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									                                 Cristal e-College
                             Km. 14, Central Highway
                             Tawala, Panglao, Bohol

                             A Reflection Paper in
                                    APLE 2
                                 presented to
                                Ms. Roma Artiaga
                                 prepared by
                               Clapano, Marc Rio
                               Trinidad, Robert Jr.
                              Mateo, Constante Jr.
                              Gepaya, Dave Nicole
                                 Tinson, Melchen
                                  Angeles, Janno
                              Villaganas, Sonnie Voi

                                 MARCH 21, 2011

Success doesn't always fall on us everytime we seek for it. This `team
 building` activity indeed help us in knowing factors affecting an effective
 leadership. Loss is the word we encountered if we doesn't meet win. But as a
 quotation says, "It's not about winning, it's about how you play the game.",
 winning is achieving the mission of the group, loosing is the trial of the
 the familiarization of the word `intact` within the group.

 Life as everybody is wanting, they wanted it on the top of the wheel. Keep
 the wheel rollin', then you'll find out that you're on the bottom. Life is
 fair. And we people, the experiencer, is experiencing struggles in life. So
 we never stayed on the top of the wheel.

 In the proccess of succession, we should never expect a smooth road to
 success to be encountered, there are several factors that diminishes our
 chances in arriving the end of the path. There are roadblocks, weather, and
 the endurance that says `stop persuing your dreams`.

 The team building activity tested our faith, we will win this game, but we
 ended up the last group to perform tasks.

 We are seven in the group composed of a leader, two keepers, and four
 members. Our gruop was headed by Marc Rio Clapano. The two keepers were
 Melchen Tinson and Sonnie Voi Villaganas. Janno Angeles, Dave Nicole Gepaya,
 Constantye Mateo, Jr., and Robert Trinidad, Jr. Were the group's members. We
 had offered intense efforts paired with extensive knowledge 0n the different
 tasks given.
The CHEER CHALLENGE, our first task is to generate a cheer within five
minutes preparation depicting our group's name, SNAKE. This tasks reflects
our group's perseverance to end up with a two-minute presentation with full
action-packed entertaining cheer. Tis part recoghnizes the group's idea
about the cheers-and-yells. We are the snake. And we will win this game.

The DRAWLOTS TASK, We had ascended to the next chapter of the game. The
drawlots game, where our first task in this game is to crawl like a snake.
Then we are given pieces of rolled paper, where our task for this chapter is
printed. The task were, to eat the a raw bulb of onion and three cuts of
bittergourd, another is to drink a raw egg. Problem solving, a tounge twister
task, the flour-blowin' coin searching operation, and the singing of the
national anthem were the different tasks given. We were given a chance to
swap tasks for only once within our group. This summarizes our group's
willingness to sacrifice in order to achieve the difficult tasks. If we had
difficulties in the given tasks, we tend to divert our mission, so this test
measured our thoughts in stickin' with the mission and fulfill the given
tasks. We ended up challenging ourselves with the random tasks. No one in our
group had swapped thier tasks with another.

The POOL'S WATER CONTEST, where we need the teamwork and proper technique to
fill the bottle of water. We have the edge on that part in terms of time but
unfortunate to be outsmarted by others. We stick so much to the rules.

The BODY LANGUAGE CONTEST, where we lost our lead. We didn’t expect it to be
that challenging to everyone of us. We found it hard to guess the word even
if it is easy because we found it hard to project. That is really the most
difficult yet very funny because we have a lot of fun to act out the
word(even if the word is ugly duck). Difficult task isn’t it?

The SECRET CODE IN ACTION, this is one of the easiest. We have a good tandem
in terms of mixed words and deciphering it. We have lots of brain to think
and we connect to each other well.

The PERSONIFICATION OF CHARACTERS, we also found it very enjoyable especially
that we love Shrek (well almost all of us do). We act out the family picture
of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss, and their children. Lots of laughs are spent
by our group at that task.

The ENACTMENT OF A CHILDREN"S SONG, where we sang the “Bulaklak” of the Viva
Hot Babes. It may sound funny but we have a good time doing it especially
that we are out of ourselves sometimes. We tend to be kids when others are
not around and we did everything that you call “non-sense”.
The CHEER CHALLENGE 2, where we need the people clap their hands. We found it
very shameful especially that there are girls around but we handled our poise
well when we’re in front of them. it’s our charisma that make them laugh(well
let’s put it in that term to be more presentable).

The KITE FLYING CONTEST, the last contest where we have the patience and
passion of our members are tested. We didn’t surrender until we didn’t Saw
our kite flying and that made us very dedicated to our task even if we landed
last. It’s an experience and a lesson learned for all of our members- not to
surrender even if everything is not in favor of you. Fight to what you truly
believe. Never doubt the capability of yourself instead keep yourself
inspired to still fight for the goal. That is what each of our members show
and we are really proud of ourselves that we did finish it with a smile on
our face.

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