spending
“Acquiring timely and accurate transactional data from time with to expand your firm’s “Share of Wallet,” as well
your financial intermediary sources is a deceptively difficult as those individuals that should be called because they
objective to achieve,” said Dan Cwenar, President and represent the best new business opportunity for your
COO of Access Data Corp. “By working with Discovery, firm. “The combination of Access Data and Discovery
we have eliminated this industry problem by providing a information enables a mutual fund wholesaler to spend all
common view for disparate financial intermediary data, and of their time on their best clients and ideal prospects,” said
augmenting it with market demographic information to Nicholas Stuller, President of Discovery. “AccessDiscovery
create actionable guidance on what to do tomorrow to grow is taking a lot of the guess work out of sales to financial
sales,” continued Mr. Cwenar.                                           intermediaries,” added Mr. Stuller.
How Does AccessDiscovery work?                                               AccessDiscovery is A service, Not More softwAre
AccessDiscovery is a service solution that enables national sales managers   The last thing you want is to throw more technology at the problem of
to turn over the administrative headaches of acquiring, processing           identifying your clients and prospects. AccessDiscovery is a service that
and managing detailed sales and marketing information required               utilizes its proprietary, state-of-the-art technologies to provide a complete
to sell through financial intermediaries. It also eliminates the manual      turn-key service. AccessDiscovery will work with your financial
process many firms go through in an attempt to tie detailed sales results    intermediary platform providers to:
with demographic information about financial intermediaries, and sales
people from those intermediaries that sell their funds. AccessDiscovery’s    • Secure detailed data
on-demand solution provides the following services so your firm can          • Clean the data to include the correct sales contact, address, etc.
spend all its time and resources on sales to your ideal prospects, as well
as servicing your best clients:                                              • Augment the data to provide detailed demographic information
                                                                             • Score the data to provide a “Share of Wallet” analysis
• Management of financial intermediary net sales and asset information
                                                                             • Develop a prospect rating to easily identify best prospects
• Identification of trades by registered rep, trust officer, or Advisor
• Complete contact information for financial intermediaries                  • Measure results of their sales activities

• Identifies ideal client profiles by distribution channel                   In other words, AccessDiscovery takes care of all the operational aspects,
• Matches prospects to your ideal client profile                             so you and your sales team can focus on sales. “Our first proof of concept
                                                                             demonstration of AccessDiscovery was to mutual fund companies
• Calculates and reports “Share of Wallet” by sales person and firm          exhibiting at the Schwab IMPACT conference,” said Frank Polefrone,
• Provides CRM synchronization of trade data with market information         Senior Vice President of Product Development and Marketing for
                                                                             Access Data. The immediate reaction of heads of sales attending the
• Reports intermediary sales by channel, firm and sales contact              IMPACT conference was, “How soon can I get started?” “In fact, our
• Provides daily updates of sales and asset information                      first client for AccessDiscovery will be Charles Schwab Investment
                                                                             Management,” added Mr. Polefrone.
• Provides weekly updates of market and demographic information
                                                                             About Access DAtA
The lack of omnibus account transparency, and the management of
                                                                             Access Data Corp. is the leading provider of enterprise reporting and
financial intermediary data, has been a long standing problem for the
                                                                             data management services for mutual fund companies and financial
mutual fund industry. So, you may be asking, “What has changed that
                                                                             intermediaries. Access Data’s flagship product, Access Data SalesVision®,
enables AccessDiscovery to solve these major industry problems?“
                                                                             provides financial services firms with a comprehensive storage, analysis,
There are a number of changes, but the most important has to do with
                                                                             and enterprise reporting solution for compliance, finance and sales
the cooperation of two innovative firms, Access Data and Discovery, that
                                                                             management. Today, financial services firms representing over $2.5 trillion
have combined their efforts and expertise to link together two of the
                                                                             in assets under management are benefiting from Access Data’s solutions
major missing pieces to the unsolved puzzle of identifying and managing
                                                                             and services.
sales through financial intermediaries. The combination of detailed
trading data available through Access Data, with the rich market data
                                                                             About Discovery
available from Discovery, takes the guesswork out of managing sales
                                                                             Discovery provides the most comprehensive database of financial
through financial intermediaries, and enables national sales managers
                                                                             intermediary information available in the market today. The Discovery
to point their sales team to their best prospects. “What is uniquely
                                                                             products prove to be a multi-purpose tool valued by over 360 client
different about our relationship with Discovery is now we have the ability
                                                                             firms, including 150-plus fund companies. Discovery’s databases
to qualify and profile your firm’s historical sales information and relate
                                                                             encompass all 29,000 Registered Investment Advisers, 540,000
it to the broad, deep and rich repository of market data about financial
                                                                             Registered Representatives, all 6,100 Broker/Dealers, 1.4 million
intermediaries available from Discovery,” said Chip Miller, Executive
                                                                             Insurance Agents and 9,550 Trust Companies and Banks. Discovery
Vice President of Access Data.
                                                                             also provides integrated marketing analysis and services such as: Client
                                                                             Profiling and Analysis, Direct Mail and E-mail Campaigns, Sales Territories
The emergence of web native technology and web services offered
                                                                             and Alignment, Lead Generation and Tradeshow Support.
by Access Data and Discovery has also had a significant impact in the
development of this combined offering called AccessDiscovery. For the
                                                                             About tHe AutHor
first time, state-of-the-art technology has been combined with deep
                                                                             Mr. Frank Polefrone, Senior Vice President of Access Data Corp. is
financial services industry knowledge to provide an all encompassing
                                                                             responsible for Product Development and Marketing for Access Data.
offering from the perspective of sales management targeting financial
                                                                             He also has Product Management responsibilities for AccessDiscovery
intermediary distribution channels. Web native technologies provide
                                                                             at Access Data.
capabilities to access, aggregate and standardize file formats from all
financial intermediary platforms, as well as integrate data from multiple
databases to provide business intelligence and market insight into
financial intermediaries not available to mutual fund companies in the
past. When this combined financial intermediary information is rendered
through web native CRM technologies, like and Siebel,
or a hand-held device, like Pyxis Mobile, the wholesalers at your firm       For more information, visit
have everything they need at their fingertips to drive sales.                and

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