The Marine Biologist by anamaulida


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                <p>There are several features and roles that marine
biologists have to assume, depending on their level of experience and
expertise. You may be assigned to research different species depending on
your location and assignment. You should also know the basic
qualifications to make it as a marine biologist. You can be given tasks,
based on your current degree.<br><br>On Research<br><br>If you intend to
do research as a marine biologist, you need to finish college with a
Bachelor of Science degree (4 years) at the very least, preferably from a
known university offering specialization in marine sciences. Having this
degree will allow you to work as a lab technician or on a ship running
samples. You may also be assigned as a scientist. It is recommended that
you have good grades in high school too.<br><br>A bachelor's degree is
not actually enough qualification to permit you to work as a scientist
wherein you do your own research. You will need to get a master's degree
at the very least, but given the current employment conditions, you will
also need a PhD in Marine Biology, lasting 4 to 5 years. As soon as you
finish the PhD, you will be required to spend 3 to 4 years more in
positions referred to as post-doctoral fellow. You can be hired as a
temporary contract position by a scientist to run a part of the research
semi-independently. As soon as you complete the stage, you will be
considered qualified enough to be hired by a government agency,
university or private research group.      <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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<br>Things to Do<br><br>As a marine biologist, you need to perform an
active research program which includes publishing the results in peer-
reviewed journals. You are also expected to review documents from other
existing researchers in your field. If you are currently employed in a
university, you will be tasked to teach, as well as supervise the
training of research students at the PhD and Master's level. You will
need to be an active member of the community, such as joining committees
in the academic department. You may also be tasked to apply for research
grants. Funds are highly needed to do research.<br><br>About the Course
and Other Requirements<br><br>Marine Biology is usually a major course in
many universities. You can also choose to specialize further by going for
areas like benthic biology or living on the ocean bottom, ichthyology or
fish studies, etc. It is important to have a very keen mind, as well as
the ability to be meticulous and careful. A lot of research will need you
to repeat the same work again and again. Majority of scientific research
does not lead to awards. You have to be patient with the developments.
You will need to have a lot of positive reinforcement to stick to the
course for the long term. <br><br>Tips to Get In<br><br>Always aim for
good grades to stay competitive and possibly get scholarships. Focus on
your writing skills and train more in your maths and computer programs.
You should always volunteer as an assistant if the opportunity comes up,
since what you learned in university may not entirely be the same as the
actual job you will be performing once you get out of school. You will
adjust to the situation more as you get more experience.<br></p>

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